Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY BECtSTER, XrESDAT ETEXIXfi, DEfEXBER 2 *. 1908. Your Turn May Come Next IP YOU were taken pick tomorrow and were laid up for a lon^; time, how would you be fixed to meet the expense? Ever Btop and think of that? Certainly no r«al man wants to be dependent upon friends or charity. Thai's enough to prevent an independent-spirited fellow from ever getting well. It takes money to be a man nowadays, and the only way to have money is to save it litt'e at a time. Look around yon here in this locality: the men who are well fixed and independent today (except those who fell heir to what they have) are the ones who in their younger days, were close dealers and saved every cent. Look the question squarely in the face and ask yourself if it isn't about time you were hftginning to save up at least a little of your wages. We offer every facility and PERFECT SAFETY. —^The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. State Savings Bank GmplimI $25,000 Mm, Kmnmmm Open fmm 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights Cnttlair Down Domini; IIIII. i The people livins "n. ihe road on which DurniJiK hill is located, have combined ro have the steep jjrade ot the hill reduced -this winter. The road is a »;ood road except the hill iiiakp.s it M )iiK )ssible to haul heavy loads over It. The tnwnshlpK whic^ the road and Wo <Ml .-on county have joined forces with iluiulioldt people who have d(.nated $00 to hav»' tlie road <-»t down, foiislilerahle work ha.s been done and the rock excavated has been taken to the I.«jke road stinlh of Humboldt and will be used In making that road jiatt-sable In muddy weather. The iinprovinicnl l.s already marked. —InsJst on hn>inir 1'. S. Hour. Japanese Hand PaiDted China In new shniies, desiirns and colors. This CHI.V.l N exe- f-iiti-d f'.vceiitionii)I.v uell and yoM should not full to see the liiie. Ill the >Viiidou at SPENCER'S Short Stories or: iola Happenings THE IOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. ^ Maattfocturert, Wfaolcsal* uid RatoU Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Rcw C«M §ton«« Xesi/ fer Viilaein. Fhoie lit. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. - l-iank I!. Heaiile. V. S.. I'bone i:!!). A Hint to Tailors. I»c|iuiy I'ounty Trea.suicr Oumoni Sickly is one f«-!low who thjuli.s th"' liiiiii;; UIKUM' liu' pocki 't MIIOUIII Ix' .si>wril tlulit to till- c(.a;. \ f.'W ilay.s ;ij;o he stan<Ml over to tin- banlc to ill posit sonif money, lli' plact-d S'-v- I'ral fivf dollar ^olil i)icc <'S loosfly in Irs coat pi )ck<-i. Wln-n ln' arrived, at tlic- liaiik h"' found lie was one five ilciUar piiTi! shy. Wliilc st-arching lor tlK- moiii'v he found a hole in his pock'-t and at once gavi' up thf> hope <n' n-coverini; the money. .