Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA 6 AILT BEGISTXR. TUESDAY ETE\T\G, T^ECEMBER 2 2. 1908. Tke lOU MRT KEilSrEI CHAS. F. SCOTT. Enl^red at lola. Kansas. Postnmpp. as SecoDd-ClaB8 Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. ST -BSCRIPTIOX" RATES. Br Carrier In lola, OBK VAtj, Lanyon TUIP or LaHar})**' One week 10 cents One month 44 cents One year |5.00 BY MXIL One year Inalde county 12 .00 One year outside county '..$4.00 Three months. In advance 11 .00 - One month. In advance .44 OFFlTlAL fAPERTriTY OF BAS. SET. ^ II. II - — • Telephones! Business Office VS Editorial Rooms 222 EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. WiashinRton. D. C, Voc. ]'.Uh. A •• tt.r I. . .*HV -i " I ftt .ti-i. ,w \- tt ..r l .f.. -1 r..i-«H.., irli>l. riill«« ...t I {.:.>•' (..Hii.l llm r .i .l.lll>tlit I.* full I.* i.iliilM... MIKJ f,iwk- sooner' or later there will be a tre-' mendons craah. The law provides that when a bank fails the amount on deposit shall be apportioned equally according to capital amonK the other Stale banks tind each one required to immediately put up its share. It will CHHiiaiMK til. r..< ..r ti»w ami rw-inni'niiinc be Been at once that anythin); like a '''" ' ' "" 'B^ver^ panic would mean the collapse of the whole banking system of the : State and a disaster that simply could i not be measured. Of course allowance Is to be made I for the political' bias of Republicans 88 well as Democrat J and U may be that Mr. .McGuIre Is taking a more ftloomy view of the situation than It warrants. Nevertheless, as Kansas has gotten along thus far pretty well without a bank guarantee and ihas- much as we have an experiment' going on right at our door it might be a pretty good idea to wait awhile and see how the system works out in Oklahoma before committing ourselves to it in Kansas. C. F. S. fclmm Ui u r fr1mn<ln. I f«*l An* w)f*ll i rj-r H »bf Di'TntiiK, U<>i>*'t-> btift m rliaur* i» n >nunini «a« r. Wlurn. » Kim St.. Hmwnk.H.t. Best For I ^ ^ The5owf >l5 ^ CANDY CATtMnTIC SPECIALS! •>t«uinl. PaliiUlii* l>'i |«nt T«il« Omxl. nirOood, Nurrr SIckmi, n '^nli -ii /.r lirllw r:c. Hr. Mc. Ntrjar tolil III liiilk. Til" II •tiiliis ulilvl »Uni|>«<l COO. Ua*riintt.n.| to ciirn <ir >'iui* monnjr tiiirk. Btefttat K«fn«dy Co., Chlcafo or N.Y. S«9 .UINUAL SILE, TEN MiLUON BOXES IiHibtlfss become a law at an early date. ITCHING SKIN DISEASES Aro readily cured by ZEMO, a clean Now that ih.< campaign is over and «"'Jt«rnal »wa ZEMO draws Lolitical exlBency no longer imposes upon men the necessity of conceal^ l^^,^^^^ »^^c^ ^fta^nttS^f ins the truth, a good many things and p ^anenlly curls tvery foimof are being made clear that were very di4i^ hazy during the campaign. It will For sale evcrywhcr ^!,'!l 'w {lT^h '•etneinbered by those who follow-- pj^, £. W. Rose Medicine Co.Vst ."Loui3. ! n rj mf. .rl events o'osely last fall that along ^-^^ ^B,.. „, unrr ^-U 's UTUR Store \ nilerson\iiie j„ genteniber an Oklahoma bank fail- . 2 STIBBS IIKM'S MAtJAZnK. pood many years ano the. Department Z'\.,. „„ . ... of Georgia. Grand .Army of the Repub- ,'r-L..i ".':'l !l„!,''t ,.^^.?rJ«!;. l.Z!^. . Fo^ sale everywhere. Write for. sam- lie. |)iirchased the pronnds ' i once stood th6 old Ani.ersonviue September an Pri.son where so nianv thoiisuni I'n- „j _„ h « a^.,. j „i » ion soldiers were confine., aurin. the ;^,Z\lsTaae o.fofl..^^^^^^^^^ ;:^n.r\r';:;;L^r^nrE"S s^s^si^t^ihe^n^r ;!