Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1907
Page 3
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Bhaitt Saturday I'lTePliJeTaoii This 1§ an to sare from f50 to fl5tO.OI^ If ever were there such C. O. cowty. wiMM^ a BOtHPoena apon Dr. of K «iiM« City. t6 DOBS in the C.K. f^teraen lives liif and it. is daimed tgri^ testlCjr- with'refernoe tp\ TlBit of Mr. yiftrntataai^. ly' to. Kansas City lastf It was knows that^ on Standard makes of pianos, low prices matle on Standard makes of Pianos in lola. Is as we will box and ship out what is left of our stock tomorrow eyening. friends in aalioa state, and the AUtfts^^t have been watcUnflr4Mip»^;i then or not he woald , Christmas, resolTliiK t*;* I iwena npon him It j learned a few weAs'i _ I comins into 'Kassas.fa^'^^ at onice took steps tO'tfitt.i. him. learning Wdttr>^fit_ ersenf was to Iftmpiettie^li^J) ger immediately set pvi^m^i^_ He: called upon Dr. -Vfiii^a &^^^M^J: therin-law when , he '•J^U^H^WU '^r-i quette and asked if Dr. ft(jSw ^iMi^^ in the city. The. brotheriiililir; hmfSS^^f'- anawering wanted to' inquiring for him. Mh ^. Bwered that it was jmlwi upon which the hnrtheri^^*' that Dr. -Petenian 'wii<'at Mr. Bollinger soon' called' pa's" and served' the s him. Dr. Petersen firl . , that be did not care to tiitlfj^% case. \' ' C»T4BLI»I1EP i»94 EAST SIDE MRS. HOLCblNB QEn^A DtyC^RQlg Given CliHdren and tfBO k\ifmm $if:^ Mrs. Mary Holcomb W «i »Bb}dvj^VI divorce today ia^^|lftr^et ' - ' Judge Foust from Hemry K.,^ By the terms of, the. 4ieer«»;if|l,' comb gets th« custody'qfJtbsib^ children and $900 aliOM ^l-ATi^,|p^^^.. tics in the case Uye }n <l^pj Humboldt and the ac^on^sraa fiwll^^'t^^; vigorously. ^ . ^ --^j.'fcA One of the earnings pf.a^iiews is to do good. The'R|$^i' that it it can assist tikiw- of work to And positiani?ttalhft' be diring a great deal., is eoi at once. The Ret^sCer irWT^ until due notice Is glTea; uatibn wanted-itds flir««-ii . charge. Deservlnr m iwtlttft t»,|i«» advantage of this apportatilqr..' '^y. ALL BANKS EQUAL National Bank Examiner Opposes the Deposit Guaranty. Topeka. Dec.. Z(\. —J. C. Bradley, national Dank examiner, today dtv ciared tliat it would be a bad iniistakp to call a sppc'al session of tho losisia- ti:re and pass a state hank i doposii guDranty law. It is his heljcr ilia'f this, ^ implication, would advertis«r the KansTs" banks to the world as unsouml. He says that Kuaranty dc; posit laws have been frequently pa.>;.s: ed upon by attorneys of note for both state and national banks, and the iisj ual opinion is that they are unconstitutional. ; Then Mr. Bradley bc; I'pves that sound, sane, honest ami ftood bankinir would be piven a blow". In that reckless . banks could have the same c'aliu upon deposit-s as they have. '"It is a mistake." >»aid Mr. Bradley this moniinp. "We have be«'n herald; ing to the \<orld that Kansas banks are on the soundest Isa^is. and now it seems that certain persons wish to step in and declare to the world liy implication that they are not sound. "A deposit guaranty law will do no good. Sup|>ose yon pack up Jl.Oiiii,- 000 in a dcjKisit puarant.v fund. Ar'- you going, to let it lie jft the slate treasury out of circulation? Well, then, what are you goinc to do with it. You won 't put it liack into the PERFECTION Ofl Heater No smeUe— M sm«U. ,Tv..^^.Lamp;^..-^ I .Ctil. EM «II < vnk cmtal i»iln WlHr Mr MUtVi *«. , .Mtttljt i d«M'* * at four irakn qlrcad^-^.iu Ate yon going to invest banks, for there is just the place you (lon't want it. The finid is to KUar antee the money that is the banks, il? Of you won't because when you need the money .vou will have it invested, and you can not pet it. ^ '"Here are banks that have lived for y,>ars. have built up reputations for lionesty; for sound judgment, good l-ankins. careful handling of other people's money—^that standi out like I.Tndmarks. WJiat will it nieaii if a big sum of money is put up to ghair- antee deposits? It will simply moan that the lioni-st, sound, conservative banker who has spent years In per ^ (Mayb? Somefaodly.Hai^ Fooled Your People dmCt ^im paying the hy gating motley iii €»ri fccting his plans ,and buHdlng bp his rejiutation will see the reckless banker In his community have just tho same chance at getting deposits a.s he has. Because this guaranty Is ready to i>rotect the sound and reckless banker alike. •The national banking system is forty-five years old. In all that time only five per cent of the national banks have failed, and of this five per cent not o'na paid its depositors less than 7S cents on the dollar." Senator Ixjuc declares that he was not quoted correctly when It was reported that ho said that conservative Iwnkers are not behind a guaranty deposit law. "I did say," he said today, "that congress won't touch if, ejther iu house or senate, and that is true. But I have no opinion to express as to whether the men who express them selve-.