The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J;R. Willidmi Our Booking House with Moj. Hoople I ' / J rtO»V a^^aa ^»m— ,-•• .j^^^^^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^^»»*aMa^a»«,a»,«»»,aMa«aa««w»^^., — ^_ ^ ~i -jaaaaa. i THE WAYOR SAVS WlX- EVERY HI&H SCHOOLER TOWU WANTS HIM tO STAND CW HIS HEAD/ BUT WL) CW-J HAVE THAT CAMPAIGN) POSTER --~ _ AM MAJOR AMOS 8ACNASY MOOPte, 6MB op MAYOR. FATTLSTOM'i IKjFLOSklTIA SUPPORT6RS/— HIS HOtsSOR MAV WISH TO POSC PCWA STATUS TM CARVlMSOP HIM IrtfHB CNIC ARTS CONTEST "~ DOJ6 8U6TS OP THE . OUTOFTMeSTORE IT — SAVS IT REMINDS DANIEL. LOOKS A LITTLE LIK6 A HOUSE DICK, Too/ BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FOR SALE Concrtu calieru U inch la M Inch. Plata ol reenfarced Alu Concrete Building Block! cheaper thao lambet for barn* ch^kea house*. pump housea. tenant huMM, tool sited! We drUter ClU ii for free uttmat* . . Ph»n» Ml OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT GO. You Can Tell ths Difference in Good Shoe Repair Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART <*,„,»,. ,«. ^ M)tvl «. TUB CTUMT, *n« tM 1MB- e«"'. liim Lh C«». T .,. eto»«« r? •i*ti*** ••• r ** ™*~ •• •"!!» Ib.r kr vn JENNY and Tod nad planned to •* '..settle' down to the nous« oo Catalp* itreet, at leaa unti] Uiey were adjusted to each other But 'ley returned from Chicago to flnd 'He final eviction notice waiting ia ih« mailbox. WOODS Drug Store Expcriinced Preicription Service WOODS Drug Store 3 « . . . With Ffcwen THE FLOWER SHOP . Tod Mid Hthtlj, "U wont oome« to worst we can always live In Ma'i apartment I'm paying the rent for H anyhow till they can find nmeUiIng cheaper After all, Joe could sleep on the couch in the living room." "Bui Tod. you ' now what they a«y about Living with TOUT Inlaw*." Tod laughed and gathered tier to hU arms and kissed her. "Goose," be whispered, "what difference does tt make where we live a* long as we're togetherT- "No difference." she whispered back. Lhe words coming out muf- fied. Td Hve in a tent." "Way be tfs a good thing," Be om ted out- Td hate to live here sATEway. It'i an undesirable nelgh- '•';. 'rhood," . fenny stiffened ever » slightly Well." (be admitted, "perhapa it •>., but Pop and 1 Uyed sere to long K seems tike home to me." "IlMift lust rt, darling. You're uaed to ft and doot really see now aordid and scabby tt really kv rd naie for any of my oid frienda to nnd me living in a total like thJa." , 'Tff* "»» « «hort silence, and Jenny, realizing they could very »sfly quarrel. DIM her band* on •"her side of nte face and mid •ottly, -K'a silly to discuss whether w» ahould stay here when we cant anyway." 1* waa OM Urat binl of a oaruin Areldenla eau» « tlmps u many I deaths among U.S. children does infantile paralysli. queer streaH M snobbishness in Too She changed the subiect ' -| suppose we ought to to over and see your family rlgni away.*No!" ( rne word fume out snarp- ty. out -he furpnse u> net (ace seemed to embarrass aim "*1 didn't mean to wuno w abrupt, fenny, but ill *o around to we M> nrst and sort at smooth over ner feel- .Ings before 1 take TOU u> see ner •You mean sne'U really oe angry because you've married me?" "WeU." be parnea -ttll o« quite « surprise But 1 can wheeoUe Ma Into almost anything Shell come around. Only—well TOU can we how it ia. She ought to be prepared," HE girls at the snop welcomed oei oau gaily tee aext morning, ana she fell oacli into the easy routine <M nei work But all day long a feeling of dread seemed to snowball Inside at ner Nina nad aundly oBered to store the furniture that Jenny wanted to Keep troji trie house'oo Cataipa street, an old solid walnut bureau with acorn bandies, a cherry table and a ladderback chair Nina also oBered some advice "I'd go Live In one room somewhere Before I'd settle down with the Duncans. Jenny [ don't care now nice people are. that son of thing iust never works out.' 'But tfa only temporary. Nina and Tm sure they'll try as hard as' 1 wil] to make tne best of It" But as sne and Tc drove toward *e auncan apartment that eve- "'*>g. "Deceit anytning out calm Joe.' sprawled on the davenport reading the paper, did not oother to rise at they came in. He glanced ip and spoke, .otrt It was obvious he was mifled at oavmg been shuntec out of nls room. Ma bad washed ner nair and Hamet was winding tt up in pin curte for ner. v , Jenny. Ma," Tod said, « they stepped ijjto ^ e Kitchen Jenny jtarwd forward out u, e 8tlni look on Ma's face stopped hei 'Y.ou onlgbi as well get tt straight eight now Jenny ." ' she said "Tod made &-oerlect fool ol liimsell ?cuiD 'married (usl to spite Llj ^onover " 'Now Ma." Tod's face turned crimson / "Vou Know It wasn't a thing else than uial!" Ma wenl on, "You 7u?t wanted to show Liz- you could get mameo too Hut I aevei ttoougni a son ot mine would be dumb enough to cut oH nis nose u> ite nls (are.