^eS"^ut T^n?rti^r;'t « the time the C.rand .-Vnny l.on.h, the • l,-,;,^^,^. s n ^rdentl^n^^^^ land It wa.s a neKlerted and unu.ned^.hat this bank was unjustly forced to :AT: Geo. D. Bright £> Co'&. Has Writlon .Story by Proxy fiir »w Kan.siis I'ubllruliuii. Wichita. Kas.. Dec. 22.—The Kansas Matrazine. which will be issued the first week In .Tanuaiy, is almost ready o so to press. It will ronlain an article by Willani .\llen White on Kansas politics in the "itOs. which luay 1)( waste, m ISOfi.the Gran.! Annv iiiade' ^lose purpose a pift of the Rronnds to the National. furnishing campaign capital. The %\omans Relief Corps and that orpan n,atter was Inve-siipated bv a Grand ization improved the property hy add- 1 j,,^,. two-thirds of whom were Demo- ^ 'J'""^ 'J' "" ing some fifty acres to it and l.v en-H^^Y- ' °1 as a res'i^^t the State^^^ considered the feature •jdece" of the clo.sing the Pronnds wi.h a wi-e fence. ^^^^^^ — Cnn.ressn.nn V.etnr MnntoeW buildinK a handsome eoltaee for (.jouhtless acting under instructions care taker, id.nntinp orrhaiis and rose uaa ,.p,„ ^^s indicted gardens and in j.eneral Leant ir .vlng „ ^.^^ announced that the bank the pronn.Is and makine: out of then,^.^_, .^^ ,1,^^^ ^^^.^^ insolvent, a lovely park. At the i.u^tance of the ,„ f^^j „,„^ „„^„ Relief ( orps a nninl.. r of ^^ ^.^^ onlered closed ft was In monuments have l.e.-n erect.M l,y d.f- ,„ p,.„, condition thai It ferent-».tates of the nion In memory J g^^^,^ „^^, of il.e sol.lieri^ who died in tlie l>rison ..r,,,, it. Those facts became gen- .•u;,l were niried In wh:,t Is now the ,„ ok,„,,omn before the An.le-sonvllle Natloiial Cem.'tery.. ,.|,.p,,„„ „,„, prominent Hepublicans I.-' year the W oman s n -U-f (oriis„,.,. „f „„. o,,ln|oM that Hie Democrat- iiiiid"' a formal t.-iider or ili." Kroiinds i,, nriiii-iiiiv I,imi five thmwiiwl . . •to the Govenimen. lui.l a hill Is now ',„;,,, L T! e . o, V'."*'"? <""'"•"'"<'"' "f !>«•pending to aeeep. the Klft. Th- u.en' ,• J,' .e^ .n '""I"- """"«•""'""• »'«> """-rous who were condemned to ,hN hi >n> .^i ^el '^'Tf ^Vmcbri ^'o^lr^fo T -o^^ n.;/' ,ll 'V'- mit.-'r'!'''' prison pen and who (1:. M 1 rath- ,.fr,,p| ' ""^ copies, er than arcepi ihe siiindln;; offer, Havlnjr ihese ihlims In mind f ask- which was nlwavH open to ih.'in nf ConcreHsman llird McGuire. of Ok- .Mivlnur their llve« nt the cn>< „( tiea- i„i,„„,j,. the other Jav to tell me hou- son to their country ciniiot 1... i..o ,.„,iy how the hank guarantee law was bmg remembered or too mve-entiy workli-K out In Oklahoma. His answer hnnore.l ami It certainly Is fitilng and was emphatic and une(|ulvoral. He appropriate that the Covernment declared that not onlv have a great which they iHed to save should ex- „,„ny men engaged in the banking lenil lis protecting • care ovi-r (he business who never woiit.t hnvo • ' J- <''?-M of ^!::;ng ";v :x <:;^''L^ fi!-;;^ — issue. Congressman Victor .Murdock has nii article tolling of his lonesome fight to save the govoriinient 000.000 per y(i:ir in weighing nralls. Henry J. Allen shows that Kansas has move pers<iiial wealth than any slate Hi the union. Kred S, .lackson. attorney general. h<.Ids county uitortieys responsible for the enforcement of the lliinor law. An authorized story of ( jiveriior- "\ect Stiilihs Is written by I. T. .Martin. Tipton Cox lei's of the opporliinltles of Ihe young man in liiisliiess and |;iul this will not sii|)ply tlii> demand. IHVIXITV yiKSTIOX PASSKI). Picked Cliickcn.