-V moment ianr lie discovered that the lining nn- (Iir his pocki -t. unlike thai in many coat |Mici ;.-ts. was s-wcd tii ;hl to the coat and h«- found tln' moii'\v uc.^tlinj: ill a coiner. Tried Hefore F<iiist. The case of .Miss (iraci' Voder vs. .1. .\. .McDonald has I n set for hearing before the supreme i;ourl for .March ')th. Thi* was appealed from ilw Neosho county disirlci ciuin. MI .Hs Voder filed suit analnsi .Mr. .Mc- l>:iiia:d for t.'i.oiMi. SI lalui'-tl ihal she was ilirowii from llie buck of her lidse near her lioiue in Karlloii about I wo vears wyi), when her linrHe lieeiiiiie scareil at an iiuloniobjle owned by .Mr. .McIHinabl. She alleued iliaf -he re- celv. d I eniiaiieiit liijiiil"s. Tin- ('a.-^e with tried before ./iidtic tjKc ;ir /•'oii.-il. jiidye pro leni. over ;i yi>;ir a;;ii. The luiy linm^jli: in a ierd!.-f lor ihe pliilnliff for $:'..ouo. The uiiorne.vs for llie defendant a.sked for a new liial. and i:ave as one of I heir reasons, ibal one of I lie .jurors wa.s in some way relateil to ilie plaintiff. The court ovirruleil the nioiiuii. .-iiid an was liiken lo Uie •iiiiiene- coui-! -- Cliannie Tril'Une Christmas FOR THE MEN AND BOYS mam Our store is just teeming with Holiday Gifts for men and boys. An elegant holiday array of Smoking Jackets Shirts Mufflers Sweater Coats Neckwear BATH ROBES and LOUNGING ROBES .SUIT CASES AND BA(iS HOUSE SLIPPEKS Handkerchiefs, Fancy Suspenders, Collar Bags Fancy Vests Hosiery, Umbrellas Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. bnlldlng. Steam heat In eai;h room. Hatha tree fhief Cat's said this morninit that 111- bad received no ailvices concernins-' l.oiick. • Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at any time without notice, and Interest ceaf5e.'? on ai.noiint iiaid. Long or Short Time Loans. Cunninsham & Arnett Lamb Jokes Hoch. .Si-naior C. 11. I.amb of Vales ('enler ildisii 't lodi; like he |i;iil a spark of biiiniir ill his make-up. but lie )ias. I.amb Is one of ilie pri-sl.lenilal elect- ois. In ;i biier lo (iovrnor Mocli, lii' says: "In cotifornilly Willi llie dulien of the Ofllci-. I will meet wltll IllC OIIHT pit sliliiiilal eleetors In Ti>i)eU.l ami, Willi ;:i)o<l luck. I think we will be Mill" to iiLT'e iip /ui some suitabb' per- snn for I'resiibn! and Vl^-e Prejildent. This Is n heavy underlakini^. but w-IUi care ;iiid careful lliveslii'alioil, f think we .inmhl lo be a!d<- to pi 'rforin 111'- t;isk saiisfacto-IIv." —Topeka Capital. For Use he>t and i |ulcl.ev| resiills Hie Ket,'Isler's ^wiiit coliimiiN. Niixbaiiiii Heller. Dr. ('. S. .\'M:-haiHM. siipeii.'iietidi-ni nf ilie Independence ilislrici of ihe Melhodisi <-liiirfb. passed thiiiimh Iola ye.-^tenlay on his way ,to Itablwiii i-( h|ii-iid <"liris!nia.