Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 4
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3 MORE SHOPPING DAYS dates m but s SUtes ,lt Is especl.'ly everybody to come abcSrt I ahraji J nteresting to note that he,lost votes 'told the men if they BcTjnto anyTroJ? Jn all sections of the cpuntrj- from .b'e not to scatter b^t to^ stay to- ^^m»V ^r /T?S''T'*;'i' •"•1 take car^ of themselv*.. Bast to Utah and Idaho In the West j They followed that Injunction liter- Gifts! What can be more acceptable than a picture? There is always a superfluity of cheap light-weight silver, and a scarcity of pictures among presents. A picture is never used up, never thrown aside, but is always a pleasant reminder. And pictures are not always costly. A good subject, iramed appropriately and tastefully, may be had for the price of an undesirable and cheap piece of glass or silver. We invite your inspection of this line. Open evenings until 10 o'clock. Culbertson, North Side and from Florida In the South to Mon tana In the North. He ran behind his ticket in every Southern State except South Carolina and Texas and In every Western State except Iowa anil I Washington. .Miissouri'and Wisconsin •were tho ortly Central States In which his vote was greater than that for the iDemooratic Governor, while In Mlss- 'ourl it vas not enough to Rive hlro the (electors. He lost Ave States In which I Democratic Governors were elected. [AH of which would seem to make it j reasonably c'ear that Republicans • knew what they were about when they rojolcpd over the nomination of Mr. Bryan by the Denver Convention. d_ . • • Tl had a very ?reat pleasure a few evnnlnRH since of niecthiR at the , house or a mutual friend. Admiral Robley D. Bvans. ami talking with him I for some little time. The conversation naturally turned to the epoch- makluK voyagp of the great fleet Iwhirh ho commanded from Hampton I Roads to San Pr.nnci.sro and I took lor-caslnn lo say to him that the thins of which I thought the country was proudest was the conduct of the men when grunted .shore leave. "We took your seamanship and that of your Captains for"granted." I said to the Admiral, "and so we were not afraid for the ships. But that three or four thousand young men after being eriimped up on stiipboanl for two or three WPPU.S COUM be tuniod loose tipon tiie st-e»'ts of a strange city and not the privl'cgps that were f ranted them showed a degree of dlci- pline ahd an individual high character which every .\merican citizen was certainly proud of." "The only place .we had .any trouble at all." the AA', miral answored. "was' at Hio. • There some of the Iioys were sitting in n I restaurant quietly eating a lunch and iprobably drinking beer when a very ^blafk Brazilian came in jjartly intoxicated and Insisted on sitting down at the tab'e and drinking with the men. They could not undor^•taud his lan- gungn Jind he could not understnu'J i theirs and after protesting In vain .that they did not desire his company one of the men knocked hlui down 'ftnd then picked him up and tossed Ihlui out In the strt-et. and they suppos ed the Incident was closed. Some time later, however, when - the men wi re walliidg quietly along the street the fellow who had been ejected slliv ped up behind them and slabbed one of them with a knife. The other men I Immediately seized hlui and turned him over to our patrol. The patrol In I turn tool; liini to the local police and they not understanding the , gravity of , hs offense quletl> turned him loose. Not satis fled wUh what he had done, the man gathered a bnnch of his fi -Ilows ahd ajain sought a crowil of our Jackies and .assaulted them, the attack be- j ing Joined by a tot of hoodlums and street roughs. Our men ran down to fhelOU DAIir KE&ISTEI CHAS. F. SCOTT. Entered at Io!a, Kansas. Postofllce, as . Second-Class-Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. ^fiUBSCBtPTIOS R.VTES. By Carrier In lola, Gas Cily, Lanyon- Tllle or LaHan"*- One week 10 cents One month -14 cents One year Jj.OO BT MAIL. One year Inside county $2.00 One year outside county $4.00 Three months, in advance $1.00 - One month, in advance 44. OFFICIAL PAPERTCITT OF H\S" SET. • Teleplionesj ^ 'Rainess OJHce 18 EditQrla! Rooms. 