Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 6
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6 NEWS OF GAS CITY JOHN YKISLKY, ILL WITH POISON. »ILL KKI.OTKK. HIS CONDITION IS IMPROVED HOI»V OF niFK SHIPPED TO AV.i, .H«~ rOK BrRIAL. Clidral (lull Pn'jHirIng f<ir Another (t'lmrt -School Out for Vacation rhiirsday Kvoninfr. Yeisley Will Recover. ' .I«t!iii V.-isl.y of West LaGranRO, who lK^^ lii.ii critically ill with pto- ;iiai!n: iioisoiiiti;; since last Friday pv- • iiinjr. ni:ii wlios<> wife difil Parly ycs- u-nliiy M;(»)i!i:iK from the same cause, .s r>t'(in<il iiiitch hcttcr today and the iitti'iuliiii.'- pliysiciaii now believes that 111- ;i s |i !iMiiiiii chance to recover. Mis. Wire, a sisti-r ot Mr. Yeisley. lias artiv.ii li.-rc from, her home in Siilliifi. K:is.. to in caring for li 'T liioiluT ilnriiiK iiis illness. I THBIOLA JAILT.BBCaBCTB, TPECTAY ETEmO, TDECEMBEB 82. 1908. Bl'TTEK nil PER POrVD. Price It Wai Hoar to la Vhka«o U Milk llM to Be Puteariied. Vacation Days in Sight. Til- i.iii.Iii- schools will he tlisiniss- .-.1 'i'hiirsilay .•viMiiiijr for the Christmas lioliiia.vs. School will reconvene alui- N- » Year's. ChlouKO. Doc. That the price of hliner hero will soar Jo |1 a poijiid If u new ordinance providlnK thut all hiitler niiiHi he lutHtr-iirlzed in enforced i8 predicted by Suniiiel ShlliliiK. a dairy authorlt.v. "There are only two concerns In ChicagQ." he says, "that are equlpi'ed to pasteuclie milk. The others almp- Jy will not he able to wjniply with the ordinance by the first of the .vear. and (he re.snlt wil] be that if It is enforced there will be no butler to sell. "The outfit for pasienrizins costs about $."iOU. .\fter the i)lani is installed the cost Is liiile or nothing. The iioint is .that the firms are making no move to put in the machinery." Hutter men generally are of the >pinion that pasteurizaficm will not in iny way make butter better or purer and are uuwilling to .';pend the money for tnachinery to comply with a law that seems to them only the exjires- •sion of a passing fad. It is likely .that \w dairymen will ado;;; an attitude of "iiassive resistance." until a test case can lie made. To Cleveland, Kas. Mis William'.Ionian left Saturday I ^ciiiiic fill- Clevelatid. Kas.. to Join li. r lin<li:iii(l who lias bought a black i ^iiiilli >li"ii ill that tcnvii aii<|- when ih- f:iniih will n-side Jn the fulurr Prepare for Next Number. 'I'lu- '.',.1 . i'ii> Choral eliili lull III.- ill' ss •<! ^>iiin ill the lilnh sclioii) iiiiiMiir'. l ;i .i iviiiiiii.',. The flnaiK -iai I' 111 111' lii" I'liiii conceri wan and ill (1 :inil :iri :iii-iiiiricts wiTi- made fin ;iiii)lli. r ciiiicirl wiiicli i.-! to be civeii III III' iif.ii (iitiip'. T)if Clliirii} I 'lul) will n\o iiuiiilpi'is ill the Has City bci .Kf course, due, liowever, has iilii-aily lii -cu iiivi'ii. till' concert on till- iMiiiuj; .if l)<celillii'r 1.". ill the Clirisliati <lnircb being well altendeil iiiid liiiilily successful, both from s!;irnl|ioiiit of merit ami finance. Body Sliipped to Missouri. The body of .Mr.^. John Yeisley. who died early yesterday morning from tlie effects of ptomaine poi.soning. \v;is sliiiij" d lo .Mo. last evening for burial. To Miami. Okla. Ira Varkhurst. of Miami. Ok'la.. who lias ix-n in (Jas for several ihiys visiting relatives, left yesterday for his home. A Christmas Entertainment. .\ Oiirisfmas entertainment will be given in the Gas City Chriatian church on Thursday evening. There will be an elaborate program and all are cor- iliallv liivite.l to attend. Personals. .T K. Ifiiiiter wan H pa.«sen.ger on the Tola 'I\li ctric car which yesterday ool- lid. li witii a wagon, the team of which \v:is being driven by .J. K. Wert. Mr. Wilt Ilirown to the ground, re- ciivi!i= a broken arm. I. r <'-.vl''r. of lola. si'cnt yesterday In CioS n:: lilNiness. I>aiil. IC. ."^iiiith. of the firm of Smith 'I'r:ivis iif Inla. and secretary of the r.'i.ri C.iijit.v Kair a.s.