Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 21, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1908
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THE REGISTER HAS THE LARGEST BONA-FIOE CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER PUBLISHED IN ALLEN COUNTY. KANSAS. TOLrXE XI. SI'MBEB 48. EIGHT PAGES. lOLA, K.\Ili'8AS. DECEarBER SI. IBON.—MOXDAY ETENING. POISON WAS FATAL. so XOI^E AIMIXTHE. >nr<- Knud l.«w ProhililtM ImporUitroii iif liijiirlouM Art!rii-«. MliH. JOHN YEIKI.KV I>KAI> AT HEIt HOME IN W. LAJJKAXJK. THE HUSBAND CRITICALLY ILL MAT NOT SCRVIVE SHOCK WIFE'S DEATH. I!ody of Mrs. Yeisliy lo He Shipped to Ava. Mo., for Burial—Mothor and Brothrr Hcrr. Wixliiiiaioii. [Ji'c, Jl.—Tlifpo li n firiiDK }irr»l)ul)lllty thai I he furl her lii-.'iKin jiKin ot ubniiuhe ini:i the Unit- I'd Siui «K will ho |irolil))lt)>d. A reconi meiiil.iiloii lo that end was made >en- (erJay li.v J)r. Hnrve.v \V. WJIe.v. rjilef cf t!ii' liiireuii of cliemiMtry, and ihe i..-ilt :i j;f ihp Fenretary In awaited with in ;erfsi. liy. Wlloy recently has con.... (Iucte<l sonu- InvesilRatlon.s In reference in ilie »!x;eiil to which absinthe is ii .'cd i;i iliis rciintry and has dis- coveit'd that on account of the taste and effect of the drnj; the habit Is rapid y acquired and is a difficult cue to fiive up. In his reconimftndaiion Dr. Wiiey points out that section 11 of the pure food and drug act prohibits the ini- poi'taiion of articles injurious to health and he cla.sses alisinUie as one of these. Dr. Wiley .said: "The nse of ab- Binihe has caused great distress in France and the uiithuritles have taken ^Hii the (luestion of prohibiting its sale. Mrs. John Yeisley. of west I-t- firange, who, with her husband was stricken with ptainaine poisoning late Friday evening after partaking heart- _ _ ^ ily of ti supper at which portions ffmi [The"fielKian jiovernnient already has cans, of meat, hominy and tomatoes) j^^ggp^ 3 l^^. ,,rohiblting its sale in thdt kinsdoin." were morn served, died at her home this iig about iiSi). .Mr. VeisJey remain^ criUcal'.y i l. Thotish the attending ph.vsician exjiresses ho|)e for his recovery, it is slight. The .body of .Mrs. Yeisley will be shipped to Ava. .Mo., this evening for burial. Mrs. Privitt and Oeorge Priv- Itt, mother and brother of Mrs. Yeisley, are in Cia.s fiiy to care for the remains. Mr. and Mrs. Yeisley were found un- con.scioud in their home in West I..a- Grange early Friday morning by .Mrs. CJeorge Freeman, a neighbor. .Mrs. Yeisley was in bed. apparently asleej) i\h¥.n POWERS .MAKBIED} "XothlnirDolniT in Malrimonial Line." Suys .\oted KrntnrlEian. Le .Ningtcn. Ky.. Dec. 21.—Miss Eleanor iWinhan of York. Pa., a young heiress who took much interest In Caleb Pr.wers during his trials for alleseii connplrucy In the murder of Ci.-rbel. and whom he visited at her home Immediately after hi.s rele.ise from iirison.'was hfre .vesterday. and 'Z.T,'"\. , ji''" was Powers. She left late last while her husband lay t.pon the bed ,„ ,„ f„, (.^^ j,ome. and Pow.-rs went room floor. Apparently he had tnade j i,.,,.^ ,„ „„..»nuiin home at fJai- TO SAVE COAL MINE Ml{. A\D MUS. JOE LEITEK ARE WORKING WITH MINERS. SHAFT ON FIRE FOR DAYS WOMAN CHEERS WOJiKMEN ON AM) Hr,VU.|i.\D DIRECTS WORK. Loss Cram Will Re KlanieK in llHnols Mine (irnit—IIandred.1 Are at Work. an effort to cai: for heiji when stricken with Ulne-a. but fell prostrate before he reached the door. Mrs. Yeisley did not regain coiisciotisness frrun the time she wa.s taken ill to the hoiir of her death. NO HOLIDAY RATES. A Flat 2 -cent Rate for Traveler*. Chrictmat No use waiting for holiday rates before atartlnff on Christmas vacations. Agents for roads entering lola alt say no reductions will be made—that ev- eryone-wlU pay a flat 2 r.