The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 17
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THE BAKERSF1EL.D CALIFORNIA]**, MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 17 Ltial Notlcu ,^ fc j^_^fc^^r^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^ fc _^^_^ fc _^ fc _^^^^^^j W^^f^^P^^^^^f^^f^^^*^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^f^^f^^P^^f ORIGINAL SUMMONS NO. 28657 I \ t I i i i * i • t i * 1 i • i ; . • a. In the Superior Court of tho State of California, in and for the County of Kern * . »,^ PACIFIC STATES SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY, a corporation, Plaintiff, vs. ENTRAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY, a corporation, HAUOLD ABBOTT, 13ULA D. ABBOTT, CLARK K. ALLEN, LOTTIE C. ALLEN, EDNA L. ANDERSON. EDWIN L. ANDERSON, MINNIE L. ANDERSON, ALBERT AMOUR, also known *fi A. Armour, AUGUSTINE AMOUR, t\ T. ANDREWS, JAMES ARP, STANLEY J. BA1RD, B. U. BAKER, cr H. BARLOW, FOREST BROWN. EMMA V. BRUNS, PALMER BURKE, R. E. CADY. MINNIE 13. CADY, BRUCE A. CHANCE, LEONA R. CHANCM, HAROLD CMAPPELL, B. CLERICO, MAE COFFEEN, ANNA MARIA COGSWELL, W. A. CROFT. BERNICE E. CROFT, DUWARD CROWE, JOR DAVIS, LYDIA E. DAVIS. NORMAN L, DELMARTER, FRIEDA DOW, J. A. DUNAHOO, O. C; EARLS, VICTORIA EARLS, L. O. ECKFORD. MADDIE ECKFORD, Q. FIORINI, T. J. FO- LI5Y, BLANCHE F. FOLEY. W. 0. FORCE. C. B, FREELAND. CHAS. L. FUDGE, LULU D. FUDGE, WILLIAM GALLAHER, GENNA- A^IEVE GALLAHER, JESSE GIBBS, also known as Jessie Glbbe and ns J. M. Glbbs. TONY GIL, ERMAL B. HAEFNER, RALPH R. HAGGERTY, WILMA H. HAMMON. E. B. HARRIS, GEORGE HARRIS, RUTH HARRISON. M. S. HARVUOT, GEORGE HAY, ALBERT C. HERIOT, MARY 13. E. HOLLEBECK, D. O. KTMBALL, ARTflUR KLINGENBERG, OTTO C. KLINGENBERG, FLORENCE E. LAHEY. MARIE D. LlTTIG, PETER G. LOEWEN.^A' E. LUDOFF, also A. E, Ludloff, KARL J. LUNCEFORD. J. S. McKIBBEN, GENIE PEARL McKIBBEN, J. D. McCLAIN. also known as J. C. Mc- LEAN, PEARL JONES McRAE, MARY JEAN MacCALMON, H M. MacCALLION as Guardian of Mary Jftan MacCaUlon, a minor, H. M. MacCALLION, ERIC C. MacIN- TYRE. N. M. MALOOF, FRANK L. MARTIN, BASIL B. MORGAN. W. B. MORGAN, MABEL C. MORGAN. JOHN MORGANTINTI, FORREST B. MOWRE. S. F. MUNN. HENRY J. NEWMAN,-LELA OLDAKER as Guardian of V«arl Woolscy, a minor, LELA OLDAKER. VEARL WOOL- SB Y, V. D. OSBORN. UVA 7*. OSBORN, ROSE PACHLTG, HALLIE L. PARRISH, THOMAS PETER- BEN. BESSIE B. PETERSEN, MARIE PIEPER. BERTHA PIEPER, ELMER A. RA1NEY. MARGUERITE R. RAINEY. O. B. ROLLINS, MARGARET . ROLLINS, MRS. CHARLES I. ROSEBROOK. WINIFRED LAYERS RUSH, FRED W. RUSH, MAX SEIBT, A- W. SKTBT, L. W. SPALDING, R. G. SPALDING. JOHN W. STEELE, PAT SUGHRUE. also known an E. P. SUffhrue, FRANK G. SUOREZ. CARRIR M. SUOREZ. KENNETH W. TEWTQfi. VBRNIA TKWES. PAUL VANDER BIKE, JULIA H. VANDER EIKE, ADEL VOGEL, GLENN G. WARE. HAROLD E. WADMAN, FLORENCE E. WILLIAMS. GEORGE R. WOLFE. GLADYS S. WOLFE. B. A. WRIGHT. O. D. YOUNG. BERT J. ZANETTI. MINA 55ANETTT. FIRST DOE. SECOND DOE, THIRD POE, FOURTH DOE, FIFTH DOE. SIXTH DOE, SEVENTH DOE. EIGHTH DOE. NINTH DOE. TENTH DOE. ELEVENTH t>OE. TWELFTH DOR. THIRTEENTH DOR. FOURTEENTH DOE. FIFTEENTH DOE, SIXTEENTH DOR. SEVENTEENTH DOE. EIGHTEENTH DOE. NINETEENTH DOE. TWENTIETH DOE. TWENTY-FIRST DOE, TWENTY-SECOND DOE. TWENTY-THIRD DOE. TWENTY- FOURTH DOE. TWENTY-FIFTH DOE. TWENTY- SIXTH DOE, TWENTY-SEVENTH DOE, TWENTY-EIGHTH DOE. TWENTY-NINTH DOE, THIRTIETH DOE. FIRST DOE COMPANY, a corporation, SECOND DOE COMPANY.-a corporation, THIRD DOE COMPANY, a corporation, FOURTH DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and FIFTH DOE COMPANY, a corporation. Defendants. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: Central Real Estate Company corporation, Harold Abbott, Eula Abbott, Clark E. Allen. Lottie Allen, Edna L. Anderson, Edwin Anderson, Minnie L. Anderson, bert Amour, also known ns Armour, Augustine Amour, F. Andrews, James Arp, Stanley .Baird, E. P. Baker, C. H. Barlow, Forest Brown. Emma V. Brims, Palmer Burke, R. E. Cady, Minnie E. Cady, Bruce A. Chance, Leona u. 