Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1908
Page 2
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Broblcerl will be beta and. It Is prdlPi able that* series of meetloKS of two weekft'daratlon wIU be arranged. M4^. Booker is a resident of Fort Scott and is be.especialy interesting on the lecture platform. • •:• Invitations for Wedding. Mr. and >lra. F. W. Fitzgerald today issued invitations for the marriage of their daughter draco to Mr. Frank Von Keuren, of Dighton. thi;? state. The wedding will bo solemnized on Januar>' fifth ai th<! family home. 324 Soutii Chr.stnut streit. Thf> couple will live in Dighion. Reported Convention. One of iho vi>ry ploasaiit fi-iitnit:; of the W. C. T. i;. nifi'tliiK' y.fsu-i.l.iy was uii wliicli M1;?H '/.Of .A'oii- iHon gavi'. Hf-r Kulijoct wu-. in I"";)Ing with the iirogram of IIK- ilay :iini was di.'.scri[)tivi; of till' n.'iiioiial ••i.i- vontlon iifid In Denver- last IIKMUI. .Miss Atchlsoir WHS a ilelei^an- to the convonllon and shi; was ahle to t<II of many intiTestlnti Incidi'nts winch owiirrcrl. This Is ih" ilnw the 111 tinjoii ever enjoyed ilie |rlvlle.;e of lieariiig a n.'itort from a dolcKate who had attendeil tin- sc>s :;ioiiK and the rejiort H'as llioi(»ii::i!lv .iliiueeiat- I'll. ABOUT THE COST —Fltcgenld, Anto^llTery. Vbone. A Newspaper Day . The modem newspaper will be tho subject of the program for the Sorosis club tomorrow afternoon. papers have been jirepared. Paper—"WJt and Humor of tho Newspaper."' Mrs. Anderson. Paper—"Humorous American l-ec- turers," .Mrs. O. W. Holmes. Roll call will be answered by thing."; of interest about humoroii.^ /Vmerican writers. Mrs. M. Jasper, of North Oak street, will entertain the i-lub. • • • Christmas Dinner. Mr. and -Mrs. E. .7. Bondy of I.a- Harpe, will entertaiti at dinner on Christmas day. A number of relatives will be the guests. <• •> In Pittsburg. Mrs. A. N. Mitchell is in Pitl.shurg for a few days. She \:i a suest of Prof, and Mrs. Bnshey. * + <• To Wichita. Mrs. L. F. Hollenbeck is to r-,pend Christmas in Wichita. She wi'l visit her sisters, the Misses Richt. • •> Return to Humboldt. Rev. and .Mrs. Camp, who wore guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Hil.-j-iher yesterday, returned to their home in Humboldt last night. + + + Visit in Oklahoma. .Mrs. Cha.4. Malone and .Miss Helen Malone. 1016 East street, leave tomorrow for Hooker, Oklahoma. They will spend two weeks with relatives there. + •> V To Visit Daughter. Mrs. A. Ruble of LlUle Rook. Arkansas, will be here to spend the holidays with his daughter. .Mrs. 11. S. Barnard. + * + To Entertain Relatives. Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Adams will civo! a dinner party on Friday for tlnir relatives. The guest list wMl he qnlti' large. * + * Have Dress Rehearsal. The choir and Sundav school of the U. B. church Is spending a vniat deal of time this week in arranging I i I I 69 s I I I for their Christmas program and rehearsing music There on Wednesday 00 S C5 Black. Goring Black. .lean Morrow. Homer Fellows. Walter Fellows. Ed die Stewart, Sllbern Stewart. • • • ytisH .Srliwartz ("ominsr. .Miss Merle Schwartz, of Wirhiia is ID arrive tomorrow to vi.'-ii tor two weeks with friends. She will lie a house guest of .Miss OlaUys Itnini- l>augh. *•* *** Miss Ililles Comiiitr. .Miss Mary Hllles. of Sn|iii;|j;i. wili lie iiere on Thursday io visit liei- sisters. Mrs. A. P. Harris and .Mrs. (!!. iiii Finney. .AmonK the holiday events lo oeeiir in the yonn^er set is a pally with .Miss HilJHs !is honor i;nesi • • W. C. T. U. Meeting. .\i half past two o'clock yestenl.-iy afternoon the W. C. T. V. met at IIK; .lackson street rest room for the Inisi ness meeting to plan for tlieir .Sew Year "at home." It is customary lor ilie union to meet on Friday lint ilie meeting was held several days earliirr this week because of Christmas. The afternoon of January first will be a festive day for member.