Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1907
Page 5
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_ • t. ifpypAT i^iyn. PBCCTBg»!W ;______l_ r^if GREAT HOW GOING ON AT THE Oiitfitter§ for Jf en and iBoys Popular Priee Clothiers ONE PR— THE lOLA TETEKIKAUY HOSPITAL has b «cn moved to 214 West Btroet, In tho new brick bultdlnff Just com- lUetod Hud Is equipped "Kith an oper> ntlng table and all the latest appliances tor the Humane and SclenttQc trcalnicnt ot Domestlo Animals. Calls made ani'where night or daj-. Phone 13 'J for hospital or residence. FRANK S. BEATTIB. V. S., Proprietor. Ribbons, Carbons and Paper ,at SPENCER'S DR. J. F. JAXESOX, The Sncccssfiy ABC* tfonec^ Tetcrinarlan. pmm MiCTor rtHTRTWnmjnt snlM made anywhcrr. Veler inary C«UR iinswercd doyor niRht. Office with nouKln<i!i Broil. J 'hoDc 13. rcRirtencc jio lOUA, KANSAS. FOR Watch and Jewelry Repairing GO TO 0. A. LEFFLER, JETTELEB. 0L4R BEAR FLOtR Has Stood tbe Test Bccavse its t&e Best Acce|)t No Other Wm.Oberdotf, Agt CIXIJNKWS.' ^ . lURBARA Fry nnivcil this uuinWni; fnim lola »o ailo«ii (bo Wielding of lun: brnihor. Mr. Vone Pry and MtsK Alvorta UlnRlor.—Uiwronco CJa- ' If you need a farm loan come and see us. We can RCI your money In Iwo days. The nedwcll-llny Realty Co. ; MISS IDA. l^oUard returned honie Monday from l>aUarpo where she has bwn vIsItiivK her sister. Mrs.; T. An (lorson for the past few days.—Tor jfciUo Republican. Powell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. B. F. SlUNN made a business trip (o lola this afternoon.—Chanute Sun. Six Per Oent Money. R. M. Cun nlngham. , MR. AND MRS. R. Grantham, who have boon visitinR thi' latter's parents. J. O. .\very and wife. lof; at noon for their homo in lola.—Cherry- vale Rcjnib'ican. ^ Dr. WUIcy, Oculist Cl}l>l-F!N Randall and family canio up from lola to spend Christmas with ^ohn Jones and wife.—<:oIoriy Free Press. Free dirt at Luccock's. -, .Mrks MARY Stronp, of lola. a nl:-po in M)-s. C." A. Bealcs, bas been visit- iiiK a* the nealos homo and witli oth- ftr relatives hero the past week.— Park<|r .\fc.sjiagc. P. X. Waacm Dentist Fhwe IW UUccj sTer BarrcU's Drag BUr*. K. THOMPSON and wlf.-> Kponi tliristnias In loin.—Toronto Rcpubli- i!an. Saoitol Toilet Preparations The offer W j ;ivc $i.TO worth i){ Sanitol prep iraliou.s for $1 .00 expires tomorrow. Do you want to miss tills bargain? Tlmyarc ou sale at Burrell's Drng Store WEST SIDE SQUARE IMARSHMURDOCKILL The Kunsux KUilor and rolUlrlan ^ol Kx peeled to Keroirr. ,H. .MORRISO.V, of 510 North Jefferson has Just received a letter from his son. Upb MoiT^son, a former Tola smelterman who is now working at IJoiso. Idaho. Bob says the flnancial trouble has affected the west as it; has tho cast s, aiunuLAH, Geaeral Oontracter. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks sn* CurblnR a Specialty. 0«ci> IIS East JaeksoB Ava. Ph *M - Inipriivoil ai-.e iraol on FlorlrI»llne lor iiale on terms. Call i)hone 1050. MKS ill'JN S'IKIM. .Mrs. Thoodnre .John.'on mill Mr.-*. Arrhle Hi-own. of hila, an- ilio KILL'S df Mrr!. 1). C. N<>t; t ^'v.- - C1I;MIIIII> Trilxiiie. Dr. KeyaeMs. Phoae tM. IM . 114. • TUKi;!-: is a now fad at Ifi'n. Tl '.o iiooplo thoro iiiiili .Inu \aira.,ultii;oi-. whirli tasl< s ;:oiiiolliliitt lil.o a railroad .•<rrl()ii)f a :nl Io ;i \<"s a f;is(o In tli>- uioiith tli;il siiL;;i -s;s a Cliinosc fun . rHi. -if ilio plain lirifiil^.s ar- fostrri have hoMlos of Ilio coniponnd- • n tiioir cioDiinK. and tlie prtlleo bo- ilovo tliat somebody is doing a land 61fioo liiisiiicss sellsnK Iho nilxtnre. It is lip lo tli3 .illoniey sonoral to drrJdo wlii'llKv .ia:ii;iipa pin^or Is a h pal I 'ovci aKo.