The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 15
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THE BAKERSF1BLD CALIFORNIA?*, MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1936 NttlBH NQtlCM ORDINANCE No. 484, NEW SERIES AN ORDINANCE CALLING A SPECIAL KLKCT1ON TO BE HELD IN THIS CITV OF BAKERSFIELD ON TUESDAY, THE 2BT1I DAY OF AUGUST, 1036, FOR THE PURPOSE OP, SUBMITTING TO THE QUALIFIED ELECTORS OF SAID CITY THE PROPOSITION OF 1NCUR- KINO AN INDEBTEDNESS IN THE SUM OF J98.680.00 FOR THE PURPOSE OF ACQUIRING AND CONSTRUCTING CERTAIN MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENTS, TO-WIT: THE ACQUISITION AND CONSTRUCTING OF A SWIMMING POOL, BATH-HOUSE, ANDNECES- SARY FURNITURE, EQUIPMENT AND APPARATUS IN EACH OF THE FOLLOWING PARKS IN THE CITY OF UAKER8F1ELD: BEALE PARK, CENTRAL PARK AND JEFFERSON PARK, THE ESTIMATED COST OF WHICH 18 $08,680.00; AND PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS FOR SAID PURPOSE. AND FOR THE LEVYING OF TAXES FOR THE PAYMENT OF SAID BONDS. Whereas the Council of the City of Bakeraflcld at Its meeting of Juno 22, 1936, by a vote of all of its members, did pass and adopt a resolution In the words.and fInures as follows: "RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION PERTAINING TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF , SWIMMING POOLS AND BATHHOUSES IN CERTAIN PARKS IN THE CITY OF BAKEUSFIELD, . CALIFORNIA. BE IT RESOLVED AND DETERMINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BAKERSF1ELD that the j)\ibile Interest and necessity domain: the acquisition, construction and completion of certain municipal Improvements, to-wlt: the acquisition ant construction of a swimming pool, bathhouse, and necessary furniture, equipment, and apparatus In each of the following parks In the City of Bakersfleld Beale Park, Central Park and Jefferson Park, and that tho estimated cost of said municipal Improvements is tho sum of ninety-eight thousand flvo hundred and eighty (J9S,680.00) dollars; AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that tho cost of said public Improve ments will be too great to be paid ou of the ordinary annual Income am revenue of the City of Bakersflcld, am It will be necessary to Incur a bonded Indebtedness for tho purposes set fortl in this resolution. • ^"~"""*~""""*I HEREBY CERTIFY that the fore KOlng Resolution was passed am adopted by tho Council of the City o Bakersfleld at a regular meeting thereof held on tho 22nd day of June • 1936, by the following vote: "Ayes: Boden. Gist, Kamlnlskl. Slo mon. Smith, Sellers, Wilson. Noes: None. Absent: None. V. VAN RIPER, City Clerk, and Ex-Offlclo Clerk of th CoAincll of the City of Bakorsflcld. APPROVED by me this 22nd day of June, 1936. GEO. E. WILSON, MAYOR of the City of Bakersfleld. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT OR DAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THL CITY OF BAKERSFIELD. as follows, Section 1. That the Council of the City of Bak- ersfleld does hereby_ordcr the submls- 'ulon of the proposition of incurring a 10 officers of election and the polling laces of said respective precincts are creby appointed, established and des- giuUed for tho special municipal clcc- on hereby ordered" to be held for the urposc aforesaid, as follows: • Precinct No. 1 Inspector—Mrs. Grace A. Brooks, 500 Pacific street. Judge—Margaret A. Summers, 1312 Pacific street. Clerk—Kathertno D. Gibbons, 1014 rown street. Clerk—Emma M. Rogers, 131!) Pa- Iflc streol. Polling Place: 1 Henry Tlnll Garage, n rear of MOO Pacific slreet. Precinct No. 2 Inspector—Elsie J. Morrison, 1500 lonlerey street. Judge—Mrs. Lillian Rlne, 1000 Nlleo treet. Clerk—Nathaniel J. node!, 1520 Kon- ttcky street. Clerk—Mrs. Gladys M. Blanchl. 1305 lies street. Polling Placo: Angclo Fracesonl Gaage, In rear of 1429 Monterey street. Precinct No. 3 Inspector—Mrs. Frances E. Kipling, 111 Nlles streot. Judge—Martha J. Young, 1217 Robin ion street. Clerk—Iva G. Clarke, 1114 Monterey Clerk—Anna May dill, 1211 Monterey street. Polling Place: J. Champagne Resl- tenco, 1134 Nlles street. Precinct No. 4 Inspector—Mrs. Marsa E. Voorhles, 014 Kentucky street. Judge—Mrs. Lucy J. Nelson, 007 Montorey streot. Clerk—Mrs. Willow E. Aubrey, 1123 Bealo avenue. Clerk—Mrs. Flossie Rcddlg, 903 Monterey street. Polling Place: Economy Grocery 1000 Monterey street. Precinct No, 5 Inspector—Mrs. Susie O. Kentucky streot. Judge—Carrie Farlss. 815 streel. Clerk street. Clerk—Mrs. Jackson street. Polling Place: G. L. Thurlow .Residence. 1020 King street. Precinct No. 6 Inspector—Mrs. Josephine Scmorilc 1215 Baker street. Judge—Mrs. Mamie Burns. 700 Mon tcrey street. Clerk—Mi'o. Bessie J. Howsman. 71 Nlles street. Clerk—Laura B. Edgar, 827 Oregon slreel. Polling Placo: n. Reca''jnc Claragc 700 block. Oregon street. Prsclnct Mo, 'I Inspector—Phlllly T. Dennis. 92 Qulncy street. Judge—Carrie 'A. Stock, 920 Pacifl street. Clerk—Mrs. Adolc M. McCaffrey, 82 Pacific street. Clerk—Nell A. Gibson. H09 Paclfi streel. Polling Place: A. J. Gorzclnik Resl dcncc, 838 Pacific, street. Prec net No. 8 Inspector—Winifred Vercammcn. 918 Flower street. Judge—Ellen R. Johnson, 718 Flower street. clerk—Nina Mac Ilollndtiy. SOO Flower street. Price. S19 Montercj -Hazel Kalbaugh, 808 Jackson Millie M. Johnson.' 802 Ltgal Notion Legal Notion L«|il Notion Precinct No. 20 Inspector—Blanco B. Dillon, 381 Sov- ilppnth street. Judge—Frances A. Willow, 220 Elght- onth street. Clork—Mrs. Dorothea Flndlny, 411 oventeenth street. Clerk—H. J. Henry, IIS'4 Scvcn- centh street. Polling Place: Garage In rear of !has. Flndlny residence, 411 Sevcn- eenlh street. Precinct No. 21 Inspector—Mary J. Baker, 1809 V treet. Judge—Mrs. Dorothy Ringolc, 324 Eighteenth street. Clerk—James Allen Halter, 1809 V trcot. Clerk—Lldii E. Stillborn. 109 Twen- leth street. Polling Place: Oarage In roar of 809 V street. Precinct No. 22 Inspector—Eugene Glcason, 2D19 M trcct. Judge—Etta C. Caldcr, 618 Twenty- street. May Flelshner, 610 Clerk—Addle Thirtieth street. Clork—Aurora treet. Polling Place: Droulllard, 2410 P "N" Street Entrance o Welfare Building. Precinct No. 23 Clements. 1013 Inspector—Harry C. Thirty-third street. , , Judgo—Wm. Johnson Weoms, 604 Thirty-first.street. Clerk—Anna Beach, 810 Thirtieth i trcct Cior'k—Lennlo M. Carter, 933 Thlrty- Irst street. _ Polling Place: Tent corner of Panama and Thirty-first streets. Precinct No, 24 Inspector—Ella. M. Heath, street. 