Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEB. WEHXESDAT ETEXrVG, DECEMBER IDOS, The lola Daily Register! TBBS. HIE, OF AUSHA, IS A GOOD REPORT MEMBER OF U.S. CONGRESS. fHAS. P. SrOTT. Knfercd at lola. Kansas. Posfoffi'^. as Second-Clnss Matter. i W>ll Knov/n cn Ihf i\tcific SJcpr. I fit Artvprtisins; Hates Made Known (in ' W'ashiit^lon Addrers ii 131)iflh St^ Application. A'. W'., WashinstoK, D. C. KlBSrniPTlOX KATES. ' By Cnrrlpr in Iala,| d'oi* City, Lanjitn- villi> or liu llnrpe. One week | 10 cents One nionih 1 44 cents One $."1.(101 UL .MAIL. One year. Inside connty $2.00 One >ear. outside coiiniy $4.00 Three months, in advance $l.o(» One month, in advance .44 «FKI(I.\L PAPEK. CITY «F HASSET. , Telephones: RiLslne.s.s Office IS Kdiiorial Rooms 2L'2 STARR WOl'LD GIVE IP. Oklahoma Itandit Names Terms of His Surrender to Law. llartlei;vine, Okla.. Dec. 23.—Ihirry Siarr, one of the most widely known j .Anii'.rican out'aws. is neirnlialinii j through Hartlesville friends for his I surrender 10 the .•slate authorities (if Oklahoma. He is willinir to j;Ive up. but there are conditions attached to lii.s offer. He wants a promise of t»r<>- teotion from the charges in oiher slates. He wants (iovernor Haskell lo Kitarantee hlin that he will not be draKB(>d to .Mis.stmrl, Colorado, Kansas and other statc.-^-. 1 Mrs. Funttona Answer* to Governor Stubbs's Questions Speak Well for Alien County School. willlnK 1(1 prolect him fidiii tin- renui- silion of olln-r states In- will ICIIUM JO his former home in Dewey, ilncc nii!«'.s north of Ikirllesvilie. ami live ilie life (if a peacealilc c-liiz''n. 'I'lils iiroposiiioii was recently luadi- liy .Si.'trr lo a nari 'esville man. The mec- ini; Iieiwoen the two men ocrinrcil a few niiles <(inth'.vosi of iliis ciiy ai a WK hill selected for the iinrposf in ili" Osa«:e conniry. St;irr dnivc ii> the meeJint; place in a liu^sy. lie loid the Hartlesville man thai lie livi-d of scontinjr. Tlinmas Cale, H<in. ('. Sh-nip, (;i.n^r<->.-m:in fnun \'ir'.;ii)ia. wrile-: "I liuvu ii-fil jmir val- lialilc- j<iiu(i.v, rcriiiia, >vlili hi-nelh-ial rosiilt.-i, udd cm uiili<'.->itulinuly rorniii- nil n<l ymir rctm-il.v UH an invi);orutin;; tunic uiul an effi-'-iivn and ixTmuncnl cure for i-alarrli." Man -3 -iin the ideal Laxative. ,\sk your dniiiiiist for a free I'eruiia .Minanac for r .i(i;i. RKADY FOR K.VNQI FT. BAHEHITFS (JMIPLETE «»F AN.MAL RFr.M(»\. Practically every dttail of ihc liak.'r (.1 liut a general iiivilalion is exlend- id Id tve!y studi'iii. cx-stiideni. pro.s- pcciivp student and friend of the iinl- vcrsliv to ;ii!(;nd. who conlein- HFT.VILS , plalp aiiemliiii; art> urL -cd 10 iioiif.\ ihe sccrclary. I 'cr! Itaiioii. as soon a;-' |i(issili)e. banquet which is 10 be held next Tiies-j —For fine livery and boardlnp day nisht has been comiileted. Per- stable for hor.^es, see Ralph R. Drake .sonal invitations will not be distribur- Phone 10]. 212 North Jefferson. ONLY 2 MORE SHOPPING DAYS Pictures for Gifts! Coimty Superintendent Maude Funston yesterday mailed to Governor-elect W. R. Stiibbs the answers to the list of questions submitted by the I-awrencp atatesman to all of the county superintendents of the state In regard to the salaries of teachers, length of school terms and other questions pertaining to the schools. Her report Is a credit to the schools of the coimt.v. It shows that there are only Ave teachers In the county who are receiving less than $40 per month and that there are only eight schools with terms of less than six months. There are fifteen schools havin? eight months" school. WELL ENTERTAINED AT lOLA. iGarnett Members of Eastern Star Re-I| port Good Time. CONGRESSMAN THOS. CALE. Iloii. TI103. ("ale,-wlio wa.