Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, January 3, 1908
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TOU iX. K*. WM» HtwitMS. lOLA, KANSAS, JAXTABT «, li«.-FlWDAT ETEMXfl. HOST riQB. niCI TWO CBFIL WHQ HIRED HOmi? Cmr S)|PLOTE^ BILL PBECIFI- TATES^ISCUSSIOK AT COO'CIL. REhlSlDTOBE DISCHARGED WORKED TWO WEEKS FOB CITY BUT OFi-iciALS DIDXT KKOW IT. Is TAKING OPTIONS BATMOND WELLS GETS OPTIOX 0\ PLATEBS FOB lOLA' TEAM. Carl Roberts Add Breniun and Wm. : Goes, Local Players, Will Get a Try-onL Claims Sajror and Street Commis­ sioner'Hired Him—Ignored Citr Enjrinecr's Orders to Quit. Not th« least amusing incident which haB taken place at the coiincll meeting Tor some time was the discussion which followed the presentation of a' bill for %25 for alleged work on the c&y engineer's force or street , department 's force by Perry Heath 'The ridiculous feature of the affair ^ies in ttfie fact that Mr. Heath work- 'ed for aflidlf month for the city and the headn of the departments under which h^ was supposed to be employed knew nothing about it. It seeitiH thut several weeks ago, perhajm the llrst of December, Mr. Heath nitpeared before Mayor llobiu- 8on and Inquired whether or not he know of any work under the city thut ho mlght;Ket lo do. it appears he was directed ^o the city euKlueer. I( alKi) seems that'he wiis recommended to the engineer by the street coninilH- sioner ns a competent man for the paving forue. tie wus given wori< ^ as an inspector of the Distribution of Dirt. Along about the lirieenth of December, the i-lt.v ouglueer thou>;ht that while linancial conditions were not the best, 4ie would cut down his force and so told Mr. Heath thut he was discharg^. and placed John Allen, a i regular jelty employe. In charge of : Heath's #orkr- But Mr. Heath refused to be discharged on the grounds that he had not been hired by the engineer and would not be discharged by him. Mr. Animijerman dropped him from' his list but hi. Heath appeared on.: the scene evefry day. Mr. Heath was getting along-; fine until time for presenting bis bill and then be found he had no O. K. it for the last hsilt month. He presented it to the com' mlttee, hqwever, but as it was not 0. K.'d the committee would not recommend tht£t It be allowed. , W^m ibif -aouncll was imder the -lt»|l»-uf iiUuwing of bills last night TqPROTECTCmZENS CITY WILL INSTALL LIGHTS IN DABK PLACES. AcUon Is Taken to Protect People From Highwaymen—Measure Is Popular. Manager Raymond Weils of the lola Q. A. K. League team, has been taking options on base ball players with the idea, of signing them if lola succeeds in getting the franchise which they have asked for. He is now in correspondence with Fred Finney v^hose home is at Galena, Kas., who has been playing with the Iowa State League for a number of years. He is one of the fastest short stops in the minor leagues and if Manager Wells succeeds in getting him he doubtless will add S])eed to the infleld. He also i^ in correspondence with Jess Hale of Kundulac. Was., a player in the Wisconsin State League, who will be made captain U Uie contract is signed. Manager Wells stated yesterday evening that he will sign a number ot the lola, Uas City. I.<a Harpe and Hum libldl players of the last year's Trolley Iveugiie tennis nnd give them a tr.\i out. He especially desires to get Carl HoliertH, the star short stop and ca|i- tfiin; Add Hrennan of the \M llarpn t^uini; and Tom Coes of (ias City. Hi' vflll W (irk UolierlH at second and short .itop, KriMiniin ut llrsi and does In ««nie Inlleld position. All of these men ;»rc good "stickers" and dtnibtless will make a good showing. ' Thi- HiMilo.svllle ICnteriirlse has UK- follow Iiig: \ Ifttcr to rre.siUi'nt Kn'd MiDaa- ifl from Sliivi-'y, iirt'slilcnt • of tht- \Vesteru A.ssociatlon. unnounct's that, provided his clubs do not object ser- Ifiusly. he will- consent to act ns pres- iiiont of the O. Ki league. The interests of tl'.e two leagues are very closely allio'l and he undoubtedly has the c.