-nts a -mile or not ride. "It has been the rustom." one of the agents said yesterday, "to make a rate of one and one-third faro for the round trip. Th's plan was followed under the old 3-cent per mile rate. But the fat. 2 cents per mile now charged amounts to Just the same as the old one and one-third fare. The roads have agreed to maUe no ftirther reductions." boursvl'.Ie. There is a ramir which ratinot be verified that they were marrle.1 at For! Snelling. Minn., three weeks ago. Powi r>- lias been uvay. She came here >esterday from Fort Snelling. Whi I' they were here together yes- lerd.'iv HI the Plioeni .x hotel. Power.'^'s friends called tition them. Wlieu asked if they had been nnr- ried. Powers's only re|)Iy was •There is i'..i!tlnK doing in the malrimonial line." Zeigler, 111., Dec. 21.—With a stubborn force fightJng with bundreda of men who have been ceaselessly at work for days, seekln? to save the coal supply of the great Zelgler mine, Joe I.«lter. the Chicago millionaire, and his wife, formerly Miss Juliette Wi)llam.s, of Washington. D. C. have Joined the forces o^^orkmen. Mr. Letter is leading the workmen and hi's beautiful young wife is cheering and helping the men overcome by smoke ami exhaustion. The n .'e started several days ago and the loss will be large. MOTHER KILLED FIVEJPREACHED ON XMAS «AVE VHVR CHILDHE.V WOOI» AI^ COHOI. AND KTABREn ONE. ' from the recent revivals. talk wu very belyful to the new member*. He told them what the Chriatlau life Jwaa, of Its Joya and Influence. He reminded them that Jesus should bo ' the inspiration of their new life and THEN ENDED HER OWN LIFE SnCIDEI) BY THBOWINtJ HERSELF INDER A TRAIN. A Note She Left .SayH Her Life Was .MNcrable and She Wanted to Pre. wnt CblMM'n'.'i Siiffrrlnir. SEASON FIRNLSHEI) THEME FOB ^^^^^ should evidence their chang- PILPIT AODRE.SSE.H YE.STEKDAY. ed life in ever aeeklng the tnlnsa above. He urged them to depend wholly on the Lord: never iipon tnem- ^^..^ ».r- n.tMtin selves. The meeting was u tlttlng one THE TRUE SPIRIT OF GIVING ror the revivals wnlch enl.d a few da.vs ago.. PASTORS RROIT'HT THE MESSAfiE HOME TO THEIR CONtiREGATIONS. Christmas wa^. the theme of hotJi sermons delivered yesterday by \V. H. UarfleUI. pastor of the Baptist church. In the morning he told the story of the wise men and the child. Referring to the fact that the wise Mtti Should Uiw Their SOUIK «« Owl luian went to worship, he brought home the lesion that men should pat- Who (."nve His Only Begotten Sou to Sate the World. AN ORPHANS OUTING CHILDREN FROM lOLA HOME SAW SANTA TODAY. In Care of Matron Reed They Visited City Storet.—Gifts for the Chrittmat Tree. TALKED ON STEEL ANDREWCABNEfilE HEKORE WAYS AND MEANS (OMMITTEK. Says the Steel Industry Needs Prolcetion—Ipholds Masazine Article. no Washington, Dec. 21—Andrew Carnegie appeared before the ways and means committee today and te.iii- fled In support of the statements made In his magazine article, declaring the steel Industry needs no protection. The witness was in excellent spirits and. his frequent sallies of wit delighted the committee. He told the committee they should net regard tiie te.stlinony of Interested wit:ie.-.~ies and cited that of Judge Cmy as an example. BY MARGIN OF 91 PINS Boosters Defeated the Chanule leant SMturday Ni|;ht—(iard Make!