The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 10
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10 THE liAKGRSKIELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 2<l, 1930 POLITICAL AOVEftTlftCMENT POLITICAL AOVCRTIftEMENT HARRY G. SMITH Candidate for Supervisor From the Fifth District Honest Competent Aggressive Fair and Impartial Consideration of the Masses as Well as the Few Waste and Extravagance Versus Honest Government Taxation for tho proper expenditure of government is a burden. But » burden that must be borne. Taxation properly Imposed Is a necessary evil. Hut taxation to support government waste and extravagance Is an unnecessary evil. Tho taxpayers who provide most of the capital which supports the city and county governments want to bo confident their money in not spent thusly. Speaking as a taxpayer In our community for twenty-three years and deeply Interested In all civic Improvement and progress of Bnk- crsfleld and Kern County, I fee) that I am qualified for this Important office as a successful bunlncBM man with long yearn of experience. For the past four years OH a member of our City Council, I have co-operated with those who have accomplished Improvements necessary for the welfare of our community at lowest cost possible. I sUnd on I lie platform of hones!, efficient, economical loveniinciit admlniHtrntlon. I urn In favor of home-owned Industry. I approve the MvlminhiK pool bonds. Old Age Security. • The Kern General Hospital—it'In owned b.v the people. 1 am not a candidate for any organization or faction. If I am .elected Supervisor of District fi, I will devoto my entire time to duty of office, to eliminate, graft, waste iind extravagance from our city and county governments and will strive for the mont efficiency at the lowest cost to tho taxpayers. YOUR SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED For Transportation to the Polls, Telephone 2547-J or 5314-W Attention! Republican Voters Southern California Republicans have just taken several straw ballots. The Tenth District poll shows a dangerous possibility that Mr. Stubbs (who has filed on the Republican as well as (lie Democratic ticket) may "steal" the Republican nomination. This situation calls for immediate action upon the part of all Republicans. Personalities and personal desires must be submerged for Party welfare. Governor Landon's rapidly developing campaign must not be hampered in this District by the lack of a Republican Congressional candidate on the November ballot. The Tenth District poll showed that George R. Bliss was the high man among the Republican candidates for Congress. In a fine display of sportsmanship and Party loyalty, Waller L. Maas, Jr., has announced his withtlrawiil as a candidate in favor of the high man, Hliss. Although his name must appear on (lie ballot, he is asking his supporters to vote for Hliss, so that a New Dealer will not "steal" the Republican nomination. The Tulare County Assembly bus endorsed Rliss, for the same reason. Other Republican organi/a- tions are meeting to consider the same action, believing lhat support must be thrown to the high man. If you are a Republican -if you arc interested in helping Landon and Knox in November — join with these other groups and throw your strength and vote to George R. Bliss. George R. Bliss for Congress Clubs Tulare, Kern, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara Counties PRIMARY TUESDAY, AUGUST 25 Senator Harrison Has Hard Contest for Re-Election IVnUfil 1'rrm J ACKsn.v, Mis*., AIIR. 24.—The Hoosovrll administration's strength In MlHHlHKlppI will be Kniitfpd Tuesday whfii I'm Iliirri'xin. rhitlrman «f I lie !