«ociation. was li'Tc III! insurance business yesterday. POLLTHY UANTKD. Highest market prlers paid In cash. I aiM today paying For nuuilter one hen turkeys 10 to 11c >'o. one young loni turkeys lu to lie Numlier one liens 7c >'unther one springs tc Nnmher one ducks tlJac >unilH'r one geese ."i^c Nuniher one broilers under 2-lbs...Hc It. S. KAI{>AK». Hydes, Furs. .Innk, Jonllry. Kggs, KIc. .Ij4>:t2(> North Kuekeye, lola, Kansas. IN .«K.M(»KY OF l»KAI» OFFUKKS. A Service lesteriiay for Pulroluien Killed lu IMschurge of Duty. South Side Square Favorite Store Kansas Ciiv, l)<'c. L'l'.—I'atroliiieii killed ill llie disi'Iiaine of duty Were I 'liloiJly.ed yesterday aflenionu liy the -peakers at I lie iiii'iiiorial services held III the monument in frmil of the city liiill. I'roteh-iaiil and Catliijlii-, lua.vor and ciii.^Mi told how Iheir friends and themselves were pniiid lo know iliat Kansas City had iiatroliiien -.villi, did not falter when they saw their duly. C. .1. Dillon, throiigii whose efforts the nioiiunient wjiJi erected; .Mayor T. r. Crittenden: the Kev. .(ame.-s T. Walsh, pastor of Our l.«idy of (lood Counsel church: the Kev. Hurris A. Jenkins, pastor of the binwood Houle- vard Christian church, and KKiott li. Jones si)oke. A. K. (Jallagher, the otli-, er iioiice commissioner, was alisent from the city. Although the deaths of .Michael P. .\lullane and Albert Doiljow was the jirincipal cause of the service, no names were mentioned. Triluites were paid to every patrolman whose name was inscribed upon the monument. Kach sjieaker loid of tlie duty that the Ijolice owed the citizen and that the citizen owed the pidiceman. .More than one hundred patroliuen and officials of the police departmeiit and several hundred citizens attended the services. FOR USEFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS Just Received By Monday's express. 26 new Tailored Suits for ladies and misses—the latest ideas in finish, style and workmanship are embodied in these beautiful garments and the present prices for Wednesday and Thursday will save you from One-fourth to One-balf Don'L Overlook this Coat $10.(10 Coats at !!!.'|.«I,S IL'U.UO Coats at m.K $l."..iiu Coals at K-VI J-'.'i oil Coats at iHKUO $ IS.nil Coals at *«.:.'• ?.''.uo Children's Coats al. tiM High Grade Gift Goods at Popular Prices Table l.ineii, L' yards wide, .^anl . Sric Table liineii, beautiful iialleiiis .... $l.r.ii Silk Head Scarfs. s|iecial $l.mi and ll.'.r. Kancy Silks, at $7.'<j> Silk I'uder.skirls. special .\cwest Fancy Lisle Thread Hose Kegular $i.r.U Pure Silk Hose $1.1'.". Fur .\eck Scarfs al $."'» Fur .Veck -Scarfs al $7 .riO Fur Neck Scarfs al ^ $:!..''.0 Li»ji.g .'^iiede Kid (llove.-;, .special Ladies" Silk Shirt Waists, a special lot, wliile Ihey last, . $1.98 Choicre $1.50 and $1.1.'0 Hand liags, choice HAI-F PRICE 95<ft .SPECIAL— Ladies" new Ulack Yoiie Skirts, in a number of pretty models; the sjiccial price will save you about one-third. « One lot -Joc Ladies' Handkerchiefs, embroidered edges, sijecial 15^ Special Handkerchiefs prices...*{(•-. .•><.., iOC, i2C' and up to 98^ ^ 8T0RE OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9:30 P. 1^. ^ CHAlFFKrU.S ON A STKIKE. -More Than 2 .(1110 .Men Are Out in Xew York, Try a iii'iiister Want Ad. .\ew York. Dec. More than ti.dOO •all drivers and diaiiffeiirs employed by liviries and <-ab coneerns are ou strike today, according to ICdwIii {loiild. secretary of iln- Liberty Dawn iibsociation. and I.UHU more are uwail- iig the call of the union to join in tin movement. The emiiloyers not yet affected by the strike order have lieeii given twenty-four hours lo grant the demands made by ibe union. I'liless the actions of tlie employers Ctianute Girl Weds. ICva (Jmien. a daughter of) is favorable, said .Mr. Could tcKlay.'the Ci uific .M. ();;<leii, 1ii22 North Santa^ lie-up of the city's cab service prac- I'e ny^iim: and J. L. Kaines wont tOiHcally will lie <-onii>lC'ie by tomorrow, lola this afU'riioon and were married j I'tilike the strike of taxicab men SPV by rrn !,riic' .Iinl.e Smith. The young ernl weeks ago. there has been no conpl" wil! ntiirii to Chanute on the violence of any kind In the present jt 'iiu' touiy!)