The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on May 15, 1967 · Page 2
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 2

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 2
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AGE t-THE BROWNSVILLE BERAI.P-Mal»y, jlty », 1»I7 Firm Said Overcharging Mentally III For Drug , WASHINGTON (UP!) -A Senate small business monopoly: or thorazlne in 1954. U.S. drug firm was accused '.subcommittee. j Bui a Slate Department today ot charging Americans] The panel, headed by Sen. i survey presented lo the subcom- twice Ihe price Ihe rest of t h e ' G a y l o r Nelson, D-W'is., opened |mittee showed that the French world pays for a remarkahle three days of hearings on drug! firm, lihonepoulene, was charg- tranquilizer that dramatically pricing willi leslimony from! ing Parisians 83 per cent less calms the mentally ill. Arthur Levitt, New York state j for llic tranquillzer than mental- The pricing policies o( Ihe! comptroller. ]ly ill Americans pay for he Smith, Kline and French Co,: The trannuilizer was dlscov-!sKK brand. (SKK) on Ihe drug "Ihorazine" ercd and developed by i French Using Ihe SKF price (or in testimony firm which made SKF 'he iftorazine as the base the Stale were questioned in testimony firm which made SKF 'he and documents prepared forjhc exclusive licensed manufacturer; ncp ., rtmont sunc y determined . j that other nations were paying Assassination Probe Praised By Sen. Long j NEW ORLEANS (L'PI) -Sen,' Garrison maintains that Os- an average of 50 per cent less for the same drug. The drug calms the violently insane, resulting In a marked decrease In Inmate destruction to mental Institutions. Drug treatment permits many pa- Kussell Long, ])-La.. praised wald, who was killed bv Rulv,j! i c r l , l s to }TM. ve , institutions and - - · . . . ' . - . . . . · . ij e n ( ] a relatively normal life at home. According lo Levitt, SKF has charge oj conspiracy and re^ repeatedly refused lo give stale he's violated leased on $10,000 bond, awaiting instructions price reductions for Pist. Atly. Jim (iamson Sun- conspired with a Shaw, to as- day for his investigation intn sassinalc Kennedy, the assassination of President 1 -Shaw has been indicted on a Kennedy. "1 don't think anvbodv's rights," Long trial. i tliorazine aJlhough Ihe firm's said, lie's just doing what a Informed sources In Detroit | profits from the trauquilizcr district attorney should do if he said Ruby's brother. Earl Ruby, | have soared. has reason 10 think t h a t a very:was en route to Mew Orleans.; He said Now York annually heinous crime has been committed in his jurisdiction." Assistant Dist. Ally. Jim Al-j| )U ys $2.5 million worth of the unaware]tninquilizer from SKF, Ihe sole cock said he was Long, Democratic whip in the Huby was planning to come: U.S. supplier of Ihe drug. Senate, said he had alway here. He said he had not Vicen[ thought there was a conspiracy!asked lo come by Garrison's of- to kill Kennedy, He said lhe ! ficc. Warren Report"leaves a lot ol However, Alcock said if Ruby unanswered questions, bul Gar- was in town, Garrison might rison's theory does not. : w a n t him to testify before Ihe Sen. Long acknowledged that Orleans Parish (county) Grand he had encouraged Garrison's Jury, investigation. lie said if the dis trict attorney could prove that Jack Ruby's telephone number wiis writen in code in the papers of Lee Harvey Oswald and Cloy Shaw, it would prove that there was a conspiracy. 