•*•'. ;;.v.r tffi.'Mirc. rommlUco, ono of | IN miiHi liiynl am) Important flKuri'H In ('oiigroxH, rninoH up for rcniiinlniill'in In n Domocnillo prl- T»»ir.v Hull l.s rrfulvnlont ID rlnrilnn. lln In nppoHi'd by Mnrtln HoiiiiPtt ('(iiiiiiT on Hit- luillot and Thrxidnri! (!, Illllii), Jimldr »i>nnlor from M!HH- iHHlppl. on tho Htump. It Is Hcimlor llnrrlNon'H HtrongPHl oppiiHltlnn In I ho 28 years of his Wiinhlngton (•iirror. Connor won fnino IIH tho Htato's doproHHlon Kovornor, rrntor- hiK MlHfllHslppI to a cash basis with Ktiml credit rating In a four-year term. Called by his foes a "r.uhber Btump" fur President UooHovelt, Hen- ntor Harrison wild |I|H eloetlon would be a rebuke to tho Republican party, which would like to see him ousted. Conner culls himself "pro-Roosevelt," but he opposed Hovera! of the l,rmcd Wire) now denl experiments, Including the "plow-under" program, and he tried to switch tho Mississippi delegation to tin; 18SU Democratic national convention from Mr. Roosevelt to New- Ion Maker. He said ho would support the President only as far as his convictions permitted. lillbo tenmed up with Connor, ending an IS-year feud, to avenge a score with .Senator Harrison In a Kreiitor fuod. The latter started when Henntor Harrison recommended Judge. K. 11. Holmes for the Federal Court of Appeals this year over HII- bo's opposition. Bilbo never forgave .ImlRe Holmes for sentencing him to Jull for 30 days on a contempt charge 15 years ago. (lovornor Hugh L. White took the stump for Henalor Harrison. Today, with final campaign speeches Hchoduled, Senator Harrison predicted fiO.OOO majority out of a probable 200,000 vote, for himself; Conner shied from figures, but estimated he would get the largest vote. Spanish President Sends Out Luggage (Continued From Page One} Would Make Bitter Drugs More Palatable to Patient D ALLAS, Aug. 24. — Men who iniikc mudlrinn met hero today and concentrated on ways to make It laHtn good. Tho Heart')] for new means of sweetening the bitter doso held the HjmtllKht lit the elKhty-foiirth annual meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association. Dr. Van Meter Gives Special Attention lo Artificial Teeth plates made In our own laboratory. Robert W. Rodman, chairman of f! convention's, secllon on commercial Interests, said scientists are working harder to mako once repulsive drugs tasty than they aro to develop new medicine. Orange peel, o run so flowers and citric acid, ho said, are among the sweet smelling substances being studied. "Tremendous strides have boon been made In the development of special syrups which, when prescribed by the physician as part of a prescription, adequately cover tho taste of bitter or nauseous drugs," Rodman suld. "This enables tho pharmacist to dispense an agreeably flavored medl- cluo instead of the bitter doso which people took years ago." Cough medicines containing acrid ammonium chloride and ammonium carbonate now go down easy under tho Influence of cherry and cherry pit syrups, Rodman explained. "Man's conquest of disease does not end with the discovery of a new drug," Rodman said. "For Its wide uso will be handicapped as long as It Is disagreeable for the patient to take." Stalin's Foes Face Firing Squad (Continued From 1'agc One) faced from opposition group Stalin has since he took over power Nikolai Lenin. Trotzky, tied to tho plot by witnesses, was termed also the only remaining leader who could oppose the Soviet regime. Said Trotzky 's brother-in-law, the condemned Kameneff, apparently hinting a wish for death to tho ex ilttl leader: "After our deaths, Trotzky will remain n» the only person to or- Kiniize, guide and supervise Ter- roristic activities against Soviet lenders. Tiie .sooner his hand is checked the better." All ^he prisoners paled and somo collapsed In their chairs when the vc-rdlct was finished. Moses Ijourler, -who Indicated he felt entitled to some clemency, cried "long live the people of tho IP ml and Comrade- Stalin." There was no other commotion, however, except tho closing In of military guards to escort the prisoners quickly from tho courtroom and the public gaze forever. Ing with the Madrid forces. Tho Paris attitude was that tho government had no connection with such Boldlera of fortune. London Cheered London also was cheered by the Miller embargo move. Furthermore officials said apologies from tho commander of a Spanish government warship had closed the. Incident created by search of a British steamer etwcen Gibraltar and Spanish Mo- occo Sunday. Germany Informed Franco H would nimedlntely declare an embargo on rms and airplane shipments to Kpiiln csplto recent tension over the search f a German cruiser by Spanish gov- rnment naval forces rfnd other Indents which tho .Reich considered nil-German. The move was a long step toward ffcctlng a concreto neutrality j>act, iroposed by tho French nnd