'Chance. Harold Chappell, B. Clerlco, Mae Coffeen, Anna Maria Cogswell, W. A. Croft, Bernlce B. Croft, Duward Cr6we, Joe Davis, Lydla B. Pavls. Norman L. Delmarter, Frieda TJow, J. A. Dunahoo. O. C. Earls, Victoria Earls. L. O. Eckford. Maddie Eckford, G. Fiorlnl, T. J. Foley, Blanche F. Foley, W. G. Force. C. B. Freeland, Chas. L. Fudge, Lulu D. Fudge, William Gallaher, Gennavleve Gallaher, Jesse Glbbs, also known as Jessie Gtbbs and ns J. M. OlbhH, Tony Gil. Krmal B, Haefner, Ralph R. Ha&Rerty, Wllma H. Hammon, E. n. Harris, Georjte Harris, Ruth Harrison, M. S. Harvuot, Georpe Hay, Albert C. Herlot, Mary E. E. Hollebeck, D. O. Klmball, Arthur KHngenberg, Otto C. KlingenherR, Florence E. Lahey. Marie D. Littler, Peter G. Loewen, A. B. Ludoff. also known as A. E. Ludloff, Earl J. Lunceford, J. S. McKlbben, Genie Pearl McKlbben, J. D. MrClain, also known as J. C. McLean, Pearl Jones McRae. Mary Jean MacCaUlon. H. M. Mac-Calllon. as Guardian of Mary •Jean MacCalllon. a minor. IT. M. MacCaUlon, Eric C. MacTntyre. N. M. Maloof, Frank L. Martin, Basil B. Morgan, W. B. Morgan, Mabel C. Morgan, John Morpantlntl, Forrest B. Mowre, S. F. Munn, Henry J. Newman, Lela Oldaker as Guardian of Vearl Woolsey. a minor. Lela Oldaker, Vearl Woolsey, V. D. Osborn. Uva Z. Osborn, Rose Pachllc, Halite L. Parrleh. Thomas Peterson, Bessie B. Petersen, Marie Pleper, Bertha Pleper, Elmec A. Ralney, Marguerite R. Ralney, O. B. Rollins, Margaret Rollins, Mrs. Charles I. Rosebrook, Winifred Lavers Hush, Fred W. Rush, Max Selbt, A. W. Selbt. L. W. Spaldlng. R. G. Spuldjng, John W. Steele, Pat Sughrue, also known as E. P. Sughrue, Frank G. Suorez, Carrie M. Suorez, Kenneth W. Tewes, Vernla Tewes, Paul Vander I5lke, Julia H. ' Vander Elke. Adel vogel, Glenn G. Ware. Harold !•;. Wadman, Florence E. Williams, Lital NttiOM George 8. Wolfe, Gladys S. Wolfe, B. A. Wright, O. n. Young, Bert J. Zttnettt, Mina 2Rnettl, First Doe, Second Doe, Third Doo, Fourth Doe, Fifth Doe, Sixth Doo, Seventh Poe, ElRhth Doo, Ninth Doe, Tenth Doe, Eleventh Doe, Twelfth Doc, Thirteenth Doe, Fourteenth Doe, Fifteenth Doe, Sixteenth Doe, Seventeenth Doe, Eighteenth Doe, Nineteenth Doe, twentieth Doe, Twenty- First Doe, Twenty-Second Do*. Twenty-Third Doe, Twenty-Fourth Doe, Twenty-Fifth Doe, Twenty- Sixth Doe, Twenty-Seventh Doe, Twenty-Klghth Doe, Twenty-Ninth Doe, Thirtieth Doe, First Doo Company, a corporation, Second Doe Company, a corporation, Third Doe Company, a corporation, Fourth Pod Company, a corporation and Fifth Doe Company, a corporation, Defendants. You are directed to appear In an action hrought against you by the above named plaintiff In the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the County of Kern, and to answer tho complaint therein within t*n days after the service on you of this summons, If served within the County of Kern, or within thirty days If nerved els-ewhere, and you are notified that unless you appear and answer as above required, the plaintiff will take Judgment for any money or damages demanded In the Complaint, an arising upon contract, or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint. Given under my hand and seal of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California, May 20th, 1935. F. E. SMITH, County Clerk, Clerk of Superior Court. By D. M. EDWARDS, Deputy. (SEAL) Submits Survey, Chinese Situation NOTICE APPEARANCE: "A defendant ap- In an action when he answers, demurs, or gives the plaintiff written notice of his appearance, or when an attorney gives notice of appearance for him." (Sec. 1014. C. C. P.) Answers or demurrers must be In writing, In form pursuant to rule of Court, and filed with the Clerk. July 27; Aug. 3, l6, 17, 24, 31; Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28; Oct. 6. Takes Evidence in $1,000,000 Action (Continued Prom Page Out) fields of all big cities boar witness to change and progress. Wide Implications Taylor said It la "obvious" that "the new structure has widespread International Indications and that its permanence depends to a large degree up6n policies and events outside China Itself." Dr. W. Y. Lin, currency expert attached to the national economic council, presented a study of tho new monetary policy of tho Chinese government which virtually placed the country upon an Inconvertible, managed currency standard. "Since the latter part of 1934, China was faced with a depressed agriculture, dlsconcordant downward movement of prices, enormous outflows of sliver and a depleted currency reserve," said Doctor Lin. Identify Dead Man as Felix Warren, 65 (Awnoiatcd Pr«M Leased Wire) SAN FERNANDO, Aug. 24.