The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, io-u Alabama Hermit Given Sentence Cave Dweller Evaded Draft And Must Spend -^ 5 Years In Prison BIRMINGHAM, Sept. 7. I UP) — A federal judge In Birmingham has r decreed dial Arnold Enniosl, who spoil three ycnre In a mountain rave: because he didn't want to die "on the fur side," must spend the next live years In prison for drnfl evasion. When liis sentence was first passed, the 2-l-year-oM former farm boy appeared for a moment not to comprehend Its meaning. Later, frightened, lie said: "It'll'ful hard to sleep in a jail." He now Is without his linndlo-bar mustache, long hair, and carefree manner lie tousled when' federal agents arrested htm in a barn on August 1st. While waiting behind bars for his trial, Earnest decided ihat the Army would he belter Own sitting (),(• war otil in jail: But his decision had tome too lute. His GI haircut and khnki colored clothes that lie wore lo his Irlnl probably are as close to Ihe Army as lie will ever come during this war. Earnest decided lo become a hermit ufler neglecting to register for the draft. He lived a secluded exist- ence-tor three years before federal authorities caught up wilh liini .Tying his life savings in a hand-kerchief, he took to .the woods of Payette County, Alabama. Here he lived on berries, trapped animals and rabbits lie said lie outran The Mill Century Robinson Crusoe made a cave of his bedroom, and artfully eluded police through the major crises of the war. At the time of his apprehension, he didn't know about Pearl Harbor or the invasion Siegfried Line Bunker ^v'/^.C.^^-^.,..; *-., V^/l^i^'^'V^ '-if':-' : ••,", : '. ".•:.•.-/'7:* V..^ {AUK,} COURIER NEWS At last Germans will have n real lest of Ihe vnimled "impregnability" of their greal Siegfried Line. Cotu-relc underground fortresses, like lii;;; above, slrelch from t!ic Swiss lo tltc IJiiteii borders/sometimes as much as '10 lo HO miles in depth behind (he German frontier. Soldiers Enjoy Superior Health In Tropic Zones NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 7 (U.P.l — Warren Atherton. national corn- mender of Ihe American Legion, in •in address to the Crescent city Post 125 yesterday, said tlial American rotdiers in the tropics tire healthier than the average civilian in the United States today. Atherton fl™- to New Orleans ifler a recent return from a tour through the South Pacific. In his :alk, Commander Atherton otot- nicd the contributions of our South American allies lo the American war effort, saying that per cent of all our war materials, including large amounts of' oil and gasoline, are being furnish- d by our neighbors in the south, fe strongly urged continuance of Ihc good neighbor policy. The Legion leader favors universal military training atler the war, nnd after leaving New. Orleans, he will attend n conference in wiili- -ngton with others '•interested - In iulure military, training programs in the United -Stales.' • will be used as the nucleus foi Ihe school. The college, then the Oznrk Christian College, was moved t;; Bentonville from Harrison in 18-10 Qzark Bible College Being Moved To Joplin BENTONV1LLE, Ark., Sept. G CIJ.P.)—The Ozark Bible College, successor to the Qzark Christian College, is being moved to Joplin, Mo. The move is expected lo be completed by Oct. 1. Dr. F. w. Strong, college president, says the institution has purchased a large two story brick residence in Joplin. This building of France. And even today lie is more interested in the comic strips than Ihe news. Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Crowe had as their guesls Sunday, her brother, C B. Perry, Mrs. Perry and their son nil of Tilden, 111. Pvt. Heid Dedmon. stationed h California, is home lor a visit. Mrs. Ella Ra v and Mrs. PcgeS Moore have returned from n visit with friends and relatives in st Louis. The Kev. Harold Moore and l)ie Hev. Maiiltlen nay have been attending an annual assembly of Churches of God In Columbus, Ohio Johnny Ray of the U. S. Marine Corps, is home on a 3C-dny furlough as the guest of his parents 1 Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ray. He took part in the 'battle ot Guam f ml was wounded. After his furlough !-.c- will report to Kennedy General Hospital in Memphis for treatment. Mrs. Lav'ernc Green, wlio entered Walls Hospital in Blythcvillc Saturday for an operation,, is improving. Mr. and-Mrs. Arthur'York spent f.itlay with Mr. and Mrs. tin s'iiter and .family. Tfaed Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights in^™.!.-:_ , .... ^* s Only! Good 9-Foot Pick Sacks $110 • Each ni RITZIUS 2017 W. Main Telephone 2637 * EPSON IN WASHINGTON Tyler Kent Case Reviewed !)V MiTKK Courier News There ure a number of Intriguing details not mentioned In the Department ot SUUo's report on Ihc Tyler Kent case. Kent, It will be re- rallort. Is the now 33-yiuir-olcl U. S. code clerk wlw four years ago was sentenced to n seven-year term In British prison, alter conviction In i> British court for vlolitllnif tlio Of- llcial Hi'crots Act, Speclllcally, he was charged tvllti oblnlnlng iiml Uo- llvcrlim to an atjent of Germany copies of abstracts of documents useful to the enemy, and of ihcft of dncmnenls which were the properly of the' U. S. fcovcvumeiit., In tho custody qf Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy In London. The State Department now reveals Unit copies of over 1500 documents were found in Kent's possession, but what li docs not mention is I'itU among Hie documents were cx- unijc's of coded messages hetween I'rcsidiMil Uoosevell mul Winston Churchill, believed to discuss ropcnl ol the U. B. neulrnlily act. the Johnson act, the dcslroyer-Allanllc base swap, and outlines for Lend-Lcase legislation— hvo years before Ihls country Dually entered tlio war. All this Intrljjue might ppssihly have iiolltlcal sieniflc^nce In an election year, but the real reason for the Stale Department's report al Ihis time is lo e've Kent's official record so as to qnlcl discussion In Congress and check a letter-wrlllng campaign \vliich the young man's mother. Mrs. Ann 11. ]' Kent, of Washington, has been coiulucling for Ihe Just few monllis In tho interest of obtaining her son's release from Dritlsh prison nnd his return to the United slates. ANi'I-COJIJIUNlST ACTIVITIES There is general understanding and sympathy with Mrs. Kent's loyalty to her son, but tlml does not remove llic fuels of hla Irlivl wet conviction. Mrs. Kent herself, In making an appeal lo President Rooscyelt for her son's release in 1942, wrote, "I know my .son's offense wns a grave one." Mrs. Kenl'n own version of Hip rase Is Hint her S0 n Hist biH'ame violently ami-communist ilurlnc his service. In Moscow us a member at I he Mult of Ambassador \vmi nm rj. Hullltl, from 193:1 u, |j)39 c vonnj. Hem was In Moscow during Ihe Rival puiiie of 183(1 nnd became so emWtU'ivd llmt In IOM he was Irnnsferred to Ixtnilon, where lie was nssjlgiuM lo code-room work. Ufciuisi' of his aull-comnmnlsl