The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 25, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 2
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THE IMKtiKSFiULD CAL1FOKMAN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 25, *i f t i-:-.,*. tev <-• r if f: T i ' I - .'•- V k >; s*-;. r* 1 . . P I"/:•• - ^ ^L -' t.- PROBLEM W Pickpocket Caught at Landon Rally 16- Year-Old Elopes With fi Fool 4 Athlete of Chicago M*'orlAffrf Frets Lratrd CHICAGO, Aug. 26.~tf old Mary Belle Spencrr. Rerond, on several occnhjonn the center of court action boco.uae of tho refusal of her parents to send her to school, WAB honeymooning todny with J. Kd* ward "VVrlfrlit 6 foot 4 Inrh nthlnlo, with whom she Hoped InM Thursday. th*» Dnlly Times said In n copy- riff h ted Flory today. The bride In tho daughter of Dr. Richard Vance Spencer and Attorney Mary Belle Spencer. They confirmed today that the. couple WIIA married last Thursday at Txiporte, Ind., by a Juntlco of tho peace. Parent* Itefuae Mary Belle and her younger sister, Victoria, were "problem children" of tho Cook county courts during the pout two years, when the Chicago Heights school board sought to compel their parent* tcTucnd their children to school. The parents rofuiod, say 1 riff tho children could obtain their learning as "they darned well pleased.*' Tho case attracted wide attention and Mary Belle, U, an attractive brunette, waa offered a motion picture contract, which she refused. •- Father IB Author Attorney Spencer Is tho author of the pamphlet, "No, 2310 Criminal File Exposed/' tho subtitle of which wiw "Aviator's Baby Waa Never Kidnaped or Murdered." An Investigation wo» begun when copies of tho pamphlet were sent to 150 prospective Jurors in tho trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann for the kidnap- ing of the Lindbergh baby. ? At that Ump Attorney Spencer rfnld tho pamphlet was entirely fictional. ^ Ship Sailing With Munitions of War ^ VERA CRUZ, Mexico, Aug. 26.— The steamer Magallanea, loaded with 900 tons of war materials, waa on route to Spain today after dissension among the crew had boon Bottled. Tho crew was divided, some In sympathy with the rebels and some with tho loyalists. An understand Ing was reached last night and the steamer slipped out of port, all of the crew aboard except ono radio operator. The cargo Included an estimated 60,000 rifles, 6,000,000 rounds of ammunition and large quantities of hand grenades. or Hlockn rrrm Leatrd Wtrr) C'ONNKAUTVILLK, Pn., Aug. 25. Thomna M. DMmonlco, 2fl, Pitta- burffh. wftfl nrreiited nftor a fuMlUde of ffhnlB wen* fired hero Juwt n« Oov- rrnor Alf M. Irtndon onrtPd his wprpoh 1n thin vtlliiffn. Offlrrrw ftrtld ho wiw ntlomplliiff to pick pockftl*. Ho hrul $60.50 In bin pocket (i. Conatftbln Cecil North miUt none of the thrnn ahottt worr near Governor Lnnrion. Uanrlon waa .100 frot mom nwn.v whon Corporal of this f»tatn trooper* nr- Delmonlco after ho had fired Ihroe «hot». "The ftpeerh wns no! Interrupted," Xorth mild, "Tho ffovernor Ju«l kept rlffht on talking." North nit If I UN fur «« ho knew no one waa InJnriMl hy the nlint*. Apparently Oovnrnor 1«andon did not evnn notice Iho disturbance on the ouUklru of the crowd, North fcald. Corporal Hlocker fired the. nhotn just a« Iho governor wan cloning 1 hln dpeeeh, North «ald. Dnlmonlro wan hurried out of the. crowd an quickly an posMblo to avoid any ncene. Joseph Weinblatt, Werners Indicted (United rrtn Leased Wire) M • i I mm BRET HARTE NOT 28 Imprisoned; Alleged Were Spreading Red Propaganda I LOB ANGELES, Aug. 25.—"Queon Helen" Werner wept today as she, her huflband and Joseph Weinblatt wero Indicted by the County Grand Jury ov«r their protests that they gal nod immunity by testifying before an Aaspmbly committee probing assorted liquor control graft. The new indictment corrects technical errors In a previous ono charging Mr. and Mrs. Krwun P. Werner and Weinblatt, oil broker, with soliciting a bribe to "fix" a Hollywood cafe's revoked state liquor-selling license. Mrs. Werner burst into tears nH the indictment was returned over her attorney's protest that the trio was immune from prosecution under Section 304 of the political code. Hho wept again when they wore arraigned on tho new charges and WHH permitted to sit down. She covered her face with a handkerchief. Tho former political leader and her co-defendants were released on their original bond of $1000 each. Grace Moore Back in Screen Capital Prcw Ltatcd HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 2&.