—The body of an elderly man identified by letters as Felix Warron, 65, was held by authorities today after he was found dead near a highway outside of San Fernando. Police Captain W. Hecblng 'said Warren apparently was killed by a fall and his body was robbed later. Letters In his pockets indicated he had a son, Ray Warren, living in Santa Barbara, and that he was hitch hiking there. Transamerica Buys Bank at El Monte ^^^^^^^R^^^^^^^^^B^^^R^^^R^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STOC FINANCIAL LETTER L A. PRODUCE MARKET J. A, HOOLE A CO. Members New York Stock Exchange The market recovered a ffood part of last Friday's IOMHCS but tho prominent feature. Is the small amount of volume. Tho total today only reached 800,000 whRrea. Until Interest Increases little can be expected of tho market. In fact a secondary well off IB a logical expectation before so many days po by. New purchases may be delayed until the next soft period. Likely another week or two will elapse until now putlng power Is generated by a change In tho news. After the Labor Day holiday a change In market characteristic*) will probably be seen that will carry the market through tho month of September. The question now Is bow bent to prepare accounts to bORt take advantage of the developments. Careful selection Hhould concentrate funds In Issues paying dividends and only those IHRUOW ultuated in Industries currently battering their position. Along these lines may bo considered tho merchandising shares, steel stocks and aircraft Issues. Automotive Issues should be well liquidated before loner. Can stocks are now down to R point where tho poorer business expected this year IB pretty well discounted. Commodity markets were quiet and generally reactionary. Grains loHt some ground ns tho process of correction continued. Cotton lost about 16 points on tho day. On weakness wheat seems to offer the best opportunities as hedging pressure should soon decrease. Wheat will llkfely take the lead away from corn before HO •very long and materially higher prices aro looked for before the winter Is over. (Aftsortntcd Press Leased Wire) ' LOS ANQlfiLtiti. Aug. 24. -Apples: Loose Watsoiivlllo MoUfloworfl $1.00 cwt., Winter Bnnanns $l.tir,r ( i 1.75, Do- llrlous $2.75f(?i3.00; Hantn Clara county Sklnnors HccdllngH $2.2t>; Sobantopol Gravonatolns $2.25rrf2.50, nmnll $1.85 ft 1 2.00; large Antelope valley King DavldR $3.50, medium $3.00, small $2.50 cwt. Broccoli: .Santa Marlit, lb., FOUR NEW HIGHS ON S. FJARKET Trading Gains Strength but Is llcstrictod; Volume NEW YORK CLOSE (L'nitcd Press Leaned Wire) NKW runic, AUK. 21.— Railroads Good local Kentucky Wonders 3',i[(fiM(.\ bowl 4Vfct' pound, ordinary 2$r2Vfer; Hrcnvn Seed Kontiu-ky \Vondorn 2V& 1 ?? 3c, nooror I VfafTlic: preon pod 3c; Llnian ftifWfcr, ordinary 2(5'2 l/ 6r; bp«t Orange county wax 3 Mi 0$4c pound. Blackberries: Wulflonvlllo 1I!-basket trays 4G(PTOOc. Brusnem Sprouts: found Davenport 6<8i7c, ordinary 351 '3yjc; VOUCH- dero 4Q>6c. Cabbage; Local Cannonbiill $l.25fi$ 1.35 crate, hem $1,50, ordinary 7Bt.»(0> $1.00; IMsmo Canuonball $1.35, Colina lied Cabbage $l.7fttff2.UO cruto. Cantaloupes: l.oral H-H« standard 16a, 60@65o. 23-27s 65®75c, 30n 300 40c, 46s 25ff?'3Gc, Melogolrln standard 10-lOs BOffHOu, 23s 35(0>50c; ordinary Tiptops standard fi-12s 40(3>BOc. Cauliflower: Good Santa Maria Snowball, $l.OOftl.lG crt., small, 75® 86c; local Snowball, 75ftfnOc; 30c. Corn: Good Chtno Evergreen, BOc; best, G5@85; fair, 35(ft>40c; No. 2s, 15@>20c Utff. Crabapples: Local lugs, Hynlop, About Normnl A tchlNon Hiiltlmor** & Ohio.. KlponU( v X- (>htn Mr IP »» 70 STEADY CLOSE ON MARKET N.Y. t » » SPi * * * if.% poor, 45® Aug. 24.—Attorney Francis B. Burns today announced his appointment by Federal Judge John Knox in New York City to take evidence in a $1,000,000 action Instituted, he said, by J. Raymond Cornell of Boston against Mary Pickford, the motion picture actress. Burns said tho action was for slander and libel. He said he had summoned 50 witnesses to testify before him at a hearing here Wednesday. They Included Martin H. King, former superintendent of the Boston police, several police lieutenants and other officers, Edward R. Dewing, district attorney of Norfolk county; Charles R. Young, city solicitor for Qulncy; Ernest FOBS, a Newburyport attorney, and William E. McKee, a Boston attorney. BUGGY DRIVEN 300 MILKS GARDINER, Maine, Aug. 24. (U. P.)