Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1908
Page 4
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relephoae*. Reporters' Robm ; ..SSS Budneii Offiqe ..........i 18 l^ntertd it loU, Kanus. Postofflbt, M S«cottd-d «u Hatter. AdverttelnK Rates Made Known on Appilcation. ^UBSCRIPTIjOir RATES. Bj Cutler la Iola,.€liB City, LftByra- ; Title or La Uirpe. One Week 10 centi One Mdnth 44 cents One Y «r 96.00 By Kan. One yMr inside eonnty .12.00 One jcMT OBtside coontj $1.00 Three ^ontns, tn advance ILOO One Month, in adrance .44 OFFICIAI; PAPER, CITI OP BASSET. vhera /M ill iur: Newrork, large'«MH?Mb*^]f«hr dli- borae^iehtB have to be prorided tor." Theael disbursements are very beary, and vill do much to make mouu- more iptentiful. Ih Washington at least 94,000,000 will go into the hands of stoi:kholders lii local and out-of- town <jor|)oratlcn8. The Treasury will make ihcmvy dlsbursemfents also, and It Is exjyected that Secretary Cortelyou wntioon call on the depository banks;for,money requisitioned by the government disbursing ofllcers. These (.sums iK-lll thus go directly into the channels of business, through banks and ulhcrwise. fructifying trade and reducing the interest on loans. Tbu^. in spite of the usual slackening ot certain manufacturers during the holidays, and in si)lte of the incurable wail of pessimism, the country (atei ISOS with renewed courage and vylth the prosi>ect of greater prosperity than ever before.—Wa.shIngton: Post. itEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. : The loU Daily Register Is a member ei the AsBOcIated Press and Receircs tbe day report if that groat news or- gaalsation for ExclaslTe Afternoon Pttbl(ciEUoB In Iota. The "-nlslit came on, the good wife smiled To Kcr.self she softly said. "Thanjt God, were happy, healthy and liriKht, We ali take Rocky Mountain Tea at rilsht." liurreir.s Druj; Store. I'ROSPKUITY WIXS OIT. The "'panic" has been havins a hard time trying to live to the end of the year. Prosperity is rapidly reducing I ;;,;";;,",.^i;"enj""„f™(;^'d^' ^ad7"and To rontractors. lola, Kansas, Dec. 7, '07. lola Township will let bids on ma- c.-idani road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky street i^outh of Kim creek, beginning the paPic to a skeleton of its former, onc;-lialf mile or to place self. Many cities have resumed cur-|jpg,g„.j,p,, ,,y lownship board. rency payments, the holidays have FIREMEX HAD GOOD. TIME AT FIFTH AXXl'AL SEW TEAR'S BALL.* .Verle Canalsey h .Married—Directors of (.'as I'lly State Bank Trans'^ acted liontiae Bnslaess. Directors Met. The directors of the Gas City State; Uaiik held their reKuiar quarterly nieeting Monday night. No business jollier that of the regular routing j was dis|)<«ed of. The report of the cashier shows that the business Is in: the liest of condition. .Ilerle Canatsry Is Harried. . Word was received here yesterday tli :i4 Canaisey. formerly of this city, liiit n(i\v of Shawnee. Okla.., is i!i;ini(!. His 1)ride was Miss Lena Kcii!! y. a very prominent >^oung; so-: < i.-iy iady of Shawnee. Okla. -Merla is well kiKivvn in this city and has a; nnnilipr of friends who extend con- .:;ratiilallons. The happy couple will' •.\h(-re -Mr. Canat.sey has a gcxwl position with thp Shawnee, Okia., Street Kuihvay company. Second one half mile beginning one been called oft in the \\est and the ^.^^^ „f ^i^.^^ on West street premum on currency in New York jhe west end of mac.idam road hail dropped » Jrifle. with im lea- one-half mile to , des tions that It will disappear within a, , board, week. Contldence has returned to ev-! -j-^j^j h^,f „,„^ ^„ g^^,^ !tr°et jwo and one-half miles south 'if We«t. C (uiitnenclng at Abraui •uirtheast corner fotice west one-half mile. Ki -e liiierinralions on file at County '.'lork's olllce. llo.-td reserves right to .