— Graco Moore, opera and film Hingor and husband, Valentino Pnrrero, catno back to Hollywood today after a combination vacation and concert tour of Europe. Miss Moore Is scheduled to start work immediately on a new picture. Prtt* Lratcd \Virf) TOKIO, AUK. 26.—Japan's gpncrul army headquarters In Hslnklng. Manchoukmi, today announce! nine alleged Bovlnt cltUerm had boon executed on tho outskirts of Hallar. Tho executions, tho communique snid, wnrn carried out last Friday. Twrnty-f-lght others worn sentenced to prison terms of from five to 20 years. lied 1'ropKgandlftta A IVmiel MOWS agency dispatch from Hnlnklng asserted the condemned KuBslans were "remnants of a secret delegation which the HovletR font tt» Manchoukuo in 192-i rind 1925, charged with HovlelUini? the Thma Hlvertt dlHlrlct," a colony lying 75 miles.north of Hallar, near tho Argun river on the border of Siberia. This colony always has been considered white Russian, and hostile to the Moscow government. Tho Dome! Agency dispatch said tho Soviet emlHsarlwn posed as Whlto HuNBlann and, in 1934, began tho organization of a "shock battalion," enrolling 300 members. Terrorism Planned During the frequent periods of border friction which have enlivened the area, the dispatch continued, tho shock battalion "daringly planned to attack Japanese-Man- chukuoan public officers, to commit plunder, incendiarism and other violence and to facilitate tho operations of the Hovlct army. The newspaper Ash! reported from Hstnktng that tho Russians began antl-Manchukuoan activities In tho "Three Hlvers" district nhortly after tho breakdown of the Manchull con- forenco November 2fl, 5.035, More than 300 persons assertcdly were- Involved with 20-odd leaders meeting frequently at tho homo of Chief Sluirugradzov and communicating with tho Soviet across tho border. Donihue "Bribe" Story Disbelieved (Associated Prcst Leased Wire) OCIATED BUSY AT SIXJROJECTS Preparing to Drill Important Deep Exploratory Well on Valley Floor Associated Oil Company, ono of the moBt active oporatore In the valley, now haw 0 HtrlngH of looln buny. Tho Important project, KCL-1, In rigging up for a deep tcwt on the valley floor, fiectlon 30, 2D-25, between Button willow Bouth dome and Shell's Btovens discovery. iJRAMlSNTO. Aug. 25.—Assemblyman Leon M. Uonlhue's claim that ho was offered a $50,000 brlbo to drop his JnvoBtig-atlon of liquor control wan a "bid for cheat? publicity and should bo investigated by the San Francisco county grand Jury," Richard K, Collins, chairman of the State Board of Equalization, said today. North of Iiont Hill*, In tho region of the Hhiillow field which the company lately discovered, I wo exploratory jobs uro under way. Williamson No. 3 Is coring at 1500 feet on section 2, 26-20, to explore for a second sand below the discovery well, No. 2, on the fmmo lease which Is bottomed at 1113. Northwest of this on section 2, u wildcat Taylor No. 1 Is drilling at 2000 feet. In San Benlto county In tho vicinity of the small Sargent field, Murphy Ranch No. 1, section 5, 12-4, IB drilling at 3800 feet. Southeast of Mountain View field, Dl Giorgio No. 2 has spudded on aoctlon 3, 1-20. In tho proven area of Kern Front field on section 23, 28-27, where the company has outlined a program to complete offsets, No. 21 has set 8%Inch casing on tho Kern Klver oil sand at 1050 feet. All the foregoing projects como under the San Joaquln Valley division of tho company which has headquarters at tho largo permanent camp at Oil Center. George Suman In superintendent. Work Suspended at Pismo Wildcat Operations have been suspended at 8G54 feet in A. T. Jerglns Trust's wildcat. HodrldgucB No. 1, back of Vlsmo, section f>, 32-13, duo to mechanical troubles. This offsets tho talma of J. D. Martin who has completed two good pumpers, 1000 feot north of this location. PIANO IS 100 YEARS OLD MEXICO, Mo., Aug. 25. (U. P.)— A piano, believed to bo nioro than 100 years old, Is being 1 thumped and Is producing music at tho homo of C. 11. Powell. It was acquired by G. B. Hull, grandfather of Mrs. Powell, In payment of a grocery bill 68 years ago. Ikirtti taste mine MAN* .., and /'/ doesn't take a barrel of money to buy iti W HEN folks accustomed 10 every luxury of life drop around at your house, introduce chcm to Old Quaker ... and watch their eyes light up! For here's a rich, mellow straight whiskey that tastes like a million dollars . .. but which you can buy at the what real richness can do to a highball, old* fashioned or Manhattan, just try mixing your next ones with.OA/ Quaker. You'll say, when you taste it...and price isn't surprising that folks have bought more than 4 million cases of Old Quaker. And you'll ^ friendliest of prices. If you'd like to find out say "I want Old