Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1907
Page 2
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MSLTDT FSQin, .Aart. CuUer. To Receive Friertifs. Rev. and Mrs.^ E. H. 'Ellett will be at home to mcmbprs of the Chrisi- Ian chnrch and. other friends tomor- , row afternoon. ' * • ,+ For Alta Seta Cliib. Hiss Alfa Duncan and. Miss Lou Duncan will be hostesses jbf the Alta Seta club on Friday aftefnooti. * +.* Afternoon' Partv. Miss Myrtle Knowlton 16 entertaining this afternoon In coriipllment to her guest. Miss Marie Denii Is, of Kansas city. • + + . Church Watch Party. , In accordance with n ciistoni which has been obsorv«Kl for . inany yoars. members of the MelTiotUsf church will have a "watch party'* tonlR>it to , grcfet the Now Year. Those occuvstona are m9<tc seml-ilevoMonal and an» n.<t- Mally attended by (i larRe" nutnbrr of members. • * • • ;. \MMnan'a Kanut Day Cli^ Meeting. There Is very little newji in the clnb world thl8;wwk. FodemtJnn work Is entirely suspended on arrt)unt of tho holiday . season and the indlvldniil dttbs are also takintr a vacation. Interest seems to center in the meefinp of the Woman's Kansas Day club which will be held January 29. Ther<- wlll bfe three sessions, all held in thr Manual Training building; of-ttk To peka High School. The eveningTlieet Ing will be devoted to '"Kansas in Song and ; Story," and Mrs. Jessie Scott ientbn of Port ScoU and Mrs Cora Bullard of Tonganoxle will read • original stbries. Miss Esther Clark ol Chantitc will read a poem. ^ Mrs. James Humphrey, j^resident of the W. K. D. club, spent ciiristmas in XawrMice and was the giiest Friday and Saturday of Mrs. L.'D. Whltte more.—Topeka Capital. Removal Sale AT Sewiii's Jewelry Store Is Still Gofng On. Pitst door North Poslofflee + • • Afternoon at Cards. Mrs. J. G. Mittlebach will entertain her card club on Thursday afternoon at euchre. * * • Leap Year Party; The first leap year party of 1908 will be one of the events to occur on M^dnesday evening. The girls of the Harmony Octette will lie the hos tesses and a group of :feentlenien friends will be entertained at the home of Miss Evelyn Howl^nd. Mem bers, of the quartette are Miss Florence Root,' Miss Jennie DtH^ett, Miss Nina Potter. JHsp Mablo B«»tty, Miss Grace Bab. Miss Evcb-n Hofrland and Miss Kat6 Dennis. • •> * For the Misses Hort6n. One of the morrlost parti&s of the holldaj; season occurred at the home of Mr., and Mrs. F. J. Hortod last evening when a large parly of youuB people gathered \o celebrate iho birth day of Misses Ethel and Ruth Horton. The affair was planned .ns We will make low prices to all who buy '« Glasses iBAd In the Next Ten Days. Eyes tested by a Gradofite Optician. Kb Pac Santa Fa aad M. IL & T. Watch iBsp^n. a surprise for the two hostesses and the company was entertained witli dancing and cards. The guests were intimate friends of the young ladies the following being in attendance .Misses Mayme Anderson, Ruth Stevenson of XVvstphallaj Floy Houser. .Mary Ullles, I^'a Holmes. Gertrude ilnUnes. Jennie Dogett, Mary North rup, Oindys N<irthrup. Bertha Swi grirt. Oljve Marie Bean. KlUn reth Brjner. l.lllinn Northrup. Haxel ningmaj*. Mrrlr Sehwartx, Mnr.v Crouch, Diirothy Foust. Uulh .Mllsoii,' Oratin Allison, Elizabeth Apt, EUltli Marr. Edna Klrln. Messrs Kdwan! Taj'or, 1x>ralne Northrup. l ^Ornnde Cox Hersehel Cos, Mocker. Hefllnger AVja'do Coffman, Max Reals," Harvey Vlowani. Mack Curtis, Ixirainc North -up. Merle : Spink, FToyd Wheeler Forest Ritter, Arthur DeClute. ! For Miss Rankin. Miss De^ Rankin, of I^wrrncc :xa8 guest of honor at a very plea.s !