Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY BEOISTEB, MOyPAY EYEyPifl, PECE3IBEB il, 1998. "-ar Business is Everybody's Business Just Now 1 to filll }*\nr |):irl!('iiLir iillt'iitlini to the fact (li:it tliiTi' is iKi uii't liiut-! looks .-o Ifood, rost.s so llltli' ;i\ :i liiiski-l (if nice fiiiil. UIKI I lu'liew joii nill iitrcc ivitli mi' MIH-II JOII >iif rii> >.(.|(<-l!oii. Ilon't liiiy j<iiir fruits niiil r:i!i(lH's rls«'«liiTc until ton Ii:n<- lisiin! mi slori'. for you will :ih\ii)s rcurrt li if ><>ii do. I ai;:iiii iinili' «ou to n'sit my JIIMI-C- souiciimi-<lnr- ini; tin- nc<-k. CHARITY MISPUCED WOMAN TOLD PITIFUL STORY HERE MAY HAVE BEEN IMPOSTER Appears to Have Worked Coffeyvllle City Clerk for Four Bits.—Her Stories Differ. 4 S.r.-.'i Oi.i:iLi-s. <III/IMI K .iii"v\ •! r .iiiijv iitT piiiniil fnmi IVnriila I'i!:' .Ti'iM'-.--. .ai-li Ki''.-,. ic: 111';::.I i'c: I'liiiii'l i-'-r , , , . l'hf-:iii;!.-'. \ or \<tr.iu >l (";iliri:iiii:i l'<';ir>. i;r.i!..!-. |Miun.l i:<- . . . 1 '>c to .'>(>«• Illc up !.•>«• Illc II|> Hh- lUc U|) I.'..L'.-.C ^tir S.M.Bigus K:is| Siih- Sijuarc I'honc -^n lola, kausiK. Murphy There. For Special Meetiiicj';. l ;.c. ?. S. Muri.:,.. _l.;.irli-.l: HtV W . H. C.lMi.I.l :in;in;^ I'rDiu Hui 'iUiii. K:l^:.. \Mi. r.' li-'• u. nl , fnr :i M-ri^ s nf :;|M(i.ii ..•:!!•!>• Ihi:; Ui a.l ii..--tii::; . S li. !.l in Mr.i.h. 11.- ••••U l'" irf tli ^r l .ii .-ir .l (.1' liij.rtiirs ill' • I li> !!••'.. Lambkin. :iu vv;il'V.';-; lfniv <Tsi!>. —I'arMitis Sun. 1 .\:Kaii.'-ii.s C 'i!>. The Last Shot at the Xnias Target! What would make a more appreciated gift than a piece of Furniture for the Home? * Rsh the Button-aiid Rest' Royal Morris lloM to < lijiiy :: royal n'Mfort \u'llioiil liciiiL' a I\i!iL'. <'o;i:c to us ami liuy a l!o)al .^lorris ( liair. r.iiioiatilc ciislii.':i>. Trice from S9,00 <o SI5.00 \Miy not J .Miisii- Ciiliinct or I'cronl ('al»iiiif lor yoiir < hristmas (iiit.' Our stock offers- silcclions in iroldcn oak and iiialioL'-.iiiy. "I'lic latest coloniai (taltcriis. I'rhis from $7.00 to $15,00 SrcHi i!iin_ fur tl :c jiarlor or li- l)r ;M\. litis |f!ir:'.i-j taiilc is of t|i;.ir;'r -awed oak. uoldcii fin- i «li. \ cry liiu'Iily jioilshcd —re- iircscnis llu- lal .st. V S'JO.IKI >«|. uc for .-rli.!'". ^^c also I airy a lar:;c liiic of st:iiids and lilunri lalih 's in mi., sf .iii. < Jilt i.'!i..l.'sti lialsli. SliinliiL' I iiMtic 'l. in uoidcn o»k, ttitli tlic lalcsi ad.iiistalilc class. \ cifl cif L'ills f .ir (lie man of llic lioiisc. Parlor cal 'iiicts in miilioiraiiy anil L 'oldcii <.ak. I scfiii ami I' Trie- iniio $8.00 TO $20.00 riiis HIII sillily iiitcrcsf yon if ymi 111 1.1 a I.Illicit. .*ii«lid <|iiartcr «iaK IK.Iisli. This oifcr is tlu' latest pat- liriis. \\::s .•.••_'7..V» now on sale at $19.50 \\v also lia\e seitral olliir palteriis at like reduction. The best dollar for dollar values obtainable. No increa^e in prices because of the holiday season. We will cheerfully lav aside vour selection for future delivery. Sleeper (§b Son A (fw days ago a fairly well drps'a eil woman who said Hhc was eiiroiite from .Vebratika to friends In Pltts- '>w^ called at tho office of Poor Coin- misKioa.T .Al Abrams and a.sked for iran.Kpciriaiion to the end of her Jour tfy. havHic, so she saiil, tun short of fiiiiils. Th" woman's story appeanid to IM- O K. to .Mr. .Abrams and he fur nislu'd the ticket. However, accord- in:; III. a story in the CofTeyville .Tour- nal. ilic woman may have been an iwiio.^trr. The Journal says: Miss Rnsa Hell, city clerk, returned Friday nisht from Topeka. where she wf-nt to have an issue of bonds registered at the state auditor's ofllce. She found busy times at the auditor's as many cities had representatives there on the same errand. -Miss B.'ll on the way home made hiirried visits to a number of friends. .Sh.