« Big Seore. The first or the series of ten pin games arranged for between the Clia- nute team and the lola H <K)8ter team was played at the Koyai Alleys Saturday evening and resulted In a vlcttry for'the Booster team by a margin of 91 pins. Both teams seemed tu have had an attack of stage fright. Card for lola. made a loial ' <ir 4ST pins which was the high .score of the evening. He was credited with 12 strikes which was also the high strike record. Root won the spare boners, l>eiug credited with H. The low score made by both teani.s was a great surprise in iwwllng circles as pra «ilca!"y every man on the There were Just four squads of foiiis. The ages ranged from 2 to 12 and it was the brlehtest, merrleat crowd of yoiingsterii whicn ever came to town to look for Santa Claus. Perhaps you wouldn't have known that they were the tittle wards of the , Jola Orphans' Home If you had not ;noi noticed .Matron Miss M. C. Reed with them, for they looked like child- PORTO RICO WANTS PRICE PIT ri ii Just out for an outing from mother s care. Chicago, Dec. I'l.—The .Anie::can wife of Oeorge Ah-\Vong. a Chinese ^. restaurant proprietor of^ Blanco, gave .;. her four children wood alcohol and'.;, one of them, Ida. three years oid, she .% stabbed. Ida died today and the moth- \ er, said by the coroners jury to have Ijeen femiiorari '7 Insane after drink- ' .j. Ing some .of the poison, threw bei'self under a lUirllngto^ train. Her man- J.;, gled boily was found shortly after-'... ward. Further .search led to-the dis-'.j. covery of the dead child and'the suf-' ' fering, but not fatally tlrugged brothers and Bister.s. This note was found: "Thank Cicd it is over. It was horrible. I can 't go V?itli the rest but no one will lead my girl the life of misery 1 have led." "I gave luy life for thee. My precious blood I shed That thou mighst ransomed be. And quickened from the dead." "1 gave, 1 gave my life for thee. What hast thou given for me? I gave, I ?ave my life for thee. What hast thou given for me?" BONNIE IIORT TO BELOIT. •—that he gave His only begotten Son. that whosoever bclleveth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Perhaps these words were not literary spoken, but In all of the Christmas se.-mons delivered by lola pa.stor.s In Ibolr respective churches yesterday morning, the spirit of God's gift to the world—the sacrifice of His ronize the %ouae ot worship. He told of the need of worship in the world today. In the evening he talked upon The Chastmas Joy. Men • should rejoice because the Savior came into the world; because He came to do away, ];*,with evil conditions, to tell men of *;*ithe happiness of right living: because He gave reasonable Aope of the Immortal life' and becau:i-e of tne promise He gave us of meeting lovod ones in the Great Beyond. In c'c:;- Ing the' pastor said that in view of the coming and of the mis.9ion of Christ it was .difficult to understand why more men did not turn to the Christian life. White tiirl's Seusatiomil Esfupade'o«.""%J17' ".,„'". r, ,:„..„,.„, u-iii. .. V. .... i 1 only son that mi^n might be saved— J...,n ^yo'3l.':. .irtlS 'Sicer. .eft I -^^f'" a 'V .f o /'L ^I^'^'lnd^ .May Horn, the I.i-year-od white glrM„.„,, „.,,„, ^ ..11 t, i wbivse relatlon.s with Lewis Heed, a i,''' '^^hat should it be? negro. g,.t her into trouble. She will' ""/"-« Presbyterian church Urv. S. enter the Industrial . SCIKK / for glri.s. '"^l.^^ '•^'""'•' l "-«'''c>'^<' ^^e Miss Horn was willing to'go to the'^^'^^^'^ ^''''.j'T'.'".. .""l school and ^eemed glad of tile oppor-'He spoke from the text, "And jKhe brought forth her first born son tiinlly to learn i-onietbing u.