Quaker" from this day on! STRAIGHT WHISKEY...AS YOU PREFER IN BOURBON OR RYE Chain of Wildcats Seeking Extension of Mountain View 4> $45,000 Edison Power Unit Nears Completion, Mojave TJEEPBST of the chain of four •^ wildcats which arc drilling Houtheftst of Mountain View field to Arvin, each in A different section, IB at the south end. General Petroleum Corporation is down 5550 feet in Arvin No. 1, section 26, 31-29, with no showings reported. Two and a half miles north of this Shell Oil Company's Grccr No. 1 is drilling ahead at 3194 feet on section 15. In the next section north Mohawk Oil Company's Earl Fruit No. 2 spudded Sunday at a point two locations west of the discovery well, No. 1, now on the compressor, reportedly making less than 100 barrels daily from 6013 feet. Contractor Bell & Loffland today is slated to spud Associated Oil's Earl Fruit No. 2 on section 3, at the north end of this line of wildcats which arc seeking the accumulation found by Mohawk. (Special to The Further denv MOJAVE, Aug. 25.- onHtratlon of the steady development of the Mojave desert area was given this week With the announcement that the Kdlson company's new $45,000 substation will soon be completed. The plant Is being erected on the flat adjacent to the Golden Queen and Queen Esther properties and will bo used exclusively to service tho mines In the Soledad, Bowers Hill and Middle Buttes territory. The new station will be finished in about 30 days, according to L. S. Tudor, district manager for tho Edl- won company. Local materials and labor are being used on the Job. Tho mining development in the district has Increased amazingly since the discovery of the Golden Queen. The growth is shown In tho used power statement for the first six months of 1936 as against the same period In 1936, the 1936 figures having taken a Jump of over 05 por cent, according to KdJson company officials. The properties being served at the present time in tho area.and which will be served from the new substation include the Golden Queen, Standard Group, Whltmore Mines, Inc., Lodestar Corporation, Pride of Mo- Jave, Trent's Middle Buttes, Burton Brothers and the Sole dad Extension. OIL AGREEMENTS Bclmont Midway Oil Company to David B. Day—Sub lease dated August. 17, 103C, sixteen two-thirds royalty, drilling clause, start cleaning Belmont Midway No. 1 well within 15 days, portions northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 22, 32-23. B. K Tucker fit ux and Albert J. Russell et ux to Hall-Baker Company —Lease dated July 15, 1938, one- eighth royalty, 3-year drilling clause, west half of northwest quarter, w«st half of east half of northwest quarter, section 22/ 2fl-2fi. . Norman Hoot et ux, Marjorle K. Talt and Frank Talcott et ux to Shell oil Company—Lease dated July 27, 1936 f ono-slxth royalty, C-year drilling clause, section 9, 29-24. Same as above—Assignment one- sixteenth interest In oil and gas permit on north half of northeast quarter, northwest quarter, south half of southeast quarter section 10, 27-27. .Same as above—Assignment half interest in drilling' contract on -west half of southwest quarter and southeast quarter of southwest quarter section 12, 28-28. P. W. H arr e t ux, Margare t TJ. Johnson find Johnson, Incorporated, to K. L. Blanton and R. D. Keyes— Assignment oil lease as to portion northwest quarter section 26, 20-27. Fred Christiansen and T. W. Mattl- son to Harvey W. Beyer, Trustee,— Alignment of lease on west half of west half of northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 12, 11*24, Harvey Beyer to Doclamos Corporation—Assignment of above. Albert Beck, Trustee, to Ernest JUichtl—Assignment lease on west half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter section 35, 28-20, and agreement as to drilling on same. Pacific Western Oil Company to George P. Oetty, Incorporated—Assignment lease as to northwest quarter of southeast quarter section 12, 20-25. Same to name—Same as to north half of northeast quarter of southeast quarter and south half of south half of southwest quarter of northeast quarter section 1, 29-25. Standard Brings in Calif. Lands No. 2 A moderate yield of 100 barrels per day Is flowing from Standard Oil Company's" California Lands No. 2 on the north edge of middle Mountain View field, section 13, 30-28. Gravity of tho crude is 23 and tho cut is C per cent water. Contractor Bell & Loffland, who did the work Is rigRing- up Warren No. 2 which will bo serviced from tho same boilers. Kern Front Well Looks Favorable Favorable oil showings cored in General Petroleum Corporation's outpost, Wetmoro No. 1, in middle Kern Front field, have manifested