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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, December 31, 1907
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/ -1 • '1 TOL. n. K«. 472. jnuAt ]r«.*«U2. SIX P16E8. lOLA, KAHSASiTVEISDAr ETEXIXG. DECSnSS «1,^1M7. 8ixrAai& mcB TWO dim PANIC WAS NATUPJ^L SEC. TAFT EXPLVOED AS0X8 FOB FKAJfCIAL DEri{J,-3I0K. ADMINISTRATION BLAMELESS ASD IS >0W BEM0TI>:G CAUSES OF LATE FOAIXCIAL FLUBBT. CrfdH Was Orerstretehcd—Says Leg. ttimte BosiiKss JUtn Were Hurt. i^*: . »- • j1:F:-'.f Boston, Dec. i31. —Greeted with cheers as '"the next president of the United Stales," n topic which ho carefully avoided In his own remarks, however, the Secretary of War. William H. Tuft. BBVC last night his first public speech since-bis world circling tour. It was at the annual banquet of the lioston Mcrchauta* assoclutioq at the Hotel Somerset. The secretary spoke on the subject. "The Panic of 1907, Its Causes. Us Probable Kftect and the Relation to 11 of the Politics of the National Administration." Mr. Taft showed thct it was a ttanic In which the national - government had no part except to Help alleviate Its' results. In introducing Secretary Taft. Prcsl dent Jones said: "We are favored this eveninK by the presence of a man from the Middle West who has impressed us all with his fitness for the most important position that the great and powerful nation can bestow and, in brief, an official of great strength and wisdom. He" has recently put a girdle around the earth as an ambassador of peace and goodwill, vlsit- . ing the great rulers of mighty nations, and we want to hear him talk t,o us." As the Secretary of War arose to reply all the guests stood up with him and filled the air with long continued cheers. Calls for "Three cheers for Secretary Taft. the next president oi the United States," were heartily acclaimed. Secretary Taft said in part: , It is said that the policy of the administration liad been directed for the last four years against organizad capital and that it has thereby frightened investors. 1' deny it The coUne of tlie administration has been directed against such organized capital as. was violating the statutes of the United States—and no others. Through the inreqtlgatioa of, national and Titate tribunals there have been revealed breaches of trust, stock jobbing, overissue of stocks and mismanagement in some of our largest corporations. They have properly been severely condemned by all. including the President. Knowledge of these things doubtless affected our credit in Europe and hastened the panic, but those who are morally responsible for Buch a result are the guilty managers, not thofe who In the course of their offlclal d'Jty have made known to the business world the facts and commented on them. It is said that tke administration has ar.-^aigned the whole business community as dishonest. I deny it. The President haa condemned the law breaker?. He Uks convinced those who have unlawfully accumulated enormous power a^ capital that they : are not immune. He has put the fear of the Jaw in theij hearts. They have been acute enougSi to attempt to protect thrmselvea by giving the Impression that hte action has been directed against th& whole business community. It is true that (he business :men of our community, as a whole, are honest and their metisods are sound. The President has neVer said otherwise. Indeed, it is chiefly in the interest of the great body of Bonest business men that be has made bis fight for lawful buslnrss methods. The utter hollcftvance In the cry, that the rate bill taused the panic is seen in the fact that those who now- venture to advanee this proposition have been for mote than a year cod• tending that the r^te bin was a bum- bug and a fraud b^use it had no effect V. hatever—because it had .given promise of a redttction of rates. and no r?rtt:ction of rates followed. 