Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1908
Page 6
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1 still Q^ntlnues! Word was received irom Mr. R. W. Ramsey, of Atchison, Kansas, to continue our big stocic 'reducing sale until Tuesday Evening, Januadr 7th. This means that the cut prices will still prevail another five days. This has l>een the bisgest sale by far we ever held at this time of the year. The reason for this is that the prices are cct liiucB deeper than at any former sale. Not a department in the house is spared. Cut prices ^- ^erythins. Lists are hanging ii| eac^ department, showing the original price and the reductions. If you are one of the many we could not doring'the last few days, come now and be prepared to take advantage of the greatest sale iever held in this community. wait on on Kvory 'Shoe In the house. Lndles', MlBBPB, Chliarems' and Hoys'. Leathor, TcU and inibber Shoe.s and Ovcrnhoe.i —alt inu^ go. 25c Sho.->i!, n'duced to 1 J)^ 3Bc Shoe*, reduced to 'Ztih 50c Shot*, ml need lo liH^ GBc Slio«5». reduced to ,10^ 75c Shoe's, reduced to iiiib' 85c Shoes, reduced to 70(» 9(ic Shoei, reduce*! to 7aC ?1.0n ShOeR. r?duced to 7J )t» $1.2G Sh<;e>>; reduced to 98o $1.50 ShOes. reduced to «I.IJ) 11.75 Shoes, reduced to «1.4*^ $2.00 ShOea. reduced to $1.0.1 12.25 Shoes, reduced to JH1.8!) |?.B0 Shoes, reduced to • • - • • .Ji<2.15 |;i.00 ShC )3S, reduce<i to II-.50 Shf>€a, reduced to s|W.l."> »1.00 Shbes, reduced to S3;2{) •5.00 Sh^es, reduced to SS4.15 40c RubDers, reduced to 326 60c Rubbers, reduced to 42^ (BOc Rubbers, reduced to i >lc> 65c Rubbers, reduced to .'>4 <k 75c Rubbers, reduced to 62^ 90c Rubbers, reduced to 75^-! Jl.OO Rubljers, reduced to 82e Men's House Slippers. $1.50 and J2.00 ' qualities, reduced to $1.15 11.25 quality will be 85^ ?1.25 Lfiggins. reduced to 98c $1.00, IJJggins. reduced to 7J )e 76c Legk'hs, reduced to -iQt POc Lefglns, reduced to 42c SCARFS. BatteBburg Scarfs and Squares, rich and betfntlful work at almost ono-half driglnaK price. \W have these grou]v [ ed Jnto'.ohe lot. values ranging up to $1.75. Before Inventory Sa'e price . •956 ; Satin* Damask Scarfs and Squares. Some have drawn work; others are beautiful scroll designs. You will find these to be high grade linen Ih' cloths. Values up to $1.50. On sale ftr Gf >e - niGS KEDITED $6.00 9x12 Ingrain "rugs $9.00 9x12 Ingrain rugs $12..W 9x12 Brussels rugs $15.00 9x12 Ta|)estry rugs . $17.50 9x12 Tapestry rugs . $20.00 Shiron 9x12 rugs .. $20.00 Axmlnster rugs $22.50 Axmlnster ruga $25.00 Axmlnster rugs $.10.00 Axmfnster rugs $:I5.00 Wilton rugs $40.00 Wilton rugs $45.00 Wilton ruga .85 .S.'i , 2.15 a :<.95 i (16.25 Jl«.75 8.95 1.75 ^-24.35 129.5(» :M.15 :Mi.95 CHILDRE>'S CO.iTS. $2.95 Coats, reduced to $1.95 $3.50 Coats, reduced to )il2.25 $4.00 Coats, reduced lo si {2.95 $.-.ii.O Coats, reduced to JHJJ.S.I $C0.0 Coats, re<luced to S4.75 $(i..50 Coats, reduced to ili5.4r> . One I^t Leather Bags, values np to $1.25, In black, tan and green, all have small purses Inside. Choice of the lot during this sale iiiit Come To-morrowjEarly! Tfim Store Im full of bmr- gminm omummtl by thm mmrk down Im prioem for our Qromf Bofora Invoniory Smio. L.VDIES' WAISTS. $2.50 Waists, on sale at $1.9.5 $3.00 Waists, on sale at $2.15 $4.00 Waists, on sale at $^{.1.5 $5.00 Waists, on sale at $3.8.5 $6.00 Waists, on sale at $4.8._> $G.50 Waists, on sale at $.5.2;» $7.80 Waists, on sale at $.1.9a $8.50 Waists, on sals at $(i.l.5 $15.00 %VaistB, on sale at ...$> L.IDIES' FIXE >ET ROBES. Ready-tnade and Semi-made, at big reductions. $7.50 Drpsses. reduced to . . •$.5.G5 $10.00 Dresses, reduced fo ...$7.8.5 $12:50 Dresses. re<hiced to ...$9.85 $15 .00 Dresses, reduced to ..$il.(>.5 $25:00 Dresses, rsduced to ..$1.5.(;.5 $35.00 Dresses, reduced to . .$32.50 Standard Calicoes, choice of any pattern in the house, not a single piece reser\-ed;- buy all you want at a yard 5* LACE CIRTAINS REDUCED. $1.25 ^J&C3 Curtains, on sale ...9S<'? $1.50 l^ce Curtains, 011 sale ..$1.1,5 $1.75 Lace Curtains, on sale - .$1.35 $2.00 Lace Curtains, ou sale ..$l.