Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 6
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^ng -TOEATi^ HQS. FIELDING WAS POOR Jolc Tltyen "Wbo Went to We«(eni AnKoelation "Booted" the Ball— Hrfiittw Woo Half Ub Oflffle*. Outside of Johnny Kunkle and pern- Bibly Frloff, ihe lola playera who •wnn imititurred to the Springfield fMm o( the Western Association last anmmer did not do well in fielding. The Bcr ^py third baseman finished •with an average of 930 or second In the list Johnny Flllman of Joplin -was the leading third baseman of the league^ Mike Grady, who gobbled up every iMkll regardless of where it came, when he played here, practically footed the list of Initial Backers with an average of 965. Mllsap whose place ha took on the Springfield teanx, iieTded 974. Tamer Gray was at the bottom both in the short stop and second base positions, his average in the former being 889 in twenty six games and 839 as a-second baseman. Ellis, who was some fielder in this league, was practically the low man among the outfielders with an average of 879. Catcher Erloff, "Earloff Umpire Conlin called him, finished eighth in the list with an average of 969. He was only in 48 games, however. Old Army with Wichita, was second In the list. He caught 102 games. Ad iJren- nan's average in fielding was 962. However, as a pitcher he had an average of 500, winning Just half his games, a good'average considering that he did not have a very good team behind him and that it was his first year in classy base ball. Old Amos Morgan who started In with Enid, pln.ved in eleven Kumcs and finished with a perfeii average of I.uua In fielding. MOdEYIS ASSORED K. I'. Wni flpt (hK WeMinlnxliT Hoaxe - I(e«. Cuchnn Bulked Funds Here. A new Wi'stmlnmor Ut>wn for K. V. li aiiHiired. Hev. .1. 1'. Cochran, after a campaign of the Htntc Including a short visit In lola. reports that enough money will certainly be ruined by October first of next year to secure the tlS.OOn house offered by W. W. Cock- Ins, of liansas City. Kev. Cochran is the general secretary of the Educational Work of the Presbyterian church. - A Lawrence paper says of the campaign conducted by Rev. Cochran: While .Mr. Cochran could only make a flying trip over the state, he met with great success and left this afternoon for his home in Philadelphia, assured of more than $20,000 of the need ed $30,000 and with promises of much •of the remainder in sight. During the past week he visited the following towns: Kansas City, Leavenworth, lola. Independence, Hutchinson, Newton, Peabody, Halstead, Wichita and Wlnfield. He was only able to stop in each town a short time, but his magnetic personality and the enthusiasm that is felt for Westminster over the state was shown from the fact that he has secured more than $20,000 needed. Oaring the Christmas holidays, the campaign will stop, but be^nning January let. Rev. Mr. Jarvls of Winfield will take up the work and visit ail the people who have promised to I help, but did not specify any definite' amount. Rev. Cochran left this afternoon for Philadelphia. He will speak tomorrow at St Louis and will go from there to his home at Philadelphia. As soon as he finds out just how much is needed to complete the 130.000 necessary to secure the Cocklns gift, he will vis 4t New York city and raise the remainder of the money among the wealthy Presbyterians there. IT'S COBURN'S NOTE OF CHEER.' Katiut 1908 Calandar Shows Farm and Live Stock Grain at ll'/j Million. Topeka, Dec. 21.—P. D. Coburn. secretary, of the Kansas board of agriculture, has sent out a card, which he calls "The Kansas Calendar for 1908.".I It gives the total value of farm products, for the year at |2T7.73:i.96:{.S2. The live stock value is $]97,51 n,K7K. i| The best previous year was In 1907 And the increase in farm and live stock for 1908 was $11,596,244. The increase over 1693 and 1X94 combined was $62,312,949, while the Increase in farm products was $104.318,57!i. Western Union Caxe. The suit of the Western Union Telegraph company against the tax com- { mission of the state, called in federal court here yesterday morning, was • continued fifteen days. The state filed a demurrer to the bill of the company which was argued yesterday. Judge Pollock sustained the demurrer. The Western Union company will have first to make tender to the state of payment of its taxes. It will then liave to apply to the state board of equalization for relief. After it has ezhaasted all possible means of remedy through the machinery