The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 3
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THE DAKERSFIKLD CALIFOUNIAN. MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1036 Such Appointment by Court Is Expected in Pacific Mutual Affairs I United I'rcss Leased Wirri LOS ANQBLES, Aiiff. 24.—Appointment of Htatc Insurance Coin- mlaaloncr Samuel L. Carpenter as conservator for tho raclflc Mutual Life Insurance Company' was expected to bo attacked today when Superior Judge llcnry M. \Vlllla re• sumes his hearing into the corporation's financial affairs. Judgo Willis on Friday removed Carpenter as liquidator of the concern and voided a reorganization plan on grounds that the Judge who had approved the plan was "an Interested party" because ho held a. Pacific Mutual insurance policy. Following his decision on whether Carpenter should remain as consor- u vator, Judge Willis is to hear arguments on the necessity of a reorganization plan and whether tho company should bo liquidated. The hearing was opened on tho pleas of a group of stockholders with 18 other purlieu Joining Ihe action as inlervenors. G. 0. P. Southern California Campaign Formally Opens (Associated Press Leaned WircJ Hitler Supports Tripartite Parley f Associated Press Leased Wire) VIENNA, Aug. 24. — Chancellor Adolf Hitler gave his support today, It was asserted here, lo a proposed trlparllle parley of Germany, Aus- Iria and Hungary, lo plan an anli- Bolshevist drive. The conference, to be held possibly in September and to embrace the entire mid-European situation, was advanced by Hungary. (By Bolshevists, tho middle Europeans means the Communists in Russia who, they believe, desire to overthrow "capitalistic" governments elsewhere.) Admiral Nicholas Horthy, Hungarian regent, made Ihe suggestion to Chancellor Kurt Schuschnlgg of Austria and to Hitler. Tho Nazi dictator welcomed the Idea, It was said hero, and Admiral Horthy was to confer further this week with President Wllhclfn Mlklas of Austria. Admiral Ilorthy discussed with Hitler, it was reported, the Austru- Oerman- friendship accord recently effected, the line-up of middle European countries and the matter of German-Hungarian trade. L OS ANGELES, Aug. 24.—Tho southern California Republican campaign In behalf of the I.andon- Knox national ticket and of Repub- llcan nominees for congress and the state assembly formally opened today. Robert F. Craig, campaign director for southern California, announced tho establishment of headquarters for tho nlno southern counties In tho Rowan building. Campaign headquarters have been established In oacli county and In i!4 assembly districts In Los Angeles county, Craig said. "This Is not the usual typo of national political campaign," declared Craig. "The Issues involved are tho most important and vital to tho welfare of the nallon since tho Civil War. "This campaign is a crusade to recreate a free opportunity for American men and women to work and IIvo as their fathers did; to bring about a return to social and economic security for every Individual. "Upon tho outcome of tho November election the fate of the younger generation depends. "Whether the young men and women now assuming tho responsibility and privileges of citizenship are to have a fair chanco to make their way In tho world and to enjoy tho. security and happiness which havo been traditional under American government in the past, or whether tlioy arc to spend long 1 years under a crushing burden of taxation which will stifle ambition, must bo decided at tho polls next November. "Tho Republican campaign to bo conducted In tho coming months Is to be based strictly on the logic of conditions as they exist, and upon tho crucial problems which thia state and nation arc facing. Those Issues are to be brought out Into tho llghl of day. They are carried by this