1 brieve myself^ to be as conserva- • tive a-,, anyone within this company. I belkve that in connection with personal liberty thefi right of personal prop?: y is the baii^is of all our material pr-gress In tiie development of mankiuJ. and tljac any change in our social and political system which impairs be right, of private property an<: materially diminlidies the motive for the pcrumulatloni qf capital by the Indlvlc:ual as a bISw to our whole clv- ili«atica. But no^'one can have been an obKr7rver of the operation of the exercse of tie right of property and the accumulation- of capital and Its use in businenis b^ the Individual, and the combination "^of capital . by the combination of Gidiriduals. without seeing that ther«i ate certaia limitation!: upbn the iq^tbods in the use of capital and. the «xercl8e of the right of property t&at ^ Indispensable to prevent the fibsQlute contrdi of the who 's financial system of th )e country paseina: to a^ BO^Il oligarchy of In- dlYlduals. • SWALLOWED 144 NEEDLES • W(^man Dies After All But a • • Dozen Have Been Recovered. • • -New York. Dec. 31—Mrs. Mol- • • lie'Desmond died today after • • physicians had made twenty- • • Ave surgical operations upon • • her and had removed all but a • • dozen of the needles. • Domestic tronbles Induced * >rrs. Desmond to try this ^tra- • •* ordinary method of suicide In • • June, 190€. when sh^swallpwed • • a sot of needles varying In size • • frofa a darning needle to the • • smallest nsod In fine sewing. • An autopsy will b© made to • determine whether one of the • needles penetrated Mrs. Des- • inond's heart or wlioiner death • • was caused by peritonitis,: • • • • • • BRICK MEN OPPOSE TIIEV AKE AOAISST A DISTANCE TARIFF LAW. Think Iota, Pittshnrg and CofTennic Brick .Hen Would llare «n ' Adrantape. A dispatch frpm Topeka says: The brick uianufacturers at Coffcy- vllle, Cherryvale and Caney haj've filed a plea in intervention with the state board-in the freight case which was brought for the prupose of establishing the new distance tariff freight schedule prepared by the boaf^d. The Interveners do not want brick rates as at present in force disturbed. Under i)resent rates lola. Pittsburg. Coffeyville and the other brick (owns enjpy terminal tariffs, put in' voluntarily by the railroads, which enable them to compete in all territory on a freight rate parity. This rate is a sort of blanket rate. The rate proposed by the board is built on a distance basis and reduces the rite frbm all brick making points. The brick makers at the towns inter-: renin'g are further removed from most of the trade territory In Kansas than are Ibla, Pittsburg, Chanute and under the proposed rates the last named towns will have some advantage in rates over Coffe>Tille, Caney and Cher ryvple. , Hovvevcr. the brick rates will be reduced from all points from this reduction the board expects the consumers (if brick to get a bcueflf. The board will take no action regarding the plea In Intervention until the freicbt rate hearing, which Is set for January 14, Notice to Mail Subscribers IMPORTANT RULING OF THE POSTMASTER ^GENERAL IN EFFECT JANUARY I, 1908, Affecting Every Mall Subscriber to a Daily Newspaper More Than Three Months In Arrears on Subscription. The Postmaster General has issued a very important NEW RULING to all daily newspapers in the United States, PROHIBITING the Bending of daily newspapers through the mails at pound rates to any subecribcr whose srbscription is over three months in arrears. The attention of all mail Bubscribers is called to thi? ruling of the Postmaster General, that they may pay their subscriii- tions to date; SEE NOT CLEARED Verdict of Coroner's Jnry in Oay Death Dor .H >'ot Exhonorate II im From Blame. INVESTIGATED REED CASE. Poor Commissioner Visited Alleged pestihrte FamUy Yesterday. Poor Commissioner Wm. Knapp went to Gas City last evening and investigated the condition of the Reed family which was reported to him a few days ago; He found that Mrs. Reed is quite ill but is being cared for by friends. He says that the county is ready to give aid whenever It Is needed. It is believed that Mrs? Reed may have to undergo an operation. ACTIVE WORK 0\ CFRBIXG. .