Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
Page 3
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INLY ?O MINUTES Time' Required for Vera Pearl Justice to Secure a Divorce. A divorce in twenty minutes. This is the new record in cliatrict court. Saturday afternoon late. \'era Pearl jiisUce brought suit for divorce from Wm. G. Justice. The petition was fil- eia, the evidence heard and ih»? courfaj order made in twenty minutes. ' Mrs. Justice alloged that her husband's conduct toward her was such as to cause her great mental anguish and to fear for ht-r life. She says that his treatment was such as to compel her to go to her parents* home. Gross neploct of duty In failing to provide for hir and their two! year old son is alsu alle.qtil aa a part' of the grounds. Mrs. Justice- broujihl t^iiit s<);!if time ago for alimony. TO CONTINUE TRIAL Prosrcntion in the Hains Trial .Mar Present Eildrnri- This I \Ve.k. Flushing. X Y.. Dec —Art.r two' days adjoiirnnieiir ilif trl;i; ..f Thoin- ton J. Hain.s charprd A )iriui"ip;il with his brother. . rai''.;ii:i I't-ter ('. Hains. Jr.. in thi» ki <it K. .\nnis. was resiinu'd i.M.iy i..-i"t)rtf Justice Craiip. It is uf. uuliki-lv (he week will be taken tip :ii |iri).<r'!it;i- tion of the prosecutio;i BKLKKV. i • Q _ _ J, Mark Ciililiisoii, .\l:ir;on \Vi!!i:un :M >ii and -Mr. \Vil.«in. Idn-ds nuTrhanis. have a larp*" liif of Imli.j.iy <'n and th>'ir «tor<-s w-'f flHi-i| ' AIIII Xmii.s shopeprs Sutunia.v, .Mr. WacntT h.vs tli.- (rmi.i' up l"" .1 large fiiriiitur*' stor,- .Mm. Walt .Mlilfr .Mr.-* I 'aii; Shepherd Tui-.<da.v - .Mrs. .Moon-'.s inoiht-r CIIIK' in Friday for a vi.-it with li. r The Snmlay srhool is |f1:iiinin« foi an'Xm.-i.< tn-.' at tli<- in .Mi!dr. 1 t'br'stmas i-vi-. S^-hooI wl'l ilisrtiir.- I'in for n week's y.ication. MLoR GeorBia May ha.; a tnii.*lr;class In Mildred. Turner Smith i.< ImtMliii; a new house in -Mildre.l. ' Mr. Sprins.<ton liav.- .-flaiivc-:' from near C'-!!t«»rv'iU- visitini; tlu'm.' A large niimlit r of th- lailif> t"roni this neichliorhooc! att»-i<il".l Tin- Koyal; Neighbor lode*- a; liavarii Thur.-da> afternoon. ! Miss Georria May and .\lr.; Vitinn-' W-lnterbotton havo now iiiai'.o.-s. Miss Helen Smith wrjir to lo'a Pri day to spend Sunday u';;ii ems. Judge Smith and wif.. Mr. Efnor and lamilv .if Rat-s county. M(i. inov.'d to .Mi!!r.-.i Saturday. Every day the crowds grow larger. Every day some Christmas assortments are depleted and taken into the homes, where they belong. We cannot urge you too strongly to do your Christmas shopping early—now. Store open evenings. Some of iho Useful Oifis we have to Show youm i;oi,I> »A.M)LK1» r .MBKELL .4 .S. (-H.VTL'I..II> B.U;.S in •iterlbisr siher.old art, alllmlor and leather. tVNCY KKLT.S in silk{c, leather and tiniiel. H.4.\D IMI.\TED CHIN.l. K.WrY \EtKWE.\R of etery description for ladles and gentlemen. F.WfY niMLIKS at .spectal prkes. \ UiL' \>Mirtmeul <if B.VCk COMBS and B.IKUETTS. K\X( Y ll.VT IMNS in old art, f^old and silver. COI.I.VK IM.VS, lironrhes and fancjr stick plu.«. .ME>\E>'S T .\Ur .M POWDER, i boxes for 23c. \ KIBBO.XS of every dwcription I'lI.l.OW TOPS. T.VBLE fOVEHS, BED SPKE.\DS, TOWELS, .>.\PKIX.S and T.VBLE LI.XEXS; erery price. SIIIKT WAISTS at actual cost to clran up the line. I-AMY .SCAHES fur ladles and meu. .>0<> to «3.<NI. FANCY IM»S1EHY in Lisle and SUk. Till- Best Values iu llJL>DJkEKCiIIEFS in pure liueu aud euiliroidered at :.. 10, I.