sup- iorted by the Brltlah. Italy already las accepted, with certain resei-va- Ions. Rebels Give Warning As for tho slain French volunteers, he rebels warned that others who Ight for Madrid may expect the ame fate. That appeared a serious matter, Incc the question of permitting for- 'Ign volunteers to aid either side In he Spanish war has been raised repeatedly In tho neutrality nogotla- lons, particularly by Italy and Germany. Franco, however, officially disclaimed any governmental part in tho service of tho volunteers and ono spokesman, commenting on tho re- )orted executions, declared any French volunteer fighting In another country must run such "risks ofiwar." Rebels Ilomb Irini In tho northern Spanish sector about the Bay of Biscay, gleaming lew rebel planes emptied bomb car- :oes on Irun. Fighting raged on tlicr fronls, too. Rebel headquarters at Pamplona .nnounced tho executed Frenchmen lad been captured In a battle near Oyarzun. The Spanish Fascists in- listed despite French denials that a leet of 15 French planes had bombed Navalpearl and other polnls. Insurgents also asserted that a 2J -plane unniiiln hud bombed airports of Madrid and caused heavy damage there but this could not bo confirmed from the capital. The Brlllsh merchant ship Glbel Zerjon was stopped by a Spanish ovcrnment cruiser off Melilla, Spanish Morocco. Apologize to British A British warship and two destroyers sped lo her aid and obtained an apology from tho Spanish Loyalist commander. The Ulbel Zerjon was permitted to proceed to Rebel Melilla to discharge ts cargo. Owners said tho ship carried no munitions. Tho British government Instructed ts men-of-war henceforth to pi-event such occurrences. There were the usual claims of victories by both sides in the war tself. 9000 Loyalists Killed Rebels reported Loyalists invading .ho island of Mallorca had been beaten back with :IOOO killed. French and Russian volunteers comprised a urge share of the Loyalists Iroops n that battle, the Fascists said and Trench munitions were used. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Attention! Old-Fashioned Democrats Sonic old-fashioned Democrat accuses the 1936 ambitious Democrats of not being 100 per cent for the pust '10 years. We.ll, I will admit that during my time in Governor Landon's stale I may have fallen below par, because you can't be a good Democrat on 90 cents a day. P. R. LYNCH POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Third Supervisoral District DEMOCRATS I'RKSKXTIMi FOR YOUR APPROVAL The Candidates of the Official Roosevelt Democrat Organization VOTE FOR THEM MORRIS SPIERS .1. R. WILLIAMS J. F. O'NKILL T. .1. W1NG-ATK ARTHUR HILL DONALD G. KENDALL Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Strangers Wickersham Co. Nlnttetnth and "Eya" Straats Shuler to Oppose Daughter-in-law (Attoclateil Prat Lcatcd Wtre) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24.—The Tlev. Robert P. Shuler, Los Angeles pastor, objected today as his daugh- Ler-ln-law, Mrs, Metta Prathor Shuler, 18, announced she would fllo H. divorce suit against Jack Cor- nctt Shuler, also 18. The young couple was married at Yumu, Ariz., last Mny IB, keeping their elopement secret until six. weeks later. "Wo wouldn't fight a plea for annulment, but wo won't stand for a divorce without putting up a scrap," the elder Shuler declared. The young bride said she would not ask alimony, but only court and attorneys' costs. She accused her husband of falling to support her and allowing his parents to influence his affections. Election Fight in Full Stride (Continued From Page One) 2000 Articles, Owned by Gilbert, to Be Auctioned In an acrid political feud with hla colleague, Senator Thco G. Bilbo, In Mississippi. Bilbo, also a Democrat Is supporting former Governor Sennett Connor for tho Democratic senatorial nomination In opposition to Harrison. Byrnes Fights for Seat Senator James P. Byrnes has based his campaign for Democratic renomlnatlon In North Carolina on it strong defense of tho now deal. His opposition, however, is not regarded as strong as that of Harrison. Two week-end developments of significance were tho death of Floyd B. Olson of Minnesota and the declaration of Senator James Couzens, Republican, Michigan, that ho would support President