-eful. DEFENDS HASKELL FOR DUTY ON COFFEE .IT FIVE < ENTS PER POIND. L. T. riAKEK, A «;rARD AT STATE PHI.SON. IS HERE ON A YISIT. Cuit'H- on Free List Since Islanders Woulil Pruteit Chief Industry. Says Kale Burnard's .Stalcment (.'reiilly Exairgeniled-PfNoiiers Punished, Not Abused. Is ^V .^^h.•Ilgto:l. Dec. 21.—Porto llUn. ;l:r<;u ?h her re.sident coniniiisioner in tho I 'nii «-d Stale.=. .Mr. I..;iirinaga. and ih<> SI ecial coniinissioa which c:i:iie lifie f<;r the imrpose. i.-; making a de- !>':-niined fipht for th« im|iositicn of a (if five ci -tr .3 Iter pound oa ff.r- ilsii coffee. My rea.-:on of the fact that since IsT .l coffee has been on tiie fne list, Porto Rican.s maintain that tlieir |>rlncipal Indu.stry. now that the Ii".riff i.- at )oui to be revised, should be giir:i piciter i;.-oiection. Rneil brought the children uji , town today because they wanted toj j come and see what Santa Clans had s7.^_- placed in the store windows of the , .-nerchants. They wanted to stay allj day. too. fo lunch was brought along j and the little ones refreshed them- 1 selves In the farmers room in (conn house. I The ch'ldien have saved up $5 from, the pennie.i which have been given j guard under Governor Morrill, but them and shtloamntu C.MFAVYP " " ' —''-t-'-- all 1 L. T. Raker, a guard at ihe slate the'iH.ulrentiary who lias been visiting his daughter at La ilarpe. was in the city today. .Mr. Baker first served as a 1 guard under Governor .Morrill, but . I was lei out under the Leedy adminls- iind wrapped him fn swaddling clothes and laid him in the manger, because tin re wDs no room for them In the hin." Luke 2:1. Surrounding the central tlwme with historical Incidents, leading up lo the birth of Chiist. the mlnisier gave a soul stir riu'.: exposition of the treatment ol the Savior Incarnate. "Doubtless the Inns were crowded," he said, "ami the homes were filled with homecoming nlatives ami frliTid.-<. There was no room for i'l rangers. But. if a king had come into their midst, how soon It wou'd have been that people have made room for an honored guest, glad of the o|)|/ortunlty. But there was no room for Jesus. It Is for us to entertain those whom we like. I re- recall an incident which serves to illustrate Ibis noint. On a certain occasion, I called at the home of a friend whom 1 knew well and by whom 1 had been entertained many times. It was a dark night, and. standing in a shadow where I could t{^em .^nd this""amount they added to:tra'ion When InoT b^ I knocked for admissio,,. .... ...... With an lola hack in powei, he le appoimea ^^.^^^^ ^^.^^^ answered. 1 stlmiilat- the account bank. tbey have There is a bright prospect for unus- LEAD AND 7,I>( WEAKER. jand has served ever since, la nrigni prosppui lui -^Ir. Bayer says ihat the statement ual success at tlie annual Christmas Piven out recently by Kate Barnard tree for the orphans next Friday, Guthrie, Ok/a., to the effect ihat the morning. .Mrs. L. F. Palmer, presi- 1 Prisoners in the Kansas jtenitentiary dent of the board of managers. has|*ere grossly mistreated is great > ex- received a gift ot $1 from "a friend" :a.«Kerated. I'm speaking of the charges in Savonburg, the Elks have donated »nade by the woman. .Mr. Baker s;tid a neat cash sura, and J. P. Kelly willitoday neon to a .Register reiwrter. furnish assorted nuts. S. M. BIgus w .mi "Of course the prisoners are punished 'when they violate the rules. Any In- Htiiiv Purchase of Preceding Week una Holiday Lnil Blamed. .••end a bunch of bananas and many others have sl?nifled an intention of asssisting with donations for the stltution have discipline. In the state prison there are some very vicious men. At times they become hard Christmas gift giving. ,h,„t„ -Hto handle. The officials must maKe Mrs Pa'mer returns the thanks or | , , _ ,,,, ,„„ Galena. Ka<;. Dec 21.