•iV«ct ;|ny niid all bids. K. 1.. IIAUNIIAHT. Twp. Clerk ery corner of the country. The Chrlst- .'niis buying wa-s-hbavy. everything ct)n i;lderf<l,: ami in some place.*; it excelled that of last year. Mills and factories «i-e iirtiparlns for an active business early ii< the new year. One. <if the big Westlnf ;li ()nsi> plafils In l'iit->lmrg olosiHl down Uei -tMiiber expfotlitK to make repstlrs and re- sunte opt -rutlons oit .laimary .s. Hnt.ait . order for $2.ttiio .^(»0 worth of work entuf iiv, the nM>alrs are beliiK bustled night ami day. and the plant will be- giti oite.ratloiis oil .liiiniaiy 2. A ills- patch from Clevel^iiid .iiinoiniies that several •manufaetiMers theje have jir- r.inged lo n'siiiue .business .laiiitary ,(1, KfvliiK *oik to IO;iUiO men. who weie made lille early in the imnle. Tl^t Amorlcjvn Sliiplnilldlng company is to t.ike bark '<.000 nten. The AmiMiean Steel aiHl Wire company Is to take on several ilhnn.sand nUdttional men early tn January. The 5herwln-Wijllani5 I'aint cjiiuiwiny. tfhieh called in it» 2 .'iO saU-smen in Oclohcr, will send them oiil on the ro:id asain next week. The mercantile agejiey iviKirts am full of Teassuring- items. •The consumption of staple commodities Is not perceptibly diminished." .says Dnu 's. "The banks furnished currency more 50 Fathoms Deep WAY down on the bottom I "J of the »^ under three I hundred feet of water is the ' favorite home of the codfish. ! The ice-cold water of Norway andtheNwtKAthntkb his foy; He has the power to grow fat iindcr severe surroundings. The same nahital power Is in Sciitt's Emulsion of^KlUvcrOil. Nahireher. selfput it there. This power produce* new iksh and new life in those who suffer from %vaiUnj diseases. AB^Dnv^iMc ud SIM. AM. TIIK TUOOPS TO STAY. Ilu( Mile Ciimiuiuies nt (•oldtieid Will ConNlllute Two. Washington, Jan. 1.—The war de li.'trimeui h;i.s been In corr <>.s|ion<leiu' by te!egra|ih with Oeneral Kmistoii In S;in l -'ranelsfo re !;itive to the dispo- •iition of the troops at Coidlleld In oonforniatlon with the iiresldeiit's In teutions to nialnt.iln the force ther pondinR the meeting of the leslslatiire of N'evadn. General Kiinston Intended a riHliiclioti 111 the tiiiiiiber of troops at he mining camp, but the war depart tiieiit his decided to retain there all of the present force numbering 28,3 men but to consolidate the nine com I'j'.iiies Into two. How to .Vvold IMienmonia. Von can avoid pneumonia and other serioas remits from a cold by taking Foley's Honey and Tar. It stops the cough .nnd expels the cold from the system as It Is tnlldly laxative. Refuse any bu(' tho seiuiine in the yellow package.. Hiirrell's drug store. 39 GASSER.S IN DKCE.MBER. Is the Iteeord for the Kansas' (Jas Field. (IJartlesville Enterprise.) Kansas pot a move on itself in Do- -and completed M wells, «if which number ".0 were gassers and eii;ht wore failures, the new oil pro- <ynction being 100 bbls.. the heaviest of the year and !.'> wells are drilling the Xovember record being 3."> complete tlohs. 7" bbls. new production seven dry holes. 2."? passers and nine dVlUIng wells. The Has volume w:w considerably Increased during December, one-well at Chanute testing .*10,- OOO.nno oublc feet, and a number In Montgomrey and Wllcon counties test- InK IS.OiWl.OOO to 20.000.000 feet each A test-Is now drilling at Caldwell S-.imner eounty. 30 miles west of any gas and near the Oklahoma line. t/ii^ Glaze is W^holesome Protection \ There is a giaze of ifresh eggs and pure granulated sugar on Arbuckles*' Ariosa Cbffec that does not improve its appearanceg tut keeps its aroma and flay or intact, and protects it irom coji- taminating odors and the dust of the store. Arbuckiss' Ariosa CofiVc cornf-'.tt- v. lib . aU the requircKnenL; cJ: tl:e Hc^ttonai Ptire Food Laws—Official Guai\.iiteo Ho. 2041 filed at Washisgioa—aad is Colfce Uendedfor ecoccmy, flavor and health. No omilar coffee is soM Jlocscby the pound* or under aay other naice^or |iy any