The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 24, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 2
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#•. .•- 2 THE DAKERSFIELD CALTFORNIAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 1936 Predict Would Face Charge of Murder Is Fulfilled TTONOLULU, Aug. 24.—The proph •*-*• ecy made by his mother that Charlew Bredo, 32-yenr-old part Hawaiian, would face a murder charge Jn hl« lifetime, wan fulfilled today an polite held him for the Hlaytng of MB purported rommon-lnw wife. Mm. l»rlta Pvtrdy. Brede wan Hfretted after ho narrowly escaped death by ctectrocu- Ikm. Officers fudrt Brede admlted blntr hta wife In a quarrel nl home. fine died shortly aflf-rward In a Honolulu bcapital. Seeking death hlmnrlf after the qunrrel, Brain, an electric company lineman, climbed a power polo Intent on reaching the 11,000 volt llnea It Wire) carried at im top, he told authorities H|H df'i-lHlon to commit suicide wrnkened us he approached tho high te.nKlon lino, ho told police. He stepped hlH climb and fell nsleep while Hinging to tho pole, and wpnnt the night here. Police found Hrrdo on tho polo and RWukoned him. HP lo«c hl« imlanrc. To nteady hlmnelf. bo reached for a 4000vo)L lino and Hung there until flremon renewed him. Ho WAJI taken to Queen* HoHpltiil whom nuthorltleH Bald he wan burned badly, but would recover* Erode recalled that yenrn ago bin mother told him ho wnn "curHcd" bo- catiRc of a birthmark on Ills right shoulder. "It mrnnB that Homo day you'll bo, charged with murder," he quoted II!H mother. 26 Americans in ChinaFlee Reds /'re** f/ro*f<! Wire) NANKING, Aliff. 24.— Fighting; between Invading Communlnlfl and provincial forces haa broken out near MfnhBfm, 100 miles south of Ijfinchow, Chlnono udvloen nuld today. Twenty -H! x Americana, montly mlmilonfirli'H, Hrnttored In tho rofflon of tako Twin k ha ( (Koko Nor) and Houthnrn paru of Kunau province* nought to flno before tho Invading army. Tho United SliiloH nmbaany ro- coivod Information tolling of heavy rains hindering travel In tho danger y.onoH. IVrll from ImndltH and tho Incoming Commit nlHiH U!HO threatened lht» HiitY'ty of the foreigner**. KcfiiRceH wore reported to bo heading toward Lunchow, from whore they could loavn the province by air.. -'. F More h •! -. Next week we'll be ready for business in our enlarged quarters. Maybe not entirely, completed, little touching up here and there still to be done but not enough to interfere with business* Meantime don't forget there's monev to be saved by coming to Harry Coffee's this week. '* . r " i- - ? ' - • HARRY COFFEE'S GLEAN SWEEP *. *:-. -- i. 1 r-' ^ J - L±'I &' *V; r*- r ' ;:.,..i-, What's left of our regular season lines at FINAL CLEAN-UP prices. Broken assortments and size ranges but still pretty good choosing if you don't delay. L" 1 ?;. Fin Special Group of CKTI HALF PRICK Special Group of Special Group of 's SHIR HALF PRICE t Spccurt Group of r - * i I HALF PRICE Leisure HIRT HALF PRICE Special Group of AT ALF PRICE Entire Stod( of TRAW AT Entire RT AT HALF PRICE Special Group of HALF PRICE Special Group of OL ALF PRICE Special Group of HALF PRICE Fin* HALF PRICE ocs e Stock UIT Third Off FRESNO * BAKERSFIELD OIL PROMOTERS CURBED IN IS! Launch Drive Against Sale of Questionable Oil and Gus Properties SUnltrd rrc** Lrawl \Ylrr) SACHAMKNTO, Aug. 24.—A do- tcrmlnod drive against the Halo of <lm*AtJonablo oil «ncl pas property has been started In California by officials of the Hlato division of real estate. Thu beginning- of tho campaign WOH marked by tho Issuance of citations to show cause why atop orders should not be Issued ngalnst moro than BO oil and gas -projects In California, New Mexico and Texas. Give Investors Break Tho campaign was undertaken principally to glvo investors a "reasonable opportunity" to obtain a return on their money, according to J. Mortimer Clark, state real estate commissioner. On thin basis, recent orders were Issued giving all subdivides of oil and gas projects an opportunity to establish, If they can, whether there Is adequate title, reasonable possibility of obtaining gas and oil In commercial quantities, and reasonable prices In connection with tho property offered for sale In California, Another order requires that all subdlvlders of such projects file specific geological reports prepared by a geologist or petroleum engineer acceptable to the commissioner, indicating a "reasonable possibility of procuring oil and gas from the property proposed to be sold. Necessary Step "This stop was necessary to properly protect tho public In theso alleged Investments," Clark siild. "In New Mexico the leases were obtained from tho state mostly at a price of 5 cents an acre. In many Instances no regard was given as to whether the lands could reasonably bo classed as oil and KRH lands. The selllm; plans were purely promotional and tho profits had be*n going Into tho pocket of the promoter and nono to the investor. In most Instances It was a complete loss to tho investor," Bargol Oil Company Spuds New Project Bargol Oil Company has started another project west of the one It recently abandoned at 3300 feet on section 11, 27-27, north of the McVan area. The location Is reported to bo close to Buckeye Union's Now Hope No. 1 in tho southwest corner of Bcction 11, which last year cored oil sand. NEW $40.000 BUILDING SAN BERNARDINO, Aug. 24. (A. P.)