Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 22, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, December 22, 1908
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i ^i-.;• V tHK REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIDE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS, rOLDME ic XrXBER 49. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA. KANSAS, DECEMBER S2, IMS^TUESDAY EVENING. EIGHT FA^ES. PUGI TWO ontiL HUSBAND LEFT HOME WIPE AND CHILDREX CIST ALONE IX THE WORLD. A SOB, A SIGH. THEN RELIEF PITIFFL r .4SE DlSrOVERED THRl' LITTLE nilLDRKN. Brother aod Sl.strr Wrre Wandrrlnir - AIoBir Washington ATPniie Whrn ' tbp flood Samaritau I 'linir. : Without a single ])iece of furniture of her own. -crippled by a physica; affliction, deserted by an able bodied husband, her rent unpaid and a family of five housed only by the forbearance of.a hnmanitarian—thi^ is the condl- tloaMn T /bich Harry Butler, captain commanding the local corps of the Salvation Ariny, found a woman on North street yesterday. ' It came about through a sinpnilar cirlcumstance. Two little playmates, a boy and a glr], were wandering along Washington avenue near ihe i>ostoffice yesterday morning, when Captain HutJer came along. In these da.vs of "-less" thinips, this litt'e brother and sisler cams the nearest to being clotheless la all of civilized humanity's realm. The boy, shoeless practically, stockings torn in shreds, no shirt, a ccal that fitted him several seasons loo soon, trousers that could have performed the office of u sieve, the girl, hatless. und stockings and without everything else to -make her! comfortable—ireited along jolnInp| hands in pulling a .sort of home miide wagon. Captain I^uiier stopped and looked. >V1jen a Register reporter came alonp the captain had Just halted the children and said: •What Is Sania v.o\n% to bring yo»i little ones?" ' And the bov answemd: "Nuihln. I guess." "I Icnow that Care has Iron crowns for many brows; that Calvaries arc everywhere, whereon Virtue is crucified and nails i.draw guiltle.s.s blood." ~"T'^f*i *P8 when .John (5. Holland wrote "Bitter Sweet." it was not with- out'tbe bitterness of just such a picture as Captain Butler and ilie rc;ior- ter stood viewing. .At the word"*Santa.' the little felrw winced, choked back a sob and "nail^^ and spears*' drew guiltless blond. When the little boy and the girl had been taken to the Salvation relief depot, fitted throiighcut with poot* warm clothing, then to the .shoe s:ori where the kind merchant .sold f.Ti>iali: Butler the best shoes ai cost, the captain and the reporter arcompanled the children home. The Resl-tei wanted to see the desolate home and see w;'lth Its own eyes, ttie work of the Army. ^\'3len a pale faced Ittt'e wimian open^ the door in response to a knock for admission. Captain Miitler and the reporter, followed by the children; entered. A glance at (he new shoes, and tht big bundles carried by the childrer and the '"S. A.' on Harry Uutler's cap. told the mother a story wiihout^words. Tliere was a tinge of pride about her. How badly she needed help was evident, but there'was the innate pride of a woman. Reluctantly, she acknowj- edged her need. Then came the story of a deserted home—the husband leaving an afflicted mother to care for children—three of iheiu ranginK trom 7 to 13—the other a son who has rinai'ly found a Job In a'cement plant, but who has not drawn a cent of pay since he has not been working until a pay day. They are all striving as best they may to subsist—but it's a long- hard struggle. Still Christmas will brighten this home. Captain Duller left tickets for a Christmas dinner aod for Ihe Salvation Army's Christ­ mas'entertainment and the little ones will receive a good dinner and toys and candies Just like other cnlldren. And before Captain But'er left, he pointed the way to the Giver of all gifts—and the Iving may rei|;n in that home, desolate (hough it nmy be. from henceforth. The reporter who voluntarily Investigated thjH case with Captain Butler, believes It to be a worthy one. There is urgent need of furniture an^ l>eddlDg to set up a modest little house hold for this family. Without help it seems to tie only a question of time until they must leave the