The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 5, 1971 · Page 58
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 58

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 58
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People In the News Boosts Luci (C) 1971 N.Y. Times Mows Service COLUMBUS, Ohio-Dr. Janet Travel!, who was the late president John F. Kennedy's per gonal physician, told a women'* group here that she had in mind just the woman who would be Nugent, a good choice as the nation's first female president. That person, she said, is Mrs. Luci Johnson Nugent, the younger daughter of former president Lyndon B. Johnson. Mrs. Nugent "has !he same kind of concern for people that Kennedy possessed," said Dr. Travel!. Liked Tour ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - The Rev. Ralph David Ahernathy says his recent lour of Eastern Europe was the greatest experience of his religious and civil rights career. ihcrinitliy "I've never been more gra- ^ciously received any place," 'said Abernalhy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Just back from a 14-day :swin.g through Communist nations in Europe, he said Monday that he delivered some 20 sermons and lectures and met ,with several peace organisa- tions. Plans Appeal { JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) .'James Earl Ray will appeal his '99-year prison sentence for the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in April 1968. James E. Kay Lawyers for Ray, 41, announced Monday Ilia appeal will be filed later this week in the stale Criminal Appeals Court. The appeal will be based on,several factors, the lawyers said. Still a Gl NEW YORK - Army Pvt. Thomas W. Callow, 21, Weehawken,. N.J., explained Monday why he is returning to the A.rmy after going AWOL al- tost two years a.go. Thorn OK Callow , Callow was one of the "Ft. Dix 38" convicted of riot and arson after a 1969 stockade incident. Callow's case was overturned in August when the military court of appeals ruled that his confession was improperly obtained. Now he is going back to face possible retrial on the old charges of desertion, to settle his status once and for all. Defipite his determination not to cooperate with the military system of discipline, he insists, "I have to go back, i have to •get the U.S. Army out of my Mo," Nixon to Travel KEY BISCAYNE, Flu, (AP) ~ President Nixon will fly to Elklns, W. Vu., on I'Ylclay to participate in Iho nnniuil Mountain Stale KontHl, l^iHtlval. Pre-HH Socrotnry Uomild L, Zleglor In unnoiiiKiliiK I ho trip Monday dirt not dlKclomj Nix- on.'8.'))rccls« ltiiiunii',v but Hald he would ruhtm lo Prlclay night, 1IIL WINNER—Weaver, a 300-pound Galapagos tortoise, is congratulated by admirers after he scored an upset victory over two Aldabra tortoises this week at (he Brookflcld, III., wo. Weaver made the quarter-mile in 1-hour, 2 minutes and 35 seconds. One Held Monday The City Recreation Commis- lion met Monday night with a roup of parents seeking penna- lent facilities for a youth box- ng program. Earlier, Hulchinson Athletic Club had taken such ;i proposal before the City Commission which requested that boxing enthusiasts work through the Recreation Commission. Nearly 50 people — 30 adults Hid their children — met with commission members at the ihadduck Park Community Csn- cr. Feels Mcctting Successful "I feel like we accomplished omething last night. I think VIr. (Les) Keller wants to help is. It just has lo go the right ,vay — it has lo go through channels," Mrs. Homer Davis, 51G West B, said Tuesday morn», ll°r son Gary, now in Hie service, participated in 1 h e •lu'chinson Athletic Club boxing vngram for seven years, staring in