-., -jrir and up In each. Mllllnory—'-'GreatBai Prle0 RoHuelng Saie diihe Soaabn Prleea cat Exaetir » Whit la Pnhfer Tton ao Elegaat Hat lof a Xmaa Gift. %\hM Hat at. Hat at . «7.M 9liM Hat.... iSiW Hat ... *WM Hat «3 JOO Hat. 9»M EVERY STREET HAT IT JUST HALF PBICE. UOLIDAT FDBS. There in nothing more acceptable to your wife, daughter or sweet heart than Furs for Xmas. DBESS GOODS. BemaikaUe raloeg; SO pleeu pat on sale imported aad domestic dress goods, to cleaa ap—Cliiffoa Broadcloth In fancy and plain, that aanaUf seU for tl.3* to $LSO. Special - 75e 85c Fancy Serges -Oe «5c Fancy Saltlags, special S*e 25c Pretty FteMs for chHdren Mt LBdies% Misses'' ami Children's Ceats far Christmas At Rmmmrkmtly Low PHoem to GImmr them up Ouiok, $&«) CoaU t5.M 910M CoaU $7.50 113,50 Coats 98,50 $15.00 Coats .......910.00 920.00 Coats 916M 9MM CoaU 922.50 . CHILDBED'S COATS GBEATLT SEDUCED. $2.00 Coats 91,25 »4Ji0 Coats 91,25 98.75 CoaU 92.50 $.'.-00 Coals 93,75 Try a Poyai Worommter Oormet, BImok Omt Homlery or m PiotoHai Rmviow Pmttoro mmd you'll ouroly bo plooopd^ 113 East Hadison RICHARDSOH'S 113 East Madison •'J SENT THE GIRL HOME. I A GOOD GA.ME, ' Baker University Team Here Tomor- County HelDs Bessie Myers to Reach, row Night at Auditorium. Altoona. I The Auditorium team is practicing lhard every night in order to give the Pnnr Coramissionrr AI .\hrams yc-s- Baker University team a good fight torday furnished transportation to in the game tomorrow night. On ac- Miss Bessif Myers to her home in count of the stores being open the . j;.^."oona. Some time ago Miss Myers game will not be started until 9:30 ' ^ rair.f down with fever while working in order to accomodate many busl- n Davis" addition. She was taken to ness men who are admirers of the the St. Johns hosi'ital where she re- game. . This will also give the skat- rover.'d rapidly. Yesterday she was ers more time early in the evening, all.' to i:o hut did not have the funds Wednesday night militia inspection so call'^.l on the ronntv attorn»-v for is the attraction, aid. V. M. C. A. Man to Come. I At the Bales Home. Register of Deeds Robert Thompson Praises lola. Dirt will f!v on th.- :i- building in lola on ne.xi .Munday niori'-, ; ^. ^. — ins. lola is ah.^ad of Th- n-.-t of jh.-\ J K. .Mauley, of Top«»ka. a.ssi»tant spmt yesterday at the home of John towns in Southpastirr. Ka:iiai rMaf sta:. s.-crt-tary of the Youn? Men's Bajes seven miles southwest of the she did not stop to qiiar >•! ov.v ihi- Christian .Associatioi!. will arrive in city. Mr. Bales has she. but got busy an.; will hav.> a rn-w lola tomorrow for a vii«it pofitofflce Reporter. remodeled his with the. farm house, now having one of the boforV. lonV' —Indeponii.-nrr officers and members of the local as- mtso convenient homes in that aeo- sociation. / —.\Iways time to eat at the Our Way. State Labor Meeting. The official call for the eleventh an. nual meeting of the State Society of Labor and Industry, which will meet in Topeka February first was' issued Tuesday afternoon by W. L. X. Johnson, state labor commissioner. .\ll of the lal>or organizations of the state are expected to be represented at this meeting where matte.-s pertaining to the next meeting of the legislature will be discharged. lion. TWO CAR LOADS 1 TWO CAR LOADS If $6.75 Morris Chair reduced to $3.65 This chair, almost like cut, is made of solid oak with spring seat and back, upholstered in green velour, now only, $3,65 A beautiful assortment of 50 pictures, in heavy gilt frames, \?ith gold bomishes, glass, wire and all ready "Vr to hang. Sold everywbero for I3..10 to 14 .00. V| Pictures _ Are really beauties. Until Christmas, or while they last, half price —Drs. Latbrop. Osteopaths. Phone J68 From a Rock Quarry. Suit was filed in toe district this afternoon by .Attorneys Jones and Reid of this city for L. X. Cunningham asainst John T. Rustamier and the City of Chanute. Cunningham asks Judgment for $2.iini) for damages to his property and to the health of his wife, from acts of the defendants, especially Mr. Rustamier. who is running the city rock crusher. The damages are alleged to have been caused by the operation of the rock quarry, known as the city quarry, it ia on land belonging to the city.