The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 4
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Sponsor Tea Dahce A " f i i> Pn-M t<- 1 j ; i | r I 1 i n 1 :< fin nee Is being r v (• n i n p in the CJa rd - cynin.'jsium, tho event by tho incoming K-fTKfiolfl and Taft tho giu-.'-t in nddition thr» cadet dotitchment, s will bo convoyed to biissoH loavinpf thn I.'SO p. in. Those griinjr «ro n 1 lo VIP mi time. Mrs". 31. B. ml Mrs. Rnliorl Cottom \\i\\ Lamb-Herndon Wedding Is Celebrated in Las Vegas i' f < ; i 11 < • t H vill bf - * •' K "1 S i'l < nini i;m V ' li* 1 t;irU. , t C1944. IYONS-MAGNUS, INC. BAPTIST CLASS Mnr\ Ui.-{ Class of the, -,; Kipii:-' i 'bun 1.. ^ ill hold a Mif-s :iiiil S"< i.'I mer-t Tuesday . in. in Hi" chinch, Mrs. flash, prr-siiicnl, aniutunced o T<""i:i v. GRACIOUS LINES FOR A WOMAN Illustration "" Furs*, initiation "f!, 11 of rayon fiepo wiih alcn- <]i ri/,TiB Hu-kH and < i a- 1^.1 nto «MU broidery* cuior pun*U-, **i/'0 1*01-. Prive $19.95 r.^fl. DlUKt rnltnii t*l" Mm k ruynn \\-\\ h hi'Utnrlio bi ,\ i<l tlu? ^cll t Klrain u n<l . . . In Mark, eixo *J and inn pie, HJ^O ot "Designed by Madame Pionnuld" means—designed to give the womanly figure young and graceful lines. These dresses have suhllc \vays of adding height wilJi tucks and drajiing. Trimming touches ahovc the waist seem Io broaden shoulders and slim down hips. Sixes II 1 ^ to 21 1 !', and 12 to <11. blue 1 , t from n luu ul jiirKi'tl iisxirlintMit i'f nvt- . Colors incliKii' tin* jicw \V(M>(1 purple, v uvocado KIT-CM ;nui rusiic hrowu. Tht i re also many fniui'isiif lil:u-ks. 1529 Nineteenth Street I'SE YOl'K (KKDIT ,v . ! AnnounremeiU was made today of the niarrinKG of Miss Helen Irrne I .*n nib, diiUKhtrr of Mr. and Airs, .lohn T,arnb, 1220 Orogun street, to lieutenant Jerry Horndon, who is a B-1'4 pilot with the Army Air Corps ;it Tonopah. I^ien tenant Horndon is the son of Mrs. Ruth D. Finch of A ta.«r.-adero nnd 7>- llerndon of Ilk-hmond. The liridn HIP pnimJdju mhter of AV. H. May. who mak^s his home with Mr. and Mrs. Ijiunb. A dnulile-riner ceremony was performed by the nevcronri J. A. .Miltim :it bin linims in Las VOKHK, Xev., on September 2. Master Ser- f:eant \V. K Tillory and Mrs. Tiller.v acted as bos* I man and matron of bruior. The: Viri'le, a popular member of (he .VM 11 n«:.-r student crowd, is ;in jdmn'na of Kant "MakorsfieUi School, lieutenant J lorndon, was active in art and sports, won many distinctions in both fields at Hiikorsfu'ld Ilteh. School, lie has throe hrothors in tbo servire. Mrs. Herndon chose as lier wedding costume a brown corduroy suit worn with white accessories and a Rladioll rorsnpro. Tier attendant was soc Y Mrs. Ilomdon Downed In a powder blue suit worn with white accessories and a gardenia rorsjjpe. P. T. A. NOTES "Child Clinic" and "Brazil" will be discussed by Miss Mad«e Dresna- han. school nurse, and Mrs. Charles Uuse, respectively, at the first meeting of Standard School Parent-Teach- crs* Association, at 3 p. m. Tuesday, in the school auditorium, it was announced today by Mrs. T. A. Sand. publicity inauaper. Norman II, Farnhrmi, principal. will introduce; the touchers and the student body officers will be presented by Norman Hefner. A tea and food sale, in Ihc new cafeteria, sponsored by the P. T. A. executive hoard, is scheduled to follow the meeting, Mrs. Sand