Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 6
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— • to iOU »AILT MCnnM. gATPlPAT BTKmrC.: The Last Two Days of the Tear, will be Big Bargam Da^s at the YORK STORE ^ If you reoeivled a $20, $10 or $5 gold piece for a Xmas present, tMs is a splendid opportunity to spend it wise- l7) I)rofita*bly, and above all, satisfactorily. LmdhWSuiim In bzoken lots that have sold as high as €20.00 all season, tomorrow they go for LtuHtm'eomtm Broken lots, in black cheviots, 52 inches long, sold during the season for $7.98, tomorrow they go for $4.98 Lmdlmm'OaBlm Broken lots, in black, tan, red, blue, brown; all wool Broadcloths and Kerseys, sold for $18.00, tomorrow for $9.95 H9mtbm'MaomP)t(filo^mtm Beautiful black H'eatherbloom Petticoats, regular |2.50 quality, tomorrow for $1.69 Bmrgmla Sueminm 9Ilk In pink, Alice blue, red, Nile green, lavender, purple, reseda, champaign; regular 59.c quality, tomorrow for 29G DrommOoodm Bmrgmla Our entire line of fancy Wool Dress Goods, sold all season for 59c, tomorrow for 38c Lmaiem' Gonim Broken lots of high grade coats in black, tan, brown, grey, full silk lined, sold formerly for f 25, tomorrow for Wmlmt Bmramlnm Broken lota of all kinds of Ladies' Waists, at one-third off from regular price. Sooteh WooleHam A fine assortment of Scotch Woolettes, suitable for pajamas, dresses and waists, former price 15c, tomorrow for 8 t'2c r v-i. V>- 3^ A Boom For tha KaiMM "Joint" teutor to •tartid. BRING "KICKS" FROM PANAMA. Steam ShovelMen and Merchants to Protest to President. X.-w York. Dec. 28.—^Two parties from Panama have arrived in New V:^:';. one composed of ten disgruntl • ti titeam shovel men. who threw up iluir jobs on the canal because they TiH'Usht that several of their fellow t4 )ii>Ioyes who had been discharged ior incompetency had not received ihe "square deal." and the other a rlelegatioiT of merchants who are going ,to Wiasbington to protest to tiie V'l'sident against the go>'emment htoreE established on the istlimos, for thn accomodation of the caital work CIS. • The'merchants state that the gov t^rnment stores are sellfng goods prac TicnUy at cost and that they (cannot <(i;jipete with ihem, as they are obHg- »<i 10 pay duty on everything they iinp'^rt The merchants say that many of ihe employes of the canal purchase -cvxls not only for thenMselves but for (itlj.'rs, not einployed on the canal, :uul therefore not entitled to trade •ir the government stores. A Good BesoIntiDiu Resolve to enter the lola Business r 'ollege at th« beginning qf 1908. Prepiare yourself for a business slt- nation during this business depression that you may be ready for some good jKi^ition when financial conditions be- rnme better. ; The lola Business College Is now .uivliig a 15 per cent reduction on all III it ion settled on or before January • 1 1908. DOCTORS' PLEA FOR RIXEY. The. Stand of the Simeon General in the Brownson Case Commended. Clncinnatti, Dec. 28.—Dr. C. A. S. Reed, chairman of the executive committee of the American Medical as- socfation, today sent the following telegram to Surgeon General Rlxey at Washington: "Your demand and the President's order giving the medical crops of the navy actual control where it has ac tual responsibility command grateful approval by the 140,000 phyicians of the United States." "When Dr. Reed learned of Rear Admiral Brownson's resignation and the. reason therefore he telegraphed President Roosevelt commending his stand in the name of the American Medical Association. W^hlngton, Dec. 28.—The forma] order (detaching Rear Admiral Brown* son from duty as chief the the bureau of navigation was made public today. The same order detaches him ' from membership in the joint army and navy board. Snnday Dinner. Krause Cafe will serve Roast Pig and Fried Chicken for their Sunday dinner tomorrow. ., . I WANTED—To buy team of work horses. J. H. Teney, Box 88. La Harpe. Try a Waat Ad. la the Beglster. Tmkm Tour Homm Pmpmr FIrmt THE KANSAS CITY I STAR AND TIMES The Star and Times, repotting the fnll twenty-four boats' news each day in thirteen issnes of the paper each weeek, are fomished to regular snbsctibets at the rate of loc a week. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals. No othe^publisher iornlshes his readers with the full day and Bight Acaociated Press zepoitf, as does the Star and the Times. This sbonld'teoommend .the papers especially to the progressive merchant and fanner. We deliver both the Star and Timef to the sabscri^'s door proinptly, on arrival of trains: Give os a trial WILL STRIKE AGAIN Telegraphers Plan to Go Out< at Time of Republican Convention. Cliicago. Dec. 2S.