>nt party which Miss lilva McCa ^ave last evening. The hours werf nieasantly filled with games and mu sic. The guests were Miss Dessa Rankin. Miss Annabel Crawford, Mi.":s Thcta Brewer, Miss Mable Brewer. Mr. Elvie GiUiat, Mr. William Pollock, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. LaGrange, Mr. and Mrt. A. V. Lemasters. * * l^eague Social. The Epworth league of the First .Methodist church will give a social on Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Root. 214 South Sycamore street.. • • • Royal Club Party. Mrs. G. W, Adams will have the I^oyal club on Friday afternoon. 4* 4* *^ Elks Ball Tonight. The annual ball given by the Elk? club will occur In the club rooms to night. A number of out of town folk will be here.. * * * Roller Skating Party. The Christian Ehdeavor' society of the Christian church wPl have a skating party at the LaHarpe rink tonight. • • • Current Event Club Program. Mrs. R. B.; Stevenson, president of tlie Current Event club was hostess of niepibors of that organization yes terday afternoon for the usual pro gram. The various papers were rela tlve to Canadian affairs, the complete list being arranged In the following order: Roll Call Canada and Its Industries. Toronto Mrs. Cole From Toronto to SJpglnaw Mrs. Parkinson English Home Life ... Mrs. Vincent Current Events, Ijcader Mrs. Stoddard * • • P. E. O. Chapter Meeting. The residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. &lgerton was used by members of the P. E. O. Chapter last evening for one of the most e'aborate social functions of th6 ' winter when the ladles • entertained at dinner. In the dining room the holiday Idea was carried out in the decorations, paper bells, holly and greens jbeinff prettily, arranged. The menu ;«ardB ~were dMe In yellow aad white and 'for favors there were five polnt- %d stars also in the dub colors, yel. ^kiw iand white. There were aevcral {toasts giren. the different Jsabjecta :being partlcular'y appropriate to the occasion. Mr. A. P. Harris gave a Very Interesting talk on the "P. E. 0."' j Chapter and Dr. W. R. Heylmmi gavl- an impromptu speech. Mrs. W. T. .Wbtson, one of the hostesses, res- ^ndcd with a toast in rhyme, cntltl- fi "The Brothers In Law." The B. I. l^'s are the husbands of members of the chapter. i After dinner there was a very delightful hour with music. Those who iwere present were: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Finney. Mr. and Mrs. EWgerton, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. M. Hllles. Dr. and Mrs. P. S. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. EJvans Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Bolton, Mr and Mrs. W. T. Watson. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Brumbaugh, Mr. and Mrs Frank Riddle. • • • For T. C. Club. Captain and Mrs. Moore will entertain the T. C. club tonight • • • Had Called Meeting. The Aid society of the First M. K church held a called meeting yesterday afternoon to consider business relative to the society's plans. + + • Party for Guests. Mr. and Mrs. George Knowlton were at home to a party of young people laxt evening to entertain Mr. WllMam Knowlton and Mr. James Knowlton who are hero for a midwinter visit. Thero were many happy fames Introduced and the evening was closed with a delicious lunch ••on. Mrs, George Knowlton was a.s sisted by her mother, Mrs, H. N". Knowlton. Those present were Misios Grac." Marr, Grace Fitxger- aid.- CJara Ckangle, Helen Pollock 'Jeanette Polloys, MTyrtle Knowlton Mario Denny. Margaret Helgle. Bssir l»ark. Ruth McKlnney. Mary McKIn JTy. Mande McKlnney. Nina Moore Fdna Mason and Bessie Howard, and Mrs. H. N. Knowlton, Mrs. George Knowlton, Messrs. Park. Harvey Heller, Floyd Robinson. Will Know! •on. Elmer lawyer. Ballon Helgle ^rof. Parks, G'enn l .Awyer, Dwlght MrCarty. Earl W.?ekly. Jimes Know! '.