Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, January 1, 1908
Page 3
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Tk %id[s Chief aid Xefldeocies of a 1^ Oaffiied jo OnM fiir Bo^ Readers f ho Want to i Well iBfornied. By EDWIN S. PdTTER. : MItor UntvtTMl N««»* AiMlytb. Inform Ware* P4nkWin4t Ktp Party ljl>Yii>Hirt Ami^s Tbh)ugh tbo ii)l«ty |ir^ Yud rtiii* of •dm(iibt(r «livi9 uiu\iUluus imrtr •rwiM Aiufrtc n<«t>«)UiiH)tllty au«l of rtcikn vMt/i Mwu-tf-wltb H M B <' •« imkijowu fiiciur 111 thtf I'uiiitiiK Mntluunl (•oiu- paign, Judfftog ^rum the; ligu* of ItNiT. Th« itMt Amerloau public bai« Iwguu to tbfnk about a few thliiir*. and that'* trbat baa kept tbo pollttcnl |K>t o-t>oll- lug. ; On* tbtng th^ year uakra cle^r to tb« ipoat caaual obaenrer—tbc lluu be- txreeu the old l{)euiocra<f}- aud tbti old ItepubU'miDiBai no )oatn.-r existn. }t Is now 'a queaUoti of cuiwerratlve : and radical on wbhfh both !tbeae historic partirt are bcihg rent: transversely. The Mine h^ad trindi which madei the • yonr's voyage a !hard one for I'rmidcnt Bdoaevett and hfs administration served, to bi^ng the Bryan Into the pdft fof a. thlKl Democfratic liomlna- tloin, now generally conceded, ^lid yet the leader of tbe opposition preaenta the unusual spectacle of smiling approval of mucbjof tbe Roosevelt pro­ gramme. Theodore Boosevcit began to expedeoce powerful opp<^sitlou for the first time in his own pajty while the , popuhir cry for a third tenu grew louder. In his own state, a new flguie, that of tSorenwr Hughes, was attracting! lUuch att^ion liy fils quiet way of jbrlnging the. Itcpubllcan orpanlza- .tlon to his feet, appealing direct to' the people for his measures of rrform, cbl^f of whlcb Was the creation of' the public service commissions for state and city, with power to bring tbe utility corporations to terms.- It was on the morning; of APRIL 2 that the president woke up to find himself on the defensive by the publication of the Harrlman-letter telling of an alleged deal betw^n Roosexelt and HvsiQiaa -in 1904. ; At once the president publUhod his gberman letter telling of Hnrriman's Hrag that ho could, buy laws and judges ad libitum, for which the prcsldeivt bad classed him along wlih Dcb^, Moyer :ond llayxvood aa "uudoslrable cltlxens." Tblli Incident aiisumed great vignKI- cani-e owing to the fact that orgnitlxiHl labor.resented the alur u^m tbo NVcst- em' iv>doratlon officials about t<t ite tried tor their lives. Much was made by the enemies of Hoosovclt of the remark In hlsjetter to Hnrrhuaii that "you «mi \ ore practical iucn." In the face of the incFeaslug hostility of many wealthy citiuns -tbe iu'esl- dent persisted In promulgating his reform iHJilclee, notahly In ills Memorial day 8]>eech at IndlanapoJte, advuenting the theory of fcjdoral control of ruil- ruads. under the! itostal clause of the constitution; at jProvlnc^towni Mass.. AUG. 20, where! In laylcig the cornerstone of tbe Piigrlms" i^onumeut bo charged "certain; malefactors of great wealth" with cpnsplrlng to d'.'presa business In tbe hope of diiscrediting bis policies In the eyes of tlie I'teople, and again in bis series of sf^ecbes at the dedication' of tbe McKliiiley tomb at Canton SEPT. Sb and oa his ensuing southern tour. ,• Almost the same sentiments wore expressed by Secretary of War Taft in the aeries of addresses ?l)eglnnlng at Coltimbos, O., AiUG. 19. in which he took his stand as a candidate for: the Hepublican nomination as the chosen defenSo- of tlie administration, ^ucb was the launching of the Taft l)oom. a dramatic feature t>elng bis start on the long Journey around the world; In the meantinie all the antiadmjnis- tnpdti strength In OIilo tiad been sum- mohed Into action by tliel avowed )can- didacyof Senator Foraker, wbogloriey In his differences with tite president; . Fyrthermore, all the legal and executive . maphincty of tlM^ government wab beioK brought into action against tb^ big railroad, oil. CMI and Qtlier coiDbioatloQS. Secrets of; tlie Stamlard OUi company were laid bare and its bead iialed into a federal court, after wbldf came tbe big Landla fine. 