«?, per potmtl Pickfd Diik<;, 1 t-r ' p'ur.d ... ri>k'»<l TniUcys JJOIUI'J . . ) r lie lOc 15c \«w Ml .Ministers in MIchlln .May Join the Assorladon. Wichita, Kas., Dec. 22—Ministers who do not believe in the divinity of resting place and which their suffer- a law as this, but that a great many xhe question of membership has been Ing and self-sacrifice has made holy honest and conservative bankers are Jiscussed at great length by some of cround. The hill, therefore, will coing out of business feeling sure that niembers who olijected to Cnitai- ian and I'niversa'ist pastors becoming •neinbers. The ariicle on nienihersliip which: read. "All ministers of Wichita in good standing In their several churches signing the constitution and heartily believing that .lesiis is Christ, the Sflin of living God. as declared In Matthew 10:16. may become, mem- I 'lers."; was amended to read: "".All Iniinisiers of Wichita in good standing n their several churches signing the .•onstiiiiiion may become menihers. MORE SHOPPING DAYS I Pictures I for Gifts! HAY TO PHILIPPI>KS. Dickinson Bros. Oraln A- Bay Co. Has ' CioTemnii-nt rontract. The Humboldt Herald says: The Dickinson Bros. Grain & Hay coni- oany expects to begin the filling of a rood sized contract for the Cnlted 3iates!government this week. Through •:. D. .Seaton of San Francisco they |iave taken a contract to furnish fiOO ons o^ hay to the r. S. government. This iiay will be shipped immediately I IS rapidly as cars can be obtained. If will be necessary to compress the I "lay into bales weighing from j;!0 to ]*.">6 pounds as the government wishes o have as much hay as iwsslWe In a . ;iven Space for a long journey. .\ government inspector will be |.-)rescnt to inspect each car of hay as t is loaded. Cncle Sam i.s willing to >ay a fair jirice for what he gets, but I'le is ijji.uhty p;irticiilar to see he ;ets what be pays for. Allen county •8 notfd as a bay roiiniv and the trade : of hav is exceptionally fine. This ID only on^ 'f ."cvi-ial larue mn- I ra< ts Ihe firm Inis. Mi.xed Nuts-, per pouud, I8c Cliii -Hnis 'fietv, 25c TO 50i: Cliii tin .i\- Cicnis Mixed Oandie';, , per pound lOc Oran^^es, p r dczt-J 20c TO 40c Thousands of bargains in Furnishingr Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps and Cloaks, during onr Pre-inventory Sale. Come to Geo. D. Bright & Co. I h. \. JONE.% Mgr. ALLEN HAS NONE: BKLLI.\<;EU .SELLS HI.S P.VTENT. ••f»rm«T BunilMddt Man Strikes Piece of (.ood Fortune, This County With 62 Others Has no The Hunilx/dt Herald says: D. E. Druggist's Liquor Permits.— i '«e""i.«<'r. who fonnerly li\;ed in Hum- Two Not Heard From. I 'J"^ ; attachment to a hay baler which he The Capital says: In preparation'-^'J"''"-''' "^'^^ In for the fiiihl the State Temperance' pi'uy of City. Itellinijer re- rnio;, ma.=;in\he comi.;ri^gis .--r.^^r ;:g:nt f ^l -'^l^^ci;!"^ ^n latuie for_ a law requirmg all drug-! ,,5,^, POINTER Kt)K I'A.STOK. liotham .Mini.''fcr Sujrjiests They Eat Bifferently from (Mliers. New York. Dec. 21'.—.\ minister !:li(mld be ••difrereni" from the com- niou run of jieopJe if he would succeed, according to the Rev. Dr. Geo. E. Vandewater of Si. Andrew's Kpi.