-i pro or con on the subject an eoneervatlvp or not." BIG THEATRE OPEN Cleveland's $2,000,000 Hippodrome Ready for Use Today. is This Is the season when your blood needs purifying; If the blood Is pure and he/ilthy you'll be well. The most reliable blood remedy is Hollistcii's Rocky Mountain Tea. Nothing can do more good. 35c, Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. BARS THE KISS POSTER. Newark Council Fears Picture Nethersole Embrace. of more^rii Newark. N. J., Dec. 30.—Out of consideralJott for the welfare of tho young boys and gir's the common council committee on bill poslbig has notified the manager of a local thea- (fe that he must not display in the store windows of Newark the posters that were to have been placed there to advertise the play, "Sapho" which is to be ;ivcn In the theatre. The scene depicted In the poster Is one made famous by Miss Olga Neth crsole which gave origin to the "Neth rsole kiss." The manager of the theatre showed the pictures to the bill posting com mittee and they decided that their display would have anything but .n good moral effect upon the young. Are often pennanentlr fprpied from a single purchaaie a iiew eustdttier nukes in your store aid nair eutopeni are inrariably msds dorlnr a special sala- Wa advocate special sales, bnt twoj the sterllns UBd tb»t eunot CtU toj make a moi te^rewrtOB. A • 1 pplnted ijurti jBm «e l» dopuii •at ceats, la enil. tkM tf yoa biUI MtaOttrtlied. : -•• Cleveland, Dec. 30.—The Hipix)- oromc, said to be the largest and most beautiful playhouse in the United States outside of New York city, wi:i be opened today. The theatre cost $2,000,000, and probably Is the most niodsrn theatre In the world. It will seat 4,500 persons. The stage floor Is In sections, operated by hydraulic lifts. The sections can be placed In any position. Beneath the stage Is tank for acquatic sports which has a capacity of 455.000 gallons. The drop curtain weighs thirteen tons, and Is built of steel and con Crete, is absolutely fireproof and com plete'y shuts the stage off from the body of the house. It can "be dropped in nineteen seconds. The proscenium arch extends forty-four feet beyond the stagehand acts as a megaphone The stage Is one hundretl feet wide one hundred and fonr feet deep and has an area of 13.528 square feet There are forty-four private dressing rooms and a private hotel for performers. There are stables for the Animals that are to br part of the productions of the theater. No posfr? or pillars obstruct the view of the stage from any scat In the house. The playhouse has sixty-three exits. Twen ty girls In uniform will act as ushers The Illppidromc was built by Cleve land capital, promoted by Manager .Max Faetkenbcuer and ex-Mayor Rob crt B. McKlsson. The theatre wi'l be run as an Independent house, playing all sorts of attractions from circus to grand opera. WOULD REMOVE CHILDREN. Mrs. Maffdaleaa Ulrah Wants to Go to Kansas CKy. Mrs. Magdalena Hirsb today brought [an action In district court asking for an order ^vlng her permission to remove her two children to Kansas City where ahe expects to go into the millinery business. Mrs. Hirsh took steQS to leave the state for Denver last summer with her two children btit Dr. P. H- Hlrah. her husband, brought an action preventing herefrom taking the cbiMren out of the JorisdldUon of this court. The' order as granted applied to the pliOatur alsa Ifrs. Hlrah also adcs for tbelr'i hoosehold |[do4s-and for allmooy to lie 9«fd In -opnthly Installments. Dr. nff Mrs. nrdi bvre not ^ IMaf idfetber since last spring. BUFFALO BILL TO MEET WIFE. Death of Son-in-Law May ReuniJe Oi vorced Couple. I>envcr. Dec. 30.