that a portion of the field on section 14, 28-27 will bo successfully extended one location east. This will be demonstrated by a production test as soon as the cement has hardened on the 1094-Inch casing set at 1750 feet. Plugged bottom Is 1920. Water Condition Held Temporary f High percentage of water, 36 per cent, from Shell Oil Company's recently completed Caldwell No, 8, off- sotting California Western's lease In the north portion of section 7, 28-29 of Round Mountain field, probably will clear up after the well has pumped from Caldwcll No. 8 at the rate of 300 barrels net per day from the Vedder zone at 1484-1580 feet.. Derrick Is Erected for Grapevine Job The 101 Oil Company, headed by M. M. Young of Los Angeles, has erected a large wooden derrick not far from the highway near Grapevine for a wildcat on section 6, 10-19, southwest of the Richie well. No equipment has been installed. Bride Weds Only for Adventure; Deserts (United Prcn* Leased Wire) REDWOOD CITY, Aug. 26.—A bride who said she wed her husband only because "I wanted to be known as a married woman" had her marriage annulled today by Superior Judge Maxwell McNutt of San Mateo county. She is Mrs. Muriel Rey Spafrnoli, wife of Ernest Spagnoll, San Francisco attorney. They were married ICSH than a month ago In Heno. According to Spagnoll, his wife left him immediately after the ceremony, after explaining: "I only married you for the adventure and because I wanted to be known as a married woman. I never intended to live with you more than a week even though I love you and always will." New Lumber Orders Five Men Indicted, Black Legion Plot (Associated Press Leased IHrej DETROIT, Aug. 25.—Five men were- Indicted by the state Grand Jury today on charges^ of participating in a Black Legion plot to kill Martin H. Zlnk, city commissioner In suburban Highland .Park. The same five also were charged with a similar plot against Arthur L. Ktngsley, Highland Park pub. Usher. Their names were withheld pending their arrest. Sixteen men previously had been charged with conspiring against the publisher's life, but today's indictment covers a separate plot against Klngsley, Grand Jury aides said. ' Seven other men were named in two other indictments returned today. Two men were charged with perjury and five were charged with having assaulted a reluctant member of the Black Liegion. The new j Indictments were returned following the arraignment of 15 of the 22 men charged last week with criminal , syndicalism. j The 15 stood mute, pleas of inno- | cent were entered for them, and they were held for examination next Monday. Woman Won for Bashful Rancher (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Augr. 25.—Just in time to save San Francisco's reputation as a "city of romance," a potential bride responded today to the plea of E, Carllle, Turlock rancheivwho is looking for a "lady who likes ranch life." Almon J. Walcott, chief of the city's marriage license bureau, reported receipt of a letter from Mrs. Rae Tungate, San Francisco, confessing that Carlile's offer softnded so attractive that she "might change my mind" about never marrying again. For more than a week Walcott has had on file a letter from Carlile's mother seeking a bride for her son, 42 years old but. "too bashful to write himself." Mrs. Tungate said she is 39, and will get a final divorce decree September 20. "You state," she wrote, "he doesn't drink or gamble. I have had many offers of marriage, but my gosh, everyone sure likes alcohol. That's why I'm alone with my children. Can I have the address of this man who says he doesn't drink." Widow of Grandson of Noted Writer Relates Incident of Early California (Associated Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 26,—Young Francla Bret Harte, in August of 1864, took a one-day leave from his Job with the Wells-Fargo Express agency at Sonora, Calif,, and rodo into the hllla toward Chinese camp to visit a friend's mining claim. His choice of a holiday was fortunate. Highwaymen that day halted tho San Francisco-bound express wagon, laden with newly mined gold for the United States mint, and killed the driver with whom Harte ordinarily rode as a helper. Widow of Grandson Talks Mrs, Lillian Bret Harte, widow of Harte's grandson, Richard Bret Harte, today related the incident, recorded In family chronicles. She believes with other mombera of the family that the author would have been killed with the wagon driver had he been on the trip. In that case there would have been no "Luck of Roaring Camp," no "Outcasts of Pokor Flat," nor any of the other Harto-authorod masterpieces of early short-story form, written