\rtive work began this morning on the South Walnut street curbing. The trenche.s w^hich were dug by the American Concrete company, which firm originally laid the curbing?, is be- .cleaned out so that the Horton Concrete company, the preseht contractors, can begin laying the concrete. It will probably take them several weeks to complete the work. DECIDE THIS WEEK While the verdict of the coroner's jiiry called to Investigate the death of Ira ti,iy says that' the killing was accidental is does not exonerate Frank See. in whose hands the gun was when discharged, from all blame. The verdict of the jury was that See was intoxicated when the accident happened. The verdict practically puts the matter up to the county attorney. County_ Attorney Carl J. Peterson stated today that he could not say at this time what action would be taken •T will not know .until 1 read the transcript," continued the county at- torne.v, "and It will probably be several days before it will be finished." The inquest was concluded about 5 o'clock yesterday evening. See was the last witness. He said that the kill ins was purely an accident wiiii no really tangible explanation.- ARGCING GOSHORX CASE. The Old Boidier Case Is Coming to a Close. THE WEATHER. F(frccast fur Kansas:— h^r tonight and Wednesday; moderate tempera- lure. Data recorded at local odlce. U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. Yesterday. Yr. Ago 2 p. m AO 40 4 p. ni 4'-> 38 t'l p. in 37 37 8 p .in XI 10 II. m ol 3G 12 midnight 12 3.". Max. Temp 42 50 Mln. Temp 31 3."> Precip 7 p. m 0 0 Today. Yr. Ago 2 a. m 31 34 4 a. m 32 33 6 a. m 32 33 5 a. m 33 33 10 a. m 40 34 12 noon 4(5 34 Precip. 7 a. m 0 0 TO FINISH BUILDING SHE WOULD FORGIVE • ART CURE FOR INSANITY. * • • • • Patients in an Ohio Asylum * • Shown Portrait of Christ. * • MasBlIIon. C. Dec. St.—The • • physicians at the state hospital * • for the insane tried the expert- • • ment yesterday of exhibiting to • • patients a large painting of • • Christ illuminated by electric • • light. It Is believed thut by • • thus concentrating the atten- • • tlon of the Insane upon this pic- • • tnre a beneficial therapeuUc • • effect will be produced In their • • recover.v. Many of the patients. • • recognizing the subject of the • • painting, raised their hands In * • supplication toward It and some * • fell on thelr/kners and wept ' * • -• Carrrnry Dill X»y Be Passed—Mw htn WUl Br at Haae by TO EMPLOY IDLE MEN Washington, Dec 31.—There la OT- y reason to bollcvo that the flrat or present seslon oC the Sixtieth cbngraaa will come to. an end not later than. May 1, and possibly as early as April STREET AND ALLEY CO.V.VITTEE WILL HAVE SESSION TOMGHT. The City May Constmct an Additloul Chamlier to the Old Septic Basin. The attorneys nre making their arguments in the Goshorn case in district court this afternoon.^ J. R. Miller and Chris Rltter are api>earing for the plaintiff and City Attorney K. .1. Oyler for the city.. The court will like!y pass on the case late this evening. Mr. Goshorn is asking the court to compel the city to ap|)oint him city attorney under the old soldier preference law. TATE CASE TO THE Jl'RY. The Yoanp .Han Is Char^ WHh Asxaalt The Tom Tate case went to the jury this afternoon at three o'clock. Tate Is charged with assault, ile was one of the imrty of four or five who were arrested Christmas day for engaging In a fight. His brother. Luther Tate, was acquitted by a jifry a few days ago. A large crowd attended the trial today. HAD TO HAVE INTERPRETER. Hoch l« AnnoBDce Soon R^rdiaf Special Session. ' THE GERkAlSN Reformed church will begUi a 8eri«[s of revival senrices tomorrow ereninit. < Topeka, Dec. 31.—Governor Hoch declared last night that he will this week determine whether or not he will oalt a special session of the legislature to'pass a guaranty deposit law and other matters which have been agitated. "f might just as well say now." said this governor, "that I will decide the matter by the later part of this week an 'd possibly Wednesday. It is a ma:ter of the utmost importani:e. The pr ^ss upon me to act from business sources, both banks and. otherwise. Is tremendous." The governor declares that If all the bankers la the state were opposed to the guaranty deposit law. he sUIl would believe that the law la a right one and should be adopted. He says it; is the panacea for lack of confidence. Prisoner Could Not Make Jollce Judge Understand Polish Language. It was necessafy for Mike Delaski. a Polander, to have an interpreter to tell Police Judge J. .M. Collins that he was gul'ty of disturbing the peace by the use of loud and profane language. The arrest followed a family quarrel on Martin street. Th-? complaining witness; a small girl, swore that Dala&kl called her names In broken English and swore at her. RENNICK TO LEAVE Popular Gas City Physician to Go to Bartlesville. Dr. C. W. Rennick who for the past six years has practiced medicine In Gas City, announced yesterday evening that as soon as he could close up his business matteris at Gas City he would leave for Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where he would open an office. Dr. Rennick Is one oi the moat pop- n'ar physicians in Allen c&unty. Since he has been here he has been president of the Allen County MTedical society and hi now a dean of the St. John's hospital. Dr. Rennick hat many, friend.