Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1907
Page 3
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Never jet jrour medicine chest be withoat a bottle ef J«yne's J ^xpectorent When you. need it, jroull aeed it ia « hujTjr— ;liave it on hand. \ Pleurisy lOid Pneamonia often develop BudJenly in the middle of the n'lgfit with a tighteninK sensation in the chest and a diflB- culty of breAthini;. Jayne's Expectorant taken immediately wiQ generally ward off an atuck of theae dangerous diseases. Dk. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT ia also of great benefit to Asthma suCrerers, and is splendid for relieving sudden attack-;. Coughs, Whoopin; Cough, Croup, Inflammation of the Lunps, pain and soreness of the chest, and Bronchitis have all been cured or greatly relieved bjr this old, successftU remedy during its 77 years of> disease fighting. ' Get a bottle for your medicine chest today—all druggists seU it.Three sizes, $1.00, 50c and 2Sc Jayils's Tanic TarmiAUc U a reliable tonic for the whoic lanitly. Splendid for children—a aafe and effective ' Worm Cure. Jayac't Sanative nil* arc the sentlett and •afiest remedy koown for the liver and bowels. TO HOLD PRIMARY First Dislrirt Comiiilllrr at Tn|K<ka .1l*N-tiii); SrIrrU Jaiiiiiir) ltd. * To|n'k;i., Dor. ."n.— Tin- I 'irsI o»iliKvrssioiiiil ilisUR-t will liolil a ili- ri>cl luimiiiy nil .laaiiaiy :!0 fur i)rfsi- (ti'iiti.-il <'ainli(lalt\v-. ilcli-^ali's ami aitoriialfs in ili(> iRiiioiial rrpiitilii-au ciiiivcnlioii. a n-|»utilii-an i>ii'!.iilciiliai olrcloi- aiiil a n-piililit'aii caiiclitlali- IVir iMillRrfSs. Thi- finiBiix^iniial <viinuiii- tpp tiiol in Tiipi-Ua <'ii '^'''''"l :'y MHIMMOII.I and caiiio l» iliis (Ii>fislim. 'fail is. iH )ursi\ slaU'il fcir pVoslilfii:. Tlio cnin niltiiv ailo|ii<-il a rr 'soliiiinii imlois^liii: him. whic-li soijiiili^) llkr Uu' ri'snlii- tion ailoiili'il hi (|i«> slad' <-<icii(iiif((.'<• on Satunlay. C.vnig-lA 'laiH) I'f TiijH'Ka aui! Arllnir rappiT of Tiipeka 'aro to l>o pnt lor- \\an\ a.s candiilalOi; (oi- dolc^aics in iln» iiaitonni ronvnuijou, Juil«<' ('a.-.- nrmiorii'k of llolliin is lalkci! of for piPsiiU'iiUal i''i >olor. ('nimri'ssiiiriM l>an Antli(.<ii.'>" of l.oavo'!^\voith now lias no ojiposition for roclprtiim. Tho I 'mrv (<•<• for (In- (li-li',::alcs i.; $:;.">. tl \c >^aiin> for :alltrna<i's;: for Iho candi(i;il'" fur c-on-rri'ss. JL'.'.M ; and tor the clrcror. $-'>. Tin" ••-talo <-oninriii«P has in<l<n•^ od Tafi ;twi(o. ibc 0 (nii;ri's- •pional pommiltoi' ijidorsnl him today; tliP siinaro doalors and Uu- inacliino arohoih "whiiopinK it up" for him. Tlic call of (he congressional com- miitcc Ifxlay reetininiendofj to every (•andidale for ilele .cate and alternate t«> the iiaiiiinal convention that he send in xviili his name and entry fee tf» Hi'iMi'lary Middle of l/eave)i\vorlh the nanii- of his i-liidee for president. The elioiii- fur president Is to lie printed alou'^ Willi ilie nanit- of the raiididale for di -1.':;aic> or allernale in the uinelal prililait Ital 'o!. WOMEN WILL BE BARRED. CORES An Antitoxin M«d« Dy a New York Physician From the Blood of a Horse. "New .York. Dec. 31.—Cercbro spinal meningitis, tho disenao which In 1905 to9|^ unchecked, more than 1.000 Wres In three months in this city, has apparently been conquered by Dr. Simon PIcxner, head of the Rockefeller Institute for medlcnt research. Dr. Flffxnor. after nearly three years of rosearch and hundreds of experiments has discovered an sntl-toxin senim with whirh to combat the merrlless "spotted fever." Recently ho hai treated more than sixty persons with It. In no case was there failure. AH his patients recovered. The serum is obtained from th« blood of a horse. A quantity of f'uld from the spinal canal of a meningitis patient, containing germs of the dis* rase is withdrawn and Injected into the animal. Its body, larger and stronger. Is not affected seriously hut at the same time sets up great nu.antltics of germ combatant mater ial. This, withdrawn from the horse and reinjected Into tho human, kills off the remaining meningitis perms' It was many months after his prelim inary experiments before ho first tried the scrum upon a human being. Several cases were successfully treated Though success seems assured Dr. Flexner did not make public his dls- covorj' iintll roccnlly, and then with the .scientific man's caution, he jKilnt ed out that he was not absolutely con vinccd yet. Thos« Delirionfi liOmon PIPM. The kind that "make your mouth wafer" are easily made with no fussing and at the Iea<;t possible expense if you ji.