-ipacity to attend to the duties of both. Such a program will not In jure the Western in the least, while ii wll give the O. K. league a high standing and stability. President McDaniel also announced lust night that he had issued a call for the annual meeting of the O. K. 'eague to be'held at the Mecca hotrl ill Ooffeyville on January 15. It is not definitely settled, nor will it be then. The council took steps Inst night to protect citizens against highwaymen by ordering lights placed at several dark paces in the city. One of the plat^es is at the intersection of Second and Monroe streets. The petition asking for the lights stated that it was a dark and dangerous place for jie- destrlans to pass at night to which the councilmen who were falmllar with the place assented. The light was ordered in. A light was also ordered in north of Miller's protograph gallery. One of the councliinen said thut the place, as it is now, is very Inviting to highway robbers and since there was a great deal of travel there, he thought a light should go in. The council passed on the matter favorably. The reiiuesl for a light at the corner of Indiana and Hrondway was turned down. The coiiiiiiittee reconitncnded that a HKIII II<> jilaced at lOIni and .Monroe near the railway crossing. ONE nCNDRED MEN MADE RAID 05 BISSELTILIE, KY. CITY CI^SES A DEAL WITH PBIME WESTERN COMPANY. Several People Were Injured by Charges of Shot Fired as Band Retreated. K. U. BANQUET TONIGHT. Several Kansas University Professors Will Speak at the Occasion. 'I'he Kansas rnlviTsitv students of Allen •(•minty will hold their' anuuMi banrni.'t tonittht in the I. (). O. V. liul!. Prof. Hiirdli'U and I'rof. Naisinilb. of Kansas iMilviTsItv. nn- to In- the prill- einul siii'aliers. Sincrnl liundr<'d students «H<1 •"Invited guests are to be Iiri 'sent. A fine iiruKrani of toasts nnd an elaborate menu have been arranc- e<l. The banquet proniisi's to lit! one of the best ever held here. COMPLAINT AGAINST CITY LOT. Want Dumpino Ground on South Street Done Away With. Russellvlllo, Ky.. jiin. n.— Night riders one himdred strong swooped down on Russellvllle, l»Ann county early thi^i rooming and after ovenwwering three policemen and providing against giving an alarm, dynamited and burned two Independent tobacco concerns, and several other establishments, and rode away. Three men were woiind.^d and the telephone girls and police were held prisoners for nearly three hours. The following buildings were destroyed: Frank C. Work tobacco warehouse. buililinK' and contents, less fifteen thousand dollars: American Snuff Co., factor>- and contents, loss fifteen thousand dollars: Roberts & Rrown Plan­ ing Mi'-I. loss twelve tlioiisand dollars; Alfred UiiderwiKid (irocery. loss two thousunii: King & Proctor's stable. The wound^Ml are. Dr. Chas. Roberts, of Kvaiisvllle. Iiid., J. H. Mcl.«>un, Russelvllle. J. 11. .Moseley, Uir.sselvllle. The most seriously Injured was Dr. Roberts who was a guest at the Forest house- lie wiiK w<illii(Ii-d about the liead unrt face by a charge of buck shot rued us tin? nlgUt riders were leaviiii; town. Comnaint has been made to the city about the unsightly idle of tin cans and rubbish which lies on its lot at the rorner of South and Irviu streets. The city has been nsjnc tlii^s lot as a dumping ground. So much refuse has been liili'd there, ••snecial- Iv (i"d oin<!. that the ueonle living in iliat .vicinity are making conmlaint. The lot was low after the street was raded up and the refuse was thrown .- . ,fhero"as"a"'fliler"' "tHrT'will"now be as to the circuit aUhough the four!„i\.,i on top of the cans and the Ipt Councilmitn W. A. Cowan called their attention;;ta Mr. Heath's bill. Members of tl)e'council began asking ques tions: They wanted to know why it did not bear the O. K. of the heads under wljlch he had been working. City "Engineer Amerman arose and stated very emphatically that the reason he d|d not O. "ft. the bill was because Mr". Heath was not working for him duritig the time the bill covered. He said he had discharged Mr. Heath because he did not need him. "Well, ^id he work the time he asks pay for?';' asked a councilman. "He came back after 1 discharged him and was around there," answe'red the city engineer. "WTiat work was Mr. Heath doing?" asked another Inqliisitive counellnjaq. "He had charge of the Distribution of Dirt,"- said Mr. .