committee and tho various southern county committees into every homo in every precinct In southern California. "The Republican party in this state la presenting a united front for tho election of Landon and Knox, and of the Republican nominees for Congress and tho state Assembly. "Sentiment on the Pacific coast, as olaowhere In the nation, Is swinging steadily toward tho Republican cause, and I am convinced that California will give a substantial plurality for the Republican candidates." Sophisticated Sailors No Longer Go in for Tattoo (Associated Frest Leased Wire) XATUUAI, I5IRO SHOT SEYMOUR. 111., Aug. IM. (A. P.)— Clarence Keller heard an unusual burst of chirping during a sharp hall storm ut his farm. When tho"' ball stopped falling he went out and looked. He said he counted GOO dead sparrows, felled by the Icy stones. HEARINGS CONCMJOHD SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. L'4. (A. P.) Stale railroad commission hearings here on Ihe Santa Fe Transportation Company proposal to start a bus lino to Los Angeles and the San .loaquln valley and providing bus- train tickets, are concluded. 'W/'ASHiNGTON, Aug. 24.—So so" phlstlcaled is the modern sailor Dial Ihe lallooed forearm Is becoming as rare as a clipper ship. Such Is Ihe woeful news loday from Ihe navy deparlmenl. "We Havo no figures," said Caplain Randall Jacobs, dlreclor of Ihe enlisted personnel division, "but I'll bet talloolng Is at its lowest ebb in history." Time was when the bright Indelible Ink of. Ihe lallooer's needle captured hearts from Reykjavik to Capetown and the sailor considered tho daring designs as Important aa the duffle bag. "1 even remember some of my classmates at Ihe naval academy being tattooed," said Captain Jacobs. Reaction set In shorlly afler Ihe World War. Naval authorllles advanced a number of reasons for Us waning altractlon. One Is lhal sailors are more so- phlsticattd. Another Is that thoso who havo to look at the tattooing aro more sophisticated. Still anolher la lhal sailors got lired of running to the tattooer every time they found | a now girl. ! Allhough lattooing will nol bar a | man from enlisting in the navy, of| fleers do not welcome an applicant with open arms It talloo marks cover so much territory they can bo seen above a uniform Jacket. "Thero was a time," said Captain Jacobs, "when yon could find a tattooer with practically every ship. This practice has almost cnllrely disappeared." Early American seamen learned Iho lure of Ihe lalloo from Soulh Sea islanders and from Ihe old pi- rales who, lo inlenslfy their frightening looks, had hideous faces painted on their bodies. By flexing their muscles they could make them leer or laugh. Although tho heart and tho undraped woman havo been tho most popular motifs among sailors there have been seamen who splurged In designs and let color run riot. Officers recall one enlisted man who had the battle of Manila talloed on his back In Ihree colors. One of his favorite tricks was to twist his back and make a cannon fire. *«-» • Farm Federation in Membership Drive (Associated Press Leased Wire) BERKELEY, Aug. 24.—President R. W. Blackburn of the California Farm Bureau Federation, has made public a letter to 42 county farm bureau presidents designating Hie nexl four months a campaign period to try to bring Into the slale federa- lion al least 30,000 farmers, fruit growers, vegetable producers and livestock and dairymen. "The federation's record of accomplishments not only on behalf of its own membership, bul In Interest of all the farmers of Ihe slate, has been so outslanding," Presldenl Blackburn explained, "lhal we feel it Is incumbent now for all whom wo have aided to come Into the organ- izatlon." Mind Is Topic at Scientist Church "Mind" waa Iho subjocl of Iho i lesson-sermon on Sunday in all j Churches of Chrisl, Scientist, branches