'WESTERN EMBERS Smoked BAR-ft-9 --· * IAIHAGI * UBS » CHICKEN IAM4 IUN - 5.H Ortfe · CU tn, EM IT HOf Ot OIDOn TO CO fH.Ul.Wll MniOCACMC* Marine Calendar IN PORT Portoria. Ital., BC-Dock, DUE TODAY Jlonflore, Ital, Dock 4. DUE TUESDAY Pres. Calles, Mex., OD-1. New Market, U.S., OD-1. DUE WEDNESDAY Tiialatla, Nor., Dock 13. Quirks In The News · FOR RESERVATIONS CALL LI 2-8900 · BROWNSVILLE'S LIVING THEATRE THE CAMILLE PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS EDGAR LEE'MASTERS ANTHOLOY (XS Directed by STOCKTON BHIGGLE With: BILL ROCKWELL MARY DARE SI.ATTON ROBERT DANNENBERG JUNE DAVIS _ JIM HUNT ADMISSION ADULTS $2.00 STUDENTS II 2i This Ad Sponsored By The Oak Chest Inc. · FRI. SAT. EVENINGS | MAY It It . tS t 1 MATINEES -- 2:15 MAY Jl fc 2» APATHETIC RIOT CAMBRIDGE, Ma.-* Somu college students riot for power and some for girls' underwear, but not Harvard men. Some 150 freshmen milled around and tried lo get a riot going in the Harvard Yard shortly after midnight today, but campus policemen pushed them back in their dormitories and repulsed them when they tried to come out again. The slogan of the hour, prorlaimed by several students wilh half-hearted shouts: "Apathy." Robin Malone Flourishing Crime Blamed On Corrupt Local Officials Jacoby On Bridge By OSWALD * JAMES JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn.. Morris and Helen Portugal of Los Angeles are both great players In Ihelr own right. Th«y don't play together oflen but when they do they ire one of slrongest rrdjied pairs In the world. In today's hand they collaborated on a brilliant defense that managed o defeat an almost iron-clad contract. The play started normally enough wilh the lead of the Jack of diamonds. South won wilh dummy's ace and cashed his ace and king of Irumps. Then he WASHINGTON (UPI) -The] Cosa Noslra efforts to Infiltrate President's Crime Commission] a community, says Ihere Is an increasing! The lallcr category may sophistication in or g a n I z e d|'"elude non-office-holding polili- crime thai is making thejeal leaders to whom judges, syndicates dependent on officials. more and more;TM 3 !' 01 " 8 , prosecuting attorneys in corrupt public! an(I correctional officials may be responsive, it said. Tlie commission concluded in Sunday's report was Ihe third a report released Sunday t h a f l ° ' ni/ie the commission plans "All available data Indicate thatl i!al ": d on the basis of task force organized crime flourishes onlvi sludies ' when It has corrupted local Onc consultant, Prof. Donald officials." j". Cressey, described the Only a handful ol a communi-| s ' n(iit;iltcs as becoming so ty's officialdom need give w a y i professional that "college train- to the syndicate's chief o f f e r i n g " l7 ls needed by Its operators, --bribes --for such organiza- "Nowadays, being a 'stand-up tions as the Cosa^Nostra to gain guy 1 and being skilled in the ... , .. ... | he i perpetration of lower-class it lUtcd law enforcement 1 crlmes tike robbery and burgla- officials at the chief or middle,^' 1S n ° l enough," Cressey lunervisory levels and political .wrote. "One must have the the key targets in I business skills of a NEWSMEN GATHER ST. LOUIS (UPI) -An estimated 300 newspapermen and women from Ihe United .Slates and Canada began gathering today for the annual conference ol the Nallonal Newspaper Promotion Associa- Uon. The conference will get under way today with keynote address by Richard II. Amberg publisher of the St. Louis Globe- Democrat. The convention, Wednesday, will which deal «nds n-lth advertising problems, circulation, promotion and other newspaper business functions. Now You Know By United Press infernaHwii! The oldest recorded academic decree was that of doctor of civil law conferred hi the middle of the 12th Century by t he _ University of Bologna OPERATION: BIG SWITCH CHARLIE RANKIN, RFD - KBOR BROWNSVILLE, i6oo«c KURV EDINBURG, 710Kc 5:45 to 7:00 a.m. Mon. thru Saturday BEGINNING THURSDAY, MAY 18 Raft Fishermen Of Brazil Are Among Bravest HID DE JANEIRO (UPI) Among (he bravest men In the world are Brazil's jangada fishermen. Without fanfare they venture on Hie high seas on rafts of logs propelled by a flimsy cotton sail. Their