Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 5
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has been, moved to <iU West ctrwrt, in the- i^ew' Vrlek iinlHIliiKrjaM eom* pleted ud la equipped-with an oper- aUng table and ali the latest appll- attces tor the ITumaae and Scientific treatment of Domestic Animals. Calls made anywhere night or day. Phone 139 tor hospital or residence. ^ . FRANK S. BEATTIE. V. S., Proprietor. Melka's Behzpin Cream I An excellent preparation for the skin. Softens and 'whitenB. at SPENCER'S .Aiti^ Tkn^i tangle: W Fra aOai TMi4er» ' toalght »i tke enind theater. THE TEN-YEAR-OLD son of Mr^ Bcphart died Christmas mbrnins .fi^ Erie^ot scarlet reVbr. This is the third death in the county seat .since the spread ot the epidemic. The first was Ethel Barnhart. the only daughter of Mrs.. Barnhart.—Chanute Tribune. Pdlrell, the real estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a'reasonable rate. MISS EDITH Schlichtlng and her friend. Miss Nellie Jones, of lola, apeilt Chrlslmas with H. H. Schllchl- Iftg ind family—Yates Center News. Six Per Cent Money, niogtuuu. R. M. Cun MISS M?YETLE Carpenter is spending the two week's holiday vacation with home folks in lola.—Erie Kcc- crd. Ur. Wmey, Oeallak 11. L: BROWN and enUre. family spent Christmas day with J. O. Brown and family at lola.—Yates Center Newi J.: I. DB. J. F. JAUSOV. The Sieeeaatsl l«er. Uoaeer, TetcriaarilBB. Farm nlnor Fedlj^recd stocky u leu raxle moywhrrc. Vettr iniry call* answered d«y or' night. OlSce with DouRlass Bto» Phone ij, residence 310 lOLA, KANSAS. FOR Watch and Jewel > ry Repairing GO TO r. X. Waasfe, DwtM. Ckw* Ufc. MR. AND MRS. S. C. Rllter will n'tuhi today from a holiday visit wKtt the toiinors' brother. Chris Rlttur and family of lola.—Erie Record. Adelaide Thnrston in •^he Uirl from Ont Yonder" tonight at the Orand Theater. a. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. POLAR BEAR FLOtR Has Stood ihe Test Bccatfseiti the Best ' Ac<>e|it No Otber Big Special Cut on on ail l^inds ol Merchandbe until \ things change. ^ \A. G. MUMA, Prop. ; ^ —_ specials for Today and Monday^ Kelley's P. C. Corn, 3 cans .....25c Standard Tomatoes, can 12c Pick Wick Peas, can 12c Evaporated Peaches. tt» 20c 60-70 Prunes, 3 lbs 25c Cleaned Currants, pkg 10c Cranberries, per quart '. 10c Sweet Relish, per pint 10c Chow Chow, per pint 10c Mustard, per pint 10c Fryer Bros. ' Phones SOS and 301. FABirS, In Howril Connty, MissonrL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list Give full descritpion and price of what you 'have. ^ J. T. GILMOBB, Pomona, Mo. Office and iStormge Ware Room at tB West Street. Fboc^e 35B Ijifla Bisiiiess Booltlieeping. Engliah, Phraijcal Cul tKM. vtc Shorthand. Letter ^rittng. iPlenty of money to loan on farms. f er companies have quit but we are i doing business, ^he mdwell- Kealty Co. . MISS PEARL ot lola spent Sunday with Ms. Ullian Kcefauver at UOl \\^:st Eleventh street. Coffey- vlHe. Free dirt at Laceock'a. SECRETARY Starkey of thc"Y.- M. C. A. went to Ccdarvalo this nionUng for .i short visit with relatives an-I friends. il.. W. ALTER.MAN. of lola. bul formerly of this city, left last cvoniiiK for his home after spendlns Christmas with his relatives, lie is with the International Text Book coniiwny at lola.—Pittsburg Headlight Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. DAN NOYES Is here this we«-k vis itiiig his parents. ' Dan is a spocialiBl on the diseases of stock and is cm- p'oyed by the government to aid in stampinp out contagious diseases ii^ Tennessee and Alabama. A part of his work Is to attend farmers Institutes and deliver lectures on the ,carc of live stock.