->n, Bert Fitzgerald. Ralph McKin iiey and George Knowlton. The ont ^rtown guests were Miss Marie Den V, of Kansas City. Mo.. Mr. WII Knowlton of Ixmgmont, Colo., and Mr. Tames Knowlton, of Topeka. •{•+•> Personals. Mr. George I^ngacre has gone to KaAeas City for an extended visit ivith relatives. • Miss Ethel Culllson is spending week with her parents. Rev. and Mrs R. M. Cullison of Walnut. •. Miss Lena Joliffc Is home from '!slt In Peabody. . Mrs. C. L. Whittaker and daughters rathel and Ella are home from a trip 'hrough Texas and tho South. Miss Wyima Gates has returned ;r6m a brief visit In JopIIn. ; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fry, MVs Byron Burns. Mrs. Chas. Pry and Miss Jessie Fry have gone to Law •^ence to attend the wedding of Miss Alverta Bingler and Mx. Vene JJVy. Mr. andi Mrs. George Trombold and son'Robert, returned to Chanute last nvening after a visit with Mr. and .Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Helgle have qone to Missouri to visit with rela lives during New Years. Still in business, still selling honest.goods at remarkably low prices. Liberal disconnts till the first of the year. PROSPERITY COMES MRS. YOUNG ALIVE. Supposed Victim of Murderer Lives —Arrests to be Made. New York, Dec. 31.— It was report today that Mrs. Agnes Young, the supposed victim of a murder at Harrison, N. J., Is alive and is employed n a real estate office In this city. In an interview with her which was pub- i:.^hed today, she Is quoted as saying he knows Mrs. Hull, who Identified he body of the murdered woman as .\lrs. Young, but was unable to understand why Mrs. Hull should tell such a Btorj- as she did to the police. Two Arresili Ordered. ;Newai1c, N. J.. Dec. 31.—Following Mrsi Frank Hnll 's alleged Identiflca tifth of the murder victim as Mrs. Agn^ Young, of New York, autborlties to^ay sent out an alarm for the ap- prgehension of Charles Meyers, a pi am> tuner, and detained Mrs. Hull in a Newark hotel. Mrs. Hull has not been placed under arrest, however. HAVE OPENED AN OFFICE HERE. Pr)j<ientiaii Life Insurance Company Has Eslliblished Offices. Mr. R. R. Crosby, superintendent of this district for the Prudential Life tnijurance company, has opened offlc ^'at 10^ North Wbshlngton, placing Mr. M. J. Burt in charge. The Prudential is a New Jersey conpipany. SMhter traat Aii. ray bccaaaa h OOecMer Wait Catomu. CHRISTMAS BROUGHT OUT THE HOARDED MILLIONS OF THE LAND. From Every Section Come Reports of a Record Holiday Business and of a Bright' New Year. Chicapo, Dec. 31.—America is preparing to begin a genuinely "pros prrouH new year." Much of the hoarded money, which contributed in a large measure to the recent currency stringency, was dragged out Tnd poured Into the channels of trade in tho Christmas shopping period. The millions * thus liberated, swelled by nearly 200 million do'lara in dividends to be paid In Chicago and New York in the next ten days, will make clearing house certificates rare it Is believed. The workinEman. too, has to welcome the coming year Prom all sections of the countr>- come anununcements that mills and factories, closed when the Wall street flurry deve 'oiMxl. will be re-opened. Around Pittsburg, Pa., alone 50.000 men will go back to work next w (H >k. New York. Dec. 31.—Despite thrw months of financlnl strlngenc.v, due to indur.trlal dopn^ssion, the annual re- l>ort of the c"llertor of tho port of New York will sliow that the for.^lgn trade of New York for 1907. was the largest r >^rd«Ml since the opening (if the cu.stoin hoir-e. more than ino >ears ago. The figun's for the first eleven months, with December estimated, >;liow that New York's foreign eomnierce for the year will amount to $1..'•.03.332 902. a pain of |llt ;.127.12.'> over 19nfi. The imports of foreign merchandise readied the enormous total of J837.C92,737. while th.* .exports of domestic merchandise ag greeated $665,647,175. The duties co'- lecIcA in 1907 are expected to reach alKJnt $212,767.12.';. as compared with $183,761,051 !n 1905. New En'Oland Sees Good Times. Boston, Dec. 31.—The end of th:» vfar finds the majority of merchant.