Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAny BEeiSTBB. WEPSESPAY EYEXPg. DECEiTOER 28. 1908. 3 CHRISTMAS SHOPPiMG DAYS ARE GOIMG ONE BY OMEI Every day the crowds gr «5w larger. Every day some Christmas assortments are depleted and taken into the homes, where they belong. We oEinnot urge you too strongly to do your Christmas shopping early—now. Store open evenings. Some of the Usefui Olfis we ha^e to Show youm U»U) IIAM>l.>:i) rUHKKLLVS. niATKLAlN H.UiS iit sterllii(r siher.olil art. ullltrulor und Icullier. FAXV BKLTS in silk ,'la>th: liiiflier and tins*!. HAND I'AIMKl) CIIIXA. FANCY >'K('KWKAI{ of I'^irj dosoriplioii for liidii-s iind pMitlciiieii. FANCY noiLIKS at sppclnl prices. A Hiu' Assi.rtnicnl of RACK COMHS and inKRKITS, FANCY HAT PINS In old art. trold und silver. COIJ.AK I'lNS, lirooches und fumy sllik pins. MKNNKN'S TAMTM IMMVI)KK.,i lioxes for •.'.>«•. FANCY IMKItONS of «<irj dcwrlptlon IMLI-OW TCH'S. TABLE ((JYEHS. HKU SI'HKADS. TOWKI.S. NAl'KINS und TAIU.K LINENS: turj price. SIIIKT WAISTS at aetiuil eosi to clean np the line'. FANCY SCAHFS for ladies and men, :.()<• to sjKMH). FANCY IIOSIKIIY In l.isle und Silk. The Ri>st Yulnes in HANnKEKCIIIEFS in pare linen und eniliroldered al .'i, 10. i:.. L'.'ic and up to $I.H5 caeli. Mnimery'""'GreBtBSt Price Reducing cf the Season Sale Trices cut Exnctlj- In T wo. What Js Prcttlc>r Than an Elegant Hat for a Xnias Gift. .i^l.'i.lMI Hut at.. •K H M Hut at .. I|i7 .<'>0 iN .<Hl $1*00 Hut $6.«0 i85.00 Hat 9tM SIOJM) Hat Hal.. - Ki.'i.lKI EYEKY STKEET HAT AT JUST HALF PRICE. HOLIDAY FDRS. There Is nothing more acecpfalile to jour wife, dUDgbfer or sweet heart than Furs for Xnias. DRESS GOODS. Remnrluibic ralacs; SO pieces pnt on sale imported and domestic dress troodx, to clean np—Chiffon Broadcloth In fancy and plain, that usually sell for $1.25 to tl-V). Special ">c S.".c Fancy Serges 50c «.ic Fancy Suitings, special S.-ic Pretty Plaids for children I'Jc Ladles^ Misses' and Children's Coats for Christmas At Remarkably Low Prioem to Gtoar them up Quiok, Coats $.'i,0« $20.00 Coats $10.00 Coats $7.50 $15.00 $2.00 Coals $1.2:. $12.50 Coats $8.50 $30.00 Coats . CHILUHEN'S COATS (iKEATLY KEDI'CED. $4..'i0 Coats $.1^5 $3.75 Coats $2.50 $15.00 Coats $10,00 $22.50 $5.00 Coals $3.75 Try a Koyai Worcemtar Geraet, Black Cat Hoalery or a Pictorial Ravlaw Pattern and you'll aurely be pleaaetl. 113 East Hadison RICHARDSON'S 113 East Madison NEWS OF GAS CITY l.\s I lie .swiicli is completed, •work nil the plain picpor will be un- p (IciTiikt-ii. I llelajed Hdrk. niMVtJF TO FOllPMFNT C\rSFI)i ^"'rf'''""! 'laniaKe ye.siorda.v to liie DAMAt.K 10 Mil "•'»»•.> I ' ^'i..,|,iipiiuMit will, which Mu-y were DELAY IN ClirUt II MOYIVIi. .'wmkiiii: caiisfd a s;ii;lit di'lay Ut tUt- \ cr .'W iif iiivii "•iieamil in iiioviiig ihi- ' l';i'>)>\ ii r\:iii cJiiirch Imilifin';; iroiu tin- NEWS OF LA HARPE inji. i« ill l-a Marj)e, a guest at tlu home of relatives. R. C. PATTERSON IS HERE -ill' !ll llli- new. I'KESIDENT OF IMON ( K.MENT ( «>. tilEST OF T. .1. AM»EI£SOV. Mrs. kunull >Von. ' Mr.^. .Iiiliiiii Kaiiall wua ;he pri/.e in Mill' <iiiiic.-^i •"• at ilii> t .uin- i i.f iKiii liardtt:.:!' ^Uiio. .\ jar filled lic.'iii.s u;i.-; |,!.ic.'il j;i llii- .store !:'l!il (Mill ciLiloiiiiT was iiivlled Ii. iiialo- a L-iic-s, i|)c winner to receive a ifiiii' iii-w III;. Tliere were ^'-'y^i'i lieanF \ CONTHOYEItSY OYEK S( IIOOL BOINDAKIKS l.