<: over the county who will regret his departure. INVESTIGATE PROFIT AND LOSS. lOLA NEW WEATHER BUREAU TO BE COMPLETE IN ONE WEEK. .Vrs. Cooke Might Forftel Wroag^s— Husband Says He Will Xarrr Affinity. New York, Dec. 31.—Dispatches from New Haven, Conn., where Mrs. Jerc Knode Cooke now lives, quote the wife of the minister who eloped with Kloretta ^Vhaley and was found in San Francisco, as saying: "1 have always loved him. He is reiiorted to have said his life with me was very unhappy. This Is false, monstrously false. My heart asks me what should be my duty if it were iHJsslblc for him to return a free man. Should I forget all and receive him once more as my husiiand? It is a hard question to answer." Will Marry Miss Vfhakj. San Francisco, Dec. 31.—Rev. Cooke with Floretta Wialey and their baby is staying at the home of a friend here. Cooke says he will return east as soon as he can get enough money to travel and will marry Miss Whaley as soon as matters can be arranged. MBS. CHURCHILL GETS CHILD. Court Decides In Favor of JHother in Ball Case. The street and alley committee of the city council will hold an extra meeting this evening for the purpose of taking up the matter of hiring the unemployed men. This will be done if It Is dcilntlely decided to begin work immediately constructing an additional cliamber to the septic basin. This will give employment to a large number of' men for several weeks, and perhaps until other works start again. The building of this extra chamber to the septic t>asln can l>e done without a great deal of expense. City Ea- gineer Melvin Amerman stated this morning that he estimated the cost to be about $2,500. The matter of build ing the contact beds will not be taken up until later as it will be necessary to vote bonds. Final Inspection Arranged for.—Public May View Structure Soon. In .inolhoT work the now woafh- or bureau building on South Jefferson stroof, will be completed. The ocntractor has pniotlc .iry completed the work of tho construction proper, and th<' painters have begun to varnish the woo <i work aflei- which the structnro will be ready for use. It win bo perhaps throe weeks befor? W. J. A. Schoppo who has charge of the local station will move the oqulpment and parapiiom.ilia to the new headquarters, as th? building must be first Inspected by E. B. Calvert, of the dopartmenf of agriculture. Mr. Schoppe expects Mr. Calvert here in about two wo*»ks. Mr. Schopp.-> is very well pleased with the construction work on the luiildinR and regards it as suitable In every particular for the purpose for which it Is built. .Mr. Schoppe is to rrsldc In the buildin.g %hat he may iHittor watch the instrumentB. As soon as the building is complet- .•Hl. the public will he Invited to visit i! and soo the work that the Weather Burcati is doing. The classes in the city schools who are studying branches bearing u!>on the work of the bureau will bo Invited a'so to visit the building In a body and as CTtaln the use of the Instniments and gather any other available information. At a later date .steps will bo taken to further edrcato the public in the purposes and results of the work of the bureau that greatar benefits may I>e derived. The building in itsolf is an adornment to the city. The lot on South .Jefferson street on which it Is located, was purcbajsed at approximately $2,000. The total vahiaUon of the bailding and lot is placed at $12,000. Built of the best grade of brick, and having a cenerally neat and attractive appearance, the stnictnre is one of which lola may be proud. HOLIDAY FOR RCRAL CARRIERS. Tax Coaimissloa Seads Letter to roar< ty CleA Calbertsaa. The state tax commission is investigating the profit and loss to county funds occasioned by the present