^- of the union and their friends and to observe an old custom there will be a ivcep- tion. The gursts will bo entertained !at the \V. C. T. TJ. rooms. Commit land nrraii.yp details of the entrrtain • meiit. 1 • •:• <' To See Basket Ball Game. Miss (iladys Northrup and a party )of Kirl friends will give a line parly {at the Auditorium skating rinU to si'c tile hasket hall game tonight. * •> * Going to WInfield. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. n .-Wolfe and their dan:hters will leave tomorrow for Wlnlleid to speml the Christmas season. They are to- lie guests of Mrs. Wolfe's anut and uncle. I'rof. MIKI .Mrs. iSieiner. * 4. * Macabee Revievi/. The iytiily Maccabees will liohl iheir .yegiilar review Thursday afternoon I at 2 o'clock at the K. of P. Iiall. All members are requested to he present. * h '> Return Home Tonight. .Mrs. .\. U UnimbaiiKh will return tonight from a visit in Maltland. Mo. for their canta a. terested in knowing that the .late of ^. .> win be a full d?eis rehear: a^ January IS has been named for her; vi .ited Eastern Stars. 7noL»v nliht at the church appearance. The musicians wlio are, one of the most elaborate evars dnesday n'spt at the cnurcn. ^^^^^^^l^g ^^.^^ „.j,.p .written to of the winter in lod^e circles w.,s the . T;. iZl.. one of their prospective patrons here ceremonv and reception- given tiv Left for Boston ^^'Vff' X for°Bos.on.^ read January 20, but the ha.s s,;nd the wfnter [here. . changed to an ear'ie,- day. spend the winter there. • + * Visit in Rich Hill. Mrs. W. U Crabb and Miss Eliz.n- Miss Aldrich Herb. Miss Theo Aldrich of Clii>si ;iO: is will be given in Ottawa, will be in- one of their prospective patrons nere ceremonv and recei has so that this aiuiouiicemcni is made a«-| ,hp local Eastern Star chapter last evening. The occasion was the ini; iatlon of two members and In honor of the event the Garnett chapter u;;; in vlted. .\mong those who were present were Judge Manford Schoonover and .Mrs. Schoonover. .Mrs. .Scott and Mr.". C. F. Coleman, secordinj; si 'cre- tary for the second district feilerailon of women's clubs. After the initiatory ceremony several e.xcellent ail dresses were made ami there was a ."piendld reception so that hoste.sses and. guests might be introdiicPd and enjoy a social hour. The guests returned home on a ni-jht train. * • + Have National Lecturer. The W. C. T. U. is expeclin;; to devote a part of the mont .i of January to work in the interest of temperance. beth Gault will spend Christmas in the guest of her sister. Mrs. C. R. Rich Hill, Mo. They will he the Sucher. .Miss LiicIIe Aldrich, a niece gtiests of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Crabb. is also visiting with .Miss Aldrich. •J* "S* • 'I- * To Emporia. Home From Chicago. Miss Katherine Jones left yester- Miss Wlson and Miss Kucy VVll.-on day for Emporia. She will visit her will arrive on Thursday evening from parents, Mr. and .Mrs. D. O. Jone.s. Chicago, for a visit with their mother, * * + Mrs. W. E. Lyons. They are attend Concert January 18. ing the I'niverskv of Chicaco and People from tola who are planning will be in lola for the midwinter va- to attend Xordica's concert which cation. SUvar for GM'OlvIng M> liSTe a hoHt of nrilcie.s In our sfoek that are muHt u|t- proprlate for gift KMnfr. GoodH (liat make gifts of a useful aod ornamental natun>. VtooAjk Vaai bare a long: life. OoodM in St^rlluK Silrer and Gold in daJnty IltUe pleees MO numerons thBi selecUuus arp exeeptlonalljr eaiir. In fact, eTcr /thlng In our xlork I* appropriate .for irift KiTinir. Don't fall to luelude UK in your shoiipinfr list. Sterling Teaspoons %^ up per net. lib, lliite U ami X. K. A irctcfe »• -'Of*. To Kansas City. Mrs. Frank \Voo<I has vono to Kansas Cit.y for a visit with her parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. Tntt. • * • To Visitors. Mr. and .Mrs. Otto Kreiiger arc go ing to .Neodesha tomorrow. They will spend Christmas with their rela- tlmes at that place. • •:• •> In Chanute. .Miss .Mary Farqnhar left ye.