>IMI\ENT. The Christmas Vacation. The public schools of I>a Harpe will [be (liKniis.spd Thiir.'iday eveninff for the IChrislmu.s vacation. The first session 1)1" ilie second terru will beglu .lanu- ary I. TO HAVE A LEGAL TEST .WATTEH >VI1,L «;<» BEFOUE CilM- IIISSIONEBS At.'AIN. Inspection of CoiistrucCion Work Now! ,),,'.' j.,,. :„„i Mrs. Kaiinli'(ruessf,! i ^ " '•'» Harpe .Mill— Cnder Way—Mrs. Kauall Won j'"''" ljuulH-rton I'rlzt^l'ersnnal* .\t a Henval Sen ice. Rev. Canipbeil, pasioi of ilie I' church, is holdins revival ^e:vi(•l•s at iiiii Home wood ehiircli. CloMtl Heal for I'ropert.v. 1:. K. lxi>;iie has closed a deal for I xeluuiiie of (lis north .Main .sjreet iJi-opi r:y in iliis ciiy for a irac-t of :ai;d in .New :\lexico and with Ills laniii.' cvpects to move to his new I .-.-i ^iin .-;niitl. A Cliristniuo Cantata l>y I'resliy- I er iu n »—I'e rs<i na I s. I A (hristiiias Enterlaitimeut. \ Chii;-.; 111;..- I't:;. lihainiit will be .i:i\e;; mi tomorrow cvenin;; in the Christian cliiircl;. .\u iiiuiinn program to be ob-ervec!. ( hristmas in Oklalioma. (;p <)r ;;e Tiiriiie e .-fl .» esieidjy f-r Okiahoma where lie wil. vi.-il diirltii-' tije lioli(lay.<. •) Visltint; Her Brother. .Mis.s Stella Calihvell. of Sedalia, .Vo.. is a fTiii of lier brother. Wil- IKiiii -V (.'aldwoll. el this city. Her Sis5.r III. .Mrs .let ry Hcilwell. of lola. was in <!as ye.vierday visiiini; .Mi.-s Lizzie Driscoil, a sister, who i.s lOiiie ill. (Juest of T. J. Anderson. K. C". I'attersoti. of City, (.residi'in of the Cnton I'ort and ('.- treiit conipatiy. was a ^iiesi of County ("•inimissioner T. .1. .Xiiderson yesterday. Mr. Hatters4jn was here to Ins |)ect the Construction work now under way oil tfic Ciiioii I'orllaiid switch. Spcitd Chri.sJnias Here. Mi;.; .\.'ay Cliaiidler of Kaiisa.'; City. w;;i -;ieiid Cliri-itiias at the Chandler lioTiie in (his city. Bank to Close Christmas. The Cas City .Stale bank will be ( I il all day necember ^.Ti. Personal*. .1 I'll/.pat rick is In Yates (Center on a ;,:ief l.f;.-iiie..,s trip. .Mr».. S. K. lUidxiljih will siieiid Christ with her son i:i Kansas City. Mrs. Harry .\iiclnibon has returned from a visit In (ireiiola. Kas. .Mij-. \V. C. Hii .'Oin will 8 |ieriil ihe Clirisimas liidiilay in Nevada. Mo. .Mi.-.-; .Minnie Class, of I'arsons, i.s a •.;M"SI :if Hie of her sister. .Mis? il''eii Cilass. \ Sehool' IMstriet Conlro»ersy. Tlie action of the l.a Hariie school board in aiine.xiii .i; the land of K. K. Stout and tiiliers to the I .u iiarpe school district hti.s aroused considerable opposition from the flas City school board and the matter will be briMighl to a lejial test when the ne.\l school It vy Is maili'. if not before thai rime. I Tiadi .'i tor La Harpe .MIH. I C 10. Siiili M. of fiiiontowii. has I trailed a vaiiiab'e farm in Vernon ; county. .Mo., to .1. 1'". Sianby for a mill iiii i.;' Har(ie. The trade value approximates $4 .Uaii. Visit In Texus. Waller Cliiip ief.vfs for Da'.las. Tex . tomorrow where he will visit diirin.:; the liolidtiys. •STEOl'ATH?- OR.^T .11. ALKiduiri. Registered (Xsteopathlc I'hy.'icma Stale Hank nidK. Phon*. 146 Only Osteopath in 1.11 i{ari>« Iv. O. Beck Practitioner of SUGGESTIVE THERAPEUTICS .\ Science iliroiij ;li which dl ^eaKe is elimaiateil from the lii>dy without medicine or Mirsery. Jlcmber of Hi.- .N'a;i<.nal an .' .S ';.ite .A:.>o(iafioii of SuKfTe.slive Tlleraiieiitics. Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore A Christmas Cuntafa. ' .\ Caiitaia entitled "The Itiierrnpted rio;:iaiii. • will be one of the features I of the Christmas eve entertainment ; in the I'resbytcrian churdi. I .Maj Locale Here. i Charles Colby, of Colony, and C. \V. 'Hiiks. of Toroiilo". are \iHilin:; in Tarpe with a vii-w to localiiiK. The;, ui -il j .iea .-ed ttilh the city and 'expect 10 leiiiiiili should lliev find { suitable liH -ations. Still u Chance. 'riioiinh there are iiiit. two more sliopplns days bcfoie Christnia.s eve tliere is .still ;i cliancv to ^et just what voii want for a Christmas fnHt. at Ihe ri^hi iirace at W'.\TBHS & 1>.\.\- rOKTHS STOIJK. This store has enjoyed a sideiidid holiday Imsines.^ bill ilieir is stiM an eleKum line of Christmas f ;(K )(is from wliich (o make yoar selections, lint don't wait toe loii.i.'. C.ill today, lonijihi—just as soon as you can. Christmas With Itelathe.s. Miss SylvUi Stephenson, of Kansas Ciiv. will siiend Ihe holidays wifh boni'- folks in this city. I'ersonals. .Mr.-i, WiKlaiii IJiiriis and dati.nhter. Misses; Sybil and .Anna .tones, of KIs- more. were in I..a Harpe ye.-;ierday. .Miss Florence Hedges Is home from Lawrence where she i.s attendiuK the Kansas university. Heorxre Tldcrman of Elsmore. was a l.:i Hanie visitor yesterday. Cf. A. IMIX spent yesterday in lola. .Mrs. fi. F. ilobbin.s visit\«il in the county seat yesterday. PILES rCKED TS B TO 14 PAYS. I'AZO OI.NT.MENT is guaranteed to cure an.v case of Itching, blind, bleed Inp or protrudinp piles In C to 14 days= or money refunded. TiOc. -C WEST OF THE RIYER. J M. W. A. liiitiulliiii. 1 Italialory cereiuonies were he d by jtlie 1..;! Ilarjie lodi;e of .Modern Wood- imeii last iili,'lil three new niembeiB i Ijeliif; shown the my.-teries of Wood, craft Fifteen a |i |illcations for nieni- !berslil |i were liullotted it|;oii and the (•his.- will probably be taken into ihe ! order sixm. The enrollment of the 01- i der now exceeds :!ui). There la Oniy One ^^Bromo Quinine- That la Laxative Bromo Quinine useo Tue woituf oven TO atmc A OOLO im ami DAY. Alwajs remombcr the full name. Ijaok. lav this signature on creiy box. 25e. , In .HIssourL '; C. 1. Kvans, city attorney, has Kone i to Sheldon. .Mo., on a brief business • lu \«>n Li »cutIon. 'Ihe WilletlK UtOck of Kl 'OCeries now owiii'd by .Mlrs I.;iiira Park, has lieen moved Into the buildInK adjoining Hie old locatlmi on Ihe north. To Spend the Winter In MIssuarl. I C. .leiinliiKs and i'. W. Vaughn left I last night for CarroM county, Missouri, 1 where they will probably remain 'through the winter. . ProB wyomiar. G. A, Winetttj of Sheridan. WDrqatT V • • ^— We wish- every iv'.i;l(.r of this paper a merry Christmas. <.". i{. Peck is lookiiii: for his brother. Ira. over from Ft. Scott to spend the holidays. C.eorse Smith and wife. Chestc- Sniith. wife and datishter. except to siieiid Christmtis with the Preston'.-?. Kdiia l.Ing is spcndlnt; this week in Pirjiia. .lim .tones went to his Cnde Emery l .iicky 's Sunday. retiirninK Monday. Hr.indpa Dawson ha.s u si'Vt >re cold in his head. .Mnrisoii Preston delivered a drcKS- • d hoK to J. C. iliKKs in 'ola Tliur.s-- day. .Mrs. Clark bad a tooth that was Riving' .her lots of trouble and she went and had it extracted, bnt her jaw liiirt her worse and her fn -e swelled after the tooth was out than before. Mr. .