place they now occupy. Any one who is able and so inclined, may supp'y old furniture 1o this home without fear of imposition. The Register will furnish the address of the family ur it can be obtained Of Captain Butler. FULLER BUILDING'S NEW OWNER A •treng City Man Becomes Interest- j ed In tola Property. I B. P. Fuller has traded hia building on Jefferson avenue, l>etween East and Madison, to a Mr. Daly, of Strong City, for a stock of general merehan- dlae. Mr. PiUler Is in Strong City .this week lBVoicin«: tbe atock. Rtv. McArthur Here. .Re'r. MeAitkBr, pastor of tbe Pre«of Moran, was In the WANTS ITS MONEY kltK^ Oni> of RpHnlis of .Ssprfme Conri Derlitlon on Barnes Law. B. T. Cartlldge, a lax commissioner for the Santa Fe, has asked the county .-commissioners for a refund of 1506.84 •laid In under the Barnes law last year which the supreme court has recently decided is Inoperative In this county. The amount was paid in un- ier protest. The road also claims it paid in an excess of 8 mills in the city of Humboldt or 1107.3.1, and !..'» mills for a library fund or $lii.86 and asks that he.<ie amounts be refunded. They .vero also paid under protest. STATE SCORES ONE VITNE.SS S.VYS MAINS INTENDED ro SIVI-; BROTHER AT ANY i'OST, Efforts to Shake Testimony Concrm- inp Statement Mere rsele.N.<i— llains Tlireafened Death f Kiiishing. N. Y.. Dec. 22.—"When rou know all tbe facts yon will think Jlfferently. I came down to i)rotect .ny brother and would have ihot anybody who interfered," •John C. Stephens, the Bayside Yacht ?lub member, swore today in the trial if Thornton J. Halns that this state- .nent came from tbe defendant's Hps mmedlately after the shooting of An­ ils by Captain Heter Halns. .Ir. Kf- 'orts to shake the testimony of Stev•ns who further declared that Thornon Halns swung his revolver around ind threatened death to any one on he float that t -oiiphi to Interfere were ;ot successful. A .\NS.VS (ITY LOSES iJATEWAY. i'hanKi' In (Jraln Freight Rates Detrimental. Says drain luNpector. Topeka. Dec. 2L'.—John \V. Radford stale grain inspector, while here to- lay staled that Ihe grain tradn of the wo Kansas CItys was badly deiiior- illxed and that the future outlook was lark. The change of freight rates last .ear cutting Kansas City out as the gateway for grain to the Gulf, he said, was the chief cause of the decline of lie Kansas City market. Those rates are now building up grain centers in .'ariou^ Kansas towns. Kadford says le is now supplying insjieclors for the Kansn.s towns from hi.s 'ity. Kas.. force. 'JE.MO. PAPER FOR HIMnOLDT. i- Y. Ortun Brings Word 1« the Faithful—S. A. D. Cox Editor. \.. V. Orion, one of HuniboliU'.s lead ng Democrats, came up to iolu this uorning with a smile on his face. He irjught the word to Ihe faithful that 'democrats of Ilumlioldt'are to have a laily paper. S. K. O. Cox is to lie the •ditor. his son. Vernon Cox. the foreman and Frank .Mathlas. son of .Mayor .Mathlas, the news chaser. The first -Issue is to be Off the press in the next ew days. S. A. I). Cox was postmaster at Hum >oldt under Grover Cleveland. For ievcral yeats he has been wrltln.- ihort stories for eastern magnzines TAILOR WANTS HIS .HONEY. \ Suit KrouKht Today Agnlnst Threi- La Hnn»<* •^cn- K(l. V. I'rire & Co.. brought suit (gainst Geo. W. Jones, George Rhoads^ ind .M. k. Khoads this morning In dls- rlct court to recover which hey claim Is dtie them on acuiunt. riie plaintiff Is a merchant tailor -om|>any located in riinols. Accord- ng to the petition, .Tones t<Mik several irders for clothes from the company ind Geo. and .M. .A. Rhnuds stood be- ilnd the orders, giving written guar- intee. This was last spring. .