Bird City News from Bird City, Kansas on September 27, 1888 · Page 4
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Bird City News from Bird City, Kansas · Page 4

Bird City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1888
Page 4
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r V AoaonaocBents. foT& legal Votew o! CUeyeana eona-ty Kansas. n!ivictf in the. principla thai i-v ;ry ..t-r khouiil have th pmvilcjro of TO'inrf 7" j..: Omenta anil thill evor niiltl Uo !' '.ir i toV elected to "any public office - ",ui t announce himself ' as ii pntjUAte r wid Otfige. therefore" tUe jndw- f. r h otfl.fV f Pro! iite Judvd of Qcyenne mnty Kuias. :it tV ensuing November I- etlir. if eioeleil he TiroilllSC to rtirm tr.a uit..-- ': 1 :T- lr- f .:ir ve:tr; 'experience in lian-ilii I'roi-nte j;.pera 1 feel'Iullj-rouipe-ti-nt to ijisi,, Juries, cf llieofiice.' Itei;octfii:.v li-cjiurjrc J. A. H MA I hereLy announce myself o .t-ftW ,tte for th3 office of County SupriiiiJ- pit. Kespetttullj. Tova Talk. Bl EiU isd Chattel Loans, p.t Far- :ars' and Karchants Bank. For Iicprestntatiye, H. "LEX.SON. of 4-39. For 1'robate Judge, J I'STIN liAL'ti KROW, of" 339. F-r County Attorney, A. W. COMSTOCK, of ; 40. For County Superintendent, FRANK Suj.UVAX, of 5:9. For Clerk District Court, NEWTON KROW, of 3--39. Tj,.- m in be do's n'jt adverthe lie n" -.s much good sense. tli'-m.'ii v ho iiutf on his Sunday pants T . !!!''! the barbed wire fence. S9 Veiie&eyer for Ee?l Estate and f'jattel loans. lhe corn shuckiijj tii;ie is vt h;tnd Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. The oraum has been iostponed. Due loti-e of the presentation will bp given in ..iiese columns. Ow iug to a desire on tlie part of the office f jrce to attend the Fair, we get the News 0 it a day ah'ad of time- Hon. K. J. Turner is expected to be in Ijird City, on the I Ah of Octcfber, to speak rpon the political situntion. Pr. F. XI. Culp has been apjoiuted lled-cal examiner for Cheyenne ' county, for Kansas department pf the Alijia, Life Jn-urance Copipany. Al Henderson is the proudest man in 'lie county, od all ,n account of un 1 E ,-irl who made her appearance at his hup.-e ; ,it Sunday. Five weeks of hard vork on our part, lut-ans a sleeping republican yictory this lll. Let the party in this county do their ,art in vwejliug the majority. We attended a meeting of a 1". L. club lowi in 5-37 huft Saturday night and had the pleasure of listeninij to some very pood -Inches. They are adypcatiijg the priu- 1 iples of republicanism, however. 'f lie demcx-rats held their convention, in Bird City last Saturday; and succeeded in iettin a lot cjf fellows who were willing to be sacrificed. Now jet the republicans-ret t work, ai;d we can elect our full tick- ;.'t by a gootl. round majority. lift the ic!pk- lookout for the 'belter ' vho will endeavor to stir up strife in tLt irty. If anj uiaxi asKj you to support .ii. r than the regular nominee, provided f hut iian has been before any convention, ive him the fold shoulder. J. Walter Wilsoij, of Oberlin, was pleasant calhjr at these headquarters yes-t -rday, and ye enjoved a t-'.