—Construction of a $40,000 county welfare building' starts soon If final approval la given by the AVPA and tho county to the plans. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT OOSE ALL CAR NEEDS WEEKLY TERMS TIRI S BATTfRlES . . BR AKL KLLINE CAR RADIO , PI R WELK 1U PER WEEK BU PtR WtfK i 10 PER WEEK Jthnstn's Flrtittnt Aut« Supply and Sirvioi Ine. Chttter at Twmtyltvrtli Strut 4110 Well to Indicate Potentialities of Honolulu's Lease POTENTIALITIES of the cant quarter of Honolulu Oil Corporation's mile square leaflc in Round Mountain field, section 18, 28-29, will be indicated this week when No. J is subjected to a pumping trial. This lieson an undrillcd part of the lease, offsetting liarnsdall's Caldwell No. 5. Casing, size 6%-Snch, was run in the hole Saturday and cemented over the Vcdder oil sands at 1925 feet. Total depth is 1995. Porter-Day No. 8 1500-Barrel Well Tho first second-line well completed on the Sorter-Day lease In Mountain View field, Hogan Petroleum Company's No. 8, section 29, 30- 2D, has been turned Into the tanks for an estimated 1600 barrels dally of 29.(f gravity clean oil. Accompanying the flow Is 760,000 cubic feet of RUB. Total depth Is 0131 feet, and 8%-inch casing Is set at 5627. Next new project of the company will be No. 7 on section 32, In tho northeast corner of tho "VVharton leuse. T. H. McCay is superintendent. Alter Equipment in Bergman's Job Equipment is being changed in Bergman OH Company's wildcat on the fringe of the producing wells back of KcKIttrlck, section 30, 3022, from an O'Kell gasoline portable to a steam-driven No. 6 unitized rotary, In order to continue drilling the oil showings encountered from 107U to present depth of 1380. Considerable thickness of fractured shale, containing heavy oil, has been reported. BUASS, SHEPPARD ROM TRIP Onicers of Well Drilling Firm Use Airplane in Dash to Mid-Continent IV. F. Bimss, president, and F. L. Sheppard, secretary and treasurer of Taft Well Drilling Company, have returned from their airplane Inspection, trip of tho company's newly established eastern branch, making the return Jn ono day from Dallas, Texas, to headquarters at Bakersfield, from 6:45 a. m. to 4:45 p. m. Tho journey was made In a 5-passenger Stlnson plane which the company owns, with stops for refueling at Midland, El Paso and Phoenix. Travel by air is more common In tho mldcontlnent and Texas oil country where fields may be 1000 miles apart, than In California, and many oil and tool companies there have their own planes and pilots. The airport at Tulsa, Oklahoma, is said to bo one of tho busiest in the world. Taft Well Drilling Company has opened an office In Shreveport, Louisiana, under the name of South Central Drilling Company, and Is drilling a wildcat near the Odessa field of the gulf coast for Superior Oil Company. Work Is Resumed in Burch Wildcat Work is being resumed In tho I. Ii. Burch wildcat in Cuyanm valley In the mountains 35 miles west of Maricopa/ section 3, 10-20, after a long period of idleness. Steam- driven rotary machinery is being installed to replace the cable tools \fiiich started the hole and drilled to 300 feet several months ago. Miocene rocks outcrop on the surface in region. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED c HUISTINB B. and Virginia Jameson to Kelly &&. Son, Ltd.—Lease dated August 1. 1936, one-eighth royalty, 3-year drilling clause, south half of northeast quarter section 4, 31-27. Kelly & son, Limited, to Apex Petroleum Corporation, Limited—Assignment of above, 2 per cent overriding royalty. Qllmoro Oil Company to Ilussell A. Crandayy—Surrehder lease on west half of west half of northeast quarter section 23, 28-23. nnsaell A. Crandall et ux to Q. L. Klansen and Carl C. Jackson and Walter Lachenmater—Lease dated June 22, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 5- vear drilling clause, west half of west naif of northeast quarter section 23, 28-23 B. A. Bender to E. P. and Henrietta Ferry—Assignment of 1 per cent overriding royalty In southeast quarter of southwest quarter of northwest quarter section 19, 30-30, and .05 of 1 per cent In southwest quarter of northwest quarter said section. Edmund T, McAdama et» ux to Andrew Luoas — Operating agreement covering oil and gas permit on southeast quarter of northeast quarter and south half of northwest quarter section 10. 