the peewi-e program. She '.ailed the parents together for he meeting. "Everyone thought we had oken the right step," she said f the olhcr parents' reaction. A committee was selected by he parents to meet at 3 p.m. Vcdnesday with Les Keller, Recreation Commission direc- or, to discuss the needs and de- es of the parents for the pro- consists of Mrs. Davis; Jim Beasley, Burrton, an HAC promoter and manager; and Milton Me- Vay, Wilson Road, who has two sons in the program. "I thought il went real well," Bill Hutchinson, commission chairman, said of the meeting. "Wo just listened to what they wanted." lie said the commiltse, working with Keller, will draw up plans for the program, which will then be presented to the Recreation Commission at its regular meeting next Tuesday. That commission can then make recommendations to the city commission, "It's the first meeting where we ever mzt wilh a group of parents," Hulchinson said. "I tMnk it'll help the communication gap we've had, at least." "We'll help all we can well, we'll have to vote on it," he said, referring to any proposals the croup comes up with Wednesday. _ "We'll try to offer all the assistance we can within our resources," Keller s a i cl. "This doesn'l necessarily mean financial help but includes professional and technical help. That's the way we operate with any recreational group outside our sponsorship." Dallas Inmates Riot DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - More than itOO Dallas County jail inmates who had protested prison conditions and the treatment of Dallas poor people staged a destructive disturbance Monday "ip;ht. One prisoner died and fivs prisoners and several guards suffered minor injuries. Prison aulhorilies said the only mark on the dead prisoner, Lawrence Edward Jackson, 3(i, was a cut finger. The county medical examiner ordered an autopsy. DENNIS TME MENACE Promotion Pay Hikes to 45 Teachers Pay raises for advancement were granted Monday night io 45 Hulchinson teachers at a school board meeting. Advancement through additional professional training is considered a promotion and permissible umlcr the waga frot'xc. The advancements are on last year's salary schedule under which most, of the teachers' salaries are frozen. Those receiving advancements are: Bachelor's degree plus 15 hours—Donna Allen, administration center; Martha Bloom, Faris; Rosaleen Boklt, Wiley; Anita Drak n , Liberty; R'chatxl Gibson, Hulchinson High School; Doris Bodge, Winans; Arlene Leikan, Sherman Junior High; Lois McGuire, Central Junior High; Lylc Neville, HHS; Richard Nickel, Liberty; Norman Snohr, HHS; Steven Stroup, Central; Ruth Hoffman, Winans; Lawrence DeCou, Central; Carol Lee Harrison, Morgan; Arleta Scamans, Avenue A; Lola Pearson, Roosevelt; Rose Mary Love, Morgan; Bonnie Shefflcr, Grandvicw. Master's degrees — Eva Cm, Lincoln; Jay Coffey, administration canter; Raymond James, Central; Mary Belle Montgomery, Allen; Gary Phillips, Liberty; Jack Sexton, HHS; James Swint, HHS. Master's plus 15 - Slcnhen Ambler, Sherman; Glenn Biber- 'stain, Sherman; Natalie Clinton, Central; Robert Harris, HHS; Gloria Hawley, administration center; Dale Howerton, administration center; Anna Hurty, Central; Major McCoy, Faris; Dennis Vierthaler, HHS; Don Michael, administration center; William 0, Dixon, HHS. Master's plus 30 — Esther Adams, administration center; Raymond Fcltncr, administration center; Janie Hood, Roosevelt; Woody Kramer, HHS; Amelia Mueller, Faris; Don Newell, Central; James Parker, Central; Augusta Seefcldl, administration center. Selective Service Sends 25 lo KC Twenty-five area men went to Kansas City, Monday for selcc^ live service examinations. They are: Floyd Elmer