-Chanute Tribune. POILTBY WANTED. HIgfaestt market prices paid in casii. 1 am today paying For nnraiier one hen turkeys 10 to lie No, one young torn turkeys 10 to 11c Number uue hens 7c Number one spring;* 7c Number one ducks 6^c Number one geese 5He Number one liroHers under 2-tbs.. .11c B. S. BARNARD, - Hydeii, Furs, Junk, Jonltry, Eggs, Ete, North Buckeye, lola,*. I In Burton. I Chas. Snyder is visiting relatives in Uiirton. SOLDIERS AT TRIAL TENNESSEE NIGHT RIDER 18 TO TELL OF CRIMES OF HIS BAND. DIAMOND DICK HERE Has Turned States Evidence. Armed Officers Guarding Court and Prisoner. For Woodson County Court. Un'on City. Tenn.. Dec. 21.—Surrounded by a detail of six soldiers Judge Oscar Foust went to Yates ^^^^^^^ ^fles and revolvers, the Center this mornin? to hold the holsters open. Prank F. Fehringer. a Woodson county court. He will be member of the night riders, who has gone several days. To Kansas City. Frank Wood left this afternoon for turned state's evidence, was brought Into the court'this morning to testify against his former associates of the mask. The soldiers sat down In­ puts in Picture Show. Dr. McGraw and a man named ! Smith are going to put In another j moving picture show here. They & s ^hoS- ^^?t i^^i ^F^-^ti^^ college chum: P™f_C. H. y^^^-onr^.-TXT^l^S^r:^l T^Is Key. Vamp Here Today. " "^^^ «^ Rev. M. A. Camp and family, of Humboldt, spent the day with Dr. S. S. Hllscher. Rev. Camp Is pastor of the Presbyterian church at Humboldt. a tense' moment. minutlve man. seemed composed but pale. Fehringer was one of the first members of the band. He went on t)ke first ride of the band and visited the MarsHs store when there was a fend between the riders of Tipton county will I An , ''^*"„K ^""lff'"ir„*«.„ i.„i„»'and those of O'brien county. They old man who has been living , , ,. ^ . . ^ Tt^t^,, ^„„t^ Germanla Hall. On., picture with a relative near Huinboldt was =Tipton county show does well here, but it is doiibt- taken to the county noor farm this af- fill if two wi!: pay.—Humboldt Union, ternoon. He Is afflicted with rheu- ' _I matlsm. Boston Ideals at Topeka. Next .Monday mornin? the policy ofj iho Majestic theatre will change from John Percy in Town. .... „ John Percy, superintendent of the vaudeville to opera when the famous county poor farm, was In the city this Boston Ideal Oi>era company opens its afternoon. He says the addition to the first week bill with that ever popu- barn at the farm Is nearly finished. lar and pleasing comic opera. La Mascone. The opera was not selected Attorneys to Yates Center, because the company appears to any Attorneys S. A. Gard and A. F. Flor- better advantage in it than any other ence went to Yates Center today on of the twenty-six in its repertoire, out, i^j.^! business. rather on account of the universal! " ' satisfaction thi.? opera always gives.l pi i » as it seems to appeal to all classes of; ,,, _ . ^ music lovers alike. The company has' , P^*-"' „ ^ Council all the old favorites and a few new "f accepted a position! [faces which add much to this season's,°f .'I! „„A.7 ! phenomenal succe.