— Kniporia Gazette. Iowa Store Big SpeciarCut on on all kinds o( Merchandise until things change. A. G. IHUnMA. Prop. lola Business College Mlkplif w* Day «»M«o*> Bookkeeping. Bngilah, Physical Culture, etc. Shortband; Letter Writlns. FABMS, In Howell Conntr, MIssonrL To Bxchinge for Cit:^ Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full ^ descritpion and price jot what you /\ J. X. GILMOUB. FoBODS, Ko. ' Spertal Kednrcfl Prices on all new and sconni! h^nd Scwinj; Machines until January 1st. SlnRer Sewing Ma- 'cbinc Co.. 110 East Madison. • , C. A. I'OTTKR. of Hiattvlile. was i^i town ycHterday on bis way homo from liila wboro bo spont Christma-= will) -\ H. Hitter and family. He also wiln<\ssod the marrlace of MJss Avis Ritk-r to a prominent yonnp business man ot Enid.—Fort Scott Repub'lcan. , Plenty of morpy to loan on farms. Other companies have nuU but we are .•;till dolnK business. The Bedweil- I |,av, Realty Co. THKRE wil be no K. U. banquet \x\ Channte this vacation, the effort to ar^^nve rntbnsiasm amonK returned .'.tiid'-nts I>einR unsnccessful. Al- 'iioiiKh ihrro are about fifty, alumni ;(nd stttdonis of tho state university in tho o'ty. so small a percent attend, d last night's m?eting that the projoet was abandoned. 'Withont the co-oi)oration of the entire "stMdent Viody, It was thought unwise to attempt a reunion and spread—Chantuo Tribune. We havo plenty of money to-' loan on farms. The financial flurry does not effect us. Come and see us. The Bed- wplI-Ray Realty Co. MISS Nollle ^^Wers of loja. is in tho city visiting with the family of her brother. O. D. Waters. She camo to the e.Ify this morning.—Bartler»-iIIe Enterprise. ' Come land see us If you need a farm loan. We handle life Insurance money and are not effected by hard times The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. i Moler Harbor Ctillege. Kansas City. Mo., wants men to learn the trado. Write for particulars now. few weeks completes by free clinic and expert in- •strnctions, poaltifuia waitini?. Don't Iclay. TDK A. 11. T. A. will moot on noxt fiatnnlny evening at which timo tlio litter of rreslilent Wtill, nsklnic tlia; Ilio juliilslors of (lio Wifforont ehiiro!i- OS oIiHorve Sunday, January 1!> jis •.OIHI governniont day, will bo road and acted uiion. HE DEMANDSA TRIAL WCM. lUIKTNKTT of the Brown Drug company relnrnod last ovoulng from a short visit witli friends In Thayer. Seven room binise. ioi aiid a half, plenty of friilt and close in, to rent for $i;;.no. Hamilton Uros. V. T. CIHCFrrilAM. clork of tho di.s- irict eoiirl. reeeived from Jtidge Fin- loy by express yestorda.v morning, a 'arge \ilctnre of Judge StUlwoU. dtily fianiod. The likeness admirably faithful and strong and an inestim- :ible pri/.o. Tho picture will lie pre- sentcii to the bar of ^\^I .'5o^ eoimt.v, and officers of the court at the con- vrninc of di.strict court th? second week in January, by Judge Stillweli's l)opular and respected successor on tho bonch- en whicb occasion then- will doubtless be appropriate formalities. It will have a permanent and '•on!:i>;ei!ous place on the wall of tho rourt room and will inspire feelings of reverent pride and sincere love In all the i>eople of WIson county who com? to behold it.—^Predonia Citizen. Dr. Brookins, Ft, Scott Colored Physician, Tired of Continuances. Tlio lio.iiiMu; ,,r Dr. C. llri-d. ins. llio l'"!. .So"ll colnror; jv.ho IK cIiMi ^i il Willi iiKiiivlaiiglil 'M. ill lioliii; liiiplloaloil ill IIK- Maiido K^'ll iv o.iso, w:is. (in iiK'tioii of Die sliilo. oonlliiii'd In Jiisllco mini at Ft. Sooll today for ton days, Tlio ollleors at {•'ml Sooll sini Ml ihat lioy wantod a coiilliiiiaiu'o '.liat tlioy tuivlit eonlor with tho lola <im<. TV. Wlicii (ho slal<' ;i.-ko'I for a onnliiiii ani'o. Dr. llronkiii.s" attornoys ;in- (uiiiiiroil that if tlio slalo did not .