\mernian, "when he was forking under me." At thlsj juncture City .\ttorney Oyler called the ntteutlou of the council to thtf fact that Mr. Heath was in the room: and might speak for himself. 1 ' Hy request of the council. Mr. Heath got up an^ said he worked on the paving force^^as an inspector during the time he ftsked pay for. "Whd hired you?" was asked. "May^r* Robinson, and Mr. Walker, the street^ commissioner. After Ire sat down there was tense silence f;>r some little time. Mr. Walker was then asked if he had hired him. 'He arose and said he had not hired htm but recommended him as a good man for the work. The, cQuncilmeft then turned, their eyes'in t5ie direction of the mayor as It seeme^ from what Mr. Heath said that he might lend some light on the question. Rut the mayor "oped not his mouth," leaving the council and spectator-e to draw their own conclusions as to Mr. Heath's statement. Dr. Gljnn, growing somewhat exas perated it the silence and circumlocution ot those who were in the hest position :to know about the matter, asked in: no meek voice: "What we want to know Is. did Mr. Heath put in the time working for the city he claims h* did." "Jle didn't' work for me," answered the city-, engineer again, and added, "I didn't" need him." "Heatfi'seems to need the money, though."/retorted Dr. Glynn. During the discussion some one said that«the ^dlrt hauled away by the force 6f men<wUh whom or oyer whom Heath v^as working reached, a fabulous sui^ and the* council bad better pay his-bill, to which Mr. Amerman said that only a part of that amount could collected, he was infonned, as the wagons were only partly filled with dirt and that the -man who bought (Bid he could prove it. John -Alien, who took Mr. Heath's place o {I the street when the latter was dis4 :harged by Mr. Amerman, arose a^ th* If st minute and handed some onfi this package. "We have put in only Ave.days ex &vating since December rett and two of them were in January.;" The coimcll then entered into a disr eussion «8 to who had the right to lire and:'"flre'' employees, after which Mr. Iie^h '8 bill was allowed aa it y^M ap^rept that he put la time towns which finished the season last year and Tulsa, Tola. Parsons, Pittsburg and perhaps other cities, will be represented. Secretary Carr of the local club informs us that he is now In corres- nondence at this time with about flflv players and- would be players, out of which list, with others which may be fiound. it is thought that a very fast team may be culled. So. if the legislature does not act a fool and prohibit baseball Bartlesvllle will see some good ball pames the coming season. j graded up. ASSESSOR CANDIDATES HERE. Commissioners Will Appoint Officer Next Monday. The candidates for countv assessor inder the new law are getting quue busv. TodavTlenrv Lambeth., of Mo ran; and Chas. Schaffner of Huni^ boldt. are here in the Interei^t.of their ambitions. The county coniniissipneis will appoint the assessor Monday. DUrCE HOPES DIE HARD. WHAT IS HE DOING? Counrilmen Ask Questions About the Gas Inspector. Councilman J. E. Jones wanted to know last night at the council meeting what the gas insjiector was doing. His question followed the reading of a bill presented by the Inspector for the month of December. The bill ap- ijears rather large. Other councilmen asked the same question but no one could answer it. The city clerk was asked If he could tell them what the inspector was doing that made his bill «o large. His answer was, "Don't ;isk me." The rouncil allowed the bill but came to an understanding that Mr. l^olkner did not need an as.sistant any longer. It developed that the assistant's bill was Included in