—^Humboldt'Hcrold.. Or. KeyatMs. Pk«m IM. Bas. ««. SAUNA is making earnest efforts to travel in the lola clas.s, and there is reason to believe that her ambition may he achieved sooner or Istor.,- week she made a KonA start. T \ith sulcidoB, railway wrecks and slugplng parties. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.—Emporia Ga- aette. Sp'rrial Rednred Prices on all new tnd sornnd hand Sewing Machines nn- ill .lantiaiy 1st. Slnper Sewing .Machine Co.., no East Madison. IIAUIIY Kane, tha Hebrew pitch- T. who Ijunx'il up the Missouri Val '••y ; lei )Kii»> spvrral yoars ago. whiln he wiiK Willi SprlnKflold. has signed » '•niitrart In II I HV with \VllllaniS|Kirf Pa . In the TrI-Stato leaKne next s-a .son. Kano has had lii.s iips anri dnwtiK s nee IcavinK the Vallr\* lea- cue. havlnK l>layiv| with ni'arly ^vo^y leaciie In existence. I^si spring he hail ji ti .oul with Cleveland but he l.rnvril pa .sy money for the big lo.igue stlrljerK and he was sent to the Throt- Eye league. We have plenty of money to,loan on farms. The financial flurry does not effect "R. r.ome and see us. The Bed- wcllrRay Realty Co. MIKF. K.MlOi-:. the veteran catch CI wiih \\"a>;Iiiiici<)n says that W'a'tor .To! iisn::. forniorlv of this county, who l)rf >Ke into the hie league with thr Senators \RSI season. I S the best youiig pitcher he ever saw. llu says he is a second Mathewson. -rn^mAWiavf mamt. SAIOTPAT ETinnjtc. piwaaraEB »,mt. JL T. L. Bunett, the chief stoekhoider in. the Pear's Soap cencera, whieh haa witUa the last few years spent «I5,0004NW in aderrtising, expresses his coarictioB tha tprlaten* ink l.<« the Iw.ot kind of commerchii inrestment, in the folioirinff iaagaafet "1 eanaot nadenrtaad how the qaestlon coa be debated," he said. "Why the fact that adTcrUslag pays is as clearly demonstrated eTcry day as that the snn rises. Select the proper medlnm, adrertise InteUigeBtly and yonr fortane is madeu. • • '^on mast hare new idca.s for the changes o ffuslilon. I spent ^SSOfidO in adrertlsiag in one year and it paid weiL *H<ood goods, good advertirting an'i plenty of it is my adTJco to am- bitioBs rommercini ncn." The lola Daily Regis(«-r goes into ninety per rent of ihe homes In ihe rily, and reaches almost the entire population in the ronntry districts. There can be no question about it heing the projier medlnm. THE GRMIC^ THEATRE. ;^<xty a ««wr Connaetifna Ware Made V Yaaterday in Rtaponaa.te Or> ^ dinance. , Sixty sower connections wore mado yesterday and the msh'^ conthme^ att the city hall today. ThI» leaves thre« hundred and ninety connlfections to h« made before the first of ibe year., ilt the rate of connections continue to increase there will be Wut few wlio will have to pay the fine of not more than ten dollars a day as provided b{y the ordinance. compellin.g all connections to be made by the first of the year. SUBPOENA PETERSON Sheriff Bollinger After Important Wit- rtessea in the Wheaton Case. Moler nar})er Collese, Kansas City. Mo., wants men to learn the trade Write for particulars now, few week.= completes by free clinic and expert Instructions, positions waiting. Don't delay. ARTHUR Johnson and Miss Blanche .Tnhnson won the cut glass prize at Rrorinier's hall last night - for being the best Waltzers on the floor. .MR. AND MRS. E. GahrlH are Kpeniling Christmas week in lola with their daughter, Mrs. A. V. Ltodge.