Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1908
Page 5
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in ths new: brick b^dlns^;]*^ com- p1et«d and ts equlpptd wltll an oper- aUng Uble and ill tlie laCeat applf- ances for the Hamanei and; Scientific treatmient of Domestic Anlinals. Calls made anywhere nlgbt or da^. Phone 139" for hospital or resldenop. FRANK S. BEATTIB. V. 8., • Proprietor. Typewriter Supplies Ribbons, Carbons and Paper at SPENCER'S DB. J. F. JAMESON, The' Snccessfnl Ane> tloneer, Teteriaarlan. Farm salrsor PeJiKr«<l stock mIcK made :iiiywhcre. Vctcr inary calls answered dny or iiiKhL OfTice with DouRlass Bro*. Plicii!: 13. residence 210 lOI.A. KANSAS. EARL Griffith suffered a broken ai-m jeEterday while skating at the rink on the 5d3t side. He was holding to a rope and In whirling around a pole fell breaking his arm. If you need a farm loan come and see us. AVe can get your money In two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. THE KNIGHTS and Ladies curity have leased the A. O. hall for another year. ' of Se- U. W. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable" rate. MR. W'ADDELL. of tli<> Lumber- ni:in"s Portland, which is boinp orert- «>d :it Carlylc. has be<>n In the city !?fveral days closing up some leases oil gas lands. Six Per nlugham. Cent Money. R. M. Cun A ".I.VCK th,- Popper" is reportf.l r..^ havinK visiird the home of Mr.-. -Mary l-nncloy at 211 North W.alniit a f«'w iiiglits ago. .Mrs. I-angloy was alone iu lior homo at tlio time nii'l as siiic{« lii'on on the vcrfre of nc!"- vous prostration as a result of the ex- p.'ri.-nrc. biio is abli' to give a fairly good description of the man. Dr. Willey, Oculist. THK niCPORT tliat Frank Delanoy l.nd (lioil siidd'.'iily al lJ:irtU'svilic a U\y iii.ulits apo. lias provcil to 1 )0 witlioiit any foiindation whatever, as Mr. I >'liiiiry hinisoT entpi-r; vigo'.ou.'s piot.?st against the report. Free dirt at Luccock 's. Now Year's Matinee lor, ail scats 10 cents. at the Bache- OSCAR Curtis of tho Kansas Port iiii Ci uit nt CDiiipany lias returiuil Iroiu a trip tl'rouuU ttie east. P. E. Waagk, Denttot Phoae 1S6. H>fflce OTcr BarrelPa Drag btore. Start Hio \rw Year rlclit— QWU a good WATCH, one Hint Is ctiar- antc<sl to keop time accurately— wear :i lifetime and alwaj> pre>cnt.. Hie standard of what a sooJ \vutcii sbiiuld be In uppesinince. \\v rjirry just the styles that will suit }ou. .Hake y our pick tuduy. Q A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB.- lowaStor Bi^ Special Cut on on all kinds o\ Merchandise until things change. A. fi. MOMMA, Prop. lola Basiness Coliegc Mlgbt €w Omy 5BM/o|t Bookkeeping,. Engliah, Physical Culture, etc.. Shorthand. Letter Writing. FARMS, In Howell County, 3IissonrL To ICxchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritjiion and price of what you have. i J. T. GILMOUB. Pomona, Mo. For 1908 You Will Want . Calendar Pads Calendar Stands. ,1 >'ew Blank Books. Invoice Books. Wo hare the goods. Onr prices are right. Come asd sec as. Evans Biros. Book Store DtetflM titer One hnndred pojmds of Cryf tal loa will maka 12 gaUonf of dIatiUed ^ater ianitabl* tor family BM. Try tt. t. lobJceiCdlStiaceCt SECRETARY, F. E. Sniitli of tlic Pair association amimiiiccs iliat tin-ri' will be a meeting of llie ilircctoi-s Saturday afternoon at his olfice lo consider a luir.ill.T of matters relaliv to iit.vt year's fair. Cei'ei;!! lilack.