-iterday for Chanute. She will remain there during the vacation from school. *. • • Miss Oonnell Visiting. .Miss Garnett Donnell is Kpendlng two weeks In Chanute. She is viBlllnp with .Miss .Mahle Hill. • • * Christmas Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Northrup are to give a dinner ; party at noon on Christmas ilay. Their guests will bo a number of frien Is of their daughter. Miss Mary .N'orthriip. and .Mr. I^o- ralne Northrup. .\ For M-s. Stewart. The friends and neighbors of .Mrs. George Stewart, 41-1 South First ! street, gave a j^urpiise party in her honor last evening. The occasion was the birtliday of the hostess and as a souvenir of the event the guests left a handsomely decorated berry set Among those present were Miss Bonnell, .Mrs. J. A. Mundoir. Mrs. Crawford, ^ichaei Morrow. Fellowa Black. Miss Kate Morrow, Unda Black, Hazel Morrov, Ivy Michael, Utrf Fel- I ^ Stessra Ton Korrow. GORHAN Solid SUver! In Knives, Forks, T;iMe Spoons, Teaspoons; the liesi thing yon can give for I'hrisi- mas Gifts. Game Sets, Cjirving Sets, presents that will last- Rich Cut Glass, Heauiifnl ll.nid Pain(e<l China. Handsome and useful jire.'^ents In crmi:!le.-:s numbers will be found at this store at low iirlces and lust quality. The Christmas Store, the ])lace where you can depend on the things you buy. WAKTED' 'WHmomUmmmomm • WAXTEn— Man and wife without eliildren to work on farm. Address, Adamson Bros., loIa! or see Dairy j^-agon at posioffice every day from 1 to 1 TXO [!. m. Kxperl .Vcrauiitant Uuw hiliTcstimr Tesllnioiiy .VImiit Tost of Irall 'lc to Hailroa:!^. Kaiis .is Civ''. I'ee. T 'e ^ ate began the introdiulicni of ie-:iiiin:;y i:i lie .Missciiii r.iU- (••:--•'' he.iiili;; lieie teday. The liisl wiiin -s w .is A P. Taliaferro, ef tho New York firiii. lie is an e .Mier; . K CIIIIIHMMI >.'\ <i >.-iru- uf the stale's i live.-'! ii;;iiiiins i —u;. r .Hie-i liie Cd .si <;!' i.'pijralill.-; l aii i 'Ijlll- tl'ern; testllitil (!i:n the (••••; i-er ,i :!s- si 'iigcr lor ;i mile is le.^r, PM - the .-^iiile than fi >r iiitpr.-.jili- Iniflle 'I lii . :-; in itirec; iipi I .-it i-.n 111 ;i :e r ;Wl! i::iif. wi:- tlesses. .Mr. T:ili ;il"eri i u.tve .is ;t .•(•:!-ii;i III'- fait tlKil 'iilersi: Ii'aviled ni(..-"ll.'. I:i .-li •. i-;;rrii'cl M -wer p :i .-r-.i >i::;,-i> : .. |;he d .iv citru'liv in w hiih lii |i:i.-'i-!i.:'i 'is I ilie.^--n;> .\ Hawkes Cut >ll It IS x<.-.:.^vxv;:'.-^^i^^ \\MiH-CS r .M.v lln- Iiisl v.hili it 1 est.; i.-i nioie. We <-;my it. :MIII a assol I ineMt. i^ee MS liel'dle bu>- ilii;. We can s;tve you money. W.\XTEI)—Good housekeeper; no washiim or ironing. .Must be good cook. Mr.«. J. W. Coffey. WA.\TKI) TO KE.\T—About Janu- iiy l.s.l to 1.1th, seven or eight room .11.idem iioiise. close In; east side pre- feued. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid W(irks. WAXTEO—Two young ladles to solicit. C. i". Florence, Rooms 10 and II, Evans Ulock. WAXTED—All kinds of second hand liousehold furniture.—The loltf Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. Photie 25. WA.XTKD—Girl for general house- woik at Ciili South Walnut. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa .^lore, lola, Kas. fOR REM1- mimomUmmmou9 I'OU Ui:XT—Three room house on Xorth Walnut. Inquire 211 North Walnut. Fiisi SALE^mtmomllmmmouM I'Oll SALS—Five high grade Jersey .iiws. one fresh, one fresh soon,-two fresh iti Ociolier. one fresh in March. Till. I- and oiie-iialf miles north and ii:,!r mile west of lola. Phono !t97-22. i,. Mci'lure. I oi: SAI.IO—Hood'Iilocky mare or lir.iwii work liorse: clieap. Call morn- iii'.ts or noon, or afier tl p. m. Phone 1':'..'