Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1907
Page 2
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MiLTII FEpKK, Aart. CMUCT. Items intended to appear in the Register's society column will bo received at phone nutiiber 222 by tiic society reporter, jilsB Alberta Mun- Bon. • • • MIsa Culbertson to Entertain. Miss Lena Culbertson will entertain a group of girl friencs at cards on Thursday, afternoon at the home of ber parents. Mr. and M^. W. B. Culbertson, 605 South Sycamore street. • + • Y Society Thursday. The Y'society will have an Informal Boclay affair on Thursday evcnlnR at the home of Misses Irma and Minnie Krausc, comer of E.ast and Buckeye streets. The party is arranged in compliment to college folk who are home for the holidajts and the invitations will bo extended Informally. • * * • Dingier for Visiting Girls. Mr. and Mrs. T>. P. Northrup and Miss Gladys Northrup entertained at dinner on Saturday evening for Miss Mary Northrup and her guests. The table was beautifully trimmed with pink and white carnations and the favors were carnations. Covers were placed for Misses Mary Northrup. Julia Snyder, Helen Moulten, Helen Myers, Helen McClaln, Hortense Myers, Gladys Northrup. Lillian North- nip, Messrs. Ed. Taylor, of Kansas Removal Sale AT $ewairs Jewelry Store Is Still Goinfc On. First door North Postoffice ipg' a week here during the recess of a polorado' school, entertained Mr. I>oraine Northrup, Mr. Jay Hunt, Mr. liosslinger, of Kansas City, and Mr. Mocker at dinner yesterday. * * * Sorosis Club Luncheon. . The Sorosis club will have a chafing dish luncheon on Wednesday at the residence of Mrs. L. H. Wishard. The annual election of officers will occur. * + • To Attend Wedding. Mrs. G. C. Glynn leaves tomorrow fo McLouth, Kas., where she will bo present at the marriage of Miss Sa vonia Glynn and Mr. W. CasAier. * * • * • + Evening Party. Mr. and Mrs, George Knowlton will Clt -y, 'l ^uls 'NorthruprMr."and""Mys'!'''^ " P"^^^' t*"" ; D. P. Northrup. 4. * * Mr. and Mrs. Leichter Home. Mr. nd Mrs. A. L. Leichter jarc home from Mlddletown. Md.. where . they were united In marriage on Do. cember 25. Mrs. lietchtcr was Mis« Charlotte J. Cooke. The couple will .r'be cordially "welcomed to social clr- ; cles of the city. Mr. l.«lchtcr is with • the TEtamsay Dry goods company. • • • Dinner on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Rcmsbcrg are • to have a party of relatives as guests > at dinner on Wednesday. • + • New Yey Party. The Beau Knot girls will ontorlain '• tomorrow eyoning at the home of Mls:s Bessie Beck. 60(5 East street. 500 Club Party. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Campbell will entertain members of the 500 • club at cards on Friday evening, Jan^ -nary 3. + * • P. E, O.'s to Entertain. Ladies of the P. E. O. chapter will 'entertain their husbands this evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. ' Edgerton, 223 South Colborn. The Invitations which were issued to pros- pectlve gentlemen guests read as fol ;]6ws: • On Monday eve, (We hope you'll ; come) r To meet with everj- P. E. O. Oh, may your steps then gladly y turn ; Toward 223 on South Colbom. ^ A- '> Mrs. Mitftlebach to Entertain. Mrs. J. G. Mittlebach will be hos- . tc8s of the High Five club on Thurs •day afternoon. • • * One O'clock Dinner. I ;, Mr. Wlaldo Coffman who is spend- We can put that watcli Inasgpod Wder u it was when you bopfht it. Bfiofitin. Bta Fe •>« X. K. * T Fiikk laspeeton. evening In compliment to Mr. Will Knowlton and Mr. James Knowlton. • * • National Lecturer Cominfl, The Woman's Christian Tempcr- nnce Tnion will have the pleasure of nioeting ^frs. Anna J. Robins, national lictnrer for the union early in the month of January. jMrs. Robins is a missionary lately returned from a charge in the orient and will bring a valuable collection of curios to dis- li'ay during her lecture. .5. .> Art Club Meeting. The Art club will have the first mooting of the Now Year op Friday afternoon in the Y. M. C. A. parlors. + * + Visited in Chanute. Miss Rthel and Bculah Bixlor returned from Chantue last evening, whore thoy have been spending their Xmas vacation with their vlster, Mrs. Cecil C. Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy accompanied them home and will spend New Years in lola. * * + For Jolly Twelve. Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Fronk have issued invitations for an Informal party on Thursday eveninp. The guests are to be members of trie Jolly Twclv? club. • • • Current Event Club Meeting.. The Current Event club is in session this afternoon. The program is relative to Canada and Its industries. + •> <' Guests Returned Home. I Helen Moulton. Miss Hortonsfl Myers and Miss Helen Myers, of Fort Scott returned homa yesterday after a visit with Miss Mary Northrup. Miss Helen McC"aln, another member of :he house party, her homo in Kansas City today. * • * Gave Theatre Party. Miss Mary Northnip entertained I a number of girl frientfs to see Adelaide Thurston on Saturday evening.] • • • For Miss McKinney. Miss Lena McKinney. of Cherryvale »ho is a guost of her cousin Miss Ha^l' Heron. 212 North Third street, was,entertained with a theatre party >n Saturday eveniug. Other guests aere Misses Hazel Sutton. AJetta Ger hard. Joyce .Colby, EBie Metcalf, Liz«le Schutto, Fay Stoddard, Haxol Watqon, EXIicI Davis, Haxel Heron nd Lena McKinney. - . -[ : BOBBERS COXlirrT£D BOBUBLE CBIME TO ESCAPE DETECTION. Depot OffleJal Bwogaiied Mn—Left. Bound Md Gagged and BmBdlBK In Flames. Clairington. 0., Dec. 30.—Edward Hutchinson, the Baltimore & Ohio rail road agent here, was robbed and murdered early today and the station burned over his head. Wlhile the railroad offlcials will not talk about tjic case, it is said the murderers got away with a large sum of money. They iKiund and gagged Hutchinson and after taking his watch and money they ransacked the station. It Is believed the burglars were recognised by the u;;ent and they decided to burn him to death as he lay bound in order to conceal their identity. 4 IcItElL BHQtHEBS. Still in bu.siness, still selling honest goods at remarkably low prices. Liberal discounts till the first of the year. THEY WAHTSTUBBS BLUE LAWS COJiSTlTUnOSAL. County District Court Fpbeld Omaha Sunday Laws. Omaha, Nebr., Dec. 30.—The county district court today upheld the Omaha "blue laws" as being entirely constl tullonal. In the future the Sunday closing law will be enforced strictly The case came to the district court on appeal from the city courts, whlcHl imposed a fine on a barber as a test case. The case will be taken to the sui)remc court. In the meantime, com plaints have been filed against more than five hundred individuals for work Ing on Sunday. Warrants are to be scr\'cd at once. DEATH OF MRS. SHANNON. East lola Woman Succumbed to Attack of Lun0 Trouble. Mrs. Shannon, of 206 North Ken ti!oky, died at her home at 12 o' cock y^sterday of lung trouble. Mrs Shannon has been t1 for many •months and the end was not unexpect ed. The bereaved relatives have th sympathy of a large circle of friends No. funeral arrangements have been inade as yet THE MEA>EST THIJTG IS GAS CITV ProL John Wesley Delivered Interesting SermtAi Last Evening. "The Meanest Thing \n^»n City." A Gas City citizen who Is not a niomber of the, church has the follow ItiR to say upon Prof. John Wesley's sermon last evening: Prof. WV?8ley spoke to a full houso iHst evening at the Christian church in this city. Everybody was good listeners and the professor handled his subject, "The Meanest Thing in Gas City" In a masterly way. But this is the way he handles his work from the pulpit and those who do not attend the services do not know tho great Ic^ssons they arc missing. The professor declared sin to he the mrjinest thing In Gas City and in the wor'd, and that excuses were the dev il"s telegrams and the cradle In which t^e devil rocks us to sleep. At the close of the preaching ser vjce a young man by the name of Ed. Johnson was baptised and was A great object lesson as he reverently wont down into the water and was buried with his T»rd In baptism, Ol>ey ing from the heart the form of teaching of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (Respectfully submitted by a clti zen of Gas City, not a member of the church.) Peraonals. Mr- and Mrs. Otto Ihrig returned to their home In Fort Scott yester day alter a brief visit with friends Miss Florence Munger is home from a visit with her brother. E. C. Munger of Yates Center. Mrs. H. A. Brown is entertainin? Mrs. N. Neff, of Humboldt Fred Asplnall is spending a few dajis with