Mr. Folkner's bill. The gas inspector was not present to tell the council what he was doing. No one made any particular complaint against the irispee- tbr. They just wanted to know what he was doing. TO INVESTIGATE COST. Council Tclok No Definite Action toward Opening South Jefferson. The council took no definite action last night with reference to onenlns UP South Jefferson avanue to ^^^)ee - er eights, as asked for by the Kansas Southern, which which line want^ H right of way. except to Instruct the Oity engineer and the nubile improvp- Sient committee to further investigate the cost. It is believed that it will cost about $6,000. The Kansas Southern wilh pav 12.000 of this ^um and it Is said that the county Qommissioners will contribute an wiual sum for -the county. A concrete bridge will have to be built across Elm cre4k. F. V. Crouch an- tjeared before the council and made a talk with reference to opening the street,' TO ENTER CtRCUIT. Superintendent Massenaale Arrangino for Season at Electric Park. Sunerintendent Lee M^assengale of »h^ lola Electric Railway company, has already begun maklne preparations for the entering of his theatre at the BJectric nark In a circuit. Tola will be in a circuit of eight towns which will make it possible for a new Qomoany to aopear each week and a change of program every night. Claimants Declare There's Another CoiTin In London Tomb. I-tOndon, Jan. —The attorneys of George Hollunby Druce. the claimant for the vast estate of the Duke of Portland and for the duke's title, have gievn out a statement expressing dis- .satisfactlon over the conduct of the examination of the body of Thomas Charles Druce because the (foor of the vault was not opened. They sny that their representatives at the exhumation wore instructi'd to demand that this be done because they had received letters stating that a •econd coffin containing lead wmild be found there. ARK GETTI.NG CHEAP (JA.S. ijomewhere under somebody. These 4re the facts as they could be learned from the council meeting last night fhe public Is left to draw lU own con- daslon. Chnuule Con Not Supply «1> P -Heters for Consumers. Chanute. Jan. .1—-The car of Sprngue meters which was ordered several weeks ago, has not yet arrived but Sujierlntendent Jlanley is utilizing his gang to put in the gas lamps ordered by the council on the dark corners. Siiprinlendent Manley states that at least two more months will be required to put in meters on every gas consumer in town. In the Third ward there are still one-third of the consumers burning gas on flat rates, and approximately 200 such consumers In the Fourth ward. The gas committee believed .several weeks ago that only about 800 con sumers are still unmetered. but a care ful count shows that there are still nearly a thousand burning on flat rates. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas:—Oenerally fair tonight and Saturday; cooler tonight, and In east (lortion Saturday. Data recorded at local office. U. S Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. January 2. Yesterda;'. Yr. AgO 2 p. m. ... 4 p. m. .. 6 p. m 8 p. m. .. 10 p. m. .. 12 midnight Max. Temp. .Min. Temp. Precip. 7 p. m. t,i r.4 40 r,8 .-ii 48 46 4 41 52 40 2 a. m. . 4 a. m. C a. m. 8 a. m. 10 a. m. 12 noon 20 0 .04 January X. Today. Yr. Ago S7 39 ::9 40 ...'. 44 4.'J PLENTY OF GAS NOW Action Is Taken to Protect Citlxens In Cases of Extreme Cold Weather. CONVENTION IN PARSONS. Municipal Leaque Will Meet In Febru ary. R. K. Cullison. secretary of the Municipal League, received a telephone message from fhe mayor of Parsons whi-re the league will nuHit. informing him that the leasue convention will be l>e (1 In Parsons three days In the middle of February. The original ilate set was for some time in January, but because of the financial flurry and other reasons the mayor said ti at he tliought it would be best to postpone the meeting one month. He also informed Mr. Cullison that the Parsons Commercial club will uive a banquet to tlie members ot the eagua and their guests. IVIADE RUN IN TWO HOURS. Y. M. C. A. Juniors Enjoyed Lively Race Yesterday. The hnre and hound ch.ise of the boys of the Y. IL C. A. yesterday af- It'rnoon demonstrated the staying oualitios gained from their work in the gymnasium. The course of the ch.ise was south, through the city of Bassett. east to the Remsberg farm, south to the section line, west to the Santa Fe railroad and north to the citv. The course rook the bo .