Seachris; Glenn Martin Bir/cr; Robert Lcroy Weaver; Robert Dwayne Bass; Larry Kay Symonds; Jeffrey Kyle Love; Robert Alan Duncan; Larry Ray Floras; Bobby Gene Fennel; James Hunter Spain; Daniel L. Stegman; Loron William Olson; Roger Burnel Peckover; Howard Phillip Chrislman; LaVern Clayton Moore; Ernie Pina Cabral; David Wesley Sampson; Dale Franklin Bucll; Calvin Eugene Balcman; Joseph Leroy Ryan; Mark Andrew Brown; Troy Allen Palmer; Ralph Howard Wright; Cole Raymond Herrin; Douglas Glynn Harper. Primary Focus SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — ep. Paul N. "Pete" McCloskey, Republican challenging President Nixon for the 1972 presidential nomination, has cut back his staffs in California and Washington, D.C. "The emphasis is being increased in New Hampshire, that being the most important place for Pete," his office announced Monday. McClofikey's staff reported that three paid campaign workers in California have been dismissed and the Washington staff reduced by nine or 10 persons lo bolster the New Hampshire staff before the primary. "THE LASTm j PLAYED THIS GW&, j HAD A SWELL WK WITH A KID IN OTr/W/A.WHEP£V££ WfT IS.* Legal Notices (first published In'Tho Hulchlnson News October 5, 1971) STATE OF KANSAS, COUNTY OF RENO, SS: IN THE PKODATe COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOHN A. DUNN, DECEASED. NO 7340 NOTILE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND CODICIL The State of Kansas to all persons concorned: You ere hereby nollllcd that t Petition has boon filed In said Court by Waller E, Brooks, as executor named In said Will ol John A. Dunn, Deceased, praying for the admission lo probate of the Last Will and Testament of John A. Dunn, dated September 9, 1967, and the Codicil thereto dated September 3, 1971, as Executor ot said Will and Codicil, to serve without bond, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or belore the 27lh day of October, 1971, af 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day, In said Court, In tho City of Hutchlnson, Rono Cot/illy, Kansas, In the Probate Court Room thereof, at which tlmo and place said cause will be hoard. Should you (all therein, ludgmonl and decree will be entered In due course upon sale Petition, Waller E. Brooks, Petitioner ATTEST; (SEAL) U, Victor Wilson Probate Judge Robert E. Upp Attorney for Polllloner 301 First Nail. Bank Bldg. Hulchlnson, Kansas ews Ads CALLS 662-3311 l.img Distance (iu state) 31G-GG2-1215 collect Mam Office and Plant, 300 W. 2nd, Hutcliiiison. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING HATES Per Word (10 Words Minimum) I day—per word i days—por word por day 3 cinys—per word per day 4 days—per word por day ....... < dnys—pet word per day 'i days—por wJrd por day 1 days—per wjrd por day 1 or 9 -Jays—yor word per dny . to thru u dnyt—por word per day 14 Ihru 29 days—por word por day 10 dnys—per word por day . tc »e TVic TVic 7c Me if. tc JVic Sc 4Vic wimi Ads ordered lor more than one day, but not running eonueullvilv are charged at the one day r.ilc Rummago Solo Ads must bo paid In advance. 10% discount »or ca»h with order. AH words and numbers counted. Th« News will bo responsible for only ONE Incorroct Insertion. Adi MUST bo publisher' i day bolero they may bo cancelled or changed, oul-ot-toirilt.ry rnle—9c por word wllh no dlicflunti. PLACE YOUR AD WEEKDAYS—Before 5 p.m. to rim next day. FRIDAY Before 5 p.m. to run Saturday or Sunday. '0 Schools, instruction DANCE ARTS, Miislor certified private program. Children'* classes—Tup, Bnl- ol, Acrnbntlc, Baton. Adult classes — oxorclso Interpretive, social. Materials kit urnlshod. 