—It's some 300 miles from Lyn- donvllle, Vt., to this community. But Elmer Davis of Lyndonvllle made the trip In a buggy drawn by two horses. Davis, who was accompanied by bis 3-year-old son James, was on the road for about one week. (Associated Press Leased LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24.—Purchase of the con trol of the First National Bank of El Monte by the Tranxamerlca Corporation was announced today by A. P. Olanntnl, chairman of Transamerlca's board (141.371^^41.60. of directors. Tho bank will become |'NCW York $4.' a branch bank of the Bank of America. METALS MARKET BIRTHS (Afsoctalcd Prcsit Leased ~\Yirc) NEW YOniC. Auff. 24.—Copper quiet; electrolytic spot and future $9.75, export $9.60. Tin steady; spot and nearb $42.25<g>42.37^. future bead steady; spot 5.G5; East St. Louis $4.46. Zinc dull; East St. Louis spot and future $4.80. Iron quiet, No. 2 f. o. b. Eastern Pennsylvania $20.50; $10.50; Alabama $10.50. Alu- $10.00$f22.00. Antimony, spot Quicksilver $73.DO@74.60. AVol- $14.00@14.50. Platinum un- ffalo m I n u in $12.50. framite quoted. f>0e; 40o: GUrNN—To Mr. and Mrs. James Gulnn, Arvln, a daughter, Dorothy May, August 19 at Kern General Hospital. PADILLA—To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Padllla, 1000 South Haley street, a daughter, August >22 at Kern General Hospital. CHICAGO GRAIN 6035 (Associated Press Leased CHICAGO, Aug. 24.—Grains closed: Wheat: September $1.10% £>1.10%; December »l.lQtt@1.10%; May $1.08% RICHARDSON—To Mr. and Mrs. Mack RlchardHOti, Lerdo, a son, August 20 at Kern General Hospital. WIDBNKR—To Mr. and Mrs. Lesley Wldener, McKarland, a daughter, Shirley Ilene, August 19, at Kern General Hospital. . ©1.09. Corn: September cember 96 ! ,4@98%c; Oats: September 44Vic; May 44%c. Rye: September SIVfcc; May 79c. Barley: September 76 Vic. $1.11(9)1.11U: DeMay 92@92Uc. ; December me- looae 82 7 /fec; December December WILLIAMS—To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Williams, Buttonwlllow, a rton, Ascher Arthur, August 20 General Hospital. at Kern L. A. CASH GRAIN T a D. C. L. Al- A. T. J. DELINQUENT TAX LIST AND NOTICE OF TAX SALE BUENA VISTA WATER STORAGE DISTRICT Buttonwlllow, Kern County, Calif. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that default having been made In the payment of the June 3, 193C call of 23.07692308% on tho 1936 Supplemental Assessment of the Buena Vista Water Storage District upon tho parcels of land described In the list horoto appended and made a part hereof, I FRANK WILKSON, County Treasurer of the County of Kern, State of California, by virtue of the authority vested In me by the California Water Storage District Act, will on the 8th day of September 193C, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A. .M. In front of the courthouse of said County of Kern, in the City of Hakersfiold, State of California, sell at public auction each of said parcels of land described in the Hut appended hereto to the highest bidder to pay the delinquent Installment with Interest and penalty act out below unless prior to the date of said sale In respect to any parcel sRid delinquent Installment together with Interest and penalty thereon, shall have been paid In full. (Aaaortated Press Leased Wire} Hay, LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, f. o. b. Los Anffelen, per ton: Choice barley, $13.00(5*14.00. Choice oats, S14.00<g>J5.00. Alfalfa, delivered Hynes Monte: U. S. No. ], extra leafy (rabbit) or El $18.50019.00, U. R. No. 1, U. S. No. 2 U. S. No. 2 115.50^10.00. leafy, $15.00. $13.50. BAR SILVER I Tract Name of Owner Description Assets. 69 California Lands, 70 California Lands, Inc. 71 California Lands, Inc. Inc Township 29S, Range 2313, all the N. 75 Ac. NEU of Sec. 5, All of the S. 85 the 6. of tho of Sec. Call Penalty Int. Total of of of Sec All NE'/ Ac. of $14.46 $1.46 .11 $16.03 of 76 California Lands. Inc All of G. of of Sec. 5 77 California Lands. Inc All of the NWVi Sec. 6. of 26.60 25.64 13.00 45.35 2.69 2.69 21 20 1.32 .11 29.50 28.43 14.43 (Associated Press Leased Wire) NI-TVV YORK, Aug. 24.—Bar silver steady and unchanged from Friday, August 21, at 4-Hie. NEW HIGH SCHOOL SANTA YNEZ, Aug. 24. (A. P.)— The new $100,000 Santa Ynez Valley Union High School will open August 31. 4.59 .35 50.29 605 O. r,. Wood Beginning at a point N. 0° 24' E. 365.10 ft. and N. 89° 36' W. 1319.2 fl. from the SE Cor. of Sec. 15, T. 29S, 11. 