Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1907
Page 4
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I • i i§ an opportunity to §aTe from $»¥^0 to #150.€[0 on Standard niakes of pianos. Never were tliere sucii low pricei§ made on Standard mal£e§ of Pianos in Iota. Offer Is Tor One Day Only TO"DRftn" BAItEY 1 Sertator Lono^s Friend* Booming th«.- Ex-Govemor. as we will box and sliip out wliat is left of our stoek this ev< COMPANY C5TABLI»nED I «84 tXSJ dIDE Topeka. Dec. '31.—A "draff was .aartjed today by followers ot Senator Long to get Wl Ji Bailey Into the race for governor. Tonight and tomorrow. Mr. Bailey will receive dozens of tel' egraftis from friends throughout the Btate- urging him-to get into the race and pledging him their support. These telegrams are to be sent by men who have long been interested with lho> Long and Bailey crowcs. State Sen-' ator ',W. S. Fitzpatrick started tba "draft." Ho is being assisted by Morton Albaugh. one of Senator Long's lloutonants, and now crcrk ot the United States district court here. Politicians l)pli«>vft tiiat Bailey has consejifpd to make the race if he cai> find support and. these telegrams, it is beliovpd, will convince ;iim that sup port Is forthconilKg. Dailcy talk has been slrong all dlon:r. It has been hinted, however, that he did not want to run. but probably would not refuse a "draft." : S'liator. Fitzpatrick Is the go-be- twpon fi>r T>ong and Senator Curtis. Ho will adjust all differences between • the senators and :stralghton out a 11 po.sslblp poiniral troubles between l/uiK and Curll.'! uu ii. Fitzpatrick was . a Curtis man In the sinatp, althougti ho prpfi-ssfil to be-for P. P. Campbell. - r >ut the very first chance that camo ho Jumped to Curtis and led the stamp:>(Ie. He was tho leader of the senate "lodKo," whicji Tir.ed things In the loglslnture. He Is now-an attorney for the Standard Oil company. "An anomaly exists in the Kansas^ pillHcal situation at present," said a I'liKtlclan today. "It seems rather funny that thoso^ ex-boss busters should bp having such a terrible time dtcidins whether to go to Leland or iJaioy." 1 AOKI OFF FOR JAPAN. A Start Yesterday Afternoon' on the Ambassador's Homeward Trip. \\*:>sliin::ton. Deo. .",1.—Ambassador • A'!!<i rh 1( (1 at the. State department trday lo .say fare^rll to Secretary Umit and ll:e assistant Secretaries of State prior to his rlf-parttire for .la- The :uiil)as>;adnr with Viscount- '.\<iiii ami his i>ersonal entourage left WashinstoH at .">:45 o'clock this afi'.rnoon for San Francisco. from which iiort they will sail for Japan on !^ the steamer Jlanchuria January 7. Try a Mant Ad. In Ihe Keglster. The lOU DilLTjlEfilSIEl CBABLE8 F. icOTT Telephsaei. Reporters' Room 222 BuBineBS Office :^ 118 Entered at Tola, Kansas^ Postofflce, as > Becond-dlasa Matter. Adrertlsing Rates Madi. Knowa on Application; $> SDB8CBIPTI0H RATES. Bj CaiTler In lola, Gaa (pity, LaBjroa> Tllle or La Uatpe. On*.Week ;....10 cenu On* Sf ontta I... .44 cents On* Year .: f5.00 By ValL One year iuKldo ronnty .r ?i.00 Oae:year ontNlde reanty ' $4.00 Three Montns, tn advanc* fl.OO On* Month, In advance .. 44 OFUCilL PAFER^CITT OF BiS. AMBBB OF ASSOCUT^ PRESS. Ike lols DaDy Befister b a neaber •f tke Asseclated Press af d Becelres the lay report if that great news or- gsnliafioB for - Exclnsive ' Aft«emoon PabUeatloB la lola. WOLF BUXT TOMOfiBOW. Farners in Salem Township Bold u Drive. (Humboldt Herald;) < The farmers of Salem • township have decided to have a big wolf hunt . tomorrow. New Years dayi. in order to get rid of some of the wotves which have been troubling them this year. All the neighbors and all wSo wish to take part are Requested to meet either in the Knox or Holt pastures at 2 p. m. January 1st. They are' asked to bring their dogs with them. -Arrango. m^hts have been made to h^ve six or debt :wolf hounds to help .with the Arire. ' y • Wolves have been more. humerous than usual this year In Salem township. Titus Simon recently ;Shot one . from bis bed room window ka it was stealing his chickens. Wolves never were known to be so bold. This with other losses has aroused thelnelghbor ^ood and an effort will be. mtme to rid the community of the i>ests. The <hunt is In cbarge pt Holt. Stuart^ St^tler. Rbpdes, Daxls and Knox. At least , seventy-five or a hundred meh are ex- p^ed to take part in the hunt. -i r J?' fwitlng until next mon^ to buy 'xiil^/frTercoat you can savl almost liif^^ price.' And by w^ting uu- tlf'l^ti^ Ojlr llay you can savi^ the en- t ^^;gj |ili|l |ii|^^ Topeka NEWS OF U HARPE BL0CKS*MSBER 5 AXD 6 >VK|{E CLOSED DOWX YESTERDAY. THERE ISA SHORTAGE OF ORE EBl'ORIA «LEE ('HB \VED.