said. "With Mrs, Kenneth L*ciinbach presiding, the executive board met last week. Dolls for Refugees Are in K. C. Library Effective Home Treatment Promptly Relieves Misery off CZE Also aids healing First applications of wonderful soothing medicated Zemo—a doctor's formula—promptly relieve the itching and burning and also help heal the red, scaly akin. Amazingly successful for over 85 years! First trial of marvelous clean, stainless liquid Zemo convinces! All drug stores. In 3 sizes. on display in the showcases at the Kfrn County L.ih:irary, are drills in;ule l»y local orK.'iniz.'itions for "blit/nd b.-ibies" or Allied vet- ot;ins. Tho dolls will be distributed in the many hospitals, nurseries and children's homos which are bnlnK maintained 1'nr war-shocked children and those evacuated from danger zones. Some of these nursing homes care for as many as tiO children under the ago of five. These dolls were made by members of the fc3t. Andrews Auxiliary, British War Relief Society, Bakersfield unit, Art section of the Bakersfield Woman's Club, and the Taft Group, ritlsh War Relief Society. Marriage Revealed The marriage of Miss Xancy Jane Newman, formerly of this city and now of I-onff Beach, to William Michael Clifford of the United States Navy was announced here today. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Combs of 324 Waar- ton street, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. IT. J. Clifford of Kl Paso, Texas. The yuung people were married on August 27, the bride wearing- a two- piece dress of light bine c-obaJt blue with shoulder trim of deep fringe for the ceremony. Iler black accessories included a. smart black hat trimmed with fuchsia feathers dipping to the, shoulder line. Mrs. Clifford has made her home In l^ung lleach for Hie past four years. She is a graduate oi' Jinkers- field High School and .Junior College and of 'Jrau Business College in the .southern city. The bridegroom only recently returned from 20 months duty in the Aleutian area, 14 months of which were spent on Attu Island. The bride will continue living in Txing Beach, the bridegroom having reported to Bremerton, Wash., for further assignment. * * » Layette Shower Mrs. F. J. MeCnnn was honoree at a layette shower given Thursday evening by Miss Inez Cardoza and Miss Patricia L'osmnt at the home of Mrs. J. F. Silva, 2234 Pacific street. (James were played, prizes going to .Airs. Anna Cadt-ra, Mrs. G. W. 1 Foote and Miss Rose Ilashim. The rooms werp gaily decorated in a blue and white theme with ;t bassinet being presided over by a stork. The hi'Uuree received many evening. Assisting* hostesses were Mrs. Foote and Mrs. Silva. Those attending were; O. W. Footn ]{. A. DinliMi Hurry \Vili-i>x Anna r.'idf ra A I. 11. Wmj«lnrrl Hay \V. Miulill Cyr H IKK1H Ward .1. K. Silvii S. Wnoda nl Fred M". M. Frwst MenderHhauseii Jane Ktiriicc Cyr tKii'nc Sluncliff Dorothy Nt'Vfs I .a u ra Hnnnah Tin shim TtiHina Dndenhoff Jtoris Peck KOSC- MsiHrini Shirley Dndunhort CHILD TO GRIFFITHS Captain and Mrs. Glen L.. Griffith, J311 Heale avenue, announce birth of a daughter. Marilyn Sue, Friday, September S, at Miss Freise'a Maternity Home. Mrs. Griffith Is the former Miss Mildred Chestennan. Secretaries Meet Tuesday Evening Hcports on accumulated business and plans for fall work will occupy members of Ijpgal Secretaries Association at a dinner meeting Tuesday at 7:30 p. in. at El Tojon desert room. :Miss Beth Raker will preside. Eudokian Class to Hold Potluck Dinner Tuesday m^-m^-^-mm^-----.