Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 8
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ITHE TOLA DAILT REOTSTEB. MOCTAJ EYEKINC. DECEMBER 21, 1X8. NEW YORK STORE _ _ Your Xinas Shopplngi NOTICE: To give Christmas shoppers more time for the selection of gifts the store will be open for business the following evenings: Monday Night, Dec. 21; Tuesday Night, Dec. 22; Wednesday Night, Dec. 23; and Thursday Night, Dec. 24th. Jewmiry mndHmIr Ormmmmtrtmt always an acceptable gift, an eleeant assortment from 25c to $5.00 each. || RuoMngBf anything you want in this line we have. All new styles. Bern, navy, black, white, pink, bine, champagne, from 25c to $1.50 a yard. Hmndkerehtrnfm Qmiorem Anything you want in this line from a 3c handkerchief up to a $5.00 one. Mmokwmar in gieatest variety. Real Irish hand crochet Jabots, or swell Gibson stocks, 25c to |4.00 each. KItiQiOVmmm 12 or I6 button length in all the new shades. One or two button clasp kid gloves, anything you want, $1.00 to $1.50 a pair. UbwHySUkRufim, with plaited or ribbon ends, colo/s or black. Hmnd BmgSt in all the latest models. We are showing the very newest in black Carriage Bags. 41/llr lfos #0r ^f always an acceptable gift. S^le agents for the celebrated Keyser Silk Hose. Ask to see them. SwemiBI *B, the proper coats for this climate—everything from a baby sweater in white to the new Athletic Sweater for women. Japaneme Hand Drawn doiitsa ana Stiuarea, Teneriffe Doilies in all sizes, from 5c to $5.00. Doiiai Dollal At one-half price. We are closing out our doll stockl therefore prices are cot in half. Every doll must be sold. One-Iialf price for any doll in the house. Christmas Sals of Furs This sale not only meets the requirements of those who need Furs for the long winter months to come, but is especially opportune tor those contemplating the purchase of furs lor gift-giving purposes. There's a certain social distinction that goes with fine furs and there's nothing more acceptable or appropriate for Christmas gifts, for what woman would not feel proud to be the owner of a beautiful set or handsome coat? Hundreds of attractive and handsome Fur pieces go on sale tomorrow at decisive price savings and the offerings mentioned below give but a slight idea ofthe many genuine bargains that may be secured in this opportune Christmas sale. Ladies Brown Coney Pur Coats with large Btorm collar and revers, lined throughout with Skinner satin. Special In this sale »23.75 Ladles' Electric Seal Coats 24 Inches long, lined with Skinner satin, large storm collars and revers. Special in this sale »25.(H) Ladles'* Fine Electric Seal Coats, col lar revers and cuffs trimmed in lieav- er. Skinner satin linings. Special each 935.00 Ladles' Extra Fine Electric Seal Coats, collar revers and and cuffs trimmed in brown Martin Fur, Skinner satin lining. Special in this sale «50.(M> Ladies' Fine Caracul Coats, beautifully trimmed lined throughout with tine satin, regular |2.''i.OO. Special lii this sale ijtl .'i .OO Natural and Blended Mink Keck Pieces: special at $:).05. S4.95. 95.95. «7.95. 99.85- Siberian and Sable Squirrel Neck Pieces: special at $4.0.'S. 90.9.?. 9S.05, 910.95. 914.95. «HE.\T S.VLE OF FL'K SIARFS. $1.2.'> Fur Scarfs for TTnh V 'lO Fur Scarfs for .* 986 $2.50 Fur Scarfs for 91.50 %?,.:,!) Fur Scarfs for $1.98 $r..Oi) Fur Scarfs for S2.98 $C..-.() Fur Scarfs for 9li.0S $7..'>0 Fur Scarfs for 94.98 Jin .oO Fox Scarfs for 9ti.9.'> |12..'() F(i.v Scarfs for 98.95 $ir ,.00 i -'ox .Scarfs for ........99.9.1 JlS.iiO Fox Scarfs for .:... .9VZ.50 12 .^.00 Fox Scarfs for 915.