* wa:-: in Kansas City. Ottawa, lola. Humboldt, LaHarpo and Independence. .Miss Hell relates an incident that happened on the train cominR home in which she thinks she was the vic- ;ini to the amount of .">0 cents of a woman '"panhaniiler." The woman oc- ciipi. d a seat alongside of her and in conv.n'sation said she was on her way to see her daughter and grandchildren in Fort Scott. ?Iie complaini'd of havin.u been de- l.Tv.-.i si'voral ilays owiuR to poor train cinineciioiis auil she was to Ri>t off 'his train at Oarnelt and there take the iiain to Fort Scott. Ourins; the talk Tviili .Mi.-'s llell. a man came M.iDiiuh nml told till- woman that she sbiicild rill riulil Ibroiigli to lola and ;al.e the train there, that he would •-• e the i'Diidiictor. He came back a litt'e lati-r and lianded her some mon- . y aii'l said he had paid the condiict- er l..r late to lola. That she would vviiii in the stal'on for the Fort Scott train, which would sro al fi o'clock In 111.- imiiiilni;. .\s >t:e would arrive In lola at S o'- clii. k ill the evening; this seemed like a I.iii;; wait to .Miss Hell. She asked tie- woiiKiii If she knew the man and 1.- said that In- was helping her. That sli- had started out from home wi'll \eiy little nioiiey, not tllillklllK lit t!i.' waits and hotel bllU that had ii.<. il iliai up. Shi' Haiti the man pav li. I a .I..liar, .\lls.s Hell then )iave iii-r llt't> c.-iits to t-'.'t a iK'd at lola. i.el llkiil!,' the lil.-.-l of her slttitiK Up i: iilirhi 111 the station. Mi^s H.ll then weht to l^tllarpe. and ehanci-d to lio back to lola the tii-\f noon, and while In the station, ill came the woman, accompanied by i.'.iiid Ixj.v. .Miss Hell spoke to her itirl she said slie had missed the train i :.d was now goiiitr on to visit h.-r son Ti I'ittsbure. .Miss Hell later inquired and found Hit tliat the city^ had boujilif Uie woman's ticket for Pittsburs;. and is Tiow cf;nvinc.;d that she was a profess- mal beiigar. PLACE FOR CHILDS FORMER .VLLE.\ COUMY BOY .HAY L.\XD IX .1 MCE BERTH. .Said to Be (n Line Jor Pottitlon of Flmt .\sHK(ant I 'oHtnia .st«r (•eneml. \0 MOKE ont .\1 l.MI'OKT.**. New Kill M ill rrevtnt Coiuit Uunkrrs From l .«sses. \V:i.-aii!...'!<in. Dec. 21.—.A successful .ii'.nt has been made seeminsiy to lir.-veiii larie lo.sses to bankers who have iianed money on opium in ware- iiDiirPs ill San Francisco and other :o :-i<. opium has been iniport- • J. ilirnimh the enactment of the bill ;- -1 '.niriinndeil by the secretary of state [r.-liibii the importation of opium into tl'.is country. Will11 the biil came up before Hie lir.-.:.-;(» commiite.' on interstate and for -isn <-i .innierce. Representative Know: >::i of California, protested asainst ir.-i lieceminu effective upon its pas- a-.:.-. as was |.rovid.-d in the original dr:iit. The reasons he presenti-d were -iiffieieiit to have the rominittee defer :he i.iil to a siibconimiitee today for •imeiiunieni so that it will become ef- f.'eiivi' six months after passape. The ref. reiici- of the bill to a siibcomniit- •ee will prevent its belns reporteil to ;l!.- hou !-e until after the H members .-f i!ie ci.iMuiJttee. who will po to Pan- anvi 1.11 a ;:iji of inspection reriirn on Ia::i;ary l:'.. AMONG EX-VICE PRESIDENTS. Roosevelt's Bust, With Fairbank's, to Be Placed After Holidays. WasUltiKton. Dec. 1><.—Shortly after 'hi- •injj.ta.vs t !ie t><'Iinte probably will • l.-ci.|.' . wh-re It will place marble 'lust.s of [WO of Its vice president;). H.).>s.\.itK and Fairbanks. Mr. Itoose- \.lts carrer in the senate was ex- ti-.-iii'ly brief, and Bltboiigb It ended aliiiii; s.\. !i years aiio, up to tills time 10 of him has Iweii made. .Mr. Itooseyelt selecti'd Jaines Fraz- 11 r. a yoiiiip anise of .\"W York, hiplv ly reeoiiinieiideil by Saint Gaudyns as on.- ..f tie- most promising sctflptors of th.- day. and .Mr. Frazler has ix -i -n .It work for some time In carryln:; out lii.s conimi.