2611 K Judge—Mrs. Berlin O. Kllllan, 2622 Clerk—Emma Jane. Shaul, 2808 street. _..„ Clerk—Charlotte I. Shaw, SulO street. Polling Place: Garage In rear 2626 K street. Precinct No, 25 Inspector—Mrs. Mollie Eyman, 709 Twentieth street. Judgo—Leila E. Fnrrell, 319 Twcn tleth street. Clerk—Halle 10. Bowman, 2316 Q Street. Clerk—Clarence Mulock. 70S Twenty- first street. Polling Place: A & B Produce Of flee, corner of Twenty-first and 1 streets. Precinct No. 26 Inspector—Mabel C. Dickinson, 231' K street. R. Adams, 2106 Is P. Swain. 1220 Nine E. Crawford. 2322 1 : Union Garage. 202 Precinct No. 40 Inspector— Elizabeth Wells, 1803 Slx- oonth slrcol. Judge— T. L. Cummins, 1929 Truxtun VPIlllo. Clerk— B. H. McKlnnon, 1820 Trux- in avenue. Clerk— Lena Pearl Shaw, 2011 Trux- in avenue. Polling Place: Tout at corner of Ixteenth and G streets. Precinct No. 41 Inspector — Mrs. Dorothy M. Hughes, 618 California avenue. Judge— L. J. Austin. 1521 Thirteenth trcet. Clerk— Lillian llarpes, 1630 Callfor- Itt nvenun. Clerk— Martha Apsloy, 1525 Thlr- eonth Btrcpt, Polling Place: Tent at southeast ornor of Thirteenth and G streets. Precinct No. 42 Inspector— Mrs. Edith M. Allen. 2303 eventeenth street. Judge — Lois S. Ware, 2331 Soven- eenth street. Clerk— Gladys Owens, 2311 Truxtun .venue. Clerk— Mrs. Pearl Knapp, 2306 Sov- nteenth street. Polling Place: Garago at 1660 B treot. Precinct No. 43 Inspector— Lola Busby, 1516 Eighth Judges-Mrs. Mary Williamson, 1102 Inspector—Mrs. 3rundago Lane. Judge—E. F. Hunter, 115 P street. Clerk—Adeline Menzoni, 925 Second itrcot. Clerk—Mrs. Myrtle Davis, 1014 Brun- lage Lane. Polling Place: Mrs. Corn's Oarage, .012 Brundago Lane. — Elizabeth Dennen, 1514 Tenth street. Clerk — Emma Hargls, 1024 H street. Polling Place: Resilience at 1010 3yo street. Precinct No. 44 Inspector — Eineretta C. Sybrandt, 1821 California avenue. Judge— Cliurles W. llankln. 2009 California avenue. Clerk — Mrs. Ulu Chapman, 1806 Blanche street. Clerk— Mary L. Wardcl, 1722 Blanche Polling Place: Garage In rear of 2009 California avenue. Precinct No, 40 Inspector— Phlllslla Elizabeth Fox 172!) Orungn street. udgc— Lllllo M. Gambol, 917 11 Clerk— Mattio N. Havey, 1917 Maple street. Clerk— Myrtle Gilbert, 1807 Mapl Btrret. Polling Place: Tent on Maple street between II and D streets. Clerk—Minnie K. Wilson. 722 N trnot. Polling Placo: Garago at 622 N trcct. Precinct No, 61 Inspector—Mrs. Ada E. Hurniun. S17 street. Judge—Mrs. Nntolla Elbcrt. 605 K troet. Clerk—Efflo Thornbury, 530 K trcot. Clerk—Ada M. Stewart, 814 K treet. Polling Place: Tent at northwest orncr of Sixth and K streets. Ltjal NotloM Legal Notion Precinct No, 62 Goldle Corn, 1012 Precinct No. 63 Edith Black, 121' Precinct No. 46 B. LoFcvur, 2212 of! Clerk—Mrs. Fer-i N. Clniinbless. 918 Lincoln street. Polling Place: M. T. ChrlKtenson Gii- bonded Indebtedness for tho purposes net forth In Bald foregoing resolution and hereafter stated, to the qualified voters of tho City of Bakersfiehl at a roue 71'D Flower street. special municipal election, which said i ' special municipal election bn and the j Precinct Ne. 9 name Is hereby called to be .held .In Inspector—Mrs. Alice A. Force, S10 the City of Bakersfleld on the 25th day of August, 1936, for the object and purpose of submitting to the qualified eleclors of said City the proposition of Incurring a bonded indebtedness . for the purposes set forth In said resolution, and hereinafter stated. . Section 2. That the objects and purposes for which said bonded Indebtedness Is proposed to be Incurred are the following, lo-wlt: The acquisition and construction of a swimming pool, bath-house, and necessary furniture, equipment and apparatus In each of the following I *)arks In the City of Hakersfleld: Bealo Vark, Central Park mid Jefferson Park, and the estlmaled cost of said municipal Improvements Is tho sum of ninety-eight thousand flvo hundred and eighty ($98,580.00) dollars. Section 3. That the estimated cost of said proposed public Improvements above described Is $98,580.00; that the amount of the principal of tho Indebtedness,to be incurred therefor is the sum of 198,580.00, and that the maximum rate of interest to bo paid upon such Indebtedness and the bonds to be Issued therefor Is six percent (0%) per an- lium, payable seml-annually, which rate shall not be exceeded lu the Issuance of bonds fyr such Indebtedness. Section 4. * That if tho proposition of Incurring tho indebtedness for mild purpose so ' submitted at such election receives tho requisite, number of voles, to-wil: two- thirds (2/3) of the votes of the quall- East Twenty-first street. Judge—Mrs. Rose Bayes. Twenty-first street. SO,", S31 142S East East East Clerk—Xoa C. (Jillespl, Twenty-first'street. Clerk—Janet Mitchell, Truxtun avenue. Polling Place: Fire House, Engine Co. No. 2. 710 East Twenty-first street. Preclpct No. 10 Inspector—-Gertrude M. NordliiiR, 705 East Truxtun avenue. Judge—Mrs. Letltla Shinkle, 1103 East Nineteenth street. Clerk—Mrs. Ruth I, Armstrong, 721 Eureka street. Clerk—Mary Ellen Lnster, 1227 East Judge—Edna street. Clerk—Alfred teenth street. Clerk—Ooldio Streel. Polling Place K street. Precinct No. 27 Inspector—Inez Kepplcr. 907 Seven toenth street. Judge—Viola O. Baker, 1707 Clerk—Emma A. Roberts. 816 Sev enteenth street. Clerk—Edith Rlley, 814 Seventeen!! slreet. Polling Place: Ciarnge In rear 1028 Seventeenth street. Precinct No. 28 Inspector—Flo Field Zimmerman, 112S Truxtun avenue. Judge—Maude Davis. 1007 M Streel. Clerk —Volla Davis, 1007 M Hlreet. Clerk—Alice M. Fevcrly, 1005 M Streel. Polling Place: County Oarage. 1300 Truxtun avenue. Precinct No. 29 Inspector—Mary R. Lakcy. 2001 H st-i'cot Judge—Mrs. Franklc Hall, 2010 II Clerk—Margaret. Renfro, 2020 G street. „ Clerk—Mrs. Lena Heyne, 2o02 II street. PollliiK Place: Garage In rear of 2540 G .streel. Precinct No. 30 Inspector—Angle McSmith, 2221 F 5 r/utige—Mrs. Belle Sager, 1000 Twenty-sixth street. Clerk—Georgia F. Sanders, 1008 Twenty-fourth street. clerk—Kathryn Smith. 2111 II street 1 nspector—Mary Parkway. Judge—Minnie Crosson. 2227 Park- Clerk—Hazel Fay Martin, 920 C street. Clerk—Bessie B. Rhodes. 827 Olean- Inspoctor—Mrs. fourth street. Judge—Mrs. Goldcna L. Trimoll. 