\ow the ^iinpany .says the bill, which reaches •2,'i2.11, is iiniiald and sues for the '.niouu!. FREE DINNER TICKET Worthy Poor of This City May Have Christmas Feast By Applying to Salvation Army. Tickets for the free Christmas dinner for the worthy poor have been printed and a supply is on hand at the relief depot of the Salvation Army -It 111 West street. Applicants should call at the depot at once and secure these tickets. Captain Butler also invites any citizen of lola. knowing of poor families which should hare attention and especially on Christmas, direct some memtier of the family to the army headquarters where they will be cared for. At this time. Captain Butler and his assistants are so busy with Christmas preparations, that they will not have time to make as thorough a canvass of the city as they would like to do. To Discuss Good Roate At tbe meeting of the Allen County Rural Carriers' Aaaociation which Is to be held tbe first part of Janoary , tbe matter of tood. road legtslatiOD is tobedMWMa. LA HARPE STEPS IN ADDS THE TERRITORY IN GAS S('H(H>L DLSTRICT IN DISPl'TE, IT RE-OPENS THE FKIHT NOTICE WAS SERVED ON COINTY Sl'PERINTENDENT THIS MORNINfi. Ras City Will Continne tn Oppose the Transfer cif Territory From Its Rnnndarles. The dispute over detaching tli' land of E. E. Stout and others in the southeastern part of the Gas City school district and attaching il to tbe I..a- Harpe district is not yet ended. ^Vhe^ the board of commissioners at its last meeting upheld the county superintendent by denying the application of Mr. Stout and his neighbors to have their land transferred. It was thought that the trouble was a closed incident. But not so. This morning County Superintendeht Maude Funston received word from the {..aHarpe Hchool board that at Its last meeting it had added the territory in disptite to that district. The point at. issue seems to bes ^^"ho has the right to detach or attach st^hool territory. When the question was discussed before the commissioners. Prof. Baker, of I.aHarpe said that it was one to be settled not by the county suite-intendent nor the commissioners, but by the city (second class) to which the territory sought to bo addeil. The board of commissioners, like Mri«'. Funston. did not agree •vith hint and turned tbe application down. The school laws seem to offer encouragement to both siiles In their respective claims. KnHarpe In bas- InR its right to add the territory on the fo'lowing secton from chapters re- ferrng to second class cities: Section :!27.~A(lJacent Territory. (I^W3 190.1 C. H. 2.14. Sec. 1.) Territory outside the city limits, but adjacent thereto, may be attached to such •^Ity for school purposes upon application to the board of edncatlon of such city by a majority of the electors of such adjacent territory and upon the application being made to the board of education they shall, if they deem it ijrojjer and to the best interest of the .schools of sa'd city and territory seeking to be attached, issue an order attaching such terrHory to such -!i(y for school purposes and lo enter the same upon the journal." The followins referring to second -lass cities is the .section upon which .Mrs. Funston denied the apiilication of Mr. Stout to have his land transferred and upon which the commlKs- 'oners decided to uphold her in her ruling: Section 329. County Superintendents may Detach Territory ((iI50^. That the county superintendent of nubile Instruction of the several counties of the State of Kansas are hereby authorized and empowered lo detach territory from the school territory of cities of the second class, if said territory sought to be detached Is outs'de the corporate limits of said city of the second class, notwithstanding the fact that saiii territory forming said school district may have been formed into a school district while said city of tbe second class was a city of the third class: Provided, (he Interests of the public schools of the county may warrant such action; provided that no leriilory sha'I be de- tar-hed unless a majority of the citizens living in such te.-rltory shall eon- sent in uniting to the same. Joiin Rcmsbcrg of the Gas. City board of education, which opposed the application frotn the beginning said today that the board would continue to resist the efforts of .Mr. Stout and his neighbors to get Into the l.n- llarpe district, lie said that the board would Insist on the county superintendent certifying the Ijoundaric.-] of the Gas City district to the county clerk a.