<- copal chiireli here. In a sermon yes- I'erday. he said: "The hardest thins today for a inin ister to do is to be in the world and yet not become spotted by it. Kven friends are sometimes to be feared. A ro AIB civil- WAU VETEB.WS ionulnr CurlU Will Intnidi IVnxInn BIM. New What can be more acceptable than a picture? There is always a superfluity of cheap light-weight silver, and a scarcity of pictures among presents. A picture is never used up, never thrown aside, but is always a pleasant reminder. And pictures are n:>t always costly. A good subject, Iramed appropriately and tastefully, may be had for the price of an undesirable and cheap piece of glass or silver. We invite your inspection of this line. Open evenings until 10 o'clock. Culbertson, North Side Washington. De.-. I'L'—Senator Ch .i;-, ?urtii> has Introduced a bill In the i «enaie 10 Increase the pensions of those who have lost limbs in the mil tary and naval service of the I'niieil States during the civil war. The text -f bis bill follows: "Thst from and after the pas.j.ige of this aqt all persons' on the pen.sloii roll, aiid all persona hereafter granted a pension, who while In the military or| naval service in the war of the rebellion and in the line of duty, shall have lost one hand or one foot shall receive: a pension at the rate of lO.I per month: that all persons who. In like manner, shall havel ost an arm at or j^lxive the elbow or a leg at or Bl>ove the kn*e shall receive an allowance o(j$70: that all persons who shall have Iqst an arm at the shoulder or a leg at {the hip Joint, or fo near the shoulder or hip joint or where the same i^ in such a condition as to iire- vent thfe use of an artificial limb, shal receive! a pension of $".'> per month: and th^t all pers <ins :who shall havt lost onie hand and one foot shall receive IjiOO: and all persons who Kbail have lokt l>oth bands or both feei shal! receive] an allowance at the rate of $123 pe;r month." gists to give bond .0 the amount of j „,^^,,i^,^ ^^^^^ lo.fion to cover all damages that may •iiiachnient nii>'".< it i>o=;sibIe I'""-"" ^ .<.»i .ru. .-i result from the use of liquor they sell' '=1;''"^"'' "'^ ^J! ''"^^'t-Jf |minister ought to he different from . . . . , f °f ''»ree others, eat differently, drink differentia feeding' a hay baler and cms down ' - - 5e0ee. The I loard of diarlties is in need of elothlni; for women snd children. Leare {doDstiona at Little Builders' Clupel. data has been secured from the probate juilees iliroushout the state re- pardinz the number of permits and the amount of liquor dispensorl hy the drug stores of every county. The Temperance Union has suent the past two months gathering facts on this tihase of the liquor business. Of the lO.'i counties. ^(C were heard from. In over half the counties—CT to be exact—not a single druggist perm't is now outstanding. In the l.'iO counties heard from, there :!flO perniit:^. Kight counties have only one. and seventeen over five permits in force. Six counties of the stale hnbl over ha'f the iiennit.^. The names of these COiintir: anil the r.umher of lurnii'?; are as fn! lows: Cheroli .'f. 17: Leavenworth 1.': l-ihette. 17: 'ilgwii-k. XO; Shaw nee. 4H: Wyaiidoite. .".:!. Kroin this list ^t can be peen ihat Shawnee conn ty has the most iierniit.s outstaniling, find next In siiccess'oii comes Wyan bill Ill S<'i|i:wl:-U (•oilnlles. Ill till- leiii'is SI 111 out III iiriibitti Juilues six qiieK'ioiis w .