-ip- IK'.'ir ro.-idy for trial li'ii days lioiioo tii,''y would ask that tho caso bo di.i- niissed. Mr nrookins'- attonn-ys said they were anxiou? to have the case come to trial. General blacksmltblng and horse­ shoeing a snecialty. 20r> West street, in I.nccock's old stand. All work warranted. LEW L. REESER left today for Hartford after a visit with Miss Sarah Black. He will go to Victor, Colorado, in a short time. JENNINGS Walters of Mllford, KB.. I.s spending the holidays with his brother and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Cary Walters on South First street. B. F. PANCOAST and J. B. Fermis have returned from. Topeka. where they have been attending tho meeting of the State Horticultural society. The meeting this year was one of the best attended of any meeting ever held by the society. HOMER. Nellie and Merle McFarland will, leave tomorrow for Nlcker- son. Kjis.. their home, after making a short visit with their grand parentis. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Henderson. NVlrbita. Kas.. Dee. :!0.—Col. Mar- sliall M. .Mill-dock, a noted pioneer of Kansas, and oillior tif tlio Daily l-Ingle. -uUoved a botvuu vlvaw last uight and hi.; death not uiioxpoeled. His con- dliion shows linprovomeni today f)ver tint of last ni~bi. bill the physicians •-Tivo lilile liopo of bis recovery. Ilo has oil rbo.sis of the liver and ca- liinn of tlie stomach. .Mr. .Mimbn-k has been ill more than three week.s. I is Iioliovod by Iiis family that be will rooover from this attack. If he does rally, be may live a year or he nuiy suooiinil) in aliotber severe attack wbiob Ibis ooniliination of diseases Itvhi^s <m at intervals. Mr. Murdock is iiwnor of the Wichita Ea.ule and has lioi'ii in Kansas judilios since tho border warfare. WHO IS DEAD MAN? '•'ort Sooll slatod that Ihoy wanted a Telegram About Relative. NO NEW YEARS GAME (haunle IJets (.old Foci Plav Here. and Won't There will be no Now Year's foot ba'l game between ilio \^\ liarpe and the Chanute teams as ii:is been contemplate;?. Wendell Phillips of the \/.\ llarpe team, accepted the challenge of Chanute with the provision that he game l>e playe<l at the Electric park. Chanute with the provision that the they would telephone acceptance Sal- urday night but iip to two o'clock tbi^ afternoon no word has been received. W. ,\. Tlionip?>oii. of Gas f'ily. re roivod a viry mysterious telegram last Saturday Ili.^!lt. It c «Mitained the information lliaf a t>i-of:i:'r -in -law of .Mr. Tliompson, a barber In Barllo.-?- villo. f)Ma.. had diod in that city very siiildonly. .Mr. Thompson has looked :nii) th:' maltor and late this .'fior-umn had rocoivod no definite in- lorni.itioii ;is lo who the man is. • Tbo t .'logram fiirll or stated that Ilio di'ad man was n barber who for- morly llyi'd in (ias Cliy. No I arlioi -s have loft tiaa City for Itariosvillo loit Frank Delanoy and II iii.'iii by till- iiauio of Wl'st and ip-ltb- I r of tUnso are relnHves of Mv. Tliompsdu. This lologram might have boon for niiotlio" W. Tliompson whose home Is In das Cily. But he too has no rolativo in ilarllosvlllo. who is a Imr- h .T or who formerly Ilvod here. Mr. 'riioni |ison said today th;il h< Jiad ti 'lopliouid lo BarllosvIIle but was told th.-it they did not know of any such death. THEY APPLY SUNDAY Many Applications tor t>ev»er Connec> tiont Came In Yeaterday. Many lola citl^.ens rande apptirsi- tlon yesterday, Sunday, for sower connections, to comp y with tho or- ditmnce passed some S.'J: months ago that all closets in (h? sewer districts bp connectcfl by the firi^t of the year. Those who have not bad tho connections itvxAo are anxious to havo It done at once to escape the failure lo comply with tho order. The number of connections made daily Is Increasing. Friday there were sixty, Saturday sLsty-flvo and tod.'»y by 9 o'clock 30 permits were asked for. Qr.VSIlKIl IXDICT.HENTS. Colorado t'oiirt .SosUilned J)emntTrr.s in Land Fraud Ca«c. Denver. Colo.. Dec. 30.