of the state, it wlU have standing in federal court, but not until then. The suit was brought a week after the state auditor had certified to the ya «ions county clerks the assessment made by the state tax commfssion. "Whea the eqnalizaUon board of the state met, it was restrained taking any action on the property of the Western Union by an order from the ISederal court. Thus it could not grant the reUef which the court now claims ^ should have been sought before appli- <i8tion was made in federal court. It seems the lawyers for the Western Un Dion were in entirely too much of a hurry to get into court and "balled np" the eas9 In great shape. The demurrer sustained yesterdsy by Judge Poljld^k hat th« effect of throwlqg the o«it p ^Jeouct.— Topeka Capital. A ^FTER weeks of preparation our store is now crowded with Christmas gifts for women and children. Everything you might wish in wearing apparel for women is here and at a price that will be tempting. Furs, Suits, Coats, Waists, Slippers, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, etc., in endless variety and if you would select something for the home, here too we are prepared to give you exceptional offerings. As usuol the store will be open evenings until Christmas, beginning tonight. ChrlMtnin» Post Curds nt. per dim- en 10<* and aOC Other valiii'H ui •15 aiid W)0 Waste Paper naHkets. worth iTic, now 100 Other values at 506 to *50 Dulnty Aprons at 15, 35. li't, 50<^ Other values up to #1.50 Tam-O-Shanter Caps In melton cloth and bearskin, worth 85c and $1.00. Choice ,596 Suit Cases at.. .. $3.50 to »10.(K) Heavy full leather Suit Case, strap and brass trlmmijigs. a special value at ^ Ji;0.,50 Traveling Bags priced at . «1.25 to $10 Black Leather Sfaiopping Bags, leather lined, small c6in purse and card" case, $3.00 and ,$3.50 bags. Choice $1.49 ChildrenTs Crib Comforts, covered with fine quality silkollne leaf and floral patterns on white ground, yarn tied. Price $1.00 Other values in Comforts up to $15 Cotton Blankets in tan or grey price 456 Other values up to $T^0 White Crocheted Quilts % size, price u $1.00 Other values up to $5.00 Wool Crib Blankets In white with blue and pink borders, ribbon bound ends price $2.00 and $i >JS0 Gold or Sliver Handled Umbrellas, worth $3.00 and $3.50. 5 Choloe $^..30 Gold or Sliver Handled Umbrellas, worth $4.75 and $5.00. Choico $3.29 tlM 3Iunslng I'nlnn Suits ilJQO. No. 945, sizes , 4, 5, G, regular price $1.50, Ki)eciul sale price, suit $1.00 Fur Trimmed Kelt House Slippers, for women, black, blue, green, red and brown. Price pair $1.00. $1..50. $1.05 and $2 Neck Ruffs In cream or black, the $5.00 ones re-marked at $3.T5 And the $6.50 quality ....$5wOO New Belts at : 506 to $3J>0 MItick and ctilnriMl l,i:iilii<r lliiiiiliilr SlliipiTi^, all Hl/i-K. I'rIo- jiulr $].(NI KilIt . SII.'IWIM . iW'k 'H eai'li $ I. $1.50. $2. $2.50 iiiKl $3.50 Tin- lifliiii'aiur would niakt' ;i nice Clirlsiiiin.i prfKfiii. price, a yi-ar.. $1 . Buy her a Ulove (k-Mlflcalp; gloves can be fitted any time $1.(M>. $1.50. $3.50 and $4.<M> Tailored Waists in cotton or linen, price $1.50. $•>. .$2..10, ,$3 and $3..'iO Taffeta Silk or Messallne Waists In black or colors, price $4 and $-(..10 lllack or colored Wool Skirts at $.K(M > to $1T.50 15'ack or Colored Cloth Coats, priced at .$4.50 to $3T..'50 l,<ing Silk Kinionas In floral and oriental patterns, priced at $5 to $10 (Jernian Robe Blankets in tan. blue, red, black and green combinations, suitable for bath or lounging robe.s. price 1... $1.25 to .$3.."50 One lot of pictures, mounted on heavy mat card board, .subjects by Chandler Christy. Reniinlngton and other tioted artists, ("hoico while Ihey hist 256 Fancy Ribbons 4 to 7 inches wida. value.s up to 7."c. Choice 356^ Fancy Ribbons 5 to 8 Inches wide, real warp prints, values up to $1.25. Choice 496 Silk Stockings for ladies in pink, bMie. green and tan, all are made with double soles. |)rlce, j)ulr $1.2.5 F.incy Embroidered Silk Hose, price pair $2..10 Holly lloxe.s 5(k. 7«40 und 106 Holly Seals, package 56 Ouinined Christmas Uiliels for mark Inn pafkaKe.s, one dozen labels In book; iirlce 106 llt^lly Tags and Holly Itlhbon of all kinds. ChriHtmas tree oruanients. priced at, each 16 .56 Or dozen. 