!, anil will make their strike. Severa' <( the affected eoin- iiniii.' hep' for the present. The groom )ianies sent out cabs and motor cars is employi-d in Oklahoma.—Sun. today under police guard. Afraid of Ghosts Many people are afirmid of ihoft*. Few people are afraid of ^mu. Yet the Cheat it a fancy and the germ is a (act. If the term ooold be ma^fied to a tize equal to its terrors it would appear more terrible than any fire-breadun( dragon. Germs can't l>e avoided. They are in the air we breath*, the water we drink. The term can only proaper when the condition of the system t>ves it free scope to establish itself and develop. When there is a deficiency of vital force, languor, restlessness, a sallow cheek, a hollow eye, when the appetite U poor and the bteep is broken, time to ^uard against the ^rm. You can fortify, the body against all ^rms by the use of Dr. Pierce's Gold, en .Medical Discovery. It increases the vital power, cleanse* the system of clug^int impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition in working condition, so that the germ 6nds no weak or tainted spot in which to breed. " Gofden .Medical Discovery" contains no alcohol, whisky or habit-furnMng drugs. All its ingredients printed on its outside wrapper. It is nut a secret nostrum but a medicine OP KNOWN cuMrosiTio .s and with a record of 40 yean of cures. Accept no Mibslitute—there is nothing " just as good." Ask your neighbors. TAXES TOO HIGH DISTRICT OFFICERS LEVIED TOO MUCH TRIBUTE THIS YEAft. Taxes Should Have Been Lower, But Were From $10,000 to $15,000 Higher Per County. Iv. Or. Beck Practitioner of SUOQESTIVE THERAPEUTICS A Science through which disease is ellmfnated from the body without medicine or surgery. Member of the National and State AssochitluD of Suggestive Therapeutics. Consultation Free Tdepfaone 1091 Rooitas 5 N. Sycftmore (Kansas City Journal.) Topeka. Kas., Dec. The state la.x coiiiniissioii, in its report to tin Ii -Sislatiire. will censure tax officer;of the state for ievyiuK more tribute from the ta.xpayers than lliey should (luring the paiil. year. All told, the coniniisKioners believed tliat over $1.- ODU.ijiMi more has lieen raised by taxation than ii was coiilemplaied should be raised. of the excess tribute was levied by .schi;oi district officers. officers are not accused <jf wan tcmly doing it, but of carelessness. If they have iioi, dissipated tlie revenues, rliey should be in position next year to get through on an exiri-mely small levy. Didn't Figure Closely. "The taxing offtjers bad no idea, it seems, what an addilloiiai mill levy, for instance, meant on tlie new as- .sessment." said S. C. Criimnier. tax conimissroner. today. ""They didn't stop to ti.irure it nut closely. Very few of theni split their levies into a fraction of a mill. Where one mill •.vouidn'i raise enougb tiii-y simply added another mill instead of a fraction of a mill. .As a result iliey have raised I 'ore inoney than the jiurposes de- I.landed. .Aa tuar as I can figure with ;aii.-tics al hand the SCIUHJI dlstri.cls :ilime raised $l.(ioU.<MiU more tliis time than they did Ihe ycur before. The increase is rui.iiing from JIii.uuo to $1 .7.- ijiiO per coiif.ty." Had the special se.-..-iiou of the leg- :?latiire ia'-t year followed Ihe recom- i,ieudations of the tux comiiiissioners there would be uo excessive tax levies to reiKirt. The rommiflaioners tirge<l (he eiiactnieat of a law that would prohibit la.viiJg officers from raising nIIy more money during the year than 'ihey did for (he year before. That wftuld have kept the revenues about where they were before. , Hut the 165 itr.cnibers of the legl.