'In a defiant interview John p. Rockefeller openly attacked tbe admihistratlou and predicted "financial cbaotk" aa the bar- veit referriiig to himajflf as toeing "bitched to t&e cart in which the people rMe." That was in* July. Well, by the. middle of August stocks were tumbling, and the rest is part of- the ftusloMa record. Wbither Justly or nnjiutly, the ad- I ffiintotratldn waa blamed by many ! when the panic came, aiid l>eslde« the gitw of Ciuinccllor Day about the *!rald on proaperlt}-" Roosevelt irecelved banl knock* from such sources as ex-^na- tor Bpooner aud Justice; Brewer.! the latter: chargiog the: pNstdeat !)rltb -•t>la7inc pe^boe wftb tbe Amcri- cuK'.lieQPlc'' aboat tb^ tlilrd tarmj In K«j««^^ tiw preiktabt «ld orter jM- «fiii ^BPiojnees to daslit CMia effortf llHJ a t^titftMED ttotojutiiB, gafl fftar ttit White H <MM aiali dMalMy tMit • aominatio* woold ndt b* Tfe« MtaaagB to congMM DBC 8 a sUnd pat raledlctory. « Tbe staying power of the Tvle* Da- ftaited and hi* bold oo>tba affactlona ef the Democratic rank and QIa in ttw face of a concerted effort to.dlacradlt him by a clique of the ilcb and pow ful conservatives atiU in control of tbe {>arty machinery made on* of the political wonders of the year. Mitx bla open eafiouaal of tbe natioaal and atata ownership uf railroads last year Vbf current ran very strong against Mr. Bryan iu tlie party. Ttals sltuattoa be met last AprU by fnuikly saying that be bad come to the conclusion that the people were not ready for the owuersblp idea yet and that regtiUtlou must be tried out on l>ei|aocratlc lines. This did not prevcut bim from cbam pluQiug tbc Initiative and rcforenduiu progrtmuue. .Not until tbe mkldle of .XOVI'IUUT did be definitely aiuiuumv Ulii \vUUugiu*as agatu to acivpt the uumluatUiu. No OPIHMIIIOU apptitMHl. At lisihl uiu* (•<iui-Ke of k>gl>ilN(loa was gri)it to tbo Ilrjuu lulll. While tht» ovcrshudiiwlug bulk of ftnleral |M\ver wn« fiiuiblUig over u rate bill Iu IIMNI aud tli«« nMrguiilxed lutorstale fuuiiuurw iMuiiniMtlou In ItklT waa HiiUKulIng with the vast probleiu of kivpliig lab uu the railroad manag«»- uifuu the Idea that the huiubla atate govcrnuientit lould liniKisa lower rales by leglslaltVF eiiacttuetit took rout aud nutde a remarkable growth. Missouri Joined the prucesalon by March, and the courts arranged with tbc railroad men to give the two cent rate a trbil for ninety daya, after which oplntona still differed. Other states to pass rate bills were PeuuHylvanla unil .Michigan in April and Ni>w Tork, IIiluui.'« and Mluucsuta iu Ma.v. Hnt the New York bill never l)ecamc> a law owing to the volo of Governor Hughes uu the grr)Uiid of being not carefully wclgb- od. In all tbe states where these lawa wcirc passed litiKatlon aiptlnst them has l>een tx-gim by the railroads affect- otl. The drift toward public ownership took the shape of state commissions with new powers and was felt In the elections of Buase in Chicago, Johnson in Cleveland and in the fifty year traction transfer ordinance in Phlladel- phia. nie American people are "sobering up." This expression applies to ono of the most slsniflcant political move- monts in which tbe conscience vote .ippears. When the returns of the November elections were Im no one result attracted more general attention than the fact that tbe wave of ."dryness" which bad liecn sweeping over tlio 8outb had made itself felt in D;.'la- wnre, Kentucky and lUiuols and was ga;hcring Impetus sufficient to carry it far into the north and west. Georgia hat; gone Into the strict prohibition column under a law. In effect on New Years day, and tbe new state of Oklahoma came into the Union with a pi-obil>itory clause in that radical constitution of hers, making five prohibition Htates. But many othurs are virtually so on local option lines, tbo dry sections Incri'ssing until it Is now