663-2062, 3105 Farmington Road. SANDY'S DANCE STUDIO. Tap,'Ballet ind Acrobatic. Free transportation. Call MO 2-30M. COLLEGE Graduate will do private utorltifl. 662-0.10A alter 6:30 p.m. Specialized Services BUSINESS, PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL In Easy-To-Find Alphabetical Order Auto Painting and Repairs O'MARA'S Wide-Track Town odors'the lines! workmanship In aulo body repairs or painting. Call Lawronce Hill (or free estimates. MO 3-4481. Air Conditioning"Contractor"~ AIR CONDITIONER, furnace, Inn and motor service. Russell Electric, 700 Easl /th-MO 2-4971. Alterations & Sewing "ALfEW'ATrO'NS~^""Molh~"H6ffl5r Burns, Tears rewoven. House ot Weaving, 50t East 3rd, MO 2-7241. ~~Alito~Upli<>lstcry" AUTOMODIL'E Se'iil " covers "aneT'up- holslcry. Convertible lops Installed. Truck and Iraclor seats robulll. WASSON 106 Wcsl 1st Beauty Shops F A L" C" SPECIAL!"" P'er rri n ncnTs""" 'fi .00 complete. Diggers Beauty Shop, 317 West 2nd. "Carpentering & "Masonry """" CARPENTRY, 'concrete, kllchon ' cabl- nols. Froo estimates. George Tlnln, MO 2-6109, MO 5-7048. CAR P ENT R-Yr^ON CR EYE^l riOHdl. No |ob too small. Free estimates. JOE PREVITERA. MO 5-5127. 'CONSTRUCTION'""-" ~REMODEL|FG"~of all kinds. Hadloy Capps, contractor. MO 3-41)9. "CO i [CRETE "WORK~of "all"klWds'TP'rob estimates. Call MO 2-0068. Carpet Cleaning STEAMATIC CARPET"cloanlnn~""Ca"ll Doug tor a clean rug." 663-2538. Free Estimates. room, efficient care, excellent lood, and not feel Institutionalized/ call 3-4027. 'SPECrAL"'CARE~foF"nm"burar6fy"'lady or man and wlfo, 2-0667, WILL care16?~"eTdorly"~floht'l(fmaTr In my home. MO 5-7390. Painting, Papering PAPERHANGING,wall "covering, Interior painting. Free estimates, MO 2-2955. Phono evenings at MO 2-9200. Picture Framing MOULDINGS; "Mnl57'~Nbedlbpolnr, block, dry mount. STEPHENSON'S, 1212 N. Mnln, 2-1341. Professional Services ANSWER(TE '"' Professional Service 14 E. 2nd SI. copied at competitive prices, (Lot us do your teller writing; Phone 662-4427 Septic Tanks & Sanitation ""S'EPTIc" Child Care Wi'CL™BA"BYSIT/"ln my Komo~R"efer- ences. Fenced yard. MO 5-7797. Custom Fit Lingerie SPENCER'S INDIVIDUALLY DESIGV 3D foundations, bras. Mrs. Edllh Day, Lanudon. Phone 596-2546. Delivery Service 7.IPP-O -- You call, wo go.' 66^5231. 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Sunday. Furnace Cleaning "THY-POWER Vac Cleaning lor Furnaces &_Dii;cls._SEJ?VICEMASTER, MO 2-2365. Hytii-auiic .jaiiFYlc"pai'ir "SMITH v S"'HYbRA"ULTC"" Jack""" Repair Moved — New Address 622 Easl 3rd, MO 3-4620. Ironing IRONINGS WANTED, ioc per piece. Phono MO 2-4384, Lawn Mower Service LAWN MOWER, Chain saw, all 'typos small engines repaired. HODISCO, 1217 West 4th. MO 2-0203. _ Miscellaneous Services WELDfNG~AND~DOZER~WOR(<; Albert Kolloy, 662-4042, Hutchlnson Nursing & Rest Homes ' 22 Help Wanted •WANT'ED':~"A/iocTiahTc""f5r" go'iier'af fnVni shop. Have lully equipped dlosol shop- work on all makes cars, truck and Irac ors. Llvlnn quarters recently decorated close. Coll or write Evans One Stop Serv- co, Kalvestrt, Kamaa, 855-359), evenings call 855-3556. EXCELLENT" Opportunity for pormn nonl employment. Exporloncod Indy try cook. Short ovenlna hours, 5 to 10 p.m. Apply Mrs. Shorb, Loonlda's Slonk House, Airport Dulldlntl, Phono 2-4281. MIDDLE AGED'"l/idy""lb come "a'llbr- 100113, do llghl laundry & conk cvonln'J nonl, for 1 weeks — beginning Nov. ird. Reference. 667-5864 or write Mrs. . Onulny, 12 Wosl IDlh, llulchlnson. 