—.Tudgo Lewis, of the federal court, today fiuashed ill indictments and sustained all demurrers in the coal land frainl cases thereby releasing fifty prominent defendants from prosecution. Among (he deefndaiits are S. K. Keitol and fourteen others of St. I /Oiils. H. O. HENDERSON imd wife-left .odiiy for Channte after m.aking a diort visit with J. E. Hendcr.son and lamll.v. / KASTEKX .STAB OFFICKR.S. Corrccled List of forp.s to .Serrc In 19(18. I{i;V. COOK LOCATED. Pa.stnr Who Eloped With Tonng Heir, c'is Thought lo Br in Frisco. San KniiiCisco. Dec. 30.—Rev. Jere !vnod Cook. - formerly pastor of tho fliiirdi of lleniiisiead, I,. I., who It is i-laimod. left his wife eight months •iL-d. eloping with a seventcen-year- old hoiioss. r .otia Wliatey. has been located, it is said, in a flat in this city. A child lias liooti Ixirn to them during the interval, the rccjor working as a lioiise iiaiiiicr. dolnjj the hardest kind o fmaniial labor. In<iniry this morning at the flat revealed the fact that Iho couple bad tied with their child. WANTED—Good cook. J. O. Rogers. 'J Buchanan street, head of North sueat., The list of Eastern »lar timeors which was given lo tbo ItoKlstor on Saturday was lueomploio. and the cum nlllre reiinesl that the following lamcs be added: Secretary—Mrs. S. A. Ellis. Treasurer—Airs. Crabh. / Ass't Cimdiicf resK— Mr.s. Co.t. C Ada—l!e!Ie Tr«v/«. ,/ Hiiili—.Mrs. Troutman. ' / Ksibro—.Mrs. W, D. Wfdfc. / .Martha—.Mr.s. Cnlbert.'itm. Eiecla--.Mrs. D. E. Bush. Relief C<mimittec—Mesdamcs Willey Sleejycr, R{)binson. Finance Committee—Mr. Kirk, Mr. .Morris and Mrs. Turner. • For 1908 You Will Want Calendar Pads Calendar ,$tand«. XP « Blank Bonks. Invoice Bookn. We hare the poods. Our prices are right Come and sec ns. Evans Bros. Book Store DistiUel titer One hundred pounds of Crya- tal Pee will make 12 gallons of dlatllled water loitabl* for (axnUy oae. Try It Iilalce&CoMStirageCtt FRANK RIDDLE, t^tt. SHIP STOPS FOR OPERATION. Passenger's Appendix Removed on Transatlantic Liner. New York, Dec. 30.—A\'hen Christmas eve festivities were at their hpiglit on board the steamer. Panno uia, in today from Mediterranean i><)ints, the Cnnard liner was brought to a stop in order that the ship's surgeon might have the most favorable condition under which to perform an operation for appendicitis. The steamer lay to for one hour while the delicate cutting and stitob- ing was done. The patient, a man passenger, is recoyerlns. Specials for Today KeJley's P. C. Corn, 3 cans 2.".e Standard Tomatoes, can l-c Pick Wick Peas, can Vic. Evaporated Peaches, lb I'Oe Prunes. 3 lbs 2r .c Cleaned Currant.'*. |/k>r Kb; Cranberrle.'?. i>er jjiiart lOcx^ Sweet Relish. Per pint lOc t.'how I'bow, (ler pint , lOe. .Mustaril, per pint 10c Fryer Bros. Phones 30S nnil 30 L mzaERALO Stormgm mudTraumfer Gotapmay Office and St ;OT9ge \^are Room at #5 West Street Phone 350 »TEYEK'» dROCERY •ra fM Good Things to Eat. Te|e |>hoo6 159 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms; uevr modern house; couple or 'adies. C13 South Colborn. Phone 1227. Overcoats at tuices you have never heard of. We have too many left, hence the following prices: $25.00 OvCiCoats /or. 22.50 Overcoats for. 20.00 Overcorits fur, $20.00 .$ta.oo StMO $ 18.00 Overcoats for St3mSO 15.00 Overcoats for $tOmOO 10.00 Overcoflts for $7mSO 7 .50 Overcoats for. ........................ SSmOO We must sell Overcoats. Barclay-Sbidds Gotlung Company 1

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