30-21. j H. Flelshauer et ux to Standard OH Company of California—I^eaae dated Juno 26, 1936, orie-elghth Royalty, 3- year drilling clause, north half of southeast quarter section 20, 29-20, except % oil. etc. N. B Sconeld et ux to Standard Oil Company of California—Lease dated August 1, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 5-year drilling clause, southeast quarter of southeast quarter section 30, 29-26. Buffalo Oil Company to "VV. A. and Harriett Sims—Assignment % of 1 per cent oil, etc., from Buffalo Oil Company well No. 3, on portion northwest quarter section 19, 30-29. Same to same—Same as above. Same to Ployd Tot man et ux— Same as above as to U of 1 per cent from Buffalo well No. 4. Sam« to Rollln A. Plckford—3am« as above as to 1 per cent. Same as H. B. Pryor—Samo M above as to H of 1 per cent. Title Insurance & Tract Company, transfers to 101 Oil Company—Lease dated July 28, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 60 day drilling clause, south half of section 15, south half section 14, section 22, section 28, section 27 and north half section 26, 30-30, If U. S. government surveys wcr« extended. Title Insurance and Trust Company, transfer to 101 Oil Company—Lea«« dated July 28, 1036, one-eighth royalty, • drilling clause August 15, 1936, northwest quarter seotlon 3, east half and southwest quarter of southwest quarter section 4, northeast quarter, northwest quarter, north half of southeast quarter, north half of southwest quarter section B, east half of northeast quarter, east half and southwest quarter of southeast quarter, southwest quarter, north half and southeast quarter of northwest quarter section «, northeast quarter and northwest quarter and southeast quarter of southeast quarter, south half of southwest 'quarter section 7. east half of northeast quarter, north half and southwest quarter of southeast quarter, west half of southwest quarter, east half and northwest quarter of northwest quarter section 8, east half and northwest quarter of northwest quarter, north half and southeast quarter of southwest quarter section 9 and following lands If u. S. Government surveys were extended: North half section 18, south half, east half of northeast quarter section 17, north half and southeast quarter of northwest quarter, south half and northeast quarter of southwest quarter section 16, all In 10-19. New Development in Cementing Revealed Mixing cement with powdered bentonlte called Aquagel Is one of the latest new developments in oil field practice, to prevent lost circulation. By adding 1 per cent Aquagel, or one sack to 100 aacka of cement, the cement clurry is turned into a gelatin which can be pumped but will not leak away In crevices. It is asserted that cement so treated sets hard and fills more volume, thus saving in the amount of cement necessary. Monte Banks, Film Director, Injured CREMONA, Italy, Aug. 24.—-Monty Banks, American movie director, was slightly Injured today when two automobiles collided on the Mantua highway near Cremona. His companions—Ludlvoco Toep- lltz, president of Toeplitz Film Productions of London, and Toeplltz'a wife and son were seriously injured. The party, in Toeplitz's heavy car, were on the way from Hapallo to Venice to attend a movie exhibition. m NS»! » mm «:. rcA f$f>» • : SNsi$B'& <l:4,i Jll i _ • '-ritlmr . • * HE automobile business says that a motor There's something in that. When people start car is "hot" when it enjoys outstanding putting their dollars into Buicks instead of the h public demand. On that basis, the 1936 line of lower priced cars — it's good proof that they're Buicks has started a heat wave all its own* getting more for their money. f month sales have climbed. Buick not Better look into Buick. Especially this big, only tops all cars at or near its price in sales roomy Buick SPECIAL, Series 40—beginning the whole price class in which Buick in price at $1029 delivered here. Let us know, sells is farther ahead of last year than any other, and we'll be around with a demonstrator, including the very lowest priced group! gam 9WO to $2314 are tht (ricet tf new Buickt t dttivtrtJ Atrt t tu&jtct to tAan[t without tiotict. Standard end tpecial aceet-* toritt group* on all mcdtlt at extra tott. All Buifk prictt Include $afetyftau throughout at ttandard cfuipmtnt. Alk about tht Gtntnl initallmtnt YOUR MONEY OOCS FARTHER IM 4 QCNCRAL MOTOR* CAR Chester Avenue Phone 3200

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