().'i *2..">0 Lace Curtains, on sale ..$1.95 $3.00 Lace Curtains, on sale . .$2.3.5 $3.50 I^ce Curtains, on sale ..$2.8.5 $4.00 I^ce Curtains, on sale ..$3.15 $4.50 Lace Curtains, on sale . .$3.()5 $5.00 Lace Curtains, on sale . .$4.25 $5.50 I^ce Curtains, on sale •-SJt4.(>5 $6.00 I^ce Curtains, on sale . .$.5.<H) $fi.50 I.ace Curtains, on sale . .$5.25 $7.00 Lace Curtains, on sa'.e ..$,'5.95 $7 ..';o Lace Curtains, on sale . .$<J.25 $S.00 l^co Curtains, on sale . .SJU>.8.5 $10.0 Lace Curtainsi on sale.. $7.8.5 $12.50 T.ace Curtains, on sale. .$9.()0 $la .00 Lace Curtains, on sale $io.3i5 One lot of Hoy's Caps in dark colors, values up fo 65c: see them on the bargain table at 15(ft One lot of I..adies' black, brown, red and tan Broadcloth Coats, that sold at $20; buy them In this sale at $9.85 CO.MFOKTS AND BLA>KETS. -Ml comforts and Blankets at big reductions during this sale. $1.2."> Blankets or Comforts for . .98<^ $1..''.0 Blankets or Comforts for $1.19 $1.7.'> Blankets or Comforts.. $1.4.5 $2.00 Blankets or Comforts.. $l.(i.5 $2..".0 Blankets or Comforts ..$2.15 $3.00 Blankets or Comforts.. $2.49 One lot of Silks that formerly sold at $1.00 and $1 .25; choice of any pattern In the lot, a yard C5 «S Mourning Pins, 10 small boxes in a large box: price complete 96 One lot of Children's Tam-O-Shan- tor Caps that sold at snc and 95c; buy them now for 65 C One lot of Childrei^ at $r..OO, $6.00 and this sale at 's Coats that sold $7.00; buy them .... $2.85 KniiUndBrwear RBtlUBBd All our perf.-ct fitting Munsing Underwear at Special Sale Prices. Th« irices quoted are for every garment in the house at that price. No re- f-erves. everything goes and that at the greatest reduction of the season. WJi'-ii you buy Munsing Underwear In the dollar quality for 79c you're buy- ins it right and that is the reason wo expect to make this the greatest of all sales. One lot of Knit Underwear in' or Chlldrens' sizes, values up to 3.5c, on sale for 1,5^ One lot of Misses' and Chlldrens' Union Suits in the 75c quality, a good selection of sizes and styles. Before Inventory Sale price .' 35^ 25c Underwear, on sale for 19<^ '.'.'ic Underwear, on sale for ....25^ .">0c Underwear, on sale for . .. .396 75c Underwear, on sale for ....,5.56 Snc Underwear, on sale for ....636 $1 .00 Underwear, on sale for ...79<|^ $1 .25 Underwear, on .sale for ..-986 $1 .50 Underwear, on sale for ..$|.19 $1 .75 Underwear, on sale for. .$1.42 $2.0 Underwear, on sale for. .$1,6.5 $2.50'Underwear, on sale for. .$2.15 $3.00 Underwear, on sale for ..^2..59 LADIES' TAILOR MADE SPITS. I.adies' Tailormade Suits at just one half former price. No reserves, every one in the house at the above reductions. $I .-5.00 Suits will be $7.50 $17..-.0 Suits will be $8.7.5 $20.00 Suits will be $10.00 $25.00 Suits will be $12.50 $30.00 Suits will be ........ $1.5.00 $33.00 Sutis will be $17.50 V STOP WEIGHING MAIL Orier of Postal Department Expired .Last Xipht HELD FlMjRAL TODAY. Krmiilns of Clinton Taylor Interrod at lola Cemrtorjr Tipiday—Elks Held Scrrlci-s. Last night :at midnight the clerks' In the local pOstofflce were relieved of ^ duty wfhIcK has caused them no etmall amounf of inconvenience. The task was the .weighing of all the different clJtssesr and equipments of out-'vices were conducted from the resi- The body ot Clit)ton G. Taylor who died in Colorado Springs Monday morning came in last evening our the Santa Fe and was met at the dei)ot by a delegation of the local order of Elks, Jbt which or^niaztion Mr. Taylor was a member . The fimeral ser- going mail, which order has been in effect for the ptist six months. The order >'as: issued- by the postmaster general in order that the government wourd be able to determine whether the railroad companies are belag overpaid for handling the mail, it became; effTCtive July 1 and since that time th^ clerks have been required to keep separately account of the weight pf;all classes of mail, including that handled free, and even •hftlf onnce$ have:been taken Into consideration. The task has interferred greatly with tpe regular work, but it coalid have been worse. The system of weighl?