Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1908
Page 2
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mit- lilt: h iiN b. The Opening Year. ' K racVlant, fadeless. Eden flower, Unfolding In loveliness ever>- hour, Lite a wing-veiled seraph's face, ^ucb be the opening year to thee, Shroiided. though all its moments be. i Unknown as the bounds of spaca. ; —Prances Ridley Haverga!. • • • : Priscilla Club Meeting. • Mrlt J. O. MIttlebach and Mrs. W. S, Otiodin will entertain: members of the Pi'Iscilla club on Friday afternoon-at the residence of Mrs. MIt­ tlebach, comer of Cottonwood and East Streets. * + • Surpriee Party. : The scboolmateft and friends of Ed- { iar Conyers gave him a happy sur- i)rlse:iast evening' and were enter-! (alned wltb ^nnslc and many happy diversions until midnight. Afisse.s Winona ; Jones, Edna Wagers, Marie Delfosse, Martha Schultz, Marls Bar^ bier. Jennie Ray; Messrs. Harry Wagoner, Harry Heoox, Bdgar Conyers. 'Howard Morrison and Edell .lones were present. . ! * • • Afternoon Card Party. Mrs. B. P.! Barnard has Isaucd 1;n!- "tationa for |a euebro party for TUura- ( day ofternobn. I * + • For Vitlting Girl. .Mlas Sallna Oliver, of PltisbiirR, was Introduced to a group of. fr"eh(l>» .last ^venirig at.^ an Ihfornuil pnrty .•T*hlcli Mlsa Myttlo Carpenter gave. ;Tjier'<i wer* several games and contests.-(he pirixca Kotng to Miss Oliver iind MlSH fi'raee -Marr. Those who en .Joyed Mlsi Carpenter's hospitality >ere^Misses Sallna Oliver. Mae IVii •."nls. Worencp Hobart. Gertnide Canat- *fly, Grace Mnrr, I.iaura Currle, Mts. .R. C. Brown and Mrs. G. M. Oarlock. + • Bow knoC Party. One, of the nierriest groupes of •youRp people which greeted 1908 was assembled at the home of Miss Besslo •Beck;last eyenlitg. The occasion was a pfti-ty which the Bow Knot club jraveito entertain a group of friends. [ The irooms were hung with festoon? and fjow. knots of red and gr?en an-.l • bunciies of red and green were much in evidence. During the evening Miss Margaret Cannon served punch and therf!- was a fortune teller. Miss Vema Sleeper who! told of events to oc .'.cur this year. An elaborate luncheon was sierved by Miss Lois Talbert, and Miss JQlad^fs Brumbaugh, with the fol- iowlng guests in attendance: Misses JTIsa .Hildnet. Mable Beatty. May Smitii, Allce^ McCall. Iva Card. Vema Bleej^r. , I^ettie .- Wbodin. Mary c 'an- pon. . Velma Shelley, Blanche Van- BuskSrk, Trean Lowdermllk, Neva SpinK, Florine -Wheeler. Jjols Ben•V .ett,' Ruby Martin. Norm.- Ressler. feess Beck. Messrs. Harvey Heller, t'aude Nigh. Harrison Barton. John t *ury. Prank Gardner, Fred Steele, karo'd Fulton, Truman Thompson, James Woodin, Delmar Thorpe, Thoi Bartl^tt. Bert Starks, McClure,- and t). V. Ble'ariev, of Shelbyville, Ohio. Elks Ball. - The most exclusive and elaborate event..of tola's social woild. the Elks ball, .occurred last evening in tlie ^paclgus club rooms when the members entertained a large number. of friericstb greet the New Year. Simple b^t effective'decorations were ar- Removal Sale AT Sewairs Jewelry Store Is Still Going On. First door North Postof f ice siE am Special Made Rimless m Filled Spectacle Pmrmmmmat Oumraatam ^J. V; M. Co.*' stamped in the ^bridge^of every pair. Mo. Fac, Aula :F«| ani V. K. k T. Watek laneeton. rang?d. the colors of the lodge and holiday foMage predominating. In the lodge room proper a temporary staga used by the Sbields-Sucher orchestra W.1S surrounded by growing ferns and small palms and garlai^ds of Southern Bmllax hung from the chandelier. In the south room th.» numerous smaller lights were trimmed with bunches of holly held in place by rib bona of purple and white, the Elkf colors. At half past nine o'clock the orches tra I)eean the opening liars of tl o<I march and thu guests were lend by Captain an:l Mrs.