^^.-.. Eudokfan Sunday School of First Methodist Church will sponsor a'putluck dinner tit 6 p. m. Tuesday at Jefferson Park. The following officers of the class are in charRe of arrangements. Mrs. • p. O. Harris, Mrs. AV. AV. AVebh, (". K. Bnyrtetiin. and M. T-*. "Rat son. — .._— — ——- —^ ^^^^—^^^^—* Refreshments were served to the i during the latter part of the NATURAL LOOKING CURLS ^^^_ —mmmm—mmrmmmmr . ^ -^— - ^^— ^^^ — ^^ ^^^^^^^^^— ^^^^ ^— ^^^^^— Yes,—it's true! You can now Rive yourself a marvelous ix-rmanent wave, couMy, comfortably, at home,—t-asy as put ling your hair up in curlers. The amazing NT WAVE PERMANENT , WAVE KIT contains everything you need. Accept no substitutes, but insist on the genuine Charm- Kurt. Complete, only 59 crnls,—pay no more. Over 5 million •old. Safe (or every type of hair. At Klmball ami Stone and all drug Btores. Htlps Datura MONTHLY' W ^^^^^» ^ff ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^B«^» ^^^^^f • •• ^^ -^— ~^^— ~^— — You who suffer such pain with tired, nervous, "dragged out" reelings- all due to functional periodic disturbances—start at once—try Lydla E. Flnkham* Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Made especially tor women—it helps nature/ Also a grand stomachic tonic. Follow label directions. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S T.H.Ashe Honored at Farewell Event As a farewell party for her son, T. 1L. A she, machinist's inatp second class in the United States Navy, who had been enjoying a 30-day i'urlmigh here after 25 months in the southwest Pacific, Mrs, Rirhard Ashe entertained at a turkey dinner recently at the family residence, 5-6 G street. The young 1 navy man was a part of the .ship's personnel of the first vessel to land marines on Guadalcanal, and participated in engagements in the Solomons and many later battles. Ho. has now pone to his recoivinpr ship at Treasure Island. Among 1 those shanns the party •were Miss Lucille Melville, Miss IVth Xuhlook, Miss Murial A she, ]J( j ul cnmit Da vkl I f olden, James Christopher. Mrs. Kva Dye, .Mr. and Mrs. As he and the honor truest. Anniversary to Be Motive for Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Gonrg-e Zaclioisz, 705 TVnt.h ^=^l'oot. residents of this city sinco 13-0, will be feted at a dinner party tonight at Bi.ikersHeld Inn, the occasion marking their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A proup of the couple's clone friends will take part in tho celebration. Mr. Zachcisz is a retired grocer, and Sirs. Zachoisz has done practi- ral nursing here. This summer she journeyed back to St. Louis to sec her Rivat Krandsnn, Jerry Happy. Our junior dresses arc famous. Whether you are looking for something strictly studious , . . essentially businesslike ... or glittering with glamour.,. you'll find it here. Si/es 9 to 17. ^.':'xOTX ; :-"fvY" v "v'-ft"-V: ;i N^^ /!-'•!• •.', T •". ] 'v;, •-;'• .;. . •'. '•'• ;• '-', .^;.| .vVv-'vX ' '•'•'. '•'.•'.•.•.•'•'.'.•'.•'.•',•'.'. Xv. 1 ' 1 M 1 I 1 M 1 !{3 ',' . i . . ill.. ...PI ll • i - - » • • • "* J..FII ril^.hBI l.4..|F*VIIII|. B ^ m - - t m ,1... ,mmm im mm i m m m i .mmm i m4m im ' m m— . m. I I . . . I I i ... ' P.- I.I.I •_• ' - " ••.