--rt hat. He is an affable gentletuau, uii . i. it is a pleasure to converse, besides bring '. ,ol the best pqjitical speakers in tins toriai districj. The question thatpvery ni;in sh'?iiJ ask himself is, why am I voting, aid what principles should I sqpport? If eyery vo- terui'ue county will ask himself this question, ami then answtT it clearly and .'onsciensciously, we have ao fears of the -access of the republican ticket. Those who n;ised hearing the speaking Monday, missed a rye reat. X!r. Legate Tas unable to be here, owing to, unvoida jle circumstances, and J. Y. Wflson was . leiegatcd to take his plaf e. XIr. Wjlson ;s a fine speaker, and thoroughly under t.iiiJi his subject. He exploded Jlje dem- -ocratic tlieory of tariff, fhowjug up the fallacy of any such schenje ot ta$atioq as that propostij by democracy, OU we are the chaps who got left. Of power and place we're bereft; We made a hard fight In dehaace of right, 3But tiie other chap collared tho heft, j!?v.t still we will stay in the rinsr -nl a son" to the farmers we'll sins'; Hoi' vfuptjou and fraud, And " II wager 15$ G .'1 at we though we do it by theft. The f.-d;.v;.iT letter was bane4 bs for Sux-E, Sept. 21, 1SSS. XJit. Tuour, EakSik: I understand that you Lave appointed a political meeting ot ujrae kind n some Saturday night to be held at JSunnyside church. As we have the care f the nouse. J must nay that we do not ic-rl iikr J.-ting a lot of roea come in to kew, tpit auJ 6uioke, then ask women iind children to come in the next day in a xeiigiuu meeting, neither will it do to .iy "we will creep the house at the clase t the meeting." it will only spread tue . joajco juice ever that much more sortace. . aiu told too. that lag-.'rsoil and McCteUaod ' f bird City are to be present. After tue part those rentleuiea nave taken in tee politics of Beaver Township, the people of1 this neighborhood bare to say Uiat taey -tresot wanted. J hope you will accept tbee remajrkj in D kindness, as that is the spirit in which -iiey iirir iven. lLepectiiLl). T. f. Csaig. J Iht abcre is tierffeet f Lis defeat in ' the convention at St Fraacis, tLe other l.iy ; it vd ilh regard to hu asrcrtioa that ;h ir gfotieuien were not wanted, i will .-uy f 1 hve made diligent inquiry and Him to tx.jrptioc. but the .above writer,! .r. 1 that his sUteiaent is tui iu every u'.'.r. 1 will fay lartber. tki we j .j 'i i.ri.ztcutii amajurity of thendiool lcard t use the bouse, provided we swept i out afterwards, and beig rien -of our r ,rJ. vp did so. t- weeping it ut as clean -j tvrfi utf the Convention. Wju. P. Tiuiur. The republican county ticket is a sure winner. Every man on it i eminently Sited, by reason cf exigence and bu-j-n:se capacity, to grace the position to wiich J;a asgipg;. jKd jf aUt-i. ihn will ha've no reason to reirret their choice. Our candidate for i'robate Jude. is a traduate of a law scho !. and. for a number cf years, h.ts bet:: engaged in the practice of 'tis flioeu profession. He came to Cheyenne couiiT early in jU history, locating ujxiii a ti.i:ai in 3-39, where he has resided ever sii!''c Harry Uenson, our i, jminee for JJepre-sentative'.'is p. young i:'-in ith whom we are unacquainted, and of whom we can say nothing, except t':..t h- ha? the un-q-ialihed support of his own neighborhood, which is the be?t recommendation that any man can have. 11- is a practical farmer, and will 1 able to represent his constituents with intelligence. Newton Krow, is ;m yld soldier, who served his country faithfully during her hour of gieatest nee.l, 1 ie fought through the entire war, and at ;he close of it; came home with an honorable record. He is ! perfectly competent to i-erform the duties of the office for which asks your suffrage, and the republicans s-liuuld see to it that he is elected to fill it. Our candidal; for County Superintendent, is a young man w ho has spent a num ber cf years in educational work, and thoroughly convrai.t with tiie require aients of our pui'iic m.Iioois. ju educa tional ability he i tic peer of ary man in the county, and if the people of this coun ty see fit to elect him to till that responsi ble portion, he will Mil it v itbout fear or favor, in the mter.'sts ot the people. A. W. Comstock. the nominee for Coun ty Attorney, is a rii.g f ung lawyer, who ives evidence of p .