-^slon. It Is understood that 'his liiist is now near completion and it -v-iil l ;e delivered before'March' 4. .Mr. Fairbank's bust is being made jy Franklin Simmons, the American residing in Rome, who has ex- eciiteii many designs for conpress. JMEF SEXTEX E FOSTI'OXEU. Former Frli«ro Boss WHI Know Fat** >'ext Tbunday. San Francisco. Calif.. I)€C. 21.— The liassin:; of sentence on Abraham Riief, convicted of the bribery of a super- viBor to vote for a trolley franchise for the United railway was postponed by Judge Lawlor today until Thursday, December 2i. The attorneys for the .defflose nutdeia trtiuag. Imt: «uao- W. U. Chiids. postmaster at Kiinsas City, Kansas, formerly a resident of this county, is making rapid progress and is said to be slated for first assistant jiostmasier general.: .Mr. Childs has u host of friends la this county who w-ill be plad to learn that he Is In line for even a better jiob^tiuu than the one he now holds. A recent Issue of The Kansas City Journal contained the followlnp. ••From llu- present indications it appears that the Kansas delegation at tVashinpion is entertaining strong hope of landing a Wyanilotte county man for the iiosition of first assistant postmaster general. It is contended that Kansas has not heretofore received the recognition to w-hich she Is justly entitled, and a concerted effort is being made to secure this recognition from the incoming administration. \V. R. Childs. iiostmaster at Kansas City, Kas., Is receiving the united support of the Kansas deigation for the position and is conceded by many to lie the most available candidate. The rumor which gained credence in \V" ington circles a few days ago to the effect that .Mr. Cliilds Is slated for this position, was revived again yesterday upon the return of tlie postmaster from Washington. Mr. Childs refused .i.eaterday to discuss the matter other hart to ailniit that he had heard the rumor and that he numbered many friends among the Kansas delegation II Washington. It is not likely, however. I bat a proffer of this position would b.» refused b> the Kansas City. Kas.. postiiiasti-r. "It is, ill my opinion, a great honor hat even my close friends should liKik illiou me ill the lipht of a iMissible candidate for this position." s;iid Mr. 'hilds. , ".\ly business in Washington, lowever, has been upon an entirely lifferent matter. I have devoted most >f my time to an effort to secure the additional appropriation of $!mii(Mi for in addition to the federal biiiiillng in Kansas t;ity, Kas. "I can say that the appropriation for he federal building in Kansas City, Kas., Is practically assured," said Mr, Chillis yesterday. .\mong other Improvements which will be made In connection with the federal building and the postiil her vice ill Kaii.s;is City, Kas., Is the Imiii- giii-ation of a plan to facilitate the handling 'if mail. The second iisslst- aiil iiositiiaster general htis granted pernii.-sion for a distributor to hi placed in llie mail cars on the trip to and friiiii the I'liion depot. A clerk from the office wiil accomjiany the car upon sneoial trips during disirl- Initloii hours. .\s soon as the first mail sack is placed in the car at the depot, the work of as.-;orIing the mail, ready for the carriers, will begin. It is hoped by this method to save considerable time in assorting the mail. Hy the time the car reaches the post- office practically all the mail w-ill be in readine.