<?8. Of course thej*' ^"'^ men. The oath which he sa/d he took was. "I solemnly swear that I wish to join the society of night riders and that I will never write, tell or talk about anything that happens upon the rides or in conference. THE COURT WON Eighty Dollars in a Pool Game and the City Drew 9623a "You ought to be fined. There are pool rooms in this city, maniaged by people of vour- own race. If you want )ve. Iowa, has acceptea a position, pj^y ^ honest game of pool you pianist and illustrated song singer. gj,ould have gone there. I don't be- {Burgess brothers are still handling! ' ' ^^EMH ithe comedy roles, I..aura .Moore, whoj Watson Here. ,'is well remembered here for her ar-l Representative-elect W. T. Watson tlsiic singing, is still the soprano:! spent yesterday and today in lola. .Lillian Shattuck. late of the Aborn. Reheai*al Tonight I Oppra company of New York, is the; ' * ~ new mezzo soprano and from press i Everyone who is to take part In comment from other cities she is mak-Jthe oratorio, "•Elijah" Is urged to be Ing more than good. Edwin L. Wes-. present at the rehearsal tonight, ton, tenor; Geo. Byron Broi^ barl-j ____ tone, are other well known slngersj „ ^ I whose names appear In the list of ' principals.—Capital. Ueve that you went into that colored man's pool room without evil intent." And so the worm turned. W. A. Younger had Lon Smith, H. Bland, W. G. Bass and Kelvin Hughes arrested for swindling him and they in turn had Younger arrested for gambling and Judge J. M. Collins was Imposing sentence on Younger. "I have no sympathy for a white man who plays pool In a colored man's pool hall. Yon are on a basis with the colored proprietor, and your Dr. Geo. B. McClelland Look* Over City With a View of Locatin0 Pertnanently. ' George B. McCleJland. better known to the older residents of the ' city as TH&mond Dick' came yester day to look over the city with a view to locating. Dr. McCIel'and first came to lola years ago when the town wa3 a village of about 1700 inhabitants. He was at that time conducting a medicine- show, giving free vaudeville stunts In tlie open ali and' doin? fancy rifle shooting.' During his second trip to the clt/ the doctor decided: to locate permaa-.. ently and did a general practice in this city and county for about three years. "Diamond Dick."/nnHke the; majority of traveling physicians treat-.v. ed a'l alike regardless'of whether or not there was a fee to be bad. Manyrr a deserving person who Was unable... to pay has received treatibent .after " treatment from the doctor witbout'' being asked for the customary fe«. No wandering cripple,! howetOt ' .'v slight his aliments might be ever apr pealed to "Diamond Dick" wl.tbont re-" ' celving a very substantial "Hft" ud u / assist financially and toiglve bis ser- . I"^^^ vices freely to all works of charity he' counted his friends by the seote. An Incident is cal'ed to nMnd which occurred at the time "Diamond Dick" decided to leave this city aft^r givinff-^- up his practice. While at the atatton waiting for his train he discoveried- the loss of a roil of bills amounting to $35. As the train pulled .in a young lad came rimning breathlessly up to the doctor and asked if he bad not lost some money. With the an- ewer In the affirmative, the lad banded the doctor the $35. The boy re-, ceived a ten dollar bill as a reward for bis honesty. POCTKT WAJfTlD. Highest market prices paid la euh. I am today paylos: T For number one ben tnrl |eyB 1* to- lie No. one yoaat toss turkeys 10 .to lie Number eae heu 7© Knmber aae springs 7e Nnaiber oae daeks Wit^ Naaber one geese 5Xe Namber one broilers ander S'ibs,..lle B. S. BARTfAKD. Hydes, Fora, Jank, Poaltry. E«n« »«• North Backeye^ lola, Saasas. WANTS THE HOBSE. A team belonging to a man living In , Humboldt ran away yesterday «,d _ One will he fl6. , . , „. was. not caught until It reached thai The colored men pleaded guilty, and (Jet the Elko, the liest -Ir cigar, at MeKlnley farm a few miles south of paid fines as follows: Smith 12; H. The buggy and harness were Bland, $15: Bass and Hughes $10 ('rabli!