system of rebate and penalties in the coU lection of taxes. The commission has uked County Clerk Cnlbertson for the necesjury data from this county. They sent a erport of the rebates and penalties for the past four yean in this county, . ' " No Mall Will Re Delivered la Ceaatry Toararrow. The rural mall carriers will not make their regular round tomorrow. New Years day. which Is a legal holiday. The day's vacation Vill be acceptable to them liecause of the exceedingly bad roads. The rural carriers carried their route on Christ- Imas day. ! Rome. Dec. 3L —^The stock exchasca here was badly dantaged today by the exploaloo of a bomb thrown inaide the bnlldiiiK. The wounded so far .number eighteen and are bnrled In the rains. . . _ Judge Foust late yesterday afternoon jiassed on the Ball case, deciding in favor of the plaintiff. This J.s :i case III which Mrs. Delia Ball Churchill asked for the custody of Hazel Hall, her minor daughter who has been in the care of the father. J. C. Ball. The testimony in the case was heard some time ago but the court reser\-ed decision. The plaintIR was'divorced from her husband several years ago. but remarried. Until lately the little girl made her home with her father In Colorado. Some lime ago the child came here to reside with her grand-parents. The case was fought very vigorously. The court made some lengthy remarks yesterday before stating that he would give the child to the mother. MAKING OCT PAPEBS. Organization of Taxpayers* League to Be Completed Soon. The tcniijorary organlaztlon of the Taxpayers' League met last evening in the office of Smith & Travis. Owing to the inability of the temporary sec- reetary to procure certain papers, nothing was done in regard to making ;hts a permanent organization. The secretary is now making out the membership papers and the matter of a liermancnt organization will probably be completed at the next meeting Monday evening. January 6th. TOOK CHEST OF MONEY Two Men Committed Dariafr Rohhery —Took Cbe!«t CoatafaiiBg 138,169. Rochester. N. r.. Dec. 31—^Two men stole a chest containing twenty-eight hundred and cighty-nlna dollars, from a street car standing In front of the Ksst Main street car bams ear'y today and got safely away with it in an automobile. The money represents the partial earnings of the company yesterday and was being transferred to the uptown office. The mon ey was stolen white the motorman and conductor were in the station where they remained about a minute. MR. AND MRS. G. W. Meckley of Colfax, Iowa, have returned home after a visit with their daughter. Mrs. J H. Hamilton, 202 South Cotton wood. THE FLEET IS LATE AceMeai to XMhiMry Caased Dctey of Fhre Days ta LM« trip. Para, Brazil, Dec. 31.— The torpedo boat Flotilla which is proceedias the battleship fleet to the Padfle oeeaa, arrived today. The boats left t)ia Port of Spain Dae^ber SSth aii4 mf now fire days behind the schedule. The .delay is due to accidents to the machinery oC two oC the destroyers, NOW ITS THE WESTERN LEAGUE Kansas City, of Course, Is In on the Latest Dream. Chicago, Dec. 31.—Minneapolis, Paul, \Nllwaukec, Kansas City, Denver. Omaha. Des Moines and Chicago form a new WTesfem league circuit, a Chicago team playing its games at \\"ihitc Sox park wTien the Sox are away and at West Side park when the Cubs are traveling. That is how three magnates of the Western league have laid out the scheme of things for 1908. comes down to a base- tall war. The Western league has bad the expansion bug and had It bad for several years. It was not strong enough to defy the big leaguers, no could it fight the American association when the latter basked In the favor of the Giants. Should the association now kick over the traces the Western league Is ready to rush into the gap. "Tip" O'Neill, president of the West em. has been holding a lot of conferences, some of them as far as two months back. AVestem league mag nates have been quietly flitting in and out of Chicago ana gstting audi cnces with Ban Johnson, Charlie Murphy and Charles Comlskey. They have received quiet assurances of hearty support and loan of' players, and figure that they can show teams superior in attractiveness to those of the association. PEOPLE OBEY RULE Officials Think Residents Will Have Cimplied W«h Sewer Ordinance At End of