other You hap/e our word for it, that KO one can duplicate Ik cr sell ainy ec ffee as good; for' anything nearj the same price. Frank Delanejr Living. Frank Delaiiey, f<irmerly of this city but now of Itartlesville. Okla.. says that he is still alive. .A mysterious tele; !:rani was recelvtd IKMO last Saturday »'venins telliuK of the death la Bartles* ville of a foriii<>r (las City barberj Since there is no other Gas City har^ ber in llartlesville it was naturally sufiposed to be Frank. NEWS OF U HARPE DEFENDS THE NAVY Y.VTKS Sernlnrj Meleiilf ,Siiys American Hal- Ite.shlps .Vre the Hest. I..V ll.lltl'i: \\\\.\. .MFKT CKNTKK DKIt.VTINtJ CONTKST. Washington. .Ian, I.—Since I 'Uiiiivt aioiiiid Cape lloiii NOCOUNCIL MEETING TONIGHT ' Kvaius. re li.n iiltaik iiiinii constnit'llvc ini-,h(idii behind • liiiildili;; of .\iiii<rleiiii wanibliis. A |Moii <iiienl itiriciil iii:i".a/.ini> (•a^rle^ (iiltl .S OF TIIK IHM'ltl.I'l.KOriM'l .ni an attack on tl>i> ni.ihod of aniioiini: KNTFinAIXKI) I,VST KVKMN«. :c;ir shiii.s from a iiiaii who has long jwrllleii end plitnreil .\nii "lea 1 baltle- 'slitps. The ;>llarU I'.nisi'il fnii^ld'T.ilili' liiMiinii'ni. ami it !.-: OMI.\ I-.OW that the .>Ir«. Ifemlej Is Very Ill-There is no .I/. M -I.MO.I IS aiiswi r. • Vl.'ior ilowani .Mi -UMir. :;(irfiarv "f ]il!r navy, coiiirs Id liK ilefeiise with jilH- iiiv .illvo slalfii 'iMii tl'.it Anierleaii : 1 ai;h'.<bips are tin- In-st that sail the i '--iMS. •'Tills cilllclsni of our etin.'-tnic • jlivc methods Is the hekht of ))resiiin| Sriinol Today—I,a llarpe News Notes and rcrsoiiiils. No Counrll .Mn-Ung Tonltrlil. The city council will not iin-et igiilar session this i -venliii;. nm itioii," (le< laics .Mr. Metfjiif. "Ili're Ini'inc mail (rerenlii,:; to Ive .iti'/ilahl am' ar Ills articlf in .McCiiin-'.^i who is no: meeting nlRht. because today is New a naval <xi'.eri. who ha.< never at- Years day. .Mayor S. T. Creen said ica:>iti <i to coiisiriK 1 the snialle .st jtari yesterday that thiMe would Uc an a-l' FINANCES OF 1907 Mill start January 6th. The annoimcenieiit that the Kaiisaa Piinlaud Cement comiwio' will Jrei- Slime operation on the sixth of JaiiUr ary aKalii Is ret elvtsl with a ureal deal Year Will Go Down in History With „f by a ureal many CUV 1857. 1873 an?l 1893. j p. nio,-. .V iiiiiiiliir of (h »S City liieii I liav.< liiMMi oiil of i-iiiplovineiit shiee New Yorl;. .Ian. I - Thi> yiar i:>ii7 ;the pl.iiit ba .s l.ivii closed. ; will i;o down Willi l,s:,7. |s7:! iiiiil l*;'.'.!' —— ; as oar of the |«aiilel<y years In .Niiuri-' ||;ii| a l.'ooil Time, can llnalici'. but dt -splti' llie n-inarl; ; Tin- liftb annual .\"ew Year's {MII! aM<< vlrt'ss an-l strain to which tin- rivi-i' by the niiMubers of the Cas (fltv llii :iiicl:it striici nil' bus IHTII Miliji'i -t- fw,. ,|,.;i ;iriiiii'iii was. if |vosslbli>, i;ran(| il till' ..-ar cloii's Willi coiiillll'ins -i cv.'V In fori". .\ full orcliejtlrit siroiieiT aiiil s:ifi>r than llicy wi 'ii-! tuiiii lliimbobli furnished Ihe music wli. II 111' viar ln':;aii. | -nil all present seemed to have a ghotl Tl'f yi ar opi'ie i! vyitli tho r <'i 'lln'^. lit ii-. The hall was |iri>tilly ilecorcteil in I iiiiscrv.iiivi' ipiaitcis that sp'ciila- f<u il .e occasion. lion had alr< ady ln -cn carrb'd to aiij iinwarraiitrd IIOI K I H aed that iiniilcncj I'ersomils. ' was Imposed by eonilltioiis upon bank- K K. S .ott riMiiriied yesterday from' ers ai:il caiiitallsls. Tlial fffliii'.; oi>- r »;, ;onia. .where he has been on a • rated to sonic cxi nt Iliroiii;boiil tle> I.MIIIIIIK trip. '••ar ami that tbi 'n> wa.< w .--ciiiclty of: .\. I. Ryylc returned yesterday fj-out eapiial for absorbing new seciirltli-s .Mn .int .'iiii Crove. .Mo., where he ha^ v,as liiillcatt'il bv the diiiiliilshi'd liaii-, ln 'iii on a business visit. ' - -actriiis in stocks and bonds on th"' .1. W. Wlli ;iis went to IMiiua ycstor- .