Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 3, 1908
Page 2
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IWHIOIMMII - JRatiiriii iOaCMitj |Md 1869. MMI HH : if AIM Ci. Ms JIJMIO Color Song. / r am yellow, my eyes aro ^old. My fitfnds are amber, my tKroat la Kilt. My fdbtstpps He ou the Sun's wlile Like (he sound of saffron jcwels^pllt. On a Bilver cushion. ^ \ I am tellow. niy voice, la sweet Ulkc lilies hid in a golden room, TopaJi's S 1 P(<P at mx finger tips WHiilo at my foot In pa'e wlnRiMl Moom, Are hUtterfllfS. —Archibald Sullivan In Apploton'r. • • Taffy Pull. Menibers of Mrs. A. V.,I^jmastcrs" class In llio Prt'sbyterlah Sunday school- wore guovfa of the i?achor last ovenliJK to enjoy a taffy pull. The liours ,were occupied with conversation 4hd merry games. j.Those who were k\ attendance were Misses Gratia AlHson. Ruth A'llson. Qrace Gates. LuelleCopelsnd. Georgia fjritton. Melvln Gritton. May Rofw. Florinn Wleel^r. Miriam Hughes. Edna Klein. Mary L-Crouch, Viola Defearno and Jean Delgamo. Removal Sale AT Si wall's Jewelry Store Is Slill Going On. First door North Postofflce OpiMan Mo. Pac, SanU Fe •niin. K. IVatcb Inspeeters. & T. Entertained Grand Children. Mrs! Mary K. Norlhrup had a party of grand chl'dren' ad guests at dinner yesterday. Covers were placed at a table elaborntely decorated in cut flowers for MJsses Gladys. Mary and Lillian Northnip. Messrs. I..oralne, Louis, Roswell and Laverne Norlhrup j and Mrs. lola Colbom. • • Mita Swinarfa Party. Misses Gladys Norlhrup, E5thel Morton, Mary Northrup, Ruth Stevenson. Marie Bean. Olive Bean. Elizabeth Honer and P^oy Hquser were guests of Miss iJertha Swl^rt at six o'clock dinner last night.' The places wpre marked by favors of white carnations and sprays of smilax. • • • Will Give Banquet. On Friday evening, January 17. the Alta Seta club «in give a banquet. The Invitations will be Issued shortly to gentlemen frl?ads of the members. The club had a business meeting last •ivenlng at the home of Miss Amy Massengale to make prellmlnarj* arrangements. + * + Dinned Party. Mr. and Mrs. C. \Vl Bowan enter tainsd at dinner last ercnhtgr for Mr. and Mrs." Stephen Rucker. of Kan- aaa City. Their suesta were Mr. and Mrs. Utiiker, -Mm. George Abbott. Misses Sarah Black, LeVaugbn Rucker and Abbott. • • • Entertained Euchre Club. One of the Informal and happy evening parties of the week was given by Mr. and Mrs. MeTvln Fronk last evening for member of the Six Hand- etl E^icbre club. The lady's prize went to Mrs. W. S. Goodin and the •Gentleman's favor to Dr. Reld. Luncheon was served at small tables with covers for Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Jones, Mt. and Mrs. Wl S. Ooodin, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Teats, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McClaIn, Dr. and Mrs. David Reld. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobart. Dr. James Reld and Mr. Floyd Robinson. • • • MIta Culbertten's Party. Stlss Lena Culbertson gave a vory pleasant party yesterday afteruoon for a gronp of girl friends and entor- tslned Informally with cards. At tlio several tables high Ave. pitch, whist, euchre and GOO furnished amusement for the guests and the prize for the highest number of tricks wpnt to Mrs. Isadora Miller Moore. At llv" o'clock Miss Culbertaon served a very pretty luncheon with ESiglish violets for the favors. The Invited guest.s were Mteses Bertha Sickly. Ros-» Marr, Alberta Mnnson. Wl'Ina Calos. I ena Jo'lffe. Grace Bedell. Helen Smith, Myrtle Newman. Barbara Fry. Cora Klein, Bertha Hocli. Blanche Thompson. Edna Xlgh. Nettie Brie ham. Fay Goff. .Tosaphlne Riddle. Ruby Heller, Florence Hobart. Elsa Pepper. Mts. Isadora MIUer-.Moore, Mrs. IJlllan Fletcher-Miller. Mrs Pearl OllfUlan-Osborne. Mrs. Sylvia