'WANTED: truck " Driver or Truck Drlver-Torchinan Comblnnllon, Apply In porson-MIDWEST IRON «< METAL CO., '00 Soulh Mflln. EXPERIENCED MATURE Woman for aenernl olllco work, Including accounting and secretarial duties, For appointment, phono 662-0534. "NGED RELIABLE Lady wllh car or housekeeping & child caro. Would consider live In. U5-M66 altar ? p.m. , Installed. Lackey Sanitation, Rl, 3, MO 2-0266, "Red" Wroo operator, MO 5-0158. Trash Hauling sjieclal pickup, Froo Estimates, MO 3-6373 Truck & Car Painting , building of cars, trucks, trailers and Industrial equipment. Cleaned by steam and sand blasting. ARK-RIDGE ENTERPRISES, 662-1223, Randolph Anderson. 662-6025. Tree Trimming & Removal UOI3 STRICKLER TREE SERVICE Equipped and Experienced lo handle your Iree problems. Slumps removed by machine. MO i-6215. Termite Control 'R"o'B"eR'TSOH"T6'R"Mir6~antl"P7tl""Cofl. Irol, Guaranlood. Licensed. Insured, MO 5-8710. P.O. Rox 483, Hulchlnson. Wiring 'QUALITY Electric wiring'and repairing (Independent). Russell Electric, 700 Eajt 7lh. MO 2-4971. Wedding Service WEDDINGS — by civil servant —Rov- eranl, Dlonlllod, Legal — FREE marital counseling. 665-8842. Announcements 16 Special Notices NO PLACE to Go With Your Old Newspapers? If not, drop them oil nt The News Plaza, imd Ihoy will bo sold for recycllna Into pa'.ior products. A red and v;hllo tr.illor wllh Iho slooan "Ro-Use Tho Nows" Is Iho depository. Of course any old nowspapors will be accepted, This Is a public service of Tito News. Proceeds will go to thu Reno Counly Environmental Prelection Committee. When Iho tlmo comes lo choose n memorial for a loved one, will you know where lo look? How lo decide? What lo ? There Is someone you can rely on lor sound profosslonal advlco. Memorial Art Co., 1300 Nlckcrson Ellvd. MO 3-3141. A NO LONGER USED PIANO AND A LOW COST Hulchlnson News Want A/J can bring you cash. Dial local 2-3311 or call operator collect 662-1215. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will holp those who sincerely desire to stop drink- Ing, MO 3-9681. 17 Coming Events SALE — Wednesday, Thursday, ANTIQUES Galore, walnut furnlturo. Olhcr iloces and brass, IV4 ton air conditioner, maple bunk beds, miscellaneous. Vi mile east of K-61 on 43rd SI, GARAGE SALE — Wedneixlay and Thursday, October 6lh-7lh, Antiques, furnl- uro, clothing, and mlsc, 15 Glass Manor (one mile west of Doskocll Sausage on K-61,) RUMMAGE SALE 804 Wosl B, October 4, 5, 6, 10 a.m. till dark. Clothing, women's drosses sl/.n 24'/a down, Jewelry, furniture, tools, dishes, miscellaneous. GARAGE SALE — October 6-7. 9 A.M."i:P.M. Clothes, wigs, motorcycle and miscellaneous. 3415 North Maple. 3 FamHy~Garago""Salb""-" All wciik", Monday Ihru Friday, 9:AM-3:PM. 5 1 /? miles north of 30lh on Plum. "RUMMAGE 'SALE "Tuesday,""'October 5th, 910 Soulh Main, 8 a.m. Mllcholl Ctutpel Church. ELECTROLUX— Authorized Sales and Service. Alvln Fry, 2015 North Main. MO 5-6025, Belly Priest, 662-8527, 5-5723. Roule 3, Hulchlnson, Kansas, I will not be responsible for any debts ether than my mm. Bob Hosklns. Innerspring Mattress & Box Springs Custom & Standard Sixes QUALITY ... at no extra price. 4CO North Main MO 3-4591 Rcgci: Rents Furn. Dollies & Pads CHURCH FLEA Market, Thursday 9 a.m., October 7th, 401 East F, SALE—910 South Main, Tuesday, October 5th alter 5 p.m.—All day October 6-7, RUMMAGE SALE—9;00 to 4:00 Tuesday - Wednesday, 1610 Easl 2nd. rJ Lost & Found "FOUND ADS" (only) wlirbo~accept- ed FREE II you find something AND WISH TO LOCATE THE OWNER—Come In, . .a Irlondly ad taker will help you. LOST—Basselt female pup,' 9 weeks" old, white face, brown ears, while and black and brown spots. 1005 East 23rd. 3-5590. LO S't"^T~B row7f~arB~Wlil lci""6 r It (any Spaniel, male, In Inman. Reward. S85- 6620. cat. 1005 West lllh. MO 3-3586. LOST,' DIAMOND Irom a ring. 1 carat Family heirloom, Roward. 2-7954. FOUND — 1967 girl's Trinity class ring. Call 665-5666, 8 to 5. FOUND":" Black Icmale"'Greyhound near 3rd and Poplar. 