Uoosevelt for re-election. Democratic National Chairman James A. Farley had courted Governor Olson to offset tho appeal of Representative William Lemke, Union party presidential candidate, In the farm belt. -Olson was the nation's only Farmer-Labor governor. Democrats Heartened Couzens" announcement heartened Democrats who hope to place Michigan's 19 electorial votes In President Roosevelt's column. Couzens is seeking renomlnatlon In the Republican primary. He is opposed by former Governor Wilbur M. Bucker. Major Gcorgo L. Berry, president of Labor's Nonpartlsan League, said six state league chairmen reported Mr. Roosevelt's re-election was assured, with New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, "definitely In the Democratic column." H OLLYWOOD, Aug. 24. —Two thousand articles owned by the late John Gilbert, from his masculine wedding rings to his eight-foot wide bed, were offered for aalo today to tho highest bidder. Traffic jammed about a downtown Hollywood store building as friends, fans and tho Idly curious thronged to tho auction of tho film star's effects six months after his death. There was a costly grand piano, which drew an advance bid from tho art director, Cedrlc Gibbons, and Gilbert's suite and clothes, which tho man who onco was his film stand-In said ho wanted. An expensive German rifle, a largo collection of fishing equipment testi- fied to the sporting Interests of the dead actor. Century-old first editions, fine paintings and several thousand phonograph records revealed his artistic tastes. Gilbert's fourth wife, Virginia Bruce, said she would bid for a bronze statuette, which Gibbons modelled of him. His daughter by his second wife, Leatrlce Joy Gilbert, asked for his make up box and his chess sets. Auctioneer Ben Ball surveyed the $60,000 worth of articles and picked out oiio ho said might Inspire the most bids. It was a towel bathrobe, said to have been worn by Greta Garbo after a swimming party at Gilbert's homo. NEW COLOR DIAL! MAYOR TRIES DUCKING STOOI, SANTA MONICA, Aug. 24. (U. P.) To advertise tho Pioneer Days Celebration, the old public ducking stool of New England days was revived. Mayor Ed S. Gillette took the first public ducking—not for violation of public ordinances but for photographers. IJOT, 5. BUN'S MNOTYPE WESTMINSTER, Calif., Aug. 24. (U. P.)—William H. Bannlnger, editor of the Gazette, says he has tho youngest linotype operator in the United State. Hfs 5-year-old son runs the whole machine—when tho regular operator is not looking. j Philco 630X S90.0O •Sold emlf with Fbilco Atrifl It mttiit gtitiitt foreign rictflion. Foreign miioai art ipttid fit- ihtr apart . . . named and located on the dial. In color . . . enabling »ou to tint *» •«•»— caiily, quickly, accurately 1 N«w 1937 PHILCO FOREIGN TUNING SYSTEM The amazing invention that enable* you to get and enjoy many more programs from abroad! You can forget"numbers", for the new Philco dial tells you exactly whera to nine. Come in and let us demonstrate. Dozens of new features . . . beautiful cabi- new . . . sensational valued EASY TERMS COOL OFF AT a L| m M* K u u v raa? /fr no use. men / We can't sfea/ the FRESHNESS ofDoaM.Mel/o* OLD GOLDS! OlbGott CIGARETTES - CHINESE HERBS Relieves chronic *llment« of all kinds. Mule and fomala trouble*. $1.00 PER BOX PEKIN HERB CO. 20 Years In Bikerifltld 13U Tw«n«ifth Mre»|, Up»t«lr» STANDARD GASOLINE unsurpassed OUTWITTED AT LAST! Those three "bad actors" . . . Dnjni'ss, Dampness and Dust . . . who steal the freshness and fragrance of cigarettes. Foiled by the O. a-Men! To protect those rich and rare prize PRIZE CROP TOBACCOS crop tobaccos in Double-Mellow Old Golds, the Old Gold folks have created a double Cellophane package; a package that's both weather-tight and dust-proof. TWO jackets of the finest moisture-proof Cellophane guard the freshness of Old Gold's prize crop leaf, like a miser guarding his gold. It takes "next to no time" to open these two jackets. But, Boy! what a difference that extra jacket makes in the freshness of the cigarettes! C«i>r. 1M«. bi P. Urlllirt O... IM. make them DOUBLE-MELLOW 2 JACKETS, DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," keep them rAPTHDV CDCCU FACTORY-FRESH

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