23K. Thence along the N. line of the Rakersfleld to Mc- Klttrlck Highway N. 89° 36' W. 228.6 ft., thence N. 0° 21' K. 948.6 ft. thence N. 88° 26' E. 228.6 ft., thence S 0' 20%' W. 956.5 , ft., to point of beginning. !•"* 4S3-2 Josephine Moore Part of Lots 55 484-1 and 56, Sec. 14. TOWNSHIP 28S., RANGE 22E. 3-77 31 G. H. Smythe All of 9W% of SWV* of Sec. 2 lying W. of east line of tho East Side Canal •-'•) ' The following is an explanation of the abbreviations INTENTIONS TO WED .18 1.90 .38 .01 4.16 list N.- 5.- -North or northerly. -South or southerly. E.—East or easterly. W.—West or westerly. N. W.—Northwesterly. S. W.—Southwesterly. Sta.—Station. Ac.—Acres. N. 15.—Northeasterly. S. E.—Southeasterly. T.—Township. II.—Range. Hoc.—Section. "—Seconds. Dollars. .03 .32 used in the above '—Minutes. *—Degrees. Ft.—Feet. Oh.—Chains. Co.—Company. In*;.—Incorporated. l.'tH.—Cents. Cor.—Corner. No.—Number. All Townships and Rangen arc with reference to Mt. Diablo Base und Meridian. PRANK WILKSON, County Treasurer. Aug. 10, 17, 24. HINES-KOHLER-— Philip E. Hlnes, 26, Bakorsfteld, and Lydla Kohlcr, 26, Mlndoka, Idaho. MARSHALL - BISHOP — Thomas H. Marshall, 43, and Harriet Bishop, 32. both of Porterville. UN LS Eggplant: Local and Kern county lettuce, crtH., 35(S)GOc; lugs, 9@12c; tops, lO'S'lSc. Figs: Local Brunswicks, 4® 1 Bc lb.; ripe, 2@3c; Kadotas, 5<S)6r; poorer, 3V6@4c; Brown Turkish, 3c; San Joa- nuln Valley Kadotns and Callmynms, 6c lb. Grapes: San Joaqutn Valley seedless, Il4<8i1 %c lb.; red Malagas, 3c; Muscats, 2\4@2Ho; poorer, 2c; Rlblers, 2H(9>3c; Rlnh Dalmn, 2V£c; Lady Fingers, 3®3Vic; local Isa- bellas u-nd Concords, 3c; Escondldo MUHcals, 2c lb. Melons: Local Golden Hybrid Ca- Habas, t^O.000*22.60 ton; local Honey- dewH, standard, 10-12s, 60$i> 60c; 16s, 35fff50c; local Pernlnns, $20.00(g)23.00; vine-ripened, $25.00 ton; Fresno county Perslann, ic lb.; good. Mendota Persians, Jumbo, 4-Bs, $l.UB$pl.40; standard 6s, $1.15@1.25; pony, 6-7s, 75 85c. Onions: I^ocnl Spanish, best 60c per 50-lb. sack; fair, 35 Ings, 15^20c; local while Globes, ; medium size, 65®70u per sack; lugs, 40@50c; local reds, 40c lug; torpedo onions, 30@35c lug. Peas: Good Ocoano, Guadalupo nnd I*ompoc polo BtjT'B'^c Ih., fair 3Vs<5)4c; Idaho poas $1.35fi)l.nO bushel hamper. Peaches: San Joiuiuln valley Curry seedlings, 48-60s 3V^c lb. r 70-72B 3c; Yucalpa and Beaumont Krummels 60-70s 3c; large Luton clings 2c; Cucamonga Elbertas, 5-6« He, 5-7H 2%c, 6-7s 2c, with Lovells IMi best Antelope valley Lovolls 2c dlum size San -loaquln valley Palora clings 30^35c lug. Pears: Lake county Bartlotts 3V£c lb., Placcrvllle Bartletln Marysvllle 2' / 4tfD2V£c, ripe fruit Ventura county Bartletts 2^2 Vic; Santa Clara -county Hardy 20(fr2fic lug; Little Rock Bartletts 2'^c, 5-Gs 2*iC(f)3c, small 2@2V4o, Medford Bart- letU 3(5>3Vic lb. Raspberries: Santa Clara county Ill- basket trayS $1.15@1.25, ordinary 80® 90 cents. Plums: 7>arge local Kelseya 3c lb., .extra large 3*£e; Yucalpa Grand Dukes and Hungarians 29i^>3c; Becky Smith 3$f34ic; medium sized SalRii- mas ^c; French 2Vic; Presidents 3c; standards 4(?HV£c; San Joaquln valley Grand Dukes 2V4ff2Vi< ( 11). Potatoes: Saugus White Rose, field run $2.10ft'2.15 rwt., U. R. No. 1 $2.25 (ff'2.30; Chlno White Rose, U. S. No. 1 $2.30©>2.35: Santa Maria Russets, IT. S. No. 1 $2.25ff2.35; good Stockton Wisconsin Pride $2.00@2.20, ordinary $1.50 (&-1.65, small $1.15^/1.25 cwl. Squnsh: Best local white summer 75 tfi'SSo lug, fancy Puento $1. fair 50(S) OOc; dark colored Italian $1.15<5>1.25, best $1.25, fair 85c@$l; light colored Italian 6fi<@*75c; Orange county yellow crooknock 80^R5c; best Puento $1.00 (&1.10 lug; local banana $16.00@19,00 ton. Strawberries: AVatsonvllle Nich Oh- mers $1.35(3)1.50 per 12-plnt tray; Banners $1.25^1.35; Aptos Ruby $1.25: 1o- cnl Ruby $1; Mlsslonarys 75®8Gc tray. Sweet potatoes: Kern county Jer- «ey« 2Vif?'3c lb.; Orange county Porto Ricans 2Vitffic lb., fnir 75<fj)80c lug; local Nancy Hulls 7nff80c, fair 50©60c; Jerseys Afi^GSc lug; Merced county Jerseys 3c lb. Rhubarb: Local lugs strawberry 30 •g3Bc. Tomatoefi: Local and Orange county Stones, 4-uH 40(ffi*0c, host COc lug; fi-fm best 6. r »©70c, fair 35<&40c; 5-fm Ventura and Sun Diego county Stones and Globes, 4-5 H CO^-GOc, 5-5s 65(ff75c, 0-8B 40050c, 0-7s 35^)40r; two-layer edgfl pack 40fii>50c; Ventura county Ponderosas, 4-5s 60^650, 5-5s 75^R5c lug; local red egg 40050c per 12-plnt tray; cherry 50®60c tray. Watermelons: Local, 20ft 