—reconciliation between Colonel W. P. Cody (Buffalo Bill) and Mrs. Cody, will probably take place within the next few days. .T. U Sabin, a friend of Buffalo Bill who is stopping at the Albany, authority for the statement that the famous scout will be in North Platte, Nebr., where his divorced wife llv?s this week, and that ho will remain there for several days. He believes that peace will be established in the family before he returns to his \\^-o- mlng ranch. "Colonel Cody has just suffered bereavement In the death of Lleutcn ant "Clarence Stott. of tho Second Cavalry, at Des Moines,'^ said Mr. Sa bin." and' It may lead to the reconcll latlon. Stott was the son-in-law of Buffalo Bill and the scout was very fonil of him. Colonel Cody attended the funeral at Fort Des Moines and bis daughter, who Is left alone by the death, persimded him to return to North Platte -with her. I have cv cry reason to believe that Colonel Cddy desires the reconciliation and that Mrs. Cody will stand ready to welcome him back. It is almost certain that the colonel and his former wife will meet each other during the few days that he is at his old home, and I believe the sparks of love which were alx>ut extinguished a few years ago will be kindled into flame." LINN CASE IS DISMISSED. Young .Man Settled C'onrt Case Ont of The case of the state vs. Ed Linn was dismissed this morning in district courL This is an action in which the defendant was charged with removing mortgaged property. The mortgage was held by the Allen County SUte bank. Linn left this community some time ago going to Vernon county. Mo. It was learned that he was Oiere and constable went over and bropsfat him back. Linn's i|ither came in a few days ago and made arrangements for settling the case out of court. ASK f OK WKAt TOU WANT and ask enphatlcally. .Do so through the Register's want oolamns. \ It you want an employer or an employee you can find l |im In* a hnm^ If yon Uke thte coarse. The .Bektster wUl tell yoar wants to mpy tMMMvds'of people as qniekly ii joi eaa ten tHen persbqally to' a doaaa people. Ton ewt alford tlie slosr 3r «y. . ' SnVATtOHS WAMTED Aivetrltenents ndrr (his head wlfl be inserted three times wlthont eha^c WANTED—Woman or girl for general house work. Must be competent. 409 East Madison. WANTED—To buy team of work horses. J. H. Teney. Box 88, La Harpe. WANTED—Boarders at 302 South Kentucky. Married couple preferred. WANTED—Second band Winchester pop gun. Inquire 106 South Second itret fOR SAlE'i FOR SALE—Good Studebaker buggy, practically new, with good set of $35.00 harness, for sale at Howard 's barn If taken iu the next few days at 180.00. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For young stock or team, house and lot Inquire 327 North Elm. TOR SALE-Or will trade for good clear farm or $1000 property in lola, balance in cash or notes; the Snyder Livery Barn, La Harpe. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of grocw- les and store 'fixtures. 402 Sonth Kentucky street FOR SALE>—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street FOR TRADE:—Town lot on Kentucky street to trade for young horse. •121 North Cotonwood. Although the roads were very- pt/La lar^e crowd attehded the ChriatthM: exercises at tha liall Tuesday nlfht, A short prognuB Iras rendered, ttm'- wblch Santa CKays gave gifts traa, weU fllied Chrfatmas tree, to a gAwt number of thoee present . •^ Miss Florence Hedger came hoDia'. from Lawrence the firs .t of the «i«k < to spend the holidays with Mme pao- > pie. • . . V.-. . Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stewart snmt Cbrtstmas In Hnmboldt iHth (*!•• tiver ..J.­ Mr. E^amest Myers and wife, ll^ito. Myers and wife, Mr. u« Mn. ^kk': Sesrmour and danghtera .^ihonBee ^jai^. Jeanette, ate turk«y with Mr. ~ sad- Mrs. Frank Myers Christmas day^^-^ ' Fred and Homier Trazell h«l|ed James - Duggaa'butcher hoga .Tnasliy. >Mr. and Mrs. John KoeUer iad family of LaHarpe. were gneatih'at \ Tip Williams' Christmas day. I', Florence Hedger and Jeaoette Seymour, took supper with PeaM Haidin Wednesday evening: ^ '~\ /Leonard Donald, who la worUag, for Frank Hardin, ^nt Wlsdaeapay in LaHarpe with bmne tolte, - Mtss^ Lydle Murray wha-iias kpea. sUyiiig at Mr. Wright 's aear Mbma. Is spending this we^ with Pearl Vbof din. \ Mrs. Wiesley Smart went to Par- , sons Tuesday to visit rtdatites. Edna and Cecil Walker, Frank and Pearl Hardin. Claude Vpel^ tad I>eonatd Donald sprat 'FrMiy evea- Ing with Misses Hedger and; SeyaMjnr^ 7< FOR RENT—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—House and bam. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. Its Econ^liy To have your Caxpet* and Sogi deaned by 1 Cteed Resolve to enter .Uie lols Collegeat the beglnidng of lIMt. Prepare yoorselt 'ter^a -nation during this bnslBesil that you may be ready toe position when flaanoW cotne better. The iola Business C^lega giving i 15 per eei^ redq9aa» tultton setUed on w befteit ' 1. 1908. eanse la Allw-Ooaaty body reads ^ Bsalstar.

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