(M) A Finn Collection of Fine Fur Sets with large Pillow and llw Muffs In Heal Mink, Jap Mliik. Suhio Squirrel. Siberian Squirrel, Blue Fox and Keal Lynx, at special prices during this sale. Big Millinery Sale Every Trimmed Hat in onr entire stork will lie sold at EXACTLY HALF PRICE NEW >Y.VISTS FOR CHRIST.MAS. •Inst In from New York, beautiful .Messallnes, Silk Waists In light blue, pink and white trimmed In lace; styles up to the minute. Special each 95.00 SPEri.VL IX IIEATHERBLOOW PETTICOATS. One lot Black lleatherbloom Pettl- cats with pretty ruff, worth regularly $2.25. Christmas sole price 91.00 CHRISTMAH .SALE SILK PETTI- COAT.S. $r..»o Silk I'olticoats for 9:).8.'> $7.r,0 Silk Petticoats for 9.1.00 $8.50 Silk Petticoats for 95.98 $10.00 Si'k Petticoats for 97.98 Ladles' Long Coats $35.00 Long Coats reduced to 925.00 $30.00 Long Coats reduced to 930.00 $25.00 Long Coats reduced to 915.00 $20.00 Long coats reduced to 912.50 $16.50 I>ong Coats reduced to 910.95 $12.50 Long Coats reduced to 97.95 ^ $10.00 Long Coats reduced to 96.95 $7.95 Long Coats reduced to... 95.00 $7.00 Lo ag Coats reduced to.. .93.9.1 CHILDREN'S COATS AT GREATLY REDICEI) PKICE.S. $2.50 Children s Coals' for 91.75 $3.50 Children's Bearskin Coats for 93.50 $3.50 . Children's Cloih CoaU 91.95 $5.00 Children's Cloth Coats .•j »3.50 $6.50 Children's Cloth Coats 94..10 $7.50 Children's Cloth Coats $5.00 $10.00 Children's Cloth Coats 97..">0 CHRISTMAS SALE TAILORED IVAIST.S. Ladies Tailored Waists. linen finish, worth regular $1.75, for 91.3.1 Ladies' Tailored Waists linen finish, worth regularly $2.00, for... 91.50 Ladies' Pure Linen Tailored Waists, worth $3.00, for •-91.08 Latlles' Tailored Suits CHRIST.MAS CLEARING SALE Ladies $1S.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price 910.95 Liidles' $25.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price . 915 00 Ladies' $30.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price 930.00 Ladies' $35 and $40 Tailored Suits Slearance price ...93.1.00 Home Journal Patterns B «|8T PATTEBUr IN THE VAE. KET. JUrniBT STXLE BOOy.g ABE MOW nr. FBEB FOB THE .ASKD(& PR XGOOD^OMPA N / DHESS MAKING DEPARTMENT IN CHARGE OF Mrs.N.C.Reeves FABTT DEESSES A 8FBCIALTT. • \ . • • • • • , : • v.: NEWS OF U HARPE NEWS OF lAimY E. E, STOUT BCYS HARTFORD TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. HARTFORD MEN GET FARM FICHTNER BROTHERS WILL LIYE NEAR LA HARPE. MRS. JOHN TEISLEY DEAD FROJf' PTOMAINE POISONiWfi.- ^ •; . HUSBANDS CONDITION BAD SHOCK FROM WIFE'S DEATH M.4Y KILL HIM. A. \S. Stephenson in a Lucky Land Deal In Canada—.Mr. Stoddard 111—Personals. Trade* for Telephone Exchange. G. S. Stoner, a real estate dealer of Hartford, Kas., has, according to the Hartford Times, completed a deal whereby the Hartford Telephone Ex change, which has been owned and operated by John W. and George A. Fichter passed into the hands of B. K. Stout, of LaHarpe. The Fichter brothers became owners of a fine farm near I^aHarpe. Mr. Stout will take charge of the Hartford exchange on January 1, and Fichter brothers will occui^y their farm In the spring and engage in farming and stock raising. L. V. Starkey, of lola. Preached «• Christmas Sermon in the Cbrtsthiii'' Churrb—Gas Eleren Won. OSTEOPATHI- DR. W .H. ALBKIUHT. Registered Osteopathic Physie»«a. State Bank BIdg. Phone US Only Osteopath lo La Harp«. Death from Ptomaine PoLsonlngr. '. ' .Mrs. John Yeisley, who was stricjten with ptomaine poisoning Friday eveh- Ing after partaking of a supper of port tlons from canned goods, died, about 4' o'clock this morning, having been up-, conscious