Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REClSTER, yOXDAT ETiyPfC. DECE3IBER 21. 1908. Your Turn May Come Next IF YOU were taken sick tomorrow and were laid up for a long time, how would you be fixed to meet the expense? Ever etop and think of that? Certainly no real man wants to be dependent upon friends or charity. Thai's enough to prevent an independent-spirited fellow from ever getting well. It takes money to be a man nowadays, and the only way to have money is to save it little at a time. Look around you here in this locality: the men who a.'-e well fixed aad independent today (except those who fell heir to what they have) are the ones who in their younger days, were close dealers and saved every cent. lyook the question squareh' in the face and ask yourself if it isn't about time you were beginning to save up at least a little of your wages. Wf ofler every facility and PIvkFRCT vSAFKTY. With Gaaolin* Motors. A story from Atchison to the effect that the Santa Fe is to roiilat-e I the hand cars used by section mf-n 1 Willi BasoUiie motors. , Tli.- rt-port • which is attriliutcd to H. W. .lactibs. assistant sniierintendenl of motive power, says that the new macliines j will probably be put in use over the entire system about January 1. For several weelis the Kanta Fe lias been j inalilM.:? tests of motor cars with tliis. iu view —Clianute Sun. —Insist on hav^ntf -r. S. Flonr. State Savings Bank Cmpltml $25,000 Open fni .-n 7 to H p. ui. Saturdays and Pay Nights I 'ralsp A. \\. JtviV. , Tlie president of the Hooslers' clulij ui lohi uciiionstrated that he was earn- ; ins; (lie honor and dignity of his of-. fire, ihe other day. by drawing from' liis Inside pocket a ((uuntity of letters t'liiiu men wlio Wiitii to establish canning fa<-lorli'B Ml lolii.—Ottawa Her- alil. i Yoiintr Mull. I If >iiu lire liHikliiK for u nire prtsetit ' fur IIKII HII'I, WI> have just wliat slic VMiiild appreciate. Opi-n until III p. iii (•l-|<llKH'ISON. North Sld« Sijimif. Another Can Well. ! Aiiotlicr I>IK K»S well was drllleil In' lavt Hatiirday on the Tliiiiu'y fariii, KimllienHt of town. The well III'IOIIKH to llie lliimbolill Moiiiircli Ceineiil Co. mill a <'iilH another one to llieir siiln;; or lilx vvellfi. — lliiiniiolill (Iniiiii. FRISJflWAN'^— Greatest Holiday Sale! Began This norning For three days we will name matchless prices on thousands of dollars worth of Dry G -oods and Ladies' and Children's Wearing A-pparel. The last call to holiday buy-, ers for 1908 will be backed by the greatest saving opportunities of the year. Attend this Great Holiday Sale! III iii-;i;alili- ii:i< k;i .:-i lur iiuikiiiK sifts .Ml .';lniiii;ir(i iiiiil |iiii'iil;if liiaiidH. Short Stories ss=s=sso r ii'i sss lola Happenings 50 cents to $5 a box I'arkeii "onI over :il r .'i ill liiix, I.oitk SPENCER'S — IVauk B. Beattle. V. S., I'hoiio i:!!t. Confinned Webster Sale. J,at»' Saturday afternoon .Jud,i;e Foust confirmed the receiver 's sale <if IIK; Webster Uefinery at lliiniboMl. Heceivcr (J. R. (Jard sold tiie propi-riy i<» llie Norlhriips. who held a Jiisl iiioitKaKe. for $ll.:;iiii. Partii's liold- iiiic a seeoiKl jiiortgaK''^>''j('(>(<'il lo the ciintirmation of sale on the Knniinls I hat it di<l not Iirins t Jirfe-fnuiitis of llii' appraised valie-. Dr. i'. K. \\m\.th. UvuiM, IMioiie Hi .MIItonN rroNiteet^. I .awreii .