—Tha Record-Herald today says: "Secret plans to i^rganize the com raercial telegraphers, with a view to calling another strike on the eve of the Republican national convention, whlch\meet8 here June 16. have come to light. Oreanizers are now at work repairing the breaches In the ranks caused by the strike of a few months ago. The obnventlon of the Commercial Telegraphers' union will be held \a. Milwaukee on June 8, and according to present plans the strike details will be completed at that meeting. The te'egraphers say employers are helping them to reorganize by reducing waees, and in this way forcing men who deserted the union during the strike to return to the ranks. The next strike will include all men employed by brokers and private concerns, it is said, as the brokers have reduced wages in spite of the agreement entered into during the last strike. "Wesley Russell, secretary of the Commercial Telegraphers' Union, admitted a second strike was in contemplation and it would be called between June S. when the telegraphers' convention assembles, and the date or the opening of the Republican national convention. The next strike, the leaders say, will have the support of the American Federation of Labor." MUST CALL SESSION Govrrnor Sparks Told That Troops mil Be RemoTed In Five Days Is He Befoses. Washington, Dec. 28.—President Roosevelt today telegraphed Governor Sparks of Nevada, that if the governor within five days, will issue a call for a special session of the legislature he will continue the troops at Gold field, during the period. If within five days the call has not been issued, the troops will be withdrawn. WANTEO PAY FOR TESTIMONY. Powers Defense Attacks Credibility of SUte Witnesses. TEAGER SECrRED nfJuscTioy. SeUlDg To Prerent Xortfueees Fro Hto Fam. Attorney S. A. Gard of this city today secured an injunction in Judge Pollock's court in Kansas City, pre venting the men who hold a mortgage on F. M. Teager's farm west of Humboldt, from foreclosing. Mr. Yeager has gone into bankruptcy and now his creditors want to close the mortgage. It seems that some time ago Mr. Yeager gave a mortgage on bis farm but before it was due went into bankruptcy. The mortgagees tried to foreclose and sell the farm before the mortgage expired. . TO ASK FOR FABBOX. Seaator Porter to latrreede for Boy St^ae .With Kaasas GovcnMr. Cbanute. Kas.. Dec. 28.— Senator Sam &I. Porter of Caney was in Chanate yesterday afternoon on bis way to Topeka to ask Governor Hoch-to pardon Roy Stone, the son of Captain Stone, a Caney capiUIist. Young Stone waa sent to the penltehtlaQr about a year ago from Montgoinery county to serve a sentence of from Are to-twenty yean, after he bad been found gnllty of assault .'The case was a hard foni^t one. The case against the yonng man would have been dismissed by'the state had he* married the girl. V Georgetown, Ky., Dec. 28.—The defense rested in the Caleb Powers trial today, and the prosecution began rebuttal testimony. The defense called several witnesses for the purpose of breaking down the testlnrony of Noakes and Golden. Attorney W. R. Jewell of Danville. III., testified that Noakes made his Danville statement in the presence of himself and Attorney Max Lewis, but refused to sign it unless paid to do so. R. L. MtClure, a newspaper correspondent, testified that \\1iarton Gold en said to him: "That damn fool (meaning Youtsey) Is talking too much. He won't get a cent. I had that cinches." JAPS SPY OUT THe COAST. Have Maps of Portland Showing Road ways and Water Pipes. Portland. Ore., Dec. 28.—Mayor Harry K. Lane created a sensation today Inan address before the national guard association, when he declared that agents of the Japanese government had secured accurate maps of the city of Portland, maps and specifications of every roadway leading Into the -city, and the various pipe lines from whidi the city obtains its water supply. "Mayor Lane did not discover the presence of the alleged spies imtU their work was completed, whereupon ho transmitted his information to Washington and was asked to furnish all the details of the operations • of the alleged spies. THE BANKS at Ft. Scott have called in the script issued some time ago as a precautionary measure iar- Ing the financial depression. H. K. MARTIN of Colchester. HI came in this afternoon for a few days' visit with Ws slater, Mrs. O. W. Shad- wlck. BE6I8TBK WAST ABS. PAT bo- canae in Allen Coanty nearly erary-j body reads fhe Register. Goaraateed the larcoat eircnlation of any paper la AUeaOomtr. Kansas City, Dee. S8.—A boom for G. W. Trtckett for the RepobUcaa namlnatlon for coTemor of Kaoaaa waa started In the Weat Side last night Fifty Republlcana met In the office of George W. UtUck in the Faaenmyer boUdinK. SereBth^atreet aod MinnesoU arenae. and organised The Triekett Boomers/' Major Frank HOlslnger of Rosedale waa elected president of the cinb. Mr. Trickett would not sUte posl- Uvely last night that he would be a candidate although he gave the committee that notified him to understand that he probably would. Trfck- ett'a "iMom*' Is baaed on his record as assistant attorney general for Wbr- an dotte county. He closed the i loona and gambling houses. J. P. Angle, vice president of the West Side park board was chairman of the meeting last night Others who attended were T. B. Gilbert, ex-mayor; L. O. Smithy Martin MjcDonald. M. B. Gallery. B. R. Callender. ES. H. Shores, G. H. &nlth, and A. J. Murray.' "Mr. Trickett will be the next governor," said Mr. Angle. "The state is strong for him and he can go to the convention with his own county delegation." "The law enforcement wave will elect Mr. Trickett." said L. G. Smith. "It comes as a surprise to me," Mr. Trickett said to a reporter. 