1301 lienter pjnco. Clerk—Mrs. Edna O'Gulnn. 1400 Chester Place. Clark—Mrs. Jessie M. Hardcastlo, Fourth street and Chester avenue. Polling Place: C, AV. TrlmnieH's Ga- rngo, 1801 Chester Place. Precinct No. 64 Inspector—Klberta 11. Hanini, 310 II street. Judge—Grace Allen. 325 H street. Clerk—Mrs. Olga Hammond, 312',i Q street. Clork—Mru. Helen Kophurt, 327 II street. , Polling place: Warren W. O'Kano's Garage, 1801 Palm street. Precinct No. 65 Inspector—Ruby L. Newman, 171! Second street. Judgo—Susie H. Flkc, 200 II street, Clork—lone W. Smytho. 1910 Second street. Clerk—Maude 11. Smith. 1715 Bank street. Polling Placo: llarrv Coppln's Garage, at corner of Second and F streets Precinct No. 66 Inspector—Stella Mulvana, 169 II street. Judgo—Helen P. Curran. 1900 Verd street. Clerk—Sera A. Burton. 152 It stroel Clerk—Louise C. Smith, 1905 Verdi street. PollliiK Place: E. J. Garllcy's Ga rage, First and It streets. Precinct No. 67 Inspector—Frelda. M. Klolnhnmple 1427 Rlchland Place. Judge—Clalro E. Gill, 230 Hayber Court. Clerk—Mrs. Irene Wathon, 320 Soull Laborer (Hklllfdl 75 Labornr (common) H!B Shovel operator (power) 1.375 Caterpillar operator 75 Blacksmith 1.00 liicksmlth helper 75 'ate.hmnn 025 Any craft not heroin named, not lean lan JO.flM. Tlmn and one-half to bo allowed for vor-tlmo and for work on Sundays, ml on tho seven holldayii, vlst: New ear's llay, Decoration nay, July 4th, abor nay, Armistice nay, Thanks- lying Uay nnd Christmas. The Contractor shall forfeit as a enaltv to Niild County, ten dollars for nch laborer, workman or mechanic mploycd, for each calendar day, or ortlon thereof, such laborer, work- 111 n or mechanic. Is paid less thnn ho above stipulated rates for any ,'ork done, under this contract, by Im or by any sub-contractor under Ini. Thn Board of Supervisors reserves ho right to relect any or all bids or o' accept the bid deemed for the best ilernsts of tho County. Mated nt Baknrsfleld, California, his 19th day of Augunt, IMfl. F. E. SMITH, bounty Clnrk and nx-offlclo Clerk of tho Board nf Supervisors. Aug. 21 to Sept. 1, Inc. NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Garage In rear of Polling Place: Garage No. 17, rear of ElKhteenth street. Polllne Place: C. II. Shurban Residence. 1101 East Eighteenth street. Precinct No. 11 „ Inspector—Alberta P. Sears, C1CJ2303 Eye streel. Oulllcv slreet. : Pr«rlnrt Nn 11 Judite— Mrs. Pauline G. Moullot. 500 I Precinct No. 31 Flower streel. i Inspector—Mary E. W right. Clerk—Lulu Shaver. 703 Flower j Twentjv-Hecond^sUeet. street. '" Clerk—Arthur E. Lehman. COS slreet. Polling Place: .1. 600 Flower slreet. der avenue. oiling Place: 920 C street. Precinct No. 47 Inspector—Edna C. Hebcr, 2400 Sunset avenue. Judge—Adelaide 'resell. 2415 Parkway. Clerk—Mrs. Wlnnlfrcd IS. Kelchcm, 2508 Parkway. Clerk—Mrs. Sarah F. Sllnson, 2412 San Emtdlo. PollliiK Place: Garage In rear of 2401 Sunset avenue. Precinct No. 48 Inspector—Mary F. L'unlup, 2701 Sail Emldlo. Judge—Mrs. Rowcna B. Tilton. 2000 Sunset avenue. Clerk—Ruby P. Hurpster, 2007 San Emldio. Clerk—Mary Ellen Stockton. 2015 Kan Emldio. Polling Place: Garage In rear of 2701 San Emldlo. Precinct No. 49 Inspector—Mrs. Cleda M. Mnngun, 2S25 Parkway. Judge—Mrs. Alice Budge. 2820 Sunset avenue. Clerk—Alice G. Lang, 2925 San Emldlo. Clerk—Mrs. Irene Shaw, 2S1I Sunset avenue. Polling Place: Garage In rear of 3001 Sunset avenue. Precinct No. 60 Inspector—Mrs. Pauline McMillan, 004 Eye streel. Judge—Ethel M. Kcough. 50G Eye street. Clerk—Mrs. Margaret Neff. 700 Chester avenue. Clerk—Bertha M. Yates, 013 Eye slreet. II streel. 23 Clork—Mrs. Elizabeth Mclntyrc, Chester Avenue. South. Polling Place: F. W. Nlghbert's Ga rage, at. corner of II street and Brun dagc Lane. Precinct No. 68 Inspector—Mrs. Margaret K. Soutl: 1913 First street. Judge—Mrs. Annabcllo Perry. 161 , street. Clerk—Mrs. Edith Booth, 2127 Ban streot. Clerk—Mrs. Daisy M. Jordan. 211 Palm streel. Polling Place: Dr. O. II. Buchner' GuruBO, In rear of 2109 Palm street. Section 8. Thnt In all particulars not recited I this ordinance, said election shall be held as provided bv law for the holding Notion NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE CLOSING OF PORTION OF MERTON AVENUE, ETC,. IN THE THIRD ROAD DISTRICT. Notice Is hereby given Hint a pell- Ion has been received and fllod August 10, 1936, by the Board of .Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State, of California, pet It Ion Ing the Hoard to close, vacate, discontinue, abandon, and abolish certain portions of roads n the Third Road District described as follows, to-wit: the said City of municipal elections In of Bakersfleld. Section 9. The Cltv Clerk shall certify to tho' passage of this ordinance by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of all the members of the City Council, and shall cause the same to be published once n day for at least seven (71 days prior to the time appointed for the. holding of snlel election In Tho Bakersfleld Callfornian, a 2120 • Precinct No. 12 Inspector—.51 rs. Ola 11. Taylor. Altii Vista Drive. Judge—Mrs. Louise Bauer. 131 Flower Clerk—Geneva Green. "IT. Jefferson Judge—Ella BereiiM. 2210 Twenty-sec 'lower loud streel. I clerk—Maude A. Carlisle Garage, street. I Clerk—Ilia B. jstreel. Smith. McKlnley, 2311 2205 Rorrison. 1917 slreet. Clerk—M rolling Plnce: Garage 1700 [2130 Twenty-third street. Precinct No. 32 Inspector—Mrs. Geraldlnc 2013 Chester avenue. Judge—Albert Wm. Sproulc, in rear of Flossie N. Ilouner, 41 - iTwcniy-rirst street. fled voters voting at such election. bonds of said City In the amount of A n ninety-eight thousand five hundred I Alt and eighty ($98,580.00) dollars shall bo Issued and sold for tho purpose of acquiring and constructing said munlci-| o . Said bonds shall «H 1111 . ' 700 pal improvements. bear interest at a rate not to exceed six uercentum (G7c), payable Hcml-annu- ully, and the principal and interest thereof shall be payable in lawful money of the United States. Section B. That for the purpose of Paying the j principal and Interest of said bonds, the Council of said City shall at the time of fixing tho general tax levy, and In *ho manner for such general levy provided, levy and collect annually, each year until such bonds are paid, or until there be a sum In the treasury of said city set apart for that purpose lo meet all sums coming due for the principal Taylor's Garage, 1 .'is'ln Drive. Precinct No. 13 Inspector — Emmet SI' van, 100 slreet. Judge—Lena M. Culland. 