Cleaver-Brandt and Mrs. Stella Rot ermund-Prewltt. + * * Silver Slippers at Weddings. "Silver slippers and rose petals are I taking the place of rice at all fash ionable weddings," said a clcrgyninn •It is a change for the better. "The silver slippers—to replace the old boots—are about half an inch long ^sy IS ON! Just to make things lively during an otherwise dull period. weVe "cut die prices" on many articles just to get you acquainted with them, and with us. All these are headed the same way —towards the door. Sale continue to Jan. 1 7 Canned Fruiti Sliced L. C. Pearlies, regular 30c. now per call L. C. Peaches, hiilves. ruKular 25c, now per can Y. P. Peaches, halves, repilar 20c. now per can 18<* Hesperian Sliced Pine Aju'Ie. regular 30c.- now. per can *Z7C' Gallon Peaches, now per can . regular .'i")C. y. rton' Gallon Apples. rejMilar 40c.. now per can ...... '. .;i5c 2^^ lb .\pplcs. regular two for 2.">c, now two catis for .. .^Ue •i SOAI^S if, Bars Silk For In Bars Swift's Pride For » ...; l .'i Bars niamond'C For .. rtOf Hand Sapolio Three bars for ; Capital Cily Scou.rin .i; Per bar r ... rtc CANNED 9ECETJIBLES Tomattie.s, hish grade. 15c.hiow per can ... Corn, pure creapi Two cans regular Corn. Pickwick Two cans 224t: V. C. Hominy Thr6« cans . Pickwick Pons Two cans .. S.'J^ 2**^ Snyder'* Pork and Beans Two tans Red Kidney Beans Threj" capns tj.'if Lima Bfans Thref cans 'i.i^ Pickwifk Suocdtash Two runs Clam Oltowiler Per cjui S<)<^ Bluing, iic. 10c and ir.c sellers Now iwr bottle 8^. ilW. Pickles I.arBe Sours Per gallon XoC Medium Sours Per galUin J?.!^ Small Sweet Per gallon 0<)<'' Sweet Gerkins I'er gallon 70<* Kraut Per gallon 3.><^ Large Bottle Sweet Mixed Per bottle 25^ Nice Queen Olives Per pint 25^ Pure Cider Vinegar Per gallon llTtt While Vinegar I'cr gallon 206 silver paper, cqt in the shape of dainty slippers. The rose petals—to replace the rice—are .the real thing; thoQsands of petals stripped by hand from hundreds of pink roaes. .' "In.great bow's the silver alippera and- the pink petala are heaped in the hall and when the bride and bridegroom emerge. Instead of l>elng cannonaded with coarse rice and dirty old boots, a sunset cloud, as it weret envelopes them, an odorous pink and silver cloud of rose petals and little shlnlng^ slippers. "Yes, it Is a change for the better, this, and day by day it gains ground." —Exchange. * + + V. M. C. A. Recaption. The .Misses Krausc as^stod by Mrs. \V. R. Cransle ami othcra of the Y society, received informally from seven until ten o'clock last evening fo' the de'ogation of college students who are hers forthe winter vacation. The parlors wore done in red and grein and the dining room was osperially pretty with garlandit of hol- \y and paper bells. During the hours of the recepti<Mi thi-re was a program of music and ices and cakes were served in the dining room. About fiflv guests were present. + + <• Euchre Party. Prosressivo Euchre furnished the amusement for a number of ladies who were prettily entertained at the home of .Mrs. B. F. Barnard yesterday . aftGriV)on. In the decorations of iho • THAY ARK FRESH. A choice assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy towney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your uext candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Waishington and West Sts. PRiFESSIONALDIRECTORY room, pink and white carnallonKJ* wore used effectively and in the elaborate three course luncheon, the colors of pink and white predomlnati-d. In the card game prizes were award- e«l to the following guests: Mesdames .1. D. Arnett, George DeC'ute. W. E. Redfeam. J. Bartlett. W. T^ng. Rudnlck. Hagenbarh. Readlcker. Burton, Herbert Martin, WeathersiKWi). .lay Balllett, Fred CK -rbitz. H. L. Harris, and Hershkowltz. * * + Card Club Meeting. Mrs. J. O. Mittlebach gave a charming and informal party yesterday for' th3 Thursday Card club. There wore' a number of guests in attendance and these with the club members made a vory lari :e number. Progressive euchre was played at the various tablps. 