— Erie Record. .tdelaide Thnrstoa la "The Girl Front Oat Yonder" tonight at the Grand theater. Seven room house, lot and a half, plenty of fruit and close in, to rent for $,13.00. Hamilton Bros. M0wimih0Tlme OVERCOAT Che Baitlay^SKtelda Clothinfi Cr t|IE STOKE 7H1T SATISFICS. CUPID AFTER QUINTAN The President's Young Son Is Having His First Love Affair. Washington, Doc. 28.—Quiintlu Roosevelt, the "baby" of the family. Is in love. The secret of his romanc<> has been hidden from a sordid an.l clumsy world, but Christmas day It came out. Wednesday morning the Wlilte house carriage drove up to th» resldenco of Clinton R. Colvln. a mailcarrler, at 1433 Rhode Island .ivcnue. and the footman delivered a package. It was a Christmas present for little Miss Grace CoH-ln. the prettiest girl In the Force public school. Quentin and Miss Colvin are school mates at the Force school. Miss Col vln is a dainty little lady with larre and luminous eyes and an nbundanc of rich dark hair. Many were the boys who craved permission to carry her books home from school and as- si-st here in her examlnatton. In reck loss deflancc to all acce])tcd rules and regulations. Quentin. possessed a.s he Is of a considerable amount of "Streniioslty" was captivated by the little maid and immediately set about, to win hcc favor. Soon ho eclipsed all of the other boys and one they sulkllysretlr rd. glum and defeated, leaving yoiin.:; Roosevelt in possession of the field From that time on Quentin develoiK-1 Into a regular caller. W'lth other boy and girl friends, he and Miss Colvln organized a "set." Then came the first Jar to the nervous system of tli:' young suitor, and at the first jar th'- little romance was discovered. A secret service, white hnii .se delpp- (Ice. who bears the title of nurse. W«H sent to find the son of the President. Me found him on the front stepx nf the Colvin resldeni'o wrtli Miss Colvln. Wlten told that 1 e was wanted at home. Quentin w >nt. Yesterday h"; it ft with the Pr ?8idenl 's party for I'ine Knot. In hU pocket was a nolo from MI .SS Colvin In which she thanked hlin for the Christmas gift. \ OUT OF QUARANTINE. Seven Members of the Blair Family Suffered From Smallpox. The Blair family which has bi-en nM.iranllnfd wjfh the smallpox for Ml*' past four weeks will be releasod this evening. The county health officer ordered the niatr home fuminaf- '•(\ to'Iay and that the members released this evening. There are sev^ members of Iho family and all of them have had the disease, but none of them were in a .serious condition. lOLA PORTLAND PAYS $15,000. Cement Company's Check for Taxes is a Bi0 One. The l<da Portland Cement comp,any today paid its taxes to County Treasurer M. F. Sickly. The check called for approximately $1.5,000. T-his is one of the largest single pavments made this year. The Kansas Portland paid day before yesterday. The Prime Western will pay Monday. T. C. BACON and Byron L. Barton of Baldwin came down this afternoon to visit friends a few days. BROKER MUST SERVE SENTENCE Cao You Use A nice picture at a bargain. We are closing out onr stock of pictures at a dis- c.iint of o'^ per cent. You should not miss this opportunity BorreirsDrog Store WEST SIDE .Stil ARE. HAD SWELL SCENIC EFFECTS i Uncle Tom's Cabin Show Held Attention. St< t.<;on.s "Uncle Tom's Cabin" show at the (Iranrt last night, was on«' ot J (iii> h.'