-; vviih his family. Ife \va>. lakiMi ill at .Niodesha rec'-:ii|\. Inn is now MMIH' Ijeller Ift Fact* Everything that Men and Boys' Wear Buy him a Suit or Overcoat for Christmas. It's a b ;ttt;r idea than you might think at iirst glance. We will excliiuige any suit or overcoat you buy, or refund your money if your purchase is not satisfactory. —riinnlncluHii k .Iriielf, (! per rent, nioiiejr. >ew Well in West Field. .\ th-w w 'll is li'-iii^ brnnsli; in fftr Ihe Kansas .Xaiiiral (ias coiiipatiy in tile field west of ( 'liHiMii '• loilav. If is .N'o. six on Ilie Carlvcn land ami ;::vrs |iromi-e of Ifiii:-' a bi;: ornv If W. I.oy (Irill'-d it.—Clianiue Tribune V,'e have l .oiMi acr'-s of land i:i a body in Oklahoma ihai w can s«>II for )ier a:!.-. .\li'.;hl lake pari In irad'" If \Mirtli iln- niof.ey—\Vliiiak "r Iionnell. Our store will be open tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. Buy your boy a Suit or Overcoet for Christmas. It 's a practical gift. —The weather is always fine at Crabb's. Also the Hot Chocolate. Miller Buys Farm. Il.ui;. Tippi'- has sold his farm in (.o;;an lo'vinshiii lo .Mike -Milb-r ami expicts lo niov lo Hiimbobll and jo,'ii i .'ie <'iliiiiy of r<-iii'<l farni' rs.— IliiinOoldt ll'-ialil. I hiniilleV ViTyioii iii" II. The Ti-.M, 11. -.lis d'-f .M .'e .l Die YiiiiMi; Triplets in lo'a y<>sterday by a «coii- oi' i; i ,'o ."i. Tin- L 'aiii.- Was a ;.T 1) II h:inli- froiiii sliiil lo rini -li. Kveiy ln<h nf ::iiiuiiil \va- firmly conn-. led \>\ '•.I'll I '-ani and ihi' score-; weie MIIII'-- what Ilukj. Iola cot lis se /ne \>\ lihkinu' up a fniiibled pnni which slip lied ihroi':;h <.'r.'i'.- hands. The ni ;iii Willi .>-iiatch "d i! no had a clear field. I...'a failed I He haw on sale w infer (oiir- Ul lirketfi (« many puinN in \en .Mexico and Tixas. «illi Hnul nluni limit .lune M. V.m. riejiM- see for |mr1Iriilar«, \\. K. 11 ALSTON. .\t:eiil. <U.\(M/I.NKS .\M) I 'KUmiMI AI.S can he S''ciiied of J. i\. IIKMIFICSOV. who deals with the i.nlilUli -rs and fiirnUheb Iheiii ut ih'- Ui\ve>i prb-c IKMisibl". Trial 8nb .-i'Tlpiioii ii> Van NordenV, riKinthiJ J'c Phone ox. -in N. Kttlniales cheerfully j;'V''ii anoil LCOALS, flTrut Published Mec. S, i:»iis.) AIJ .MfM.STIMTOJr .S .NOin K. Slate of KansaH. Albti Couniy. ss 'n the mailer of the e.Jtat- «( .1. .\ 'I' er, late of .\l!eii couiiiy, Kansas. .Nutire uf A |i|Htintiuetit. .Nothe is hereby ^iven, that on the day of December. A. H. M'W. the iinder-^ipned was by tlw Probate Coin! of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed aod qualified a.s Admliii.strator of the Estate of J. .\. l»eer, late of Allen County. Kansas. All parties Interested in said estate will take notice and govern Ibeniselvcs arcordingly. . M. a. Koni.NSO.v, 12 -8 -l&>» Administrator. US( Old and New. N' w sonps are mad" in hing array: w.- l.-arn them and sin:.; them.'—for a diy. and ih'-n they, fade and die away. l!i;i uheii (he loiiu .