-e Mi'ton. niaiia ;;iT of tlie Oklaliiinui City base ball eliib. was iif the <'ily Friday MIKIII. Milloii spoki- optiini.itieaily ()f next season l>ut seems lo be In a predieaineiil in Ok- lahciina City. i4e lias on liis iiaiids a. team of "old beads" who di-manil bl,",li ' salaries and at the same time a eom- paiiy of sKiekhdlders who deiiKind that llie expenses be cut down and' the club slay williin the salary llniit. i The ehanees are cxcellenl for tin- r< lease of a biineli of tnst year's .MiM.<: .lopliii ('•'oliH. Chief Gates said tills niorniiiK that lie had receiveii no advices <( I.,oiick. Secured Divorce. Mrs. Mayme Daui:herty was granted a divorce Saturday in district court from KIsa Daiipherty. The suit, i was orlRinaiiy brought, liy Daiinherty. Tlie wifi- filed a cross bill. D.iti^Iier- ty tli'-ii left ijiHarpe. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, WhoUsal« •nd Ketoil I>ealera CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water ••ilnrii. Pboi« III. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. —'I'lie weather is always fine at Cralpli's. Also the Hot Chocolate. Rice Gunn Here. Ulce Cnnn of llie linnn real estate firm of Fi. Sroii. was In the i-iiy Sat' -.irdiiv on iiiislness. VIsitinu: at Ulcliidi. .Mrs. Cieorj -'e Kiiowlion of lol:i. i\as. ' is spending iier vacation as liie i-iiei>( of her sister. .Mrs. lOd Itlehey. of l:tl' .\orili Cieen street—Wicliila Kav.le. —Dr. .1. |{. IVpiM-r, Heiitisf, Phone IKl Alioiit Kill} Sunday. Rvaiifjelist Hilly Sunday has caii- cel'ed his dates for Wichita. There are variinis guesses as to wliy.—Ottawa Herald. Real Bstate, insurance City and Farm Loans Ixiw Kiite, Atiiiiial IntcrcRt. I'aynu'iilR received at any time witliiiiit notice, anil interest ce.'c^es on amount paid. LauK or Short Tiini^ Loans. Cunningham & Arnett —FItKironild .Sloraire and Tranifer Co. llituNcliold and pinna niorfniri inriretit ^toro rnom In rlty. Phone 856. To Take Trip. fiMcar llrowii, of near Moran, a well liiiinvii Allen cniinty teiiclier .-'wiiM in 111"' eliy Hnlurday esi'iiliiK. Me Is K"'t- Miii; ready to tinilie iin eyiended tilp llll'oimllllllt llie eiiHl. - Hard Shell Crali. l^diHteiH. Mine I'/.lnls. Our Way. Herb Brown Home. Ileibert lliown. of the eaHtern part of the county. wiLs in town Satiinliiy. I lie IH attending Haki-r liniversily'tliiii vear. He was formerly a clerk In the ('.lobe. Santa Fe \\v haw on >ale niiiler tour­ ist ticlvet> to many |t<iiiits in \cw .'Mexico and Texas, with final return limit .lune Isl. im I'leasi- see for particulars, W. i:. I{Al..sri»\. I'ictiires f«ir Wed<lln»rs. Do yon contomplate niakinf; a we.l- diii.:; «ifl soon'.' A well ciiosen pieiure is verv apiirojiriaifl. See our collection. • C. S. CCLBKIITSON. Ooen More Blocks. Hurtlesviile. Okla.. Dec. 20.—Announcement was made today by an official of the I.anyon-Starr Snieltin.a: company that its fifth block will be added as soon as arransements can be made to secure the necessary or.-. Tlie I^anyon-Starr concern has six lilo(?ks witli four operating. The Bartlesville Zinc company has had equal capacity with four idocks runnin.s. while tile National /Cine company has four blocks, tiiree o'perating. It will be but a very short time until all oi the.vie plants will be smelting lo <-.• pacity. \n .