Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 3
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.1 CHRISTMAS SHOPPim DAYS ARE GttiHIG tUHE Bt OMEf Every day the crowds grtow larger. Every day some Ohristjnas assortments are depleted and taken linto the homes where they belong. We cannot urge you too strongly to do yonr Christmas shopping early—now. Store open evenings. I Soma of the Useful Gifis wa 'have to Showyoum <JOM» HAM)I,KI> r.MBKELLAS. rH .\TKLAI> BAUS in sterlbitr sihrr.old art, alUmiJor and WixXUr. FANCY KELT.S in silk Hustir, Initlicr ninl llnsil. HAM) PAINTED CHINA. FANCV NEI'KWEAH of ^ver> ili-svrijitliin f<ir ladifs and ift-ntlonK'n. FANCY IXMIJKS at s|»i'Clal prlns. A Blir Assortnifnt of BACK COMBS and BAIiUKTTS, FANCY HAT IMNS in old art. t'old and sil»«r. COLLAR FINS. Iiroociics and fancy stick pins. MENNEN'S TALCIM FOUHEIi. i lioxo for e;.c. FANCY KIBBONS of CUT ) dt-hcription PILLOW Tt>PS, TABLE (OVEUS. BEI> SPBEAIIS. TOWELS. VAPIilNS and TABLE LINENS: c»cr) price SlilKT tVAISTS at aclnul cost to clijin up tin- line. FANCY SCABFS for iadlcs and men. :>!lc (i> 1 !;1.IH). FANCY IIOSIEKY in Lisle and Slik. Tiic Best Valdcs in llAM>kEBCIIIKFS In |/iire linen and eniliroldeml al I«. I.'., S.> and up to •IX:» enrli. MIHinery"^Orea1est Price Redueing at ike Season Sale Prices cot Exaetlj In T no. What is Prettier Than an Elegant Hat for a Xmas Gift. W>Mi Hal at... !t.<slHl Hat at ... ii2M Hat :. mw $.>.0O Hat *».50 «II).IN) Hat $:LIH ) Hat.. II ..-.(I EVEKY.STJJEET BAT AT JDST HALF PKICE. HOLIDAY FDHS. There is nothing more accepts Me (o your wife, daughter or sweet heart than Furs for Xiuu.s. DRESS GOODS. Itemarkflhle ralnes; SO pieces put on sale imported and domestic dress poods, to clean up—Chiffon Broadcloth in fancy and plain, thatasually sell for $1.25 to $lJiO. Special 7.»c 85c Fancy Serges vAe 6 .10 Fancy Sailings, special 3.')c 25c Pretty Plaids for children VJe Ladles% Misses" and Children's Ceats for Christmas At RemmrkaMy Low Prioem to GImmr ihem up Quiok. iH.:,{) Coals $5.00 ii>:i«.«o ("out;* $10,00 Coats $7JM) $16,00 $>.MHI CoaU $f.'25 $12-.0 Coats $8.50 $30.00 Coats . CHILUNEN'S COATS (iltEATLY KEDUCED. Coats $S.1.>5 $:L;5 Coals $15.00 Coats $10.00 $'---».50 $5.00 Coats «a .T5 Try a foyml Yiorooaimr Cormet, Blmok Gat Hosiery or m PioiorimI Rmvlmw PaUern ana you'll auroly be pleaaea^ 113 East riadison RICHARDSON'S 113 East Madison GIVING OF GIFTS How Much of the "Agony" of the Hol" iday Tune May Be Eliminated. The foIIowiiiK is fioin Kaircliil <r :i M-agazine: It is undoubU'Uly a faci thai in recent years tlu' liiviiig of gifts ut Chrlat naas time has becoiuf for niaH .v of us more or less of a "horror." Throupli a gradual i)rocess of evolution tlu- "iv- membrane<!s" that we purchase for our friends have, from year to year, become more and more elaborate, until the one-time simiilicity of the Christmas gift hats been entirely lost sight of. We recf^iie costly gifts and there is a feeling'that we must give costly gifts in return; in fact the "quid pro quo" idea enler.s so largely into the giving of gifts these days • that the spirit of Christmas is apt to be lost night of entirely. Unless on^ is the possessor of a i-"ortunatus purse the Yule Tide becomt'.s an a?;- ony instead of the merriest season of all the ;ood long year. Bat the giviuis'or gifi.s need not be the much dreaded horror that it has <ome to be for so tnany of its If we win be sensible about it ami give the much maligned "useful" present. Attd why. Indeed, shoiiI<lri"t »<• i ,-lve our friends someihinf; they need".' People are apt to say. partleularly to llielr Immediate families: 'Oivi- me sonie. thing i want, don't Blve iw stnnething I need.'" But in reality most of ii:>" actually do want what we need ami. bearing this in mind, the );|VIIIK of gifts becomes at oiivi- 11 .Kjijipli- lual- ter Indeed. The most cenera'Iy accepiuble linll- day rememljrnn";: this year will li • Komethlng practical, sonii'tliliig to wear. The panic and depression made a lot of fellows economize In some way or anotherj usually on ttie umall- er nee<i.s of their atflrc. And so, nov .J adays, tlie«e men find their wardrobe^ uncommonly bare of new ncelstic handkerchlef.s, waistcoats, muffler;, cloves and other aeres.