-ad day is tJironKh. rifr'shim; as tin- eveiiiim dew. arc tliese (,ld sonu's our fathi rs knew. N 'i --.v bonl-s. ill riih and uorsenns dri ses. are coming hourly from the pn-ss. and charm by all the.'r lovli in-ss. Hut wh '-n from b'-nch or desk w" roam. i«i find the nsiins place at lioiiie. we n-ai! tin- oM. ohl trea.siired houi'-. .\«-w fii'-iitls an- made at ev- •ry I '.acb of o;ir Ion-' mad !•> Siy.xs h '-ncli: new friemis of warm and lil'-asaiii sii'-ei-.'i. lint ivhcn lif'-'s sun is in til'- West, and feet ai'- lir-d anil 111 .iris oppressed. lii'- o'd liii.c friend !-i '-ins al.vais !i <sl. W.r'r M .-i.'Hin. (Ill ihe Klkii. the best .'ic ci'.Mr, al (ralib*. . .1 home citar. Fined Dairymen. Tin- lirsi ni-ii'sis III local iiiillc tmn for sellin;^ milk or cream that did not eoine up lo the stale chemist's ti-sl. 0 (-ciirrei| this iiiornlii;;. .Several wi-eks alio saiiipl's of niHk ainl cr. am wrc s< lit lo Die sfali- chi-iiilst from Hie niinierons ilalri's lure. Two of the and oiiiraii his pnr.'-iieis In.'a faPed I ,,f ,.(•« am fall behnv slanda /d •o kick u'lal however, and ili'-re;.,,,,! n,,. .lairyinen win- arnsti'd. They where-ihey lo,sl i|,e «aiiie. I'll.uiaie| ,.,,„„. h. for.- .Iiid-.- .Smiih ihl:! morii •4o' lis score on a h'lbMe. Tin- T '-ddv . j,,^, .,„;i ,„,,.,.,.,| |,p.;,H „|- (;„ilty and Hears h.iil piess.-d loI;i hack lo lis in| ;;,„.,)) )•„,,.,. „<-re imi .i .s .ii. I'.rliaps yard liii". Iola was boPlii.u' \\\>- b-il 'lii,.. in.staiic.- is noi. ini- of anv wHfnl Hid making' de.^i'iai.- efforis to carry i ,„ j„ j,n,,„,•,. rream. In il hack. The man who was :•> carry jii,,, s. paratlon proce.-:s Hie cream dii! it tried to pa.«.s it when h" was l.ick-;,.,,, ;„ 1,.,^,. i,,.,.,, j.rnperlv haiidl- led. Uiir-h Kialil'.d i! and carried iti,.,] u,,. ^,;„,. i,„ai-d i;ot on trail of About Kelso's Contract. Caney. ihe u!>-to-ilale litil..- metrojio- lis in th'- soiitliwi'sl part of the coiin- ly, is up and doinir things at the pr.-.-< nt llin<' and ground is b'.-iiif; broken for paviiii; on Fourth avenue, a jiart' of Stat'- street and a part of Si.riiiK .••treei. Tliesi! jiavin.^ imiirov<-ment.^ art; lit^lii;? mad'' by Iola coiitractor:> and the work will he rushed lo coni- pblioii as soon as pus.^ihb;.—Imleinn- ..''111'- .-Jiar. .Iiihii Kelso Is pntilni.' in I hi- paviii-.: at Caiiej. BAKER TONIGHT i students From the Methof.'e.l Uni .-rr- j sity Will Play B,-.;.!-. t H.,i| I at Rink. 'I'lie Ililernali'iiial fort'Spnndence .S/-lii)i)),'. of .-siiiinlnJi, I'a . ;iie Imldiiu; a windov. disp 'av al IT i:a-i .Ma 'li sireel. .'•JfK -i-i.-il rale- for ,i few : onh. - r.u> .\ Thin;;.-, to K.if. 'Our-Way.' Farrell) Hiiihls II I'. Farrelly has le: ih>- coiitr-ict "or lb'- cDiisi I action of a hiisines,-: I'li'dlni-' on his pit imniedia 'ely ea.-t 'f til" liiii iliiii; <iwited III ./ !. .