Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1907
Page 4
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, - .--J-m-ni;^^, nifah •TwyuB^mJ we aak ^^•|9.|ib«refin «r If y«»^tenr yoor sabMSip- tloin to'"^ be la aritav. to'. a«a<* w eBoagh ;to brins roo^ time op to the flint of tile year. ...44 eeata tSJO '^u^mMam .44 pira^^on or BAS- ^^Or AMOCUTBD FSB8S. PJ ^S -MlT'ltefM^ It a Maker I«i%<seluhe Afteneon i|B,Iifia>' r ' NEW^ Pbsf AL RULINa 31ie MMmaBter General has Just .k^BSned aJiew ruUng In regard to news- :%)aper»i li ^cli wUl baVe thie effect of *|Diikiag 'every, neintpaper maintaip a ^'b&ctlcaly pal^-ln-advanc^i subscrlp- ^^^oii list. The tiding sa^s that no dsJ^ynefspaper shall be sent to sub- jpor ^ert; who ;are. more than three |sMiibis^'arreani.! «|B»6Hit st^oip will -be requir- :^;«ii';«]l'9a|ierB'which °are not paid 'jUSfi^ tiie limit and as no newspaper ^^e^-^aOqfrd ^ pay this exhorbltant ^iipttagv^ It' jpractically. means that the imbKribenI will have^ to pay up or be |MnMd^ilMa »-the llBt The object of 'fln rannglrtoeat bff a lot of padded !r -nbKilp{ioa Tolla maintained by mail :»r]ite ahAja bat as there can be no (diMrliiitBitloik Jeiverr newspaper of >ia^-iB'-«fljeeted..'- , s ^fThe' only 'objection The Register 'Ma td tiw r\a\Ag is that we were not t^^reairaineitatl notice. TheReglster 1ui »ral ^»|je. nlimber of roral route >btea '4a t^ia county and wc ^njKnr'that their credit is absolutely ;.V |^»d,jbiit thU ^ling will force us to <£|<q> apmjB'of |h |^m unless pa>-ment is |{H:oactaI-aoUc4'was. given,The Reg- nUjar ruling- and sineo OOSHORN UNDECIDED AS YET. Wheateitfe Attorneys Still Consider, ing Habeas Corpus Mattsr. John P. Gosbom. chief, counsel for the defenve in the case^of the state Ts. p. H. Wheaton. Charged with man* slaughter, said today with referenee to the rumor that the darondant's at> tome^'s wou'd ask for their client's release on a writ of habeas corpus. "I have boon out of town for several days and have not looked into khu matter but expect to do so within the next few days. I want to investigato flc\-ic>ral legal phases of the question Lefore taking any stops." It has been report^ since Wheaton hearing ^hat Mr. Wheaton'a attorneys would ask for his release on writ of habeas corpus on the grotmds that there was not sufficient evidence to warrant his being held. As Mr. Goshom has been out of town no definite statement on the matter couid be obtained until today. The caMv flie dkMt 9m Mhr: *a ftwd kcM M iMb flK HK Inat MflNftivto $Gott^ Emilsion on. sayiTS GMU5I0N b. MsflMitMrflttSiMlWfc II has • matm ^ * IMt ^tfnO frfJM to SM ORTON MAY ENTER RACE. Humboldt Attorney May Be Candidate for County Attorney. The friends of LaVergne Orton, of Humboldt, are urging him to become a <»ttdldate for the nomination for county attorney on the Democratic ticket^ Mr. Orton was in the city today and in a conversation on the sul)- ject did not deny that he was considering the matter and went further to state that It was not unlikely that he would enter the race. Mr. Orton recently dissolved partnership with George Amos, at Humboldt. E.VRTIIQUAKE SHOCK RECOM)ED. Instruments Showed. Shock of Two Honrs Duration. Washington, Dec. 30.—A very heavy earthquake was recorded on Instni- metits at the coast and Geodetic Survey observatory at Chcltanliani, Md., thU morning, it conjmenced at thirty two minutes, thirty seconds past midnight and lasted two hours. Santa [c You taiow what that means toyou. Don't you wait to ^escape the snow, the cold, the iBlush €uid alil^e discomforts—why not plan now tiriiere to pass that season sotryii^g to many persons? Write for inlormation about bur winter tours to vpalifbrni^ Arizona, New vmexicoaud Texas. Favor- :.;a1>le rates, long limits, and ktop^overs. Ralston, Agt. iOLAi KAIfMS. A NEWS OF GAS CITY \ WILL PRMBABLT FIKISU PIPE LINE TO GAS CITY TIESOAT. IS FRANK DELANEY DEAD? REPAIR IVORK ON THE CHEROKEE SXELTER PROGRESSING NICELY. Vany Gas City Cltiseas Favor Buying Cemetery—RcT. Lceper Praichcd a Good Seraioa—News Notes. Is Delaney Dead! A telegram was received here yesterday from Bartlesville, announcing the death of a former»Gas City barber. Since there is no other barber linown in Bartlesville by Gas City peo pie believed that it must by Frank Uelaney. Frank sold bis barber shop here seven weeks ago and moved to nartleevillc where he started up a business. Pipe Line Flaished Tnesday. if nothing arises to prevent the