\ESDAY M«BT AT .M. E. CIirKClI. IVIP Jury Vimis to lie Poor Conimls tiioner—LiHt of I'rcshjterlan Sun. day School Oflirrrs. Elected Officers. The Siinday school of the Christian church elected officers yesterday. They are: Superintendent, O. A. Benjamin. Assistant Supt,, Mrs. Maxey. Secretary, Alice Barker. Treasurer. Minnie Blue. Librarian, Marjorie Douglas. Organist, Cora Fitzpatrick. Chorister, Prof. Jones. BDS rtaanged Date and Flare. The date and. place of the concert to be given by the Emporia College Glee club has t>een changed. It will be h^d in the Mcthpdi^t Episcopal church instead of the Presbyterian church ai|d on Wednesday evening. This change has been made so that a large crowfd may be accommodated. The Emporia Glee club Is one ot the best musical organiaztions traveling in Kanps today. It is composed of twenty-flve trained voices. - Mrs. .Vdams Is Better. Mrs. C. F. Adams of this city who Is taking treatment in Kansas City |s said to be a great deal better. Mni. M^irris Patton who recently returned from Kansas City where she has been visiting Mrs. Adams, says that the chances for her recovery are now very i;ood. Mrs. Adams has been in Kansas City for the past several weeks. BiHh. .\ daughter was Imrn to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lamo Saturday night. Numltem a and 6 (ioNPd Y'eiiterday. Blocks .No. and ft closed down ycs- rerday afternoon at the Cherokee smel tera. The shut down, however, is not permanent and Is because they are not able lo get ore. Three cars were «hlppi>d In yesterday but this was not enough to supply the demand. 'The extra ore will be here In a few days, it is believed. Pmdirtrrian Sanday School Offlrrrs. The following Presbyterian Sunday school officct's were elected: G. F. Bobbins, superintendent. D. A. Ayers, assistant supt. Clara Wilson, secretary. Rudolph Felger, assistant sec. Margaret MacDonald, organist. .\lice Bright, assistant organist.^ , Miss Houston, musical director.' Wants to Be Poor Commissioner. A petition of several hundred signers was presented to the county commissioners asking that Pete Jury of this city be made poor commissioner. The county commissioners will consider the petition at their next regular meeting. PcrsoBals. Prof. Raymond Green and brother Beryl Green, returned to Blue Mound, Kansas, yesterday after a short visit with S. T. Green of this city. Mrs. AorrlB Patton has returned from Kansas Ctly. James Dngeon of Coshocton, Ohio, returned to Kansas City yesterday. He has been visitng Mrs. Morris Patton of this city. E. P. Miller went to Moran. Kansas, yesterday to visit his daughter. W. U Jacksoir and daughter of Crawford, Xebr.. are the guests of Mr. md Mrs. Bunting of this city. Yidge Hodge of Bronson was in the city yesterday on a business visit Miss Eula McDowell enterUined very Informally about twenty of her young friends Saturday evening com- plimentar}- to Misses Sfarjbe'le McGill. of LaHarpe. and Jania Carver, of Port Scott. The evening was spent in a social way and a Inneheon of ice cream and cake vas senred. Miss EWa'a guests returned to tbdr homes yesterday.—Gamett News. NEWS OF GAS CITY REVIVAL AT METHODIST EnSCO- I'AL CHIRCII BE«iI>S TOMtJHT. WILL CONTINUE INDEFINITELY ENDEAVOR WILL H(U,D WATCH MEETIN(i AT CHRISTIAN CHIRCn. Dr. Moore Sa)ii tins Is (iood Enough for Him—Mr. Mjen* Very 111.