217 Jcffer- son street. .Mlce lone nay. 214 Clerk—Mrs. Qulncy street. Clerk—Mrs. Margaret K. Dclmiirlcr, 1520 Alia Vista Drive. Polling Place: Mrs. Mary Marshall s Residence. 203 Qulncy street. Precinct No. 14 Inspector—Sadie B. Her. 1310 Baker slreet. Judge—Frances t!. Wilson. 524 Pacific slreet. ••I Clerk—Ml nn lo Ellei Twentieth street. Clerk—Sadie Waters. 2013 avenue. Polling Plni'e: Ijiiul Company rage. Twentieth and II streets. Precinct No. 33 Inspector—Ida May Gill, street. Judge—Arthur II. Relnicr, street. Clerk—Mrs. • Vcma Embry, street. Clerk—Mary Robinson. 1815 ty-flrst street. Polling Place: J2019 F street. I Precinct No. 34 Inspector—Maude Sturgis.s. 1019 F street. Judge—Elizabeth .1. Bucewlcz. 202T 2029 G 2020 I'" 2023 E Twcn- Qarage in rear of Place: Garage In rear of 527 Eye street. Precinct No. 51 Inspector—Emilia N. Freeman. 505 G i slreet. .Indue—Nellie. Cherrv street. I Clerk—Fern A. Snudgruss. 1S11 For- j rest si reel. | Clerk--Irene Plynittle. 430 F street. Polling Place: Garage In rear of 430 F street. | Precinct No. 52 \ Inspector—Mary D. Osman. 410 13 .Spinning, i street. .Indue—Mrs. Annie Atwood, 2317 Dracena street. Clerk—lean I,. Wulls. '.'200 Dni- cena streel. Clerk—Opal I!. Sutton, 415 C street. Polling Place: Garage In rear of 2200 Draccnu. Precinct No. 53 Inspector—Mrs. Mai-}' Ik-sen, 719 Beech street. Judge—Mrs. Ethel G. Huff. 2717 Chester Lane. Clerk—Gladys street. ('lerk—Marie cena street. PollliiK Place: Dracena. street. dally newspaper printed and In said City of Ignnted as the said City. BiikorHfleld, official newspaper published and des- of I HEREBY CERTIFY thai the foregoing Ordinance was passed and adopted bv the Council of the City of BnkerKfleld. at a regular meeting thereof held on tbe 13th day of July. 1930, by the following vote: Ayes: Boden. Gist. Knminlskl, Sic- mon. .Smith. Sellers. Wilson. Noes: None. Absent: None. V. VAN RIPER. City Clerk and Ex-Offlclo Clerk of tho Council of tho City of Bakersfleld. APPROVED bv mo this 13th day of July. 1936. GF.O. E. WILSON. MAYOR of the City of Bakerefleld Aug. 17 to 24, Inc. 1520 Jacobs, 1D18 Chester Ga- NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS F. Powers. 633 Uecch Malchow. 2Sl. r > Dra- Garucc In rear of 2815 V'Terk—Alice M. Adkisnun, 617 Pa , elfic street I Twentieth Hlreet. Clerk—Mrs. Millie Thomas, 1615 Til-I , Clerk—Dorothea Blnger. 1915 Twcn- lare street. and Interest on said bonds, a tax suffi- j dent to pay the annual interest on mild | raB e, -IP. bonds, and' also such part of the prln- ' clpal thereof as shall become due before the time for fixing the next cra.1 tax levy; provided, however, that If the maturity of the Indebtedness cre- ntcd by the aforesaid Issue of bonds Bhall be made to begin more than one Polling Place: W. A. Armstead Ga- Qulncy street. Precinct No. 15 Inspector—Ella E. Altstaetter. 1301 Kern street. Judge—Annie L. street. Mason, 612 Nlles L. Whltakcr. 521 Myers. 2205 Cjerk—Elizabeth VII cm we .,,.»«*; I'J tj^-.ft" • •••-••• -.. ~--- a| ... i (1) year after tbe date of Issuance of iNiles Htreet. euch bonds, them the tax for the pur-| clerk—Lillian Culbertson. 00: Mon- pose of paying tho principal and interest on the bonds the maturity of whli-h IK so deferred'shall bo levied and collected HI tlm tlmn nncl In llm manner aforesaid annually «Rfh year, sufficient to pay the Interest on surh Indebtedness »s It fnlln due. and nlso to eonMi- tute a sinking fund for Ihn payment of the principal thereof on or before maturity. Hald tax shall be In addition to all other IHXCH levied for municipal purposes, an.l fhull be collected at the same time and In the name manner street, iia other municipal taxes are collected, and bo used for no other purpose than , the payment of said bonds and accru- | Jng- Interest. inspector Section 6. • terev si reel. Polling Flare: El In E. Alstaottcr Residence. K104 Kern street. Precinct No. 16 Inspector—Mrs. Alma K. Cooper, 1021 Kern street. .Indue--Mrs. Lonora Glenn, 014 Ken- tui'kv street. Clerk--Mr:i. Pearl Arp, !HO Kern Clerk—.Ifan Marie Hum, 1024 Kern Klckcrt, , 2316 Twen- tucky ntret:t. That there shall be printed ..n the I Judge—Samuel i ballots to be used at such special mu- | terev Hfeoi. nlcipal election, in addition to the other , iMeik—Mrs. lone matters required by law, the following [street. proposition to be voted on, to-wit: "Shall the City of Bakersfield incur a bonded debt in the surn of ninety- eight thousand five hundred and eighty (198,580.00) dollars for the • purpose of acquiring and constructing certain municipal Improvements, to-wlt: the acquisition and construction of a swimming pool, bath-house, and necessary furnl- - ture, equipment and apparatus, in each of the following parks In the Cltv of Bakersfleld: Beale Park. Central Park anp Jefferson Park?" Polling PlBee: Kcntni'ky Streel Market. 430 Kentucky street. Precinct No. 17 Jowio W. Brown, 31S Ken. Kemp, 122 Mon Francis. 319 Niles ; Clerk Mr». Hose F. O'llanralian. 306 Kentucky Htreet. Polllnt; Place: J. C. llarler Garage, 230 Monterey slreet. Precinct No, 18 Inspector—Llllle M. liiBham. Box i.j, Station "A." , Mrs. El'.tn Chirk, , Judg street. ! Clerk—Mrs. Kern street. Clerk—Mrs. Elizabeth That opposite the above proposition to be voted on, mid to the right thereof. the words "YES" and "NO" shall bo printed on separate lines with voting squares. Section 7. 017 Bulte Frieaen, 004 Kirnble. 400 Grace R. East Twenty-first street. Polling Place: Store. 511 East Nine tecnth street. Precinct No. 19 Inspector—lluzel B. Curran. 223 Eureka street. Judge—John A. Low, 316(u Labi Nineteenth street. That the election precincts last rtes- Clork—Yvonno L. Curran. 312 East Ignated and entHblished by the Board ! Eighteenth Ftreft of Supervisors of Iho County of Kern (M<rk - Mrs.- Slbvl f. I'hrnoweth. 2H' within the City Liinitr; of the City of ; Eureka .-treet. Bakersfield shall be the election, Polling Place: .Modern Plumbing prtclnote for this election, and that'Co.. 400 Sonora street. lleth street. Clerk— Nannie Agnes Joyner. 