Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, December 23, 1908
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THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FiOE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY; KANSAS. i oLiTXE XI. xrxBEK so. 5 ===========---==— EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, DECEXBER SI. 1M8.-WEDNEHDAT EVEM>G. KlfiHT rXQES. PBici Tiro ciim )URNED TO DEATH MHS. IIIdHE^i. LIVI\« SOITH OF HIMBOLDT, PEItlSIIEn T\ FIRE. CHARRED TRUNK REMAINED THE ORIfilX OF TlIK FATAL FIRE IS XOT KXOWTi. Is Sapposrd It Was Snlrtdr or Th«t MrvHs of I'lifortanatr Woman "Swlsbed" luto Flames. One of th<> most frl?htfiil and hor rible accidents that ever happeneil in Allen county occurred yesterday morn ing between five and six o'clock when Mrs. Mary Hughes, aged SS, was burned to death at the home of her son-in-law. Charles Jackson, about about half waj- between Humboldt and Chanute. The aged woman perished alone and was probab'y suffocated by smoki long before the fire was discovered. It is supposed that she either Inten tlonally set Are to the small room she occupied or ignited some of her cloth ing In thB open gas Are. WHien her body was recovered only the charreil trunk remained, the arms and lower limbs having been entirely destroyed. It was lying in a comer behind the spot where the stove stood and opposite the stove door. The Chanuie Sun says of the af foT: The storv of the iragi'dy wan told Th" Sun this afK-mooii by .Mr. Jack son. n son-ln-Iaw of ihi' victim. He said Mrs. HuRhes ami h>T husbaml had been making their home with "him for about three yearn. The former wa.? 88 years of age and her husband a year older. Both were feeble minded and Mrs. Huches hnd a habit of pottering about the living rooms, disarranging the furniture and creating great disorder. Her mind affected that she did not realize what phe iMd but it flnallv became Imiw.s- piblo to have the old couple in the house. Mr. Jackson then erected small one -room cottage in his dooj yard, equipped it with irtts and other co.Tiforts and moved tho old coupl Into It. Yesterday was butchering day at the farm and the grandfather remain ^d outdoors nearly all day. watchlnp the men at work and at night he went • to bed in the big houpo. He was asleep when found so was not iii .=turbed. but was al'owed to remain. About 11 o'. clock Mr. .lackson fnlloweti his r.isht ly custom, visited the little tr make Mr*. Hushes comfortaJile. Hr Turned down th«> gas. adjustPil th< window, and as he suiii>osed. l<>ft her asleep. About G o'clock this mornin-j th( family was.awakened by the cracklinp of fire and the smell of smoke, and rushing outdoor.* found the smaller structure enveloped in flames. The entire house was a roaring furna and any attempt to enter It was be yond question. Such a headway had the fire galnedlthat It seriously threat ened the big hjouse. which stood with in a few yards, and the united effort? of the entire family vcro required tr prevent the flames spreading to its piready smoking roof. When danger from this source was averted atten t <on was turned to the smaller hul'd ing and as soon as iKissihip members of the family entered ami began ."search among th"* embers for Mrs HiKhes. As It was feared, she had made no attempt to escape from the fire, hut had perl.shed In the flames Her bod.v. charred beyond recognition v.-as lying prostrate in what had been n corner of the building. It lay fac downward behind the small grat. stove and on the opiwslte side froir the opening. The lower limbs wer burned entire'y away, and the armv burned to mere stubJ/s. Not a ve «i tige of clothing remained upon thr body. it Is supposed that the aged woman had either gotten iiji towards moni irg and In attempting to turn on th« Pre had swished her clothing intr the flames, or else had deliberatel> set fire to the interior of the room. "She talked a year or two aer alHJUt killing herself." said Mr. JacV- son this afternoon, "but we d'd noi think she realised what she was say . ing and paid I'ttle heed to her. She was In her second chi'dhood and waF in a totallv irrespocsible state. "She talked to herself almost con Rtantly. bcr husband complaining oi this a great deal because it kept hlu awake. While we reallv never su;. posed she would carry out her threa* or really rea'lzed its signlflcanca, sW we kept a close watch upon bs'h old people. Grandmother had ".l^ay* heen espec 'ally cautious when aroun"* the fire and It never occurred to uf that she might take this means of doing herself Injury." The tragedy is a horrible one and makes the third death from fire tc occur near Chanute this year. Only the chance falling asleep of Mr Hughes in the big bouse, saved hint from a Bimllar fate, as It wou'd hav. been utterly Impossible to save efthe, inmate of the little house unleaa tbr Jaekaon family h8< been aroused sooner. N«i^bors living half a mile away tbiak the lire atarted ahortly bcfor.' 