\T? over plowed groimd. rock.v hills and timber lands and covers a distance of about seven miles. The boys made he run in less than two hours' time. M. W. A. WILL CELEBRATE. Local Loctge Has Been Orqanized Twenty-five Years. The local camp of the M. W. Awill this evening celebrate the twenty ?flfth anniversary of thH order. The degree teams from Humboldt. Chanute .ind Petrolla will be here to give I he work to a large cl.tss of candidates. After the ceremonies a bnmui 't will be served. Tlie Modem Wood- n^en have had the Iarge.«!t growth this yenr of anv year in the historv of the ord:?r in this state. O. \\'. Adams of this city has the honor of ranking sej -ond among the district deputies in TO ORGANIZE UNION. tola Smeltermen Will Meet on January Fifth. Notices have been lUiliMnhed asking all Htnelter workmen to tn<'et nf the M W. A. rnll on Saturday. January .''ilh. for the punxise i>f orcanl/ing a sniplterman's union. The notices say to make this a success it will be neces sarv for the bov.s to come out and out tlieir shoulder to tl;e wheel and push the idan. The union will probably be organized under the rules <)f tha American Federation of Labor. ATTORNEYS IN CONFERENCE. Prosecution in Whitlow an<f Wheaton Cases Behind Closed Doors. The atton;evs for the nro.=ecution in the Wlieaton and WTiiHow .••r? holding a confer^-nce tod^v. WTiijre this conference is be'ng held cannot I'o learned. One of the attorneys in the cases, when asked about wh.".t was eoing to be don? and where this conference was going to be held refii's- ed talk, only to sav that the meeting was called to further the plans of trosecution. A motion was passed by the council last night instructing J. .M. Rodgers, head of the gas department, to accept the propusitiou of tht Prime Western Spelter company to furnish the city gas at tw<i and one-half cents jier thousand and also in.structing Mr. Rodgers to install the city's meter and make the connections at once. This means that lola will have plenty of gas during any extreme cold spell that may visit this section this winter. The action of the council is not one of necessity but one of precaution. The gas will be used.oflly when needed. Some time ago the city was in corre.->i)ondence with I lie Kansas Natural people with reference to securing gas. Before any deal was closed it was learned that the Prime Western l>e<>ple had some gas they hud no use for at the present and henee negoMa- tions were begun which resulti'd in tho deal closed last IIIKIII. Mr. RCKI- gers npiH 'ured before the council and told tlieiu of th)> pro |i (isll|ou, it was promptly accepted. TREASURER'S BALANCE. $14,343.72 Report Shows Money in the Different Funds of the City. The quarterly report of City Treas- uri'r Thomas H. Bowlus ending Hi'- ceiiilier t.'ilb, sl^ows a balance in the Iintids of the city treasurer of ?M.- :u:!.T.'^. Tie report shows that thi-re is money in the cemetery, water and light, park, .-sew^r and pavinc, sinking and library funds. The gas fund has a credit larger than any of the others. $:!n .4 .'in.r;s. The following is the recapitulation of the city treasurer: Credit. Cemetery fund $ Wat.^r & light fund Park fund Sewer & Paving fiin<l Sinking fund Library fund Gas fund HORNADY IS OOT HAS . WITHDRAWN FROM RACE FOB GOYERNOR. WILL WORK FOR W.J.BAILEY THINKS EX-GOYEBNOR COULD RE- INITE REPUBLICAN FACTIONS. -Mr. Homaday Says He Is Acting fan Interest of Harmony and Personal Friends. no4-i 4.