«o "OI'R-PIE" Preparation. It Is put tip in air-tight packaijes and contains the right proportions of the choicest ingredients. Kvery jMck.ige inspected and Kuamnteed under the Pure FOIKI 1.-IWS . Don't hesitate. Try it today and then tell your frieiuls. .\t grocers 10 cents. WANTS JUDGE DISQUALIFIED. Fan.iily and Reporters Only to Attend Second Thaw Trial. Ni'W YoiK. I >te .Ml women ex <ept iiK'nilHis of Thaw's family and the \»oiiiiMi r.'porters will bt" excluded fri>m tin- court room dnrlUK tho s«."c- I nd trial of Harry K. Th;iw, whieii will beuin next Monday. . The si-aiini; capacity nf the room has lie^n i-fdiiced greaffj- since /lie' f.rsi irial. and .Instice Dn\k'liiig is .said alsi> to 111-, determined to prevint the iitti 'iidaiic- of women moved liy nior- liid cnriosiiy who made use of every mr;»i)s at their comm.inil to s:'ciir'»' :ii!iiiiss!on to a courtroom already overcrowded. • I Ottawa, Kas., Woman Says Smart Owns Too Much Property. Topeka. IVc. "1.- Mary .Mice Ham i:lon of Ottawa t »Hlsy peilli<med Ilic supreme court for an a'ternallve writ of niiindamns to mmpet .hnlce ('. .i\ Mnuirt. nf the Fourth judicial district, comprising Franklin and IV>iigla« connlleB to gr .nnt her a cliange <if Mnuo either to some other court, or to call In another judge- to try tli suit for personal injuries which sh<' h.ifi apainst the city of Qttawn. jyie docJare.s .Judge .Smart is i.ot qualified to sit In tne case becaiis-- he Is the owner of. ann p.iys taxes upon, real estate In Ottawa of the as ses .'.ed value of ).t.,'>T5. .ludce Smart overruled the motion m his own court, and the plaintiff appealed. One of the Important Duties of Physicians and the Well-informed of the World is to learn as to Iho relative standinfT and reliahiiiiy of the leadinjj manufacturers of: medicinal aK> iMs, as the n7o.';t eminent i5 >iy.';inan.'= arr the most careful as to the uniform quality and pcfffc -rt purity of rwmcdws prcscribt-d by them, and it is well known' to physicians ami the.Woll-lnformcd Rer)craily iliat the California Fid Syrup Co., liy rtasnn of its cornrt tiicthods and perfect i-qiiipment and the ethical character of its i)roduct has attained to the liipli standing in scientific and cornmercial circles which is accorded to siicce <;.sf ill and reli .iMo lioiiscs onh-j and, therefore, that the name of the Comp.-iny has lx;coine a Kuarantec of the cxcellenco of its remedy. TRVTH AND QUALITY apptal to the Well-informed in every walk of liTc and arc essentia! to permanent success and cnditaMo standinfr, therefore wo wish \o call the attention of all who would enjoy Rood health,; with its bjessinfjs, to tho fact that it involves the question of riRht living: with ail thi? term implies. With proper J-^nowledKc of v;hat is best each hour ol r (M :reation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of *effort may lie made to contribute t >o that end and the ii.s<; cit medicini-s dispensed with pcncraliy to Rreat advantai;e, but fts- in hiany instanr<s a simple, wluilcsome remedy may l)e invaluable if taken at the prt^jxr lime, the California Fiji Syrup Co, fe -clsthat it is alike iinix^rtant to present tnilhlully the snbjeit and to supply the one iK-ffect lax.tlivc remedy which h.ts won the apjioval of physicians and the world-wide acct^ptance of the Wcll-Informcd because of the e.\c<ll< n. o of the combitwiion, kiiown to nil. and the original method of manufacture, which is Known to the California ^"ii^. Syrup Co. only. • This valuahh- remedy has Iven lon^r and favorably known under the name of— Syrup, of I'ics—and has attained to worid-wido^ nccv.-ptance as the most excellent of family la.xalives, and as its pure la.xative principles, obtained from Senna, are well knowrt to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to l)c the best of natural la.