- elci-tcd to where j Ooiigroi.s from AlasU.i, i-- well known on there ate charges pendiii'.; ai^ainst tbr I'aclfle slop'-, wln-re hi-Im* p-sidcd. him. !I i.i \VuKliiii;:l'in iulilr<>.-! i.s !uli St., Starr says he can furnish pmof 10 U'.. \Vusliiii;;(cni, I>. the governor or any man the fioveriior j Washinxton, D. C. may select thai he was 110! Imiilicatcd ; Periina Drut Co., Culumbus, Ohio. in any of the bank robbcrii'* cliarged j aer.ileinci'i: I can cheerfully rccom- against him. He is willing to rurni.-h I mend I'criina as .n mo efficient reau this proof and then if the itovernor is ^ edj- for coughs and colJs. The fJarnetf Xews says: We have interviewed several mem hers of rv>lphian chapter—Eastern' Star lodge, th's morning, and they are ' all unanimous in their praise of the royal manner In which they were entertained by the lodge at lola last _ night and tfte excellent manner In j which (he five degrees of the ord(,'rj was exemplified. I The Eastern Star lodge at tola is, iliout thirtv years'old. They have a' large membership and are well equip-' led to make (ilain the many good les-J ions of the order. i The lodge was oiiened about eight o'clock, after which a recess was tak-| "11 until Ihe arrival of the p'lig from! the north. The work was resumed tbout nine o'clock. At about eleven the work of the or- ler was closed and the guests and] niombershiji reilred to the dining room of the teiunle where refresh- uieiils were servd. .After rcfrcshnietils Ihe <;arnett iiarly of tweiity-oiu- |iersot»s, t;ather- I'll at the Pennsylvania hotel and walled for Ihe early train iioin('. It was a. delightful day and the lad;is who went down at ntnin had a de- Mghtfiil time visiting the stores. th(» library and other places of Interest. The party also took the Irolle.v cars and visited (las CMty and LnHnttie. There was not a disagreeable feature in the day's entertainment. (NEW YORK STORE) i Too Busy- Too Rushed To say very much, except fall in line and follow the crowds to the busiest and liveliest spot in town. Stupendous Holiday Sale! ====== Marvelous Reductions on • LUCCOCK GETS JOB Contract For Excavating for New P. O. Awarded Yesterday and Work Began T (9day. C. C. Luccock was-yeslerday afternoon iwarded the contract for the excavti- •lon reqiiired at llie new post ofliee 5lte. Work began this mornin.g and [two large Catalpa trees which stood •n the way were first felled. The office for the supervising con tractor has been completed and Mr. Reimllnger now has the convenience of desks and tables. .John %Venzel. of the contracting [firm, arrived last night from Wichita ind Is h(>re to direct the work. Cloaks and Suits, Fur Coats, Furs, Waists and Skirts You can save time and money by trading at lola's Best and Greatest Store CIRCUS PERFORMER DEAD. I Mollie Hillman Before the "Big Show" Public Fifty Years Ago. WIlkes-Barre, Pa.. Ooc. 2:1.