••• ••»• ',.*<& ' '.*. v .•-''• :•• »xv>: - h . . . - - .'. 'i'iV '.'.*•*« i I • • • • • ,--.- .'.. :'\: .'A'.v-O..'• ' ^B L.I. ll IVV\_ llL " 4 . L • i - I I • F I '*• I ' h ' . . t :;V : ;^-:'Mi^^- ; ^i^^A sr mmm&^^ *'**--*- h •~' h r i"»'.'I'i'i -'- - >«. 11 .p.| F !.P>L»lhl.r 'I - r • i . *-.. I H ^ l l ' ' ' * J ( i . i b » J r ' i » i - • i r i • i b I II l . * h P , l ' • IP, *'p"".'****' '**>**'»'.*"'! "i 1 i ''-'.''','*' if I - I l I I -».-'' .. -^.»Hjl'- — ti'ii.-H- «'1' • %^..%Jlf. ,."*,.*1 JB *bb Hrij «• ll^nl."'H . m, j f , 4 m m m. l h LJ '. .' ,Vi' '-'. — •'• - » L ••'• ''• , . .'.-,-.' -.. ,-, .'.',•. .-..; '.• • •,• '.•,',•.*.•,•.-.'.*.-,•,' '- 1 . 1 m m n m. . f r..L ^*>V^^* -l m. m. m m rn.rn.rn. ri n lLl%n I l. I m. f. . k L . L - • *. .•*'."*'»"'•,',','» '- -' 1 '-'''•••'• 'L rT.r T- - -j j- '.V.V .*.-,», . .','-•-'. f I if'' r t t * t J • 44ft.. l '• •.I-.',-.' '.-.•-• ' • • .-.•.'P'-V.'.V . .i < I'-I'l-p _•-. I m F L h _ • I I ,'.v.' •.',-.. -•<'. >:•• ! - • 1 • m. . , . . m - ' m H ILL... r L B I .P m r .mm 2 Tm.m.mL m l I '•• l|^PV|L-.l fr F >*>^.-|* r-»Ll L * >tlPP.t. '• mm. >>p.fjf_j ri r • I.IP'-l -. .'.ill ^*l• ,'•• • I I ,'. F . . , . I * 'I n •' * I ' I * " " t. *.< 'I ' ' .. irh.n- • " "lv.-. -.- . , . . • I r . . • I . h o - . • • ' * V-'- 1 -. /'\>^^ :i : :; :V: ^^v^'^SxV:-: : .^:v.-•' ,>•,-.-:•••-.•.:•>:'. .>:.:-:•: -.••-.••i :-.v.y-M-: •'••*• '• l-m^:^:^:.-.^ :-', •: • :.^—W^:TvJ ;••'>:,;: ;; ; .;: : --: : ;;X:;: : :;::: ; :-:: : :;f _•--. '.-.'. i j & & ^ & • *. * PI *• •-•- ••' y* 1 !'-'-;^;^ 'iw! :<: :v> TI.»» »»*•.i.* PRICES to ^5.00 ttft Use Your Credit MILKY PERMANENT! You'll bo delighted with tliis particular WAVE. Leaves the hair with a wealth of luxuriously soft, easy - to - manage curls! Price i ncludcs shampoo, shaping and styling. * ^J -_ L 7.50 OTHER LOVELY WAVES COLD WAVES B^flUTV 1729 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-8903 FREE LECTURE OX CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Entitled: "Christian Science Victory of Good Over Evil" Peter B. Higgins, C. S. B. of Seattle,, Wash. Member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts. i Tuesday, September 12 8 o'clock Under the auspices of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bakersfield. in the CHURCH EDIFICE Eighteenth and C Streets Bakersfield Anniversary Continues . „ s Cool summer frock's for Hot weather wear ,,, and right at the height of the season they're avail* able at Anniversary, Sale savings, SUMMER DRESSES Reductions up to 50%' of original selling price . ., a Anniversary Sale prices start at We Prefer Your Charge Account Eighteenth and Streets Opposite Padre Hotel VW ^ ' u\ i\j £? L- -. * >.••"*.--• • '.•. •*-*. r '. t.'***. i.i. *.*. '&&. *"- * .» -- ^.'JO.'*. - -** *. •*.*. A 1 --, - I *. A $12.50 Permanent , SPECIAL II Ll, FOR f'l .'I Let Your Favorite Operator Serve You Alpha McClure Kdnn Boose Frances Black Jim Hall Martha Womack Frances Snow Helen Miller Frances Meeham-Jackson Inez Vanderpool Leola Crosby Zenna Bell Yarian Ruth Henry Marie Frnncesconl Vera Tobea Including Oil Shampoo and Hair Cut ' Limited Time Only OTHER SERVICES AT STANDARD PRICES We Specialize in Manicures UQUS OF BEAUTY Seventeenth and M Streets Bee Probst, Receptionist Eva Glasscock, Snack Bar Minnie Toon, Prop.

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