es- timatod that half tbe population of the uutlot) are living Iu cuuimuultlcs free from the public saloon. Other features of the. November elcctlous were the capture of Salt Ijiko City from tho Morniims. the election of Dr. Taylor ns the reform mayor of Han l''raiicl«<'0 over tho powers of graft, tho Itcpublte- iin I.weep of Kentucky by 14,000, Dem- oii-atlc retention of Rhodu Island nud the cutting down of tbe Itcpubllcan ieail In New Jersey and the defeat of the Ileurst-Kepubllcan fusion by I'am- mnuy In New York city, besides the victory of Johnson In Cleveland, already referred to. Mat.ndle*l. ttpW^ aprti fUtam M itiblUdati. ieottMcatkct.lKMka apaia to pabUe. traU to determine llbtl aalti tbo liUtlatire and refereodnm. ma coaatUbttoB; adofrtad APBIL lOi bad beat ratiflcd jit tbe potts by an orenrbalmlng majority, and two of tba leadera in tbe constitutional con- rentlon—T. 1*. Gore, who to toUlly bUnd. and Robert L. Owen—were cho- •ea as tbe first Oklahoma members of Ifee United State* senate. Tbc closing seaalon of the Fifty ninth cbDfim waa remaiitable cbieily for tbe number of tblnp< which it did not do or at least which one branch did for tlie other to undo. The more Important bills which lieoame laws were for the tralnmen'a sixteen hour WOTkday, for tbe aerrlce penaton and for the exclusion of Japanese laborers. The salarlea of senators aud cougresa- men were raised. Tbo M'^xlun wad known us ibo first hllltun dollar iu*s- skw. allhnugh the official Mgurt^i for the appropriation* were Siir.'v»,7»S,14«. The 8tTlMh cougiesM, whloh cunie in to lieing I>K«V '.' uiuler Ihk* i*auuuu-.Mil rich lividonililp, liii"« «tarte*J off with n du-uulblug.basllly |Mi||ey. Graft bnd Rtbait C AMI Fill <hc Court Cakndara. The Adminiatration'a Notable Executive Acta. After considerable hesitation and the tentative acceptance of the lowest bid, made by W. J. Oliver, for tbe Panama canal contract the president finally decided last 3ilarch to keep the whole undertaking In government bands and sppr>lnted Major Gocthals of the anuy enxincer corps to head the canal com- mlrtalon and take entire charge, both Shouts and Stevens having resigned. The president checked the California legislature iu its anti-Japanese course by promising to bring about the exclusion of Jap laborers by diplomatic means and by congressional action. Secretary Metcalf startled the country JULY 4 by declaring that the entity Atlantic fleet of warships would make the unprecedented mobilization in Pacific waters, a statement which was backed by tlie president and which has now l)een borne out by the fact Tbu great ehaM> stnrtrti la itXNl with the Ituoaevvlt-challeugi* to the Htaud aril till comimny and lo nil law defy tng trusts baa galhensl impetus In 1007, when tbe whole pack of slate and federal law otBcers ban U-eu Iu full cry after the game. The year will long bo remcmben.'d for the vicious bite which tbe oil trust got from one federal jud«e^ namely, the r .>i),'J40.0UO fine Imposed Al'tJ. 3 by Judge Ijindls at Chicago as the niaxlniiiiu t>cnalty for accepting a large number of rebates from" the Alt<m. But this was only ono of a large uumlM>r of criminal proM>cntlons laid agaiu>>t the ItiK-kefel- ler nRgregation. ludictmentx contain ing thousands of counts wore bruu^t in Ohio. Missouri. Texas. Tennessee, Minnesota, New York and elsewhere until the total maximum of fines possibly exceeded the probable Income of the trusts. Tbe principal action of tbe government for the dlssolutiou of the Standard Oil Company uf New Jersey, which was begun at St. Ix>ul3 NOV. 15, lOOd. still remains to !