«s for the carriers. Tills plan is in oiieration In a few t.f the larger titles of the I'uited States and is meeting with the aiiprov- al of the iMistmasters throughout the country. The i>lan will be put in operation in Kansas City. Kas., some time during the coiniug week. The dejiartment has also given permission for the establishing of an additional station in Kansas City. Kas. It has not yet lieen determined where this station will be located." Of Interest lo Women. X'mas present free. .A New Invention. In order to introduce our washing machine and have your neigh bors know all about it we offer until .lanuary 1st, 1S09. our fS.OU washer almost free. It saves your hands, time and temper. .All you have to do is to put clothes in tub and move the handle of this pneunwtic clothes-wash er up and down. The machine does the rest in half the time. It does the work easier and better than the $8.00 machines. Send .10 cents in one-cent stamps for this $n .00 washer—providing you agree to demonstrate It to your next diior neighbors. Write at once to Haker-Pierce Coin- panv. f,:,\ Wasliington treet, Hiiffalo, N. Y. .V .SEX.ITE HI IMUXCJ IXS.IFE. Peril Has Tbrrutenrd I 'pp'T House .Menilicrs for Sr»«TuI Veurs. Washington. Iiec. iM.—The fact that a hirge number of .xenators have l>eeii occiiiiying <|uarler« for years that were perilous to life, in a Iniild- liiK that is now conceded sliould have lieen con<iemne<l, was empbaslz.'d to- lay by the refusal of Klllott Woods, superintendent of the capitol, to permit any increase of the weight ujion the floors tliroiigh the admission of documents needed by the national monetary coiniiilssion. The building where this condition exisits is known as tlie senate annex, and is one sinmre from the capitol building. The flnanc; committee of the senate ha.-! occupied (juarfers there for several years for tlie force employed in gathering data for tariff and currency legislation. In addition, the Democratic senators and a half dozen Uepublican senators have their office roomp in the building, but within the next few months they will move to the handsome marble structure which is just being completed for use as senate offices. The fiimnce committee de^red to carry into the buiidinfr a large num- her of documents and volumes- on the subject of finance, but Senator Aldrich was told, that the floors of the annex would not carry an extra pound with Mtfety. Make Your Here A Man's Store for Man's Wants. Buy your holiday wants for your husband, brother, son or sweetheart luere where yuu can make no mistake in selectins: the right thing at the right price. A large and handsome line of Holiday Goods for men and boys that will make useful and sensible Christmas gifts. 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New York, Dec. 21.—Two enthurt asts in aviation arrived here today from Havre. They were Courtland Field Bishop, president of the Aex« •club, of America, and Frank S. Labm, The Tribune says A certain Frisco i Saturday was the big day in the father of Lieutenant Frank P. Labm, passenger conductor, old in the ser-,' payment of taxes at the county treas- one of the United States army 's speo vice believes that Mrs. Belle Gunnes.:urer'8 office. During the day J27,-! ialists In aeronautics, the notorious killer at I^ Porte, Ind.,1205.88 was taken in. This was about Sneaklns- nf thp nr is still alive and he thinks he has dis-l $10,000 more than was received at covered her whereabouts. Several. the office for the last day of the sea- weeks aco while this conductor's i son of 1907. The county treasurer deposited $33,000 tax money in the train was coming toward Fort Scott _ „„. , . , a woman of large physical porportions' bank Saturday. The large amount of boarded the train. She seeemd great-! taxes for Saturday was due largely to Iv worried and when the conductor | the fact that two of the railroads collected her fare she was unable to paid In. conceal her emotions. The conductor | Deputy County Treasurer Dumont noticed that she was wrought up over Sickly said today that while the pen- something and later he went into theialty should go on today, a few days- combination mall and baggage car to;grace would be given to those who have not yet remitted. rSE MILK AT LAUXCHIXG. Declares MS'ur on I'soal make some reports. He could not abandon the thought of the woman's peculiar actions and on passing near where she sat he was attracted by her strong resemblance to the pictures ofiW. C, T. U. Declares IVar on Mrs. Gunnes. Her description tallied' Christening for Warship. exactly with that of the newspaper) and detectJve agency literature. Herj Wilmington, Del., Dec. 21.