663-2584. Found — Klltons at 429 Urban Drive, call lo Identity. "FOUND"-'.-"Siamese C'al'"Call""after' 6 P.m. — 663-2921. LOST—Male Soalpolnt Siamese cat Call 2-8308. Great: Ncc< FOR Competent Men & Women IN OFFICES. QUALIFY THROUGH ADELA HALE, •Start Training October 11 For Details DIAL MO 3-4419 Adchi Rule Business Career School Isl & Plum, MO 3-4419, Hutchlnson STUDENT LOANS—ACCREDITED ACDS — Free Employment — Step All The Way Up To A Better Job!! Train for i(. at SALT CITY Business College 'honi! Your C/irner School Avo. A & Walnut y and Nlohl Classes Veteran Approved Employment off. Apply In person at Hosjfon Colonial louse, llosslon, Kansas, WANTEDf'SorvIco slnll6n""ollondaht"A -ervlce man. OK Service Company, 25 East 30lh. MECHANIC and serviceman. Groon dyke Transport, Hutchlnson, Kansas. 662- T281. FULL"tlmo taxi cab 'drivers. Apply n person at McVay's. Need someone" Ib" live In wllh an elderly lady. 662-5333. % EXPERIENCED Truck Bocly- man and Painter. Usual company benefits, new modern <hop. Apply in person to Duane Illy, ELYS, INC., 815 West 4th, Uutchinson. CishicT-Bookkccpcr Excellent opporlunlly for responsible, dependable woman, Typing and accur.icy essential, Neat ap- poarance, pleasant personality wllh doslro lo progress to crodlt manager. Usual store benefits plus Insurance. Good working conditions. Phono lor appointment to: Marie Spitzer, MO 3-3041 Gordon's Ready to Wear 8 NORTH MAIN HUTCHINSON, KANS. 24 Snlcspfioplc Wanted CAN YOU 'spareTs"hours""poV~waW 'for in extra $50 to J60? We need 2 part lino people to service Fuller Brush customers, 662-8230, FAlf,~Bfl's"y""Money~Mai(fn"a~S'fl(b"s"r~"rTo merchandise Investment, MO 5-7680, 1101 ~ar,t 30th. NEED EXPERIENCED A 8. II Lite Agent for Assistant Manager position In Hulchlnson area. Expomo allowance, lop commission, Irinae Ijeneflls, Inails furnished. 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Also assures a fortune to live on when you retire or are disabled. Phono Mr, Brace, Ramada Inn, 663,1101, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday EQUAL OPPORTUNITY I-MPLOYER SALESMEN MEN WOMEN AMERICAN ENCYCLOPEDIA YOUR AREA GOOD COMMISSIONS TELEPHONE APPOINTMENTS NO CANVASSING PHONE OR WRITE 3245 BROADWAY K.C. M. O. PL 3-4700 B. MYERSON BOYS AND GIRLS. Earn Money soiling candy. Call 662-9369. NO STRIKES- NO LAYOFFS Hero Is an opportunity to secure yoyr ulurc. Earn a bailor living now and idvancc lo a position ol security and Inanclal Independence. No Inlerrupllon ol your miring capacity. No celling on how nuch you can corn. If you Ilko to meet people and have a pleasant personality, this can bo your chance lo succeed. Cor necessary. Phono 663-5253 lor an appointment. Large Profit Potential Distribute P.imllno rqulpmont, Callle (coding station, waloror, mineral feeders and high pressure washer. Proven throughout Iho Midwest. Local territory now available. Reply wllh resume to Ronald Donahue, Sales Managnr, Palo Allo Manufacturing Co., Emmotsburg, Iowa 50536. 26 Situations Wanted AS A" SERVICE To our" readers, "Sllua linn Wanted" ads will ho accepted a HALF PRICE lo Individuals -.coking por manont employment, Ad must ho paid In advance. Como In ... a friendly ad trtkiir will help you. EXPERIENCED Janitor needs steady |oli In Hulclilnsofi. Write llulchlnson Nawi r.ox 95-w. ODD JOns, Piilnllng"'A"Oirponlry. Mb 3-2919, MO 3-2275. 