—Because of rerent heavy purch.ises and the holi-. day lull, prices for zin.' and "etd ores, in the Kan.'a.s-.Misseuiri di.strlct the 1 pa.'it week were slightly weaker. the bo^rd for assistance already re- e- ivefl. • 4 I i Husband is Dead. Mrs. James Hood, of 108 West Bru, , , iH-r street ye8tprd .iy received the aa I The market opened sta onary at „^„^ „r „,o death of h. r husband, las; week .s basis price of %U per Ion ^„ „ ,„pn,i,or of the regular army ''''"'•>•"' flosed n> HtHtioned at Ft. Bavard. New .Mexico. » 2,..u nuiking the grades worth t,,,. ^.,„ ^^ipped to this city 11... On be .tjjrades a redticticn of »I ^^,^.1^^^ mterment. tta.s nui.V HhI.e lower grades snjj on a ba .-'i.- price as low as $40. I{efii --:ii (iu the tMirt of buyers to sell at ibe reduced j .ric 'es ciirlalled the Eiiii'tuerits for the week, although the weekly jiver .'igH was maintained by the .-hliiiiii'ii' of ()re :i l>cu *;hJ the week be- f(.ro. The lead ire market was litt 'e eli:i!ii;ed. ilie offerin ».'H for the be .wi gradi'.^ b< iiiL' and $.'.0 per ion. The di i!:t:vl was slighlly weaker. AUTHOR READ SOME them Fiilmilt. othrrwise the institution would be In a state of insurrection half the lime. But the prisoneri- are lio! wilfully abused. I have worked under »-everal wardens and I want lo s:iy lh:;l W-irdeti Hankell, who is now in charge. Is IMI fxcellenf official." ".Mifs liarnnrd secured the ba.sis for her siPiy from the luisonora. She came to the prison and asked lo lie taken tlirc;ui;li. Wurden Haskell ac- ';oinmodated her. Sh"? wanted to t:i k to ihe I );..oi :ti> and this iirlvllege was granted. Now. us 1 said u moment ligo. we have soiiin dangernii.s men there. *l 1 IH > are in far long terms. Il ed the voice of a foreigner and asked if I might be entertained for the night. I was answered with an emphatic 'no.' Then I asked for food and I was told that there was no food avai'able. Then 1 gave ray name In good English accent. An arm shot out Jn the blackness and grasped me and I was dragged into the house, given a hearty welcome and feasted. No room for Jesus—ijiit room for business and for pleasure." The sermon was a forceful one, appealing to the heart and pleading for room fur the 'Savior of mankind. There was a large congregation and sjieclal music by the choir In the evening, the worship hour was devoted to a song service. Spec Inl Cliristmas anthems and hymns were sung. A solo by .Mrs. Otis I.a- firange and a dtiott by .Mr. and Mrs. Burdick were esiiecIaFy enjoyed. The church was filled. The services at the M. F.. church last night were especially n:i;>roprlai»- to the Chriftmas sea.son. The evening was taken up in a concert, the most of the numbers of which were Rev. "Knowles. pastor of Trinity church bad an unusually fine meeting last night. Referring to the Christmas season and the birth of Christ, the pastor said that the Savior came Into the world at a time when the need was great and everything favorable for the spreading of the Gospel. At that time men were groping for the true light. • With Christ's coming they found It. He urged his audience to think well of the meaning of the occasion of Christmas, to gather lessons from It, and became imbued with the love of the Savior. Rev. R. H. EUeit, pastor of the Christian church, devoted some little Ume In his sermon last evening to the Christmas thought. The usual Christ mas sermon, however, will be deliver ed next Sunday night. ITS ALL RUMOR NOW MANY PBOMINENT MEN TALKED OF FOR CABIXET. NA6EL OF MISSOURI NAMED .MAY BE CHOSEN SECBETABl OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. Ot'i'Ire i>f Secretary of TreM«7 Oae of Hardest to FBI—Loeb In Xary Departmenil PLAN ASSOCIATION HOARD OF ( ONTBOL OF S. E. KAS. ATHLETIC A.S.SOriATION MEETS, Elect Officers and Take Sleps Tinvard By-Liiws—Is Intention to Held Big Athletic Event. A Lady Book Aflent Give* Out Some Startling Fiflures.