.st that has been liere for a nuin- i her of years. IX'spite Its age. the p"ay held the attention of the audience. The scenic effects called Into use at I,itII;' Kvn's death, and I'ncle Toiu's death were very gtKHl, The rnlnrrd quartette and the buck and wln^• dancing were features of the bill. . Important. I'liill fiirther notice I will i)ay the fiillnwinK iirices: Cli-an rulilK-r r.Vic Heavy and eo|iper l«c (;<Hid .>!crati iron l'."> to .lOr JJ IKM I rags Gilc to Tuc Plain quart beer iKittles. I i 'er dozi -M l.'c to 20r I Kipially liish iirices for all kinds of junk. bide.'!, furs. etc. Be sure you are at the rishf p!acc. il. S. BARNARD. The mi .st reliable dc;iler. i.. I\rui >)>'s old stand. 324-3:;6 North lluckeye, iola, McCOOK Post, So. 51 will lio d a siM'cial si 's.sion tonight in tlicir liall for the puriwso of making final arrangements for a public installation of ofllcers which will be held SuMi'- d.iy evening, January lib. A HOBO came to lb," police h-ad quarters last night and asked that If bo given a place lo seep. A iialN'. was made for him on one of ;hi benches in Ihi.- nxjiu. Notice to Our Customers. Wo are pl.>ased to announce thai Foli-y's Honey and Tar for coughs and lung troubles is not affected by the , N'atifuial Pure Food and Drue law, as I It contains no opiates or other harm fill drugs and wo recommend It as a safe remedy for children and adu'ts. Burroll's DniK Store. ooooooooooooooooo o o O MKItlir MI>STi{Ei,.S O O Ail This Weeic O O BACIiELLOR TIIE.VTRE. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i A PARTY of live head .Hl by Homer Henderson wont •|>OK .>;um hunting on III-- banks <ir Mttl.' Turkey last night. 'Ilu' «ntliiisi;i.sts'trudced through the ii'ud and brambles after the lo<ith- .'ionie darkey didlcacy. but without dt.scoverliig a siii^gle trace of 'possums. They attribute- the failure of thsT qui'st to the fact that their dogs would imt work; right.—Chantuo Sun. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger, it is said, is in Salina today for the purpose of serving a subpoena on Dr. Brlwin Peterson of Kansas City. Mo., whom th«» state wants as a witness in tlie Wheaton case. Tt Is said that the of­ llcers here learned that Dr. Peterson was In the state, visiting relatives at Sn'ina. and ?1r. Bollinger left at once to serve the' papers on him. It Is alleged that Dr. Potorson may h". aide to give some tpstimony in regard to Miss Relily's ha'^lng been in Kansas City some time before her death for the purpose of ha-,ving a criminal operation i)erformed. Sir. Wlieaton is charged with being implicated in having tho operation performed. THREAT TO IGNORE 'INJUNCTION. - lOHIGHT. •i ,;,1ltlfll ^ Adelaide Thurston 1 and a company of unusual, strength in her greatest success. ,' "ThmQMfrom Out Yom^jmr^' Prices 25r, 5(Nr, 'ip', $1.00 MOSDAT^DEC. 30. Chas. H .Yale's J i PaSniiirig iho Tnwn Prices . ..|. S;.35-50-75c-$I. Goldfield Miners Learn of the Court Plan of the Ovt-ners. Goldlleld. .Vev.. IVc. 2S.—Omclals i>f the Miners* union and Q. K. Ma- hone.v, vice president of tlie Wi-stern Federation, wl.o is here to eff««ct a settlement of the strike, learned to- ilny of the plan of tho mine owners of Goldfieldl to obtain an' injunction tt^ugh the federal courts preventing picketing and bringing about the liis- solutbm of the Ooldileld Miners' Union. Asked what the course of tho miners would be in face of this latest move of the opposition. Mahoney said: "An Injunction of this Mnd, if issued, will mean that there is nothing left for tho miners to do hut to go jump into the sea. .