-fe aske'i. f'Irst • •ach officer was asKiil to te 'l the iiumlie- <if (|riiig(:<i |ir''mlis and thi average nioniliv sales. In case there were no |.i'riuii .s. ihe offlcr-r was r< iliieKifil to slat" why none had been Issueil, how the iH 'op^- obtained It qiior for medi'ca' piirposeh; lastly, how long th's coiKiiilon of affairs ha-i ex =sted. The final reoiiot was that th' nrobate jinlge shouM suggest soni' measure to be incorporated in a law l >y which the lUirft it:ile of liquor hy dntegists cou'd be stopped. .Ml the ion counties, except .Aniler son and I.liinl were heard f-om. This re|)ort from this county— N 'r uermMs for pasi year. But five year.- In fourteen when p( rmits were in force. Never more -han two at onf time. the expense considerably. .Mr. Bel- lin.ger lia.-.- been using the attachment for some time and it.- success in doing the work is assured. He is now in Manhattan suiH?rintending the erection of one of the machines where it will be tried in bailing a'Talfa hay. Try a Register Want Ail. BANK OPENED YESTERDAY. Ft. Scott First National Doors Opened for First Time Since Nov. 20th. SHIPS F<»U TAKT. The Tribune says: The doors of the First National bank were opene 1 this morning in compliance with an announcement from receiver, this being the doors were ajar sinct collapsed th<' 2iith of last month. The opening was for the jirovliig of claims only. AH day long the bank wa:< crowded by those who had deposits to prove. Receiver Watts. President Hornady. Casliler Ilornady. Walter Wilson and .Mrs. Scott of the bank weri- busy every moment of the hturs the banking house was op<'n for the dejiosltors to call. Some thought the bank was to pay; a dividend today, but how this rumor! •,'alned credence is not known. This' being the first time the bank has| been open to depositor), many ex-j pre.ssiil to President Hornady th. iiope that everytbinj; woiibl be amicably adjusted. !.v. talk and act differently. The world needs more hiinisters of whom it can be said thw thev do no things as'oihers do them.'" e system e||ectu ally, sisfe one in oveit»in»nt^ ixiriifoeuna acts gently yet prompt- John Watts, the! IvbntKe bowels, cleanses he lirst time the] n ce the big bank; 1116 assist habitual consl^ation pGrmanently. To get its beneficial e fects buy the Rename. jacturcdb^the. JJFY)RNIA flo STRVP CO. SOU) cnr LEAoiNc MtiCciSTv sot f^Bonu \orth Carulina and .Kontann Will Br ^•^^•«l «a Panama Trip. Wishincton. Dec. 22.—S^cretar' Vewberry tod:iy advised President ^'ecl T:ift tbit the armored crulserf ">'orlh Carolina rnd Xfontana will b« laced at his d'sj.rsal when .Vr. Taf* md his oartv. that Is to be connosei' ^f a number <•( en^ineprs. iro to PTna- na next month. The North Carolina "hich Is eerrnnnded by Captain Marhall, in'' the Montana, cchimanded b' Cantain Reynolds are now at NorfoP and will be fuUy'prep^red for the trip Register Want Ada Bring Resntts. INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It is not an expense but an investment. It is something you roust have but something you must he careful of, as it is very Imi>ortant that the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies' of the world and would like to SHOW YOU. J. E. PUtTELL ETSM Ble^ Iste, Kass^a. WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy a home with the same-money? I have some mighty nice properties on hand riKht now, which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The properties are well located and are a good investment. All I want is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. K, POWELL Evans Blerk lola, Saaaas \

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