—Attorney Questlont Them. The holiday rush which Is now on Is not always confined to the local reported here .-. v,:.r or two ago. shops Among the other busy people ..^vhen .Melvin fIrM came to the at this time are the book agenm. onel ,,ri„„„ ^> ,„„,p, f,„ ..^^.^^ - of whom appeared In the office of ii-„,o^„,^.. .., „p^.p^ Remarks Were Appreciated by local attorney last week. She was well I auMhlng alwuf h'.s conduct that Y. M. C. A. Yesterday. d-es.sed. had a pleasing countenanc.., ^.^ . „^^,^. r^ r^r~r~ , . "'"l '"'''^^«^ convcrsaUou | ,g ,,g I hi>ve been told, however, that Rev. D. P. Charles of Topeka. ad- After the usual sterotyped form of' ^ j,,. f,.pn„p,,, ,. to the of- rtresseil the boy 's meeting at the Y. how much the books of travel would fip^^g ,1^. „,, say- M. C. A. yesterday afternoon on "How add to a well appointed library, she a'.;„p,j. coming' on' hint to Become a Christian." Rev. Char 'es made r.'ie statement that the author!,,,,, ,„p ..,,^„^ maieri/ilized REV. CHARLES'S GOOD ADDRES3. His had read 10.000 i<! a eood talker and his addresa yes- of the works . , , . , ,s a poou tdi ^^^^ ^^^^ J j^^^^^^ I ,eglnn'ng hl3 own boys of this a.i!K)ci»- work which f.ave him the benefit of N;;^l^-;.t -son ,e time or other tj^ ^ ^'^^^l.^^^/^L^ ^o^^!''::^^^':^, rrfan5\ u "rX numtr of l ^if^ \^'oi:: of the young men.remark- the experience of othe^^^^^^^ and spares than was made by any the participants cf the game. The final score of the game was: lo'a. 2.140: Chonute. 2.049. XJalstfrs Met Today. The Allen County Ministerial Association met this morning in the parlor of the T. M. C. A. buUding. Rev. Bright raaul an Interesting and Inr Btruetire psaper to the members of the asstxJatlon. TBS wnnaiT hookJ=,o piv knowledg>." Mr. Baker tbink.s that Je.^.sie Morrison and J'jhn Collins will be pardoned in the near f.iture. He U not Inclined 10 believe that ellher Is gtillty Mr Ch.arles talked as though he was her leave after having failed to make;,he charge fo^ they are serv- buslness proposition a sale the attorney 8Uggeste <i to ner exiioundlng a and was not talking as a minister. H. B. , that she use the term, many. In place I of 1^" figures, 10.000. She turned 11 looi ef contempt on the attorney and asked If he did not believe the atate- «»Tj .n. «f \M» T *rk Died in ment, but that if a man read one ' HMDIUI T^toy. boob every two d.ys-which is more HosplUI -lOdJiy. ^^^^ average man reads—at the SHOT WOIND KILLED. Ing time. .Mr. Baker will visit at Harpe until after the holidays. Lanyon to Build. Broad wav U to have another sulj- stantial building Improvement, the work of which was Just started. Arthur Lanyon, owner of what Is known At the recent meeting of the South eastern Teachers' .-Xsaociation here, it was decided to organize an athletic asi^ociation to cf)ver the same territory and to be known as the Scutheastern Kansas .\thletic association. To that end a board of control, ecmiwsed of Prof. Stokesbcrry of Ft. Scott, Prof. W. S. Pate of the Crawford county high school, and Prof Decker of the Hunibo'dt schoois. was appointed. "The first nict-iing of the board was held at For: Scott Saturday morning and iu {.