of tho mother . church, The Flrsl Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boston, Massachusetts. Tho golden texl was from Iho Psalms: "Greal Is our Lord, and of great power; his understanding Is infinite." A Bible selection In tho lesson- sermon cited Paul's words to tho Romans: "For whatsoever things were written aforetime wore wrltlen for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might havo hope. Now tho God of patience mid coiiHulatlon grant you to bo llko-mlnded one toward another according to Christ Jesus: that yo may with 0110 mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." Ono of tho corrclallvo passages from "Science and Health with Key lo Iho Scrlplures," by Mary Baker Eddy, slated: "When tho divine precepts are understood, they unfold tho foundation of fellowship, In which one mind Is nol al war with another, but all havo one spirit, God, one Intelligent source, in accordance with tho scriptural command: 'Let this mind be in you which was also In Chrisl Josils.' " ' Begs to be Hanged After Slaying His Sweetheart Arkansas People Honored^ at Fete OILDALE, Aug. 24.— Several local families enjoyed a plcnlo at Kern River Park last week in honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Jarvis and family of Harrison, Ark., who are vlsll- Ing local relallves. Thoso allendlng Ihe picnic beside Ihe honored guesls were Mr. and Mrs. Marl Bowon and daughter, Lorraine, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Payno and son Roy, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Geary, Mr. and Mrs. A. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wobb and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Wilson, Horace Mc- Alllsler, Woodrow McAllister, Audrey Price and Miss Molly Dihel - « » » Pope Pius Grants Zita an Audience d'nitrd rri'.u ] " OS ANGELES, Aug. 24 —Winston -J 1!. Gardiner, 'j;i-.vcar-old mivy radioman, today IIPRKIMI niilliorltlcH, to send him to Iho gallows nulckly for tin 1 confessed slaying of his 19- year-old mvrcthriirt, Muriel Luoillo West. According to police, Gardiner readily mlnilUud choking Minn \Vi'St to death In a fit of rago when she HUR- gested they should hronU off their romance. Rpil-oyod from Int'k of nlcop. thoj youth !mn spent most of his tlmo j since Saturday night, when the slay- } Ing ooi'iirri'il, praying that he ho ill- I lowed lo din for the crime. The radio openitnr, Mtiillnnrul aboard the !'. S. S. Maryland, wont to seo M|HH \Vesl only u few hours after his ship arrived from summer maneuvers In Hawaiian wali'rs. They met lit the apartment uf his hrateil ll'lrr; Blstpr, Mrs. Tnl DcpruliiK, mill rlmlliMl them whllo tho Hl.sior took hor hiixluniil to work. Whrn sho ivtitrni-il, (iardlnpr iiHkoil hoi' In wait! iltiwiiHtiilrH for thrill. ] "Muriel mild nhp didn't want to go out IIH WP pliinnpil, iind Hiiid Hho thought «o would lip murli bollpr off apart. Shu MtnrtiMl out HIP iloor and 1 HHW my whole lifp going nwiiy. "I Krabhpil hpr. I don't riMnomlier nnythlng pise. I sudilpiily found my- nolf on IJ([p floor with my hiindn iiround her norli." Gnrdlnor inul HIP ulrl. diiughlcr of Slanlpy M. \VpHt, loi'iil unloH maiiaKor for u rerenl pompiiny, hnil IIPPII on- Kiigod for two ypiu-K. Tholr wrdillng had lipen poHtpunoil until hl.s nnvy term expired. , lie WIIK held on Hiisplplnn of mur- dor pending an IIIIIIIPNI. to he held either today or tomorrow. Pres. Roosevelt Itinerary (Asaoclatcil I' Leased CASTEL OANDOLFO, Italy, Aug. 24. — Pope Pius XI today received tho former Empress Kit a, mother of the Hapsburg heir-apparent to Austrian rule, In an extremely private audience. The former empress was accompanied by a man and a woman. They were not identified. Zlta, who lives in exile at Stcenock- erzecl Caslle, In Belgium, was dressed cnllrely in black. | Informed observers recalled Vatican prelates always havo supporled Ihe restorallon of the Calholic dynasty In Austria. 