< they always were. It Is lll^e- iy that (lie matter will not be brought to a test until the next school levy ts made. If the Gas City distritl then insists on Mr. Stout iiaying school taxes in that district, things will >orae to a head. The chlld"ren of the men who made the application have been attending he l.aHarpe schools this fall. AN EASTERN STAR MEETING. Garnett Members Assisted in Initiatory Work. A number of the members of the Eastern Star lodge of Garnett came down yesteiTday afternoon and were entertained by the local chapter In the Masonic temple last evening. Two candidates were initiated into the or|der, the work being given by the local lodge. Mrs. S. A. Coffman, the retiring Worthy Matron, In a few well chosen words, made a short farewell address. Dr. Benton, Postmaster Vaugn and Mrs. Crittenden, the Worthy Matron of the Garnett lodge, all made short talks, after which Judge Sctaoonover, who is credited with J>eing one of the tiest orators in Sontheastern Kanaas. delivered an excellent address. At tbe close of the speecbmaking refreshmenu were served to those present. The members of the ^raett order returned borne on tbe Bants Fe tbl* momInK- XMAS PROGR/^MS WILL BE GIVEN AT PRACTICALLY EVERY ("HrRCil IN THE CITY. WILL REMEMBER THE POOR CHILDREN TO GIVE SANTA PRES. ENTS FOR THE rNFORTCNATE. Old Fashioned Program at Many of the Churches—Evening of Delight tor the Little Folks. Every church in the city will have a Christmas eve entertainment. At several of the churches Santa Cans will be a feature while in a few there will be a departure from the usua'. program held at this occasion. All of the churches will give treats of candy and nuts to the little folk. The following is the program to be [given at the Baptist church: A. L. Boatrlght, director; Miss Joy Hershberger, pianist. 1. Voluntary—The Swan Song- Wagner—Miss Joy Hershberger. 2. Chorus—Canllque Ete NoeJ—Adam 3. Recitation, "The First Christmas" (from Ben Hur)—Roscoe Jordan. 4. Solo and Chorus—"The Morning Star," Kerog—A. L. Boatrlght. .'j. Recitation—Jesus' Plan of Christmas."—Angle Kyle. 0. Chorus—i.,ight of the World—Gilchrist. Exercise—"The Return of Ihe Wise Men." 5. Resjionsivo Exercise by Superintendent and School. 9. Chorus—"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.—Willis. 111. Exervlce—"The Spread of Christmas," 11. Chorus -"The King of Kings"— Coca. 12. Exercise—"Where Christmas Has Not Come." 13. Chorus—"The Aid Is Filled With Echoes"—Morton. 11. Offertory—Nocturne Op 9—Choih in—Joy Hershberger. \',. Chorus—"We've u Story to Tell" —N'Ichol. A collection for missions will be received; a donation for the poor. Christian Church. At the Christian church instead of Santa Clans g^-ing presents, the Sunday school will give presents to San- jta which he will be expected to turn over to the unfortunate in town who might otherwise not be remembered. .\ treat will be given the little folks following a piogram of songs and recitations. There wi"l be a number of recitations, exercises and song selections. The program will occur Friday ^evening. MANrFACTCRE PRINT PAPER. Oklahoma Cottonwood May Be rtll- Ised for Tbat Porpose. Tulsa, Okla„ Dec. 22.—A print paper factory with Cottonwood as the raw material may be established In some Oklahoma city, as experiments have I)roven that Cottonwood can be ulllzed tn the place of spruce for this purpose and there Is an unlimited supp'y of Cottonwood lining the banks of.every stream of any size in Oklahoma. The cry "Oklahoma gas for Oklahoma"-may be supplem^ted by that of "Oklahoma paper for Oklnhnnia." since ihe material seemingly i.s at hand. EXPOSE GRAFTERS FRAID IN CONDUCTING CITY AFFAIRS IN PITTSB! RG, PA. Nine Prominent Men Arrested—Case Will Rival Famous Frisco Salt. Episcopal Church. At the Episcopal church Santa Claus is to appear. An old-fashioned tree is to be a feature of the evening program. Nuts and candy will be distributed to the little people. Presbyterian Church. At the Presbyterian church Dr. Hil|Scher will give a short ta'k using the |stereoptican machine to illustrate his points. He will direct his talk largely to the life of .lesuH. A program of songs and recitations will be given. The different Sunday school clauses will bring gifts for the needy iieo[ile In the city. The M. E. Church. Santa Clans is also to be at the M. E. ehiireh. He will close a program of songs and recltnt'ons. The children of the s-'hool will be remembered with catidy and nuts. The U. B. Church. t A cantata Is to be given by the .ouiig people of the V. W. church. The cantata is cnlled "Tlie Counterfeit Santa