« fought out, but In his examination of witnesses at New York In September Goverument's Counsel Kellogg virtually pilloried the oil trust liefore tbe people by compelling Its olflclals to reveal the various proc- e8^-e3 through which It has monopolized the oil Industry. Missouri and Texas finally Ijarred all Standard concerns. Other actions against so called trusts were numerous, and.rebate fines were imposed in several cases. The following are the supreme court decisions of general interest: Dismissal of tho Kansas petition against diversion of Colorado river by the state of Colorado, Involving tbe principle that congress cannot limit the action uf courts after creating them; the eight hour federal workAuy law sustained: rate fixing section of the federal law sustained. Along with tho building of a new San Francisco there h«n been n cleansing of Its officUtI aud political rottenness. First, under pressure of cu- inulntlvo evidence, came tbo flight and eoufeaslon of Abraham Ruef, nianncer of the comipt city mncblne, iu .May. Ills confenlon tmpllcnttng Mayor Schiuita In the acceptance of bribes mudo iKiBHible the verdict of guilty rendered by a Jury against tbe mayor •MAT I.S aud his sentence JULY 8 to five years' imprisonment. It also made possible the iudletuients against several millionaire bribe givers and the conviction of one of them. Glass, who received a live year sentence. Pcnn-sylvaula saw the work of the capltol investigators bear fruit. Gradually District Attorney Jerome of New York has got insurance evi dence before the grand jury, and in dlctments have lieguu to issue against officials, one of whom, Walter R. Gil- letit. former vice president of the Mutual, was convicted of perjury and sentenced to six months. When in July Judge Pritchard issued his federal order against the exe- cation of the North Carolina rate law, thus saving from the chain gang officials of the Southern convicted in state court of having sold tickets for more tlian the legal rate. Governor Glenn arose In his might to back up the state court. Finally the Southern pive in for the sake of peace and made a special agreement with Glenu. Flnlay revising his petition so as to let the cases take their course rapidly to the cupreme court for final test of the law. Much the same situation existed In Ahitnma. where Governor Comer was ^.m^^^J^j:^^ laatodai diatrfct. aad tbjrV«P^ SS^^^"^vJT ^?!II^"* 1**^ mntiay oC aoow of the troopa baff fanned dw controreny Into hi-t^nt rertore otder. GradnaUy tbe ^ ^"..T" **» «^ goremmeot got the sitaatioo in hand pendmatolyoatbeabUl^of theatate promising legislative meaaure* to corroborate tba Orchard confeeslon. • to rertrict the operations of the augar Here opinlone differed, bat in the end using wine growers. tbe JMT Toted after considering a 1 MOttOCCO.-On AUG. 6 the Frencb rest amoont of testimony on both aidca and bearing the lengthy plea* of Darrow and Blrbardaon for tbe defense and of Borah and Hawley for tbe state, for they t>rought in tiie acquittal verdict JULY 23. and Haywood walked forth a free and. as ble frleada tielleved. vindicated man. Indeed, be waa talked of as tbe coming Moeea to lead tbe BocUltst bocta out of tbe wllderueea. Ilia enemies said the Jury waa Intimidated Into the verdict'. Pre«ldent Moyer waa released on heavy bell, but Pettl»HM»e waa held aud put on trial In December. S«<reral other trials for cupttai criuies and ^lanisb warshlits at Casablanca Johied iu a bombardment of the town on tbe pretext that native tribesmen tiad overawed the local government so as to endanser Christian lives. Later tbe Spenlards wltbdrew. and the French forcea took entire control of the city and engaged In a series of liat- tles with the. attacking tribesmen. AU8TI{I.V.-Tbe onlreraal suffrage bill was ac^pteU In Jautuiry by the up|H»r house uf the rvlcbsnith: thus tbe frcn- cUUe was conferred on every male Austrian twentj-four years old. The eusulug el«HtI<ms In May were xvon by the Kuclatlst ntul Hadlcal imrtleii. KKI aland out wlwive the luass. That of «;ji'y,_Tb^ |iarllnineut In May took Harry Thaw, the wealthy young l'ltt».lo»er tbe «tintr.U »t the Ko«rs Klug burger who shot Staufurtl White, luak-' lug an luterunttuiial Neuwttlou partly bacnusv of the raputaltuii of his wife and parliy lieoauae of tbo npinnt) lo tbe "unwrlllen higher law." for which Couust'l Delinaa Inveultnl tbe liew term, "dementia Americana." It availed only lo the extent of a dhtUKree- niont APIitl. t'J. 