. (ii.iiii.'i I "mil Stand, east side .•l|ll;ile. . FOit SALE—Two Oush & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. LOST and FOUHD LOST—White bird pup. 20S South Colborn. Reward. /OA iXOHAMOE TO i:.\t'IL\.XGE FOR LIVESrOCK. —l-'.i^lit room house, good location, lol;i. I'rice $\m); mortgage $C00. Kipiiiv fi«r live stock, feed or inijile- iiK Ills. lOLA LAND COMP.VXY. I Six Clear La Harpe residences $"i)00 laiul $.':ooO. Cash for merchandiao or I farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. t ~ C0000000000900000 O I'i MLir SALK. O ' O Am now liooking sales for Aum- O O iiar.v and I'ehniary. Claim yoiirO) O ihiie e;irl.\. 'I'lie lowest term.-j; 0|* O .alisfacli'iii ;;iiaranleed. . Write OJ* O <i:- phoni- at my e.xponse. OI* O K E. VlCKEItS. oi* O Phone :!sr.. O The Old,Corner I Was very successful in ;»e- Icctlng Uie big sellers In .tbe 1908 books. This fact and tbe bottom price of |L10 for .miinr of the )1.50 ones Is sending Out hundreds of them especially .to out-of-town buyers. Lewis Knnd, by Mary Johnson. Flower of the Dusk, by Myrtle Reed. Mr. Crew's Career, By \\nnston Churchill. Trail of tbe Lonesome Fine, •fly John Fox, Jr. Man From Brodneys, By Geo. Barr McCutcheon. The Firing Ltoe, By Robert Chambers. Tlie Benrlers, By Rex Beach. Tlie Big Fellow, By Fredrick Palmer. The Husbands of Edith, By McCutcheon., Testing of Diana Malory, By Mr. Humphrey Ward. There is nothing better tlian a i )Ook for a Christmas present If you duplicate one they baye in the new ones, they can- exchange it at <)nCe. Over 100 titles 190S books to select from at BOOK STORE Bftsiness Difcctotf. • JOHN « . V. iioi>|>. .V. :>. • • Fbyslcai. a..« £>urQVUu • Over Barrell 's. Phone 14S. • O I.L 'Hi .\. .lf-n'(Mson. lola, Kas. O • DB. McMILLEK,. .'• Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Childrenl Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232 Office over Burrell's Drug Store OCOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOl I- umce over i»u '»••»••••• i. J. W. COFFEY & SON ExcUi.siwt Jewelers. KAST SUM: SQI AIM;. • •••••• JAIL PRISONERS TUNNELED. ! OUR TELEPHONE |; is constttnlly ringing these days. Now i< is the time, you know, to have all,< I'IIK; summer dust cleaned out of your! j carjiels. ! V.'e are busy, but your order will' reieive promjit and careful attention ! riione us today. F. H. MABTUr, • Surgery and . Diseases of *. Women. • Office and Residence Phone 676 • Office 7 North Jefferaoo. • • • • • I* * • • • • The Sheriff in Jefferson City Found' the Exit Before They Got Away. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone 510. ; Great* Western Land Co. For Rent—Ine 4 room house, one 6i ' room house, one SO and one 40 acre Jefferson City. .Mo.. IX'C. 22.—Ilu.<sell JolKs. John Devof;eili(>r:i. ,lohn \V. Lon.ii and John I JDciv'-rt.N, four pri.«;oners in the jail I'er.'. ali::cist ^-aiii- ed their freedom toni.nlit. .^h.iifl .Jolin i-cott discover.'d that tii'-y li.ui almost tiinncieil their way out ol tlie jail with i •i poki'i-. They had iIii;; th:<ui;:li, the concrete floor and up ihrotig,: the farm. If you have a farm for rent,, list .;oaiid tilniost to its surface. Jones it with us. We have calls most every !ind IJevo.eelhorn are held for cir- day. . cult court on chaises of lir.MKiii-c iiuo For Exchange—Good 7 room, mod- .Missoiiri i'acific railwiiy cais coiiiaiii-. ern house close in. a good home and a ing merchandise. i good renter. Good land in Howell Co., : j.NIo.. to trade for lola residence prop- .Must SlIL leity: ino acres In Woodward, Co., One of our customers in a ii;ht Okla., to trade for two residence place imisi have s<,iiie <ash 'I'llls ns properties iu lola. to sell a i\Mi lot fi.r if we .uiii do ' I'oi" Sale—160 acre farm, one of tlje better. Wlio is Uie In, ky p;;riy. .\lce. best In .