pipe lino, which Is being layed between the Savonburg and Elsmore gas fields to the Kansas Portland Cement plant, will be completed Tuesday, ^me time aso 1^ J. Horton, superintendent of the construction work, stated that he expected to finish the line by the first of tlic year. When finished the pipe line will mean much for Gas City. Work Is Progressing Nicely. The work repairing the Cherokee smelters in this city is progressing nicely and It is believed that every thing will l>e ready to start the first of January or a few days later. The men are working regular getting things Into condition. The starting of the smel tcr depends largely on the finishing of the Portland pli»e line company's line between this city and the Savonburg and Elsmore gas fields. •Typical ConvrrsatloBs."' "Typical Conversations" was the subject preached on last evening by Uev. W. N. Leeper, pastor of the United Presbyterian church. He advanced several new theories which were subscribed to by many of the church goers. The sermon was exceedingly interesting. "A Page From the Letter of .Tames" was the subject for the morning discussion. Favors Buying Cemetery. Many Gas City citizens are In favor of the city purchasing the cemetery from the Allen County Cemetery association. Since Gas City has no cem etery as has most every city in the west, many of the citizens believe that it would be a wise step for the council to make the purchase. The oonncll discussed the matter at length at the last meeting but no definite action was taken. li.illM Personals. Mr. and Mrs. William Adams returned yesterda}' from an extended visit at Bartlesville. They will not locate there as was their original Iii- tcutlons. il*! -if H. J. I.awrenee, of Nevada, Mo., was here Saturday on a combined social and business visit. He will return home tomorrow. J. F. Framer. of Kansas City, was here Saturday calling on the local merchants. E. B. Martin of Oarnett was here Saturday on a business visit. L.. O. Anther, of Parsons. Kas., is In the city today on real estate business. I. T. Tamer, of Webb City, was here yesterday visiting relatives. PILES CURED DT • TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to cure any ease oC Itching, Blind. Bleed* ing or Protrading Piles In 6 to 14 days or money rofaoded. 60e. Tii CoBtncton. Tola, Kansas, Dec 7, '07. lola Township will let bids­ cadam road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky street sotfth of Elm creek, begtonihg on north, end of marailam road, and fence north one-half mile or to place designated by township board. Second one half mile beginning one- half mile we«t of river on West street on the wcstirend of maqidam road fence west oile-half mile tb plaee designated by towaaUp board. * TUrd, half dilla on soatb State striM^ two and eDe4uaf mllca aoath oC West, commeocimf.. at Ahram's .nortlieast eomer timoi west at Conor J5-C -1 - " f i "tMiit. FriondO" Don*t Want tha MiH.! Ion Givsn Away.. aostni; Dec SO-V-sputing the pow«K Qt Mrs. Mary Baker (Hover Kddy^ head of the Christian Sdeaoe choreh to make disposition or so large a vut of her fortune, formal noUoes have been served on the trustees; ICcCMI* and. Femald and Baker, havbtg la charge Mrs. Eddy's es'ute. ordering then not to give the one million do*- lars to found a charitable Institution, recently announced, or any other appropriation from Mrs. Eddy's estate, pending the outcome of litigation. According to ox-Senator'william B. Chandler this action Is to bo followed by a new lawsuit ln\-oIvlnR the Christian Science head and her trustees .brought by the "next friends," Mrs. Eddy's son. George W. Gtover; his daughter. Mar)' Baker Glover, and Mrs. Eddy's adopted son. Dr. Ebsn eser J. Foster, of W^terbury, Vt. T::P contention of Senator Chand- 'er is that the proposed appropriation of a million dollars is in direct viola tlon of Mrs. "EWdy's deed of trust of March 6. 