4> 4i •^ W. C. T. U. To Entertain. The Woman's Christian Temper ance I'nlon will have an Informal ro ceptlon on Thursday evening. .lanimrv ••th at the home of Mrs. J. \V Ed wdnls. 6»3 East Mndlson avoiiiio, to IntniducK Mrs. Amos Robinson, n niit- i<uial lecturer to inemborR of the Y. W. C. A. No canU will bo Issued. OB. McMILLEir. Bpedal attention given to the treatment of ail Chronic Diaeaa- ca and Diqeaaea of Children. Telephones: Offlc* 32, Rea. 232. Offlca In Mrs. Tnmer'a Bldg.. West Madison. Phoas eirr. Rea. 70L • .DR. 0. L. COX, Bys, Bar, Noae and Throat. * •psctaclas Properly Fitted. • Offlcs A. O. U. W. Bidg. U .lP 'Pai Offlcfl Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. DK. B. 0. CHRISTIAR. Pkjilelu Mi Sirgetn. Rooms 7 and S. Krans BIdg. Phone 654. lola. Kana. DX. EDITH S. HAICIH. Offlca and Realdence orer Bnr- roll's Drag Stora. Office Honrs—10 to 12 a. m., S to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 erenings. Sundays by Appointment I F. IT. MARTIN, Surgery tind Diseases of Women. Olllce and Residence Phone 576 Ofllce 7 North Jelferson. • • • Lyes 2 Cans Soap-O-Lye For 2 Cans Eagle For 2 Cans Ikinner Lye For r. Cans l.,ewls I.,ye . For .\o. 7 Flour, the best In town Back Me J. U.W Party. Miss Rallnn Oliver. Miss Myrllo Carpenter, Miss Holon Polli>rk, .Mls« l.nurn l,ovooa. Miss Oortrtidx (\»nal- vey. niid Miss Oract> Murr ntliMide .l a pariy which Mrs. Guy Gurlock gave Inst ovonluK for Miss Snilna Olive r of Pittsburg, who has spent the past wook with Miss Myrllo Carfionlor The hostess Korvi'd delicious refresh- luontH after nn informal and hn|)py evening. • + • Altruistic Banquet. l.<ast evening in the naseniont of the I'rre.sliytorlan church the Altruistic club gave the annual bannuet. There i was a vory lengthy and elaborate list • of toa-sts which were called by .Mr. • Fred Kllllan who acted as toustmas-', to;-. The toasts were well delivered iiiiil wore received wllh a groat deal of enthusiasm by the guests. Tlio list of speeches follows: Sunday School Stringency—Harold Fulton. I From an Outsider's Viewpoint—C in | Ion .McClure. j The .Missed Misses—I^raine North- ru|>. Rrts. Tel. 1 »8. Offlca Tel. 1«3. * DR. J. R. PBPPIB. • DcaUst. • la pamanently locatad orar * B. C. UcClain'B Clothing Store, * and is prepared to do all kinds * of ap-to-dats dental work. * * Bvenlng work by appointnont. * DR. W. R. HBTLRUH. Pkysleign A Swfesa. Offlc* N. B. Corner of Bqaars. Ovar K. C. Plumbing Co .'s Star*. Rss.T«lS8. Offlcs Tel. BOS. P. L. Lsttarop, Mrs. Bssals O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICUHB. 8|)«cial attention giv^n to Dl^ oases of Women and Children. Over Bast Bids Hardwars. Omcs 'Phone. M%in itMi • • • • • a e • • • W. H. AKDERSOir. Attsrsey-st-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 465. :!: 8-A. Card, O.R .aard • EWDiO, GARD * AARD, • Lawyers. * Practice In all OovtH • 9 *fi W. Madison. PIUNM m. • /ivH ^Jlyler Atchison. Clubs vs. Clubs—Fred Apt. (Udloge Life—Fred Asplnall. ~ • • Work— Simday Cannon. School Howard _ Tlie ^ ouns Man of iSe Tlm<>—Prof. Park. l^t We Forget—Otis Ilestwood. 