—The use size was like that given, color of eyes') of wine or any fiuid that Intoxicates and hair and facial contour and ex-' at the christening of the new battle- pression very much similar to the re-|ship Delaware, which will be launch- ports of the famous female character. The woman purchased a ticket to a station within forty miles of this city, and the conductor had two other passengers for the same place. He sought them out and asked them If they lived In the town whither they wore going and when an affirmative answer was given, he naked thoni to walk towards the fore end of the car. and, on returning see If they could recognize the woman. They did so and told him she was not n resident of their town. All wen- attracted by the worried expression of the female traveler. FLEET BEGINS LONGEST LEG. Sails Front Colombo Through Indian Ocean anid Arabian and Red Seas. •Washington. Dec. 21.—Read Admiral Charles S. Sperry. commanding the American battleship fleet, has cabled'lal attraction for the navy department that the fleet!This is the act that recei\-ed the gold made its departure today for Colom-lniedal given by the show world for ed in February, is being strenuously opposed by the women of the W. C. T. V. throughout the state. They want water or milk used, and those who wil! have anything to do with the arrangements are going to lie beselged l>y the women in order to bring such officials to their way of thinking. The state executive committee met here today and passed a resolution to this effect. They will re<iuest the gov crnor to use his Influence to have water adopted as the christening fluid, and they have ai>pointed a committee to call upon the Itoard of trade to ask the members of that association to use their influence against the wine. To Bartfetville Next A great team is to be the attraction the coming week at IbiA popular house. Tyler and Berton. who do the greatest double skating act in the world, have been secured as a spec- Christmas week. Speaking of the progress of aTl» tion, Mr. Labm had this to say: ^ "The experimental stage of flying has been passed, and we have arrived at the time of practical demonstr* tion. By spring I think that there wHl be aeroplane flights from Franca across the English channel and back." Both Mr. Lahm and Mr. Bishop hl^ ly praised Xhe achievements of Wft bur Wright and his aeroplane la France. bo. Ceylon, for Suez. The fleet has begun the longest the best team of skaters at the skaters' tournament held In Chicago last single leg of Its world cruise through i April. They not only received a med- the Indian ocean, the Arabian and; al for being the best skaters'but'dap- Red seas. HOR>ADAY CREDITORS TO MEET. The Fort .Scott FaHnre to Be DIs- cnssed in This City Today. Fort Scott, Kas., Dec. 21.— A meeting of the creditors of Grant Hornaday, president of the national bank which failed here recently, is to b«. held In Kansas City, December 32, to: the imw frfflce* j>e Patt * lured every prize for the best dressed act Miss Berton will wear, during their enga|:ement In Bartlesville, $5000 worth of wardrobe.—^Bartlesville Enterprise. - To HHiBboIdt T. M. C. A. Attorney Wallace H. Anderson addressed a meeting of the Y. M. C. A. in HumlMldt yesterday aftemooo. He dlsonssed the •pecial work of the aa- •ociatibn.'talktns along the line of the Take our NQ.410 Travf^g Eastw<ird Leave* lola 7:15 p. m., ar- rlTet St Lonla 8:26 a. m. Tbroogh, aleepinr can. Tlili tnjia ooonecta'wlth the eattt bound train* at St Loula. For birtlier partlculara call and aee na. V . MiSSOURI PACIFIC MOUNTAIN C. P. Hale^Agt.

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