Parsons friends. Mr. Louis Northrup has Mr. Ed Taylor of Kansas City, as a guest for a week. Mr. B. if. Aushemjan has returned to Bvaiurtoai WJro., after a visit with hiB sister, Mrs. James H. Campbell and other relatives. Miss Blaache Chatileld and Miss LInQle Adams spent Sunday with Cha- nutei friends. etlNf IWrtOR DEAD Former tela Boy 8uecuiiib« to TTubn- culosis' of Throat. (Ccmtiiiucd from page 1.) remained. There had been little Stubbs talk previous to that since the milling began, and only a few hours before the committee had rode over Stubbs In great form. The anti-Stubbs crowd thought they had him whipped to a standstill, and they were disconcerted when they found that there was a strong possibility that he would get Into the race for governor. All day jestcrday there was a gen-j eral effort In the Long crowd to ellm inale Grant llornaday from the .race But llornaday wouldn't eliminate. He stated last ni>rht that he had been get ling ready to make the fight for two years, and that he could not bo crowd ed out now. It Is common knowledge among imllticlans that llornaday has been groomed for two years for thi fight by the Long crowd, and that they are now trying to sidetrack him for Halley. They thought that Ihey had accom nllKhed this yesterday, but Uncle Cyrus Leland Inserted a peg which left them high and do". He announced that he would be a candidate for Gov "rnor and there Is said to be an undcr- Uandliig between Bailey and Leland that If Leland Is a candidate Bailey will stay out. Bailey was in Topeka last Sunday and met the Long crowd He is said to have Informed them then that If Leland announced himself they "ould not count on him. There was talk last night to the effect that if Stubbs really became oandldate the machine crowd would oe forced to decide on some man like Attorney General Jackson as Us can lidatc—some man who would pull su] port from the other faction. Jackson refused to discuss the probability rf his becoming a candidate. It Is thought that he Is simply waiting for levclopments. He Is not going to run the chance of being forced off the Ickct through clever maneuvering, as he might be If he announced himself as a candidate for governor at prcs ont. Ills friends say that if the can dldacy were offered to him In good faith he would not hesitate to accept t. CAN LEASE LAND New Baling About Indian Affairs to Be Effective In January. Washington, Dec. 30.—The Secretary of the Interior announced amend luents to the regulations for leasing illoted land In the rountry of the five civilized tribes of Indians in Oklahoma. Under the old regulations fullblood Indian from whose land restrictions had been removed could sell It, Init could not lease It without the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. The additional privilege of leasing his land Is extended to the Indian In the following amendment announced today: On and after January 1, 190K. all leases of any description whatever executed by a citizen of the five civilized tribes on land from all of which the restrictions against alienation had been removed before such execution, may be executed without any provision for reference to or supervision by the Secretary of the Interior, and it Is hereby ordered that the Indian agent at the Union Agency Jhail refuse to accept for considera- lon any lease executed after January 1. 1908, covering land from all of which restrictions had been removed before such execution." "HIS ROTAL MUCHNESS." .\ew Atractlon at (he Bachelor This This week's offering at the Bachellor Theater is advertised as a "Musical Cocktail In two Swallows" and the management promises an attraction of unusual merit and distinctiveness. As the tile .would Indicate. "HU Royal Muchness" is a comedy with musical trimmings and the story of he play evolves around a "pesudo' member of the nobility. Many comical sitnations are promised with several clever chorus numbers and ensembles and costumes in keeping with the character of the play. "His Royal Muchness" will continue at Hie Bacfaellor during the entire week with special matinee New Years and Saturday afternoons. G. E. BUSS was the guest of his brother. Prof Bliss of the Y. M- C. A. between trains today. Mr. Diss is on his way to Lawrence, where he Is attending the University. .',:T-:,!:: T:: Royal