\llepory. Tiiere w :is a man in Aiiilene. who (inenclied iiis iliirst wtili kerosene. The iiejylibors viewi-d him with alarm 'ind ealliHl upon him at his farm, and •isked him if he didn't think he'd better elianne to purple ink, or Dr. Ken- ili'l''* Cure for .Manse, or try Aninio- iiia for a chaii^'e: and some i |ulet f^-el- fiii ^rew, and cross, localise he balked at pepper saiice. They Imred and worried tbis |M >or man. becHiiHc he liked Ills coal oil can; tlii-v camped HO often on his trail that he Krew sad and wan iiiiil pale; so fliiiilly lie liouuiit a KHII. IUIII KIIOI tiltnself; ere llfi' was done, he miiiiniireij:. "Tills poor life would be. a belier ihlim for you and me, for nil wboiii- d In are ilubl or wriui»;-— If people'i^ liOKeH Weren 't MO loiii;." - Walt ,\Ianoii. Fori (III' lieiil uiid i(iifi'ki 'nl ri'p .iil(>< iiNi> llif lifKlKliT'ii 'wiiiit roliiniiiN, •vt' v. f 1 Ladies' $io Long Coats $5-9^ We mean exactly what we say when we tell you we are going to sell ijidie.s' LOOK Coats, worth ?t».Oi) to ?10.(m, latest style, in OjL QO blacks, browns, an(> castors. Sale price VlllUU I Ladies' lll.ou to $12.00 Umg Coats, special $6.85 Ladies' to ?15.00 Umg Coats, special $8.50 Ladies' ?li;.OU to $18.00 Coats, special $9.75 Ladies $20.00 to $22.50 Ixjng Coats, special $11.95 Indies' $2.-..00 Long Tailored Coats, lined throughout with Skinner's Satin. Special $16.50 Doable the Buying Power of Your Christmas Money $1.25 Tal)'e Linen, 2 yards wide, yard s:>c Tal)le Linen, lieaiitifui iiatteriis .. $l..')n Silk Head Scarfs, special $1.00 and $1.25 I-"ancy Silks, at $7 ..'iO Silk Cnderskirls. special Newest Fancy Lisle Thread Wtoii- ... }{e};u!ar $I.r.o I'lire Silk Hose $1.25 Kur .\'eck Scsirfs at $.'..(10 l-'iir .Neck Scarfs til $7.5ii I'm- Neck Scarfs at .. 98^ .$4.95 $1.15 • 75<* $:J..'»O $4.95 $3.50 Long Suede Kid Gloves, special $1.98 ladies' Silk Shirt "Waists, a special lot, while they last. Choice HALF FBICE $1.50 and $1.35 Hand Bags, choice 95t .SI'ECJAI,— Ladies' new Black Voile Skirts, in a number of pretty models; the sjiecial jirice will save you about one-third. One lot 25c J.,;idie.s' Handkerchiefs, embroidered edges, special 15^ Speciiil Handkerchiefs prices. 5(^, lOc*. 12^ and np to 98e .Mi'H. lo lohi lildthl'l-, liiiil by To 8eo Brother. Cliiirles l"'oslcr IniH retuitied iifii'f coming liere to si'e her .loe WriKlii. who was iiiullv an expliiHliMi III I'i'troliii ibis Tlie liiteriuitioiiui Correspoiidoncf Schools of Scraiitoii, Pa., are liolding n window diHplay iil IT Kast .Miidlson hi reel. Spi-elal riiii's for a fi-w day> oiilv «e/k.-- Cbaiiiilc Tribune, •-^ttfxn palndnr I'hnun 142R Prod Rawami, ! The internaticmal Corresiioiidc;ice i Schools of Seraliton. . are boMInc r> J window disti'av at 17 Ka^t Madison ; sire't. Special rates for a fi -w day^' onh. I MAG V7.INKS AM> I'LItlOniCALS (an be seemed of 4. K. IIKMIFUSO.V. «ho deals with the iiiibllsliers and fiirnlnbeti tliein at tbe lowest price (Mtsslble Trial Hiibsrilpilon lo Van Not lien 'i<, liioiilliK .'5c. J'hoiie li.s 111 ,N, Itiickcyo Kmliiialeii cheeifiilly KJveii iiiioll LEOALS. (l''lrht IMilillhlied Dec, S. lUilS ) AI».>IIMSillATOir.S XiriCK. stale of. Kaii'iaK, Allen Cooiily. HI* 111 tbe mailer of the cKtat" of J. .N Deer, lale or .MIeii county, KiinK;is, Notice of Appiilntnieul. Nollci. IK lieieby «lveii, ilial on the Kill day of December, A. D. litOX, tho tindersjfified was by the I'robale Coiirl of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed and qiiullfled as Adiniulstralor ot the Kstate of J. N. Deer, late of Allen County. ICannas. All ]>artlea interested In gaid estate '»'1I1 take notice and govern themsehes accordJogly. M. O. ROBINf Adnia: Interment at the Falls. The body of ihe fourteen month.; old son <if Mr. and Mrs. .1. .