-iniitbin;: and borse- .-ihiieiii'- a siieeiariy. I'Oii West street, ii: Liie.-oek's iiid .stand. .411 worli war- iaiitt;i. 1). .^leisenheilne^. .\Ni)T!!KR bi:; well wa.-; bniii.^lit in for til ' .-Vsh Grove Lime and Portland (".•nieiit company. It is on t!i :\;id' r.-or. laml. uest of Chaiiute. and wa.'i !iiiisl-,.'d ni) Saturday. Tlle well niMi;:i' r one" of iho.-:e wliieli tlu' (•iiiipaiiv ir; imtliim duv, n into deeper Ii u ;is drillid iwi-nty de-rer lli:;n it was when tile \>a .-i liivi done, and thi- »'Xira liad It-.'- effect of inuitiidyiii.ii tinu.-; liie prodiiclioii.—Chaniite line. fe.'t wor! worlx liiaiiv Trill Special Reduced Prices on all now and second liaiid Sewing .Machines iin- t,; .liinuary Ut. i?!:;".'r Sewing Ma- eiiine Co.. IIM East Madison. .;. i'CNT and .Miss H-vidson, of n.ildvin. ;i.:ss'il IIKUIIP'.! ilie city this inornin;; enroiite to ibeir lio-no from a visii lit I<da and oiher p«iims in Wood- eonniy. .Mr. limit aiteiidod a rc- iiiu .i ;i of eleven children at lola.— 0;i;;wa Ileri-ld. Plenty of mm-ey to loan on farms. Oilier ciuiipanies h.ave quit liut we are >!ni doin^ business. TIic liedwel.- lL4iy Uoa!;y Co. •llis Hi clor New ct nt.s. •y:',i .Mi:.'bi !0 .si" a; tlie Uacli- Ye::r'o da.v. All seats ten A. il. WEr.H. superintendent of the Missouri Pacific, ha.s jjoiie to Si. UJUIS to confer wiih tlie otiier railway of- Jlcials in leuara l<va iiev.' linie card wiiich i;; made nec^rsiiry iiy tlie re- piacin,;; of thr irain-s tiiat had iieen ro- movf'l frir.i service ;;oriie time ago.— Wichita Eat;ic. We have jilc-nty of money to loan on farms. The financial flurry does not effect us. Coriio ;MU! sec us. The Bedwell-Ray Hoalty Co. UEV. SHEr'PAKI). in-t;-.r e.f the A. M. K. ei- 1 oh. anne Hires that tho yoiiiif: I ri .'"oc'v ni^ht. of his < I'iie'i will hold CriM-.n-.e:- j !i. Wi'diie.^lay Come and see u.s if you need a farm loan. We handle life InKiirrn -re money and are not i-iTectid by hard times. The Uedwcii-nay Really Co. !:.\OfII ^rORUIS. grandfather of Mrs. Maude Fansion. is here from SuainiitviHo. lad., visiiin;: friends and relatlvop. Moler ;i.-.'er Co;'.. Kansas City. -Mo., wan'.- :i:e.-i to learn the trade. Write for p.uiieulars now. few week? completer bv. free clinic and export In- ftr-.irtious. positioas wailing. Don 't delay. D^.. IV S. MITCHELL is uulay mov- in;r hi.s if!'<-e inio ilie ri-om jii .st hack of nr. G,-!! iini.hii^-.'^e'.s oTice in the (Jarlir.^'lioi:-e Iitiili'i.'i:: on 'he ei.-: side. Tl:-.' room i:? al'fjiit dniible the size of the one forr.ieily ocfiipie.-l by Or. Mitchell a-id bns j;is: receuily been re- p.