Allotted Time. Clt.r Engineer Melvin Amerman stated this morning that he did not |"believe that many lola residents would fall to comply with the ordin ance making it necessary to be connected with the sewer by the first of the year. Wjhile today is the last day and there Is about one Jrandred who have not yet camplled they axe eomins la so raiddly that the encfneer believes there will be nd one left at the close of the day who has not complied with the ordinance or at least has not taken steps indicatlns that they intend doins so. There will be a nomher who cannot connect hy tomorrow but by making application thejr are exempt from any penalty, MANY BILLS ARE IK 19M ALREADY INTSODUCED CI SIliTIETH CONGRESS. \ • THERE IS LITTLE LEGISLATION HOWEVER THE V9VXL APF^PRI. ATIONS MAT BE BABBEII. ; Stithe Some Kansas nicml>ora of congceaa who were Interested in knowing Just how soon they could get back to Kan« sas to take up certain pressing po> litlcal matters afTccttng them were dis cussing the matter the other day, and one of them was so interested that he took the subject of the conference to Speaker Cannon. The speaker Is the "big boss' o'f congress, and' can fore tell things more closely than anyone else. '^You cati make your plans and your return to I^nsas come pretty near to April 15. and not later than May 1." Is what the speaker is said to have told the Kansans. There will be little legislation at the session should not end at that time, though the prevalent guess as to adjournment every "long" session, is about June 1. Two years ago, when the great rate bill fight was on. It was June 29 when congress adjonrn- ed. But four years ago, in 1904, Jast preceding a presidential nomination and campaign, the adjournment was . on April 29. Presidential campaigns make a good deal of difference wltli the time fqx adjournment. There wil be little legislatfani at the present session, harring the nsnal appropriation bills. A~'currency bill' may be passed, though there Is in some quarters a disposition to let this subject alone. But there will be nothing of'vast importance beside the Mils referred to. Other subjects entalUng expenditure of large simis ot ihoney might have come up. but the > late stringency will make congress go rather easy oi^ appropriations. The way will be carefully felt in advance. For instance. It Is doubtful it there will be any salary increase for clerks ' in the government service, such as had been nearly agreed upon, a year or so ago, for the . present session. Neither will there be anything hi the way of waterway legislation carrying '.arge sums of money, as desired in certain sections of the country. It is possible that there may be no omnibns public building bill, though there lit a demand for one. Rivers and harlrsjrs legislation will be touched lightly.' There is one startling thing In connection with this session so far: N^ju<- ly--12,000 bills have been introdn ^ed. To- be exact, the number is a ll^ile o*er 11,700, and congress was in »e*- sJbn only about ten times l>efore lihe . holiday recess. This is all die n»)re remarkable when it is considered tba£ up to about the Fifty-fourth congress, or IS95, there was seldom snch a flood of bills in the entire congress, both sessions; and this session even;la scarcely begun. Beet sugar people in western Kin- sas will be glad to know that there will probably be no Philippine tatlk legislation at the present session. SeiB- y retary Taft. who has just, reti^ell ' from his Philippine tri^. Is still-flfia; 4y of opinion that this legislation la dite the islands, and that it wi^ not injure any American industry, bnt^ it is pretty safe to guess that tbero wljl hot be legislatTon along this line, ij. 1 S '-3 TO SIGNAL NEW YEASnS CO^IHCU The Naval Observatory Wfll BnHettas to Each Tlae Belt. I: . Washington, Dec 31.— The navBl'M . servatory has made the nsoal arrai^ie^ ment to flash the signal markitic th« instant of the beghining of thfi' Kew Tear to the four standard timft |of the country. The time tor eafth |«tt will be sent 8nt frtxn Washingtcai during the fire minntea precedl^ SW'^ hoar of mMnight in eadi,^ resyacflyt-''' DR. GARUNOHOUSB leciiTsd n, lispart from,Topekn thto vk rft^ |rtat> iajg that Grant nuhe waal st^ll pnr I

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