\.itives, we have ailnpted the more elaI>or.ite name of—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as more' fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always Ix; called for by the shorter name of .Syrup of Figs—iand to pet its lieiieficial effects always note, when purchasint;, ilie full n.-mie of the Company'—California Viz Syrup Co.— plainly printed on the frotu of every parkafjc, whether you simply call for — Syrup of Figs—or by the full nalne —Syrup of l-ij^s and Fliixir of Seuna—as—Syrup of Pips and Eli .xtr of Senna — is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by the name — Syrup of Figs — which has Riven satisfaction to millions, The:c;enuine is for sale by all leading druRfnsts throuphout the United Slates in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents per bottle. V Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or niisbEanded within .the meaning of the Food and;Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906. CAUFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Louifeville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. • London, EffgUnd. New York, N. FURS AND CONTINUED ALL. THIS WEEK landnman Illrsrhhclmcr & CC'H IIB« of CLOAKS one af iYtf bnt lines madp in the V. S. ThlN line In elrmnlly tallorrd, has a rhir, Htyliiih apprarMce that uo.<«t llneti do not hatp. The rntirr line for LadlM' Mi^<!«es and I'bildrpu itill be rloMrd ont at actaaltcost ChlidrenN Elder UOWM roata nicely trimmed with Insertion and fanry eol- iar, (rood linlnp, chrap at 12.00. >ow »l.25 $iM Childrrn'R Lonir Cloth Coats, nicely trimmed in Teiret and bnttoni*. Sow $«0 Ladien' feSiO Kon>ey Coat trimmed in pretty NIIII braid, Tclret and buttons and strapped with same, ...(I.1S «nr $9.00 Coat, satin lined clear throairh, trimmed with beantifal sHk braid and TeJvet $«.75 Ladles* 114.00 ChirTon Broadcloth elalwrately trimmed with two styles of braid and silk Teiret; now .. 910.00 $10.00 Fine ChifTon Kroadrloth Coat now .... , $1100 FURS Sptclalfor Two Days, Friday and Saturday. >Vc handle the £dw. George line, Detroit, Michigan. They manufaelnro their own line and .their fan and styles Wc consider the liest made. Onr $1.00 For Scarf, now i5c Oar $l.Sd Far Scarf now 97c (•nr $3.75 Fur Scarf now $3J)0 Onr tiM Far Scarf now $l.Sa 10 Far Scarfs at $7.50 Every for will lie sacrificedt those tuat come early will f ;et the cream of the line. MILUNEKY Great Sptdal Sala for Frl- ond Saturday. This elegant line of stylish trimmed millinery. nothing . reserved, will be placed on sale at half price. Tbb In­ cludes ail of our pretty Fatiern Hats and at Jnst the season of: the year when yon want to wear your best dress bat. $10.00 Hats now $5.00 $8w0 Hats now $1.25 $.-i.0O Hats now ....->... $2.75 $2..^ Hals now i... $1.75 $2.00 Hals now $iM We ask you to come early before the pretty thisgs ore gone. Everything in Xmos Goods greotly reduced RICHARDSON'S 113 Emml mmdimou Mvmniam. Z doors womi of Thompmoa HoM News of the County JEDDO. (iiltsoii Holt is Ri-tliiiK lip a wolt liiiiil in SaliMu towii.shh' for Now Years diiy. Kvpry niio invili-il t<» ln-li>. Tho.v wiil start III the innrnlnK alKiiit nine oVhiek niid n-iiter In linn's pastiirp III two |i. ni. Mi-y. Strutihart and aons spent ('lirJ,-;(nia.s vi.sitjiiK rrlatlvr.s niMr Cha- Miilo. O.srar Kiefcr has piven moving to town, lie has n-nfefl .lohn Pine's fnrni. .Mr. Kiefer llvpil there spvcral yoar.< lipfore he moved on liis father's jilare. Harvey firey. a lirother of Mrs. E .Myens-, was m.Trried Christ mas day iii Chaniite. Harvey has many friends in .leddo who will join in wishing him happiness and prosperity. They will live in Chanule. .Mr. Ovprliolt was married recently to a lady near ChioaKo. After the cor emony they took the train for Ohio where they visited Mr. Overholfs relatives. Miss Anna Gervars spent Sunday at T. Hymn's. Born to Mr. and Mr."