AfuchnesF in 2 Swallows Adlal Ewlng received a telegram this morning from Mrs. E<wing, who is at Colorado Springs, telling him of the death of Clinton G. Taylor, a son of A. L. Taylor and a brother of Alts. Ewlng. . For i great many years Clinton Ta.vlor has been troubled with his throat and three years ago left Tola for Colorado In the hopes of rccelv li!K some benefit. For a time he grew b.?ttor. but last summer it became necessary to perform an oiwration on his throat and from that time on he h.xs steadily lost ground. For the past three weeks his dcdlno has been rapid and Mrs. Ewlng has been at his side with her father patiently waiting for the call which they felt was bound to come. C!lnton Taylor was about twenty- nine years of age and for seventeen years made his home in Tola coming here from St. Paul, Kansas, with his parents. While here ho was engaged in the lumber business with his father. Mr. A. L. Taylor. Seven years ago ho was married to Miss Pearl Harkness of Chanute. and she with a two year o'd son survives him. •Jlr. "haylor was a member of the A. O. U. W.and the local lodcc of Elks. As yet no arrangements have been made for the funeral but It is expected that it will be hold Wednesday afternoon from the residence of Adai Ewlng, 401 South Street Stockholders* MeeUng. Notice 1 B hereby given that the annual meeting of stockholders of t Tola Ice and Cold Storage Co., of lola Kansas, will be held at their office In lola between the hours 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock p. m. Monday. January 13th 1908. FRANK RIDDLE. Sec'y. Ic .'a. Dec. 30, 1907. THAY ARE FRESH. A choice aisorlmcnt of this popu- . lar brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Xowney's Chocolates here, our per^onal pledge ot their freshness goes v»ith • them. Get yonrnext candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases yotu CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. DB. MeMILLXlT, Special attention given to the treatment ot all Cbronic Dlaeaa- M and Diaeasea of Children. Telephones: Office S2, Res. 23S. Offlca In Mrs. Tamer'a Bldg., Wact Madison. Phone 687. Res. 70L • .DB.O. L .C0X, ^ • Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat^ • • Bpactaclea Properly Fitted. • * Offlca A. O. U. W. Bids. • HANDLING 'JOINT MONEY TODAY County Treasurer Disburse* School Money Among Joint Districts. County Treasurer M. F. Sickly to day sent a check to the Noosho coun ty treasurer for $65 for joint school district number 1; $130 to Woodson county for Joint districts 7 and 21 $100 to Anderson county for district fi. and 155 to Bourbon county for Joint district 22. The county trcas- tircr received $145.22 from Noosh county for Joint districts 79 and 4 In the case of Joint districts, the school fund goes to the county In which a larger part of the district lies. FINISH DISTURBANCE CASES. Tom Tate and Mrs. Ed. Laster to be Tried Tomorrow. The case of Tom Tate and Mrs. Ed Laster which came up for hearing this' mornins in Justice Hough's court was continued until tomorrow morn Ing at 9 o'clock. The two arc the last of the six who were arrested for dis turblng the peace in Bast lola Christ mas day. Important I'ntll further notice I will pay the following prices: Clean rubber G'/^c Heavy brass and copper lOe Good scrap Iron to .'iOc Good rags GOc to ".'»c Plain quart beer bottles Per dozen 15c to 20c Equally high prices for all kinds of iunk. hides, furs, etc. Be sure you .ire at the right place. n. S. T^ARNARD. The Most Reliable Dealer. Krupp's Old Stand. 324-'32C North Buckeye, lola, Kansas. (First Published Dec. 30, 1007.) Xotlce. To Transfer and Drayage Companies to TrtLnsfer Men. The Finance Committee of the City of lola has Instructed me to say, "That the City of Tola will In order to keep more accurate recorda of cost In this Department, ask for bids for the City's hauling as follows:" Price in cents per Ion per mile over one ton and leas than four tons. Price In cents per ton per mile over 1000 pounds and less than one ton. Price In cents per ton per mile over 500 pounds to 1000 pounds. Price In cents per ton per mile over 200 pounds to 500 pounds. Price in cents per ton per mile nnder 200 pounds. We wish to say that the ton mile basis is the fairest method ever devised for hanling material. For example, one ton of pipe hauled one mile at % .20 rate would easily amount to fS.OO per day. The tonnage will IK handled as follows, the distance traveled times the weight times the rale will indicate the amount received for hauling. For further Information call on the (Clerk at this offlce. C. E. WENDORFF, City Clerk. T. J. BUTLBPPE of lola, KaKnsas, •pent Christmas irith Rev. Ayling and family.