9 Public Auctions NtlW G"AIVA"NT2ED"TiN ...... "" AT AUCTION EVERY 1IIUUSDAY-- iidmo your own price, In shoots 3 It. wldoi rolls 12 (I. am 1-1 II. wide by many lengths. For Mita other weokday.i a) s«lo bflrn Shools about 3r. sq. (I,; rolls .Ic. HESS TON, KANSAS SALES BARN, Phono 32/-.M33. THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Furniture Auction Wed, Oct. 6 PONDVIEW FARM-R«d and Y«ll9W Dollcloui, Jonathan apples/ Good em- Ing fioples, t2.oo a bushol. Alia havs nelonj, squash, pumpklni, ,iw»»f potatow, onoy and fresh sweet elder, Op«n 9 to :30j Sundays 12 to 6:30. IVi mllii north I 30th on K-61. JONATHAN, RED and Golden Delicious", 3.00 bushel. Pumpkin and cantaloupe, for $1.00. Canning tomatoes, $3,00 xishel. Other vegetables. SANDY ACRES, miles north on Plum Street, Opnn weekdays B to B, Sunday 2 to B, "A'PPLES, JoN"ATriANr~"6rrmeYr"R»d ntl Yellow Delicious Watermelon, Canta- oupe, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, Squash, umpkln, Irosh elder. W. C, Sloughton Orchard, 2 East and I South o( Medora. 7: 30 P.M. OuWfliidliit] consignments of NEW anc USED HOME FURNISHINGS for ou Auction this Wednesday evening and hurr is but a partial listing: 65 new carpets In 12 and 15 ft, width and from 7 ft, low to 44 ft. long, and various sizes In bo Iwoon. This Includes tome kllchon car pel, so this Is a good chance to pick up now cnrpntlno tor your homo. Like now 22,000 BTU air conditioner, a now 70,00( BTU Colomnn heater, now 14 cu. It Whirlpool refrigerators, with small dam ago. 7 ploco dinette sets, outstanding _ piece nassott Spanish bedroom sullo. A consignment of Spanish rustic furniture Includes doak and chair, sets of tables bookcase, storage hnmpor, 2 Unssof floral divans, 3 piece hickory bodroon sullo wllh twin mirrors, new orlhopodli box springs and mallroases, Color TV pnlr of twin walnut ticdi, twin box springs and mallross, 2 ploco vinyl llvlni room sullos, 3 ploco dark oak bodroon sullo, largo selection of now rocllriors Ilko new Norgo portable dishwasher, 4 2 piece apartment tlio living room sullos mnplo bunk bods, maplo rockers, sets o J mid coffee tables, lamps, 2 apart mnnl sl/o electric ranges, Wesllnghouso rolrlgornlor with bottom froozer, Ropoi 30 In. gns range, 2 ploco blnck vlny luxi.'do living room sullen, 5 pleco drop lonf dining room suite, a 6 piece lloh wnlnul drop lonf dining room sullo, dark dining room table and 6 chairs, 5 ploco Mission oak dining room sullo, utility cnhlneh, base csblnels, chosts ol draw crs, rnoliil chlno cabinet, 4 plica blom bedroom sullo, 3 pleco wnlnut bedroom sulla, pair of twin blond beds, wolnu baby bod, high chairs, 2 ploco green llvlni room rullo, used green rocllnor, Frigid alro refrigerator, llotpolnl washer, nauga hydo swivel rocker, new acl|ustnblo loo stools, nlflhl stands, 110 air conditioner Klrby swuopor, 2 Filter Queen sweepers Llko now Nocchl desk modol sowing ma chlno plus 6 other console tewing rna. chines, occasional chairs, maplo datk black and whlto TV, card table and , chairs, 3 ploco Spanish bedroom suite with double dresser, twin bods In velvet r.ew Remington cash register, Thermolax copying machine, Royal oloclrlc typo writer, pair 01 bar stools, plus quite a bit repossessed furnlturo not listed here Wo are still accepting consignments fo this woek's auction, so bring thorn In whero wo will gladly buy I place or a complole houseful. Romombor, financing available and up to 60 dny free storage If desired. SALE STARTS PROMPTLY AT 7:30 P.M. Taylor Auction. 