^ipcrod and painieU. Seven room house. lot and a half, plenty of fruit and in, to rent for $IC.OO. Hamilton Bros. THE ABERNATHY Piano company be2,in this morning shipping their stock of goods to Leavenworth, Kansas, where they will open a store. Mr -AL T. Abemathy will be the manager of the store there, and Mr. Ditch who has been manager here will go to Port Scott. Overcoats at Tirices you iiave never heard of. We have- too many left,; heirce th^ {25.00 Oveicoats for $20m00 f 18.C0 Overcoats for : .$13mB0 i 22.50 Overcoats for $t8mOO 20.00 Overcoats for StSmOO 15.00 Overcoats for ^ i »5» ' 10.00 Overcoats for. : J' S'»oO : 7 .50 Overcoats for SSmOO . We must sell Overcoats. We Wish You A Happy and Prosperous New Year May the best wishes of your best friends be fulfilled for you BURRELL'S DRUG STORE WEST SIDE SQUARE mmmmHBmBmmmaimmmBamaammaammaaammammm ARE NO PASSES NOW snruATMmf WAHTSD AdTetrlsementa nnder this kcal wOl be inserted three times frithoit tharfft. Anti-I'a^ Went into Njirht. Eiiect Last; WANTED- »MiBomUmm9om& Notice to Mail Subscribers The Postmaster General has mack a ruling that 110 Daily Paper shall go to subscribers at tlic secoud class rate where the subscriber is three mouths iu arre.Hrs, This lav/i.-; in cfTcct NOVV and it is important tj all onr svib^cribcrs tliat they do not allow tlieir EubstTiptiuus to become overdue. I I Till' i-j);!.-;.-; iiiw ji;; >»(I I.y tin- la.-: ' I !eui.-!;:nn<> wt-iit iim. viTi-ci niuh-| I at ii:iiini-.ilit. Tdday'.-; Kansas Ciiy 1 1 .iiriijia! coiKaiii.. ihc followiir.; du-' la if^ani to ilie anion of the! ;alf cM'Piiin !• foiiii'il with rcf<'!>-ii<;f j > ilio ul.~po.:ilioii of ill WANTI:D —Good cook. J. 6. Rof• •r=. 2 ljuehanan street, head 0% North stre?t. - t \V.\.\TKI>— Woman or girl tor gea- 01.! I Iioiise work. Must be conjpetent. annua! pass-1 -'>'•< I-^*-!- ^tadisnn. ' ) • Topi ka. I Kioa til' till- b I aitrrnor)!! Iicc. :!!.—.\! a sppfial se.'s- i uiion iiK .non '''I- atiriTial ; .- 'Me o.Ii<cr •:i '.)],• ^f.V ill -; oT !ii : Si'i 1. 1:11 \ ' i-.-.K fl 10 -a piMiuptly ini.l"( WA.NTKI)—To buy team 0t work stall' c.'ceAiiivt- councn this i horKci?. J. H. Teney, Box 88, LaHarpe. a rc^oiiitinp was .luoiilfil. j of .\r.iiti.i- N itioii. ihai ailiiiail ^'t o; cacli lie coiiiTiod ill;;'-'-!' !:i .'^lt >r;cal Sn-ifiy. ua • v ;'i 'i "'!s |ia .-i."' W.V.NTKD— IJoarders at 302 Sonth ; Ki 'iitucivy. .Married couple preS^erred. W.VNTKD— Second hand WlCchestSf poj) gun. Inquire 105 South SecoiKl of State Dfittoii \va^ lUve-' stret. !u-i ill itic car>il>oai ih. ' '•• ! . ' j ' i a biiiicb fiDiii In It 1011 s.: hot.i ilir.w (lovn IK u-.uV. of tcici .ho:..' j J.-QU s .\LI->^;ood Stndebakor bug- ks in the inu|..:i, ol tin- lah!.-. Tli.-',- • pi-aclically new. with goo<^ set tA .^.;.'..'(0 haiiic:-s. for sale at Il^ward'p bam if. takm iir the next fei* dayi at ?M ).(io. : ' • I : i'.!..ks • -I of rani:- lie siirrarl oiii fr 'n!:1 M'. .vtirllior .Nation a'so M.iA'. a iMililiit! frou: ills ii'.ick"i. Innii.a of- V. ,-i (1 lo !."t i.i .-i :. .