22-pound stripes $10.00(5)11.00, fair $9.00 ton; SH>I Joaquln valley, 18-20-lb. stripes, bent $9.00, fair $7.00*78.00 ton. (A**twintct1 Prc.AK Leaned Wire) SAN KHANC1SCO, Aim. 2 Slock tnidltiK Rained strongtb tortny In prf-oleotlon holiday Hcsslonrt born, although the trading was Itmltorl to comparatively fow I«H\ICH. Volume wan about normal. Four new hlRhs ilccorulcd th6 big board—Mnrrhant, Union HtiRar rom- mon, 1. Mugntn und ISmporlum — with galiiH up to a point. Halo HrotherH, ROOM Brothers common and Niillniml Automotive, FIborH alno gnlnod u point enrh. Tho only losers In tho Industrial section were Crown Willamette, Crown Xellcrbach common and Culambn. Trading In oil stocka and utility Is- nun*, was light. Htamlard of California lost %, Hallway Equipment Ga a like fraction and Pacific I^nbllc Service preferred gained nn eighth. Other stocks were unchanged or Inactive. Bank of California, dropped 4 poinlH on a l5-»haro Hiile, and Firemen's Fund Insurance gained an eighth. Transamerlca held steady at 13 on 2500 shares. Orent Northern pfd 40 Illlnoln t'onlrnl 25'i Mlsflouri Pacific 2U Early Gains Up io Three Points Arc Reduced Somcwhnl Pacific New York Onlnil Norlhrirn Pacific Ponnftylvftiila Snnthorn IMirlfir Union Pacific lndu«trl«ls Amnrlcnn *'nn Amorlrnii Tel. * Tel • I • 4 > t « ( * * >•* •• 40 2r. 37 40 172 POULTRY, BUTTER. EQQS (Associated Press Leased Wire) I.OS ANG1CIJCS, Aug. 24.— Butter Extra, 37%n. Prime firsts, Standards, 34 Under grades. Eggs (Candied) Largo—Clean extras, 32c; light dirty extras, 30c; clean Htandards, 28c; light dirty standards, 26c; chocks, 27c. Medium—Clean cxtrns, 20c; light dirty oxtriiH, 25c; clean standards, 24c; light dirty standards, 22c; checks, 21c. Small—Clean extras, 19c; light dirty extriis, 17c. Case count ogga, 22c. Poultry Prlcei Leghorns, 2Vi to 3V4 pounds, over 4 pounds, 15c to 4 pounds, 20c. poumffl and up, 22c up 1 and to up to 2Vi and up lions, 12c. Hens, T^pghorns, over 3Vi and up to 4 pounds, 13o. JTens, TjOghoniH, Hens, colored, 3 Hens, colored, 4 Broilers, over pounds, 18c. tirollern, over 1 Va and pounds, 18c. Fryers, Leghorns, over 2U to 3 pounds, iBi:. Fryers, colored, 2V4 and up to pounds, 18c. Fryers, colored, over 3Vi and up to 4 poundH, lite. Roasters, soft bone, Barred Hocks, over 4 pounds and up, lOc. Roasters, soft bone, other than Barred Rocks, over 1 pounds and up, 19c. Stags, 12c. Old roosters, 9c. Ducklings, 4Vfe pounds and up, 14c. Duckling**, under 4V4 pounds, 12c. Old ducks, lie. Geese, lOc. Young torn turkeys, 13 pounds and up to 18 pounds, lOc. Young torn turkeys, over 18 pounds, 20c. Hen turkeys, 9 pounds and up, 20c. Old torn turkeys, 14c. Old hen turkeys, 14c. Squabs, under 11 pounds, pot* dozen, Caterpillar Tractor 74 Cities Snrvlce Columbia daft •... Consolidated Has Corn Products Cnrtlsfl-Wrlght Flnu National Stores -17V* Fox Film "A" General Kleotrlc General Foods Gold Dust Goodyear Tiro & Rubber 22% International Harvester Tntcrnatlonftl Tel. & Tel Johns-Man villa 116'% Montgomery Ward 44 U North American 31 Va Pacific OUR lOloctrlc 38 V4 Radio Corporation 10Va Safeway Stores 20% Sears-Roebuck 81 Vi U. H. Rubber 29 Union Carbide & Carbon 95 U United Aircraft 24 7 ,fc Warner Brothers 12% Western Union SflVi WcHtlnghouso Hilectrlc '... .135 Woolworth 53'f, J. C. Penney 87 Transamerlca Metals American Smelting Anaconda 38 Hethlehom Steel 82 tt International Nickel 53 Kennrcott Copper 45% Republic Stool 21 Vi U. S. Stoel 67 Vanadium Stool 22% Tobacco and SugaV American Sugar G7 American Tobacco "A" 100 American Tobacco "11" 101 Cuban American Sugar Oroat WoHtorn Sugar R. J. Reynolds "H" 5&V4 Oils Atlantic Refining 27Vi Consolidated 12V* Mexican Seaboard 31% Phillips Pete 41% Shell Union 18Vi Standard of California 3514 Standard of New Jersey 02% Socony Vacuum Texas Company Tidewater AHR'II, now Motors Motors 31% *»*»tt«t*a*«*t**«*»***ft«*l<IJ 7» Motor* 65% 16 V 4 Packard Motors 10% Studobakor 13% Tlniken Roller Hearing 02% Equipments American Car Foundry 42% American Locomotive 29% Baldwin locomotive 3% General Tank 66% Stewart Warner Fret* Leaned Wire) NKW VOUIv. AUR. 24.