-) 024-02 l.!)06.fi7 LT6r>-fiO 1.0O3.2C n9.450.38 $62,759.40 Debit. Water Works fund - 20.969.95 Electric LI;;ht fund - lfi .943.6S 6,690.79 20.02 20.00 199-7 .1 i4.34:;.7:; Street & A'ley fund Railroad Bond fund Refunding Bond interest Cemetery fund No. 2 Balance on hand $62,759.46 TREATY IS'READY France and America Have Made Concessions in Tariff Duties. Washington. Jan. n:— The finishing touches were added today to the draff of an agreement between .-Xm^rlca and France, nmler section :! of the Dlng- 'ey act. which has been In preparation for nearly a year. .M. Jusserand. the French amba.>--sndor called at th-- state depunm.'nt today to discuss the d;-tails of this arratr-'ement. and it is expected that it will be promulgated from the State department in tht course tit a day or two. Pending its signing the iktnils are withheld, but it Is known that the concession maile by America Is the abatement of the existing duties on French champagne by 20 per cent, while France remits niaxlmum duties on American cottonseed oil. certain classes of machinery and other commodities. SORRY TALE OF A SAD lORN. Council Turnerf Down Bill From Sad Iron House. DAVID BUCHANAN DEAD. Former lola Map S'>rcumbed to Pneumonia in Montana. , Assistant Chief On?rator of »he ocal telenhone exchanirp. Miss Blanche Chatfleld. received a te'e- erani tt'l* inorn'ns; annou"cine' th-? death of ber unc'e. David Buchanan, formerly of this cItv but now of T>iv- incston Montana. He hai haen ill for some time with pneumonia, but his condition wp<» thonubt lo be some better. Miss Cbitfield has manv friends here who extend symyathies. SINK SHAFT ON FARM. Chris Ritter Mav Find Ore in Marion County Land. Aftomev fTirls Ritfpr has b3eun sinUng R -sha't on '•is farm ten mi'es north of ''otte»-. Marion con"tv. Arl -^n .sas The 'arm is located 'n a Hch mininir d-sflct and «t Is likeTjr that sopie va'uable ore wlH be found. ^^•Me thev are onlv abont six feet deep rosin lack was found. Tho council disposed of the sad iron bill last night. Some time aco a manufacturing conipanv sent an iron 'o tite iiiiMic utilities department. Mr Rutlelge who wa.< then at tie head of the department understoo'l that it was sent here a? a Mniple. why he does not know. Rec.^ntlv the com- nany sent a bll to the council saving that 'he denanment had ordered it. Mr. Riitiedee savs he never ordered It. The bill was therefora tura- td down last night. A SERIES OF LECTURES. Rev. Hamish Will Conduct Series at Reformed Church. Fort Scott. Jan. 3. —Grant Homady. who has canvassed the state for the Republican nomination for governor, tonight withdrew from the race In favor of Ex-fJovemor Willis J. Bailey. .Mr. Hornady says his act was Inspired by the belief that Bailey can reunite the waring factions in the Re- Iiub'ican iiarty In Kansas. Mr. Hor- nndy's letter is addessed "To the' Republicans of Kansas." and Is as follows: "Four years ago a sort-of Inspired frenzy that had seized the Hepubll- ciiii party in Kansas, anxious for a trial of its new fmind strength, did siilisiaiitlal violence to d-time honor, ed custom and. without good caiisn, refused thi' then Incumtient. WIIIIB J. Bailey, a renonilnatton for tho governorship. "Mr. Ikiiley's friends declared at that time, and have stoutly maintained ever since, that'n grevlous wrong v,as done him: one'that, as I had oc- raslon lo point out at that lime, would. :ifti'r siil)i>r tbouKhti be recognized by very fair man. I'he Republicans -of Kan^•as may be re'Jed on to; redress wrongs when second thought comes to the aid of their native honesty. "In the preliminary canvass I hare iieen making for a few months past, in connection with my own. candidacy. I have found- a universal sentiment within the party to the effect t^at. at some time, substantial justice should be awarded Mr. Bailey, and the hastv wrong done him happily righted. "Although these wholesome sentiments have spread over the entire state, tho plan they emliody has been in danger of defeat for the single reason that Ex-Governor Bailey has been, until -now. deaf to the entreat? ies of his friends and expressed a._ desire to remain in private life. Being myself one of his