^lalufe thought their combined wisdom was greater Uian that of the tax cummlsBoiuers on tliis subject, bo (hey enacted a law 'the taxes of the year before, 'i'hat is how ii hajipi'iis that the people are called upon in pay Sl.nnu.iidii nmre for maintaining their public iintiiiiiioiis including st:hools. liiis year than ilie.v paid la^'The slate lax is $.",.l)i)l).l»i)l) less Ibis \ear than last and if the local taxing officer.s bad sJiowii I lie .same bii .'-ineSK jildgnieut lliat the state laxiii.g offic- ?i'.s dill the TPoi'ie.s taxes would be iiiiicli lower this year. .\s it is tlio l.TXes oil iiidividiia '8. as a rule, are not aiiicli liivlier. Perhaps tliey are les: jii half the iiiiliviiliiais on accoiiiii i I reailjiislnieiit of values and als owing lo the fact that the state tax loinniission put tiboiii Ji'.iiii.niiu.uiiu IJi'operiy on Ibe rolls that litiil escajicd taxation liefore. However, had ilie tax business worked out as it slioiild ev rybody's taxes, except Ibe lax dodder would have been luiicb lower. ( urb Tux Officers. The tax commissioners art? now iry iiig to fi.uiire otit what the maxiiir.ini levies should be under assessment. They bope to have the figures in time to iiresent to ilie legislature. "The levies must 'le cm right down to the bone." said .Mr. Crummer, "in order to complete the machinery of he new tax law. l^ocal taxing officers must be curbed when It cornea to fi.\- ing the levies. , If they are not. the whole law will fall to the groiind. The jieople of Ktitisas are in favor of an equitable assessniMit. but they are not n favor of paying a million dollars more in taxes than is needed, jusl because taxing officers don't know !iow to figure." The le.yislaliire no doubt will cut lie levies. It probably wi'l profit by is experience in iunoring the recoiii- luetidutlons of the lux cominissitui last •ear. and pay some attention this lime as to what the commission says on hat .subject. If it doesn't afford some relief in the matter the people, two years hence, are liable to send a lt;;isiailire here that will. Kx-('oiii;ressniau IJowersock of Uiw rence. .says that if the legislature doesn't limit the levies this winter, he will run for governor two years hence on the tax'isjiie and he believes that llie iieop'e will flock to bis siippori. Took ill Here. Mrs. .1. S. Herron who vent to lola for the purpose of .<;pending the hoU days with her son was taken ill while there and returned home last evening. She was reported bett(!r this forenoon and steadily imjiroving. -Pittsburg Headlight. O I. b m:m CJIEKK. We Have Them. lola seems to be the only town in tliis vicinity wliich has the usual iiuni- lirr of Santa Clans letti-rs.—liiile|ieiiil- eiue Ueportcf. Finished the Concrete. Saturday niglit contractor (lilfilliin's force of men fini.shed iayiiii; concrete for the paving around the square. • • • AM the iirick laying is done except on the west side wbieli was started this nioitiing. • • • With good weather and good luck the work should be '•oiupleted by the liist of this week or the first of next.—.\evailt Post. J, O.THOM FaSnimr ama Fapmr Hmmgmr Estimates cheerfully given on all worh Phone 319. Bet, m S. Buckeye. HE WANTS TO KNOW. Haskell Asking Oklahoma If Convict* Will be Sent to Kansas Next Year. Christmas at Home. Miss .Mary Osgood returned Satiir day afternoon from lola where she is teaclibi.' school and will spend the ("hrislmas holidays with her iiarenls. .Mr. and .Mrs. A. .\. Osgood, of East Grand Avenue.—Parsons Sun. A Regular Pastor. At the regular meeting Sunday. Dr. .7. D. Krumni, of Ottawa, who has been filling the pulpit of St. Timothy's church for .several month.s, announced that a regular jiastor would lie secured for the church by the first of the year. , ] Knights Templars Services. L. C. Beaity will preach the annual Ihrlstmas sermon for llie Knights Templar.s. The Service will be lield n the .Masonic liall. There will be special music. A. O. Allen Dead. Word was received by .Mrs. .loliii T. Wood ye.sterday of the death of .\. O. Allen, a former resident of tliis city, at Hushnell. 