Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1907
Page 6
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, -IT laijItpittoM. to tb« m» aomlutlon ft* center* about oC. Inland. Be tUd -^.-t ^^^.iwpty^iiiieytill vlten the.'word ^^SriNitgi^mtthM Stnbbs wonia tatJMo the.iiee. iUdml oC fiaUna and X N. irf lla^ HlU came here last coined tieafianarters t& ^tVd |Dii^ etabbs for govern- f>r;! it rbjr' tiicc; «oft of the week suf: ^^teiit:;^Mptiia<iit appears Stubbs will be iaamiUf innouneed.- T^orrow Btabop jui4;'I>^er ,wlU' call on the toleiibaM •TM^ eoont; in Kansas t6 sit<t •'ainitimdit'' Telegraph wires wUi alad be i^i Into we. Newspaper cidltorla^ ghaT* alreday started. The JBallna JF^nul. Brlstow's papen tad 1h« Ablleke Chronicle, began ^ubbs talk tonlAt WllUam Allen AVlilte la eiqp<^t«d to do so tomo^ iW. ^} - TO PREVCMir toMBARDMENT. Canal ^ma and Lockf Wu( Be I>iac4d Inland. li^uhlngton, ;Dec 31.— For elrate^ getle purposes ^and to prevent their JKHnbardment % a hostile fleet, th^ M ^BisB ' canal^ commtsston has de- .tmalneil to ch^uige the location ot the.dams and Ifcks which it original' )y Intended to construct at La Boca, and Ins^d tbe^ will be built at Mlrar tiorea,- four mi^ inland and with ^e zone '4^ SIfety. President BociKTelt 'approved \ the cfaange In the V>cat)on of the Idclcs tdmbt ten days $go, simply indorsing Ills iviMkal f4 the commls^ion'ar rectmimaidatloni. Two locks are to }>e ovtts^nwted ^ Mlraflores, and the ' eathnAte is that^tb'e cost will be 18,• 000.000 lesa thah if they were built .at Sos^ which Ibcatlon had been un der eonslderatioiji for some time. At Mlraflores ;there is a range ot . iillla which will ierve as considerable protection frmn, any bombardment that might be attempted by a hos- tife fleet THE NAVy MAY ANSWER TMEM A ftattmant )n Reply to Recent Mad •gina Critlciwii is Contemplatisd. Waihlngton, liee. 31.— Some atteh tlOB may be gtv«a by tiie Navy depart TiMnt to tlw eriiielsm by magaziiie wrltyii. l%ls refers particularly to the'criticisms peHaintng to naval con Dtraetlon. althou^ it may have some referebee also t0;ihe structures on the VbarMa"_iy«temw Secretary Uetcalf has the matter under consideration and win determine soon the advisa- bOlty. of aaUng'a statement on the .eubjeet , v^mtral-GonTerse, chairman of the ilxMitd oC oonstnustlon. and Admlr^ Capps, chief oonitruetor of the navy, -are odieeting daU which, if a sUte- mait>4to made, will form the basis of wh»t: may be sall> That, it is pointer! out, wlU not be' a r^y to criticised, bat Jdfeiptr a Btatemeit of facts. - I . I rOUM DAVE «P RAIN jIN 1907. Driitt CataMi WUetprsad {Famine In IniiiaR i »revinc«s.! BUIsdale, IDch^. Dee. 31.—Secre- 1«ty 9. 8. lC|r«n,^of the general con- ftnaoe ot FNe ^ptlsti said today: *^Acdnrdiiig t» advioea JiU receiv^ «d br.iM tkam. oar sdsslons in Ben- fHX and Orfisa. lodla, four months of ,T ^a Jt the itsoal alKwancej in Luck- India, In a ^ear, but during the year 1M7. it has'rained ionly four dayi. The result Is famine every • whare, -. . I - *TMd« «C rice that shoijld h^ve •• been Cnll ot food are as nothing. Thou^ saada of the pcqnlttton are suffering and teftwe, relief comes next Augujt In aaother crop, hundreds of tbou»> *aais aunt dl» unless relief comes DMiCbitetlan lands, llie Indian .