'Ilic appeal lo the "blglier law" wns not In Miln in tbe Virginia cn>>cs of tbe Htnitbera lioys and Judge I.oving, the Maryland case agaliMt Mra. Bowie and the Iilstrlct of Columbia case against Mrs. Bradley, Iu all of which tbe ill treatment of n woman was tbe basis, although insanity was used aa the nominal di>- fense, aa also In the Thaw case. How Foreign Landa Have Net Tfieir Criaea. How tbe {latlia trod by tbe various uations of tlie civilized world tend to converge toward a common ground of experience, understanding and sympathy may be obaerved in the span of a single year. ENGLAND.—In the hands of the Lll>eral crew, with Premier Campbcll- Bannermau at the wheel. King Edward's ship of state baa groped its way forward tbroogb gathering ck>uds of social unrest and Industrial depression, getting some pretty hard bumps. Fear of the rising tide of Socialism brought Conservatives and Lll>erals virtually Into the same camp. Decisive movea made by the Bannerman government were tbe passage of church dlseatabllsbment in principle by the commons In February, the alliance with Spain In March, the appropriation of $7,600,000 for old age pensions next year, the proposal of an Irish boine rule bill provkllng an elective national council subject to veto of lord lieutenant, but which was with- drawil after being rejected by tbe Irish party; In May, the proi>08al to abolish tbe veto power of the house of l4>o|MiU| huvlus withdrawn bis op|tiw|. Ilou. HWKDtiN.Uulvenwt suffraga uuil pruiMirttoiiul rc|>r«'St'Uiutloii were put Into effect in Mxntleii, whtiiH> wu- ernblo King Oscar died DKC, N nud wasauceeedttil by Gustav V. SPAIN. • King Alfonso and Queen Victoria pre- senlvd the Kfiaulali |NH*|ile with nn heir to the throne. • I'OUTUOAL. Opposition to the virtual dlcialurshlp of Premier Blanco under Khig Carloa almuat reached tbe point of open rebellion In November. PER8IA-On JAN. 7 Mu- caffar ed Din died and waa succeeded by hia eldest son, Mohammed All Mirza. The long standing rivalry between Great Britain and Russia over their spheres of lufiuenee In Persia was settled by an agreement glvliig the south- em so-tiuu to tlie British and tbo northern baif to the Russians. JAP.\.N.—The Japanese finished their "benevolent alisorption" of Korea by forcing tbe resignation of tbe Korean emperor in favor of Crown I'rlnee Bulwba Yee JULY 17. who l)e<.-ame the mere pupiiet of the Japanese regime. The anti-American feeling In Japan rose to great proportions last spring over tl.c anti-Japanese rlota In Son Franci5co and tbe segregation of oriental pupils in the public schools of that city. PHILIPPINES.-The first elections under the American regime resulted in a victory for the Nationalist, or Independence, party, and the first assembly was opened at Manila OCT. 16 by Secretary Taft, who said that no promises could be made about the date of granting full independence. CENTRAL -\MER1CA.—Nicaragua, with tlie aid of Hondnran revolution- er. aald wai^^td itf>ti ofaocial cooditiaaa.^ Tbe canaef of ailrcraalrrpaaca for which civic and cbdrcb b^Uiia tbnwgh- ont the world worked vftb- liieiBMtag fervor was advanced cUaily tbrgogb tho work of tbe aecood'lateraatlooal conference at Ttte HagaeJ laatliig from JUNE 25 to OCT. la WbUe tba eSorta to establish j an Intematioaal court of justice and an agreement for obligatory arbitratioa were oaaticceaaful In this conference, over w|iirb M. Nall- doff presided, the principle of obUga- tory arbitration was oillnned. and only a few of the smaller natfotta disasBted from ttie iiennanent 0iAirt on tbe ground of Us proposed; membeiabip. By a large majttrlty, iscSuding all tba great iwwers. t\uf prinelpb of Invlota* blllty of private property at aea, aa pnjiKwc*! by tbo American delegation, beadett by choato aud Porter, waa «*• taMlahiHl. RostrtctUtna v.-ero Idacad uiHin the une uf fluatlitg uiluea, th* iKtuiltunluieut of undef.eiidvtl towua was furblddeu and m«afcun.