-;e»rits. tliat one <*:in gel alonj: v.lthouf' repleiiisliiii :4 for awhile, but wliieh meaiis so muc !i 10 the tout ensemble of one's get -ujL Then there an' .si;c}) Jihvayj? acceju- able and nseftil remembrances as smoking jackets or house coats, bath robes, pajamas an.I oiliei" wearable.-^ of that .sort. Now things are wakliis; tip aiiaiii. but it is the season of heavy demand on everyone's purse, and many of the fellows who want to ninkf their usual little presents—and who does not?— will therefore necessarily cimtiiiiie to economize on their own "fi.xins"" for awhile longer. There is where you come in. If yon want to give a man something this year, it seems an exc*edlii.sly good guess that something to wear—within the limits of tact, of course -will be far more welcome than the usual cigarette case, cigars, smoking set, picture for the den, and other stereotyped holiday gifts for men, which almost everyone gives, in hopeless duplication and lack of thought for what the recipient really needs or prefers. There can be no suggestion of charity in such gift-giving. The import-' ance of dresa today has made variety and frequent change very desirable, and so llie smartest and i)rpud- .est man nowadaya finds some nncom- moo or uncommonly smart dress accessory discovered for hinj by a friend very acceptable. This has become a familiar usaee in the best form, and qtiestloa can be looked' at entire; "lU yljeypoint. Why not let circle, of course, there can be no re.i-i .son against giving a new evenin.:; dress or Tu.vcdo suit, a new suit or, overcoat, a now hat —silk, oiicra, etc,' auto wear, half a do/.en shirts, anything to .wear that is likely to be most . approciait d. The appreciation will J lie as keen from one who is already fairlv well stocked, this fact expensive which they don't want, and often indicates unusual interest in cannot give them .something of equal matters of dress. One can't have toO; valiie which they really do want or much of this sort of good tning. ' prefer. It is a'.most as safe a bet that tliis^ Be original. Individual, in your gift- practical gift -giving will score with giving, and let thought and know- the women this .v<-ar far more heavily ledge of real nerds atid preferences tlian another addition to the tiresome snide you in the pleasure at the close pile of caniiy. flowers, impossible fans of this trying year, and jewelry-really good jewelry :e- Probably one reason wliy .«o few quires that the giver 's |iurse be ex-' men consider the giving of wearing ceiitlonally long— and other things of aonarel a practical form of C'hristma:- this nature that men usually, at this ^ift is that they fail to realize that season, pile upon women, many of (he old dilficuliy tliat used to confront whom would far tncre prefer some- tiie purehaser.i of gloves, shirts, waist- tlting they really need. Naturally, coats, dress ties?, and the like, "for one must be very tactful about the other people," namely, the ignorance choice of "usoful" gifts for one 's wo- of the iiroper "s}xi\" to buy, has been men friends, it all depends upon totally done away with by "Christmas "how Weil" you know them, a checks." Nearly all of the