\ew York stock «-xci.aiige. jday on a Inisiness visit. ' Tho source of tli:> pressure upon! P. .1. MrLaiifrhlin. of Winfield, was ilie money market is Indicated by the here yesterday.- .•r a anil who has never J large is.-fiies of securities wliieh toolv i C. .M. liarlev moved to town yes' ..I.-.' • 1 ^ • . - .r- .1.. „„l,i u.,. t^.^. joilriied meetln.^ some time belwejii |''oniniaMibi! even a steam yaelii. yet a<nv and the next rennlar meeting to ihe sa.Mi lo the .\ni'Miian people that dispose of the bnSiues.s. the :;!;li>s of their navy are in such bad roiiilliio'i 'hey aie not really Ifi'-'litiim iiiar-liine-i -W all. It Is ali- siird. Still the :nl:ick se '-nis to have aroused sii;>h alarm that it is only Takes on Yates Center. The La Harpe hli:h school will meet Ihe Yates Center high schiKil In a joint, debate, essay, dcciamatiun and oration j ri!;ht tliat the iieople should know tli contest. The date of this cimtesi has truth. Ship for slilii. j ;iiii for gun. ni 't been decided uiion only that it will b« some time it\ March. The sub ject lor the debate and rules regulating the contest will be made later. >o School Today. The Lii llarpe s .liool children are having another vacation today. The luembers of the Imard of education Iirovided that New Years day lie a holiday for the students when arraiiKC nient for one week's vacation was made. School will be held the same as usual again tomorrow. .Urs. Keniley III. Mrs. nem'ey. mother of .Mrs. .1. K. White, of this city, is lying in a very serious conditloii at the home of her daughter. She is suffering from complications as the result of a full from chair last Friday mornlnp. .Mrs. I Remley is an old lady, seventy-seven years old. Friday morning while sitting In a rocking chair she fainted and fell forward striking her face on the floor. Her condition today is thou.t;ht to l>e critical. iTUVBrTvT.7=l lii;oa,iISg|r -ZaOc. jpar Was a Leap Y«*ar Party. The home of .Misses Kva and Ilessie -nwrence was beautifully dec<irated last evenliig especially for the leap year party given by the jiirls of the Double-Four club. Fortune telling booths were conspicuous and prettily draped gj'psy forecasters of human lives tripped about in a most pleasing manner. Elarly In tho evening the young i)eople played Raines approi>ri- ate to the old year but as the time for the ol* year to be ushered out aiid tho new In these games were stopped and games to be played in ISO.S were the source of amusement. Covers were laid for the following: Misses Clara L,aury, Clara Wilson. Garnet nenham, Rilla Egle, .Mice Barker. Hattle Ferris. Elsa Stevenson, Eva Lawrence, Bess Lawrence, Gertrude Martin, Messrs. Willis Kerr. Charles Laiiry. Will Laury. John Ashley. George Donald, Grover Jones, Harry Zelgler. Leoni Runyan, Ralph Bennett and Ralph Maxson. Pprsonals. Frank Postom, brother of .Miss Postom. is the guest of his sister this eek. His home Is In Eureka, Kas. Mrs. Ida Conkey. of Pleasanton, 1^ the guest of .Mrs. Ira M. Benham today. ', Mrs. Arnold, of Carlyle. Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ricketts. W. J. Waters wa.'' in Ipdeiwndcnce. Kas.. yesterday on business. Miss Llllle .McGlunis went to Moran yesterday to visit. Miss Uattic Ferris is on the sick list. J. J. Hartan. of Wichita, was here yesterday on a business visit. man f<ir man. the Aiiierlean navy Is the e<|iial. If not the superior, of any navy in the world. We wi;l take the criticism of the w.iter line armor belt fi -r Instance. This iiian says thai only a small part of it appear above the water, leaving the s.^condary armor li protect the ship, lie doi s not men tlon the fact that there Is but one Inch difforeiice In the armor, one beiiiK 11 and the other 10 inches. It Is well known that even in siill water there are wave <'|-ests and w;ive valleys be side :• moving sliip. In aiiytbliig of ; s(-a the vessel roils. e\>io ,iiir .r be most vulneralile part, the liottoni tie low. the water line. The vitals of tho ship are there. The ••Jieiii,'- may shoot away almost all the snper.