22i' EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Waahlngton. D. C. Dec. IStli: The total popular vote cast at the election for the various Presidential can- dldatea has finally been published and the Bummary l« as foMows: Scott's Emulsion is for couirhs and colds as were almost identical in two States.' .Maryland and Nevada, in the tii st, mentioned Taft received 111.25:'. :ind Bryan 111,117. and in the other ln.211 and 10.655, respectively. Debs re."eived his largest vote In' Pennsylvania. Illinois. M.711.' for rnnciitiinf inn and New York, 38.451. Vermont was ^^^'1 '^^ tOf COnSUmpUOn. thi- only state in which not a .sihcle , Tf-'c n-3<:\r fnr ^roff'c vote was cast for the .Socialist can-i ^, ^ , f ^ .-:>«.ULL b rti.i,ue. Delaware gave him only 75 • IimillsiOn tO CUTC U COld '°Hisgen-s vote in New York. n5..'^l7.' Or COUirh and it docS it '",o'iL*"" ^\f'^ f -vassach..- better than anvthin''- setts lfl.237, together formed nearly two-thirds of all the votes he received In the whole country, in six 'States not a vote was cast for him. Nine States registered not a single vote for the Prohibitionist candidate. The Socialist Labor candidate received votes in only thirteen States, and In only nineteen States were votes cast for Watson, of the Populitt party. WTiilo Mr. Bryan's vote was miic"i larger than the vote cast for Parker in 1904. it was considerably less than the vote he himself received in 1S9C bccaur.c it builds up and slren;;thcns at the same tinio. Don't wait until you ji^et Consuni|jtio:i or lironchi- tis. Get Scoti 's. Scn^^ Ihi* aJ »TTti »C)DctiU i «»>?tnhcT w'.th name of paw In wt :k :h It ap ^cjt j. aJ 'rot.* anJ four :cTitt to c'»»rr r'.*^**'*;. ••'I'l ^'^ -J >vn.l «m a Viimf»l*:tc lijniv A;Its *if thtr U 'i .:U" :: :: Taft (Republican) Bryan (Domoarat) Peba (SocIalUt) Chafln (Probltiltlon I — HiBgen (Independence .. Wataon (Populist) ...... Gilhaua (Socialist I^bort ,.. .7.ri::7.fi7« ...ti.:;!i:!.i.>;2; ... 447.6511 ... 241.2.'.2; ...« ... .';:i.S7l ... 15.421 ToUl for all candidates ... .H.K52.2:!!> Thla grand total exceeds bv 1.341631 the total number of voi <-s ca>' la the Preaidential election cf I AIM. -when the grand total was i3.5in.70S. Compared with that election. tl ;e candidates of the Republican, Democratic aad Socia'ist parties in-^reasel their TOte thla year. This rovrse i;< tme of the candidates fo- the I'roli! bltlon. Pbntilist. and Socialist I^oor partiea. The Independence party e,l\ not fignre in the Presidential elf^tion of four years aeo. The biggest difference in tlx' par'y vote la shown in an increase fdr -Bryan of 1^15^11 over the total vo>(> east In 1904 tor Alton B. Parker, the Deni- «ieratlc candidate. Taft received 14.190 Totes more thaq were polleii foe I^reaidait Booaevelt in 1904. and Dabs iw ;4S?g8 ahead of his predecessor tlw Socialist ticket 'i -,Tkfl lieaTieat loss is shown by the Fopvllata. who. with the same oandl- ^a «t«. redatered g3^12 votes leas this :7ear tli^ In 1904. when thoir total VM.IITFUS.' The ProhlbiUonst can- ^:fiVat£e^?!<ataaia. ran 17.284 votes tH>- lke>lflM inark of bis party, and tbcU'iat lAbor candidate. ^^aMMttvSp per cent, of, a CiMTiiMi. which iiras , sinreyitota Preaidential; Ittf t«ft ud Brron' TAe ffeai ihai Doesn't go up the Flue You rccave intense, dirjecl heal Irom every ountx ol lucl burned— there are no damp chimneys or long pipes to waste the heat irom a ally In this case but It was the only instance In the whole voyage when It was necessary." The Admiral stated further that he thought he ought to publish a lot of letters he had re celved from offlclais In every iiort where the fleet touched, every letter sounding the praise of the men on shore leave. , Personally Admiral Evans Is a lit He thin wisp of a man about five feet seven Inches in height, weighing about 120 pounds, with the map of the seven seas graven on his clean shav en face upon which also there are pitiful traces of the ceaseless pain he has suffered ever since that day 'before Port Fisher when he fell with two bullets in one leg and one in the other His right leg which was crushed at the knee Is sti 1 crooked and he walks slowly and witli pain by the aid of a stout stick. The In domltable spirit of the man, though shines with a fadeless fire out of the blue eyts which have looked out im daunted upon all umnner of danger for forty years, and one cannot see him or talk to him without a feeling almost of reverence for the fortliude and courage which has characterizt'i: his whole career, i heard him again a night or two ago in a i>ublic speech at a dinner ylven by the