-erfecting an organization Prof. Stokesberry was elected president. Prof. Tate secretary and Prof. Decker treasurer. The needs cf the organization and the by-laws by which it should be governed were discussed. The Ft. Scott Repul)lican says in part of the meeting: . ".\ ])!an of the constittitUin and l>y- laws was outlined and will be drawn up for pre.-entiiii<in ai the next meeting of the i ^ffieers. IluieK for the gov- ern:nent at all lontest.s are al.-o 10 be arranged, an all of the athletics of the school In liie territory are to come under the direction of the associfttlon. iind a number cf large eoutests wl 1 be held in which it is experted :but many schools will |iariicipate. .N'rt oujy track athletics but also all sijcrts- will come under the direction cf the beard of control of the assocta- llon. In. lading basket ball, foot ball, base bar, |awn tennis, polo, where —S'mper. .Solo "The .Shephenl King'—Verne — Root. Offering. Octette—"At Midnight"— Crassby —Mlsse.«i Root. Dennis, Howland. Beatty, Doggeit. Brlgham. nail. S.^lo- -The Birthday of the King." —Nridllnger—William O. Anderson. The Christmas Story—Mrs. J. M. Collin.;. Solo—"The Dawn of Hope"—Krogmann—Mrs. J. V. Merchant. .\ntheni—"Break Forth"—Simper— Choir. The Christma -H Theme—Rev. J. M. Mason. In bis remarks the pastor spoke of Christmas as the time when neople ?hou'd give themselves to the Christian life. He spoke of the birth of the Savior, of what it meant to the world —^joy on earth and peace In hea,ven. He then made an appeal to the unsaved In the audience to surrender them selves to the Lord. I Kansas City Journal.) \Vashlngton, Dec. 21—Cabinet build-, ers at the national capital, and those who have moved to Georgia as a part of the entourage of President -elect WJIliam IL Taft, are succeeding in " placing on the anxious l >ench public men in all sections of the country, who have been looked upon as aaplr-:^ ants for portfolios, or whoae qualifl-^ • cations have been urged by admiring , friends. The announcement of the appointment of Frank H. Hitchcock to be postmaster general, followed by that of Senator Philander C. Knox to be sec retary cf state, and the generaL '7. ac- ..epied report that George W. Wicker- iharn of .Vew York la the choice pt Mr. . Taft for attorney general, indicates that the slate is being made up rapid- .y and that an announcement ot the entire cabinet may be expected liefore long. From a discussion of the cabinet slate among Mr. Taft's close frlenda in Washington, who would not bp likely lo indulge in idle gossip concerning it. there ssems to be a reasona1>Ie certainty that in addition to those named, Secretary Wilson will continue for a year-or more as the head of the agrl- ciiiiurul department; that Secretary riarfleld wi I retire from the cabinet ; that Judge Richard A. Uallinger of .•Seattle, Wash., will be given a place. ,ijob:ibJv that of secretary of the In.erli.r: that Luke KJ Wright will.'retire from the cabinet, and again.take i po.^it in the diplomatic service: and an Ohio main will be given the ,nis!tion of secretary o^ the treasury. Within the last feW days Ihe name .r Charles Nagel of Missouri has been Ii8rii .''