1831 Twentieth street. PollinK Place: Garage In rear of 1818 Eighteenth street. Precinct No. 35 Inspector — Edward D. Twentieth street. Jtidgf— Huelah O. Hudson, 2128 Nineteenth slreet. Clerk — Roxio Watson, 21 OC Twentieth street. Clerk -Louis A. llueffner. 2111 Twentieth street. F'olliiiK place: (Jnroce in rear of 2203 Twentieth street. Precinct No. 36 Ins|icc!or— --Marie Jeanne 231S Kluhtocnlh Ktrcet. Jiidci 1 - Marlcna 1-Uibank, Two nt y-scnnnd r- 1 reel. i 'lerk -Karle M. Sowle. 2110 tieth M reel. CU-rli- Mrs. I.etta Vii-tor. 231!' 'l'\ven- tietli street. PollinK I'lac.-: (iaragc- In rear of 2004 Cedar street. i Precinct No. 37 Inspector— Ethel M. Bain, 1931 Cedar street. Juduo — Adelaide Bailey. '-'509 Nineteenth slreet. . I Clerk — Fannlt: E. Smith. 1920 Pine \' Cler'k— Mrs. Winifred C. AUIrlch. 2027 Nlneleenth Htreet. PollliiK Place: Garago in rear of 1920 Spruce street. Precinct No. 38 Inspector— Julia Gekas, 1712 Truxtun avenue. ! Judge— Daisy I-:. Kelly. \V. O. W. I Apartments, 171T, Eighteenth .street. ! Clerk — Eva Harris. 1710 F street. Clerk — Mrs. Ruth Hopkins, 1724 Truxtun avenue. Polling Place: GaruKu in rear 1719 Seventeenth street. Precinct No. 39 Inspector- — Mrs. Maud I*. \Vhalen. 2016 Truxlini avenue. Judge — Leila Virginia M inter, 1921 Seventeenth street. Clerk — Mrs. Fay Young. 1069 D rtreet. Clerk • Jnlin F. M Inter. 1121 S<-\en- month Hlreet. F'olllnir Place: Garage in rear of 2020 Seventeenth street. Precinct No. 54 Inspector— Mrs. Helen P. Smith. 1010 R street. Judge — John Wm. Fowler. 1219 Six- leenlh slreet. Clerk— Mrs. I'earl Helinforih. 929 Truxtun avenue. Clerk — Anna Parlo White. 1510 K street. PollliiK Place: Tent hi front of 1500 M street, corner of Sixteenth street. Precinct No. 55 Inspector— Delia E. Dlxon. 1305 M sired. M. Kur/.. 1218 . Judge — Mrs. Jessie Chester avenue. Clerk — Grace Tufts. 1235 K street. Clork — Mrs. Kalbryn L. Taylor. 1300 K street. Polling Place: Tent at 132:1 L street. precinct No. 56 Inspector — Luhi Short, 1115 Pershlng street. .Imlprp- I,onis« Caroline Hipter. 1129 Perhliinu slreet. Clerk- -Norinn Ruby, 1011 <.l r.trert. ('Mcrk- -Marjorle Jewell. 420 Eighth Blreel. PolliiiK Place: House at 91:.. Q htrcot. Precinct No. 57 Inr-pci-Kir- I'lccirla l''n;car. llUdi.'hus- ter a\'enue. Judgi!--Catherlni! Billion. lOUu K street. clerk — Mrs. Mamie 1! California avenue. iMerk — Mary Frecnr. Sealed proposals, addressed to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. .State of California, and endorsed, "Proposal for d isirnctlon of Timber Bridge across Bcardsley Canal on .Snow Road," will bo received by the undersigned until the hour of 11:00 o'clock A. M. on 'the 14th day of September, 193C, at the office of tho undersigned In the Court 1 louse, Bak- ersfleli], California, at which time and placo they will be publicly opened and read, for construction in accordance with the specifications therefor, to which special reference is hereby made, pf the following work and Improvement 111 the County of Kern, to-wlt: Item la. Excavation. Item Ib. Embankment. Item 2a. 40.34-1 Thousand Foil B. M. Redwood Timber, In place. Item 2b. 20.214 Thousand Fuel B. M. Douglas Fir Timber, In place. Item !!. Three Fire Barrels, In place, complete. The foregoing nuHntltlen ar« approximate only, being given as a basis for the comparison of bids, and the Hoard of Supervisors does not, expressly or by Implication agree that tbe actual amount of work will n»rr«;Hpond there- Parcel 1. Beginning at tho Intersection of llm South boundary of Knolls Street with the. west boundary of Merlon Avenue and running Ihonce south and along the west boundary of Morton Avo- nuo to the north boundary of the alley In Block No. 37 of tho Keith Add'ltlon, Ihence west and along said north boundary to tho east boundary of A Street, thence south and along east boundary of A Street, 20 feet, to tho south boundary of said alley, theneo east and along south boundary of said aiiey to west boundary of Morton Avenue, thence south and along west boundary of Morton Avenue, to north boundary of Bernard Slreot, thence east and 'along north boundary of Bernard Street to cast boundary of Merlon Avenue, theneo north along east boundary of Merton Avennn to south boundary extended of Washington street, thence northwest and along tho south boundary extended of Washington Strenl lo tho west boundary of Section 21, T. 29 S.. R. 28 E., M. D. M., thence north and along west boundary of said Section 21, lo south boundary extended of Orange Streot, thence easterly and along the south boundary of Orange Stroel lo a point, which point HOH at a rtls- Imirh of 40.09 feet, measured said south boundary of Orange Street, from tho westerly boundary of Heale Avenue, as «ald Beale Avo- nuo now exists, thence Houtheas- erly and along a circular curve of 30 ft. radius, concave to tho southwest, to a point on tho westerly boundary of said Beale Avenue, which point lies 40.09 feet, measured along said westerly boundary extended from the Inler- seellon of the westerly boundary of Beale Avenue extended with the southerly boundnry of Orange Street, thence northeasterly and along the. westerly boundary of Beale Avenuo extended, to a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 100.00 feet, measured at right-angles, from the southerly boundary of Lot No. 35, of Tract No. 1029, thence northWHSl- orly In n direct line lo a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 80.00 feet, measured at right angles, from Iho southerly boundary of snld Lot No. P.5, and which point lies N. 77" 05' W. a distance of 20.00 feel, from tho west boundary of said Bealo Avenue, thence N. 77* 05' W. and parallel to tho southerly boundary of said Lot. No. 35 to Intersect tbe Month boundary oxlended of Kurilts Street, thence west and along the south boundary extended of Knotts Street to tho plane of beginning. Parcel 2. Beginning at a point on the cenlej'-llnc of Orange Slreel which point lies westerly a distance of 147.88 feet from the cen- ter-lino of Arlington Htrcot, measured along said center-lino of Orange Street, thence southerly ami at right-angles to renter-lino of Orange Street, a rllMance of 30.00 feet to a point on the south boundary of salfl Orange Street, the point of beginning of thin description; and running thence westerly and along tbe south boundary of Orange Slreet to the northwest corner of T,ot No. 21 of tho Mesa Tract, a point on tho easterly boundary of Bealo Avenue, as said Boale Avenue now exists, thence northeasterly and along (he easterly boundary of Beale Avenue extended, to a point, which point lies at a distance of 00.00 feet, measured along a ra- dlji; line, from the eln'uiar portion of the south boundary of Lol No. 1 of Tract No. 1029; thence easterly and parallel to said circular portion of the south boundary of said Lot No. 1 to the plai'o of beginning. Both Parcel No. 1 and Parcel No. 2 He within Iho boundaries of Sections 20 and 21, T. 29 S., R. 28 E.. M. I). M. and the hearing of said petition has been set for 11:00 o'clock A. M., Monday, August 31. 