The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, June 24, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»ily rat« p«r HD« for c«KMcnfclva t»- •ertJona: MJmltnuui Gh&T(t to* 1 Vice yer Lin« it« 1 tln-ei per lino t*t 4*r „,,_ i£e 3 tlinos |igr jine frr d4y Be 6 times per UM p«r <J»y __ _ 7c 12 flint* per, Una p»r <Uy 6c Monti pec liuo SOc Conut flvo average words to tb* Hue. Ad ordeicd 5or three or elr times and itoipcl before expiration will 1)« charged far Iho milliter of times the ad »L- ptarrd and a.lJuEtmeut of bill mad«. All S'asslfted Advertising cony » rutUet>,m> Arsons tesiillnK outside of the city mubFvSJtaccoinpaHled by cteh. Bate* any 1)4 ej^b- computed from tli« aboT* table. Advertising ord^r for lrr*fol*r lni«r tfons takes tLe oui time i»U. K'o jespou-slbUHy will be Uk*n for more ttiiu oua Incorrect LaBertloji »t »ay clasulfleJ ad. BLYTHRVILLIS '(ARK.)* COURIER NEWS PAGE For Safe i;ll Style AnlUiu .,'1,1.• Uilk. I'lllMI,- 7 Ft. FYijridairc; Ilolpmn water heater, perfect con (lition. \\ r ritc Mrs. Jamei 15. riarli, P. O. liox !)7 lilyllieville. (i 20 pk 2 Home and two lids in (.'a rnfhersville. Corner Sixl and Highland. Sec owner For Sate 2 K Ktlloa counter Ic* Crftftm fr«)«ii'r wltk tiO tftlloa iti>rftg*. «l«etri« •>*•! <lle«r. Phoa* 97 U I,. King. Mmil., Ark. iKlnst jirlcws paEd for furniture, slovo*, ulU rlulbluie. If you Ijuve HUytlimK <" st-ll. SIM* ur rail u.s. \Vfst KuJ Auction Co, 1'lioJiD 9.M. »tlS-i-k-7llS fl. McOr»i- nipat caso. Call 22GO 21-lik--M .-«• I.litlil W,-i k -ht CKMKNT lll.OCKS. I )•:»»>• [,. lay. lilval for lions,-, or partitions in larxe IjuililiiiKS. Sin- (j" x li" i IS". Conlacl I'.iul Wlnn 111 2, Vat 412, <ir ».',-, II nilU-f ,it[ K. Hiyy. lit, \ i>f I'r.'Mori HilliU'y-.s Stor.-. IU-|>k-2l1 Hovrolt'l (nick. 'Jfi tuicr tr;iili-r «M:ifK.-*l. nir tirnk.'«, x 20 tin's. Due t!!4li •J-tnu iK-t triifk. 'If, 'S r.jol Carli-r Irnii- liii'lK-tl. «ir liraia 1 *, lll.uo *. I'O J..nv inlli'asic. W, I Osl,orin\ Jr.. MI. <i:2M,i: -.; frij:.-rflliirs. MKItCHAXTS ca-i.-s. w;ilk'in cm,l,'r ami l.f-v.T:iKC> vmil.-i or liinn, ,li:il,' il,.'i Di-lt, I1MI \V. .My. MfO n|ir,-.isor^ JniM ir lil-cV-'JS fl. Kor-li inf-al rase. Call 2'2f Tl.o Ijrst 10-I.1 Us Inn Por<I IriirV li Hlvlli,-vilt.-. Onl*- 12.01)11 miles, l.iki ,„-«-. Jolnink- .«»«-. I'l,. sr,iii1. . ,. Wiultz IKHISC trailer, fully i>i|u!|iiii>il. <':iri In. liftnglit at ri'J«' nriiv. t'-\» I,,, si-oo (in Xnrlli til liitliwiiy at K«- krlJuc Trail.'r Cniuii. Owner S. .1. Crosskno. ' OWTI I5ox .'!77, Mlylhevillf. (i 20 pk 7 4 uoulrts cleciric pumps, water Sdl'lencrs, kitchen sinkn. wiilcr healers awl allio fans. Available on farmers (onus. Nothing ,io\ V u, \villi payments duo in one, two. or three I'all payments. I'lanters Hardware (;i). .^- (> 17 ck If A few used show cases iind flatpjiop display tallies and shelving. .1. iSu-ll Brooks •>r., 107 East Main St. I'hone Sll. fl 2 ck tf Nf«- 12 fool l>ont nml trailer. $10000. v\l*u farm trairon. \Vaile Auln Hil- vnKtf. M\\'y. (il Nurlli - 1'hotii- HTS5 Hnvo smucltiiri; or F.-lf il nl Phnrm sr>9 Ton ilun't noi-ill Trmli <»-«|> Kliop. <01 E Main. I ncnr/inliiknal Sphool IJ i. E'.lylhovillo v'oacti l-'ronl l,,-, rfmvenitnit lr> tath. M nnlv. 0":i W. Mail.. I'lioni, 132. 5i:3-ck-tl Tinliy (ThT^lTs! lllayiock Hat chew. Thonc :!172. N Ihvv. (il. 0 11 i>k 7 11 {•orki-r Siinnli'l lliil>l'i.'s. rT.