1MCKED WRONG GADGET ELKHORN, AVls., Aug. 24. (U. P.) Ted Larson, junllor al Iho First National Bank, picked up a gadget thai looked like a lighter and held It to his clgaretle. He flipped the trigger and fled In tears. The "god- get" was a gas gun. (Vnilal I'naa TTVDE PAUK, N. Y., Aug. 24.— President Roosevelt will meet Governor Alf M. Lamlon, hia Republican opponent for tho presidency, In. a conference of drought stato executives September I at TJes Molnca, Io\ya. Tho governors of a dozen drought states as well as to the United-States senators and other officials who will particlpato In the discussions. The governors of Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma will attend the conference. The IJcn Molnes session will be one of a series of drought conferences which will begin August L'7 when Mr. Roosevelt and his party arrives by special train in Bismarck, N. D., probably about noon. In tho afternoon ho will motor In tho vicinity of Bismarck and, in the evening, will confer with North Dakota officials and tho heads of the Interested federal agencies. A similar,or joint conference will be hold with Montana officials, who havo been asked to meet tho President In Bismarck. The ('resident also has invited Senators Lynn Frazler and Gerald Nyo of North Dakota, and Senators Burton R. VVhoolor (tml .Tamos E. Murray of Montana, to participate. On Friday IS, tho President will proceed by train and motor, through several drought stricken sections of North nml South Dakota, arriving at Pierre, early AUR- uM 2!). Conferences will bo hold with South 73nkota nnrl Wyoming state officials and bonds of inter- ruled federal agencies. In which Senators Peter Norbeek and William J. Bulow of South Dakota and Senators Robert Carey and Joseph O'Mahoney of AVyoming havo been Invited to participate. Lute. Saturday the. party will leave for Rnplcl City. S. D.. andVvill spend Sunday at Mt. Rushmoro. Leaving Rapid City. P. r>.. Into Sunday afternoon, tho President will go to Rochester, Minn., arriving August 31. Ho will visit Governor Floyd B. Olson and confer with ],tu»r<l ll'lr<v Atinnoflota state officials and federal officials. Tho sumo tiny Dip President will proceed lo La Crosse, \VI«. where u similar conference will be held with Governor Philip l,u Kolletto nnd others. From La Crosso the President will mnko an overnight train trip lo Des Molnes, arriving Tuesday morning, September I. Tho President has asked Governor Clyde llorrlng of Towa, Governor Lamlon of Kansas, Governor Cochran of Nebraska, Governor Guy 13. Park of Missouri and Governor K. W. Marland of Oklahoma to meet with him thero for a general discussion of tho conditions affecting those five states. Senators from those states have likewise been invited. On Wednesday, September 2, tentative plans call for a motor trip Into tho western part of Ihe state. Tho party will board tho train lato In the day, proceeding to Hannibal, Mo., where, on Thursday morning. September 3, tho President will dedicate a bridge. Leaving Hannibal shortly before noon, tho President will proceed probably by motor to Springfield, 111., where he will meet with Governor Henry Homer. Senators J. Hamilton Lewis and William Dleterlch. Illinois stnle officials and heads of Interested federal agencies. From Springfield, the President will go ID Indiana polls, arriving early 1'Yldny, September 4, whom lie will meet with tin; governors of Indiana, Kentucky. Ohio nnd Michigan. Tho srnators from the respective Htules, Htalo officials and heads of federal agencies Interested, In the siluatlon, have been asked to participate. Tho party will leave Indianapolis Friday afternoon, arriving at Hyde Park September 5. TNSTAIJ, GAMING DKVICKS POMONA, Aug. L'4. (A. P.) — The Los Angeles county fair Is Installing