1907. by which she turned ovor all her property to tha three trustees for life, reserving only the right to U56 tlic Income and certain really. This act marked the termination of litigation against her and the trustees by the "next friends" a few months ago. The new action. It is said, will be entirely independent of another suit now pending against F. S. Streeter. Mrs. Eddy's attorney In Concord, demanding information concerning the deed of trust for $125,000. sat aside by Mrs. Eddy for the benefit! of her son, George W. Glover, and his daugb ter. Ends tomorrow, Tuesday, the 31st. Buy your future as well as your present wants while there is a big reduction on every article in the house. CROUCH'S XMAS GIFT. Gets Good News Wirh Reference to Electric Line. "As a Christmas gift I recojved word that our affairs across the waters have bean carried to a success- fu' conclusion." sa'd F. V. Crouch of lola. president of the Kansas Southern Electric railroad company, this morning. Mr. Crouch was in the city between trains, being ou way to p:ttsburg. The "affairs across the water" to which he referred Is the financing of the company d«ine in Europe. "Wo will start Into the Now Year under very encouraging circumstances," Mr. Crouch said. ORDINANCE NO. 35. (First Published Dec. 30. 1907.) An Ordinance, granting to the Kansas Southern Electric Railroad Company, its successors and assigns, a franchise to construct, maintain, and operate an electric railway and car system along. ui)on, .over and across certain streets In the City of Dassett, Allen County, Kansas,—^To be propelled by electricity or compressed air. And to erect, construct, and maintain depots, and collect fares for carrying passengers, express and freight, giving unto the said the Kansas Southern Electric Railroad company, its successors and assigns, the right and privilege to use the streets, avenues, alleys and lands in said City of IJassett herin described, and such other necessary streets and alleys as may be hereafter agreed upon. Be It Ordained by the Mayor and Councilmeu of the City of Bassett. Allen County, Kansas: Section 1. A franchise for ninety-nine years is hereby granted to the Kansas Southern Electric Railroad Company, its successors and assigns hereinafter designated, as grantee, to establish, copstruct, maintain, extend and operate a standard gauge street railway and car system for carrying passengers, freight and express, with the necessary sidings, turnouts, together with all necessary buildings for furnishing power and deirats witbl^ the City of Bassett. Allen County. Kansas, and the further limits thereof. The cars shall be propelled by the use of Electricity or compressed air, and for this puriiose the right-of-way is hereby granted and given over along, upon, and across the streets and alleys of the City of Bassett, as follows: From the North end of Wheeler Avenue where the same intersects the North boundry of said City of Bassett, Soi^h on said Wheeler Avenue to a point about 220 feet South of the Soujth line of Portland Street, thence Southwest, crossing Elm Street, Michigan Avenue and Ryan Avenue. S hence South and West to the North ne of Pope Street, where the North end of Gerlach Avenue intersects said Pope Street; thence South In said Gerlach Avenue to the South boundry of the corporate limits of said City. The said Grantee is hereby given the right to make all necessary excavations and remove the necessd^ pavements in order to construct said railroad, also to erect and maintain poles and string wires proper and necessary to carry power, and do and perform all things necessary or desirable and proper in the establishment and operation of the same. The City Engineer shall furnish the necessary center stakes, grade sUkes, maps and profiles on written request and at the expense of sold Grantee. The location and erection of poles, stringing of wires. location of turnouts, switches, etc, shall be under the supervision of the streeU and alleys committee of the City Council and' shall be so constructed that the lesst' possible, damage or hindrance shall result to the free use of the streets and alleys for other purposes.-.and be instructed In a manner atmllar. to that in other Uk« places Had Oie Orantee. shall do and perform what i« enstonary in other places In Standard Prints. 00 yd. r One lot fancy silks, values up to $1.25, on display in south window, choice per yard .-. SBo Best quality Outing flanels, all colors and patterns, pi ice.. T fyd. — j i One lot fancy silks, values up to $1.25, on display in south window, choice per yard .-. SBo Best quality Outing flanels, all colors and patterns, pi ice.. T fyd. — j i One lot fine silk waist patterns,value up to f 1.85, on the bargain table at ..98ojd. 35c Underwear for Children and Misses, buy all yon want tSo One lot fine silk waist patterns,value up to f 1.85, on the bargain table at ..98ojd. Good quality wash cloths 2o All dolls at oS marked price. One lot fine suiting silks in plain or fancy stripe color combinations, values up to 85c. Buy ihem in this saltj for \, ........ 