1 cannot say at this thne If I will be a candidate for the nomination or not" "If your friends Insist, will you not accept?" he was asked. "I cannot say tonight what coarse I will pursue," was his reply. Members of the committee said that Mr. Trickett had given them to understand that he would, make the race. The plan is to run Mr. Trickett on a law enforcement platform. Good Agents make $5.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. :^ , OiMflCII .IS A OOQa ONE. Mvonbar«Ploased With Shewing of LatasH Well. (Savonburg Record.) Wbat la thought to be as good as the best gas wet) in the Allen county field, and far better than the average wella of the county now produc-' Ing gas, is the well brought In on the. Ib >Ime8 -place, six miles west and a mile south of Savonburg. The drill penetrated the gas sand Monday evenhig and work«waa postponed until the following day. when -the flow became so strong that the roaring of the well waa distliictly heard three miles away. The well Is of such proportions that the drillers were not equipped to control It with ordinary pipe and anchors, and a trip to Humboldt was necessary before the well could be enclosed. J. O. Nyman and several others are the .owners of the Holmes place* and also own other leases taken west of town. The company will continue drilling. The Portland Pipe Line company has a line close by and all the gas produced can be readily marketed at a good profit FOR A BASKET BALL TOURNAM*^ C. J. Bliaa Arrancies Event for Junior y. M. C. A. Prof. Bliss is arranging for a basket ball tournament for the Junior Y. M. C. A. "gym" class. There will be a series of fifteen games played. One game will be played every Saturday morning and will be played In fifteen minute halves. Any member of any team who fails to attend class meeting two times successively will not be permitted to play In the game following. The games will be called promptly at 10 o'clock and players must be on time or forfeit the game to the opposing team. The date of the first game has not been decided upon but will be announced later. • If you need a farm loan come and see us. We can get your money in two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. , I ...... Hdi .0 aoikt msxiCCLATioN. Maaonfc Orders Enjoy Oyster Supper Last Evehing,r Last evening in the Masonic hall lola Chapter number 8, A. F. & A. M. and Salem Chapter number 20. O. E. S.. held a Joint Installation. After the ceremonies an oyster supper and social !good time was had, at which Quite a number of friends of the orders were present The following officers jvere Installed: , ^ Chapter. High Priest—T. E. Oliver. King—<}us Krannich- Scrih^Phlllp Troutman. Captain of Hosts—L. L. Ponsler. Royal .Arch Captain—Al Ellis. Sentinel—Mr. Fitch. Blue Lodge. Master—W. U Bartles. Senior Warden—A. Morrison. Junior Warden—^John Moore. Senior Deacon—^T. E. Oliver. Junior Deacon—Mr. Sylvius. Treasurer—George A. Bowlus. Secretary—J. E. Jones. Senior Steward—^Philip Troutman. Junior Steward—J. O. Myier. Tyler-Mr.. Fitch. O. E. S. Worthy Matron—Mrs. Dr. Coffman. Worthy Patron—J. B. Kirk. Conductress—^Mrs. Dr. Cox. Asst Conductress—Mrs. Brashler.. Asst. Matron—^Mrs. Lowder. f Organist—Mrs. Dr. Heyhnun. (}haplaln—^Mrs. John Anderson. Sentinel—Mr. Fitch. Come and see us If yon need a farm loan. We handle life insurance money and are not effected by hard times. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. ^ For Sale. 50,000 feet of native lumber ani*^' 4,000 seasoned fence posta. W. A. DAWSON, Four Miles Northwest o lola. DEATH RATHER THAN POVERTY. A Ward of a Kansas,County Hanged HimseKl on the Poor Farm. Phllllpshurg. KasToec. 28.—A ward of the county poorhouse. named Reece sUpped away from the overseer last Thanksgiving day and nothing more was seen of him until today when his bod^- was found dangling from a rope attached to a tree on the poor- farm. Reece had been at the county fcrm several months. He was more than 70 years old. He was very much worried at being forced to go to the poorhouse. Holiday Candy 10c per pound, 3 pounds 25o. B> W I :iV O & BURI>XOK «EO. A. BOWLUS, Praaidwit THOt. H. BOWLUS, CMklvfk ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS ' A. W. Back, L. & Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana^ i. O. Radf^ A. Bowlui^ Thoa. H. Bowlw WEUtWe OUR own DRMFn OM AU BIHOPEMMPOOH* tAFETY DEPOSIT BOXEB FOR RENT PROM 12 to |B PER YlMt I ES7 Prinarliy consists lettinE a lot of people know you •re in existence and wiiat excuse yon have for. it ADVfiRTISINQ is litce throwinr a rublier IMI ; tiie liard- cr you throw It the QUICKER it conies back. Don't write a ba f lieartcd ad—yon wonldn't whisper to a customer, would yon? Write a food ad, UII the truth, ihes put It in The REGISTER and twenty thousand Readers Will Listen a .•sis

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