voyages last for two or three days--and often longer --far out of sight of land. A Jangada Is made without a screw or nail from four to six 24-foot balsa logs lied together by Iwo smaller logs driven through the others at right angles. Coarse, homemade fiber ropes Iiold the logs together. A triangular cotton sail billows out from j single mast. The superstructure consists of a couple of boards and pieces of »Ucks tied together In the shape of a bench on which Uie crew, varying from two to four men, can take turns resting. Teas ol thousands on that 2,000 mile bulging coastline from Bahla to the Amazon have no other livelihood than pluck-, ing fish from the sea with their primitive nets and lines, while they steer with their hand-hewn rudder. I-ost At Sea H storm comes up, they ire simply dead--lost at sea. These daring fishermen navigate by the stars or the sun. Mexico TH£ATRE Todov thru Wednesday They sustain themselves with an occasional gulp from a ]ug of eachaca, a locally-made firewater rum. Their main targets are such fish as albacore, sea perch and grouper, but they hve been known to baltle a shark. Their total payload Is limited. The small r-aft can only* carry 500 pounds safely, Including crew and catch. In the heartland of the jangadiero, Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte States, where the Continental shelf slretches for hundreds of miles Into Ihe sea and fish flourish, every night the wives and sweethearts of the "bold ones" line the beaches lo see which of their loved ones will return that night, the next day or nevermore, Often a heavily-pregnant wife will plunge into the breakers to help her inan land his craft. Maria Silva, 36, said she had lost four husbands at sea. No Other vf*y "The sea claims them all, agent, an accountant, i lawyer!leaders «nd others lo the wall or an executive." , "They havo established, by He said there was no longer,force, intimidation, and even room at the top for the slum more 'legal' methods monopo- boy who dropped out of high lies in several relative small school, and noted tha| account- fields such as distribution of ing and business administration vending machines Ihe supplying are the favorite college majors] of linens to night'clubs, ami the of males who aipire to supply of some forms of labor.' syndicate leadership. Other reported areas of Cosa Cressey also said his research!Noitra infiltration Include lend, showed "rulers of crime syndi-|lng institutions, trash collection cates are legitimate beginning to businessmen drive agencies and construction corn- labor panics. Crossword Puzzle Rulers Answer to Previous ACROSS -42 Turkish 1 Monarch dignttirlei 5 Former Rusriin 45 International emperor group (ab.) 9 Public speaker « Fruit drink 11 Mother o! .Minos 49TurklsK ruler ( m y t h ) 52 Former 14 Movie actor, German ruler Cesar SSVejetabie 15 Begin again, JK 59 Provides f u n d s ^ court 37 Dutrlci ISJapaness 68 Harvest outcast M ,TM 17 Proportion M TM J» Air (comb, torn) 1 Hi ridu god oi TM ~ ' " ' love 2 Follower 20 Powerful sovereign 24 A few 28 Spider's handiwork 27 Cover M M i n l f t i l 31 Discuss 33 Felly prims 35 Hindu queen 3 Neither 4 Cluster i Thrice (comb, form) « Petition 7 Uttering loud cries 8 Strong cord 9 Crude metal pronoun 10 Decompose JTDomejItc 12Through animal 13 Cuckoo 39 European river blackbird 40 Stupid II Church leal 20 Arabian prince roller 21 Bacchantes 42Peer Gynt'j ' (var.l mother 22 Crimson 43 Weapon 23Titani«'s tpouie « American (myth.) soprano 24 Ulh 25 Cereal grains 27 Narrow way 28 Brain passage 29 English river 30 Greek letter 32 Commanded 34 Hawaiian food 38 African antelope W i n commotion 41 Printing press soprai (1885-1952) 4 8 Wei 47 Morning moliture 48 Bitter vetch El) Hail! 51 EduciUoiu) group tab.) 53 Chemical suffix £4 Cretan mountain there is no other way," she said while silling on a log staring out to sea ten: the first glimpse of her fifth husband, away for M hours. The deeds of th« Jangadelro reatt like legend. In 1959, the federal government promoted a cruise of one of the most famous Jangadeiros of all time, Jeronimo Adre d« Sousa and three crewmembers from Fortale?