4Se yd. • Remnantci at ^"3 off marked price. 'All ready td wear garments at- big reductions. All comforts and blankets reduced, buy them now. • Remnantci at ^"3 off marked price. 'All ready td wear garments at- big reductions. Fleeced Waistings in all colors and patterns, 12ic values fpr.... 9o yd. A large box of mourning pins, contains 10 small boxe?, price ... .tOo Fine linen Scarfs and Squares,values up to $1 .50, on sale lor. S9o shall be "T" rails or other more de- ate a thirty-nilnute schedule between slrable. and at no place shall the track the South limits of the City of Bassett extend above the surface of the estab- and the City of lola. and Grantee shall lishcd grade to exceed three-fourths of have the right to carry all reight and an inch inside the corporate limits of express, providing the ease and con- said City of Bassett. The track shall venience of the traveling public are be laid to the establl.^bed grade as not unnecessarily interfered with furnished by the City Engineer. The thereliy. and the rates charged for ilow jrf water on latteral cross gut- such tniusportatlon shall I)e reason- tors shall be free and the drainage of. able and just; and provided freight the street shall not be unnecessarily shall not be handled between points obstructed. The road shall be main- entirely.within the City, except for the talned In a manner to permit the use of the Grantee, crossing of the streets at any point by • All cars shall be kept out of the teams and wagons In safety. The way of fire engines and hose carts tracks of the rallwa yshall be kept in when on their way to a fire and the sood repair, and when laid in a^street hose liens may be strung across the ou which |>avlng has been done,''gran- tracks ofr the puri)ose of extinguish- tee. Its successors and assigns, shall Ing fires, but when practicable the replace the pavings and put the street: l-'re Deajirtnient shall leave the tracks In as good repair and condition as It •unobstructed lor free passage of the was before the road was built. When cars; : ^ .ajll**! laid in a street not paved at the time, grantee and Its successors and assigns Section IV. Cars shall l>e run on the main line shall within sixty da .vs from the com- 'or lines and the branches thereof r ,'^u°" ^M''^^** -ithln the corporate limits of the City llinits of the City fill In-between the on fixed schedules as shall best ac- '^^t °.".K " ««» commodate the public and the busl- cMh side thcr«>^;with macadam or\^^ to be done. Provided, however, other materials which-the City may be that ^^^^^ flrantee abandon any using, and atfer said road 1 B oom^'oj ,tg ^^^^ ^nd dlsconttoue running pleted. any street then unpav^ which ^.^s for a period of 12 mobths, the may l.e ordered paved by the City city Council shall have the right to Council, shall be ,mved between the tear up the track and remove the tracks, at the time such paying Js jrora the street at the expense done by the City and Grantee, its sue- „t said grantee and a falliLre on the cessors. and assigns shall i«y for the of the Grantee, its successors or paving I)etween the tracks and for „83,g„s to construct, bperate and 18 Inches on each^slde thereof to said „,alntaln said Electric Railway as City, the prices to be paid therefor herein provided shall work a fnr- Bhall be the same as It cost the City. Sr" orand shllfactuX teriJta- L **l .iVrnp "/i'*',:„^^^^^ ^» franchises he ^Vby ^ Gau«e t^ T used shall hc'sranted, allowance being made at all irn^i-n „= .h! J,^r,A^^ r„„™ .n,i thl "'"'^^ 'o"" Unavoidable accidents and known as the standard Gauge and the afrtimo A^H f „^n ,A^ iJ_J —T. " center line of the single track shall "^f*^^:, i'lV^r ^^P^^'^-, be-the center lino of Uie street. ex-i!iL'°^I ZZ'°lJj^^ '"4"? ?l cept when otherwise permitted by the S^,Tr'^f,.'1hn1?^.f^ "^^7i?'"""^'' CUy Council. >Vhen double tracks are ^'"LS,' to be laid, Om shall be laid equal dis- > .„ "^^M "'^U*** '^l^ tance on e^ side of the center line f'[,?JLr^ ™?..f^"^ of the street, and as close thereto as n^L ^n,. ?Lv ^T ""°,f ^•".^ J'^K'T \^ Is safe and practical for the operation ^^J^il^''^^?^/; "i"* of thp Mrs limited otrs or lliiiited .trains of cars The poles to be used may be either S^™^ ^"""^h City, shaU un- wood or metal, and shalf be set at ?fJ„ »>« «>'»i>«»e<l sides of street at curb line, or upon! i'fP "^.^ ."