- here asserting that the holiday trad<' has been as good, if not better, than the average for the l^st ten years. It has been tho wealthy rather than the people of modest incomes who cur failed expenditures. Bond brokers ex pcct a revival of interest and report more inquiries for securities of recognized values. People are boglnnlnc to buy the best cla .ss of dividend paying local stocks in small lots and there is a fair demand for rai'road slocks. The confidence in the savings banks of Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire is shown by rn- IKjrts that the new deiKisits are off- •ettlng withdrawals. WhUe money is tight and Interest continues high, the general feeling la that the new year will bring a decline In rates. Lenders already have been reported as seeking cnatom for long loans at rates lower than openly quoted. Denver. Dec. 31.—The new year promises to bring, prosperity to Denver and Colorado. The payment of January dividends to nnmerous large investors In smelting, steel and railway securities, with a flood of hoarded money, released In making holiday purohases have ended what little was left of tbe recent shortage of currency. St. Louis, Dec 31.—Christmas shopping bad the effect of releasing hoard ed money to the amount of several million dollars: The trade in ho'l- day poods aggregated, according to reliable estimates, 6 million dollars. The end of the year, dividends will a'.so contribute toward easing conditions, as nearly 10 million do'lars will he distributed among Investors this month and next. The Christmas trade has inspired confidence in the public. In the Northwest, Too. Minneapolis. Minn.. Dec. 31.—'TWth tho approach of the new year concerted action in port of the banking insti- lutlons of Minneapolis has been taken, resulting in a complete resumption of business on a cash paying basis and money Is now being paid on demand. Merchants in general assert that the Christmas trade this yrar e<Jllpsed any holiday season for several years. San Francisco. Dec. 31.—The resumption of cash payments by the linnks of the state has brought about a general return to confidence, with the cnnseqnent release of larce amounts of hoarded money. The outlook for the new year is bright. Factories a'ready are receiving Increased orders. Thousands of dollars will come Into circulation within tho next few weeks in dividends. The railways are receiving inquiries in regard to sjiieelal rates, which point to heavy tourist business. Twenty-three Ohio Mills to Open. Martin's Ferry. O.. Dec. 31—It Is believed that all the twentythree mills In the Laughlin plant here wl'I be in operation within a week, after nil idleness of nearly four weeks. Six teen mills will start Monday morning and orders have been given for inv mediate] repairs to the furnaces the remaining seven mills. Men in Missouri Go to Work, Bonne Terre. .Mo.. Dec. 31.—4t wa.-? announced late last night that the St Joseph Ix?ad company and the Doe Run I^'ad company, which have been working on half time during the last thirty days. wHl resume work at full time January 1. Ten thousand men arc affected by the order. DANGER OF CATARRH. TIIAY ARE FRESH. A che-ice ai^rtment of thb popular brand at CRABB'S. When yon biiy Lowney's Chocolates here, our per^onal pledge o( theiriteshness goes whh thtm. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases you. OLABVS DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. PRWESSIWALDIRETORY DB. HeMnXIir, Special attention stven to tha treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- ea aad iSlMaaea of CUiUna. Telepbonea; Office S2, Res. S33. Offlca In Mra. Tnraer'a Bids.. West Madlaoa. • • • • Phone Wl. Rea. 70L .DK. 0. L. COX, Bye, Bar. Noae and ThroaL •peetaclee Properly Pitted. Offlca A. O. U. W. aids. In liilcss Properly Treated ITHh Hyomel, Becomes Serlons. What Do They Caret The above qnestton Is often askiBd con- eeminc Dr. Pierce's two leading medl- dneOGoMen Medical DlacoTery- and 'Favorite PreecripUon.'