The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1949
Page 5
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__MONT>AY, SEPTEMBER W, 1949 Russia's A-Bomb Would be Lethal Moyb* Not at fottnt As America's, but Just as Effective By Howard W. BUkeslee AMceUled Press Science Kdilor NEW YORK, Sept. 26. Wj-Rus»is need not possess atom bombs as Powerful as American atomic weapons to be on about equal footing for atomic war. If the Soviets have the bomb it is probably nol as powerful as this country's newest bombs, But the ' Sower of the bomb usually does not determine its effectiveness. A small bomb often can do lust as much damage as a big one. A ruling factor in governing the extent of damage is the terrain— -. the hills and shape of tile earth In the area where the bomb is dropped. « The more powerful atomic bombs only two or three times more de- "ctive than a small bomb, will hot destroy an area noticeably Breater than the smallest possible atom bomb. The United states today has A-bomb* more powerful than our , Japanese and Bikini bombs. That. has been announced by the Atomic Energy Commission. The U. S. bomb may be two or three times, or even ten times more powerful than any bomb the Russians may have. However, ten times Is unlikely so soon. But, depending on the terrain, the more powerful American bomb might not do any more damage than our first "baby" bombs. However, if terrain is just rlglit the greater destruction of the biz- eer bombs would be noticeable It Is possible to produce dud atom bombs, but In science, nobody expects Russia or anyone else to be handicapped seriously by dud bombs. The mere possession of Plutonium which Is an automatic byproduct of an atomic furnace, or atomic pile. Is thought by many scientists to 'assure the possessor of ability to mate bombs. • The only handicaps are the necessity of developing chemical and other processes for handling the explosive stuff. This development is slow work, and is the reason why Russia was expected to need soni. Drears before she could make bombs ^Russia's proposal to destroy existing stockpiles of atom bombs has puzzled many scientists'because it . Is not possible to destroy stockpiles You can only delay their use Anything that produces Plutonium or uranium 235 gives you a stockpile of atom bomb material You produce this bomb Plutonium whether you wish to or not. merely by building atom power plants. The bomb stocks which America now has can be converted into power plant atomic fuel. The conversion Is not difficult. the United States •pplies equally to Russia In changing bombs to peaceful uses or changing the peacetime atomic power stuff Into bombs. (AMC.r COURIER NEW8 RISING YOUNG AUTHOR-Thirleen-year-old Egon von Asow, a high school pupil in Berlin's British Zone, seems like any average , ny average schoolboy as he plays with his Icy railway. Bui don't let it loo] you. Dcspilo his youth, Egon is a well-known author. He's already written one hook, un llie philosophy of Goethe, and is hard at work on a second volume. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Best Average Man Can Do is to Let UN Do the Worrying About A-Bombs former County Official Charged with Larceny WEST PLAINS, Mo., Sept 26 — 'S" -.. H!>rr y McGoldrick, former Howell County treasurer, waived preliminary hearing on rive separate charges of grand larceny Saturday In connection with money allegedly missing from county funds McGnJdrlck and his brother Paul |*n succeeded him in office Iri WFI, are both free on bond on em- NE\v YORK — Wi— Naturally ev eryone today is wondering what he should do about the atom bomb. The best possible advice to follow is—don't buy one now on a rising market. Why have one around the house at all? YOU can't tune in a baseball program on it like you can on a television set. It's too heavy to throw at a cat and too big to fire at a burglar. And the resale or trade-in value of a used atom bomb is practically i-.ero. • Nope, you might as well turn the whole matter over to the internal diplomats"of the United Nations, whose theme song is: "You Show M e Your Stockpile, And I'll Show You Mine." I think the average man will! be glad to let it go at that. For he has become bored to death with the atom bomb. He is annoyed at seeing what was to be the century of the common man turned Into the century of the big firecracker. And he isn't happy to know what I the S64 question of his generation well may be, "Where do we blow from here, boys?" Lincoln "Choice" Recalled The plain truth is that the atomic era to date has been nothing but an affront to the dignity of man. It has been a goose-pimply period ever since the moral mushroom shadowed Hiroshima, it has been a time of scare, fear and crisis- East and West. Have the Russians solved the secret of the atom bomb? Well, there Is good reason to believe yes. But what if they have? People weary of fear, and mankind is running out of goose pimples. Abraham Lincoln is reported once to have 'oten challenged to a duel. bezzJement charges holding them responsible for $15,250 shortage during their respective terms In office. •McGoldrick was released today on 310,00 bond. His trial will be held in circuit court here next month. Given the choice of weapons, he immediately suggested "shotguns at five paces." His opponent wisely dropped (he matter. Today a