The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 1, 19-14 Mrs. Roosevelt Answers Critics Says She Has Never Advocated Social .|Jquality Of Races EVERGREEN, Ala., Sept. 1. — Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, accusing ]:oytical enemies o( distorting her views, declared in a. letter, received here today, that she did not ad- vocnlc nice social equality a:>d she pointed out four fundamental rights which slie thought belonged to nil U.S. citizens, irrespective of color. The first lady aired her racial attitude In a reply to a letter from Mrs. Catherine Slalhvortli who had suggested to Mrs. Roosevelt that Jicr ideas about treatment of the 'negroes aros e "from a lack of complete knowledge of the negro situa- llon in the South, particularly in the small towns where there are almost as many negroes as whiles." "Mueli tlml Is Mild nljout my at- lltiide on the negro question is distorted, and exaggerated by people who are opposed to my husband a;id me, and bv those who have deep-rooted prejudices." . "i have never advocated social equality," Mrs. Roosevelt wrote. "In a democracy, however" she explained, "we cannot Imve 12,000.000 [)eo[)le who are denied rights as citizens." Those rights, as Mi's. Uoosevelt summarized them, were: An equal opportunity for employment according to ability and at equal pay for education, for justice before the law, and to participate In ROV- cniment thru the ballot. Keeping Up With The Men In Service Stales, iW.w Is being processed thr.iugli the AAP Ucdistrlbiillou Station No. 2 In Miami Beach, I'ln., where his next, imlgmiiriil will be determined. Sergeant Walters wus n radio operator with 400 hours of conibnt time in a troop carrier Tigers Gain In American League Race p^ By Uniled 1'ress The Detrail Tigers have lightened tlie American League race another notch. They're just one-nnd-one half fames oul of nrst place. The Bengals beat the Chicago White Sox 3 to 2 at Chicago last night lo move up on the first, place New York Yankees, and to within one game of the second place St Louis Browns. Rufe Gentry came out ol his trance to pitch a nine inning game for : llie Tigers. This staggering achievement was Ruffs eighth vic- toryv.of the year and his eighth routc-goirig performance. Just to round things out Rufc held 1 ; the White Sox to eight hits. Johnny Humphries wns the victim He lost his sixth for the White Sox. No-, other major .league games wereVscheduled yesterday. Reorganization Of|Con f ef fence To. B'gvD ijGussed - UTTLE ROCK, Sept. 1. (UP) — Officials of the Arkansas High SqliBol Conference, are going to dis- vF/sETwornl proposals' for'rcorgniii- zall^n of the conference nL a meeting .at Little Rock Saturday nftcr- nobi). President R. B. Brawner of North Little Rock says a committee, headed by Earl P. Qitigley of Little Rock, lias drafted several proposals, inos( of which depend upon the Arkansas Athletic Association for approval. Brawner says the conference officials will also clarify (he membership status of several original conference schools which have alt legcdly neglected conference rules. Also meeting at Little Rock Saturday afternoon will be the Arkansas Football Officials Association. The association will hold Its animal rule discussion and interpretation, and rules and speed tests. Tech. Scifit. O. n. Johnston of, Ark., relurnel from service outside ihc continental United states, now is being processed through i| le Army A(r FO,.^, Rc _ distribution station In Miami Beach, Flu., -where his next assignment will be determined. Sergeant Johnston, winner of the Air Medal, flew 51 missions during six months i" the European theater ns a D-24 radio operator and gunner. His parents .reside In D.vess, where he. attended high sshool. Prior to entering the service in November, 1942, Sergeant Johnston was employed In Mr. and \i rs . Lc(! Moore have been Informed O f die arrival in England of their son, Sergt. Elmer Ray Moore, who J/> with a service company 1,1 th e Second Tank Bat- anon, ue previously had teen stationed nt cnmp Polk, La. Mr. and , Mrs. Moore have another son. Scrgt. Frank Alva Moore, an aerial gunner, who is taking advanced training in Savannah,,Ga. Corp. Mortal Gray, son of Miami Mrs. c. M. Gray of niythcvillc who has been 111 with rheumatic fever for the past two months at the base hos.ultat . nt Kinghinn Ariz., where he is stationed, has liccn removed to the AAF Reglnal Hospital; Santa Ana Air Base Sanla Ana. Calif., where he will undergo further treatment. Capt. Homer smith Jr., who formerly lived in Blythcville, now is serving us a transport' pilot in tile European theater of war, and made several (rips on D-Day transporting paratroopers to lie battle fronts. Captain Smith Is the son of Mrs, Alice Smith who Is employed . with the War.-Manpower Commission in' Little Rock" and Homer Smith Si., of Walnut Ridge Staff Sergt, W. W. (BJ1I) .John.'.in. son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W I Johnson, of Blythcville, recenUy' notified his family that he recently participated in the; longest-raid Hint had yet been pulled, as, he | was in the air for 18 hours. The i targets were Japanese installations in Sumatra. He is n waist'gunner on n B-2D bomber. Staff Scrgt. Horace C.. Walters of Blytheville, returned from service lEule the continental 'United Annual precipitation In thc-U. S ranges from 154 Inches in Death Valley, Calif,: to .'^ii ..inches' at Qulnaulf, Wash .... IHjYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS (turliiB so months in the Southwest J'Hi'ifle, Ills unrcnts, Mr. uud Mrs. J. W. WiUlors, live on Koulc 3, Hlyllicvilli'. Atioiiu'r Qlyliiovlllc mini recently returned from overseas Is Statf Sprat. Mclvln L. fvrrell, who ulso complete 'an Intensive co.urse in rW'M 'Wit;. ut the "Alexandria 'Aflny Air 1 Field, Alexandria, Ln ' mid in the...near ftituru will gp overseas to n combal area. He Is the sou nt Mr, and Mrs, Floyd , ,'JN-J Ji6y E!. Twcedlc'ot WMIievllle, ,)ja? Ijceji promoted to Unit giiidp,fat ,lhe Infaritry^Re- lilnceweiit Tinlnliijf l C'crilcr at Camp Hood, TexiU He is the-son of Clevelnml Tweedle of Route 3. . i'mtarr.isscd Afolori.fl FRESNO, Oal. (UP) — The police judge .thought, he'd heard 'em nil. bill lie confessed this was a new one: A motorist wiio had had his car parked near a big fire was or- ricrpjOy a police officer 'to move it. JP,<* motorist looked at the of- fir.lT.'and then turned and walked away leaving the car where it stood. He explained to the judge: "Why. it woiild have been embarrassing to obey the officer in front of a]| those people." 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