\(->rj-i- -iiM. on th.- seeonil fliKir <.l •.vhicli l-'ar- ''-;i,v \- Kvalis now liave their of­ ficii Wfirk is III hi-i'i.-i a: nine - Cliann'e Tiilmn'-. Cei the K:ko. the best .-.<• I'.Anr al riaM.V A home cigar. Sciiarate iM(\v\s. 1)1- .1 \V. llarker ha-' opeiii -l offli e>. in hi-- I'-sidiiici' at In'.; Noiili Mni -nln .iveinn-. ai.d I.. Hnuai -'ed in pi.icfl.e .nr hill-.if II'- fniind iliU neci'.-Harv on :i'-l'illlll l.f Ills dulleH .-IS held (ihy.-"lc- .an I' I .\|od "-rn Woodmen In K .ilisa'' Thi- Older is Kioiiini^ rapidly In ibli- •ill' and lli'-re is an itiimense anioiiiit '<•: lie- head idi* !-|ci.iti ("> do. Si) lhal ihe dm lor wjis Ctimpelled to colisoll- •late hi-, iiffalm lo alleiid lo them .imre corivenlejiilv —f'liaiiuie Tribune _ C.el your Christmas f'ard.s a' M.iiidis' xUill.' Ihe as.'-orJm'-nl Is coin- pl.-fe. Ite», Cunui liiM". We.>.|. .\l a ci.ii'.;!. :.',it(iinal iii-eilni; held al III'' 4 |iinil.oldi l'i.".l(i'erlaii cbiirili Smnlay m<;rnlnK after the reiriilar services the ri>lpnaiion of \U-\. .M. .\ f'amti was read ,ind accepted. Willie til the west last imiiith Uev. Camp nreiehed In ll-e people of Kos-A-ell Idaho, and as a result he received a call from there a week aso bisi Saturday. —AnrARe wantlnr TbrliitBiag Dwk* itllrtni. run AllxTt illra. Pkrao 1M. ' carried i'i ihe ^oal. and flianute wop by point. ,,..„„ ,„ ,„ ,„„,,.,.^. A f.-,ir s -7 .ed crowd wa.. Ill anendv.-.ic.^^ and anv instance of violation:; Um-h (lark and (,rav: played an e.- ^,.„.„^ ^ pec:al y .•if:i:re.s.,ve j;an,e for ( linnine. j,, „„. f^,„„^^.,,,, ^ It isitieihrdtimethenvoieaiii.-have:,,,,,,.,p,,,i,,,, „f „„. ,,e ,,arim.-nt. met and the second time ihe I eddy; v;,.^,,, -('rii,,,,,,. Hears have w <i !i. The other was' ' ' a d.-aw. neither side scorinr:. : _.rilzcvr,lA .SUraec and Transfer Co. Honscliold and piano moTlnfr; liirfe'est flore room In city. Plione 55«. A Pie Supper. .Afl.-r the regular ini'tini; of tie- Woodmen Circ 'i- this ev.-nln.- a pi-sup |ier ..j^ill be s'-rvi-d lo liie ni'inh. ts. I lol.-i p'-opb- II iin ',',1 I- '•: • liask'-t 'ball w ill ha'.'- .m >, I iiiiii,ihl of se.Jn'-' '>!•• :::ri.-- \ 'ini'. I isit;. .-t n'l> ni - !n • i: • K-r.-Ji'.' .-It IJ.-ihJwin. I'..' 1 , I iii\' . :.ii •. ha.-- I 'iMi'' ; 1... fani.-si plai < r.-. in 11,. I I 'laih!'- .\la-oii. .-1 "i. i: ; .Uason *if l.'ii.-: ei:; .i.: « i :l 111'- Ix SI ha-l,. I i . ': ' Mirre-d cell ftf Uf srir."'. \K]\1 not !.•- i -all' i| tiiii . • ill <iiil'-r to .-iDo'.i iei- !, !.• it. Voiiui; -Man. ! If .Mill ar*- loi.kinir for a ni<-*' pre.s».nl j for thai sirl. w have jii.-t wlnil sin-i would ai )|irec !at'-. Open until li> p. in.' CL'I.I'.KICT.SO.V. .Norlh .Side Sipiar.-. ! The International Corresp.iiiib-nce Schools of Scraiiton I'a.. are holding a window display at 17 Kast Madismi sireel. Spi-ciiil rati-s fm a f'-w da>s r»niy. Put in Pipe Line. Mona Th l'i)r;laii:l •(•.