1930. at the, rooms of the Board of Supervisors, In tbe Court House, Cltv of BakersflHld Not lee IN hereby given that pursuant to an order of the Hoard of Supervisors of Ihe County of Kern, Stato nf Cnllfornln. made August. 10, 1930, sealed bids will be received at the office of the Clork of tho Hoard of Supervisors of salt! County nt tlm Court House In the City of llnkersfleld, until 11 o'clock A. M., Tuesday, September 8, 1930, for Iho purchase of sevonloeti bonds of Itlo Tlravo School District. Kern County, California, of the denomination of $1(100.00 each. Salil bonds were Issued by the said Board of Suporvlmirn uinler and In accordance with tho provisions of the Constitution and Laws of tbe Slate of California, ami In conformity with tho order of mild Board of Supervisors, paused nn the 10lh day of August, 1930, and bear IntoroHl nt the rate of five per cent per annum, Interest, payable annually for the first year llm bonds have to run nnd noml-anmmlly thereafter, both principal nnd Interest payable In lawful money of tho United Status of Amnrloa. on th« 10th days of August and February of each and every year out of the Interest and .ilnklnl," fund of riahl Rio Bravo School District, upon presentation nnd surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of tho Interest coupons attached to Hald bonds; said bonds to bo numbered consecutively from 1 to 17, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds NOH. 1 and 3, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 3 and 4, $1000.00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds NOB. 5 and 6, flOOO.OO each, to run 3 years; Bonds Nos. 7 and 3, $1000.00 each, to run 4 years; Bonds No.i. 9 and 10. $1000.00 each, to run 6 years; Bonds NOR. 11 and 12, $1000.00 each, to run (i years; Bonds Nos. 13 nnd 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; Boiuls Nos. lu and 10, $1000.00 each, to run 8 years; Bond No. 17, $1000.00, to run 9 years. Tho Rio Bravo School District has boon acting as a School District, under tho lawn of tho State of California, continuously since 1898; th" assessed valuation nf the taxable prop- class and type of work or mechanic needed to execute the contract, as fol- Wage Wage Classification Per niom Per Hour $4.00 6.00 0.07 9.00 I .80 11.00 0.00 8.00 8.00 8.00 . .88« 1.125 1.37S 1-12B 1.00 1.00 1.00 \M 1.00 t.OO .7S .aborer (Common) . . Laborers (building) . Laborers (concreto). Carpenlers Reinforced Steel Workers Cement Finishers ... Mixer Man Tractor Operator Roller Operator Power Shovel Operator 10.00 Tlladn Grader Operator 8.00 Mechanic ............ 8.00 Truck Drivers ........ «.00 Watchman ........... 5.00 . Guard ................ 6.00 .MS All classification omitted above not Icsn than $4.00 Pnr Diem. Overtime, double tho above rates. Sundays and holidays, double thu ahovo rates, with the exception of wiili'lunen and guards. BldH must bn submitted on forms which may bo obtained at tho office of Iho City Clark. Thn Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Dated: August 18, 1936. V. VAN RIPER. City Clerk and Ex-Offlclo Clerk of the Council of the City of Bait- orsfleld. Aug. 19 to 24, Inc. NOTICE OF SALE OF SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, Cillfornli erty In sold Rio Bravo School District was Six Hundred Forty-two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollars ($042,555.00) and bus now an outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. Tho bonds herein referred to woro Nollco Is hereby given that pursuant to an order of tho Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, Stats of California, made August 17, 1036, sealed bids will be received at the office of tho Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of- said County at the Court Tloiidc In the City of Bakersfield until 11 o'clock a. m., Monday. Snplemhor 14, 1986, for thn purchase of eighteen bonds of Seml-Troplo School District, Korn County. California, of tho denomination of $1000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by th« said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of tho Constitution and Laws of the State of California, nnd In conformity with Iho ordor of said Board of Supervisors, passed on the 17th day of August, 1980, and bear Interest at the rat* of 5 por cent per annum, Interest pay- voted for tho purpose of raising money for: 2. Tho building or purchasing of school buildings: 3. Tho making of alterations or additions to thn school building or buildings other than such nn may bo necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; 5, The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 0. Tho permanent Improvement, of' the school grounds. Bids will bo received for ono or any number of said bonds. All bids must bo equal In amount to tiie par value of said bonds and accrued Interest to dale of delivery and each bid must bo accompanied with a cerllfled check pn.yn.hln to F. E. Smith. Clork of the Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of nl lenst ten per cent of the amount of tho bid. Tho check or cash deposit will be returned lo the bidder In case of the rejection of tho bid nnd the name will bo forfeited to Rio Bravo School District If tho bidder negloots or refuses to pay thn amount bid for tho said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of llm bids for said bonds as aforesaid, Raid bonds will bn sold lo tbe highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of tho United States of America, subject to thn said conditions and provisions. Bids for tho bonds at a lower rnto of Interest will also bo considered. Tho said Board of Supervisors, how- evpr, reserving tho right to reject any anil nil bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smllh. Clork of the Board of Supervisors, ami endorsed "PROPOSALS RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Suporvls- or.s of thn 'County of Kern, Stato of California, made August 10, 1930. (Seal) F. E. SMITH, County Clork and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 18 to Sept. 1, Inc. 7JOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS FOR ONE PIPE SIPHON IN BRINK DRIVE IN THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. 