6:30 o'clock. At tbat hour one of TO GIVE THEM RELIEF BILL TO KXE.WPT VETKRAXS FRO.M TAXATION- TO BE FRAMED. moment, and as It did not appear, he concluded he had been mistaken. When the Jackson family was awakened half an hour later the building was a perfect mass of flames and the roof was already a mass of flames aii 1 the roof was already falling in. It is probable that Mrs. Hughes had been dead some minutes at that time, as the dense smoke would have speedily suffocated her even had she attempted to avoid it by Ivlng down on the| PROPERTY FREE UP TO $1500 floor, as the position of her body when' found might indicate. The body will be taken to Mrs. Hughes'old home near Marshall. Mo.,I NEW MEISI'RE WOl'LD REUETE tomorrow morning for burial. It will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jack -I I'OOR SOLDIER.S FR(»Jf TAX. son and several other children who will meet the funeral party in Kansas City. There are six children Hv -i . „, ,„, . „ „. , . ing and all have been notified of the | ^^'"^^^ ^'^""'^ ^"^t Terrible tragedy. 'IT IS MALICIOUS" lola—I^ral Po.«it Is f.'ronring-A Joint Installation January i. SAYS MRS. J. V. OTTEN, REGARO-j ING SUICIDE STORY: •eclares no Truth in Story That hej was Trying to Kill Himself by Asphyxiation. tbem saw a tiny bit of smoke, later auoeeeded by a apiral of Ore coming from tba roof. He watched It for a A move for the benefit of the soldiers and sailors of the Civil War. has been started by McCook Post, number .51. of this city. In many states there Is a law whii-h exempt.^? the property of civil war veterans from taxation up to $1,.")0n. In' some oases, however, only ll .nnn. This permits an old KoMler or sailor who owns I small home to live on bis pension, when under the present tax law, II renulres a goodly sum out of the pen•Xo. .Mr. Oiten did not attempt to .slon Inrnnie to pay taxes. At a re- oninilt Buleide lust night. If there cent meeting of McCook Post, It was s sucii a report out. It was started decided to make nn effort to have a naliclously. There Is absolutely no bill giving old soldiers and sailors and round for such a story," said .Mrs. J. their widows n-Ur -f trnm taxation, en- v. Oxun this morning when u»ked acted Into law, by the Kansaa legls- iver the idione us to the truth of a Iniure. A committee was appointed to report rnrn-nt on the street last night lake the matter up with the stale de hat .Mr. Otten had attetnpteil self- partmenf of the C. A. R. and the local lesfriiction. The ittory was told that committee wl'l work with the state some one had entered the room of .Mr. department In moulding sentiment In Otten and found the gas fixtures so favor of the passage of a law. A bill -irranged as to arouse the suspicion will be framed at once, containing the that he contemplated suicide by as- desired relief and if will be offered for ph.vxiation. Mrs. Otten says that the eors'Hertition at the coming session of fixtures were not in such a changed »he leeislature. Manv old soldier" 'londltion as to lead one to believe have property in excess of and 'ler husbanil had any thought of kil- t.he measure will be of no bcnefjt f^ AGAINST A. F. OF L. IRELAND TALKS TO THE POPE. DEFENDANTS WON 1N SlIT AIJAINST BrCK STt^VE CO. OFFICIAL WERE SENTENCED <.'O.HPER,S. MITCHELL AND .HOR- RISOX WILL fiO TO JAIL. Vasf Has Attrarled Much Attention— Jloyriitt of Companr's I'rodnots Started (he Case. A New Cathedral in St. Paul the Arch- bithop'a Plan. Rome. Dec. 23.—^The pope has fully recovered from his recent Illness. He received Archbishop Ireland, of St. Paul in private audience toda.v. speaking cordially of the archbishop's last visit in 1S05. .\rchbishop Ire'and talked with the pope about his diocese building—a new cathedral In St. Paul, and a pro-cathedral in Minneapolis. The pontiff was greatly pleased with this news and expressed a desire to see the archbishop again before he leaves. line hiin.self. UNDER ARC LIGHTS them hut it is understood that tiey ire 'n favor of grantlne- the tiroposed re'fef to their lepa fortunate comrades. ' Chanute Go-Devils Practicing Both Day and Night.