* .TH aaiwer it that 'Golden Hedleal P ^Tery " Is a meet potent alteratlre or blood-purifler, aad tonic or invlgorator iBd aett espedallr tavorabiy la a enra- tJTe way upon all the mncoos Uniacsui^ f»CM, as of tti« nual passMMi tt»roat, brooehial tubes, stoinaeh. bowels and bladdek«nlriot a lana per cent, ar.eatai^ rttai cdM wlwtlMr 4£e iiaaaaaaieeu the n.terus or other ^ime _ nervine. For weak worn- out, overworked women—no matter what has eaosed the break-down, 'Favorite Piescription • will be found most effeeUve la building np the strength, regnlating the womanly functions, subdnlnc pain and bringing about a healthy, vigoTOus condition of the whole system. A book of partienlars wraps each bottle pTioc the formulas of both medicines and aoottng what scores of eminent med^ authors, whose works are eonsnlted 07 phMidaiis of all tbe schools of practice aa fBtiM in pi «seriblng, say of each In- grdleat entering Into these raedieines. The.aroKU of praise bMtowed on the anreral lasrediesta entering Into Doctor Pleree'a nedleiner by tneh wnters shouM haTe mgre weight than any amoant of non-pfofealonal tesUmonials, beeanse raeh msa a»a writing for the gaklanee of Oeir medkal brethren and know whereof . Botbraedicinee are non-alcoholle, wm- ieeret, and contain no harmful babit- fonatafdniM, being composed of glyeecle extraea of the roots of nsUrc, American medlchial forest planu. They are both Md br dealers la medicine. Yen can't affMd to accept aa a tubstltnte for one of these medicines of known composltloo, aaj seeret nostruBk Dr. PIsroe'B Pellets, small, socai^coated, easy to Uke ai candy, reanlate and to- Tigorataatomach. Unr aad bowala. Catarrhal troubles are far more dangerous than they seem at first thought. If you have catarrh, there Is an irritated state of the mucous membrane and weakened tissues which afford an ideal lodgment and culture medium for disease germs, especially those of consumption. You should get cured as quickly as possible before any dangerous germs that you may breathe lodge on the diseased tissue and work destruction in the throat and lungs. ' The easiest, simplest, quickest, surest and cheapest way to cure catarrh Is by the direct method, breathing Hyo mei. This wonderful medicated air treatment does not drug and derange the stomach, but is breathed in. directly following and destioying all disease germs that may have been Inhaled. The usual way In which Hyomel is sold by Chas. B. Cpencer is the best evidence of his confidence in tho treat meat and should dispel all doubt as to its curative properties. He agrees to refund the purchase price to any one whom Hyomel fails to benefit, and I you do not risk a cent in testing its healing virtues. A complete outfit costs but 11 .00 if it helps you, not a cent If it does not do all that is claimed for it. mis ilayM Muchness^' A M^iksl dffl^ ill 2 fwallows stockholders' Meeting. Notice is hereby given that the an- nuail meeting of stockholders of the lola Ice and Cold Storage Co.. of lola, Kansas, will be held at their office in lola between the hours 2 o'clock and t o'clock p. m. Monday. January 13tb, 1908. FRANK RIDDLE, Sec'y. lola, Dec. 30. 1907. SHAXXOX FUNERAL TODAY. Rer. Harkaess Win Coadnct Services la TriaHy Charth. * OBca Phone 108S. * • Night Phone 40S. • DB. I. 0. CHBISTUV. • Pkyaieiaa aM Satgeea. • * Rooaa t and S. Braaa Bids. * R^ Tel. IM. Office TeL 163. • DB. J. B. PEFFEB. DeaUst • Is pannanfently located over * B. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, • and Is prepared to do all kinds * of up-to-date dental work. * Kvening work by appointment. * Kaaa. Phone 554. IOILK DB. EDITH 8. HiMlL (MBco and RMtdaaea orar Bnr- *-' rell's Drug Store. Office Honra—10 to It a. m., t *f. to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evaolasa. Snndaya by Appolntnaat « • • • • « • ¥. H. MABTUr, • • Surgery and Diseases of " • Women. * • Office and Residence Phono 576 * • Office- 7 North Jeiferson. ? • - . -J DB.