warmest snp- IKjrters. it was only after his repeated dec'aration of his wishes above stated that I got the consent of my mind to enter the contest for myself. "A caraful canvass pf the situation reveals the fact th^t It is the sense of the Republicans of Kansas that 'now Is the accepted time,' and that justice may be promptly as well as fuily done, that Ex-Governor Bailey be their standard-bearer this year. "The close political and personal friendship that has existed between E^x-Governor Bailey- and myself for twenty years continues the same. His friends are mine; mine are his. I believe there is no intention of cross political purposes between us. 'Furthermore. I .helleve that the nomination of Ex-Cqvemor Bailey will effact the amalgatnatloa 'of the factions that have, by lighting each other tended to the demiiralizatlon of party loyalty and endangered our political ascendancy In the state. In view of all these things, and feelln.g that party harmony la more to be desired than the gratification of the ambitions of any man or set of men. I have concluded to step aaife In the fight and lend my aid to the ^ movement for the nomination of Ex- Governor Bailey, thus reuplting the party and assisting In righting a wrong done to a good friend. I would like to have had the nom- nation this year. Wbat campaign I have made has been in good faith; but I cannot Ignore the sentiment that seeks to do right w^ith Mr. Bailey; and my purpose to foster that sentiment Is stronger than nfli- desire for the nomination. I hope the many friends who have given me such loyal support In my candidacy will, as I believe, approve the step I have taken. { desire to express my deep appreciation of their course in the past., and invite them to Join me in helping to do what appea's to me as a wise and needful thing— eliminate factionalism and do right with Ex-Govemor Bailey. "Very truly, "GRANT HORNADY." Precip. 7 a. m. 0 HERAT.,D Schwartz, son of E. J. Schwartz, will leave next Monday for Phoenix Arizona. Mr. Schwartz is taking the trip on account of poor health and exnects to remain several ...monlhs in Arlzonia. He does not as 26 j vet know just what ho will do In that .01 state. Rev. L. C. Hamish. pastor of the Reformed church, has prenared a .'series of sK.^cial meetings which will con- s'pt of one hour servic»»s for each evening for one week, beginnin-i last nirht. Twenty minutes of this hour will be taken un bv a lectu'e illustrated bv .steraoDticon views, a twenty minute talk on Christian 'ife !<nd a twenty minute musical concert. The siib1ect<; of the lecture* will be taken from the book. Pilgrims Progress. MEASURED DEEP WELL. Depth is Now 270 Feet—Drillers Stil Busy. Yesterday when the measurement was taken of the deep well, which is helnr drilled by the Prime Western Spelter company, it was exactiv two thousand seven hundred feet deep. Th'« leaves three hundred feet to he drilled until they reach fhe depth they Intend to go. The drilling work U nroTressrn" slowlv as thev are stPl working In th? granite, it being im- nosslble to go more than about 20 feet a day. F. L. TRAVIS, of the firm of Smith A Travis, is ill at his home on North Sycamore. PLAY AT CHANUTE TONIGHT.. Y. M. C.*^A. Basketball Team Left This Morning. The Y. M. C. A. basket ball team w:>nt down to Channte this afternooa where they will play the Channte team tonleht It ha.<» been mmored that Claude Mason of the oldB. U.. team would pinv with the Channte team. Prof. Bliss stated this morning that this raport was not true. PILES CUBED IX e TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching. Blind. Bleed- ng or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded.l 50c. StockhoMm' Xecting. Notice is hereby glwi that the annual meeting ot stockholders of the lola Ice and Cold Storage Co., of tola. Kansas, will be held at their ofBce in lola. between the hours 2 o'clock and t o 'clock p. ip. HoQday, January ISth, 1908. FRANK RIDDLE, Sec*y. Ida, Dec. 30. 1907.

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