since her illness belg^n. The body will be shipped to Ava, Mo., this evening for burial. .Mr. Yeisley who became 111 at the same time as did his' wife, is In a critical condition.. The' news of his wife's death has iflvcfn him a severe shock from which he may not rally. He Made a Good Deal. A. W. Stephenson, of Saskatchewan, Canada, is in LaHarpe for a visit during the holidays. He formerly lived in this city and was employed by the Gas City Drilling company. Mr. Stephenson recently purchased a section [of land in Canada and soon afterward sold half of it for enough to pay for the whole. He likes the country and Is delighted with his prospects. Return Home Toda. C. H. Olson, cashier of the LaHarpe state bank, who has been visiting in Mankato, Kan., at the home of his parents, is expected to return home today. During the absence of Mr. Olson Mr. Cox has assisted in the bank. Opportunity. Opportunity, unlike that which J. J. Ingalls immortalized in his poem, presents itself daily at WATERS AND DANFORTH'S store. Especially precious will this opportunity be during the four more shopping days which remain before ChrLstmas. If gift giving Is a pleasure to you, it will be 1 doubly so If you buy your goods of Waters and Danforth. A Complete Line of Novelties and Staples at CLOSE PRICES. You're 'welcome to our store, whether you buy or not. Haigler at Home. W. G. Haigler has returned from a trip to San Luis valley, Colorado. He was accompanied by a party of land buyers. Improving Office. The office of Dr. C. J. Halm is be Ing improved. The room is being remodeled and made more convenient Mr. Starkey at Gas CHf., L. V. Starkey, secretary of the lola Y, .M. C. A... preached a Christmas sermon in the Christian church here last evening. Tljie sermon was an eloquent one and was given a Knti hearing. From Illlnoi.s. D. C. Livingston, of Illinois, is a guest at the home of his brother. William Livingston. He is on the way home from a visit with a sister lit (California. (ias Team Won. A foot bail eleven from this city defeated the Kid Boosters, of lola. In a gridiron battle at Electric park Saturday afternoon. The score was 5 to 4. (;ity ConncH Met The city council met in adjourned session Saturday night and transacted routine business. No important measures were up for consideration. Ready for CtarrstmJis—Perhaps. Workmen who are engaged in moving the Presbyterian church building to its new site, say that they hope to have the edifice in its new location In time for Christmas exercises Thurs day evening. An Aged Man Injured. Mr. Frye, aged 78, slipped and fell at his home in this city Saturday night dislocating a hip. The Injury Is quite painful, but despite his age, FVye will .suffer no serious cons&qriences;' A Visit to Joptin. Miss Francis Mercer has returned home from a visit in Joplln, Mo., with her sister, .Mrs. Carter Wright. Mr. Stoddard III. M. Stoddard, an employe of the Wolfe grocery. Is reported to he 111. He was- unable to be on duty Friday and Saturday, l P. .M. Dnliy has Just received his fall :ti)rk of Dry Goods, llroceries. Shoes. Fruits, Flour and Confectionery. I have bought the BEST, nothing but the BEST. I have just opened Ihit Jtock in the building formerly occn- iie.1 by H. M- Cllne. Come In and see me. Get prices •n the HRST SILOES maae. PHILIP M. DAILY. Christmas With Relatives. Mrs. F. Halm and son. Charles, have gone to Kansas City, where they will spend Christmas with Mrs. Halm's parents. Personals. M. Drake, of 'Emporia, Is visiting In LaHarpe. i Miss Leia Griggsby has returned home from Nevada, Mo., where she has been attending coUege. Judge J. C. Mercer has gone to Joplln, Mo., for a visit with his daugh ter, Mrs. Carter Wright. Mrs. M. E. Coffman was a Saturday visitor in LaHarpe. Mrs. J. D. III. of Ft. Scott, is a visitor at Jhe home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McGIll. SOCIETY FEARS THIS BOOK. Mrs. Geo. Comwallto-West WHI Write of Her Experleoee In Enropean Capitals. London, Dec. 21.