-J. Brady of 415 .Vorili Khsr who diet Kriilay iilulil, was burled In the N<'- oslni l-'alls cemetery yi'Hieril.iy, —Tbe iinly Cafe lliiil nerves the C.niiine S'«;il Sliljit Oyster. Our Wav To See Property, Sheriff C. t), HoliliiKcr went out to |).er Creek Haliirdnv to 'cok nftir Hoine property of which he IHIM lieeti mioli- the ri'celver The p'nperlv In In iUhpllle bi'lweeti lli'urue H. Hinltll and Win lliibi'C over a paitm-rshlp deal. - runuliiirlium i Ariicll, it (icr rent. mtinvf. MiM Putllam Goei West, Miss Cornle Pulllalii. one of the hl^h Mcliool facility, left this afternoon to spMud ClirislmaH with her pareuts In Boulder, Colorado.—Chaniite aun. We have 4,000 acres of land in a body In Oklahoma that we can lell tor 13.00 per acre. Might take part In tra^ it w/ortb tbe-money.—Wbltaker A Few Suggestions FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS Why not a pr.ictical gift, oue tint will be appreciatal, and at the Bame time u.«;eftil. Here is wliut we have to ofTer: A Fine Suit or Overcoat Ha's, all sty'es, soft or still Cape, uioves. Fancy Suspenders, Muffl.;rs, Ties, Umbrellas, Bath Robes, ^'niokirfr Jackets. Fancy Vests, Collar IJags, Suit Case or Club Bas i uipcnder, (jarter and Arm Band all in one fancy Xmas box —a fine gift. A box I f "Interwoven" Hosiery, assorted colors, makes a fine gift. 6 pr. in bix $1.50 ••H.i-ce.l" UllliHe. Kd .lay mill Mil Willilte of Kniporta, two of tlie ber<l known liotel men ill till- mute, wcii. both caiiKliI by evllly- dlnposed men, who paxHed Wortllleioi I 'liecks for siiiall aiiioiiniK on tlicm. Both the vltcliiiM are so kind -liesirted that It wiiM not necessary for the "Kiafters" to go Ifi the Ircniiile of fixing up wortlilesH paper. All they needed lo do was to arrange a idtiu- .>-lble lianl luck tale and they would have bi -eli pr <»perlv cared for. —Wichita Kagle —An)one nantinir <'hrii >tniaN pack- aifcs deliiered, cull Albert Allen, I'hnne lo:i. Barclay-Sdields Clo. Co. The HouAe of Quality No Quail rot Shot!'. Tile sportsmen <.f the country are P'tuining on a vi.norous prosecution of every periison caught killing (iiiaii out of season and esjiecially of those who t:ike ))ot shots at tiie i|iiaii as they are bunched after a snow. Tliere is'a fairly gcod supply of (jiiai! in the coiintr.v now and if protected according to i;iw Ibis winter lliere will be Ian abundance of tlieni for next year 'and >bere will not only le j'ooil shoot- j iiii; then but there will be enough of iihe emails to do much go<»d i:i the way \i>\ e.itiii^ barnifiil bugs and II jls to the interest of every farmer to ' !-ee ibat llie <|uai's are protected during the winter especially, and a number of lirein have signified their intention of giving the iuformatir.n should iliey cuich anyone violating the law.— Burlington Republican. —Meet your friends at Crabb's and try a hot drink—Chocolate or Coffee. Iter. I ,uniphi>nr«> Here. Kev. C,uy I.amplieare. pastor <if tlie M. K. church at Williamsburg, was in tlie city this morning visiting his brother. Hugh l/Simplieare who is at- leiiiKtig tlie (Ilia BuHltiesK ColleKC. Uev. I,aiii|ihwirt' WIIH eiiroiitp home from Kincaid wliero lie preached yesterday. 'Tim mmldStitoh In TImm 5mv»9 Him" ' ria e jitaVy true that ".\ CI tistmaH Present Hou^iit Katly will save you lyot. ol Worry." Lefiier, ihaJowaler — Try Hea r'tMid If you feel bad. I'VCMII from Ocean,— "Oil r Way." (•0 to Oiluivn. MlHM I /<du Boyd, teacher in llie public HclicMiiri al lola. came home last evening for the holiday vacation. • • • Mrs, 11. .N. Kiiow'fiui. of /ol«, i-anip heie evening and will be tho mi 'Ht of MiH Weat for a few dayH.