more prom- little thought, howeyer, it should not inent furnishinjj shops these days is- be very difficult to find gifts other sue certificates of money deposited, than flowers. Jewelry, and '"sweets"" and these are redeemable in mrrchan- thal the tair sex will dellgat in. ilise. If one proposes to get some It is only a fa'se delicacy tc thin!: dress gloves for one "8 chum, for in- thai you may give people -joniething stance and cannot remember what size of "gants"" he wears, it is no longer necessary to ask him and ""gjve yourself away" by so doing. ' All you have to do is to go to your furnisiier, pay for the gloves and receive one of his Christmas checks, which you mail to your friend. Then he may go "'shop-, ping" armed with this certificate. Ha can get what he wants, and very likely if won't be a pair of gloves after all. but a shirt or some dress ties or handkerchiefs. In these <\ays of depleted wardrobes the Christmas check will j)robably be the most acceptable form of gift that one could possib^ send. R, Olld ^lllairP General Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialfv. Office 115 East Jackson Arc Phone Always Exactly the Same in Aroma, Taste and Flavor "Mercantiles" differ from most high-grade cigarii In the matter ol: uniformity. The tobacco in ncrly ull the otiicr popular brandH is bought in the open ms'L'ct. Tbut's why they vary in quality. For eighteen yeun we have insured the uniform hitjli quality of the "Mercantile" by personally nilectin^ tiie choicebt Havana tobacco from the some Cuban planiations. Mercantile Cigar A Royally Good Smoke No "schemes" and "free deals" are offered dealers as inducements to sell "Mercantile" Cigars. We prefer to put our money into the cigar ittelf. You'll find the value in every "Mercantile" you smoke. You'll find a degree of latttfaction that no cigar sold on a "scheme" can possibly give. All we ask is a test of the "Mercantile" goodness. Ask for a "Mercantile" Cig&r out of Rice's Glass Humidor lf» • hobby of ours to'have "Mcrcantilei" served in perfect rmoUng condition. Mobt ciKur men have them in our patent i:laa.'< humidor, which keeps them iust right in any climate or altitude. Vou can S et one of t!i.-se Ja»"> Without extra Charge by >J " MexcautUci'" ut u time. F. R. Rice Mercantile Cigar G>. St. Louis, Mo. F.rt<iryXS-rin» Di<t.afJlaMwi and a happy home. The ladies cleare.i $19 at .Mr. How-j ard"^Moore's sale. Those that as.sist-; ed were .Afesdames Seymour. Uullett. j Smart, Sears, W. Dugan. Boyer. Tem-i pel, Williams. .Miss Gertrude .Mf;CoI- lum. Lizzie Tempell, Cecil Walker, > /.iiaBauTCffn «nBf PAB •>•>••.•«•• i Jeanette Seymour. .Mr. and Mrs. An-i A GUARANTEED CURE FOR PIMPLES. : drns. M ISS Dean white. Mrs. Lanta! iJemo, a clean liquid for external use,' Brooke. Mrs. Harry Pronk. We wish; draws the germa and tbcir toxins to the to thank all who helped us. not j surface of the skin and destroys them, for their presence but for their dona- leaving the skin clear and healthy, tions. Two to si.x bottles will cure any case .Mr. and, Mrs. Charles Bollinger of pimples and blacklicads. came out from lola and -Mrs. Bollinger i- 1 or sale everywhere. 'Write for sam- , made herself useful. pie, E. W. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store 0 .5 r ;;-;:"::iT >':«r<g .7o ..'