*- . Harriet oaused In her work and there was a smug expression /"on hei dark tare as she out in nei nickel's worth "Ui orooablj won't even see that little old notice stuck in with all the othei marriage licenses, so 1 don't know what ttood it done you." "Cut tt out!" Tod said. T didnt marrr lenny t> sriite Liz Thlf Is certainlj a Bne way to welcome us." . was a long chilly silence Hamet oegan twisting strands o* Ma's gra» nair into Din curls again \tlei a moment or two Ma STX*e at;ain 5ullenly "Put ,oui stuff in the oedroom Joe got his things moved out Where ne's goin 1 to nang nls clothes I donl know 'less It's tn the oamry." "Ma. apologize to Jenny." Ma ignored oim, "1 aim got time to get any fancy breakfasts for anybody either it's enough to get my own and Harriet's and Joe's 'fore I go to work." "1 expect to nelp around the apartment with the work," Jenny said. Her first words. ' i Ma's clump face didn't soften In the least. "I don't want anybody messin In my Kitchen neither. after, Cve: got things red up and gone to work!" ' "Come on, Jenny." Tod said She followed Him into the living room where he picked up their suitcases. ' He motioned hei mtc the Oedroom. set the suitcases down and shut the door, and then turned to her. , "Tod we can't stay!" Jenny whispered. Set over being hateful. Uon t pay any attention to em." (To Be Continued) Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR Drl« Anrwhen ^•« Pteue Simpson Oil Co. Phen» 937 BRANN TILE & fLOOK CO. • Asphilt Tile Fleora • Hardwood Floors • Rubber Tile Floori • Rock Wool Insulation • We»th«r Strlpplnj • Om>ment>l Iron Work • PUitlc Tile Wall! All Work Guaranteed A. L. (Al) Sullivan, Jr. Harold C. Brann 114 N. 2nd. 2462 Phones 4360 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years ol experience assure you that, when you present a prescription order to tu, it will be expertly compounded from fresh pure drugs, You can be sure at Roth rock's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE S T U D E B A K E R Compare These Trucks •v With Any You See ^^ 1917 international 1'A-Ton Slake, perfect from ^ body to J950 license. ^j 1918 Sludebakcr ]-Ton Pickup, an excellent *** (ruck in every way. I 1018 Stuclebaker '/ 2 -Ton Pitktip, very low mileage and not a scratch on it. 1!M6 Dodge 1-Ton I'ickup, motor just ovcr- . hauled. . 19.16 Ford 1-Ton Stake, an ideal farm truck . m good mechanical condition. Chamblin Sales Co. Rail rood and Aih Phone 888 STUD E BAK ER FRECKLES-AMD KIS FRIENDS B\ MERJMLL BLOSSEJ Genius at Work , &CMCN POOSH. AND THE WOU£ CASH N ON IT( "THATPEALLY ore THE 5H, AND THE WOME*? PROMOTE WY OWN IMA .THEY SAJD/ STUFFLEBMMi HOW WOULD >oo UK* it« RIPEST SlfJCC L SOtOYCKJ ON Et£CT(UC NECKTIES? WILL OUT5UW* THe GU»0 Tie- ou«i r * lat ;, ve * V° u »«".! I ,,id we could us. thousand dollars-and your uncle asked wouldn't I settle .for two hundred and when could we pay it back'" I'KlSCIU.A'S POP BY AL VERMKER SOOD HEAVENS, WALDO 1 YOU'RE POSITIVELY GREEN' ARE VOU ILL . „ 1 GEORGE MS FEE, THE OFFICE TIGHTWAD, HAD A BLE55ED EVENT IN HIS FAMILY TODAY) AMD YOU'RE GREEN WITH JEALOUSY!! WHY, WALDO HOW CUTE li HY MICHAEL O'MA LEY and RALPH LANE Qack on the "AVAMBA" we found no sign of MarHhorp. MAY8E THAT BOAT VOU HEARD WAS VERA DARK- 1IHG BRIMGINS AWN THORP SO/ME SPIRITS TO WARD OFF A CHILL. HE TOOK ONE DRINK THEM i KIT HIM WITH THE PISTOL AND HE DROPPED. 1HE GUYS cVAPOKATED, VIC. AND THATS OKAY BY ME, ^- -^. 100'KS AS IF HE5PILIED A DRINK FIRST. SEE? THAT HASN'T EVAPORATED. SUPPOSE THEY FIND HIM.CIEEK? CAPTAIN RAS\ BY LESLIE TURNER BUT MACAWS EXPECTIUS YOU MOWi WK.WILTV! TO APOLOGIZE FO(t DOURTIMO VOUil. LOYALTY IO! IT WAS ML ». HORE.JSL6 TELL WB /^IKNEW 5AR^WA&^^ViNGTO ALL ABOUT ( BREAK US UP, BUT SHE WA6 IT, HONEY.A 60 CLEVEE I COULDN'T PROU6 ME- BEEW \JT! YOU THOUGHT I WftS ONLY IEWMED HOW SH& SCHEMED TO. HK YOU WERE TW-TIM1WS ME &AB>ISVICIOl)S,GIG,JWJDICA» IT! BUGS BUNN1 Popular I'iiintei WHAT'S TH') S CALL. ME X ^ _ WHEM I PAINT PHooevV) A PICTURE;, THOUSANDS LOOK AT IT EVERY PAY/ THIS I GOTTA ' 'TAG ALONG, POC, YOU WON'T MISS IT/ I BUNNY"...rM I ... .\AM ARTIST/ / lie Doesn't Calch BY V. T. HAMI.IN ^ffi?*^ ) W*^° SP7.KZ) .If..Arewp .. DONT SEEM \ YOU COME . . DOC...YOUVE TOO • *. ri" -^' / <-"-*—..T<^U<t tuu M J.Lk!^ N /SENSIBLE A MAN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR .MARTIN M£.?jCP,VV«> WWiVt VOU 60WE. \ WW

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