- Stover in tht- promenade. The toilettes worn wore exceedingly pretty, the pastel lints being much III favor thouglh there were some elab- <ii-ate and beautiful costumes of black and several of velvet in rich dark shadfs. A number of young girls home from jcoIIeRc for the Yuletlde vnca Ion Were prpseiit to make their flrn' ipiHjarance at a gatlioring BO 'ar .nf ind formal and several out of town loople were there. At midnight dur pg an IntermisRlon the guests eiiJoV' 'd an opportunity to extend good •\lshe8 for the .vear just ushered In «nd during the entire evening a spirit of gaiety manifested itself in the 'nformal and cordial greetings ex- 'hiaiiged. The banquet room waf 'hrown open at eleven o'clock an<i a 'upchoon was served In cotirses. The lances were played at Int.^-rvals nntll half past two o 'clock when the clos ng waltz. "Home Sweet Home" was liiished. The list of guests follows: •Messrs. and SFesdames J. G. Miltle- 'lach. T. S. Stover, Mont Palmer, H. T^. Harris, B. P. Robinson. J. A. ^picer. J. Ti. .Tones. D. W. Reid. D. Northrup. P. A. Northrup E. D. Shields. C. H. Shields, A. P. Har -is, E. C. McClain, W. E. Redfem. ^. S. CulberUon. B. E. Allison. S. R. Biirrell. W. T. Watson. C. L. Ev 'as. H. Tholen, Millard Teats. Ned Teats. J. t). Arnctt. Mel Pronk. J. Bartlett. Fred Reinlsch. John Tlio'en. of Humbo'dt, Fred. Gerbitz. Miller McCreary. W. P. Dewey. Heintz. P. T. / Horton. M. Schoenbruu. l^^Igh Hnnt. Prank Wood, Mrs. Bert XPillor of Neodesha. Mrs Ionise Hoch-De- Sanlles. Mi$s ?8 Elizabeth Gault. C'ara Bowlus. Hazel Bowlus, Josephine Riddle* Susie Miller, Mable Poster. May me; Anderson, Carrie Dogett, Helene ThOlen, Le'a Holmes. Gertrude Holmes. Bertha Sickly. EShel Horton Ruby Heller. Marj- Schmidt. Eva C Connor, of Humboldt, Rachel M «*nt- zer, of Parson.':. I^ura Lovoca. Eflle Stapp. Curtis. I.aura Cooley. Blanche G<»K Florence Mitchell. Julia Mc- Ciure. Gladys Northrup. Mary Northrup Bartha Hoch. Mary Hlles. Bertha Sw^iirart. Gertrude Sailee. Emma Sallee. Bess Hyde. Blanche Ponsler. Cora Klein. Lila Lee. Tressa I .*e. Alberta Munson. Atlanta Bea^ley. Pittsburg, Teanette Ty 'er. Grace AUstot. Alma BartJett. Rose W<>ith. -Ruth <«teivenson of \\>stphalia: Messrs^ P W. Bre^Rtrr. Thos. Bowlus, O. R. Chrisilan. \\'. W. .MoClur.^. of Coffev. villf.-Harry WTille.v. W. H. Pagtic. CJ A. Smith. C. E. Hair Dr. Trowbridge, Jaipes Reid. S. Beales. Max Beal't's l.oui« Schl&nger. Whldo Coff- mati. Haney Howard. John liOvoca. FaPnest Coflleld. Roam Coffey. Lynn Coljev, Eugene Hamilton. Rosco? Poijsler. Henr>- Fleak, Luther Parman. Phil Stover. Roscoe Clark. Ned Ha"e, Damon Ross. Seward Bixby. Bert Miller. C. E. Elder. H. Cleveland, of Humboldt, Bert Pyle, Floyd Bobinson. Arthur Brigham. Otto Hoiigh, j; Holstein and Wm. Cain. • • +• To Attend Party. Mra. J. p. Amett will go to Chanute on Saturday to attend a. whisi party give© by Mrs. F. A. Doan. • + * Alta Seta Party. , Mistes Amy Maioengale, Lulu Cul- bertison. I^nice Jackson, Eleanor Boyd. Florence Munger, Florence Be- dellt Edn^ Eakln. Eva Armstronc and Mrs. "8. S. Hilscher were Mlsa Jjolv Duncan's guests last evening for tlii usual niMUac of the AlU Seta e'ib. The hoateaa served refresh- menu and prorlded merry amuse- mei^ts for the company. During the month of January the club will entertain several times Informally. , + * • i Visit in Huntbotdt i Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tholen, Miss Helene Tholen. Miss May Tholen, Sliss LIssie Tholen and Mr. Herman Tholen are gueAls of Mr. and Mrs. U Holtschneider of Humboldt today. + + + Business Meetlnei. The Alta Seta club will have n business meeting tomorrow evening at the home of .Miss Amy Massen- sale. * * * Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Potter, sn, S. Oak street, entertained at dinner yesterday for their niece, ^Iss Bernlce Bartles. of Chanute. Other guests were Helen Campbell. Glennls Barties, Claudia Wfiarton, Ruth. Fay, Burton and Cyrus Potter. * * * Social on Friday. The ^pworth league of the Methodist churqb will have a social on Friday evening at the home of Miss Plorence Root. McNElL BRtitHERS, Still in business, still selling honest goods at remarkab'y low prices. Liberal discoautK till the first ot the year. New^ tf tie County I FKAIRIE ROSE. MAY BE RELEASED \rdir Bird Wilson, Colored, Sns|iected of Fortrery, Dent Answer De^ srrlptlen. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger returned last evening from Parsons with Ardle Bird Wilson, colored, who is suspected of having had something to do with the forged checks passed upon lola merchants some time ago. Mr. Bollinger Uatcd this afternoon that in his oplu- on the Wilson woman was not the right party and would probably be re- eased in a short time. One of the checks was passed on he proprietor of the Miller Candy <itchen and a colored woman who ffas in the store that evening was sus- lected. The Wilson woman, however, :ouM not be identifled by Mrs. Miller oday as the woman who was in the 4tore, ami hence will likely be released. H*«*l Kheiiff Bollinger also went to Kansas Ctly to InvestlgatQ a colored man .vho was thought to answer the de- icriptlon of one of th? colored men I'eliiivec: to have been implicated In 'ho ffirKcry. but ho proved an alibi ird no effort was made to bring him '.nek. i.ihJii/" BETS FAVOR AHEL Feattier Weight Championship Will be Decided In Frisco Today. San Francfeco, Jan. 1.—Betting on the ftshters who will meet in the arena at Colma at 2:15 Pacific time this afternoon to decide the featherweight championship against Moran. went two to one In favor of Abe Attei. .las. J. Jeffries, who will referee the fight has visited both fighters and has had 1 thorough understanding as to the Uyle of flghtcuffs they will obsarve. According to the latest reports both •loys have come in nicely at weight and each says he has nothing to de- ^ sire in the matter of conditions. Both are confident of success. iMr. Knapp and mother went to Webb City. Mo.. Thursday where they visited until Monday with the former'.s cousin. Walter Lam and family were out from Lia Harpe to attend the family reunion at the parental Lam home Christmas. Wake Beccanan and family came out from LA Harpe Friday for a short visit at Jim Rogers. Cliff Isaac and family attended the Young-Isaac wedding near Wesley Chapel Christmas. Everett Epling has been spending a few days with his sister. Mrs. Kiiapp. Will Wood and family were Sunday Kuests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ludlum. .\lr". and Mrs. UIggs entertained (iuite a numt>er of young people Friday evening with an old fashioned taffy pulling and music on the grapho- phpne. Among those present were: Blanche. Harry. Edna, L«tta and Raymond Ford. Mildred, Alice. Phylus. Gladys and Arthur Robb, Charley, Carl. Verle and Otis TIce, Grace and Clarence Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Minor, Ada and Lennle. Mr. Boring and family were I.a Harpe and lola visitors Friday. Jim Itogers and family were our guests Sunday. Ira Bacon had the misfortune to shoot himself in the foot lust back of the great toe while returning from tlie field Saturday evening, where he had been for fodder. He had taken the gun along-to kill whatever game ho might find and In some manner the gun was discharged while carrying It along. .Mrs, Bacon took him to KIK- ninre at once where Dr. Ix>ngenecker dressed the wound. Mrs. Henry Miller formerly of thi.<4 place but now living near Mildred, was shaking hands with old neighbors while In Moran Saturday. Mrs. Strlekler has been enjoying a visit from her brother, Amos Delph. of I'ortland, Oregon. Miss Uobel returned Sunday evening and took up her duties as te.ichcr at Prairie Rose Monday morning. At the election of otilcers Sunday at Sunday school the same officers were retained except secretary. Ada .Minor was elected secretary instead <if he- brother. George, who is away attending school. Verne and Everette Baker left for Howard county. Mo., Friday evening for a visit with their sister. Mrs. Lena LA Rue and children wer.