\ny jud'ge and sCi of men who fancy that the Goldfleld miners will tamc!y submit to such preeedure arc greatly misthken. I wuoi<r favor iKnoring any stich order from any court in existence. Injunctions have come to he a mere joke to the American pimple and thjs one wonlfi be the biggest joke of all. Wo shall fight it with every weapon at our disposal. There would bo nothing else for us to do." AFTKR the installation last night, the .Afnsonle orders enjoyed an oyater supper 8 ?rved by Krnuse & Son. TUESDAY, DEC SI. OHARL ESB, HAHFORD In a I Mutable Rovival of iilhoij lod Cleopatra Curtain at 8:1.=;. Positively no one seated during an act. ;Seuts on Sale Monday, Dec. 29. .Prices Sic-SiUc.;2c41-$lwO For 1908 You Will Want \ H Calendar Pads / / « Taiendar .Stand.*. ' [ ; >ew Blank Books. ; i luToioe Rooks. Wc hare the good<). Onr prices are right. Come and sec us. Evans Bros. Book Store mitillel Water thie hundred ponnda of Cry*. tal Ica will make 12 gallona ot distilled water inlUbla lor faodly oaa. Try It IelalGe&CtM.Stira|eCf FltANK RIDDLE. Mfr. Great Sold Grain Covered By Warehouse Reeeiota.—I>enied Habeas Corpus Writ*. Chicasjo. Dec. 28.—Judge I .Andis. of the V. S. district' court today de- pled the application of George S. McReynolds, a former igraln broker of this city for a writ of habeas corpus. McReynolds was recently sentenced •o the penitentiary on a charge of having sold grain covered by wani- honse receliJta. He wl'l not be comr pelled to serve the sentence. For Sale. no.OOO feet of native lumber and 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON. 4 HUes Northwest lola. CONTINUED HLL NEXT WEEK liande^mau Jllrscbhrinier k C'o.'s line of CLOAKS one of the \Hr*\. lines made in the I'. S. This line is elemintly tailored, has a rhtr, stylish appearance that most lines do not have. The enjlre line for Indies' .MiMJtes and Children wiil be cl<isfd out at actnal cost. Children's Elder Down Coals nicely trimmed with Insertion and fancy collar, good lining, cheap at ISJNI. >ow $1.25 ISJiO Children's Iw>Dg Cloth CoatN, nicrly trimmed in TclTct and buttons. >ow e -0 Ladies' t&Mi Kcrwy Coat trimmed in pretty silk braid, TclTct and hot. tbns and sinip|M>d with same, .. .|t.75 Oar ^JM Coal, sailn lined rlrar thmngh, trimmed with iM-aatifuI silk braid and vriret -. Ladiew' iUM Chiffon Broadcloth elahorateiy trimmed with two xtyles of braid and silk TclTct: now .. 910JW «I&00 Fine ( hiffon Broadcloth Coat BOW tliOO. FURS SpecU for Two Diys, Friday and Satorday. We handle the Edw. G'eorge line, Detroit, Michtgan. They mannfacfnre their own line and .their furs aad styles we consider the best nude. Onr $1.00 Far Scarf, BOW 75c Onr $1.25 Far .Scarf aow »7c Oar $3.75 Far Scarf now $3.00 Oar $5.50 For .Scarf now $1.35 10 For Scarfs at $7JM» Krery far will lie sacrificed; those tnat eoHie early will get the cream of the Unc. MILLINERY Great Special Sale for Fri- ond' Saturday. This elegant' line of stylish trimmed millinery nothing reserved, will be placed on sale at half price. This in. clades all of onr pretty Fattieni Hats a and at just the season of the year when you want to wear yonr liest dress bat. / $10.00 llat.s now $5J)0 $8,50 BaLs now $1«5 $5.00 Hats now $i.75 $a50 Hats now $1.75' $3.00 Hats now $1.00 W« ask yoa to come early More the pretty thfega ore flOM., EverytfalBg la Xnms Coodt greatly redncM wMf of 7»M|wo« Hmtmi mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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