\rcParm is havin-,; some very painful holls. Sarah Pnston went over northeast of Bavard to si e a sick cousin the last of last we»;i< who she found liel- ter. She also went to Bronson and visited I ^afe Piirdom. Frank .McCarty'a and Tellinan Thompson's. One of Mr«. Ling's trusty work Iioises strayed down to riie railroail Saturday afternoon, got on the 'right of way, was run over bv the cars and killed. < McFarm, .Marks and Y 'Dunger took kaffir corn to SIckly's Sunday to have threahed. .1. .M. Preston worked on the telephone Hue Bome thia week. J. W. Heaver Ktayed Monday night with T. L. Dttwsou, IToUee. The board of cbarlties. is In need of olothing for women and childrenj I.«aTe donaUona at Little Baildera^ COBLESS CORN. Follows the Seedless Orange an^ the Thornless Cactus. Sidell. III., Dec. 2:;.— T. .1. Sconce of the aFirview Farm Seed company, lia.s attracted much attention by his recent exi)eriments and success in cobless orn. To Luther Biirbank wo owe the seedless orange and the Thornless cactus but it remains for nn Illinois farmer to originate the cob- less corn. .An ear on exhibition is eleven inches long, eight inches In circumference and weighs one pound. The cob Is practically pliminated, being merely a stalk on which the Individual kernels grow. Tlie supposition is that the corn la something like the pld primitive coni from which all of onr pure breeds haye originated. In this early form_ the corn grew on the tassel with each! kernel enclosed in an individual husk of its own, but the ears were very small and inferior. The new cobless corn has some very interesting characteristics which the breeder does not care to disclose at the iiresent time as it is in the experimental It is claimed for this corn that when jicrfected it will enable the farme.- to realize a greater production in quality and quantity than at present. Toke our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves Io!a lAT, p. m., arrives St. Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. Weak Little Boys may become fine strong men. Some of the strong men of to-day were sickly boys years ago. Many of them received Scott's Emulsion at their mother's knee. This had a power in it that changed them from weak, delicate boys into strong, robust boys. It has the same power to^y. Boys and girls who are pale and weak get food and energy out of Scott's Emulsion. It makes children grow. Send this aavatiMneiit. todrthcr «rilb luree oir paper In which it appean. your aJdrcM and four cents to cover potfaac aad we will sctui you a ICompktc Handy Aiia< of dw World" SCOTT & BO'.VNE: 409 Ptail Street. New York MISSOURI PACIFIC IRON MOUNTAIN CP. Hale,Agt. LOOK .VT 01 K Nickel Plated Ware When Cliristnias shoj)i»i)!g. Chafinj^ Dishes, Percolaters. go'd-lincd 'I'lj Sets.Cuke Trays, fiakins; l>ishe.~. .iri; many other useful and faticy articles. Also a fine line of .Aluiniiiiiiu Ware. R. SI. Ollflllan General Conlrartur. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks auJ Curbing a Specialty. UAIce Il>> KaHt Jackson .Vre. I'iionc SSL TH08. H. B0.WLU8. PrasldenL J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCrORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Bcatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evans. J. O. Rodger*, W. 1^ Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlua. yrcsBBue cum own aaAmoa AU guaoPEAa FOIMTS •AFKTV OePOtlT BOXKB FOR RENT FROM |2 TO |6 PER YKAR.

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