mostly for California publications in the 60s and 70s. This month marked the observance by the. Harte family of tho one hundredth anniversary of tho author's birth. Mrs. Harte, herself a writer, presided at a celebration here. Most authorities assert that Harte was born on August 25, but th« author himself, declared Mrs. Harte, observed August 16 as his birthday. Ho was born in Albany, N. Y.. in 1836, and not in 1839, as stated by reference books, she said. Mrs. Harte never saw the author herself, but she treasures mementoes left by Harte to her lato husband. There are anecdotes, too, th» family likes to recall. Once concerns Ethel Bret Harte, one of Harte's four children, who now lives at Ojal, Calif. When Harte went east In the 70s to fulfill a $10,000 yearly writing contract with tho Atlantic Monthly, his family went with him. Chooses Small Town "He disliked to be disturbed by callers when he was writing," Mrs. Harte* related. "For that reason he chose to live in a small New Jersey town, some distance from New York. "In spite of his instructions that he was not to be bothered, unannounced visitors appeared often in his study. "Finally, ho found that his very young daughter, Ethel, was admitting them for bribes of candy and cakes." I I V 1 f • i f * I i i . i i ^r ! i b I ^ V; TT J-4UA1I RSV,A VJ.**^* 0 T» If « 1 H1ff TT**11 Show Large Increase ] Masked Man Kills Alhambra Grocer OTKL •0»Af ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^••••M Most corwinltnt Downtown HotiT CORNER SIXTH A GRAND POR ONI OR TWO PIRSONS Twin l«di «r Carntr Rotmi, $3 No Extra Charge for Two Ptrtoni Occupying th« Sam* Room All outside roonii—All with bath Modtrn In tviry cttUlt—popuUr Cof- fM Shop, Dining «nd Cocktail Room* Garag* 50o * Auto Park 35o (United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 25.—New lumber orders were in excess of production In the week ended August 15, the first time In four months that such has been the case, tho National Lumber Manufacturers Association reported today. Production waa close to the top weeks of 1936, totaling 254,333,000 feet compared with 266,890,000 in the preceding week. Shipments were 210,766,000 feet compared with 224,829,000 feet while orders were 255,492,000 feet compared with 268,605,000 feet. (Associated Press Leased Wire) ALHAMBRA, Aug. 25.—Shot by a ma&ked man at his country grocery store near El Monte last night, Kelly Toller, 50, died in an Alhambra hospital early today. The gunman asked Toller for a loaf of bread. When the grocer handed over the loaf, the stranger fired. "1^ really don't think my husband had *an enemy in the world," said Mrs. Klla Toller, who heard the fatal shot. PRESIDENCY VOIDED NEW MILFORD, Conn., Aug. 25. (U. P.>—The New Milford Monday Club, a women's organization affiliated with the Stale Federation of Women's Clubs, disbanded when no member could bo found at tho annual business meeting who was willing to assume the presidency. Tho club was founded in 1897 and had 88 members. How quickly you get back into your world when you get back into the telephone book! What pleasure it is to hear friends 9 voices—to call and be called! W • LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR r Every owner should know how to take care of his car. Car care IB made easy for those who uso this new booklet on that subject. Battery, brakes* headlight testing, clcunsine methods, lubricating rules. tlr« pressure, safety suggestions, complete drawings and photos of principal parts are some of its many useful features. It will save you many dollars and It coats only 10 cents, postage and handling cost. Kill out this coupon now, while the Idea la In your mind. Use this Coupon HINC OUNCES t * * I t setov uxtt May we tell you more about what it^rill do for yon, and about the different type* of aervice? Just call our buaincM office, drop in or mail u* your addreat. A r«preaeaUtire will be glad to call at your borne. THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY V t • USINESS OFFICE 1520 TWENTIETH STREET The Bakersfield Callfornian Information' Bureau. Frederic J. Haskln, Director, Washington, D. C. I enclose herewith 10 cents In coin (carefully wrapped) for a copy of the new booklet. Care of the Car. h • • • 9 • ** ••••*•*• ** t • •* •+ L TOO »*•••*»»•**»*•«••••«*••••"••"•»*»*•*• \^ 1 |,jF«»B*>*aB**«BM ***••*•*•***••••t*********ft»•»*#•*•*» (Mall to Washington, D. C.) Johnson's Ftrostono Auto Supply and Sorvioo Storosp Ine. Ohuttr at TwtMty-ftvrtli Strut 4011 ' I our? Itappter u' STANDARD GASOLINE COPYRIGHT 1936, THE OLD QUAK£K CO., LAWRBNOiBURG, iND. l

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