>« adopt' ed fur the protection of. uoucouibat* nuts, relief of wounded; ftud agatiwt prirutivrlug.. The Purlv^ riMuluilou furhlddiug collecttott v( b)' fon-a until after nrbllraitou bid liet<u ra« fuse<| ur uu award set at uaugbt waa odoptwl niianlniuusly. After having started fba year with nu uddlllonni gift of ISJDQO.OOO to tbe rnlverslty of CbUago. J^n V. Rorke- feller, through tbe general edwatton boanl, broke all reconla bf cducatlgoat endowmeuta by giving |g3,000,000 to be used chlefiy for the benefit of the •mailer colleges and flrat of all for the womeu'B colleges. Tbe .result of another gn-at educational foundation wos seen In tbe dedication of the Carnegie Ti*cbnical school^ at Pittsburg APRIL 12. U|>on which Messrs. Carnegie and Rockefeller patted each other on the back. : ' The caniDaign of tlie New York wo=en for "equal pay for equal work" wns checked "tiy Governor Hughes' veto of the bili, which had been passed over Mayor McClellan'a head. Chicago decided to admit adults to the high schools. New York ruled sectarian exercises from the schools. Columbia Jomed the JMvement for spelling reform. Swartb'more rejected the 13,000.000 Jeanes bequest rather than accept the condittoa of abolishing intercollegiate sports. TvvUy Ftnandertiltf Halta Proapcrity's CKtiriot Opinions differ about the causes of the money panic and' industrial depression of 1907, but itoione disputes Ists, began n war upon Honduras In | the fact. There was a breakdown in February, which culminated MARCH the existing system of finance. It bap- 27 in the capture of the Honduran cap- : pened right after the attempted Helnie ital and the filght of President Bonllla. copper comer, OCT. 16, when the ex- Thc war ended APRIL IS with the poaure of stock gamblbig bankers gave surrender of Amapala, Bonllla having : credit a shock that It iuLia't got over sought the protection of an American I yet Before that time; tbo voluine of warship. I^ter all of the Central ] bustaeaa had been up the proaperity _ American states were prevailed upon level, although there had been a fear- r "i '"^.'^u^Vtir^^L 3v'\v on ! hy American and Mexican diplomats ' fu, «hrlukngo of atock '•valuoB"-moat. I..rds passed by the commons JLNE -0 | ^> ^^^^ ^presentaUves to a t»aco con- ,y water-and several gambler.' panica Of the sailing of the great armada un- 1 equally resolute vvben the law was op- der the command of Admiral Evans - posed with Injunctions granted by Fed- from Norfolk Dec. 16. | oral Jndge Jones on one pretext or an- In March the president gave otHclftl other. The Minnesota rate law also impetus to tlie river deepening move- 1 was held up by Federal Judge Loch- ment by appointing a waterways com- ren's Injunction In September. The mission, headed by Burton of Ohio, PennsyLVanU railroad, after raising and later In November made his great' commutation rates when the two cent popular Journey down tbe Mississippi bw went into effect SEPT. 1, began a with a doscu state governors to atteud test case through the state courts, tbe watet^ays convention at Memphis, i It is not wltbln the pitr]>oae of this A general sbakeup in the Roosevelt history to recount the long list of cabinet occurred in March, when Poet- crimes and criminal trUils of tbo year master General Cortelyou was, transferred to the treasury portfolio upon the retirement of Secretary Shaw. George von L. Meyer succccdhig Cor-, telyou ns i>oetmaster general. The lU' which were chiefly of Interest In the localities where they occurred. But the murder conspiracy charges brought by the state of Idaho against the oSI- clais of tho Western Federation of terior de(>artment \-acancy created by Miners in connection with the death the retirement of Hitchcock was filled of former Governor SteunenlKrg was by advancing Commissioner of Cor- nn event of mitlunal, even Intemation- poratioos Garfield, the corporations nl. importance. Secretary Haywood, as post being