^ tn Ceara lo Buenos Aires, 4,000 miles. Rarely touching land, they made It In slightly over four months. Jeronimo, known as Master Jeronimo, was a true old man of the sea and had many famous scrape.'! with death during hLs long career. Two years ago he went to sea and never was .seen again. The origin ol Ihe Jangadeiros is lost to hislory. Most ol them 'lave strong Indian characteris- ics, and Brazilian historians Klieve their ancestors fished I'rom the logs long before Ihe Portuguese taught them lo sail. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. VALLEY TV PROGRAMS HOME OWNERS GET $500 TO $5,000 IN 24 HOURS LOCALLY CREDIT NO PROBLEM TAKE 10 YEARS TO PAY No Payments Until Summer 1967 YOU MAY BORROW TO BEDUCE BILLS, PAY OFF MORTGAGES, CARS. MEDICAL BILLS AND TO REPAIR YOUR HOME. CALL MR. DEWITT LI 6-1190 KRGV - TV Channel 5 MONDAY P. M. 3:25 News 3:30 General Hospital 4:00 Mlka Douglas 5:30 News 6:00 Mews 6:30 Time Tunnel 7:30 Range fc) 8:OOTheHoad\Vesl 9:00 Run For Your Life 10:00 News 110:30 Tonight Show (c} 12:00 Prayer 4 Sign Off rUKSDAY A. M. 6:55 Sign On 7:00 The Today Show (c) 7:25 News 7:30 The Today Show (c) 9:00 Snap Judgement 3:25 News 0:30 Concentration (c) 10:00 Pat Boone Show (c) 10:30 The 'lollywood Squares (c) 11:00 Jeopardy (c) 11:30 Eye Guess (c) 12:00 NCWJ 12:05 Rankin RFTJ Markets 12:15 Rankiti - RFD Weather 12:20 Ifankli; RFD Farm News 12:30 News 12:45 Valley Profile 12:55 News 1:00 Days of Our Lives (c) 2:00 Another World (c) 2:30 Vou Dnn'l Sav (c) 3:00 The Match Game , KGBT- TV Channel 4 MONDAY P. M 3:30 The Fugitive 4:30 The Dating Game 5:00 New?y Wed Game 5:30 News 6:00 Round Table News 6:30 Iron Horse 7:30 Lucy Shi/w (c) 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 Movie (A Lawless Street) 10:00 Four Star Final 10:30 Peyton Place 11:00 Cameo Theater 12:00 Sign Off A. M. 6:25 Sign On 6:30 Sunrise Semester 7-00 Ty Cobl) Show 7:30 News 7:55 Cartoon Caper 8:00 Caplum Kangaroo 9:00 Romper Doom 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy Griffith 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11.-45 Guiding Light 12:00 Table Talk 12:30 As The World Turns 1:00 Password (c) 1:30 House Party (c 2:00 To Tell the Truth 2:25 News 2:30 Edge Of Night .1:0fl Secret Storm 3:30 The Fugitive NORTH 4 7 5 4 » 10581 IS + Q J 8 J 1 WEST EAST 4.KJS * » 5 8 J V Q I 3 « T · J 1 0 0 7 2 4 8 8 6 4 1 + A5 + K » T SOUTH (D) *AQ10 V A K J 1 I Wtit Pit* Pass + 1043 Both vulnerable North Cut Bmlh 2 V Fl» 4* P«3 P«M Opening lead -- · J discarded a spade on his king of diamonds and threw Morris who sat Wcsl, on lead with the queen of trumps. Ills first thought was to lead spade. Had ho done so South would have escaped without 11x53 of a spade Uick. His second thought was to lead the ace of clubs and hope to catch Helen wilh the king lie gave thai plan up, also. T h a would set up three club tricks in dummy. Finally he came up with the winning defense, lie Sed his Jive of clubs! The deuce was played from dummy and It became Helen's turn to study the hand. It looked like suicide to play her king. Whoever underled an aca through a dummy that held five of a suit to Ihe queen-jack? Wha ever led any card In a suit when dummy held five lo the queen-jack? Helen knew that her husband was not accustomed to making bad plays at any time. T h e why did he lead a club? He wanted to get her on lead. Why? So she could lead a spade through declarer! H e l e n put up her king of clubs. It held and she led the spade. Down one If you don't think it was good defense we can tell