—Society In the various European capitals Is shivering with fear over the report that Mrs. George Cornwalils-West Is writing a novel of her experience in European society. It is said the book will reveal some things about the exclusive set that will tarnish more than one reputation. Mrs. West, who Is better known In America as T.ady Randolph Churchill, and who was Misa Jennie Jerome of New York, has rented from Sir William Ingraham p beautiful chatlet on the Riviera at Rnquebmne, near Monte Carlo. Mrs. I.*slle, her •later, will Tisit her there while on the way to become the guest of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught. i Waited. Srery ladr in lol* tao»ll «t Cbtbcrt- ^'s and 164 ^alarsMt Uae of Chrtot ^a pletores iwer before ahown. in Party Walked Hones. .A horse attached to a vehicle in which a party of Gas City people were riding home, from a party Saturday night, fell down and was fatally injured on the Concrete-lola • road.-The young people were obliged to walk home. The horse was the property of William Johnson. Persoiials. - • ' • Pearl Moore Is visiting In Bartlea- ville. • • Miss Josephine Bartlett. of Fbrt Scott Is a guest at the home jof Miss Grace Allstott. J. M. Chase, of Mount Hope, was a visitor In Gas yesterday. E. Lane. Frank Dale and Harry Cat- In are home from BartleavlUe to spent Christmas. LOANS! I^IAXS! LOANS! On farm land or lola property;* long or short time: lowest rates; best terms. Money today If title is..good. See us at once. lOLA LAND COMPANY. IN KANSAS, 8W LIQUOB FEBMm. No Dmggists Are Anthorlaed to SeU Whiskey In Sixty-three Coaatlea. Topeka, Kas., Dec. 21.—There are only 309 druggists in Kansas hioldinig liquor permits and there are no druggists holding permits in sixty-three Kansas counties. The State Temperance union has been gathering Btati.s- tics about the number of druggisis' permits held in the state. More thin one-half of the permits are he'd.Sn six counties of the state as follows': Cherokee, 17; Sedgwick, 30; Leayen- worth, 15; Labette, 17; ShawhW. 4^; Wyandotte, 33. Crawford county still has several "Joints." Atchison county has 'a few permits, but most' of the "JointJsU'* have been driven out. Shawnee county has more permits than any other county in the state. Elgiit counties have one permit each and seventeen more than five each. The Temperance union is gathering the information for use in its fight to convpel' drnjtglsts selling liquors to give a bond, for, any damages which might he caiiaed through the sale of liquors. There is such a small percentage of druggists which sell liquors that It is not likely that the druggiss' organizations will make a fight against the bill.'" ' - Mllsap to Tliree Eye Lcacve. The Sporting News, publiihedL at St. Louis, states that Aorthur Stiliap. formerly with the Oaslighters, taaa been traded by the Wichita management for a player with the-Sprlngfleld. III., team. Affy Wilson who waa alio with the Gasiighters, la to play^ With Springfield next seaton, having been drafted from the Springfield, Mo., team. " H ' IfetleCL All those wlabing written by ebildren Home or In any wajr tbelr Cbrlitaaa are gifU at the ililtidi'

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