\"alion 's Y. :.i. i 'j'a.-"^ • i.i. .\ !'.!( Clin;; adopt' il aao'lu-f ;o i;;.- c -iTi 'Ci tlia- Nai'oii a '.>•. • 10 oil;' r :!il ioa! • 1:. V ai! „a. Tiic -ii 111. t ^•;!iit:oi,. •ii.-I wri.i' 'cjiiioin' liook i'.-.'iin • \ . .\ i-atJ. At iiiM-' IMS-l^lI. " ToIllDiTOW • VOW SAi.I-: OR TRADE— Fo* youUg •!or'.; or icain. lio-,ise and lot. Inqulro :i'7 .North Kipl. ; > • - lU'itO.V I. r .uion l .'.i I'liy today af;i'r VISIIIIIL,' era! uAy Kans.-:: : Ilia -(.'V- ' FOR LEGISLATURE I '.I'.V Ft.*!? SAI.K—Oi; will trade fcr good dear ftain or Jltioo properly in lolil. ! .iliiiicc in cbaU fir notes; the "Snyder. I.i-..ry Harn,' ilarpe. J. V. HowelU I l-'ar -ii niMi -V' H 'ry. 1(1 t!-."'li' for III -v or tti Io!;i or flas 'ii>'. li '.rsi 'S .'.lid (o.v-j; r .vi' room rotla:-;!' laonc !•;. Cas. 1 II. II. i,o.\(:.-;;;.')':i: 1"; ir^i ni-bt f-i- a moiii'rs vi-jt :i' l;is 0 ..I lionic.' A .m.'.-\ ill;'. Ohio. I'lii' aiso in Indian;!.' I :nds of W. T. Watson Are Urginai Him to Eccopne a Candidate, i fii-noral blacksinitiii'iu' and lior^i- >ly)i'in;r a siiecialtv. L'H.'. WVst stri'i't. il I.nccock's <)!'. staini. .\11 v.orn '.v:'.rra:;;c(i. "\VIl,I'.'"R ni-'iiis. v orknian :it tho lola lirick conipany"- ti'tint luniiher 1 s-ifercd a criisliod hand yesterdtiy af- ti'riionii. Tliri'i' fiiiircrs wcro taken n !T. The tbitinli and forclin^fr were wiipd on lint the iiliysicis-ns arc un- ;'.ir:o to tell whiilit : tin- nioinlu'i's will li'^ savf'd or nti. Tho fi i .'iid.; of \\\ T. W 'titson ar" i'!-iim liini to lu'c 'iiM" a candiiaii- li ;• ri ;ir >'.-i 'ntaliTi' from r!>is i :i.-; rict. and. : Is not cii'iri'iv iii 'iri 'li 'siil • that h.- !ii;iy cnt'r tin- r:ici'. .Mr. Wtitsim is; di 'iuity s'a'i' bank me- r.nd is very \vi '!l ki '>uii o '.i-r the .siatf ; ••• Me !i iiii,'.; t aid •> his -rfi ctivcn.'--; •f ciirtcd. i>; •, ra! >( -trs •I '.io Iio lp«!-: , a cl'ikshin d.irin-' a so .-sion of th-' ii 'qisi'Hiirc. so liiat iw is not iinfani;!-; iar with ill? dtitios of tlic Ii':;:s!; :iis frifiids are quite confidtnt :i man with the aui.ressiv '^n»'ss wid'> aofiuaintarce v hi 'h :\Ir possesses wond serve (.nl.s well. ill'.; a |.a.-s and t"';iii:; ''i::: road lie no ioii^;or 'ivill I'- ' <-oii: rol". :1.' v.ri'l'- .'kV:. ;o W. It. Sini h. j;e>i- 1 ••.•.\ -olii ;:or of the S :!.l:> V 'e: .' • "1 li'-.r !i aeknov. Ic ! 4e tlic rerelp' r M.ur ci.nuniinie.i.ioii M' h.iii.;'- ! I'll?, i!irl..-;iiia:!iiii;il pas.s .Vo. I;— o'.i!' •.iiiir ;i ':;I. I ata r. tnin-' il;e iia.--.- !;i 1 .-w;ill. lor ;iii' leasoii; I <;:!i not cii.-.^i. I', ki I lak'-ii considerable time to <.-.. 1- siep. dlII •ill^- .-liid;. i!-.,_' i fa'('fi;ily ."oneeaied tiie )"is-.s-• ;!i the I'as.-. from the iin. iispe .-iiau : ill' .1 >.iii;.>'in-: it iij Inn few .ei '|l-'., « r.:o.-; of tiasi.-ii emploxs .M .:;r road. j rOR REttSmMlsomUaml^omm "I ii!i-;lr h;ive cn!;.- 'o this r .iT 'ilu-; j: ^ sioii at a ni ich earlier dale, bill most j FOR RKNT— Seven room modera ••• my liini- liarinu ti ;e pas' s;i:;;!iipr i j.oise on paved sireet. block .