you that the game was duplicate and no one else beat the hand. Q-- Tho bidding has been: West North East South 1 V Dble Pass 2 * Pass 3 V Pass 4 4t Pass T You, South, hold: * A J 10 6 5*2 « K 4 · What do you do now? A -- Pass. Your partner has a tood hand but it is evident that he does not hold an ace. By OSWALD JAMES JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Jim: "I see that there is a new book calleti, 'Bridge for Women' edited by Dick Frey and written by five of the best .. ,--- -women players in the world." ! S^ 0 ? nl! dtamond ' Wnat do Oswald: "I am not going t o 1 get myself in trouble by saying :hat the authors are the five best women players, but they are five of the best. The four Americans have one other thing j In common. They are all happily married. Rixl Markus, the Knnlishwoman. has long been TODAY'S QUESTION You hold the same hand. East Answer Monday NORTH (D) IS * Q 10 B 4 * Ag * A K 8 S S *J6 WEST EAST 4 7 8 5 * A 8 * J » 5 1 V Q 1 0 7 4 » J 7 5 « « 4 * A 8 3 4 . K Q 6 8 7 SOUTH ',KI2 4 1 0 4 2 North-South vulnerable North Eart South Weit 1 » 2 + 2 * Paw P»S« P»SI Opening lend-- +K · OCA CHICA HQWY Today Tuesday _J_st SUB._SHOW1NG_ _3 Color Cartoons At 8:20 "Features At 8:41 12:U~ ·SANDRA GEORGE HAMILTON TV REPAIRS USE YOUR CREDIT Arrange for o Chorg* Account Today "t I f C T H O N I C S " rill riMlHir Ml" considered Europe's No, 1 worn-. an player. The Americans, in ! alphabetical order, are Mary, Jane Fare!!, Be a Gsle Schen-i ken, Helen Sobel Smith a n d ' Peggy Solomon." Jim: " H o w about quoting from Rixi Markus today?" Oswald: "The game was an English team of lour tournament with International Match Point scoring. At the t a b l e whert Hixi sat East, she overcalled North's opening diamond bid with two 'dubs. She wasn't at all proud of her bid, but as she pointed out she wanted to deprive fccr opponents ol the chance to bid spades easily. The best South could do was to try if; two diamonds. North passed and proceeded to make four odd for a score of 130. At the other table East merely overcalied with one heart. This did not bo'her South at all. He bid one spade and the bidding proceeded quickly to four spades. South made ten tricks for plus 620 and a net gain of 490 points or ten IMF's.' Jim: "I agree that East's one heart overeall was pointless. It couldn't bother hLs opponents and might cause his partner lo make a bad lead or bad hid based on idea that maybe East would have something worthwhile in hearts. As (or Mrs. Markus' two club bid, it suceed- ed so it had lo be good." Oswald: "I dnn't t h i n k it would have done her much good In this country. If North and South were using the negative double, South would double and they would reach four spades with North as declarer and even if South bid only two diamonds a good American player would pull himself together and try (two spades." Q--The bidding hwb«n: *ut Saath WM* North You, South, hold: A A J 1 0 6 5 V2 4K4I *AQIf What do you do? A--Bid tat mult. Then fa no point In dwAllnf wil ·Uflctoo hurt. TODAY'S QUESTION West puaec md your partner bid* two «p*dc*. Wh«t do TOO dor BEAUTIFY and PROTECT YOUR HOME -* Awnings * Carports * PaHos, «rc. NUSSBAUM SALES CO. Free Estimate WH J-2M5 i PANAVISt °N* METROCOiJOa Als«~Af IO:M ...from first man tt lastl ELIZABETH TAYtOR LAURENCE HARVEY IDDffi FISHfft JO«N O rIABA. 3 . BUTTERFIEID d MCTROCOIO* MAJESTIC ..Mb i J j . . Features: 1:20, 3:30, 5:45,!; 8:05. Come as late as 9:M C ^sce complete show. 3| »;i m iwir"-,«o(i«a ... (Anthony Quinn Vlrnalisij STARTS TOMORROW Julie Oskar Christie Werner "fahrenheit 451" T E C H N I C O L O R kZzzzxz i ix zi mi rxii GRANDE YOUR FAMILY THEATRE " ri WJI,AR TRICF.S TODAY TUESDAY k WEDNESDAY " -- DOUBLE FEATURE -- Bring This Ad To The Bov Office -- Good For TH-D Admissions.

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