—Tho stock market got off on another rally today, but bark-tracked a bit In tho final hour nfter gains of fractions to 3 or more points had been recorded. Uven though tho list lacked vigor In most departments, there were many advances of fractions to a point or more at the steady oloao. Transfers wore around 800,000 shares. Lost week's gloom over foreign affairs appeared to have faded somewhat and domestic business and Industrial developments were mostly on the optimistic side. Allied Chemical, up about 8 points, virtual! ycanceled Us sharp recession of last Friday. .T. I. Case, Deere, International Harvester and American Telephone pushed ahead 2 to 3. Lesser Improvement was shown by U. H. Steel. Bothlehom. Crucible Steel, General Motor*, Chrysler, Stude- bakcr, Montgomery "Ward, Sears Hoobuck, United Aircraft, Boeing, SchoTiloy, U. a. Industrial Alcohol, Consolidated Edison, North American, Western Union, Anaconda, Ken- necott, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Seaboard Oil, WosUnghouse, General Electric, DuPont, Santa Fc. N. Y. Central, Great Northern, Northern Vnclflc, Loow's, Murray Corporation, Kelvlnator, American Chain, Johns- Manvllle, Packard, Continental Can, National Dairy. Borden, International Nickel and Radio. S. F, LIVESTOCK Auburn L'll rj nlG" Oonoral il (1* LOS ANGELES STOCKS (Associated Press Leased Wire) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24.—Hogs: Receipts 400. Butchers fully lOc higher; bulk 150-220-lb. butchers $11.85® 12.00, top $12.00 freely; few light tights $11.86, pack- ago 138-lb. pigs $11.60; packing sows strong to 26c higher, mostly $8,75fl> 9.2S. Cattle: Receipts 500. Slaughter Rtoors In light RUpply, nalanle supplies about nine loads, quality mostly medium and below, nothing dono early, Indications around steady, strictly good under )100-lb. fed steers absent, quoted $8.00@8.60, medium steers quoted $G.OO<8>7.25; heifers scarce; cows fairly active, fully steady, common to good range "cows, $4.36® 5.50; heavy dairy cows $4.25@4.60; bulls firm, mostly $4.60@B.OO. odd head good up to $5.75. Calves: Receipts 126. Steady; load good 302-lb. range calves $8.60, sorted 20 heads $7.60; good to choice vealers quoted $9.00@9.50. Sheep; Receipts 1400; lambs moderately active, fully steady, deck good 77-lz. medium pelt Callfornlans 18.76 straight, two decks 70-lb. good shorn lambs $8.40 sorted 10 per cent, strictly good wooled lambs absent, quoted up to $0.26; package medium 68-lb. wooled lambs absent, quoted up to $9.25; package medium G8-lb. wooled Oregon lambs $8.26; ewes firm, medium to good $2.GO@3,60. 24c. Squabs, 20o. Capons, 11 pounds per dozen and up under 7 pounds, 2Gr. CapoiiH, 7 pounds und up, 28c. Rabbits. No. 1 white, 3*A to pounds, each lie. Rabbits, No. 1 mixed colors. 3*,4 pounds, each Uc. Rabbits, No. 1, old, 5e. to GOVERNMENT BONDS (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 24.— Closing U government honds: Treasury 4Vis. 47-52. 118.26. 3Us, 43-45, 10S.1G. 4s, 44-54. 113.30. 3»4s, 40-43. June. 10S.IO. 3%s, 43-47, 108.20. 3 Us. 44-4»i. 108.:.. 3><iH. 40-1&. lOf.-tM. 3V4H, 49-52. lOG.lti. 3.S, 46-48, 105.28. :iK, 51-55, 2 7 i.s, 55-00, 10,'i. H. 45-47, 104. S. (Associated Prcnn Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24.— Hid Industrials Chrysler 111% Claude Noon 11 Vi Globe Milling 8 Douglas Aircraft 71% Taylor Milling Lockheed Banka Citizens Null 28 Security-First Natl 52 Traiisumorlca 12% Miscellaneous L. A. Investment GVi Pacific Finance 25Vi Public Utilities L. A. Gas & Ml., pfd 106->i Pact Ous & Elec Pac. Gas & El., "A" Lighting, com LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK 112 11% 8H 19 9% 29% 53 13 25 Pac So. So. So. So. Ho. Cal com * i * * t Cal. ICdlBon, 6, pfd. Cal. Cal. 32 53 30% Edison. BVi 27% Ga. 6, pfd 31 Ms R. R 40 Oils Bolsa Chira 7Vi Pacific Western 13Vi Standard Oil of Cal .'15 Union Oil of Calif 30 32 54 31 29 28 (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24,—Hogs. 500; Htrong to 25c higher; grain feds $11.65@12. top |12; few locals 911® 11.25; packing HOWS $8.25(3)9. Cattle, 3100; slow, steady to 15c lower; fed steers $8.25^9.10; short fed $7.25)3)7.60; Mexicans $6.85i&6.75; short fed heifers $6.75^)7.35; cows $4.75 5.00; few $6.00; cutter grades $3 4.50; bulls to $D.75. Calves, 1100; very fow sales, about steady; undertone weak to lower; vealers lo $9.60; few .light calves $7.50<5>8. Sheep, 1400; holdovers 700; no sales, undertone lower; strictly good lambs quoted to $9, , 7% MVi 35 ^ 21% 48-51, 102.14. 2%8, 51-54, 101.24. Federal Farm Mortgage 3s, 4», 103.10. Home Owners Loan SB. A 52. lOH. 14. 2 ! Us. 4!t, 101.28. 