— Ottuwii llepiiblle —For fine livery and boardlnR Hiablo for horsen, see Halph K. Drake, I'hone 101. 212 North Jefferson. Abont Ed Ilarlifr. Ed Barber who was editor of the Unn County Clarion when it was mov ed from Hound City to La Cygne and .cbanged to tbe name ot tbe Joarnal. peas in Iv. Gr. Beck Practitioner of SUQQBSTIVB THeRAPBUTICS A Science lhri>UKti which diseaiie is eliminated from tbe body without medlclnt^ or Kurgery. Menilx-r of Ihe .National and State Association ot Suggestive Therapeutics. Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore —Good Things to Eat. "Our-"Wiy." About "The Deril." "The Devil" remarks in the play ot that liame, during a critical love scene, that a married woman tJien^l- ways asks suspiciously, "Wliat time is if/" and that "a wife's intuition invariably antiqipates her husband's arrival by ai least ten minutes," and, peculiarly enough, the young married women in the audience applauded tliat wicked sent imenf.—Kansas City Globe. Get the Elko, the best nc cigar at Crabb's. A home cigar. The Doe Hoys. The two Doe boys—John and Richard—^have been notified by the police judge of lola that unless they a])pear before January 10 to claim the proper- y, a shipment of thirty cases of bottle •Christmas goods," addressed to them, will lie numbered among the first of the new year wret-ks.—KanBaa City Star. —Get your Chriatmas Cards at .^lundis' while Ihe assortmeut is complete. fir. Core ut I 'offejTllle. Dr. C. B. Core of lola. Kiw.. left for Ills homo Saturday after apcndlng a few daya In lhln city for Ihe purpo»o of organlxtuK u lodge, tho "KnlghtH of the Protected Ark." A nieelliig wan called Friday night of those iniunested In the order and an organizalinn perfected with the following «ifrii-em: Depiiiy, ADH. M. C. Kahlerly and 8. H. Ilahn for local Hecrelary. Dr. ("ore IH the"tJrand nighl of Kanaas," and ban organized this lodge, also ut Caney and Independence.—CoffeyvllJe Journal. Sold Kewanee. Last week's American Horsnimi tells of the sale of Kewanee Riley, tho pacer, by a Chanute man named Fry. to a Denver horseman for |2,000. Kewanee Riley is an Ottawa horse, vcA one of the greatest racers that .ever came from this part ot the country, holding the world's record for an eighth of a mile. The colt was raised by John Conard, and was owned for five years by Wilson & Stllson, who sold him last April to the Cbanuto man who made the recent sale. Ke^ wanee Riley was first driven by FVed Authier, and when a year old made a record of 16 seconds for an eighth of a mile on the Forest park track. Hla mile record is 2:10.—Ottawa Herald. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. bnlldfns. Steam heat In each room. Baths trao. —For h'ancy Brick Cream Fruit Ice Cream. Sherbert.s, Ices or Hunch made to onler and delivered. Order eariy for holidays. Crabb's drug store. . Speat Sanday Here. Dr. A. W; Cox left this evening for Tora. He %ill idsithi^foinfly: there Start an Account with Us ^^'hen you pay cash and buy a little hero and a little there you nevor know wbut It coata you to live. Open an account with us and pay your bill every two weeks or once a month and you know what your money gtM'H for. With our syHtuni we can sell you goods on two weeks or SO days' time at strictly caah' prices. - The Petples Ci-Open/

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