-a^in- h- llavs Sullivan, IliinU-IH-. U!2l-|.l-^8 Help Wanted FARM MECHANIC Want man familiar with farm power equipment. Ycai round job, house with elcclricity, must be settled sober man. Write Hox '0 Courier News. 13 ck 2i> IIKM" WANTKO We need two Rood auto mechanics. Must he experienced and furnish good references. Apply A. II. Wallace, I.oy Kich Chevrolet Co. Day Phone f>7S. nij>'ht Summer Officially Starts Sunday, June'22nd! Wanted to Buy NWnU'J I,) tiiy Iroi" owner Miiftll i or <j room Linn*. VVl-ll loc«te,l Ji inojnrn. £|UK( lii- tnloi-il ri-ue<nmt>Ki. AliAwer to 1)1.\\ Oru Courlor Ninv>. 5-lU-tl Wo pay Up prlei-i ror ui.ij rlel>ilnk', <-»<"•• ''il>v i 'J aiul I p.m. True llli... SI,.,,, H|I«I> nn,l CK.Ililin Ulore. Ulti K. Miln Slrri'l Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade, Aitto SalviiKp, North Iliway (il. Phone ;!78. r ). 5 30 pk 0 .'((I Medium xiv.o or smaii tulfe in Kooil condition, Call !\lr. Welili at 2(i(iS. li 21 ek 25 Lost -1 in.l Khll.. 1 llx liteyeli-. w,,|,l,-,l .HI. SI,,, 20. Wili-y •.',-. ICJM l-i.,|iln,-l.)- V| *ir. r.- A-l, 1,0.11 |Kii[,lli- l,.l,M',<n li,,Hili-ll I'll :IIL.l IIU lll,,\ 111,,, Kl'unlil. \V, OUTI un,l operate >oul», of .\",,,v .^evi>ti Way (•iiiuly. (iuin nn.l >'in .nach.n,- ,," I, r,,l,'l N',il'» riiini !!:,ll i,'ti,l ll'i'll. nul ilil'riierr willi nl iin isli inv,,sl C,l Civ^ pit»H L - lllkllLljiT llnx WBI- 1 . o!n IVinrier All mv anliqnes, SOIIIQ tier son;il collection, also other used I'urniiure, office furniture and balloon silk tenl. Mrs. .lames T?. Clark, Blytheville, or plione !>,|(>, Ca- Office manager and htMik- kecper position open. Prefer man hut will constdci' lady. Permanent position, fjood salary, with best working conditions. Apply • o Tom A. l.itlle ,Tr., U!y- thevillc Motor Comimny. piione 422. 2<l-rk-:i1 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 4GS—3716 For Hire I'ractur. lireaUun con.I .si".. I'l « mtherskille. C> 1 ! pk 28 T\vo-wheel (rniler with farm !)cd. (Jood rubber, good all- arninul condition. Apply lillfi West Vine: ti 21 pk 25 KUILKIl IHIO Bp.nH rllsoiijimr inslan wh.Ti o-lorlvss Firm Fiiam is iis Di'fila J'ainl A Wull^nor Store. i'al ,li'!il:iy <-asi\ Also olliei n res. KoUiiin* llrolliers. Os tV2ll-pk-2- We have position open for rishl man as assistant manager Only hiKl'. tyiic man will be considered. Good salary, good working conditions and a permanent position for I he righl man. How can a job offei more? Apply to Tom Litilc Jr., lilytheville Motor Company, phone -122. il-ck-,'!l For Kent Ice unlroou! atlie fun. Men only. 11IO For Compfefe Protection /gainst All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLIARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124W. AshM. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SK11V1C-? ON ANY MAKE OR MODlll,. HK- l.IAIJI.n WOUKMANHHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Kleptrioal Appliance Co. Authmi/i'il Miitiiri>l.t Itnflio UK; Sinilli 1 list SI. II nrr.-s - 2 miltx S V,', 11 nu.r,,-,,]. ,,i,,. !,,,!,,,• rn.1,1. pl.'uu- h>n:inl lion>os S, !:it,,-'ri,'irv ' nil srlionl 1ms r,l 0,1 ;»Trs Si.ntll \V,,-I D.-ll 'J :'.v.l I,,,,! l:|.,,-lri-i l>n :'l" mil,", N.i'rlli i.f SIvfle. i -L-riive! mail, well 1,,,-aleil. A val ttl :i,-re«-r. mil.-* Wrsl <if (Ki-oola. Oil criiv,-! r,,,,l. F:,ir improvement*. Well l.i,,i,t.,iI. line ,if the l,,-»l l-.irs-iins H> ] rfernl IliN y«-nr. r>n ?», - • 7 mil..*' s,,,uh r>f Rlytlicvillo mi^V'i" nr.