<i from lsia,.re: :!'-w!y remodeled. Tnqt^Ire X FOit SALE—JI800 stock of itrocOT- lis and stors fixtures. 402" Soutb Kentuc'.-.y street. i \ FOR SALE—.\ driving maj'e an^l : htiir-jy. Horse city broke, safe for ladf io drive. Imuire 832 Xorth street. FO'l TRAUK—Town lot on- KeB- in.-ky s '.roet to ti-aclf for yoiingl -horso. .Vorih Ctito;:w ;iOu, : ;;i bei-n consiinied in a : to wr.iralit n:e in • VO!!:- as ..-.-^i!:'lit over :rr-h for • tln^ ii.' ' ICMl lltJII. Kirk, fi.'l Xorth Washington.' his ih.n- and Warson constUii- i new 313 .1. ORI.IN Ston '. of this city \\V\ !• :r •^lexico. Mo., win re h Mi'-'sonri ^ .Military Stone -V.-il' :|."0Olilli.!-. him fonifonably situ- o 1.--^ O. O. St ^ai: e •.,n-.o:r')r.- ' will outer .Academ. • him and ted. i-l POPE PIUS'S JUBILEE YEAR. for tho; Mr.; Pontiff Said Hi-. First Mass in De- .sie' cember, 1858. tiiiMii-hi for a li 'iie liial ihis a^ii.MI ————— . my mi-h: convin.-- the p.i'.iiiej ' Rb.NT—Furnished rooms,; at i was r.ot inllaence-I by rlie jus- li^odorn hoi;.=c: Cf ^iplc or !adlej!. s;e-!si<m ..i" tjio pass. U:n 1 mis- j South Colborn. Hhone 1327. I tken. .\s ;i)ti-.r as I coiitinii.. a piildii ; j oilieial I jiropo.^e to pay fire, un'e.-s j ' i--OR RKNT—Fife room cottage, t':e iezislattiro t.ikes some action t^;'close in. In<iiiire'322 South O^. j lO'l RK.NT—Fi\e -room housed good lei-air. imitnre 12" S<Hith Cottoiiwood. ii'-ow fiaiber pri.iijVin.' liillu oil tills pe::; xiri-r FIRST CHECKS ARE DRAWN. RRV. WII-L \VH!TK. of Humboldt' Rome. .Ian. 1.—The is it'.! the rily to'lay the iTiiest of his'v.i'l l.uin tomorrow, nephrw. hr. A. V. l .o \ Oklahoma School Fund Being Trsns ! ferred From Kansas City Bank. I ! Outhrie. Okla. 1.— The fir.= e ' ciieck.'; were drawn today asainst th'.- PromiPT.t Mirister De.Td. I.eaveir.'o -ta. Kas . .Ian. 1.—Rev. W 'm. .\'. Pa-o. the o'''esl Presbyti-r- ian niinisle- in thi; city, die .i today, at -'od seventy-two. He vice ni'id- erator r,r ihi' I.os Aiv:.' 'S genera' a.'v senibly and a scit 'Til 'nale of Secretary nf suite Flihu Root. jione's jubilee | In December, j j he said liis first mass. Today 1 it's bt>!inpss roma'l.-ed tliat twenty . ,, . ... Iv .ars had elapsrd since the op.-nin.^! »;;•'/'• ""^ insiallment of the of the jubilee of the nriesthood pfnciahotn. school fund ly ^ocr^cnrr 'l ,.ee l .e:, II.. when 2.M ...J.M. piiCTimsV'^V"^ 'K .1 .au.i hoard up-,:, ••.•i -her.d her. from all corner., of thel:!^" * '"'•'^ Trust conip..ny. ol , ..anh to reader him honor. In con- 1 ; ^ ^""onnts aim to b^ d--- t^.'st to this, till" jttM 'en of Pope Pius | 'V- V'; .will op .-ni very quietly, v.ith:>til th-i. coniin?; loselher <if a mjiltitiide. FOR UI::.N'T—House and bam.^ut& Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. tOST—Between. 802 South W'ash>- in;;:tou and Grand Theater Mbndajr .:irht. s^old stick pin. pearl settlMg. Ra turn to this office. Reward, "j mill: Naiicna' Rank of Chnndbr. First .Vatioual Rank nf i'av.