>g ^as been such that the government, ahtborities will • now be able to aScertkin to an ounce the amount of- majl handled by the railroads in tlie la^t six months. denec of A. E. Ewipg, 401 South street at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Rev. S. S. Hilscher of the' Presbyterian church officiating. The Elks of the city attended in a body and gave their regular ritualistic ceremonies at the cemetery. The relatives have the sympathy of a host of friends. ; TATE JIRT COULD >0T AGREE. Disturbance Case to Be tried Tomorton-. .\KaIn ACCEPT BASSETT BUILDIXG. Scho«l Board' inspected Stmctnre testerda}-. '. The board ot education of the lola city schols m^ yesterday and after Viewing the new.Bassett school build Ing accepted it. The building was erected by Overmyer & Wlliamson, general contractors, and Hair & Smith archit^ts. ' ' The Bassett school building is probably the most modem of any in the city. It has every possible con- yenlence. The ">Bchool will be opened in the new bulWing Monday morning. — i I ODD FELLOWS TO H.ITE SITFER. s_ iBstallatton' 0^ Officers WIU Occur Xe^Tvesdar. ; At the regula^ meeting of the Odd Fellows lasf evening it was dedded to give an oyster £upper at the installa- ^on ot officers ^'next Tuesday night. On this eTenidgU class of five will be Initiated. The QteeUng.last night was #eH attended amd those present report an ex ^ptlcnally interesting ses- . aion. The case of Tom Tate which has been occupying the time of Justice K. G. Hough for the past two days will be tried again ai 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Tate is being txled on a charge of drunkenness and disturbing the ijcace. The jury went out at 3:30 yesterday afternoon and rearialneU out until midnight without reacbing a verdict. They reconvened ; again this morning at 9 o'clock and were discharged todhy noon, the result being a hung jury standing sis for conviction and six for acquittal. GETTIXG READY FOR SALE. Globe Will Be Closed All Day Temor* row to Remark Goods. The semi-annual Shovel 'Em Out sale of The Globe Shoe and Clothing company Is billed to start Friday and tomorrow the store will be closed all day in order to give the clerks a chance to remark, rearrange and otherwise prepare the goods' for this big semi-annual event. Today's Register contains a page announcement of this event and tomorrow's paper will contain a page of prices. Bachelor Theatre "His Royal riucliness" A Musical Cocktail la 2 Swallows All This Week WAIT rXTIL THrRSDAY XIGHT. Commlttre Took no Action on Septic Rusin Improvements. The question of building an additional chamber to the septic basin will be decided at the meeting of the city council next Thursday night. It has been deemed advisable to begin this at once If the city proposes to furnish employment for the idle men as planned some time ago. If this additional chamber Is constructed now It will furnish employment to a number of men. The street and alley com mittee. which was to meet last night and consider means of furnishing em- l)loyment for Idle men will wait until after the meeting of the city council Thursday night. Good Agents make $5.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken. N. J. ABOUT THE LOVE WILL. Friend of Bereaved Family Sens Letter for Publication.* HIS HOLIDAY ENDS. The Re- President With His FamHy turn* to Washingrton. Wlashington. Jan. 1.—lx>oking picture of haalth and with every ajv liearance of having enjoyed his out ing of five days at Pine Knot, Va. President Roosevelt arrived here over the Sonthem railway. The pany came in a special train which mad «3 To the Kansas City Star: The will of Dr. J. W. Love of Mount Washington, who died in Columbus Junction, la.. December 21. says: "The wife and invalid daughter are to be given the use and benefit of all property of whatever kind owned by me and not otherwise hereinafter disposed of so long as either of them remain unmarried, but should either marry, the one remaining single shall have the use and benefit of $5,000. or the income arising therefrom, and the re- m.alnder of my estate shall be divided share