-'|»fgnuaent' ha* tmdertaken famine relM and many mlssMns' ai[e caring i.4(tf tte orpbaM pad helpless.!' r. LOBT—Between t02 South Wash- 44*StoB aad Oraad-Theater { Monday " ^ . lit|ht,'vM atlek plBi pearl seltlng. Re It ^^ST^ Ha» aOoeTTReward. ^ . ItlKT—Five room ! cottage, jJoaaJa. la^alre rtl 8ou(h Oak. WMtBD-Good ^k. J. 0. Rog. ^ en, S^liaci^Bla street, head M North j'.atiaati,: Ky"-JOT?MNT^-4tor«i» room j modem i<Taf«« ntratt. 6 hlodu ;a«i|^.rMMiel.ed. 'Ini^i s from inire J. noms: new or ladies. Slf StUlOontiniiesl big stock freduclns: sale until Tue^ay ^veniov, Janiiafy IVtL Tllif miMiis that the^ut prices will still prevail another five days. This has been the biggest sale by far we ever held at this time of thfr 11^ The^^etuonforthis is that the prices are cct much deeper than at any former sale. Not a department in the house is spared. Cut prices oit ling. [ Lists an hanging In each department, showing the original price and; the reductions. If you are one of the many we could not wait on' during the last f^ days, come now and be prepared to take advantage of the greatest sale ever held in this community. - Bvery shoe in the house. Ladles', Misses, Chlldrens* jujd Boys'. Leather, felt and rubber Shoes and Overshoes —all must ga 2&c Shoes, reduce^ to 19* 3&C Shoes, reduced to SSc 50c Shoes, reduced to 39^ C5c Shoes, reduced to .*)0* 76c Shoes, reduced to 65* 85c Shoes, reduced to 10* 90c Shoes, reduced to 7aC J].00 Shoes, 7!>e 91.25 Shoes, reduc^ to 980 ^UO Shoes, reduced to 81.19 $1.75 Shoes, reduc^ to mlA'i $2.00 Shoes, reduced to Sl^.G.'S $2.25 Shoes, reduced to $1.89 i ?.50 Shoes, reduced to $^.1>'> $S.OO Shoss, reduced to $^*40 $0.50 S^oes, reduced to ^.15 $1.00 Shoes, reduce to «3.2!> $5.00 Shoes, reduced to 94.15 • 40c Rubbers, reduced to 32* 50c Rubbers, reduced to 42* 60c Rubbers, reduced to ...... . .,'51* 65c Rubbers, reduced to 54* 75c Rubbers, reduced to 62* 90C Rubbers, reduced to 75<!. $1.00 Rubbers, reduced to 82* Men's House Slippers, $1.50 and $2.00 qualities, reduced to $1.15 $1.25 quality will be 8.5* 51.25 Legglns, reduced to 98c $1.00 Legglns, redueed- to 79c ;5c Iv^gglns, reduced to ,19* 60c Legglns, reduced to 42* SCARFS. BnttenbufK Scarfs and Squares,' rich nnd beautiful work at almost^nehalf original price, ^\lo,have these grouped Into one lot. values ranging up to $1.75. Before ln,venlor>- Sa'e price ............9.'5* Satin Damask Scarfs and Squares. Sonio have drawn work; others are beautiful scroll designs. You will find these to be high grade Hnan cloths. Values up to $1.60. On sale 'or 69* BUGS BEDUCEB $6.00 9x12 Ingrain rugs .. $9.00 9x12 Ingrain rugs .. $12.50 9x12 Brussels rugs $15.00 9x12 Tapestry ruga $17.50 9x12 Tapestry rugs $20.00 Shiran 9x12 rugs $20.00 Axminster rugs ... $22.50 Axminster rugs ... $25.00 Axminster rugs $30.00 Axminster rugs $35.00 \Wlton rugs ... $40.00 W?lton rugs ... $46.00 Wilton rugs ... 4,85 ;7.e5 19.85 _2.15 13.95 1G.25 16.Tr5 18.95 11.75 4..'t5 >.50 .1.'5 .91 CHttDBEjrS COATS. 