—Mollie Hillman, who for fifty years, up to ISSfl, appeared all over this country snd Europe.' as one of the foremost circus performers, died last nl«ht In he poor house at Oreenfield near here, was H2 years o'd. In her day she was one of the most famous equestrians and was for y(»ars 1 star In both the Rarnum and Fore- naugU circuses. She was married fotir •lines and each husband met a violent 'eath. • She was the daughter of Win. Cook, a blacksmilh of Newark. N. .1.. ind her mother was a great gr.'iiid- langliler of a chief of the Oneida tribe I •>{ Indians. HONEST TARIFF REVISION. YEISLEY SUFFERS A RELAPSE. I Condition of Gas City Man Is Again Critical. What can be more acceptable than a picture? There is always a superfluity of cheap light-weight silver, and a scarcity of pictures among presents. A picture is never used up, never thrown aside, but is always a pleasant reminder. And pictures are not always costly. A good subject, Iramed appropriately and tastefully, may be had for the price of sn undesirable and cheap piece of glass or silver. We invite your inspection of this line. Open evenings until 10 o'clock. Culbertson, i North ^ide I .John Yeisley. of West I-Tflrange 'vha is suffering from ptomaine pois '^nlng. and whose condition was yes terday reported as much improv<>d "las suffered a relaiise and his lifi Tgain hanging in the balance. It n'anncd to take him to St. .John's hos •dtal today. If his condition will permit. Mrs. Yeisley, who was stricken with illness at the same time as her hus band, <!k(I enrl.v .Mhnday morning anf the body was sliijiped to .\va. Mo., for burial. MISS BOWERS IN THE LEAD. I Miss Davis Drops to Second Place.— Contest Grows interesting. The Auditorium Diamond Ring con [•eft vote now stands as follows: Claudia Bowers r«:!7 nrusie Pavls r.tiO l.lzzle Saltier f.lS Ona Thompson ^-f"- Newell Cox 2:!il Anna Wolfe IIS Mattle Peters 112 .Margaret Curtis .'('; Topsy Young "2 It Will be Pair to All Interests, S.iy] Senator Curtis. Topeka, Dec. 2;;.—.Senator C!i«r<.". Curtis arrived today direct from Wa.'^h ingloii. atid will remain heri- until New Year's day. Sjieaklng of .hi' ta'iff revision, the question now unii-r most In the minds of a large majoriiy of Kansaus, the senator said: "There Is sure to be a tariff r.'Vi;- ion measure passed at the spe.'ial session early in the ^lovmi. It will be Mil honest and fair revlximi of the tariff, too. in siiile of aiiv reporls seiil nut from Washington that may lin|ily any doubt in the matter. The general seiitiineni In both braiiclns of con- •-•ress is overwhelming for tariff revision alouf,' (he lines proposed in the Kcpublicaii National iilatform. It will be as fair and just a-; po.'^silile to all interests, iiiit it will l.e liotnsr revision, ynit may count on that." y.\yn: THKIK TKIMI.S. Koniaday i'rcditois will Case to linnliruptcv Coarl If Thcj Are .>frt. riipley. ICxpenses would eat ijs iij) in . thai event." i:(il Take' .Vmoiig the ( rerli'ors were bankers jf;-'>ni ( iiii ;i;;ii. St. Louis. Kansas City I and tbo state of about twenty beiii;:' nresetit in ;iil. T!ii-_v went home Kansas City. Ilec. 2:i.—"The credit-:'asl iii.uht. IMS which met ai the office of H:ifr & \ MichealB. r.L'l New York Life bcildin:.;, OFFFm \ I. -.SH1\K" yeslerday. were the pei-sou:il creditors; n A.S KIKKI). liiltiidalio.i ttii; linve to go thniiii ;h ehaniul.-." Tlie banker said lli:ii .\ir. Iloriiadav wa.- intere.-ti'd in the I'nri Si-oti Itiick eolU|iany. l-'ort Scoll .Snuic ini! Ciui- stiiicliim Cpiniirinv. IMIJI Sct.ii .S 're.-l Uailw:i\ iim! l .iL 'bi conipaiiy imi! tii.. Sciiiiiinon ('i;al ((uiipany. IKIU-.- iliaii In anyihiiig el .-e. .- HKI WJIS a lli-.iv.v Imr- I n.wer lhri.ii;;boiit Kansas fur Iheni 'and himself, his credit bein;; tl'.e b;-.-: LOANS! F,(»A\S! LOANS!, ' 'A proposition was mule ai Ihe On farm land or loll iroperty: • ""'"iug this afternoon." the baiik^-r •n!i^ or short time: Iowe.