Natural Oeo graphical Society and it was good to listen to the unqimlilied endorsement of our Navy which he gave. "There has been a i -reat deal of criticism.' he said, "of the ships of the American Navy: but you needn't loso any sleep about them. Ship for ship, man for man and gun for gun they are the equal of any Navy In the worlil. give you my word," he added with a smile, "that the only thing which wor rled me on the trl)) around the honi was the measles and the mumps and a few o'her infantile complaints of that sort which broke out among the men. There has been criticism of the personnel of the Ueet. The officers they say are too old and the men too young, but 1 wou'd like you t6 ^lUe notice that th(» .average seems to "ji" about right. We starte<| from Hanip ton Roails with about two-thlds of our crew new men, • farmer Imys for the most part In the Middle West wh.j had never seen a ship or a gun, and when we linished our target practice in Mngdaleiia Hay two months later we had broken every record' by every Navy in the world for gunnery. Don 't worry about your Navy." • • • C 'DUgrersnian W. .\. C'ulderhead of Kansas received an Invitation the other day from the Grand Army Post at his home town to deliver the oration before them next Memorial Day. May 30. 19(i(t. There would be nothing re- marUable about this If it were the first but it is the TWI-:NTY-N1NTH consecutive annual invitation of a precisely similar character that he ha:; received. Beginning with ISSft he has been Invited each succeeding year by his home folks to ileliver the .Mem- oiial address, and he has accepted a'l ])Ut three of the invitations. 1 do not know of a greater complirai'nt llist has teen paid to a'ly man. who <-ver lived in Kansas. V. V. S. ' Keglster Want .\ds Bring Results. Try a Register Want Ad. .\.S .SltCKS.SOK TO I).lM.SO\. .lohn Marshall of Wiufield Will .Is. sist .Vlturney General .larkson. Topeka, Kas.. Dec. il.—Attorney General I-'red S. .lackson today announced the api)oiutniont of John Marphal of Winfield. attorney for the State Temperance Union, as his assistant lo succeed John Dawson, who resigned to accept the private secre- taiyship to Governor-elect W. R. Slubbs. As attorney for the State Temperance Union .^Ir. .Marshal made an enviable reputation in the enforce ment of the prohibitory law. He is regarded us one of the most capable "awyers in the state and his election for this Important plare was made on ai.rount of his familiarity with this portion of the work In the aitorney general's offloe. PILFS n'KED IM 0 TO II I>.\YS. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, blind, bleed Ing or protruding plle.^iln 6 lo 14 day.- or money refunded. ttOc. PERFECTION Oil Heater (Eqolpped wlUi Smokeless Device) ^xi-^ ii Irom room to room. Turn ike wick high or low —no bother—no smoke—no smell—lulomatic tmokeless device prevents. Brass lonlholiis 4 quarts, bums 9 hours. Beaulilully finisHnl in nickel or japan. Every healer warranted. just what vou want lor the long evenings. Made oi brass. nicKet plated—latest 'm- pra%-ed central draft burner. Evcrv Limp warranted. 11 your dealer cannot aupply the Perfection Oil. Heater or Rayo Lamp write our neare^ agency. TAFT .WK.'HT K\01V .WSWKIt. •Cj" I,eland''*J«e" llrKtow Conference Puzzles knmtUN Itepublk-au<<. Topeka Ka.s., Dee. 21 —The llopnb- Ilrau poUliciiflls woiidiT ulial "Cy" l.c land a;i<l "Joe" l!r!:ilow have up their sleeveH. 'i'liey are sure that these two old poJitUal ehuius are np to xoiuo- ihitiL'. but caii'i find on! what it H. '•(•y" drepied Into Salina the olbet rilvlit :il inidiib;lit. held a brief confer- f-nie with 'Mde" in th? dead hours of ihe nif-'lu aiid slipi'e.l oui <f town on ihe :; a. ni. intin. "('>" doesn't make hoo s-::iri (f vl.-iis for his he:ilili. "Tafi eouM probab'y give the answer." said a KepuliiicHU leader today. That conferenre either meruit a boost for tiome one for Taft's cal)lnet or a knock c;;nin!'i heme Kaasan who Is talked rf for a plu."e- I'he rhanres ire that it was a knock." (ireat Pre -lDventory and floliiiay Festival Sal^ At Qeo. D. Briglit & Co.'s 117-119 West Stre<?t, lola, Kansas. Our intention is to,reduce our bis: stock before we invoice and will give our many friends and patrons an opportunity to save money on the. most seasonable merchandise and Holiday Goods. "We Sell For Less."' Hot Weather Prices for Cold Weather Goods Ladies' Coats jio.un values at ... . *I.9S l^adies' Coats, $ values Jtt ... . 