—Agree on Terms. ^feCook Post is crowing In mem hershin. William C. .\damB. Samuel Vox ar.d S. M. ^fartin have b"en ad mitted to the nost and the anplica flons of R T>. Wnllace and Mr. Tharpe T!ie footl)al! game Christmas after- ^^e pending. A campaign for new loon lie.ween the Chanute r.o-Devils members is to be waged in this post xnd th^ Triplots promises to be as in- throughout Kansas. A. Mor- ere.>.tin,g as the Thanksgiving same ean. state commander. Is leading a !)etwccn thocK two teams. The Cha- movemenl to secure .^.nnn recruits to nute players are availing themselves the po>;ts in the state during the com- if every opportunity for i>ractice. j^^ rear. They are not only practicing in the Grand Army of the Republic ifternoou on the field but are getting .hough its growth was at first slow, •n some good work on signa' practice „rew rapidly after the vear ISRf). At in the pavements under the piare of t^at time the membership was fin.634. he arc lights. f„ (e„ years it grew to a membership The old talk that Chanute has sev- r,{ 4ft<».4.«!9, and since that time the >ral hundred dollars to get on their enrollment lists have grown steadl'y •jlayers has been started again. In „ntil ,i i.nrge majority of the veterans qilte of the rumor that Chanute has ^re members of the order, •ost part of tberr players, their sup- Adjutant Smeltzor. of McCook Post, mrters are united In the belief that fls„res that there are about fi2S.nSt he r;o-Devil.s will return home Christ- surviving soldiers and sailors of the •nas evening carrying on their belts pivH war. A report Issued by the he ccalps of the Triplets. However ppns'on department June .Ift. ISO.*?, t Is likely that the Chanute money showed C2rt.PS.'; pensioners on the roll, will be covered as soon as It arrives. ^Ith 7M original applications pending, •f the present plans are carried out 'ocal money will be pooled and plac- yhe Women's Re'lef Torps will jnh d in reliable hands wTiere It may be McCook Post in holdins a puhMc ovorod any time up to the hour of j„|nt Installation of recently elected he game Friday afternoon. offieers on the evening of .January 2 \\'h!'e the Chanute players are work ng out every evening under the arc ,,v.iaws of .McCook Post have Ights preparing for the big battle the ^^^^^ .^mended so as to provide a fee Triplets a-e not over-confident and are „ f,,^ initiation in the future. The mdergoing careful practice. Captain ^^^^^^ ^.gs formerly $2. National 3rcnnan and .Mana-er Ellis are thl.-- afternoon giving their bunch a hard ienal and skrimmage work at Elec- ric park. Judging from the interest already •aanifested. the big annual game between Chanute and the local player? Till be attended by a record break- ng crowd. Wushingion, Dec. 23.—The famous contempt case of the llucks Stove & Range comnany against President Gompers. Vice President Mitchell and Secretary Morrisfin of the American Federation of I ^abor was decided today adversely to the federation official.s by Justice Wright of the supreme court (if the Di.slrlct of Columbia. (ioniperR was sentenced to twe.'ve months imprisonment, Mitchell to nine months and Morrison to six months. The case grew out of the alleged boy- colt of the company'!) products, the pulling of ihut company un the unfair list and the federation's alleged violu- lon (if Judge (ioulds recent mnndiim- IH iinri aMracted wide atteMi/oti. R<>leaNed AII NalL Pending an appeal to the t'ulted .Stales conn of uppeidH, H^I three defendants were released on 'ball f"'- Iowi<: (ioinpers, five thousand dollars; .Mitchell, four thousand; .Morrl- lon. three thousand. BANKERS IN GRAF PITT.SBrRfi INVESTIfiATIOX OF CITV AFFAIR.S rONTIXFES. OUST OIL CONCERNS .lfI .<J .SOrRI fOFRT FORBID .S TWO TO OPERATE IN STATE. LEVY THREE $50,000 FINES (•(J.VPANIES CONYRTED OF COM- RININfi TO FIX PRICES OX OIL. Wat^rs-Pierre Company 3Iay Stay If It Will Opi^rate Independently- Suit In ( onrt One Vear. Nine Men Before I'olife Judge for Rearing Today—MystrrioiiK Bank Theft. WANTS NEW TRIAL .HARSHAL JI.H FREDERICK.SON .WAKES .SECOND ATTEMPT TODAY. A MENf FOR THE POOR. Commander N'evlus has also recently recommended that all o'd soldiers, «<ho are too poor to pay the Initiation fees and dues and who are unable by reason of physical Infirmity to attend post meetings, be »provided for. He would have those unable to pay, admitted without price and those who are ill mustered into the army at their homes. Salvation