-:i rale.-;; lie.^f ' conlinised. •whicli .Mr. Ilornadav •ernis. Money loiltiv if title i.^ K^'nd. H "'"-al was sii;;ge.-^tfd See IIS .-It once. be accomplished, all will l,.> v .ell. rni,.\ F.A.Vn CO.MPA.VY. ; »<^''- "ill bave lo lor.e Mr. Ilnr- , iiaday into bankrupt y r.i.nh a".^ ve CANAL TO OPEN IN 1915. .would dislike to do so. We will kniw by the last of the ye:ir if be can inc-i Secretary Bishop Sets January 1, r.iir terms. .MI of the cr.^diti-rs |i;.'--I en; would r:itl:er i-pli!e ;u ;i discount That Year, as Date. than to force .Mr. Ilornadav into bank Pan Francisco. Dec. 2:!.—The Pan-' • •inia canal will he oiiene.I .laiiiiary l., Uil.'i. according to an ofTi'-ial commnii:- cation received yesterday by the California Promotion Coinnil'tre f-nm .fos- ph Ritckline Bishop, secretary f f rn.' eanal comnii.ssion. of Cram llornadiiy iif i-,,i I s .nii. Ka .-i..! Now Stale Officials Mu-l Ho Down- and the c(«icerns he repre.seiiied and! town for a I'lili^h, iiidor.'^ed heavily.' said a Kaii.-as bunk Tofcka. Kas.. Dec. —\„ hmser er at Ihe Hole; Maltinjore Ja.-I. ni;;ht. can ihe M.venior ami other digni- "We have iiolhiii;.- to do with the li.ries around the stale house loll in First National of I'oii i^ That'their comr.iruiMe swiiii;ii :L; le;iiher iiai'k chairs in tiu-ir offici-.s. while a du^kv (Ifiiizen shitie-i llieir slioe.-. For a couiiii- of year.-, a .^niall iietro boy. !{oy .lehii-^mi, li:i~ had a ni(iiio|io'y on the >!.iie ^lii:iitii; !r:ide al the slate l!oa.s.v .lii-j; hi w he got it no one kiiiAvs. The ofii-.ials. however, do know iba! !•,.> oilier boys have shown 'iji aiOMliil llicre for a loiiu lime, .lohn- siia Iiavia-.: such a ciiKli. began lo feel hi- i:::i... fluirlie Yoorht es Ihe cli.-i- li .-a>s the boy became so i ^f- fii iiii-; lb i; he cou'dn'i htand it. ?o he find hini. The boy has taken the •:;:it;er i::i with the state officials, wlia (•oiistitule the executive eoiiiicil. •lild hopes 1(1 .'•(•ciire his reiiistatf-nient. If he .-iiccceils he may a.-^k that Voor- 'lees be di.>liiis><-.I as cio-tiidiaii. In !hiv laMar-.tinte the cfficial.s have lo KO • ir.wii town to uel a .-bine. Try a Rct |is ler Want Ad. New linnk at Arkansas Citv. Arkansas CIt.v, Kas., Dec. i':!.—A •ew siite bank to be known :is Ihe 'nion State bank has been or !;Mul /ed !i this city. E. E. Marshall. as.-:islant 'tale bank commissioner, who Is now n charge of Ihe defunct Citireaa a:id •'aimers' Stale bank, will make app'l- '•ulon for a chatter for the new hank 11 Tonekn today. Th(; officers of the ew bank are: Thomas Halrd. presl'Piit: C, E. .Mabee vi. e pierijlentj A.' Tliomaspon. catli'er. lW I'nion ' Itatp hf»n>t Is capltallxed al $'irt .0oO, nd It wl" '•' en for hnslue.-)s oti .Tan- lary 1, 1909. -FllRri>rsl4 MUrarr ami TraiisM INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an investment. It Is something you muEt have but something you must be careful of, as It is very Iniportunt that the right companies ;are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to S|I(^V<' von. - J. E. rOtVELL XTani BiMk, lala, Kanus. I WHY PAY RENT? Wlien y<m can buy a home with the same money? 1 have .some ini:;hiy nice properties on h :;iK! rii:lit now which I will sell you for the same money that you are i.aying out rent for. The pidptrlies are well'located and are a ^•ood iiivestnient. All I want is ri chance to SHOW YOIT. J. K, FOWELL KmnN IMork loU, Kansaa

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