•nn •nt cmii- li. Tl paiiy is biiihliiiir a finir-inch i;as !in from its field four mibs soiiliieasi of town to lis plain at, llnniboldt. Tin' conipaiiy rec-nily ilrilbd anmhi -r le--: srass'-r and now has thirty or forix million f'-et of c.-'s ready for ,ii.;--, wh'"ii the plan; is ciimp |i -t'-.l. IbraM , - M'-el Villi- f;i';nds al Cr .il.ii'- and •ry a In.t drink - (linenlale or ''ntfee. In Business at Humboldt. ('<. \V. .M'l-n of Iola. has op.-mil a second hand furniture store (n llie old post olllc.' hiiildint; on ili.- ea-;t si.].- Iliiniholdi II. raid. Andy Smith to Wrestle. .\iiily Smiili. a foriiK -r member of ih'- fPi-D'-vil et.-v.n. came in this niornin.u from .\iin .-Vrhor. Mich.. «!!er.- h.- has lie.-n attenilimr Miclii- iinn iii.iii-rsiiy. Smith expects to h .-'-i- a wr.-tliiii: bout Clirisfinas nisltt wi'!i |)i-vi!ii!: of Wichita.— f 'lianiite .-•111 — c^lirn painting, i.h.iiie H2« Fred Rnwden, - -Trv Sea FiKid If you feel bail Fresh from Ocean.— "Our Way." To Get Colony Gas. I' has hei -n sui;;;esfed that as flare.'l has such exci-i '.tit shale for brick that it wiiiild be :i cood itiv'-stm .-iit to IJ.i.- t';e >;as from the Colony field to tliis cif. and US'- It for biirninic the Il 'i!,. Il is said that if the deal now "It 'll nipl.-il'd by Cnlony iii'-n KOI s liiiiiiih ili.-y will he in a posiilnii In .ifii r -as at i; <-enls--rtl:li sin-h a rat.- I l.rii k ii'aiii would 1-e p.-iyini; Invest- ; This 111.' tlnn- for Carii'-tt c ipitillKi.t to wak'- up. I.i-t in mal" I 'll 'I a .f .-c-torv .ii -ar for (, th-ir- iM 'tl business m<>ii ou;:liI lo Jnlii fiirc- • 1 tlif -i V'.-ir and iiiaki' Cain, it .i l .i« :;.r and heltir town. I.ii ii. all in -t hold of the tow line anil p"'' for :lu' iiilt In l:"i'.i.--(iarneii News. About Poor Farm. •Inllli Is-'.vev was at Cailvl" "M- Sunday x'lslilm; liis biniher in l!i\. .lohii I'eri-y, superltit'-ml'-nt of tin- poor farm. .lolui savs iln- farm hii-^ been cb-atleil up lllllll II j.i oil'- of t!i<- liaiid'-nmist spots in tin' ti.wiisliip- Miitiiboldf Herald. ' ' - Hard Shell Crab. I^d.sicrs. Iihie -Dm, Liithroti. (Mcii|iulh<<. I'hone HW polnis. Our Wax. What to Get for Chrisftnas Is eii .'-ily aii.sw&rcd at Laffior, ihe Jowalar F.-om Colony. Cr. C.ot;d I. II if Colony is in i!ic city- today on busiiit-ss. ; —For Fancy Itrick Cream Fruit Ic ! Cream', .Slierberl.-i. Iccs or I'litich inade| to order and delivered. Order earlj fori holidays. Cral.h's druij store. * Stopped at Ottawa. .Mrs. I). K. Walker caine li'-i'- .'-•al- urday eveiiin-. I'rom Iola. and w:is tli-- •^iiiiilay miest of the faniilv of O I. Wilson: sill- went to h.'r hoh:'- ai () a the toil.i> —Ottawa U'-piiiilic .Ni .lici. T!-.- .•innii.t! n^'-i-f,-i: < hold'-rs of lh»- Pila i<-- ;i: , a^e Co.. Mill .'.'• h.