^"7n'<* o o Albert Beal is building a new barn. Lute Siger has returned from a visit with relatives and friends in In dlana. E. O. Hanta Is here from Pawnee county looking after property inter csts. ('has. (IrCRK ami w'fe were vlaUlng at C. U. Ure;;gs a fi'W days la;*t week. Mrs. Joe Perry and wife who has b'lii vl.'It.'ng in this neighborhood for •I few weeks, returned to thel:" home in Arkansas last week. Mrs. Eli/.a I.ntlinni of .Miami coiiii- ty has bei>n visiting with her |)arents. Mr. and .Mrs. Win. .Merclianl. ArrauKincntH have been ma 'Ii; for a Christinas tree at Diamond church i;hrlflti«a8 eve, a good l-'jne is expected. All are cordially Invited. The new house and barn on the Buck farm are now comp'eted. and add very much ,to the convenience and appearance of the place. .Mrs. S. Dragoo, who for the past few months has been at Ixiveland, Colorado, returned home this week, and seems somewhat benefited. The I.adles Aid society will give a box supper at the Diamond church Wfilnesday evening. IVc. :;oth. .-Ml are cordially invited to attend. GOLDEDi VALLEY. I We seldom find a family that has; done so much to make it agreeable ar> Mr. and Mrs. Moore. We feel like their two years here has ever made • one fond neighbor in the Sunday i school and church. They both helped; with a willing hand. Their three lit tie girls will be missed, yet we feel that wherever they go they will be appreciated and may their lot In Oklahoma be cast in pleasant places. The Register is to follow them so they will know liow we are progressing. Take our No. 410 when Traveling EasLward Leaves lo'a 7:1". p. ra.. arrives St. Louis 8:23 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. CIIILUKEN WHO \KK SICKLY .Mothers who value their own ctmi- forl and the welfare of their children, should never be without a I'ox of .Mother (Jray's Sweet Powders for children, ft)r use throughout the s»'a-! son. Tliey break u |i colds, cure fever- I ishnesK constlpatlim, teething dl.-<or-j ders, headache and stomach tnnibles.' THHSK POW'DKRS NKVKR KAIL, i .Sold hy all drug stores, -T.c. IXin'i accept any substitute. A trial package will be sent KRKK to any mother j who will address Al.'en S. Olratsted, j I,e Roy, .\. Y. C. p. Hale, Agt. EVA KAY 'S lirSBANO A SI ICinE. LOOK AT OIK Nickel Plated Wore Mrs. Harry Fronk has been visiting in lola. .Mr. and .Mr.s. Har;v Fronk were the guests of .Mr. and Mrs. Gullett Sunday. Smart and .luck Bocken were hauling limtber and feed out for I^a Harpe Saturday. We wanted to answer the Invitation •from .Mrs. Larson In Tola but conld not owlne to the work on the farm. Tip Williams bouglM. a team of horses of W. C. Walker Thursiay. Howard Moore and Forest Smith started to Custer county. O. T., over land. They sloped all night with Noi»h Holt and family. W. rtoyle and Gua Englehart took 90 trukeyg to Bronson ami. got 12 cents a pound. Mr. Wa'lis Jeffery was buying turkeys. Gertrude McCoUum was visiting In ouc'commtnilty last week. ' We tniderstand there will be a wed•ling in uur community goon, but we do not know that It is so. 'Gladys Myera la Improving. Her, graBdma Myera camiB out from La-} Har^:.for a tew daya. .. Frank Hardin isbatchins. The man that bought the •IcCollim _ The "Wonder W orker" Couldn't Fore- i , • r-, .• stall Her lln*iband's AcL [When C hn.-,!ma.s shoppniic. riialuii: Oakland. Cu\.. Dec. 2:*.—.tohu T. Fay i Uishes. Fercolaters. {.-o d-li.-.ed Tia husliand of Kva Pay. a "wonder w.jrk-jsets. fake Tr::vs. Baking' Dishts. iii ,1 er." wbo has been appeariug at a lv-!„,;,nv other useful and faiu-v :niiries. cal theater, committed suicide at his; .... , ., • hotel yesterday by shooting himself In f'^^ Alnn.inum Wan the mouth. .Mrs. Fay had just completed her en- gafrement in this city and the lusiKage of husband and wife was checked toi Denver, where they were to play ne.\f. | iOLA STATE BANK L. E. HOKVILLE, President A. W. BECK, Vice-President J. II. CAMIfBELL, Cashier. L. C. KOBINSOX, Asst Cashier Directors: L. K. Horville A. W. Beck J. A. Robinson G. E. Nicholson H.L .Hender8on Frank Riddle M, Campbell

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