-ivel ron.l. pletily of len- .101 -IM « S-ver.-tl Minilt l.nrns. Klee- hi'-ily ,in,l roiile. All fan L-j'n" :irr'es 7''iiii'l,"5 S-niilh of lilytheville. TViii ii,ii,r,,v,-l,i,'i,l« All hicln^l 1VI»- ],.iii.i -in.l. IVin li.. lir,,l,'ii up inli> «i> v L-l:iil [n ?ilir>iv yf>n any ,' 11,.- .-.linv.. forms. .\\f<- Me.t. Xnw i« II,.. proiirr linif I,, l,,'i:in l,,r.^i,iL- fur llml f.irrn. viin inl'n-I I,, l.ny II,i^ f,ili Uv l>ny- ini- i,.i« vim IMII' lali,, i.irk. A ^i.Mll !>:,y>K.-n! \vill ln>l,l ^ny ,l,-.ll im- til Ihiv fnll n! wlii-l, lime' lille "ill 1- |,^el::in:i-il. Let n« »lin»- yon llii» :fM N. lull. I'fi. -j:i:is. -:f/icTrncy itpartinenl. 2 only. L'nn Nil-,- lidlmom. Mi'n nulv. Vttlc i«n. Ci:t Walnut. I'hcme 240(1. ' Ili'drooiu. I'h. 852. 106A. E. vali- riitrani-i-. -lia K.nvi .Mai > LADIES---Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our niodciv MAYTAG MAC1IINKS. Open 7 A. M. . . . Closn n:P-0 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 32!5 North 2nd Slvcel Cl^-i'k-7i'J:l *120-iik-eP9 Wanted to Rent 3 or 4 room rnrnlBlifiJ or nr.r.irnisli—l npjtrlincnt. Bvsl of refire.l.-.-i,. Wiile W.I..O. o[o Courier Newa. K-2t If Help Wanted r,:j,. rly I. KarU. Hill Found | T,n,'k »1 1, in- l,:-v.- I- i.l.-M tlii- ;,,!. (!. 1C. Vnrl.r... Rugs Cleaned Safely! Careful hnr.clliMR ;:Uf'4>ir.vds color and Irxlnros. H:xvo them clr:inr<! uhili- vou'i'c- vicitinniiiff. Complete resigns. V/')rk nmr- antrod! PEERLESS CLEANERS !1B Ho. Franklin Phnnc a«3 lunii \villi nl-ililv. lii;; in.lnrc- invnK t..r f»"ii nml lirrli.-ir.l wiirl. Mil- \vnct-. nhil.1 IvlriilnB. Ir:;- In .Ud-r prosi-n -il-ilily. n]n>ml*' tin s>irtr<'° Cn-nt o|.(H>rliinit>- for ri|;lit i,,ni, u-hli pclnratiniml .il.ilily. <V.'I- or.-in in,ik.-« -«90.nO iiiontti p\tr^ Srli.-'.l- ini! ) rrvf.T fMfff man 2S In ^2. Kirii- rhurai-liT. Wrlli- full flimlififn- lioiis l!u« :i:l». Carlrrville. Ill, nll Hill Davis fov and decorating. Service phone .IG9. (i 20 yk 7 211 mower, rcpurtlless of Oft yours reniy now, nn,l nvoi-l tltc rnsli We iiiek on »n,l rtelivcr. Ills theville Mrtehine Shop. 211 S. 8ccoml St. J'li. 2828. MONEY TO T,OAN K> yon TtffA m hon t« rey«<r or r*wi(¥l«lT No down pay ment. nn mm-linm*. no m! t«»e. FHA «pT»ro»e«l mt« 5*. Ask tnr details. M«T , Rfcllor. nhone 20S< BWr- Rlrthevllte. Loan* MORAL: .Oftnft — on tinythinr nf Tkliif lh»i In "Tinnrsble: OM. TrnrV*. Trji"t«r*, Honj-es And Fiirrhnre. Abo F,H A. hniltKn* «nr1 Ir-RTis on Farm l/nnilN nl Tnw r«lf« nf (nterest. R*e • A. P Tti<»- Irir-h. Unltefl lnsnr»nc«- Airrnry. COO'f ^V. UftU St-, DTW Qutrd'n J«w<-Uv Sto-.e. . 6l2-ck-7|2 HKRR'S n little story right out ot the Iwok: A fellow came into a Buick dealer with a rap in his engine. The dealer said it was carhon—and recommended a valve job,Haminft a price. The owner thought that was too much "to get rid of a little noise" so he took it to a "friend" who "knew about automobiles." Tiie friend said all that was needed was to set hack the ignition liming, lie did. The rap stopped. Hut in a while it was back again. So he repeated the process—with the same result. Kijially, after several such "cures," he woke up to the fact that he was (renting symptoms, not correcting troubles I5y then, lie really did ncccln valve grind job at the first cost quoted by the Uuick Dealer. Hut in the meantime he had lost good engine performance and the pleasure of driving a well-serviced car. LANGSTQN-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 BUICK Sales & Service SAFf CABS SAVC^IVtS * 0000 CAKS 8KIHG GOOD PKICtt FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'hone <!