*. Charley Beeman Christmas day, a boy. .Misses Irene I.oola and Helen Davis spent Sunday with Ethel and Hird VaiiSklver. STO\T POINT. . D. Brandenburg, reporter. Arthur Hamilton and family. Gar .Macnmraer and wife. Albert Holeman and son, David of nronson, and Bert Hamilton and MJss Eknma Slew art and George Bmuchton and fam lly. took dinner with Mrs. Ix^u.tlna Uarknor and son Albert. J. n. Harrlero<Ie nnd family, M. P. nrandenhiirg and fninl'y, Ttayniond Harlan and famll.v. Paul Harlan and family and Grandma Harlan nnd Grandma Williams and Sam Jones ate turkey with S. D. Brandenburg and wife. Mrs. Mazle McAdams and her two daughters from Buffalo, Kas., Carl Meckenllahio and family, Bmer}' Eroughton and famtty, Kd. Itollings worth and fanii'y ale turkey with the family of William Broiighton. , Wallace Hall and family spent Xmas at Bronson with his brother's family. Mrs. Frances Hall Parsons of Goodridge. Kas.. Is visiting relatives and friends here this week. Mrs. Mazle McAdams, a sister of Mrs. ESIa Broughton. and her two daughters, came in Saturday morning on an extended visit. Mrs. Ivy Harlan anil little Chester and Grandma Harlan spent Thursday at M.,P. Brandenbutx's. S. D. Brandenbnrs met with a painful accident Monday morning by stepping on a nail that was In a board and mnnlns it thronga his rubber boot and Into hia loot. He has been laid tin ever since Mit It Is feeling lllth' better at |>reseiil. Mrs^ Ella Bmiighton and chlldrfn, Mrs. Mazle MeAdauis and two daughters and Emory Broiightcm and family spent Thursday at Clarence Broiiuh- ton's. Jim Mattoc-ks and family si>ent Xuiiis at Win McKarlauds. I'mfossor M»»rton wont to lola Snlunluy In spend Sunday with his mother, returning TuosiTay. It was a surprise to tho imtrtms of the srhool to hoar that thoir teacher was marriod to Moyd Orldson, of Bronson. Their many friends wish thom seecss and happiness through their journey through life. GjKjd Agents make $.">.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Fast- »ner for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteml. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hobokcn, N. J. $25,000 TO RESTORE ROOM. Mrs. Russell Sage Makes Gift to City of New York. Now York, Dee. HI.—Robert W. DeForost, president of the city's art commission announced today that Mrs. Russell Sage had given <2."..flOO to the city of New York to restore the governor's room In the city hall to It?; original condition, as shown by plans In the po.ssosslon of the historical soclaty. The offer has been ac- repted with the approval of Mayor« McClellan. It Is understood that the restoration will he restricted to the celllng<t and walls, as most of the historic rurniture. including AVa.shington's desk. Is still In the room. In good condition. To CoBtraetora. lola. Kansas, Dec. 7. '07. lola Township will let bids on macadam road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky street sonth of Elm creek, beginning on north end of macadam road, and fence north one-half mile or to placo designated by township board. Second one half mile beginning one- half mile west of river on West street on the west end of macadam road fence west one-half mile to place designated by township board. Third, half mile on sonth State street two and one-half miles sonth of West, commencing at Abram's nnrthcast Corner fence west one-half mlla. . . ."ee speelflcaUons on file at County Clerk's ofllcc. Bo;>id reserves right to reject any and all bids. B. L. BARNHART, Twp. Clerk. SCOOP UP BEER IN BUCKCTS, 2.300 Barrels Full Emptied into Oklahoma City Streets. Oklahoma City. Dee. '31.—Hundreds of people, powerless to prevenl It. saw 2.300 barrels of beer va'ned at $17,000 turned Into the sewers this evening by the New State brewery as the result of prohibition in Oklahoma. The beer was stock on hand when statehood came. It conli: not l)e given away, sold or shipped outside of the state. When the beer began flowing from noxzles into the sewers people gath> ered with bnckets. tin cups and every coneeivablis receptacle and drank all they wanted. 0^ Santa [c Winter Is Coming! You know what that means to you. Don't you wait to escape the snow, the cold, the slush and all the disdom- forts—why not plan now where to pass that season so trying to many persons? Write for intormation about our winter tours to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Favorable rates, long limits, and stop-overs. W.E.Rakbn, Agt. lOLA, KANSAS. Holiday Candy 10c per pound^ 3 pounds 25c*

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