—Toronto RepnbUcan. Oflica Phone 1083. Night Phone .406. DB. B. 0. CHKISTIAH. Physlelaa and Sirgeaa. Rooma 7 and S. Brana BIdg. RrtS. TeL 198. Offlce Tel. 163. * DS. i. B. PSPPEB. Dentbt. * Is pomanently located over * B. C. MeClaln's Clothing Store. * and Is prepared to do all kinda * ot np-to-dato dental work. * • Evening work by appointment * Phone 654. loU, Kana. DB. EDITH 8. HIIOH. Offlca and Realdence over Burrell's Drug Store. Offlce Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. i to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evenings. Sundays by Appointment F. B. MARTIN, Surgery rand Diseases of Women. Office and Residence Phone 576 Offlce 7 North JelTerson. DB. W. B. HETLKUH. Physklan * Sargeaa. Offlce N. E. Comer of Sqaara. Over K. C. Plumbing Co .'s Stora. Bei. Tel 38. Offlca Tel. 603. P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Latbrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIAirS. Special attei^tion given to Dl»eases ot Women and Children. Over East Side Iterdwara. Offlce 'Phone, Main 468. W. H. IKDERSOir, 4tt*ney-at>Law. Notery and Stenographer In Offlce. Phone 456. • H. A. Ewlng, 8.A.Gard, O.R.Gard • EWnrG,_GABD k 61BB, ' Lawyera. • PracUce In all OoaitiL • W. Madison. PhoM tO. * Thc«OarWay'> Restaurant mmrahmgttm'Lwfoh 25o Everything in Season. SHORT ORUHRS OK ALL KINDS lOOaC OiRKOTORY. P I BISHOP.ROB.SO> .MPTIALS. rno lola Yonng People Married at C'hrlstma.s Time. On Thursday evening, December 26. .\llss May Bishop was united In marriage to Mr. S. W. Robson. The cere- uony was performed at 422 North .Valnut street. Judge J. B. Smith of- Iclatlng. The couple kept all plans or the wedding a secret and relatives )f the family were surprised by the announcement a day or so ago. Mr. Flobson Is a machinist for the lola Portland Cement company and Mrs. Robson is stenographer for County Attorney Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Rob son will reside In lola and a large circle of friends will unlt^ In sincere wishes for a happy wedded life. KMGUTS OF SIACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. vr. 0. W «-C8mp No. 101 meeta I« K. of P. Ilall every Friday alcht V. T. Steele. C. C; A.H.Da^ ClaiT Vlaltpra cordially invited. ~«ilGHTS OF PTTHIA8^» oab. Lodge No. 43 meeu every ft' ndao nlgbt at K. Of P. Hall. VMU la bro- thera Invited. W: S. Thompson, il.C; Chrta Bitter. K. of R. and a BL W. l^The .M. W. A- Lodge meeta every Friday night la M. W. A. hall. VlslUng brothers hivlted. W. H. Anderson, Y.C.;„ W. A.Cowan. Clerir. BOTIL VEIGHB0B8.—lola Cam. No. 366, Royal Neighbors, meets 8 *0- ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea** month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Button, 4*3 W»-» S:r«et Recorder. WANTED—Good agents for outside towns in Kansas and Oklahoma to sell tea and coffees. Good pay to right larties. Address Union Pacl&c Tea Co., lola, Kansas. TAFT IN BOSTON. Made First Speech Since He Returned to America. Boston. Dec. 30.—Secretary of W-ar W. n. Taft was here today and made his first public utterances since his world circling tour. FBATEBNAL BBOTHEBHOOD.- Fratemal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O.U.W. HaU. VlslUng members cordialy Invited. W.H.An* derson, president; Golda-Elam. secra* tary. ' Janlor Order United Amerlcaa Me- chanlcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock m K. P. Hall. All , visiting members Invited. It A. \ Wldlck. Cooncelor; C. B. Btack, Roc Secretary. ^- • ' ———• BUSmSSS MRMOTORY JEWELESIS. B. F. FancoBst. old rallabto Jawalar, 110 East street ^ Living ^toD Co Caatn«lan mmi All ktoda of work a •pcdalty I Saatt 00000 00 0000000000 O o JUDGE Foust will not be able to;o MEBBT XPSTSpS O get to the Goshom case today. He,0 J22ii« J wfll p^s on the Ball case late this af-'g BACHEIXOB TUMXTME. O temoon. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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