1908—G us Weekly. Professor Henry Coe Ctilbertson. of Emporia, and Rev. Dr. Hilscher were present 8n<I each cave a very pleasant talk about things of Interest to the olub. The banquet tables were handsome-' ly decorated with flowers, smilax and fi-stoons of holly. The iiTaces wero marked by favors and pretty menu cards. The delicacies were served in four courses, the menu being as follows : Olives Oyster Cocktail Pickles Wafers Potatoes Colory Turkey with Drnsslng Escalloi)ed Tomatoes HEAT la tiM Right PlM» At the Right TIM Th**'» It—where jr«<* »«« II —when you waM h—ind i( jr'uu ontjr knew how eaiy ii n to carry fnxn room la room — uid how rnueh cheery comfon yo« cm have with a PERFECTION on Beater 'iSti?' LODOE omeoroRY, ncUf ' m « at m Mm mTAMOMD ML COMMUn. Buttor»>d Rolls Cranberries Chicken Ices At Salad Cheese Almonds. Straws Coffee Assorted Cakes Ttie ab(^e prices are forikSH only. All prices are low prices. We want to add njBw recruits to our army of customers. Call at our store and get b NEEDLEBOOK FREE! Ihe c'ose of the evenine the bovs pre .sented Miss Mlnrow with a handsome toilet set of sterling sliver in remembrance of the many happy occsalons which she has arranged for the club. Two or three years ago Miss Mlnrow began teachlnz- a class I rtf voung men 'n the Presbvterian i Sunday school. The number was com- I narativelv small nt first but each meet Ing was made so interesting that the I 'attendTce erew and later tha A'tru- < Isttc club was organized. Miss Mln­ row has planned several verv happy events for the c'ass. but the l>an- Quets are the largest and most e'ab- orate. Cov.»rs were placed for a large ! group of guests^last evening. For Caster Razpar. The Aid Society of the Bantlst churdi has begun first prrangemenU* for the annual baxaar which will be • eiven lust before lEnster. There was I a v?rv important business meeting t nt 'he home of Mr«. J. R. CrU'er ves- terday and committees were appointed to secure a room to be used. It Is rroh.-ihlo that meals wi'I be sen-etl on th? day the bazaa^ is In progress. 1 To Serve S'looer. On Thursday evening .Tanu.irv !). the MIsslnnarv societv of the Baptist church wilt serve Fupn <>r at the resl- denee of Mrs. S.; A. Curd, on North Washington aveos^..;^The-menu will b? roast meata aUd Baked veuetab 'es with the salad and d ^rt courses. It isn't half as hard for most people to find a good dinner as to digest one. Use Ml-o-na stomach tablets and never fear indieestion. 50c. Guaranteed by Charles B. Spencer. DlitilM liter One handred poonda of Crystal ICS will maka 12 gallons of distilled water solUbls tor family ass. Try it IdalceCCMStmfeCi FRANK RIDDLB. Mtr. KMGIfTS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. 3. W. Postwalt, commander: R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W..—Camp No. 101 mesU t» K. of P. Hall every Friday night. «, T. Steele. C. C; A.H .D»-*% CIsi* VMtora cordUUy Invltsd. KXIGHirS OF PITHIA&-> o0i Lodge No. 43 mests arsry t>- Bda,\ night at K. of P. Hall. ViaiU « bro: thera invited.' W.'S.Thompaoo. i-ICl Chris Ritter. K. of R. and a ' M- W. A.r-The M. W. A. U >dgs meets every Friday night In M. W.'A. hall. yisiUng brothers Inrlted. W .H. Anderson, V,C: W. A. Cowan, Clsnr. ^0IAL~HRIG0B0R8 .-IoU Casm Na 365, Royal Nelghbora. meeta st<v tond and foarth Tuesdays of ea«» 'month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner. oraetoA Mra. Mary Hntton. 413 W*-* 3 £:«st, Recorder. ! FRATERNAL BROriERROODu- .Fraternal Brotherhood No. 3S0 maala second and fourth Thursday of each month In A .O.U .W. UalL- Vlaltlag members cordlaly invited. W.H.An* i derson, president; Oolda Snam. sacra* . I Janler Order Ualted Aacricu ' cbaaksr—MeeU every Wednesday «?• . ening at 8 o'clock In K. P. HalL All Tlsiting members invited. R. A. Widick, Goancslor; a a Black. Raa Secretory. Iowa Store Bi£ Special Cut on on all kinds ot Merchandise until things change. JEWEUER8. B. P. Paiicaaist, old rsllabla Jawalsr; 110 East street \ LivingstoD ^ Co CsalnuMra BX Ail klodi tit work a spsaSaHr * Hsstk Bjtnmn, A. 0. MOMIHAe Prop. «»~"*,£2Jtf etasnl PlagatODa and CnrblBS- a OBea US .East JaASM Am

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