111. He was a vittlm of paralysis. To(ieku, Dec. 22.—The contract between Kansas and Oklahoma under which Kansas cares for the Oklahoma prisoners will exiiire in January and the state wants to know whether Oklahoma plans to keep her prisoners in the Kansas penitentiary for another year. Thousands of dollars worth Of .supplies will he purchased the first of the year Und before these supplle.s are iiurchased the Kansas official:! want to know about how many prisoners they are going to have to feed during the year. Governor Hoch will confer with Governor Sttibhs about the matter and ho In tuni will take the matter u|) with Governor Haskell of Oklahoma. The contract will expire during the term of Governor Hoch but the new contract will be made by Governor Stubbs. so it i.s important that he be consulted in the matter. .A good many things are likely to hapiien before the contract is renewed, ft is said that Governor Haskell will demand the appointment of a joint commission from Kansas and Oklahoma to investigate the charges made against the officia's of the Kansas institution by Kate Barnard of Oklahoma. It appears uji necessary for Governor Haskell to demand this action for Governor Hoch I had already offered to appoint a com- iiui.s-sion for this purpose and i.s ready, to do it at any time. It Is likely that this investigation will be made before Ibe contract is renewed. TO HOLD INSPECTION. General Wilder S. Metcalfe is to be Here Tomorrow Night. General Wilder S. .Metcalfe is to arrive In lola tomorrow and an- In- I 'mlting the Increase to 2 iier cent aliove the niaxlimini amtmnt that could be raised under the levies of the old law. Levfes i Vn Cent .More, ft hatipens most of the school districts, es |)Pcially, had not levied up to the maximum for (he .vear before. Two per cent increase on what (hey levied would have been all right. .But thpy did not do that. Tbey levied 2 Der flebt more.. tbui the maxntiuni - - " «.^irWo^a!»*»« On account of ill health Miss Klook has resigned her school at Deer Creek to take effect after the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sundayed at Riifua .Martin's near Colony. Quill' a number have been attending church at t^arlyln the past week. .Mrs. Allle SlricUler and daughter, Norene, of Moran are vlnlting relatives and friends In' thin vicinity. .Master Everett l .*iig8treth has had u bad spell of croup the past week. Wm. Clark Kpent Saturday and Sunday lu lola. Earnle .Mull moved to lola laat week. Mrs. A. W. WdlBon caled on Mrs,] Oantt Tuesday afternoon. Mra. HMiAe .Clar)L,i4llft«d wUh Family Reunion. The families of G. W. .Adams and . „ Jtdin Adams will hold their annual "I't'Con of f'ompaiiy -M is scheduled Christmas reunion again this vear. ("'Rl't'he Auditorium. Relatives have begun to come in for, S0 ™1?»">' -M has always iiiade a good the occasion. | To Visit Dr. Bu .is, Kev. Wm. .tones, of Elktown. Teu- neasee. is exnecled here for a visit with his cousin. Dr. J. S. Dr. D.iss has not seen Rev. Jones for ten .veurs and the meeting will bo a jf>y- fiil one. Dr. Has.s and Rev. Jtines ex- liect to leave .Nlondav for Horatio. showine and this will doiibtless be kept ui> to the standard at the coming review by General Metcalfe. IMIUKL'KS (ilOT |3,iNN). M'recked .Safe of Bank at Leito Kansa .H Today. Lebo. Kas.. Dec. 22.— Robbera early today dynamited the safe of the State Ark., and will go from there to l .a-! P.ank at Halls Summit, fifteen miles Grange, Texas. At Second Baptlxt Church. The Christmas exercises of the Second Baptist church will /he given Thursday evening at whlcl( time St. .Nick win put in bi8 appearallije. Rev. southeast of here, secured three thoua and dollars and escaiied. An -explosion wrecked the safe. Patient Improving. ".Vlck" Miller of Piqua. who under- w«nt an operation at St. John's, boii- Gordon.. pastor of the' cfiurcfii wlii plfal Saturday afTernoon is )ra]i)tdl:|^ Im-

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