Caus." Those who are to par- iclpate In the program have it well In hand. At Trinity Church, Trinity church will also have a special Christmas eve projrara. HE WANTS HIS APPLES. A YounA Man WouM Have County Attorney Help Him Get Them. A yoimg countryman sought the county attorney's office this morning that he misht have Issued a compla'nt or any other legal process that would assist him In recovering a bushel of ripe red app'es which he said were his property and imlawfully held by a farmer. "I worked for those apples," the young man said. "Last summer I worked for this man $1 worth and took it In apples. He put them away in stoi^ age and as It Is coming Christmas time, I wanted them. Now he will not give them up until I pay him for them. He can get fl.SO a bushel for them now and that's the reason he wants to keen them." Nobody seemed to care to take the I responsibility of recovering the apples I for the voung- man and since he wanted it done without cost, the matter will tte dropped. Pittsburg. Pa.. Dec. 22.—Folowing the sensational arrests here last night of seven councilmen and two bankers on the charges of alleged corruption in conducting the public affairs of this city, it is intimated today that even more startling developments will transpire either today or early tomorrow. According to the best information obtainable today, it Is possible that the municipal scandal of San Francisco will be Insignificant when compared to the alleged grafting here. Robert Wilson, superintendent of municipal league of Scranton, Pa., is described as the "man behind the gun." .Mr. Wilson, assisted by a corps of private detectives which he brought to this city from Scranton, has gathered evidence against the defendants, it Is explained that for this reason the entire mutter was Investigated without the least pnbliclty. * Another sensation developed today when It became known that the director of public safety, Lang, had demanded the resignation of Captain of Detectives Edwin T. .McGough. .'MIeged acts In establishing depositories for (he funds cf the city are enumerated in the complaints, and it Is s .ild a number of persons occupying official iMisitlons in local banks will shortly he arrested. Followlnj? a series of veiled charges and innuendo references to councilmanic acts, the voters league, several months ago. employed detectives and the arrests are based on the reports made by the detectives. Three of the complaints against J. C. Wasson, chairman of the finance committee of tho common council and .John F. K'ein. of that committee and W. Brand, president of the common council, charge these men with giving and offering to give money and other rewaras and bribes to influence the votes of other members of council in favor of ordinances and resolutions designating depositors for the funds of the cUy cf which which there are five: bridge ordinances, bond ordinances, provide free bridges, ordinances providing additional fi'tor beds for the water system ordinances for the Heberton street railway company. A resolution for the ijaving of a part of Fourth avenue with wood blocks, and other ordinances and resolutions not specially natned. MORONY 13 SANTA CLAUS. Washington, Dec. 22.—The pension office building likely will be tbe scene of the Inaugural ball, despite some objections. The reasons for the falling through of the proposition for an audi- ' tor:um, which was to have been built by private subscription, have been explained to congress, and representations have been made which would seem to argue for' this further concession, which would permit the use of the pension building as heretofore. The sftbscription for the inaugural fund today reached the grand total of $70,000, and the committee fs confident of its ability to raise the full amount of $100,000 deemed necessary to make Mr. Taft's Inauguration one of the greatest successes of Its kind. Children's Appeals at the Kansas City Kas.. Post office to Be Answered. ^ Kansas City. Dec. 22.—All the .letters addressed to Santa Clnii.^ received at the Kansas City. Kas.. post- office, will be given to the associated charities of that city, .