52.95 Coats, reduced to $1.9,5 $3,50 Coate, reduced to $2.2.'5 $4.00 Coate. reduced to- $2.9.1 / $50.0 Coats, reduced to $3.85 $60.0 Coats, reduced to '^.75 $6.50 Coats, reduced to*. $5.45 . One Lot Leather Bags, values up to $1.25, in black, tan and green, all have small purses inside. Choica ot the lot> during this sale 59^ Mew Year'f Greeting We Wish You all a Prosperous and ^ Happy New Year Our Store Will Be Closed all Day To-morrow, Jan. 1 LADIES' WAISTS. $2.50 ^^'a ^8U. on sale at $1.95 $3.00 Waists, on sale at $2.1.1 $4.00 Waists, on sale at $3.15 $.1.00 ^\^sts. on sa'e at $:<.8.1 $6.00 Walste. on sale at $4.8.1 $6.50 Waists, on sale at $5.2.'> $7.50 Waists, on sale at $5.9.1 $8.50 Waists, on sale at $6.1.1 $15.00 Waists, on sale at ...$11.15 L.IDIES' FIXE NET ROBES. Ready-made and Scml made, at big reductions. $7.50 Dresses. $10.00 Dresses, $12.50 Dresses, $15.00 Dresses. $25.00 Dresses, $35.00 Dresses, reduced to reduced to reduced to reduced to reduced to reduced to • $.1.65 • •$7.85 • •$9.8.1 $il.(U> $l.l.<kl $22.50 Standard CnHcoCs, choice of miy pattern in the house, not a single piece reHerved; buy oil .vou want at n yard 5* LACE CrRtAIXS REDUCED. $1.25 l^ca Curtains, on sale ...98<> $1.50 Lace Curtains, on sale ..$1.1,1 $1.75 iJice Curtains, on sale $2.00 Lace Curtains, on sale $2.50 I^ce Curtains, on sale $3.00 I.ace Curtains, on sale $."{.50 I.ace Ctirlalns. on sale $4.00 Lace Curtains, on sale $4.50 I^ce Curtains, on sale . .$3 .<kl $5.00 I.ace Curtains, on sale . .$4.2,1 $5.50 Ijice Curtains, on sala . .$4.6.1 $6.00 I>ace Curtains, on sale . .$.1.04) $6.50 IAce Curtains, on sale ..$.1.2.1 $7.00 Mce Curtains, on sa'e ..$,1.9,1 $7.50 iJice Curtains, on sale .,$6.2.1 $S.OO Lace Curtaius. on snlo ..$<(,8.1 $10.0 Lace Curtains, on sale.. $7,8.1 $12.50 Uce Curtains, on sale.. $9.60 $15.00 Lace Curtains, ou Bnlo $i0.35 One lot of Boy's Caps In dark colors, values up to 65c; see them on Iho bargain table at ; 1,1* One lot of I.Adlc8' black, brown, red and tan Broadcloth Coats, that sold at $20: buy them In this sale at $9.85 COXFORTS AXD BLANKETS. All comforts and Blankets at big reductions during this sale. $1.2 ."i Blankets or Comforts for ..98* $1.50 Blankets or Comforts tor $1.19 $1.75 Blankets or Comforts.. $1.4,1 $2.00 Blankets or Comforts.. $1.65 $2.50 Blankets or Comforts ..$2.1.1 $3.00 Blankets or Comforts.. $2.49 Ope lot of Silks that formerly sold at $1.00 and $1.25; Choice of any pattern In the lot, a yard 6.1* .Mourning Pins, 10 small boxes In a luige box; price cuniplcte 9* One lot of Children's Tnin-O-Shan- ter Caps that sold at 85c and 9i>c; buy thoni now for 65* S. One lot of Children's Coats that sold nt $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00; buy them this sale at $2.85 KnHUiklerwear AH. our perfect fitting Mnnsing Utt- ; derwear at Special Sale Prices. Thai:; r.rlces quoted are for every garmenjt> in the house at fbat price. No re^h serves, everything: gocsj and thft atlil the greatest reduction of the seaaon .;.|J WTien you buy Munslhg Underwear- to.;.?' the dollar quality for 79c yoa're Jbuyrf f in& it right and that is the TMSODT wfi expect to make this the gr^test of;i all sales. I . / One lot of Knit Undetweu' iniV Misses' or Chlldrens* sizes, values np--; to 35c, on sale for; ••••••15^? One lot ot Mists' and ChSldrens^' Union Suits In the 75c quality, a good selection of sizes and styles. Be-' fore Inventory Sale price ... 