^irueliire but If the enuliie and other iiiaehlnery protected the >!iip still can IlKht on. That Is u-hat wo are after. Other nations are now following our exam l>!e in the distribuilim of armor. Secretary .Metcalf's defense of the navy and his proud bo;ist of It.s world supremacy will fmil a rrady in ilie .\merlcnn. Secretary •Aleicalf halls from Oakland. CaUf. Me was a con- "lessman for three terms, enlerlng the iiresideni's cabinet July I. 1001, as srcretary of commerce and lahor. He became secretary of the navy Deretii- ber IT. liliM'.. pace diirlii.? several years prior tojiti'day. He reerntly sold his farm- the crisis. Statistics comi)iled by|S'n:',li of this city. — ; a leadlnji rinnneial joiinial In Bru.s-; sels show.Ml that the total issue j AN I>SII>IOrS 1>.V>'GER. thtoiighoiit the world averages fori One of the worst features of kidney 'he four venrs ending litOfi. about T!-- 1 trouble is that it is an Insidious dis-. 100,000.000 annually. In the United ense and before the victim realizes his States. the ..::ue of stocks for thoidaniiier he may have a fatal malady.' eleven nioiilhs of 1907 were $7r.7.350,- Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the first .-.eo. and of i.onds and nol.-s. $!>7:;.I >!I0.- 'sij;n of trouble as it corrects Irrpjru- PILES CrRED IS « TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to care any caae or Itching, Blind, Bleed- ins or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. GOc. nONT WASTE MONEY OX -FAT" DOfTOKS! Anybody Can Ri-duro Fat at Home. If you arc fat and wish to reduce 'luickly dim't so to a self-styled obes- ty •Poctor": be your own specialist. Appropriate to your own use the simplest instructions given here and you will be as capable a fat-reducing expert as there is in the land. The quai- ificatioas are few and the trifling. Secure from your drugRlst one unbroken ounce jiackage of Mar- ir.ola. one-half ounce Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic. amTthree and one- half ounces Syrup Simplex, all of which are Iioth cheap and plentiful in nny drug store. Take them home and mix them together by shaking well in a large bottle. Y'ou are now ready to become ?. successful fat reduciuK specialist withont further training or nreparation. Simply take a teaspoon ful of thi.? pleasan' mixture after each meal and at bedtime and you will make more progress taking off yaur excess flesh in thirty days than all the "experts' In the land could accomp!i 'j .h In h .Tif .1 year. This methiwl of get- tin.s rid of flesh is, moreover, not only sure and safe but appeals strongly to the average fat i>erson. man or woman, for it gets results without Interfering with one's diet or lazy habits— it does the work of exercise. •ion. making .">m). lip a total of $1,7:!1,::!!),- Try a Want Ad. in the Register. larities and prevents Brlght's disease, and diabetes. Biirrell's drug store;; Try a Want Ad. In the Register. $f,ooo«oo For Ally Substance Injurious to Health Found In CaKumet Baking Powder "Best By Test" The Only High Crado Bakt.-rg Powdoe Cold at a Moderate Price. Gomrlies with ali ST&TE and NATIONAL Purs Food Laws. AI! Grocers Arc .\uthorIzed to Guarantee This Holiday Candy 10c per pound, 3 pounds 25c. There Is this to say for the future life, whatever It is: you won't be humiliated by receiving 'a Christinas present from someone to whom you failed to send one. •EO. A. 80WLU8, PrealdeM. / THOS. H. BOWLUa, Caahtar. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30«0OO.O0 DIRBCTORS A. W. •eck, L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. X Evam, J. O. Ho <nr» Seo. A. Bowlua, Thoa. H. Bowlua. ¥f£ISSUE OUR OWM ORAFW8 OH AU EmOPEMHPOUm •AFCTY DEPOBIT BOXES FOR R^NT FROM « to |i FER VIAIL

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