* spending Christmas holidays at the parental Bacon home. .SPKI.XG RK.VNriL THAY ARK FRltSH. A choice ahsorlmenl ol this popn- lar brand at CRABB'S. When yuu buy Lowney's Choco- latrs here, our pei'sonal pledge of their Ireshness goes with tht-m. Get your next candy at Cmbb 'si and see how well it pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, | Corner Washington and West Sts. DB. McXILLIH, • Bpeclal attMitioB ilTeo to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- * es and Diseases o( CI)lldren. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. * Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. * West Madison. * Phone 687. Res. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX. Kye. Bar, Nose and Throat, •peetaelaa Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bids. Office Phono 1083. Night Phone 406. DS. B. 0. CHUSTIIH. Pkyiklu ui SwiMi. Rooms 7 aad t. Brana Dldg. * R -B .TeI. m. Office Teh 163. • * bl. J. B. PBPPBB. • * Deatlst • * Is pennaneatly located orer • * B. C. MeClaln'a Clothing Store. • * and to prepared to do all kinds * * o( np-tOHlate denUl work. • * Brenlng work by appointment. * Phone 654. tola, Kaaa. • DB. EDITH S. lUMOL • Office and Residence orer Bar* * rell'a Dmg Store. • Office Honrs— 10 to IS a. OL . I * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 arenlnga. * Sundays by Appointment * - • • • • F. H. MARTDf, • Surgery and Diseases ot * Women. • Office and Residence Phone &76 * Office 7 North Jefferson. • I e • DB. w. B. Hnunnr. * • Pkytlelaii A Sarfcea. .* • Office N. E. Corner ot Suan. • Orer K. C. Plumbing Ca'i Mwik • Res. Tel 88. Office Tel. Nl. * • • • »* • P. L. Latkrop, • Mrs. Beaaie 0. Latkrop. • OSTSOPATHIC PHT8ICIABI. * Special attention giren to Dla* eases ot Women and Cklldren. * Orer East Side Hardware. • Office 'Phone, Main 468. • • a • * W. H. AHDEB80H, * AtteneyHit-Law. * Notary and Stenographer la * Office. * Pkone 46S. • • • • H. A. Ewlng. 8. A. Gard. O. R. Oar* BWUra, GABD * OIBB. • • -Lawyen. • • Practice In aU OOOCL 9 • 9% W. Madison. Register Want Ads. Bring Results. AFTER hearing the arguments In the J. B. Goshorn case yesterday. the| ?ourt took the matter under advist>-1 ment. OBSERVIMJ yEVi YEAR.S D.VY. Easiness Honses Closed Their Doors This Afternoon. Practically all of the business hous- sa and stores are observing New Year's day by closing their doors this afternoon. \ few of the stores have ! been closed all day. The court house ' with the exception of one or two of- I dees, is deserted. ! Mr. and Mrs. Staples from Walker. Mo., visited the tatter's sister. .Mrs. .Mc Alister. during holidays. Miss Edna\£lrd from lola is visiting friends'in this neighborhood. Mr. and .Mrs. AVIimoth and family spent Christmas with relatives at Colony. School resumed last Monday morning after a week's vacation. Amos Delp from Portland. Oregon, visited his sister. Mrs. I>}ngstreih. Mr. and Mrs. Prase from Ga.-; visited their old home and friends the first of the week. Vernon Mc.\Iister is home from Bartlesville on a visit during holidays. A baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ix)ngstreth last week. The men of the neighborhood had quite a wolf chase last Saturday and finally captured it at the Chlleote ford . It was quite a large wolf. OFFICE SnPPLIE 1 BLANK BU0K8. LEGAL BLA>'K.S. TYPEWRITER PAPER, TYPEWRITER RIBBONS. INKS. MUCILAGE and All of the things asaally fonnd In a stock of Office Supplies. BorreirsDnis Store WEST SIDE SQUARE. DISTRICT NO. 38. Marie Moore, reporter. Mr. and .Mrs. I.,. W. Moore an I daughter. Opal, returned to their home In .Mulberry, Friday, after spend ing the holidays with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Woodin visited in lola the latter part of the week. , Mr. and Mrs. Roberts entertainedj Would .Send Alleired at dinner Friday the fo'lowlng guests." f'miid Trial to Federal C( Mr. and .Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Hansen and Miss Olga Hanson. Mrs. HUBS and daughter Nellie visited in Savonburg Saturday and Sunday. Miss Marie Moore visited her sis ter, Mrs. Lake, last week. Mr. and Mrs. Anthon Thompson are visiting Mr. Thompson's parents. Dr. and Mrs. Longnecker took din ner iat F. N. Moore's Monday. Mrs. Hanson is on the sick I bit. There will be a pie social and entertainment at Odense Friday evening. January third. Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Sam EJIIlott. Mr. Bolby and Miss Marie Moore visited at D. R. Lake's Sunday. A^MoskaliCMktaH ta 2 SwallMrft j Stockholders'XeeUng. Notice is hereby given that the "annual meeting of stockboiders of the lola Ice and Cold Stoi^age Co., of lola, Kansas, will be held at their office in lola between the hours 2 o'clock and •i o'clock p. m. Monday. January I'Jth, litos. FRANK RIDDLE, Sec'y. lola, Dec. 30. 1907. WANTED—Good agents for outside towns In Kansas and Oklahoma to sell tea and coffees. Good pay to right parties. Address Union I'aclfic Tea Co., lola. Kansas. importauL Ifntli further notice I will pay the following prices: Clean rubber 6'Ac Heavy brass and copper 10c Good scrap iron 3oe to FiOc Good rags COc to 75c Plain quart beer bottles Per dozen t5c to 20c Equally high prices for all kinds of Junk, hides, furs, etc. Be sure you are at the right place. B. S. BARNARD, The Most Reliable Dealer. L. Krupp's Old Stand. 324-320 .North Buckeye, lola. Kansas. lOOaE OMEOTORY, KNIGBTS OF 3IACCABEE8.4- Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Pojr- ter. record keei>er. ~W. O. W,.-Camp Na 101 naeta U K. of P. Hall erery Friday nl^t It. T. Steele, C. C: A.H.D»-H. Cfti* Vlaltora cordially Invited. ^ XnaBTS OF PYTHIIS^* oi^. Lodge No. 4S meeta erery « adan night at K of P. Hall. Vialtl m brothers Invited. W. 8. Thompaott, i:.CU Chris Ritter. K. ot R. and & H. W. A.— The M. W. A. I^odge meeu every Friday night In M. W. A. halL VIsiUng brothers Invited. W; {I. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clei».. ~RdTAL HEIGinOBS^Iola Cann No. 366, Royal Neighhora. meeta ai» ond and fourth Tneadsya of eaey 'mouth. Mra. F. A. Wagner, orady;: Mra. Mary Untton, 418 W*-* SUMC. Reeorder.' W.\NTS CASES TRANSFERRED. I.and onrt. FBATKBHAL BBOTHBBHOOBI^ ] Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 mmU second and fourth Thursday ot taA month In A.O.U.W. Hall. VlaitlM membera oordlaly Inrlted. W .H .A»> derson. president; Golda Blam, aae^* 'Ury. Guthrie, Okla.. Jan. 1—United States Attorney Embry today filed application in the district court of Pottawatomie connty for the transfer of forty or fifty cases Involving the alleged Kiekapoo land frauds, to the United States circuit court of the Western district of Oklahoma. About a year ago the United States intervened In about twelve cases between the Bentley and Benson crowds, involving the possession of cerUin Kiekapoo allotments, for the purpose of protecting the Indians. Later Mr. Embry filed thirty-five original cases to set aside Kiekapoo deeds on grounds of fraud. Mr. Embry cannot use the testimony given before the senatorial subcommittee which recently investigated the alleged frauds In Oklahoma, but will subpoena a large number of witnesses used by the conimittee to assist him in proeecuting the case. '•MRS. HINBS. of Indianapolis, will come sOoo- to spend the winter^ with her sister. Mrs. Tbomaa Oorrigan. Jailer Order DaKc^ iMrleM mp> ehaaiea<—MeeU every Wedneaday ening at 8 o'clock in K, P. HalL iUI visiting membera laTited. R. A. Widiek, Cooncelor: a B. Black. R^ Secretary. JBWJBLBRa. B. F. Paaeoaat. old rallakto ]«ralar, 110 Eaat street LivingatoD Cci CeptfMlMg All ktnda ^'work • % -

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