Army's rbrlKtmas Free Din ner Is Appetising. A live chicken, cranberries, sngar. Knights Templars Xmas Grcetlngr: Agreeable to a custom established I many years ago. to celebrate the ad- •jread, butter, two kinds of vegetables vent of the Savior of the world among ind fruits—this Is to be the contents men. Esdraelon Qommandry No. 49, )f.each basket given by the Salvation Knights Templar, will meet at Ma- Vrniy to the worthy iioor beginning sonic temple at II a. m. Christmas day. It 8 o'clock on Friday. Christmas "c--fng. The distribution will be natle at the Army's relief deiiot and store at 111 West street. Tickets for bis free dinner may be obtained by -nlling at the relief depot. Any person desiring to aid the Army n supplying tbece provisions may do 10 and Ibe asslatance wi:i be gladly! received. December 2rith, for the purpose of holding their service, and would Invite all friends of Him whose birth- time w^e ee'ebrate. to meet with ns, Addreas by Sir L. C. Oeatty. By order of committee, J. n. KIRK, Chairman. Plenty of nice Drug 8toi«.' gifts at Rurrell's .Marshal Jmi Frederickson of Bassett, who acveru) months ago was cf.nvlcted of manslaughter in fourth degree for the death of Wm. Cooper, colored, whom he shot last winter while attempting to arrest him. Is hojjing fo; another trial. After his conviction Frederickson asked for a new trial but the motion was overruled. .Vow Frederickson says he has secured information since .1 new trial was denied to hlin which Miiiiles him lo another trial. He there I 'ore asks that a writ of error coram nobis iFSue and that all judgments and rulings against him be recalled. F. J. Oyler, .Mr. Frederlckson's attorney, said this afternoon as he saw a rei)orter staring at the phrase "cor­ am nobis." that thi.s writ, which is used to get a new hearing when information l»elleved to entitle the ap- :ilicant 10 a new trial is secured after a new trial has once heen denied, has not been used before In this court to his knowledge and not a great many tiniea in the state. Aa a grounds, .Mr. Frederickson alleges that the jury was allowed to -fparaie and go [ipari lu violation of the order of (he court Ijefore a verdict was reached; that the jurors wentalKJUl on the street mingling and talking with oihers; ;!iat at that lime there wa.s a hirong prejudice and feeling against him and that the jury was nfluenred by ih !s feelinr? and jireju- dice to reach a verdict of guilty of uanslaughter in the fourth degree igainst hini. He alto says that A. 1.. Uoatrlgbt, who was sworn as the bailiff ia charge of the jury which fried him. retired from Ibis duty before a verdict was reached and that C. O. Bollinger took .-barge without having l)een sworn tf do so as the law requires. He also sets up that one T. F. Zeigler was for 1 time in charge of the jury withou. having been sworn in as the bailiff. In this connection h% says further that before a verdict was reached some of the jurors "slipped away" ind were gene a long time. Of these things, Mr. Frederickson sa.vs he knew nothing until after a motion for a new trial was denied him. He therefore, asks that all Judg- menta and ruling against him be recalled and that he be given such other relief as the court ma.v find he is entitled to. Mr. Frederickson avers that If. Mr. Bollinger or Mr. Zeigler were aworo In aa bailiffs In charge of the jury, it was not to bla knowledge. I'Ifi.sburg, Pa., Dec. 23.—Seven coun cllnien and two former bankers were arraigned today before Police .Magi» trute F. J. Brady for preliminary hearing, us u result of the ullege«l cof rupilon In the city's legislative circles W. W. Ramsey and A. A. YllmcU former priisldent and cashle^^of ine (Jermuii .N'atl<iiial liank, are Tield for court trial oti a charge of conspiracy and bribery. It Is alleged that bank er» were approached alMjui making the bank a city depository and that seventeen thousand five hundred dol lars disappeared from the bank in sen.sational manner. DTCHE WITH ROOSEVELT. K. r. Prtitessor Wonid Love to Take Trip and Care for Animal Skins. Lawrence, Kas., Bee. 23.