-;.l „• t!ii' coni.oany .-ii l -il;i. K. ./antiaf.i 11. !:">:•. j' • el '-(-iii.n ( \ ill:.-i nt-ss riiiiu:.-'!. FUA.MK iniii' r>''^-. 1*1.'. ''i."^. :.!v. —nr. V. v.. Wauirh. Uenlisl. Thnne Si Here to Chapter Meeting. Mrs. Fth'I CriHeinbn and .Miss Ihe-/ Hoiichf r went to Iola today to attend th'- ni'^'tins; of the loia Kast- erii Star chaptt -r tonight. » * •» Dr. aioi .Mrs. A. I.. IP-nton w-n- anion:; those who Went to Iola lo att'-nil tin- Iola Kastern rit:ir nieetinij tonii^lif —Caf- n.-u X'-ws. —For fine livery and boardins stable for horses, see Ralph R. IJr;ike, Phone 101. 212 .N'orih Jefferson. Iola Decit'ed It, The Iola hi'.;h school has <lecii|eil that the I'nited Slates had b.-tl'-r k'-eptli«- Pliillpp;ii'-s . or (-oiirse their i |e (-i..i |on uiil li'- ail— pliil Iiiilep'-inl eiic- Ui-iiort'-r. - Dr. J. i:. I>e|i|icr. Denll :4l. I'hiitie HI.': Barker's Brother ill. .Mayor Co. .1. ISark'--.- r'-tiirii'-.l 'loni'- \' .-.t.-iilav from Wi :4ci )ii-»ln. wher'' In- has he.-n \isitln:; his broth - who :s daii;;.-rous!y ill. Hi- left iiis brother a Utile bett'-r. hut not \.-t '!iit of ilan :;i -r. Iji;wenc.' (;a/..-tr.'. I.'eal Kstalc Tran- .Ma; liodari t.> .I'.hn •:• of thi- We.-I li.-iJf It:' , ler I.!' lii--';-lN. C'i-..-i.i- • liyroii Coats .-r (1 !..T 1.-. block 2. K-nisl.-:- Consideraiiiin f l.'" . .1. S- Ska::i:r. an I -i- fo.if-: lot !.", J.pi/.'; ];••• • liiioii to Ca-i 'i •• I -51 "IH'. Thomas ?'.y .-t ,i •. ;i itiivi I f 'ni T, i.;i''-k '- Cii'isiil'-r.i'ii-!i n r-. • i'f'iT 1: •;; • ;i lo • • rnri ..• .\>ii Chanute is T !i.' C .iaiiiite T<-ani i Went to Iola ^;;ilnr 1;:' :> cont'-.-: ai-.i 'i -i.-.r i;.il '-fealed by nir-i • first s;aiiie '.-inl'-i! .'• i po'nts in the l >-a !. : fl 'irteen. They H. r in the kisl L'aiu.- at 1 I'oints jih »-ad .iL'.iiii s(-orid many point i-d to hurry th:it i !• (-atdi the plm^ iioni ti-n-d Wep" l -'.T'! .M". ' l ,owi- and .I '-n;;'-; r.- lid. •I .N I'lrlures for Wedillnt;!*. r »o you ciiiir.-mp'ate makinj; a weij- dia;; nift SIMHC .\ well {-htsen picture is veil approjiriate. See our collei-- tion. C. S. cri.l'.FKI .SON. To Eastern Star. (Jeo. T. Hutchinson and wif.-, J. H. Vaughn anil wife, C. S. Col.-man and wife. W'. O. IX 'Cker and wif.-, went to Iola today to attend the iola Kastfern .Star c)iapt«»r tonljcht.—fJarne^t .\.-»tvs. -.llway.-i time to eat at the Our Way. Visited at Garnett. W. U. LockwootI and wife came up trom tola Saturday to 8r>end Sunday at the home of K. N. .Mcftawell uiid wife.—nameit News, 5tart an Account with I r Wh'-n -..111 [;.: a . lilt!'- h' r. ><iii n.-'..r l.'.'i . >i;U to ][\.- I) with IIS ,ii:d p , . two we.-k- 111 . yon k ii 'in » I:.I Kl 'S ler Wiih >oii L'ci il.t on da>.-^' tiiiii- a' jirii <•.•!. Ths People's C^-Gp r^^ live Mercanl 1: Assr.c'n

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