duel with atom bombs could be as mutually deadly to nations as shotguns at five paces would be to two individuals. ' Atom bombs can be delivered by plane, ship, submarine or rocket —every ;vay except by parcel post. All nations that took part in any such merry warfare would suffer and tnecasuilties would be measured by entire cities rather than platoons. Communiques of Ihr. Future Imagine tne communiques: "A joint force of allied bombers loday attacked and wiped out Minsk, according to plan. Our interceptor fighters encaged an enemy flight over the Eastern seaboard and shot down so planes. Boston is missing." Four years ago I toured stricken Nagasaki, a black scar in the hills. Room by room I explored the shaUercd concrete and steel modern hospital in . wh | cn evc „ t had been killed. But the dead had been carted away by then, stacked, doused with gasoline and burned. What impressed me most were the windows-trie glass had melted and run like dribbles of candle wax. There is much wise talk about how to protect yourself in the event of atom war/are. The experts agree that dispersal Is fine. But they don t explain how a man who owns a delicatessen store off DroaSway can move it to a cow pasture In Wisconsin and still sell enough sandwiches to make his living Actually about, all the ordinary citizen m any country can do about the atom bomb Is to dislike it anct pray that nobody blows a bugle 14-Year-Old Killer Is Returned to Colorado Prison CANON CITY, Colo,, Sept. •» (AP)—Jimmy Melton, i tiller at 12 two years ago. Is again Colorado Prison Convict No. 24838. He muffed a chance to get another start and now is back in the slate penitentiary u iU youngest inmate. The solemn - faced bespectacled boy was returned to the prison Friday. The parole under which young Mellon was transferred from the prison to Boys Town near Omaha has been revoked. This ts because Jimmy ran away from the community where so many boys have learned to make good after a bad beginning—ran away and hit a Council Bluffs, I,, man on Ihe head with a pip* in an atempt- ed robbery. The blow wasn't hard enough and the Intended victim quickly overpowered the boy. Mellon shot his sister, Phyllfc. 1« to death in their home at Las Anl- mas, Colo., In December, 1947. He was convicted and given a sentence of 12 years to life Imprisonment. But he never spent any time behind prison walls. Warden Roy Best said he was convinced Jimmy was "a good boy at heart" and took him into his home. He lived there and went to school at CanJon Oily until his transfer to Boys Town. IN' THE CI'ANCERT COURT FOR TIIF. CHICKSAWBA DISTRICT OK MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AIIKANSAS Thomas Jolley, Pltf. "• No. ll.OM Inns Jolley, Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Irma Jolley, Is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas. , within thirty days and answer the I complaint of the plaintiff, Thomas . Jolley. I WITNESS my hand as Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof on this the 11th day of September, 1949. Harvey Morris, CJerk By Anita Sykes, D.c. G. W. Barham. attorney. I hereby appoint Ed B. Cook attorney ad litem In this cause. By Anita Sykes. D.C. Harvey Morris, Cleric I accept this appointment. Ed B. Cook 9.19-26-10,3-10 Christmas in Scandinavian countries begins on December 13 and ends January 11. Milk /or human consumption Is obtained from the cow. goat, rein| deer, yak, zebu, buffalo, camel llama and sheep. New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button in Ear Chicago. III.—Deafened people tk hailing a new device that gives them cleai hearing without making them wear a receiver button in the They now enjoy songs, sermon friendly companionship and biud ness success with no self-consciou- feeling that people are looking i any button hanging on their ea With the new invisible PhantomoU, you may free yourself not only from dcnfncss, but from even the appearance of deafness. The maker* of Beltone, Dept. 40, 1450 W 19tb St., Chicago 8. III., are so proud o4 their achievement they will glad) send you their free brochure il plain wrapper) and explain how yoi can test this amazing Invisible de vice In the privacy of your own horn without risking a penny. Write Bel tone today. NEW YORKER 4-DOOR SEDAN does more thanyoull ask of any car '•••Let the cor prove it! r-r *rMn» wtthmrt .hlfring in the car with ie simplest .utotnatic transmission of all i ... me car that gives you complete control. '* "** - and *">»" lha ' , ny olher c , r| y , , • ?* *•"."•" and body, (here's ' .,, , n *™ f ™>"t no other car gc.s tt Ihe factory. Look at the Safety Rim wheel, . . . blowouts can't ihrow a tire under almost any normal driving. S«» how common Mn>» and imagination in engineering and research make you more comfortable. With chair-height scats. With bcnulifiil interiors for full size people. Tdophon* your ncwby Chry.l.r dcator ... he will bring the car to your door. In any body slyle, 4-door Sedan, Club Coupe, Convertible Coupe, the powerful S-cylimJcr (Sew -\ orkcr will do more for you than you've • skcd of any other car. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY . 121 E. Main Street DON'T MISS THE OCT. 4™ ISSUE OF THE COURIER NE FOR THE m OF THE GREATES iTAIl EVENT INBI HISTORY! -COMING OCT. 4th-

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