25c Underwear, on sale for 35c Underwear, on sale for 50c Underwear, on; sale for 75c Underwear, on': sale for S5c Underwear, on sale for $1.00 Underwear, on sale for $1.25 Underwear, on sale for $1.50 Underwear, oh sale for.. $1.75 Underwear, ou sale for., $2.0 Underwear, on sale for.. $2.50 Underwear, on sa'o for.. $3.00 Underwear, on sale t6r,.i LADIES* TAILOR MADE SUITS. T^Hlcs' Tallormade Suits at Just one half former price. No reserves, every one In the house at the above redue-. tlons. $15.00 Suits will be $7.50 $ Suits will bo. $8.75 $20.00 Suits will be ' $10.<90 $2.'>.00 Suits will be 912.90 \ $.-{0.00 Suits will be 015.00' $35.00 Sutis will be $17^90'; First Methodist Chui>ch. The following is the pi«gram for the observance of Whtch Night at the above named church: 7:30r—Teachers meeting ip the library. 8:00—Concert by the Eastham quartette. 9:30—Good Fellowship meeting. Prayer and praise service lasting until the beginning of the pew- year. A cordial invitation Is extended to all. All free. This quartette comes with high recommendations and will without doubt.give you a rare treat. A collection will be taken to defray expenses. Don't fail to attend. DEEDS were filed in tbe register of deeds office this morning showing the transfer of three lots in Mildred from the Great Westers ^Cement dbmiany to Chas. Lammonyan. The iSanta Fe FOR Kansas CUy, 0hlGago, Oklahoma, Texa^, Maw Mexico, Arlxona and Oailtornia SE^tVlGE UNEQUAMLED! Bachelor Theatre His Royal fluchness A Musical Cocktail in 2 Swallows AT FULL CAPACITY LANYON ZINC NOW HAS EVERY BLOCK RUNIiilNG. Married Men Given Preference When the Furnace Was Charged Today. The two furnaces at the Lanyon Zinc company's works northeast of town, which have been down for many months on account ot repairs and general overhauling, were charged this morning and will continue to run the rest of the winter. ! The starting up of these two furnaces means tfcat every block at the number one works is now njunlns full blast and the Indications arc that these works will continue to run at their full capacity. The new block gave employment to about twenty-five men. This morning, when tbe furnace was first charg ed there were, nearly fifty men at the works looking for places. The mar? ried men were given the places, not a single man receiving a Job today. SIXTY WITNESSES SUte Has Long List to be Introduced in Sapp Murder Case. The attorneys for the State in the case of the State vs. Sam Whitlow, who is charged with the murder of Miss May Sapp on tho evening of September 27th, today 11 «U a motion In' district court to allow them to attach the names of the witnesses in the case to the Information on the first <lay of the Jaauar>' term of court. Mr. Ilitter, who is assisting County Attorney Carl Peterson, stated to the court today that there were over sixty witnesses for the state but that there was no space on the information to permit their being indorsed thereon and asked permission to^attach them the first day of the January term. A 915,000 LAND DEAL. BISHOP ANDREWS DEAD. Deeenaed Was a Well Known Xetho- • dist riergynuw. Washington. Dea 31.