^. B. BITUIinr. • • ^Fkysielan A Sarseea. ^ • Office N. E. Comer of Sqvara. • • Over K. C. Plamblns Co.'a Store. • Res.T^138. Offlca TeL 50S. a P. L. Lathrop, • Mra. Bessie G. Lathrop. '.• OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICUH8. • Special • attention given to IMa- * eases of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. • Office^ Thone. Main 468. • W. H. ANDERSOir. AttarBey-at*Law. Notary and Stenosrapher In Office. Phone 465. • H. A. Ewlng. 8. A. Gard. O. R. Gard • EWISCi, CIABD A (HlBD, ' • • Lawyeri. • • Practice In all • t% W. Madison. • a Thc«*OarW«y" Restaurant IHImfohmmtm'lmaoh2Bo Everything in Season. SHORT OROKRS OK AI.L KINDS GYM CLASS TO MEET. Y. .V. C. A. Janiors Will (live £xhil>i< tlon Tomorrow Afternoon. Tomorrow, afternoon at the Y. M. C. A. the boys ••Gym" class will give a free exhibition. The Junior class has l)cen doing some excellent work this winter and the exhibition tomorrow will be a treat to the public. Follow^ ing is the program: Marching, wand drill, "frolicking lambs," tumbling and basket ball. KNIGHTS OF MACGABEE8.— Knlghte of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. • J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W«.-Canip Na 101 maata it K. of P. Hall aTery Friday ^t 'Y. T. Steele, C. C.; A .H.Da>^ Glai«> Wrttori cordially InrltmL KNIGHTS OF PITHIASr^ <^ Lodge No. 43 meeta every M 'ttda^ nlshc at K. of P. Hall. Ylaitl m bi^ thera invlteit W. a Thbapaoo. IVC,: Chrta Ritter,: K. of R. and 8. B. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meete every Friday ni^t In H. w; A. hall. Vlsltlns brothera taivlted. W. H Anderaon. V;C; W. A. Cowan. Clorit. BOTAI HHGHBOB &r-IoIa Cacu« Na 365. Royal Neighbors, meets D«o> ond and fourth Tuesdays ot asM* month. Mra. P. A, Wagner, oraele; Mrs. Mary Hntton. 413 W*-* Recorder. WANTED—Good agents for ouUide towns in Kansas and Oklahoma to sell tea and coffees. Good pay to right jiarties. Address Union Pacific Tea Co., lola, Kansas.. The funeral services of Mrs. Jennie Shannon who died at her home on .\orth Kentucky last Sunday wilt be held in the Trinity church this afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. Harkness officiating. The remains will be laid to rest in the new cemetery north of the city. AflTbisWeekp Frewh Xialster Dead. Paris. Dec 31.—Jean Franclos Edmund Guiot Wesaaigne, French minister of Justice, droppeid dead of apoplexy durins this morning's session of the senate^ ased 74 yeara. Bcfbter iTnt Ads. Brtag BaaiUs, Important Until further notice I will pay tbe following prices: Clean rubber 6',4c Heavy brass and copper 10c Good scrap Iron 35c to 50c Good rags 60c to 75c Plain quart beer bottles Per dosen ISc to 20c Equally high prices for all kinds of ]unk, hides, fnrs. etc. Be. sure you are at the right place. B. 8. BARNARD. Tbe Most Reliable Dealer. L. Kmpp's Old Stand. 324-326 North Buckeye. lola, Kansas. REV. R. H. BLLETT of tho Christ laa cbnrdi will keep open, house on New Tears day from 2 to 6 o'clock, to the memlMrs and friends of thu congrecatlDa. FBATSRNAX BBOTHEBHOOD'- Fraternal Brbtberbood No. 3S0 meets second and fourth Thursday ot each month In A.O .n .W. Halt •isittns members cordlaly Invited. W.H.An* derson, prealdant; Golda Elam, aecra- tary. ^ Janlor Order United Amerlcaa V*^ ebaalea<—Meets every Wednaaday evening at 8 o'clock m K. P. HalL AU vlsitlnK members Invited. R. A. Wldlcl^ Conncelor; C. B. Black. Rea Secretary. JEWELBR& B. F. Fancoaat, old rallaUa Javalar, UO East atreat . LivingfttoD ^ Co CaataMSara AU klnda oC work a apaelalty • Saath S; Am -r.

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