par! mutuel machines to handle wagers during tho 14 days of horse racing at tho, fair, which opens September IS. #& NEW YORK SUBWAY MOTORMAN tells of his experience. "I eat what I want...when I want it... and then smoke Camels," says Clyde Smith. "Camels . set me right!" Jurist Candidate Expresses Thanks \V. h. Hradshnw, cnndldato for election IIH Judge* of the Kern County ; Superior Court, (odiiy Issifd dm fol- | Inwlni; iiotr* nl' appreciation lo thorn ! who hiive Htipporlod bin candidacy ! iind to voters of tlm i* unity: j "\Vlth Ilii* prlmnry 'lection cam- ! pnlgn drnwiiiK lo a d< NO, 1 wlHl) to j n kn IhlH oppiirtunlty t) express my ' liiccre appreciation ti 11m niiiiiy ' people uf Krrn roil lily who hnvn •endcred IIH* HU much iiKHlstiiiu'o mid ' have Klven nil* such u. \vhiil«'-hoartod support In riuiductlliK my ciliiipnlKli For election to Ihn position of Judge if Ilin Superior Court. "In M roiilcst for » Judicial pirn), lion (In* campaign should hi* carried 'ii In M clean nnd hriuiilinlndcil fashion, iinii this I IHIVP attempted nt nil (ImcN to do. With no Issues nvolvod, I have meticulously tried lo avoid bringing any matters Into thlH campaign which do not hear directly upon tho content for thin [•articular poHltlon. I feel that any (iPTHon entering Into a judicial ptwi- tlon should bo IIH nearly free, nnd In- lopondont as It IH luinianly poHBlhlo." TRAIL IS TO BE RESTORED Kniiimis Trnil in American History to He llenewcd by WPA Workers il'nilnl ;'rr,«» t,cn*etl Wiml SCOTTSHI.fFK, NVb.. Aug. 'J4.— A part of (lir ((roffuti trail, a main artory of traffli- in Ih" westward march of an einplrn liofon: thn rom- Ing nf tho rnllromls in tho west, in lirliiK restored In N'ohraska. Tho WI'A and two counties In th« woulern i>art of HIP state are re- liulldlnK iiml graveling a piirt of the old trail ulnng Iho south nldo of the North 1 Matte river. Tho trail IH being rolnillt in-cording to specifications of the highway department and will ho taken Into the state highway Hj'hlem. Tlio road will «prvo chiefly as a farni-to-nuirkel roulc for tho thickly populated urea Month of tho river. HER MEALS MEANT MISERY UNTIL BAKERSFIELD LADY DISCOVERED VAN-TAGE ' -^xWtV "Food Soured in Stomach Organs and Turned Into Gas. 1 Bottle of Van-Tagc Gave Quick Relief." Read the Amazing Experience of Mrs. McAfee, of Bak- crsfield. Never before In the history of Bakersflcld has any medicine produced tho startling results of VANTAGE. Druggists and public alike are astonished at the Increasing number of Bakersflcld men and women who aro telling their neighbors about this blond of 30 Sc\cntlflc Medicaments—Including 21 GREAT NATURAL HERBS. A flood of testimonials Is pouring In from well-known residents—telling of truly remarkable benefits In stubborn cases of constipation and awful gas and bloat, causing agonizing rheumatic pains, In rundown condition and stek headaches, and In many other Ills to which human flesh is heir. Most folks hero know Mrs. Annie McAfee of Bakersfleld, wife of the railroad mar., who has lived In this community for over 10 years. Read this letter she has written in gratitude for VAN-TAGE — a gratitude shared by hundreds and hundreds of other Bakersfleld people. Read carefully every word of her remarkable testimonial—and seo for yourself what VAN-TAGE has PROVED It can for the sick and suffering. Her address Is 3721 Jewell avenue, Baken-field, and Hho will bo glad lo wrllo personally to fellow-sufferers, lo lell them of what VAN-TAGE hoa moanl In her life. Her letter follows: Gets Quick Belief "My food filmply would not digest at all, but would Ho in mj' stomach organs and would, turn sour from awful gas. I'd keep spilling up a j sour bitter substance, and my meals j Just meant misery to me. For 5 years j of wretchedness I tried everything. j Friends were good enough to tell mo about VAN-TAGE and how