\lready about one hundred letters have been sent to the Rev. I* O. .Morony. president of the association. An effort will be made by the members of the association to ansiver these letters by sending the writers toys and other gifts on Christmas day. READY FOR BATTLE 8. R. Kirtz Hare. S. R. KuU. grand secreUry of tbe K. P. A., spent vesterday in Tola th« gnest of Dr. C. B. Core. Both Cbannte and Triplets Prepared for Jilghtj Straggle Xraax Day. Manager Peterson of (he Cbanute foot ball team in conversation with Manager Ellis of the Triplets, over the long distance 'phone this morning, stated that the Cbanute team was in the best of condition for a hard game and that the present lineup of the team was as good if not better than they were in the ThangsUvlng game. The Triplets are working out every afternoon and are in the pink of condition. The Electric park grounds are at present a little too soft for a hard liattie. Everything possible Is being done to put tbe gronnds in good shape by Christmaa day. In the event that the park gronnds cannot be put in readiness for the Christmas game, the battle win be fought on the Riverside nark groanaa. Manager Peterson of Cbanute says there will be an unusn- illy.large crowd of rooters come np for tbe Chrlatroas game. Regiater Want Ada firing Results. HOCHTO FIND OUT NAMES COMMISSIOX TO INVESTIGATE PRISON CHARGES. WAN rS WORK ^EGUN ATONCE WOl'LD KNOW ABOUT KATE BARNARD'S .STATEMENTS. Or. Cninihine, F. D. Cobnm and Other Prominent Men to Serve on Committee. Topeka. Kas., Dec. 22.—Governor '-{och today named a committee to in- I'estigate the charges of cruelty to- A-ards convicts at the state peniten- •:iary at L-insing as made by Kate l^arnard. a member of the Oklahoma -.tate board of charities. Members of he committee are Dr. S. J. Crumblne, '•'rank Galiday, Rev. Chas. M. Sheldon, Prof. F. W. Blackmar and F. D. Co- Imrn. The governor requested that the investigation begin at the earliest possible moment. BALL IN PENSION BUILDING. With $70,000 of Fund Raised, Success of Taft Inaugural Is Sure. MATTISON STILL "AHSENT," • Man Who Is RelieY^d to Have Dnped lola Woman "In the Foist." According to previous arrangements ine John Mattison. "a wealthy Gernan." i.s due to wed Mrs. E. N. Jackson today. If the said Mattison falls ;o complete his contract, it may result in (rouble for blm. The story cf Mattison's brief courtship, his sudden departure, and faii- nrei so far, to make good his' martial. igreement or return the money he secured from Mrs. Jackson, has been rested in the Register. It will also be -ecalled that Mrs. Jackson, expecting o meet Mattison and be married, went :o Kansas City a few days ago. Matison was suddenly "called" across the water to his home in "Chermany" to settle up some business. He was to return in two weeks. Up to this time, lohn has not appeared, though, of course, he "may." However, in an Interview given out last evening, Mrs. Jackson Is quoted IS saying that if Mattison fails to re- urn and make good his promise, be A-lll be prosecuted—If he can be found. CON MULL SERIOUSLY ILL. He Suffers Another Stroke of Paralysis. Word was received here yesterday ittam\. Con Mull, formerly a resident of this city, had suffered another stroke of paralysis a week ago today nt the home of his sister In Rockville. 111. He was walking inlthe yard when he was stricken. He Is In a very serious condition. / A CATHOLIC RISHOP DEAD. ^ Bishop .MIrhaad, of Vermont Diocese, Dies In New Y'ork. .Vew York. r>ec. 22.—Right Rev. lohn Stephen Micbaud. bishop of the Homan Catholic diocese of Burling- on, Vermont, died at St. Vincent's 'lospital here today of Brigbt's disease, aged 6.5. The bishop arrived vesterday on the steamer Amerika from France whither he had gone two nonths ago in a vain attempt to recover his bealth. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight ind Wednesday. Data recorded at local office. U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and t year ago. December SI. Yesterday. Yr. Ago 2 p. m 42 39 I p. m 40 38 6 p. m 35 37 S p. m 31 37 10 p. m. 27 37 1'2 midnight 25 37 Maximum temperature ..43 40 Minlmtmi'temperature ..2.5 31 Precipitation 7 p. m. ... 0 0.24 DrcenberSi. Today. Yr. Ago ^ a. m .• 24 37 4 a. m 23 37 « a. m 22 37 5 a. m 24 37 10 a. m 35 37 12 noon 43 37 Predpitatton 7 a. m. .... 0 OJl

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