—"President Rooseveit single-handed, can kill enough game on his .African trip to supply three or four institutions .with biy collections." said Prof. L. L. Dyche the'°^ the Natural History department of ' the Cniversity of Kansas -when asked about the report that be might join the president's expedition, "if i went with the part.v. I should not expect to do any hunting at all. but would devote my time to caring for the skins and ^skeletons of slain game." The professor said he had not known anything about the plan to secure an invitation for him 10 join the expedition until he had read about It In the paper.4. He admitted that it would be a great chance to secure valuable specimen.s for the university museum. $20,000 more taxes was paid in to the county treasurer by the citizens of Allen county up to December 29th. 1908, than a year ago that day. In 1907 up to December I9ib, 195,767.12 fwas paid in while up to December 9th. 190S. $115,798.58 was paid in. Until toward the close of the tax paying season taxes came in more slowly than last year, but during the last few da.vs the county treasurer van kent busy making out the receipts. Tlje figures above indicate that the people of the county have plenty of money and did not have to hold off In paying their taxes. IS lOU LOSING? Carl J. Peterson Goes to -Bartlesville to Promote a New Cement Plant There. Bartlesville. Ok.. Dec. 22.—Carl J. Peterson of lola. county attorney ot Allen county, Kansas, is promoting a Portland cement plant to be located a few miles south of Bartlesville. The Bartlesville Commercial Club has agreed fo subscribe for JlOOO.bon worth of stock, brlnglnc the present stock subscription lo $373,000. The estimated cost of the plant is $7000.000. This will be the second Portland cement jilant in this. Wa.shlngton county. It was learned here this afternoon that a number of lolans are interested In the proposed cement plant mentioned in the above dispatch. R^glitftr Want Ada Bring Reaalto. THE WE.ITHER. for Partly cloudy tonight and Thorsduy. Data recorded at local office. V. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. Derrmlier 2*. Yesterday. Yr. Ago 2 p. m. ( p. m. i p. m 8 p. m. ... 10 p. m. ... 12 midnight 17 40 37 33 3.1 Preelplatlon 7 p. m 0 Dn-f mber 23. Today. Vr. •! a. m. sn i a. m 31 i a. m 37 8 a. m -JO to a. m ...43 12 noon 50 Precipitation 7 a. m 0 3C 33 31 32 0.46 Ago 34 33 30 29 i 34 37 0,07 Jefferson City. .Mo.. Dec. 23.—The supreme court of .Missouri today upheld the contentions of Attorney General iu the ouster suit of the State against the Waters-Pierce Oil Co., the Standard Oil company of Indiana and ihe Republic Oil company of Ohio. fini-.iK each of the defendants V.t'y thousands dollars. Jefferson City, ,Mo.. l>ec. 23.—The supreme court forbid the Standard Oil cdinpiiny of Indiana and the Re])ublic Oil company of Ohio ever again to do bij >iln<;.>)s In .Mi.ssourl. An order dissolving the Waiers-Plerce Oil company becomes effective January • I'lth iinleKs the company furnlsheg satls- fa/iory evidence that it intends to operate as an Inilependent concern. The court finds that the companies conspired lo fix prices lo control and limit the trade, iirevent competition and deceive and mislead the public into the belief that they were separate coriKJratlons. The suit was Instituted by Hard'ey in 1907 and had been before, the supreme court over a year. S20,000M0RETAXES Paid in by December 19th This Year Than Last.-—Total Was $1t5,- 798.58. A KING IN A STRAIGHT-JACKET. Otto of Bavaria burst In Has a Violent Out- Hia Cattle. . ^ Berlin. Dec. 23.—King Otto of Ba- varla. incase.l In a strait-jacket, occupies a padded cell In his palace at Furstenreld today. This morning he became raving mad and his shriekR and wild cries alarmed his attendants, who feared he might Injure himself efore the.v could place him In the St "alt-jacket, which they accomplished after a struggle with the madman. Otto is 60 years old but is In good ihraical condition. For raoie than years he has been a hopeless imbecile, constantly under the care of rained servants. The heir to the throne is Prince Rupert, a cousin of Otto. Although no official action has been taken, it is now believed tbat be will ascend the throne as regent and the absurd spectacle of Bavaria being ruled in the name of a monarch In a strait-jacket will be brought to an end. DUTCH NOT HOSTILE? Minister I« Fxpected to Make State, meat at Hagne Today Aboat Stt* nation In Caribbean .Sea. The Hague. Dec. 23.— Foreign Minister Van Swlnderen will make a statement In the second chamber tbia afternoon concerning affaira in the Caribbean sea. in which be la ex- - pected to annouce the suapensloa of be Dutch hpstile action agalnat Venezuela, and Ibe pftMpect of an early setlement of all difficulties between that country and the Netherlands. Retiater Want Ada Bring ReaalU.

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