- REtJI.STR WANT AP irets It. FORGET FAST FRIENDS In one r to i;i; it over wiili and out of the way. we wisli you a Happy! New Year now. W. J. Bailey Says He Will Accept Nomination and If Elected Will Do Right Thing. I Even if .Tessie Morrison is p.irdon <'d there will be iiotl'.inc 10 fight for. 0'!a Castle has not only! left Eldorado, but has also ni.arrieU: a?ain. .\;c!ii.M?i. K.itis., .Ian. 1.—Ex-Gov"Mior \V. .1. Rail, y In tin iuti-rvit v.- I'ere today saiii: ".VftT dolib- i!:i !ion I IKIM" concl'idcd to say ii th" convention on March -!rh temP ;• tur (eive -nor. • ol.eled. I wi'l [endeavor :<i .so aiimiiiister ;li.' jiffaii- leff for Iter 111 IIK" oilWe of CovcrtK'r so as to r- tiert credit Uli 'in the sta .te. • ar.d wil; i.cosni^e no l"d.-; frieii.'.--- In the Re- tinhliraa party, <-iibor past, present It fiauro."' Mrs. Mavy Raker-Eddy is soiug to spjud ai nliliicn dollars heliiinu' the loor. we, pnjp ."^e to try migb'y har.l to be deTorvinc. i ihis nomination ] -.vill .-iccpi it. and I'f-e. ?iii,eiiii: Stale .Vational Ri-.nk o" I < ;:;la:i'.)ma City. $lT..'.'i'>. .\pp'ir ;.tiei'.^ j :roTii !\v(r,'y more bank? t .ne in . n ja:>pr<.veil and porrloa.s of the I 'uiil I'.il be d''p:)s"te,i witii ti em within i I I I. w days. Wlalionui b.iiiks niav, i 'Ciir • this y fnim Kansas Citv eiti:. I- in carfh or exchariiie. The scho -.Jl land Po .ird at a nie.-<.} .f.; todHV coiniileted the details for. sclioo! funil^ ; LOST—Carmen bracelet. Inlt^ X» on it. liir.voen"2Il ,\orfh .lefferstyi and . e.-i sir.ti i'icture show. RetCrh to _''I .Xonh .lerferson. Mrs. Satlfsr. / LOST—Bi'lv- -cu' Second and iBack- f-ye sire.^ts rn Madison, a lady'i locfr ' t. .-ho > vlri'ie. with rad. wrltA and L -re.;; sets on outside and w-Ith"a lit­ tle f'lrl of i:; ir inside. I^eave %t of­ fice ar.d wo v^ii; r,.^t'?fy »he flnd ^ir tof liis tmublc —.T. \I. .Mason. tiy fiist mor' II ii.'r cel.: i iini: i ; >iiii:j; mom y fr.iiii thi • I lari '.ieis to he seciir .^d u en f.irin lands t i ;i their value. .•^ecrofxry .Marr is today S' ;i i;at> a:in whieh to make a;'p;'.c: li'Jii {• V faiiii loins to oarh coie- iMtuity in the s 'ate. Ixianinsc tli" -clioo! nioii»y ou farms i.s ai :t':ori ;'.e,l I.y the ciTstitiiti .in and liy a recent ;tt of tUi OUUihoma !ei;isiature. Us Economy To ha;vs ycnr Carpets ; aad Rtigs cleaned by ^ The iob Sag Factory Rings Round Eyes W T.10- The Ills peculiar to vomen. take different fonrj:. : Sonifl ladies suffer, every month, from dark rings round their eyea; blotches on jhelr s|dn and tlied feeling. Others suffer agonies of pain, that vcns can hardly exp .-ecs. * Whatever the STmptoms. rsraember there is one msdiclne that will go beyond mere syinptoin ;%anl act on tho cause of their troubles, the weakened womanly organs. Wine of Cardui Mrs. M. C. AusUn. fd Memphis. Tens., vrites: "For Ave (5) years I suffered vith every'smploa^ of female disease, but after osii^ the veU-kooWb Cardui Home Treatcjent, I vas ^tir^yi^' llfDim ItC A I CTTCD Wftl>%><!«yfor««mco«rarv=IuAbla&4-piWilBas(nttd'BookfcrW<iawk itytm .'if?.

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