•\llen Co.,120 acres In cultl- .HiiKtdth ii.i. w.'ll l<i«;'iiil. I'tii: i.ti I), vaiion, 4(» in pisture, room house, \V. Iiiistiuck. :.lti K.I-' sire.-: I'hdiie lnr.:;o l<arn. small orchard: no stone. 77... Or '1. .M. .S;ai!;. Ill; .N.iili i:i.^i. , 'f -^"'i bave money to put Into a good - - 1 iiive-iinent this Is the place. .\ loan Huqh Holmes Here. of fli.iHUt can be made on this farm. Hii'-;h .\. iliiliii. s. th<- .l.iiiii- lin.' See us soon If you want it. Price IS.";, pr.iiiiote-. w:is ill tile city .\.st.'nlay Money to loan on farm and city confeuing with .Mr. W.'ll-;. Ilie en- pii>|ierty. fUime to our office over the >;iiie. r. -Mr. llojai" s is M ry oiiiliiii:;- Pal.-ice Slioe Store and tell us what tic almiii hl.-i iiroi'i'.. .1 roa.I. ;\oii want, i'alr treatment and Square ^ lea Is. In Yates Center. *••••• • • • • Phone-687. B«fc 70L DR.O.L.COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldf. JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 £ast Street. Lodge KMGUTS OF PITHlAS-^Neosho Ijodge No. 43 meets every UmSv night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. .S. Thompson, B. CJ Chris Rltter, K. of R. and S. . » I .Viinriiijs .'-'.nil Ciir.l. .\. I' I'lor- I'lici- ami I 'liiiil; iM.rn .^l w. re in V;ile~ Ceiilir yesli-iila.v iiMi mling court. Dr. Merriman's Visit Ended. Dr. 11. I'. .Mirilniaii. of .>^.uilii I5ar- laira. Ctil.. who his been :i irii. at the iioiiie ol" f'tiH'tlill II. .\. K -Vii;.;, left for his •lionii' this iiioriiiiii;. MAIL CARRIER HAS FARM. Mr, Thomas has Returned From a Trop to Oklahoma. .Mail carrier Thomas of the local office returned home Saturday from a '.vi'ck's visit on his farm near Cherokee. Okla. Mr. Thomas wa.i among those uho staked claims in 1X93 at tho oiK-ning of the Cherokee Strip and was one of the few who were for-. To Divide First Ward. tunato enough to loca»e In one of the The executive committee of the Re- best counties of the state, pnblli'uii city club ni«:t .Saturday even- While in Cherokee Mr. Thomas met ing and disciis-xid amoin other thing;; Otis Hodsoh, formerly of this city, •he matter of dividing the First ward Otis is In the tinning and plumbing Into two voting iirecincts. There has business'in that city. eH Is In love been a fce'lng for some lime that thi.? Avlth the town and says that all he should be done and It has beeu 3Ug>..-needs. to make.'him supremely h'appy jested that the matter be talcen up'is to have Lewis CpiBeldT'dttIng on a with the city .coiincl.L ; No dKriiitiug-<:i )ehi !h in. his shop ra^ line could .bO''agreed <upen;fti ;^-4h «:f:pia^>}thi^^ ittctdents j>f -bis arn^ KXIGHTS OF 3UCCABB8S*— Knights of Maccabees of tbe EWorld meets In K. P. Hall second and fcmrtb Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter. record keeper. W. 0. WV- Camp No. 101 meets in T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davla, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. 'M. ~Vi. A,— The M. W. A. Lodge meets evety Friday night in M. "W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C. C^ffield, V. C, W. A. Cowan,' Cleric. _ KQYAL NEIUHBOB &r -Iola Camp No. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets aee- ond and fourth Tuesdays ot •aeb' month. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, oraole. Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Streets Recorder. _ FRATERNAL BBOTUEBBOOIK.-^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 38SL sneeta. second and fourth Thursday ot each month in A. O. U. W. Hall. VlaHJnc members cordially Invited. W. Anderson, president: Golda Elam viere- tary. •' Bailroad President BesIgM. ' New York, Dec. 22.— 'W'. H. Nevman today resigned as presldeiit of .i York Central Bailrosd: ooibjilii^ \bla' res ^tnatioa to takt ^B |li^etj |J ' 1st, Aext. It yf»»'.af!ei)imj0M^Oi^ rectcnra. It ia expei^^^^"'— *' ;t<fclje » m «mi |«5 a'

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