<. .\ home cigar. i Inla. both torn up. So far as 1 1< arned no one was hurt. could Got Horseshoe Here The locals hav^ a hoodoo, namely.' a horseshoe. Thl^was picked up by Snillb before leaving for lola. where they were victorious over the Y. M. C. .Many garments that you thing ara A. and high school teams. Thl:i they ruined that can be made to look iaa carry with them-to every game, whe- good as new by the use of DRY- be each. Younger, TOr PROBABLY HATE who is a countryman. J. W. Miller Asks Cleric of Court For Order to Get Animal Jury Bald Is His. J. W. Miller, plaintiff in tbe famous "horse" case, was down front Cof; fey county today to get the taorae ther at home or out of the city. Par- CLEAX-0. Dry cleaning is not ox- sons thoutsht the/ might break Cha-; pensive when you do It youraelf. A nute's hard luck, so offered to pur- so -ceni can of DRY-CLGAN-O will do' chase the good luck shoe. They of- |)o worth of dry cleaning. i fered the teams $5 for It. but were you wlJl find DRY-CLBAN-0 the'>sreed. It is said, not to prosecute, flatly refused.—Chanute Sun. very best preparation in the world.But he did. So did the colored boys. ifor washing all woolen goods, tinder- Notlee. ' wear, dresaes.i dress skirts and every The board of charities is in need of thing made of pure wor>I. The-goods clothing for women Leave donations at Little Cfaapel. strolled Into the Gordon pool ball on, which a jury decided recently belotig- North Washington avenue Friday ed to him and not to Arthur Ball, of night. He wanted to play pool. He L.aHarpe. The jury whieh beiard the did. When the game was over, Young- evidence fixed the value of the horse er reported that he bad been swindled at $100. Hall depoe'ted $100 with' the out of $80 and' the arresu followed clerk of the court a few days afOf:biit Saturday. | Miller don't want the moneyl—be Younger recovered most of his mon-Iwants the horse. Thia afteraooa hU ey through the efforts of the offlcers' attorney asked the clerk at tha;CoaTt and friends of the colored youths and, for an order on which the aberltf BMJ eo out to LaHarpe and get the aalnuplp Elka' Oeneroua Qift. The local oidge of Elks has just giv-|city today. and children.' will wear longer a«i be more satia-1 en $100 to the several charitable or- .Ittle Builders'I factory, keep their color and natural. Kanizattons of the o'ty. Or. Wilson Here, Dr. Wilson, of Hnmboldti< is i& He came up inr gloss and flufflnesa unUI they are completely worn out. Hade only by Judge Ewing Leaves. ] Putnam Fadeless Dye Co., Qulney. IlL , jodge Swine, of Cbicago, who has irot; aale by Chaa. B. Spencer * Co., baea visiting hta braltber, <:*P *«<a H. j. o. Mnndls ft Oa. W. L. Crabby Dr. A. Swing, lelt Saturday for bla hoou. 1 |L A. Brown. i Booat in Lloaiiiita.i^'•^rifea Judge J. B, 8«atb: tlila;-«(tei1io«^^ married J. U RtfBfr;ai^ft,>n^ connected with tala. taxea. Daughter 'Cornea Home, Ulaa Delia W. HIII. daughter of Rev. and Mra. A. Hill, colored, wUl be hom^ d^n botbr of C^ott. Tbanday from tb« aute hospiUl at ' " "^"^ ^araooai to apeod Chilatauw.

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