106 <" 456 Fancy Collars mtide of net ruclijlng and ribbon, put up In Individual boxes pink, blue, maize, lavender and white priced at 506 to $2..50 I'AI.I.MAN IIAMMii-:i{('lilKFS. I'ullniaii llliliillii'rclilerH i>il i^ale at 56 l.ailicH' I'uie Miii'ii plain lu'iiitned or Taiicy stripe and plaids, at 106 Faiicy eiiibroidcied corners with plain ceulers or ailover embroidered deslKus at 1.56 I'laiu linen unlauiidered with initial conier. fancy allover embroidered, plain center, eiuliroidered corners ai ". :i56 Six for $1 .35. {•'ancy I'ross Bar embroidered and initial.'-:, plain In -ninuHl lin »-n, fancy enilMDiJereil border and bemined at 356 Thiee lor $1 .00 .Ml over enibroideved patterns with wre:i!h corners, embroidered edges, dotted border and corners, plaid centers, lace insertion and edge, plaid center, (embroidered corners, check centers, lace iuseriion and edge plaid (•entt -r, dolt(?d eiiiliniidei'ed corners at 506 Ai!<n-er check i-nibroidered corners plain center enibroidered border, allover rose and leaf enibroidered at, • ach (;.'56 Plain sheer linen. Irish i>oint lace edKe, plain center, embroidered border corded and embroidered border at T56 Check and embroidered border, plain center, lace and Insertion edge, check center, lace Inscrlitni and edge oilier Handkerchiefs mi to,, $(>..50 KFLiTlIKK KOAH. A mark down on the price of all Feuiher Boas, while, pink and blue boas. The oties that were marked and $2,7.'. are now $l;95 $r..()il are now $3.!).5 $f;.iil» are now $4.1.5 $7..'lit are now $4.9.5 $!t..".i) are now $0.4.5 $10 .01) are now $0.9.5 .Money llak lllack Hilks make Kood preMenis; Ihey 're IIIKII eliiss SlIkH. yet not e .viravaKntit. .Money ilak Silks have iletaclialile selvage and the name Is woven on every Inch of the sulvuge. .Money llak nieiins Just what It says, your niuni -y hack If not satisfactory wear in every .vurd. 21, 26 und 34 Inches wide. Price, .vard $1..50 Metis House Slippers In everett and opera stvies, tan or black, price pair $1.25. $1..50. $1.75 and $2.00 Chililreirs Felt House Slippers with lambs wool insole. I'lice $1.00 and $1.25 Infant's Soft S4 )le, Fur Trinuned Shoes, price pair 506 Some fine hand made and band painted Leather Goods were moving too slow and rather than wait until invoicing time we have cut the price (Hie -lhird and one-half. What would la nicer than a gift for lady or gent than <uie of these rich leather pieces. They were all designed and made at the shop of the Indian Horse, Albu- (|uerque. New .Mexico. 2.".x2."« inch Lily design, rich olive lint, was $7 .rii>. now $5.<N> 27 inch Pond l..lly circular pattern, dark green, was |G.50, now . . .$4.50 21x45 inch Grape pattern, rich oran.i;e colo. • - was $15.00. now $9.85 It;x25 Inch Lily oval pattern, maroon center, was $4..50, now . . .$^{..50 $5 ,110 Burnt leather Pillow Tops, now $3.50 Subjects. Bucking Broncho, the Bucker and Chief Great Kagle. Instead of $5.00. now $3..50 Dragon Pillow 16x24 Inches, was $7.50, now $5.50 Leather buck Post Card Albums with picture of library, court house, .Methodist church and railway power hoiiHe. I'llce $1.00 Special prices on Christmas Hells In dozen lots. Teddy Bears 756 and $1.25 Red Tissue Christmas Bells At 1.56. 206 and 256 Indian Rail leu niaib- b.v I he Navajo Indians, hand carved. I'riee 356 Hand inmie Wool I'illow Tops. filHile by I hi- .Navajo Indians, were $2..5i). now $1.9.') Indian .Moccasins priced at $1.(M>. $1..50 and $2.00 Burnt Leather Blotters, souvenirs of lola. price 256 Leather Indian Papooses, were 25c. now 1.56 Itiirni Leather Pi])e Racks, souvenirs of lola, i>rice $1.2.5 l.i-alli<-r Ba.t;s. souvenirs of lola, price 756 Ladies' Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, each ,56 Fancy Bordered Cambric Handkerchiefs ,56 l>ozin .5.56 .•K special showing of Hand Painted China, the work of Miss Charles and .Miss Chamberlain. PriceJ at $1.00 to $35.00 Fancy Box Stationary.. 2.56 to 7.56 Ruchin.i; in white, black, pink blue and cream, an inch 26 A world beater, pure linen Napkins size 20x20 inches in Ivy. dot. tulip, rosebud and leaf designs, well worth $1.50; special value, dozen $1.00 Linrn Table Cloths, fine quality, size 2 yards by 2 yards, price $2.25 Other values up to $1(MM) Table Linen by the yard 62 Inches wide, bleached or unbleached, price yard 256 »« $2.00 .Napkins ISxIS. 20x20 und 22x22 Inches, leaf, dot and floral patterns, price, dozen 7."»6 to $7..'»0 Fancy Linen Towels, plain lienimed or rilii ;;.d, priced at 106 1" $1.25 Lunch Cloths, Scarfs anil Siiuares, one lot at 196, other values up to $2..50 Silk Candle .Sliad.s In green, piiik and b'ue, i>riced at 856 Shade holder.- 106 Tuesday Evening, 8 o'clock 95c Scarfs and Squares, hemstitched and drawn work at 3 9 cents ,ft *i 11

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