filled by Herbert K. Smith, the strong man of the federation, was Glvbig up the Mea of Joint state- the first to be pUecd on trial MAYS bood, tbe president signed NOV. 1<l after the whole country had been stir- tbe act by virtue of which OkLihoma red up by tbe prellmlnai7 cfforu of became a sute. and on that day Gov- Organised Ubor and tbe Socialist pa­ wnor Haskell and bis Democratic ad- pera to raise fnnda for bU defense and mlaUtzatton aaenmed olBce under tbe. to gat tbeir rtew of the matter betoa by a vote of 432 to 137, and the reference of tbe Newfoundland fishery dispute with America to The Hague tribunal. Tho government resisted with much difficulty the growing movement for woman snffrage. JAMAICA.-Tho affront to the United States hi the ejection of Admiral Davis fi^om Kingston when bis nieu had voluutcered help to tbe earthquake sufferers waa appeased by tbe retirement of Governor Swettenham. CANADA.—Tbe Infiux of orientals culminated iu serious riots at Vancouver SEPT. 6, for which due apologies were made to Japan. The new Lord's day law went Into effect, making the Canadian Sunday aa blue as a whetstone. RUSSIA. —The revolution of force has taken a year off, comparatively speaking. While the organisation of terrorists baa made itsdf felt in tbe assassination of a number of army and provincial officials, beglntdng in January with General Pavloff, known aa the "Hangman," and Including several plots against the life of the czar himself, tbe forward movement in Russia has contented itself with tbe progress- fcrenee whlcb began at Washington iu November. Science. R«li|ion. Ethica and Education. had disturbed Wall atretst. Morgan. Rockefeller and Uncle iSkm came to tbe rceouo of the big b«nka wltb caab. Gold waa Imported to; atop tba gap after the Knickerbocker; Truat com-; pany had gone under. CAartng bouaa I certificates aud labor cl«ecka were need. everywhere, and banks iiuHpeadad casb payments. I Railroads and alt the b|g indtutrlaa curtailed. Tbouianda' w^ere thrown out of work. Extensile strikes were those of tbe San Frasdsco iron and street car men. New Tork dockmen, Minnesota miners, cominerbial telegraphers. Arbitration averted weatera railroad general strike. The Manufacturers* association vote,d $000,000 for On NOV. 7 nt Paris Henry Fnrman went Dumont oue better by navigating a heavier than air fiylug machine so as to turn a complete circle back to his starting place. Count Zeppelin In bis great 420 foot aluminium airship, capable of carrying ten passengers, late In October took a party of friends on the record filght of 7 hours and 20 minutes, moving In all directions at will aud with an average speed of thirty miles an hour. Tbe American j three successive years iwitb wlilcb to city of St. L«uls waa the scene of tbe • oppose the closed sbopj and tbe fed- second great International airship tournament. OCT. 21 to 23. but It was the German balloon Pommem. navigated by Oscar E^bsloeh, which won tbe distance race with a voyage to the tnrink eratlon of Labor took 6p tbe^gage of battle. Atlantic ocean Ifnea engaged in a rate war. Marconi ^gian traaaat-. lantlc wireless service OQT. 17. . The new Cunarder Lusltania made record of the AUantic at Asbury Park, N. J., ! voyage of 4 days 20 booza. OCT 11. ive propaganda of tlie press and education. Tbe second douma, which was ojiened MARCH 5, clashed with the government from ttie start over»the question of martial biw tiifoughout the country. After the douma had repealed a portion of the court martial code and the premier had demanded tbe expulsion of memliers suspected of treason, anddenly tbe douma was dissolved by a virtual military coup d'etat JUNE 16. Under a new electoral pro­ gramme intended to exclude the Socialist and radical elements, a third douma was chosen and began Its sessions NOV. 7, a combination of Con- '. stitutionail Democrats and Octobrists In control. GERM ANY.