1-idies' Coats, values at ... ^ll.-.'! Ladies' Coals, $:to.iiii values at ... Children's ("oats . $r>.<io valties at ... . $3.00 Children's Coals , $4.l»0 values ai ... Children's Coals , $li.00 values at ... Rugs at Factory Prices Don't fail to see our line of handsome Uugs. They are going fast at prices from $1.2.1 to $4.00; worth twice lliese prices. Ladies' Skirt and Petticoat Sale Before invoicing wo want lo sell all our skirts at iirices that will be a great saving to all. Skirts 79c to $12. Petticoats Cac to $:'.. Underwear, comforts and blankets all go in this lug sale. Christmas Gift Suggestions Somelliing useful frniM our sale lliat will please ilie ime yon wish to give it lo. Mere yon i-an find nice l'.aek Combs, Hat I'ius Searf Pins. Muffer."!. Ilaudker- eliiefs. Silk Scarfs. Piue Sus- |)enders. Gloves. Pocket books. Fancy Vests. Fancy Hose, Shirts. .Vecklie.^, a pair rif shoes and llion.sands of oili.^r things trio nuniermis 10 mention. Scarfs and Shawls Kvery laily will appreciate Xmas gift of this kind. .\11 wool Scarfs and Shav.-Is at prices that have no eipi.-il. 11.00 Scarfs and Shawls at...">Oc $l..-.0 Scarfs and Shawls at-.tWc $2.00 Scarfs and Shawls at iRlJl.'. Shawls from 2.-.e ;<> iFi-IO .Misses Knit Mnas \vr;r:ii $I ..'i0 on .sale at "tc Men's Clothing Men's $2.-.t)0 Suits at $17..-.0 Men's $20.00 Suits at flL-IO .Men's $1 ."..00 Suits at iflljiO .Men's $1200 Suits at «9.0<» .Men's $10.00 Suits at $7.00 One lot of good $10 suits in liroUeii sizes .s;oing at one-half price. $.',(111 per suit. Better biirr.v. 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T«» HKI.P. retire from the race and permit ftecks eleeiii.ii hy acclamation. In return l.rilhari is to lie made assistant chief clerk. P.eck Is receiving p'edges of support When Christmas shopping. Channg froi;! every section of the stale. .\s Dishes Percolaters, go'4-lined Tea tecr.-iary of the Republican state ccmi- Sets Cake Travs. IJaklng Dlshe.s, and J''^^''^^, ac.,ualuian-.e . . n ^liji JJII ,J,P Republican members of many other useful and fancy legislature which nmkes his race .Mso a fine line of Aluminum Ware, for chief clerk eas.v. R. 1S». Olimian Oenernl Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aad Curbing a Specialty. Oilicc 1l'> Kast Jarkson .ire, . I'hone 334. WOI . Many Country Teams. The number of country teams. In tottii .Saturday was very noticeable. There were so many that hitQoing For lite best aud (luirLest resuIN ''""m for all could not be secured nup the KcKlster's want rnlunius. i ouud the square. Ilnch fVuiits Ohinhunia Kxerntiie to Join I'rlsnn lnte^t!!ru|lon. Tope 'Ka. Dec. 21.—rioverncr K. W. Hoch reiiirned from the eavt tod-iy, and announced th:it he wniid confer with C.overnor C. . Haskell of Okla- hr,n :a at once In regard to an invest!- cidiu:! of the rh :ir!.'es made by Mis.? Kate Itarnard. Oklah'^nia oomnii.=sUm- er of charities and rcrrcrilons. against the mannpenetT f.f Ihe Knnsas penl- tentlar>. V'nrden IHskell has de- nwnr^ed an Investigation. Shfi'1 <;ovcraor llaskell of Olrla- b'^na befltate to Join In the selection % crmmlitfe to make the invMtiga- tlon. Ccvcumur ISocb will Insist that*Ing up » pi he name part of Jt. •I am sure there is nothlnff in the charges." said Oovernor Hoch. "but they should be investigated just the same. It is a duly we owe Kansas and Oklahoma as well as Warden llaskell." IJETMEKN BECK .\M» BItlLH.lKT. Stahrs Withdrawal Slnipliflri Chief Clerk.Hblp .SItnallon In Kansas House. Topeka. Dec. 21.—\V. W, Stahl cf Great Bend has withdrawn as a candidate for chief clerk of the and his strengt]) will go to Will Ileck of Holton. Ttila leaTea only two eandi- datesv Beck and C. A. Brilbart of Bik ccnnty. ^ , Some of the leadeni'are^iiowvfrain-. _ _.• —e._-._a— i INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an e.vpense luit an investment. It is soniething you must have Init soniethin.? you must be careful of. as it is very Important that the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW YOU. WHY PAY RENT? A\Tien yon can buy a home with the same money? 1 have some mi.ehty nice properties oa >Kt< hand right now which I will 8eH'%j you for the same money that you are paying out rent fbr. The-, properties are well located and?, are a good investment. All want Is a chance to SHOW TOO,""

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