2Us. 42-4-1, 101.28. FOREIGN EXCHANGE ,—Graveside services for Chester Ball, 22-monthH-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ball, 708 Wast Eleventh street, were conducted at Union cemetery at U o'clock this morning, with the Rev. Father Stuhlman officiating. Hopson mortuary was In charge of arrangements. SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS COTTON FUTURES ion mete ry KMBlni with Prlots TtUiNtnt 2217 OHiot Otiittiry 104'J, 104 100% (As.tnriated Press Leased SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. L'4 Stocks: High Byron Jackson Crown Xcl., com., VTC.. Crown Zr-11.. prof. "A"... Crown Hell., pref. "B".. FlremaiiR Fund Magnin, com Marchant C'al., com Pao. Pb. SVH., new, com Pac. Ph. KVH.. 1st pfd... Ry. I£riulp.. , r i?n, pfd ROOM BI-OM.. pfd 10T Standard Oil Calif Trannamorlr-n Western l*li»ft <'al., rnm.. ll.'i Close 28 Vi 101 100% 23>4 23 f '^ — U 26% in 107 13 35 (Associated Press Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 24.—Opening advances were followed by reactions in cotton today imdnr selling following private reports of Khowers In drought .sections. Those- roports were not fully confirmed by tho official weather advices. Prices held fairly steady later but tho mid-afternoon market wa« nuiet and within a point or two of the lowest. Futures closed burcly steady, 6<gf ft low October, 11.40 January, 11.48; March, I1.5:i; July, 11.51. .Spot quiet; middling. II.S3. . 11.-14 11.53; May (United Preitg Lnnscd Wire) NKW YORK, Auff. 24.— KiiRland. pound, 15.03^. off .00 1/lfi. iKland. 60-duy bill rate, $6.02%, .00 off .00 1/10. Canada, 00 1/64. France, 0000 1/1 ft. Italy, lira Helglum, doll til fruno. .99 SI/33, off OfioS 7/16. up up .0001 .0787. belga, Germany, mark, .10LM, up .0000:; .Switzerland, fntnc, .3200 Vs. 0000 Mi- 1-lollutid. guilder, .6790. up .0001 Spain, peseta, unquoted. Sweden, kromi, .-505. Norway, krone, .25X9. Denmark, krone, .22*7. Japan, yen, .2941. off .00003. TREASURY REPORT l THE WEATHER Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Joaquln and Salinas valleys Fair tonight and Tucuday; high temperature; gentle variable winds. Han Francisco bay region: Fair and moderately warm tonight and Tuesday; morning fog near ocean; gentle weHt wlncl. Northern California: Fair tonight ami Tuesday, with local morning fogs on the coast; high temperature H In the Interior; moderate northwest wind off the coast. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Tuesday; slightly warmer Tuesday; gentle southwest wind. Southern California: Fair tonight anil Tuesday but becoming unsettled in the east portion; morning fogs nn coast; temperature above normal; gentle northwest wind off tho const. GASOLINE ALLEY The Fight's On I3y KING C* I f: . OT EMU AMD POL TOB Ave TO WAS PAR AMVWAN (Associated Press f.caned Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.— PuMtlon of the trcHHury AUKUHI 21: Uoroiiils, .200,312.72; expenditure*. $24,708.; balanco. $1.K9S,400,904.08; I-UM- lecflpt.s fur the month. $24,011,- Iii7.19; roceiptH for tht,- fiscal year Klni-e July 1, $5B7.02«,927.37; oxpendl- tun-H, $R37.f.i»0,756.4ti, iru'iUdinK $244,OH of fMifrK ( 'iicy expenditures; of uxpenditureH, J^7o,G33,Sl ilebi, Jltlt.IlOS.SSS.nS.IS, a creasi* of $2,4l2.05r>.r»0 under tho pre, gold uHsetH, $10,GS;i,7SD.- D18.7SIJ t'X'-'OHH 115.41. Piles All Gone Without Sulves or tutting Itching, bleeding, protruding pile* quickly, If you remove tho cause. Bail blood circulation In the hemor* rholdul veins rauHCH pilefi by mak* Ins tho affected parts weak, flabby and llfclesH. Salvea and cutting often fail becuuHp only an Internal medicine can actually correct these conditions*. Ur. J. S. Leonhardt discovered a real Internal Pile medicine. After a fine record of Huccesa with It In hlH own practice, he named it HKM-HOIi). Kimball & Stone and all druKfftstH Invite every Pile auf- fcrer to try HE.M-ROID with guarantee of money back If not joyfully satisfied with the help one bottle fi.—Adv. 11:1 OFFICES: Beverly Hills Los AngfUs Saktn/itlti San Difgo Salt Lakt QgdfH inana ews T quotationi and important ii news from leading financial center* are wired direct to our ofticet and immediately potted for your information. Our board room U maintained for your convenience tad use at all tunes. .• J. A. HOGLE & CO. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHAMOB EstMihtd 1915 MOS Seventeenth Street I'hune 2^40 V*

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