—The government of Em- IMiror William bad the satisfaction of decreasing the numerical strength of the Socialists In tbe relclistag as the rcitult of the February elections, and <Jhan(x>llor von Bulow to<ik thhi to be a vote of confidence notwlthstaudlng fhnt the Lj^i.illsfs wore able to point to the fact timt their i)opular vote had greatly increafetl. tbe reduction in tbclr represetitatlon liclng due to the anomalous electoral laws. Tbe government was greatly embarrassed over the exposure of Immoral life among high court aud nnny officials by Editor Hartlen of Zukunft. who was acquitted In October of the charge of defamation preferred by Count von MoltI:e. FRANCE.—The Clemencean ministry stecrvd the republic through a period of loternal disturbances doeely resembling civil war. iHwrt the dangeroua waters of church and state separation, and baa begna a coatly war oC dlacl- S73 miles. Lincoln Beacbey of Omaha won the dirigible race by sailing a two mile circuit iu 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Wclimau's airship was wrecked in 'September In a trial flight on Dane's island, and Ids polar journey was deferred. In mechanics tbe new and compelling wouder of the year was the application of the gyroscope principle by Louis Brennau in England to tlie operation of a model monorail system of The cost of livbig tncreased. Cropa were good, the total valne' being |7,800,000.000. Famous OneaWho Went Over the Divide. The followmg well Irnoi^ persons passed away: Shah of Penda (Muzaffar ed Din), M. Caslmir^Poier, former transportation. The British govern- ' preaWent of France; Senator Pugb of ment took It up after the public dem- I Abibama; John Alexander powie. Zl- onstratlon. MAY 8, and many now look : o^st leader; M. Bertbelot. <*emlet: T. for an Industrial revoluUon from the B. Aldrtch. poet; M. Pobedonoatxeff. Russian statesman: Galtistia A. Grow, statesman; James U. Eckels, financier; I Dr. John Watson (lan Maclaren). Idea. The bishop of London came to assist In laying the cornerstone of the great Episcopal cathedral at Washington SEPT. 20 and to attend tbe trleimlftl convention at Richmond. This body I writer; Mrs. McKiniey. wife of tbe late president; Tliomas H. Buger. soldier; John T. Morgan, senator; Julia Magra- took the progressive step of opening | der. novelist; FrancU Murphy, temper- • aace reformer; Senator E. W. Petttu; Richard .Mansfield, actor; E. H. Grieg; composer; Admiral J. G. Walker; W. O. .\twuter, food expert} E. H. Crosby, reformer; Joslah Fiynt. sociologist; Senator R. A. .\lger of Michigan; Rer. U. M. Field; H. O. Pentecost, reformer; A. C. Guuter. novelist; Dr. W. H. pmmmona-poct: E. H> Conger, dip- loiuat; Angcio Hellprln. aclentlst: Augustus Sulut Oaudens. aculptor; Joa- all Its pulpits to ministers of other denominations. Tbe march toward church unity continued. Tbc Church of Rome took a decided stand against all tbc more radical tendencies of the time grouped under the term "modernism." with express pro. hlbitlon of ail literature containing Ideas I'ontrary to the dogmas, fur which iiurposc a college of censors Is to be established by tbe bisbupa. tliat railroad slaughter exceed that of any previous year. Weak raHa waa oue excuse advanced. I E^rthqaakaa The wUapse of tho case of the "next ' violinist; Moncof» O. Conway, friends." charging Mrs. Eddy with nutlior; Oscar, king of Sweden, mental'Incompetency, was balled by I Sratl-stlcs lacking. It !a saf* to tho Chrlsthin Science church as a. dicatlou. ' Tbe new note In tbe propaganda of orgnnlxed charity hi not new ways . took 400 Uvea and deatroywl 12^000,of alleviating dlstreee, but to eup- ,«» ot property at Kbi^ton, Jaiaaka. ply "anticliuitoty justice" through co- J-^-V- W. killed COO at Moeat ColbW operation with the unfortunate ones Mexico. APRIL 13. 12.000 ntKaratagb. and by aeeking the causes of poverty Turkestan. OCT. 21 and la Gala* and crime. Tbhi spirit found striking hria. lUly. OCT. 23. Tba janaatowa axpoaltiOD waa a floaadal failara.- j '

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