« ALIil WlflC. II 0)11« j !>MUM» l H»lp anil euutiint*&t, Ad«- Juaurdd Colitttct Hftllllue ft Ktor»g« Co. - gUrftnt* you Ihruw :iw;iy a pttli »nf slutt's brltiK thrni lo us LiiuL * we'll It'll you M hut w«% can do • w I Lh t ht-tn to inn no them K I vi* of It'll IM* inuUit cmndirtahlo at III Ik- cnst, dm. I HALTER'S ', Quality Shoo Shop VACATION TIME IS HERE HOW IS YOUR PRESENT CAR?*= Will it do the job you want it to do for you? '2~ If not, come in today and pick out one of these §•' late model cars. They arc ready to give you ¥• many miles of service. ' J| We Guarantee \ i RECAPPING j • with i Hawkinson Treadi j Let Your Next Tires Be ! GENERALS i • Cost More — Worth More; MODrNGER TIRE CO. «IC V. Muln Plinne ^201 Announcing rs ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring 9 Farm Wiring • Repairs Phone 2397 f.OO Noifli 5th Klrrrt Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your lluslnrss Appn-cliilrd MM I Chevrolet Special 10-ia llodjro 2 door Fertan ^* Ddiixo Town Sedan l!) l^ l''<»'d Deluxe Tudor \ 111-11 Dc'Xolo -I d'n>r iSi'dan'?'; , an , ' < li)ll I'lymmilli Coupe sl'dlm * D °°* m '' I'M) Koi-cl Deluxe 'riidor'|.);ii, Chevrolet Deluxe " Sedan Town Sednn ,; l!)-ll Chovrolel lonjj whcc-l linse cub and ellipsis. l!M!i l>'ord l,«]i>{ wheel base call and chassis. I!)'!(! ('hovrolcM. en I) ov<'r enj>iiie tractor and 2-1 1'ti '•'" Curler '[Vailev. Tire ni/.e 750 x 20 I'ront. -1 new 825 ' x 20 on rear. 000 x 20 on Trailer. .Just driven a few f> 5 miles Most of these cars have radios and heaters. Fnsy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. ! Wrrckrni Texuri Phono n rrntlurl™ ^"\7 R Z\ II r. Srrrlco Spllwrtlnr TlrM Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L. MABRY va MISSOURI ST. I'll. :(BZ7 WA'I'KH AI-'I'KC'.TH KVKHV NKIIVK, TISSIIH llllil AR'ii-:itv oi-' 'i'lii-: iiouv—CAN ri MI:AN uri n:u IIKAI.III i-'ou YOU! ANTI-ACID This N:il«ral nilnrrnl Wiler, iH-lli-inus til liistr, lends li>— 1. Stimulate Uiilnry aftlim •I. ItrmiiiLTUllzc lilt: III"')' CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blyllirvillr, Ark. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE -NORTH TENTH PhonMISI RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cineer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 5M Main, Bljlhcvlllt, Ark., Fh«nc tni FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS • QR ANY EXCAVATION 8. JICOHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • <PfaoH& 3646 0*42525 •is ; I SEAT! MOTOR CO. ! Radios and Heaters ' Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parrs r'or all Chrysler Product* New Factory Motors {; Batteries ; Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop •' MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe and Delicious Blyi-hcvilic CURB MARKET I.'IO K. Main Hume f)7:t 'RICIU.A'S POP ^ * GOOD FOOD * LOW PRICES * VARIETY Wo Spccinli?^ Ill Merchant's Lunches THE WONDER GRILL 409 W. Main Phone 3M» In There Pitching Ivnen I was your age, Car/y/e, I didn't fritter away my V3C3tion! / earned money doing just what I'm doing/ I'm going out now to see if shove/ some walks' Shove/ walks? Nobody wants their ivafhs^ shoveled this tin Gv AL VERMEET uee, that's . a tough break!

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