sympathies, lie became liileivstril In similar political ncilvlllcs In London anil wns u member of » elnl; known us "The ltl e ht," headed by 1)1. A. II. M. Rumsny, n coiisemi- Uve member of Purllnnu'iil, In Hits sroii|) K-IIS one Aniiii W'olkoll. a while Hussian refutu'e. Another era«|i with which young Kent lu>- cumc assocluled was "The Unk " a Bi'onp which liellcvecl lhal Ihe ,si\l. vallon of Kmo\K hiv in fijondly mi- derslandlnu iwlwocu Oerhmnv ami lllitlll!). In maklni! co|)leti of OK- Uonwvell- Cluirdilll enbles, U Is Mr.s. Kenl'n riinicntlnn thai her smi Inlciuletl lo IJI-IHI; ihese duciimenls back lo the United Stales and present llu-in Ui the Senate lo show how the I'res- Idwil was plannlnu lo briiiR the Uiiltcit SlalM Into llio war In sii|)- IHiil of Great lirltnln. Instead, however, she believes llml her son showed Ilio documents lo Captain Kimisuy, Copies of nil UH, documents were finind In Kent's room when It WHS searelied by Siol- TASTE SENSATION full o'vitamins land Yard operatives In M:iy. 11)10 T1IMII- Wl'l'H N\>/IS The Slato Depinlmcnl report links yomiu Kent closely with Anna Wolkoll and by Inference Indlciiies lhal shu wns Ihe anil-Jewish mul pro-Nazi i-unfcdenile ivlio WHS linked wllli the Oermaijs, Tho Stale 1K>- IMirtinvnt also rorvalti fur tho [iv s ( time tlml Tylor Kent hud made aii- pllciillou for transfer lo (he u s ombassy In lierlln. Mvs. Kent's olforls hnvc Iwcu successful in BClllnij lu-r son reimivcd from common . criminal Imprison- monl In lirlliiln lo pollllcal linprh- omueitl on the isle of Wlijhl. Wln-n ho Is reli'used by Hie Hrltlsh, !»• will be tree to voluru lu Ihe Unllcd Stales, but 11 la possible Hint us lie scls fool on U. a. sol! ho mltjlu i w (iirosled by Ihls govcninienl n lu | have to face new churls. Honey bees nro niorb'. "written ixnil thnn nny other of tlio more limit one-half million known insects on eaiih, Sight Is i the only human'Sens>- which can reach out beyond tht With tq bring us i'nowledgo^nf other vorlds ot thlj We Can Now Fdrnlsh New'and Lahw? ELECTRIC ADDING and CALCULATING MACHINES-- For Demonstration or Further information, Call" TJ.MARCHAND, Hotel Glencde r Thursday, 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. Friday 9 A.M. to 12 Third Annual Thursday -Friday- Saturday Nights On Railroad Streef BetweenWalnut & Chickasawba * Bingo * Dart Ball * Pop Corn * Wheel Games * Ball Throwing Games * Clean Fun For Young and Old! Sponsored and Conducted by Blyfheville Junior Chamber of Commerce WHITE MEAL "'•Llis. FLCUR 25 L.h.s ''"re Cane SNOWDRIFT JUNE PEAS CORN c ™"»su'fc No. 2 Can ONE TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU VICTOR COFFEE Is Better! Pound •*,! , Package. . j[ \ ff 3 Pounds 59c tor Coffee Measure DRINK VICTOR No. 2 GREEN BEANS KRAFT DINNER TURNIP GREENS ,,; 12' 10 e 10' 10 OCTAGON CLEANSER 16 KIDNEY BEANS "^ Grade A Chuck, ib. BEEF ROAST BEEF STEW GROUND BEEF EDAM CHEESE OLEO STEAK NECKBONES CHITTERLINGS PORK SAUSAGE EXTRA SELECT OYSTERS Best Grade Pound Fresh Daily Pound 2 Pound Ball Nu-Maid Pound Loin & Short Cat Pound Lean, Meaty Pound -70 76. Box TOO Per Cent Pure, Ib. 250 710 22*0 390 7*0 1.59 300 Baltimore Fresh! CABBAGE APPLES BANANAS GRAPES POTATOES IDAHO BAKERS BELL PEPPERS ENGLISH PEAS RUTABAGAS TOMATOES Firm Heads 2 Ibs. Jonathans 2 tbs. Vine Ripened Pound U. S. No. J Red 10 Ibs. Pound Pound Pound Pound 4jf FOLGER'S COFFEE Pound 32c -7* Y*fr- vi' LIBERTY SUPER MKT ARISTOCRAT COFFEE Pound 27c

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