and share alike among the surviving children. "If the widow marries Tshe is provided for by a life insurance policy and her own private means. Should the daughter marry the estate is to he divided equally among all the children, she included." The foregoinjr will was made out at the request and with the full consent I of the married daughters. The $50 I givpn to each of them and the only (grandchild at the time the will was made was simply for the purchase of a keepsake bv which to remember the! their father and grandfather. — Friend of the Family. the run from North Garden, the railway station near Pine Knot, without mishap. WA.VTED—Position as bookkeeper. Age 23; good reference; salary reasf onable. Address Box 34. ^ IL 1. Moran. Kansas. WANTED—Girl wants piac© to work In private family. Address A, this How to Avoid Appendicitis. Most victims of appendicitis are those who are Iiabitually constipated. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup cures cbit>nic constipation by stimulating the liver and bowels and restores the natural action of the bowels. Orino Laxative Fniit Sjrmp does not nauseate or tripe and is mild and pleasant to take. Befase substitutes. Burrell's dnw store. Rev. Ty)ve was at one time pastor of the Reformed church here, and Is the father of Mrs. L. C. Hamlsh. Im Only One Thai Im Laxative Bromo Quinine UKD IMF WOII10 OMEX 19 OUHE A OOUt 10 Always remember the full name, for this signature on every box. our. RECALL SALESMEN Big Cleveland Employes Paint Co. Reinstates Laid Off Ourina Panic. A CARD. This is to certify that all druggists are authorized to refund your money if Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cures la grippe coughs and prevents pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. The genuine is In a yellow package. . Refuse substitutes. Burrell's drug store. I Beglttcr Wait kiMn It a WtnL Cleveland, Jan. 1.—^Announcement has been made that 250 traveling salesmen of the Sherwin-Williams Paint company, one of the biggest in the coimtry. will be put on the road within a week, following a two months' lay off, and that the American Shipbuilding company, which two months ago shut down its shipyards along the Great Lakes, has put 5.000 men at work in the last few days and will reinstate the other 5.000 em­ ployes the first of the year. Both announcements were accompanied by expressions of the two companies' heads that the financial situation had so improved and would be so much more bettered by dividends early In the year that retrenchment was not necessary further. The plants In Bay City. Loraine and Detroit are opening now with 5,000 men. completing steamers nnder construction when the yards were dosM. St. Louis Factories Resuming. St. L<onIs. Mo., Jan. 1. —More than 3.000. men who were thrown oat of employment In SL liOois becaiiM of the financial stringency have been ordered back to work. It i s predicted that before the end of January all local factorlas will be running full, and the effect of the financial flurry will not be felt except by workmen engaged In the balldlng trades. If p'ans .wWch were under way when the money shortage Interfered with business, are carried out it may be necessary to recall 1.000 union working men who have left St. Louis to seek employment elsewhere. Said Mr. Troy, secretary of the Manufacturers' Association: , "Every member of the association reports that the outlook for a resumption of old business and an increase in new business surprising, considering: the outlook thirty days aeo." Pittsburg. Jan. 1.—^The Union Switch and Signal company has ordered employes to • report for work January 2. The plant was closed December 20. and was not expected to reopen until Jasnary 20, but on account of Important orders received the management has fotmd an early restmiptlon niecessary. This is the season when your blood needs purifyiog: It the blood is pure and healthy yonll fie welL The most reliable blood remedy Is H<rfHster% Roeky Monntala TeaL - Nothing can do more good.. 36e, Tea or Tablets. Barren's Dms Store:

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