it had LOU MEYER-WINNER OF INDIANAPOLIS AUTO CLASSIC. Sandwich in one hand and his Camel in the other, Lou shows little of the strain of the 500-mile grind. Here is an epic example of how smoking Camels at meals and after aids digestion and encourages a sense of well-being. In Lou Meyer's own words: "I'll hand it to Camels for setting my digestion to rights! They make my food taste better and help it to digest easier. As long as I have a. Camel, I know I'm headed for a. swell feeling of well-being." sv NEWS HAWK. Peter Dahlcn, reporter, says: "It's swell the way Camels help my digestion— make my food taste better and see better. And they don't frazzle my nerves." "For 5 years of wretchedneu, I tried everything. Only VANTAGE really helped me," writes Mrs. Annie McAfee—10 years' resident of Bnkersfleld. helped them, and I certainly am grateful to them now. The relief I got from Iho flrsl bolllo o£ VAN-TAOH was simply wonderful, and I recommend It to everybody I know." Acts on 4 Organs The reason for these marvelous results from VAN-TAOE Is very simple. THE 21 GREAT NATURAL HERBS Included In the formula act on the 4 Vital Organs—the Bowels, the Stomach, tho Liver and Kidneys. Some of tho Herbs made by Nature for Man's Distress sweep through the bowels, cleansing out tho old decayed wastes thaUpolson your system; others flush tho kidneys—gently, soothingly —washing out the dangerous Impurities; and still others relievo the stomach of its av/ful gas and bloat. 20 Million Bottles Sold Twenty million hollies of Ihls formula havo been sold over Iho entlr* world. Duo to enormous volume of sales, the price Is surprisingly reasonable. For only a few pennies a day. you can get your supply of VANTAGE from Eastern Drug Slore, the Owl, and all other druggists In Bak- ersfleld, Tatt, -and Marlcopa. Ue- membor—YOUR HEALTH IS TOUR MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSION! Go today to your druggists, ask for a botllo of VAN-TAGE—and find out lor yourself Iho reason that no many of your friends and neighbors are praising this new medicine. 111 Others have found that good digestion and a sense of well-being are encouraged by LL TELL YOU Miss Claire Hunt- iogton, expert stenographer, '.'to aid my digestion. I smoke Camels while I'm eating and afterwards." • 1M«. 1.4. Bf7»I«|TlUccg ..!£* Good digestion and B scnso of well-being are helpiul Allies ior erery one! "PEOPLE in every walk of life.. .men and women... agree .•*• that Camels ease strain and encourage digestive well- being. Millions of smokers find that "Camels set you right!" Camels increase the flow of digestive fluids... alkaline digestive fluids... so necessary to good nutrition. Camels never tire your taste or get on your nerves. Hl?. T , KN IN -' UU - HOU* SHOW! Cimel Cifueue, br!»« you » FULL HOUR'S KNTBRTAINMKNTI Benny Goodm.n...Nil Shilkrrl.. .Rupert Huihei. Master of fcrrmonici... lloll>"»ood liuest SU.M. Turidir —8:30 Dm B.8.T. l9!30pmt'.».S.T.>. VMO pmCS.T.. 6: SO |im M.S.T.. 9:30 l>m C.S.T. WAOC-Columbu Nctwotk. GREYHOUND Effective August 21st ADDITIONAL SERVICE TO LOS ANGELES 10 -: -!i a. in. 11 : IU a. m. Leave BAKERSFIELD 1:15 p. m. Arrive Los Angeles 4:55 p. m. San Diego 8:55 p. in. BUSSES DAILY SOUTHBOUND LEAVING BAKERSFIELD FOR LOS ANGELES AND SAN DIEGO AT -;45 a. m. ti:45 a. m. 9.40 a. ra. 1:15 p. m. rt:40 p. m. 1:55 p. in. 0:35 p. m. uml 3:J5 p. in. ADDITIONAL SERVICE NORTHBOUND 12 Leave BAKERSFIELD 2:57 p. m. Arrive FRESNO 6:00 p. m. BUSSES DAILY NORTHBOUND LEAVING BAKERSFIELD FOR SAN FRANCISCO AND SACRAMENTO AT U: 50 u. in. 1:15 u. in. 6:00 a.m. 8:15 a.m. 11:15 a. rn. l-':0li a. in. 1:40 p. m. 3:07 p. in. (Fresno) 15:10 p. in. 7:25 p. in. (Fresno) *9:25 p. m. til:35 p. m. "San Francisco Only ^Sacramento Only DEPOT: 1022 NINETEENTH STREET. PHONE 1768 GREY/HOUND

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