— News Notes. WIH Hold Watrb MrcUug. The Christian Endeavor and young people of the Christian church will hold a watch meeting at the church Ibis evening, Xew Year's eve. A program has been prepared. Other methods of entertainment will be used. Every one is Invited to attend. Birth. A son was born yesterday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Herslcy of South Gas Cil.v. Mr. Myers IIL Mr. Myers, father ot Jacob Myers of this city Is very ill at the home of his son. He Is eighty-six years old and has been ill for some time. His condition is thought to be very serious. BeTirals Begin Tonight. Revival services will begin this evening at the Methodist Episcopal church. Rev. D. M. Campbell, pastor of the church, will be, assisted in conducting the services by Rev. Ira M. Benham, pastor of the Methodist Epis- PISO'S CURE Throat Trouble and kbiclctc frtcdom otnatcs sr.d <U::([cnm objcctioufcle druBs. An*«ni*ts,2Seaa COUGHS... COLDS copal church of La Harpc and Rev. J. .M. Mason, pastor of the Methodist ICpiscopal church of Jola. The meetings will continue for an indefinite length ot time. Dr. .Moore BCHOTCS in Gas City. Dr. .Moore says that after looking ibis country over thoroughly he finds that Gas City looks as K(X)d to him as any p'ace. He tliougitt of leaving, h'.- says, but now has abaudoned the Idea. Mr. uud .Mrs. (•'mmmond lo Leave. 1. .\. Grummond who has. lived In tills cliy for u number of years, yesterday moved lo Nevada, Mo., where he will make his future home. Mr. Grunmiond nnd family are well known here and have a host of friends who regret that they arc to leave. Pcrsoaals. Dr. Leavell returned yesterday from Allen. Kansas, where he has lieen visiting his parents. Miss Nellie Ingram, of Emporia, Kas., Is tlje guest of Miss Mabel Fo.s- ter. .Mrs. Sar.ih I'lm returned to Lawrence. Kansas, yesterday after spending a few days here visiting Mrs. Geo. Ehly. Bud Reeves, of Bartlesvilie Okla., is here visiting. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAT Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 25c. JUDGE GRAY'S SUCCESSOR. Heywood Scott of Joplin GetJB Appoint ment for Jasper County. Jefferson City, Dec. 31.—Governor Folk this afternoon appointed Heywood Scott of Joplln judge of the circuit court of Jasper county, vice Howard Gray, resigned, to take effect January 1. Big delegations were here Saturday and Monday urging the selection of various candidates. The Joplln man. however, seams to have had a call on the appointment from the start. Judge Gray's letter of resignation discloses the fact that the pay of the Circuit Judge of Jasper coimty is already out ot proportion to the vast amount of litigation handled by tha two divisions In that circuit. Ctrcide Judges all over the state, ontside o{ St liouis and Jackson county, receive 13.200 per year. In Jasper county they get but 12,000 per year. thU being the result of « recent decision ot the snprein* court. WAMTSF SITUATKmS WA/mO AdTHrlseaeataiiBdrr this head will be Inserted three tlacsirithoBt charge WANTED—Woman or girl for general house work. .Must bo cunipelcnt. 109 East Madison. W.(VNTED—To buy team of work horses. J. H. Teney, Box 8S, La liarpe. WANTED—Boarders at 302 Soutf Kentucky. Married couple preferred. WANTED—Second band Winchester nop gun. Inqolre 106 South Secoad stret FOR SALE^mimomUmmmoua FOR SALE—Good Studebaker hug- g>-, practically new, with good set of $05.00 harness, for sale at Howard's barn if taken in the next few days at ISO.OO. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For young | stooc or team, house and lot. Inquire 327 North Elm. FOR SALE—Or will trade for good clear f.-inn or $1000 property In lola, balauce In cash or notes: the Snyder Livery Barn, La Harpe. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of grocer- I ies and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky'street. lOUk STATE 9ANK CAPITAL M,BOO . WUtp KMMSAS. A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville. J. A, Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. H. CampbeU, Geo. E.; Nicholson, Frank Riddle. FPR SALE^—A driving mare and boS'gy. Horae city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR. TRADE—Town lot on Kentucky street to trade for young horse. 421 North Cotonwood. FOR RENT—Five room house: good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RESiT—House and barn- South Kentucky. Phcno 9D8 2—2. Its^pconomy T6 have your Carpets asd Stigs cleaned by TkeiidaKif Factoi7 Beglster Want Ads, le-a Mmi,

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