1'ITRSI'ANT to ordor of the Council of Iho City of Bakersfleld, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That bids will bo received at the office of the City Clnrk until five o'clock P. M. Monday, August 24, 1930, tho same to be opened at a regular meeting of the Council at elfflit o'clock P. M. of said date, for the following: One pipe siphon to be constructed In Brink Drive In the City of Bakers- flcld. California, In accordance with plans and specifications on file In the office of the City Clerk. All bids must be accompanied by a certified check In thn sum of ten per cent of (be contract price. The bidders must comply with all of the laws of tho Statn of California with reference to work and labor ru- latltiR lo public work. The Council lias ascertained the general prevailing rates of per fllem wngPM In the locality In which tho work Is to lie performed for each class and type of work or mechanic needed lo execute the contract, as follows: Wage Wage Classtficalj U | ( Per niein Per llr. Laborer (commnn) % 4.00 ( .50 Laborers (building) 5.00 Laborers (concrete) ti.07 Carpenters 9.00 Reinforced Hteel Workers 11.00 \» » ftlul 1*U1>1 |JUI O.I1IIUIII, IllbUIUOl- V^j able annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-annu»lly thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on the 17th d»ys of August and February of each and every year out of -the Interest and sinking fund of said Semi-Tropic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of the Interest coupons attached to said bonds; said bonds to ba numbered consecutively from 1 to 18, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, Inclusive, 11000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. G to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. D to 12, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds Nos. 13 to 16, Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 17 to 18, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 6 years. Tho Semi-Tropic School District has been acting as a School District. Under the laws of tho Stato of California, continuously since 1896; the as- sensed valuation of tho taxable property In said Semi-Tropic School Dls- lrl»t was Ono Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand Flvo Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1,971.020,00) and has now an outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. The bonds heroin referred to were voted for the purpose of raising money for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; it. The making of alterations or additions to tho school building or buildings other .than such as may bo necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; E. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a normannnt nature; 6. The permanent Improvement of tho school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to tho par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each bid must be accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clork of the Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for tho sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will be returned lo tho bidder In case of the rejection of tho bid and the same will bo forfeited to Semi-Tropic School District If the bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for the said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bonds as aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bid- dor for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to OKI said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also be considered. Tho said Board of Supervisors, how- over, reserving tho right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F, B!. Smith. Clnrk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROPOSALS 81SMI-TROP- IC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California, made August 17, 1938. (Seal) V. E. SMITH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board, Aug. 22 to Sept. 6, inc. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 6071 Cement Finishers. . Mixer Man Tractor operator Roller Operator Power Shovel Opxrator. Rlado Grader Operator. Mechanic lid I . ! PdllltiK I'lare; Tent at corner of I Eleventh and L streets 1 Precinct No. 68 Inspector — Katie J. Markle, 809 M i street. Judife— I'aru E. Kneel. S03 N street. Clerk- -MfH. ICvu liernice Broome, 915 K Mtrefet. Clerk— Murv .Masoii Shands, b2u O street. ; Polling Place: Tent »t corner or Ninth and M (UreetH. Precinct No. 59 Inspector — .Nlra. Eighth Ktreul. Florence of j~ 'Judge I street. Clerk—Myra si reel. F. Crystal Mills, 505 A. Llghtner. 718 T Harness, 617 Eighth with hut reserves thn rlRht to Increase or derrease the amount of any class rir portion of I he work ax may be deemed necessary or expedient the said Hoard. Plans may be seen, and forms proposals, liomlM. contract and specifications may he seen at the office of Hie undersigned nnd they may be obtained al the office of Hie County Siirvnur. liluatcd at KaluTsf lehi, California. Bidders t.n thlw work nro hereby notified that the Bonn! of Huper\ lsor« will Insist. Dial Iho work be •.•ompleted within tho time limit. A penally clause relating thereto IH contained lii Article IV of the form of contract above referred to. A bid may be unless the , bidder has indlciitcd on the outside of j Hie sealed envelope. In which bin bid Chester Is filed, the number of his Stale Con- Irador's License. Nn bid will be considered nnli-Hs II \ is matte upon a blank form furnished | by tho underslKnnd and accompanied 4iy cash or a check, made payable to the Chairman of tho Hoard of Supi-r- viKurs and c.