15 Wosl I) MO 2-072 QUITTING BUSINESS SALE Furniture, Antiques, Accessor ics, Oriental rugs, Carpet, Pic lures, Glass, Store fixture, Air conditioning equipment, Hun dreds of items for home and of fice. Starts Thursday 9 a.m. DIANE'S, 347 N. Water, Wichita NOTICE! We have discontinued our Monday Nigh Sale, but are still holding our weekl Tuesday night salo which will Includ furniture, dishes, antiques, tools a n miscellaneous, starling at 7:00 P.M. 116 S. Main llulchlnson, Kans Fred Welch Auctioneer Merchandise Page 9 The Hutnhinnon Tuesday, October 5,1971 31 Food 2 mllos East of Prairie Dunn, 1 mil* North, back 1/4 mile west. Riversbanks Apples Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Grimes Golden, Jon-Del apples. Crab apples, Klolfor pears, watermelon, urbln squash, other (rultt and vwe- ables. Fresh apple elder. Special on Jonnlhan apples, $3.50 bushel. Dltcounts on larga amounli. Vi mil* north of 30th SI. on K-61, """"PEARS " ~ APPLES: Early Dollclous, Jon-Grlnns, Wort'lhy. RUEBKE ORCHARD, 3</i mllat South of Nlnnoscah River bridge on Highway K-17, 2 East, '/a North, on the W«r side. Pretty Prairie, 32 Building Materials MOVABLE" Homes Component Homes Component Garages PERRY LUMBER CO. So. Hulchlnson :{,'{ Miscellaneous"""" 1 OAK ' FUoWlNfir'4~IncK"liip'"jlH1n5, windows, doors and bolls. 711 West 17th. FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS-for"horrm and business. Lett Electronics, 508 East 4th, USED KIRBY'S $25 and up. Klrby Co. of Hulchlnson. 301 East I5lh, 662-1251. '45~RPM'~ttflco7crs7~l5c each. HAY6S RECORD SHOP, 510 NORTH MAIN. COOLERS REMOVED or covered. Rap- Id Delivery Service. Phons 662-5821. Quickie Boots Whip up low-cost boots for apres-ski, dorm, parties! Kick up yotir heels in fabulous felt or suede cloth, hi- or-low boots with applique and embroidery. Pattern 853: transfer, pattern pieces, sizes S,M,L included. SEVENTY-FIVE CBNTS for each pattern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mall and Special Handling. Send lo Laura Wheeler, Tho Hutchlnson News, Ncedlecraft Dept. 105, BOX 161, 01 d Chelsea Station, New York, N, Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Addr*ss, Zip. PRINTED PATTERN! 30 Wanted to Buy BEFORE YOU SELL GET OUR BID, HIGHEST Prices paid for furniture, appliances, tools and miscellaneous, any quantity. Fred Welch Auction Co., 2-830B, 116 South _Maln. "~"CARt i S~F'UR¥ifURE~P'A"VS"CA"SH For Good Used Furniture 710 Soulh Main MO 3-VI23 "HfGliEST"pRlCES"paTa"76T"used~lur- nlturo, HARV'S FURNITURE, 13 Soulh Main, 663-V071, 'WANTED~Brl(l8T^SpTnlo1's'~v7lfirsomii hunllnfi experience, Phono (316) 263-1644, Wichita. WE GIVE CASH for good used pianos. Call 316-662-4816. Nelson Music WANTED: "Used""two-horse'trallerr'Wlfl pay cash. 3-7075. Get more for your furniture from Taylor Auction. We will buy one pieee or complete houseful. MO 2-0721. WE "PAY TOFDOLLAR " For Furniture, Appliance* & Mlsc, MO 2:79_93__ FREE" Newspaper Pickup In Hutchlnson PHONE 5-6361 JONATHAN, Red and Golden' Delicious, 13,00 a bushel. Cantaloupe, 4 lor $1.00 Honeydew, pumpkin, and squash. SANDY ACRES In Medora. Open weekdays 12 to 8. Sunday 2 to 8. PUMPKINS and" Watermelons by (fie truck loads. 100's of pounds ol Butternut Squash and tomaloes and Indian corn lor decoration. John's Market, 4lh & Whllesldo. SWEET POTATOES Field run. You pick. 02.00 bu. Bring containers. Also tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and melons. One mile east SI. John,—Palarwn-Rofl 1 - armcl. SWEET POTATOES-We are digging now, $3.00 bushel, Watermelons, we pick, 4 lor $1. You pick, A tor tl. Glenn Ely, 4001 N. Lorraine. 2-2684. SLIMMING your hjpline J5 one happy result of the angled skirt seaming. It adds interest to a smart and simple wool, Dacron knit, linen, worsted. Printed Pattern 4713: NEW Half Sizes IQ'/i, 12%, Wh, 16'/a, 18%, 20Vi, 22'/.s. Size !4'/2 (bust 37) takes 2Mj yds. 39-in, SEVENTY-PIVB CENTS for each pattern—add 25 cenli lor each pattern for Air Mall and Special Handling. Send to Anne Adams, Care of The Hulehlnton Newt Pattern D«pt. 312, 243 Weit 17th St., New York, N. Y. 10011. Prlnf NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP, SUB and STYLE NUMBER. P „,»„,..-„„!>"

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