—Bishop Edward G. Andrews, of the Methodist Episcopal church, died at his home In Brooklyn this momfng. For .nearly half a century he was one of the-most videly known clergymen in the United SUtes. ED\nN:0OX. of CoSey county, was In the dty today on business. Xatlnee at BMhelor. The company presenting "His Royal Muchness" at the "Bachelor" will play a special matinee New Years day. commencing at 2:30 with regnlar performance.- at night and balance of week. "Musica Icomedy" at popular prices Is 9 novelty to local theaterlgoers and they are showing their appreciation in a substantial manner. Trust Company Makes Big Land Pur. chase Near Humboldt. A' deed was filed in tbe register of deed's office today showing the transfer of 200 acres of land near Humboldt from T. W. Cassnef and wife to the Irrigation Loan and Trust company. The consideration was $15,000 and is hence one of the biggest deals that has been consummated in this vicinity for some time. TEDDY Lederer, Earl Caughron and Roy Rankin went to Kansas City last evening for a short visit with friends. MISS MYRTLE Randolph, who for some time has been employed as clerk in the New York store, has accepted a position in a store in California, and will leave soon for that state to take her new position. LEASES MORE City Has Secured Lease on Kortbnp -The city hasi leased, the forty a£i« tract of land owned bjr the Nor estate lying lust across the road ft^ the city power-house and east of.ttfo rfver. "The city today moved twO> drilling rigs'on the land and will b«* gin at once piUfing down the wells. :v The well that the city drilled in ne^r the power house tbe last of last we^ proved a very good one and this :fs probably the reason for leasinjg this tract. A million well this side of the riycr is as good as one and a hatt the other. -; MRS. STONE RESIGNS. IX)ST—Betw«en-Second and Buckeye streets on Madison, a lady'« lock-; et. shoj Bhnne, with red, write and green seta on outside and with a little curl of heir Inside. Leave at office and we will satisfy the llnder for his trouble.-^J. M. Mason< HEADACHE (M til* Ink liraaty-an j^nn >ii<l nmr fuauJ anr ntlvf mattl li« k««aa taUac yonr Cucantt. SInr* habaa bapui ujkiut Uaaeafala ti« liu Derar bad lb« kaadaehe. Tbar kara aoltnir cared bim. Ca»«a>*u l^haksm ncoaaaiaail them to do. I win eirm joa. tfca prtrllec* or aalnc bit aama.' KJI.J>lek*ea.UltBaalaar8l.,W .ladlaBa »oUa ,tBd. DR. J. F. FLYNN, of JInmboIdt. is In the dty today on business. attTBt »• iwi itr c*.i ctiiatsacW.T. ai IMMLSII];,TEIiUJHIilEI Miss Pollard, erf Toronto. Will TSIDB Position at Crescent. | Mrs. Stone ,w;ho for several montl^ ha3 been employed as pianist and vi- callst at the Crescent moving plctnm theatre on West Madison avenue. hiiS' resigned her position. Her place j|t to bo taken by Miss Ida Pollard., 4ti Ti^nto. Kansas. .Miss Pollard is saU| to possess a beautiful soprano, VOWB; and is a musician of talent, ittija'. Pollard has already taken her pcfl^; tiou. I f i CONNJECT VP NEW WELU i ,^ City Mains AtUched to Power Ho«i|ii Gasser. J The Gas well which was diil^d;; for the city Son^sy near the hotise was conneeted irftlt mafus this morii^ig: The well Iv; timAted to be abdat ooa^stilUoa with « Tdelc 9rMS ««.«t oNK^fiKi hnndred-pouadf.' l-:,, i-'^-t.:-:^^^'-

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