.sed in eonectlon with the secre- .ury:-hlp r.f the department of com- nieite and labor. Ii is known that at one time Mr. Taft thought very strongly of naming .Vagel as atomey general, but that later he considered Wlckersham more- ada;»table to the purposes of that de- .oartment. He has said, however, that he would like an able lawyer to head he department of commerce and labor. Republican politicians are urging the claims of Missonrl for recognitipa ' and as Judge Nagel played a prominent iiart in the campaign as a memtier of the executive committee of the Republican national coiamlttee. the nian- rle would fall upon him naturally. If a ;.'are is given to that state. i Other names heard in connection with that department are those jo< William Loeb, Jr.. secretary to Preai- lenl Roosevelt: Oscar 8. Straus, who . new has a portfolio, and Oeorge A. Knight of California. It Is npt bell^r- °d here, however* that two places wlH go to the Pacific coast. Probably the moat difficult place remaining to be filled is that of secretary of the treasury. Among the OWo men mentioned are former Goreraor .Myron T. Herrlck and RepresentatlTe Bui ten. The report that there baa 'leen a break In the cordial re^atloas that have existed between Mr. Burton and .Mr. Taft are not credit^ by friends of both In this city,-end in many nuarters Mr. Burton la Btill regarded as. a pos.slblllty for the second liosi cf Importance In the cabinet. For secretary of war, Charles Ma- : goon, now governor of Cuba, is beard ^ fre iuently. but the generally accepted^ ide-i is Ihat Mr. Titft baa not yet made- up his mind whom to appoInU He is said to be looking for a man who hu - m.'de a record as a business man. William I.ioeb, Jr.. is also mentioned for secretary cf the navy; as is also that game Is 'll'^'i' '''I. J^^^^^^^^^^^ H. Thompson of New York, track meets. I nder this arrangeme it [^^ j^^^ ^» u. all of Ihe Hchi .nis cf this section will be broiighi Into comiietiiiob with each (Uher iu all ef ihen- games and Sfiort.a. and a regular schedule of events will lii? arranged for the different gani?s,' as they co<5ie into seaso:i. • ft is the intention of the promoters of the association to hold a monster field meet at Fome city in the district durnig the spring. This would be participated in bv al of the schrols laf the divtrlci. and would be made one of the princlji .Tl pthletlc events of Kansas." It Is not known vet where the big meeting referred to above will be held but a vigorous effort should l>e There are some cUwe friends of Mr. T .nfi also who, think that Secretary, Newberry will be retained. WONT LET THAW 60 Will Not Be Allowed to Go to Pitta- burg to Testify in Binkniptoy« Proceedings. :1 Philadelphia. Dec. 21.— Harry -K. Thaw, slayer of Stanford White, *I|0, <s now^ confined in the state ho^fal for the criminal insane at Mattewaii, made to hold It In lola as it will be;t... — „__„_-;— , , one of the principal events of the sea- ; cannot be taken ,'o_"f^j5^,J |2-^= ' '^ll son and would bring many visitors to "" ' """" *" ' * " the city. Independence on lola. Donnle Horn, the white girl who has case will be tlfv in the bankruptcy proceedinss cording to a decision handed down.Ip*,;'^., dav by the United Statei clrentt^cMit H of 'appeals in this city. Vfcetber Ttfe:?^}:; taken to the^. lT|d^; attracted so much attention over the States supreme conn is state for having been in love with a here. ,5 negro, declares she will marry him . -r-. •— when he Is released from the penl- 1 At the U. B. Chufcly One young man' lentlary. • • • Tola Is planning a blgj In the absence (tf ReT. 0«« selves 10 ine i>uru., icuna..?. — — . "-7 • — , w •.>i . _.- . went to the altar and professed con- banquet to he given by her Baker un- amore. who is hiddinr Iversliy students.—Independence Re- Elsmore ehnrcb; %ReT. T- «.>;r" porter. .and Rev. CleanrerfflMed tlife?^ version. Another' Joined the cborch. In the momlnr Rev. Mason preached a sermon directed to the new acquisition* to the church resaltins ; the 'United .Brethren ditn«^- Trj- a Renter Want Ad. . day.

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