^i*"" »?. »>e constructed the parking or sidewalk line as G^n-H''*"'* "fl,^"^ limits and at a point tee and its successors and assigns ? i«^»f^t^'l*"*" Grantee. oved byi * ^ council, idid a failure so may deem'proper, and as approved the City Council. The machinery and cars andequlp- ments shall be of modem design and finish and sufficient to accommodate all reasonable demands of the public All cars shall be provided with suitable fenders. sectlea ISL The Grantee, its successors and assigns shall have the right to operate interprban cars over and upon all to do. shall at the opUon of the City Council, ..Ctanul and revoke this franchise. Tbe' Grantee shall be entitled to «0irect from each person insied the City, limits riding in or upon the cars operated on the line of road herein anthorUed between any point In said City Limits of the said City of Bassett or the City of lola. for a continuous trip one way, a fare of five cents, except thatchI14ren under five years of age shall be atlqwed to ride free when tracks built within the corporate lim-' accompanied by parent, guardian, or iU under thia franchise upon such (other adult person. School children schedules of t^e as Grantee may | under fifteen years of age, going to may deem proper, ^ accommodate the demands of the public And in the event that This lola Blectrio Railway Company now operatlnis an eleetrle line bnUl^falsan {Aveaae In tlw-sald City /Of lietween Peperatreet and. the liSrtfc iJoni^fy •..UnaMoe tM. and returning from school, dni-tng the term of public school, shall be allowed to rid* at half rates by buying tickets la blocks^ not less than-twenty. ^-''Seetien T. tiiah'tee Shan hold the City any salt or salty that LOT tkjf the properties herein contemplated, and shall pay all expenses incident to jthe construction and maintalhence of said railway. The successors and as; signs shall assume the liabilities under tUs section of their predecessors. » ? Section VI. Said Grantee shall on or before twelve months have at least One Thousand Dollars (|1000) in coat of the necessary work upon said railroad bed and tracks coqipleted within the limits of said City, and shall have the line completed and in operation, in said City within two years from the date of this franchise and shall with- . in such two-year period erect and construct a passenger or freight and passenger depot for the accommodation of the patrons of said road, at some point within the corporate limits of the said Cit>-, designated by the City Council, but upon private ground, I either l>e.longing to the said City, or to I l)e furnished by it, but in no event to be in any street, alley, or thoroughfare in said; City. Provided, however, the said Grantee shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time in the event of suits or injunctions,.exce8sive cold weather or other causes beyond reasonable [control, which shall prevent the cbmpletlon of the eamo within the specified time. ' Section TD. The Grantee shall within fifteen days after the passage of tliis ordinance granting this franchise, file witli the City Clerk a written acceptance of the terms and provisions of the ordinance, whicbl acceptance is to be ap- ' proved as to form by the City Attorney. • _ t^idii*^ Section VIII. The City Council shall pass all necessary ordinances to protect the property, rights, privileges herein granted to grantee.'and said City hereby expressly reserves to Itself the right to imi>ose tfy ordinance reasonable regulation as tq the operation of cars and the maintenance and use of Its properties within the limits of the City. : SerUon IX. This ordinance is passed and the franchise herin given subject to the ri^ts of the grantee, its successors and assigns In Ordinance Number 8, o fthe said: City of Bassett and its amendments now existing. ; Section X. "This Ordinance shall take effect and be In force from and after, its publication once in the official paper of said City, and the filing of the written acceptance of. the Grantee herein, the same to be published at expense pt Grantee. Adopted December 24. 1907. Approved December 24, 1907. J. A. WHBELE3R. J. A. WHEELER. Mayor. , Attest: W: A. WHEELER. (Seal.) City Clerk. I, W. A. Wheeler, City Clerk of the Chy Of Bassett. Kansas, hereby oer- Ufy the foregoing to he a troe copy of the Ordinance-now'HI*; J«>«ar office, passed by the ConaeO ,an4l.k^. piored by ihe >l||tor;t«e ^tti4|ar^'

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