-rtlt'itd by a reHpimxibhi bank. In an amount equal to at leant ten per cent HO'II of the aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate surety bomi for ibo said uniutint, payable as aforesaid. The Board of Supervisors of Korn County, California, has, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 3i(7, fitat County and'State, at which lime and | Truck Drivers place all persons interested In the ) Watchman •losing of said roads may appear and j Guard be heard. By order of the Board 9.00 s.oo S'.OO 10.00 s.oo s.on o.on 5.011 5.00 .025 .833 1.125 1.373 1.123 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.2.", i.oo I. On !«2S .025 >f Supcrvls- 10, 1!>3'!. F. K. SMITH. Clerk of tin- Hoard. Aug. 17 to 31, Inc. by j orn made August of 1315 utes of 1931, ascertained the general prevailing rate of wanes for each craft or type of workman or mechanic need- oil to execute the contract, and It shall be mandatory tiiion the Contractor to whom Ihc contract ix Clerk—Marlon E. Molt. 010 R slreet. J awarded, and upon any siih-coiurac- 1'ollliiK Place-: Teni in front <jl 714 R street. Precinct No, 80 Infpector--Mrs. Queenle A Thomas, 911 Eighth Mreei. Judge .Ma" K Muuli. Oil N rlree(. Clerk—Alice S. Johnson, 1116 Sixth street tor under him, lo pay Hie specified rates, vim •Craft Krldso foreman iirifljje carpenter Painter Toanmter Truck driver not thun Rate pnr hour ....'..... I '. I'.' J 1.00 7f. : NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF HEAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. ! Notice Is hereby Kiven Unit liie. Hoard of HuporvlfiorH of Kern Couniy will meet at ihelr rooms In the ! County Court House, City of llakers- i field, County of Kern, Stale of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m.. .Mon jday. September 11. I'.i30, for tho purpose of conHtiininatiiiK th" purc.baso from C. L. Taylor ami Ola R. Taylor. I hi.-i vi'lfo, Raymond C. Taylor and Iliora l^oitiH" Taylor, his wife, for the 'sum of Jl-IUO.OO, of the following here- i Imifler described real properly, lo|wlt: 'I'll.- weht half of Villa Lot 40 of i iM'iny't, Addition In thn County of I Kdrii, Stalo of Callfui-nta, as per mup j recorded March IS. 19U7. In Hook I, Page 101 of Maiis In the office of Hi,I Counly Recordc-r of sulU Counly. ex! cepllnkf therefrom Ihn south 75 feel; and also excepting therefrom a .strip BO fuel wido on HIM north and wnsi sides thereof reserved for public roads. Said property IH to be used fur public purposes, to-wit: for Hospital (iron nds. Any (inrl all IICI-SOIIH interr.-Kled In the matter may appear a', the above mentioned lime and place nod he heard. I HUrd AUK'loi I!'. 19::ii. I-' 1C SMITH. Clerk of the Hoard. August 21 to .September 11, inc. All elnspifIcatlon omitted above not lens Ihlin S-I.OO Per Hli'iii. Overtime, double the above rates. SntifhiAM and holidays, double tho flbnv" rules, with the exception of wnt.-hmnii and guard*. > Itlds nniM be submitted on forms 1 which mav he obtained lit the office Of the C||y Clerk. The Conn,-it reserves tho rl(;bl to reject any nnd all bid*. Dated: August , V VAN RIPER. C'lly Clerk and E\-I Iffb-ln Clerk of thn Council nf tin- City of Uakeri-fleld. AUK. 19 to 21, Inc. NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS FOR ONE REINFORCED CONCRETE CULVERT AT 34TH STREET AND EAST SIDE CANAL IN THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. IN TIIE SUPERIOR COURT OP THK STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KKRN. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF PHILLIPS HARDY, Deceased NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN by the undersigned Executrix of the Lost Will and Testament of Phillips Hardy. deceased, to tho creditors of and all persons having claims against the estate of nald Phillips Hardy, deceased, to exhibit said claims with the necessary vouchers within six months from the date of the first publication of thin notice at the law offices of Borlon, Petrlnl & Conron, 304 Professional building, Bakersfleld, Kern County, California, tho same being ihe placo selected by said Executrix for tbe transaction of all business pertaining to said cMKle, or to present and file said claims with tho neces- s»ry vouchers with the County Clark of the County of Knrn, State of California, within nix months from the daln of the flmt publication of this not ire. Hated and first published this 27th day of July. 1930. EMILY WIBLE HARDT, Executrix of the Last Will and Ten; lament of Phillip:) Hardy, !>«• IIOIITON. PETRINl & CONRON. Allornnys for mild Executrix. July 27. Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24. Pt.'RSCANT lo i.rdi-r of (In- Ciuiin-ll of tin. City of fialtersflehl. NOTICE IS HEREBY (.S1VEN: i That bids will !)•• received at Ihu ! office of tin- Clt.V Cleili until (IVU 1 o'clock )'. M. Monday. AUKUMI 'Jl. lOo'J, (lie same (o be opened at ;i ri-Kulur niHi-lliiK "f the Council al i-lRbi o'clock I' .M. or .--alii date, for i the f'.lluwlii;;: One reinforced coilcreto culver!, to lie . onslructcd al -Nlli Street and Ibu East Side Canal. In the City »f I'-ak- Inrsi'leld, California, in ucconlanco - with [iliin- and M>cctficaliniiH on fllu 1 in Illi) office of tile City I'lel'k. | AU bids must be accompanied by u certified check In tbe sum of ten pel- ,-cnt of I lie contract price. Tli" bidders must comply with all of the law* of thn Stale of California with reference- to work and labor re- NOTICE TO BIDDERS lating Ti «-Ht;es work to public work. Council has aMcerta ined 'I •' ! prcvnilint; rates of I'er die'M in the locality in which t!i" i» to bn performed for each Notice IH hereby given that MUs will be received by the HuurU of Trustees of thu Itiittonwllluw Union lirumniur Schuul District at the school hoiiNtt of huld Ulutrlct at Ituuoiiwll- i low, Ki-rn County, California, until 7 I'. M. Monday, September 7th, 1930. ; IjlilH to bo dln'.-i,-ii to the attention of the Clerk of Iho Board, lor the purchase of one school bus, specifications ;IH follows: ' Capacity: 30 to 35 students. Engine to I),i 0 cylinders In line; S 5/10 i Inch tioro and 4-lnch stroke, other requirement!* to conform to State 1 Illghwav I'atrol specifications. The Hoard of Trustous reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bid" to bo upeiic-rt at the school bouse at 7 I- .M , Monday, September 7lll, 19S«. P.O A RP (IF TRUSTEES, HUT- TiiNWII.I.oW UNION liRAM- MAI! SCHOOL DISTRICT. Anoint 17, 24, 31, 1936.

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