-Mng more than or .linary abilitj. Wh.-re he is known he has a record of never having lost a single cae that he undertook. He will fill the office acceptably, and when advice is need ed. will always be found at his post. The ticket is a remarkably strong one, in every particular, and should call out the full support ot the party. Let every man constitute himself a committee of one to see that every republican in the county does his duty this fa!!. Vocal and Instrumental Concert. To be (riven in the Hall at Bird City, on Thursday evening, Sept. 27, 1'KO(.j;aw. 1 : CmiJiL J, "We Conquer." Choir. -FiASf! DrtT "l''s Dames DeSeyille . Sec. Myrtea Helman - (Juai'Tkt, "Professor .t Honie." t:l'j axu Soi.q, "Chime Again, Beautiful il,-'." Vi'S" Hf-'ln'i'n- ''rior I'c Mi'rgheriti'..'' Mrs. T. Ma'.-y. u: IUkt, iSplfftcJi Violir; r,nj Fhde. i! .-r. Ma::y unu Kerndt. 7: I'iaxq ?oi.p. "Lily of the Valley." I-ta Fraker. ............ Mr and Mrs. C. T. Macy. 4: Chuui s. "Hail to the Lord.". .Choir. PlAX'l Ti:'o. -Faust" I'riniQ, Miss r, .S-c. Mis llflman. 1 1 : Vof L ii .T. "Music Triijl " . Mesrs. ili Clt'lIand and Macy. 12:-Fiaxu Solo, "Did Black Joe." ..............!.Mrs. Macy. 13:-VqAL Pt"ET, "licantiful Moonlight' ....Mrs. Culp and Miss Linn. 14:-riAjfqPrET, "IV'ca K;ippaEp.-iIon" ... ....--Sec. Miss FraLer. 1 .: Soi.p, "Cieep Jut u Bed, My Baby." 16: QfAKfET. "Leaf By Leaf tljii Roces F.-Jl.' Mrs. Culp. Ms Linn! Messrs. Brazil' r and Pakin. 17: lt"KT. "M ister ai:,l Syholar. . . . . . , . !:r ,Mr. and Mrs. Macy. Doors open nt 7:lr oMtfk, performance begins promptly at Admission: Adults 25 cerjts; Children, J-'j cents. gabSat! School Cozveation, TifC Kortoa District S. S. Convention under the aurpues of J;--. . A. Green, presiding elder, is to b- held in the pew M. E. '.-hurcfa at St. .Francis, on Wednesday, October 3, IS-', beginning qt S o clGttt, a. m- I-511" linic.i pilot; R AM me. Prayer and song service. Welcoma address:- Kev 11. 1. Aver, Response Rev. S. J- Altnjan, First topic. "Why do you consi-Urr the S. S. work an exalted ou-npation." J O Allen, T. P. Craig. Joseph Merriott, Mr. Welsh, W'm- Cowden, Rev Ueo. Nulton. Second topic, "Your reasons for teach ing tha children the evils of thft use of rum and tobacco." Mrs. E. M, Jones, Mrs. Orpha Tapp, Mrs. P. V. Mohler, Mrs. Fanny Dabney, Mrs. F, II. Culp, ReF. J. It Stewart. Intermission until 2 p.m. Jfon Service Third topic, "What Chritiaa fruit ought we to expect oi the S, 8?" Rev. W.R.Pierce, Rev. J. A. Ginger, J. II. Humlong, Wesley Coleman, H. C. Ewing. permanent screUry of county 8 g asoci- atin Fourth topic. "Ought young people to sow wua oats.'' D. Steele. W H-Rhodes. Aaron Smith. L J. W illiU. War" ren Hotchkiss, W. W. Douglas. Fifth topir, "Vosr reasons for consider ing jails and penitentiaries future necessities. Mis Etta Linn. Rev. F. Pniet Jao. Rinehart. Mrs. W. D. Smith. Wesley Tedrkk. Re. D. W. Bart Sixth topic, "Are alchoholic stimulant Kccerfrj- to hnman health and longevity? -Dr. F. K. Dalney. WT H. Cole. Henry Mahan. Other Minifiers not indicated on the progrjm ar eipetted to be present. rGii!STI0X8. Erin;' your Go.-f-I Hymn. Bring a basket oi dinner. I nLns you ha e a ban-rs. r for yo::" n-LoL ce ILe American fliig, printing the name of yosr school upon a stripe. This eonrention does not in any way conflict with the wnty S. S. conven-tian t I heM later in the season. Uaht aeJ usher. J. W. ilill?r. A. O. BEt KH AP.T, PasLxU. E. Church. GO A, ImiIJ CHILDREN'S SUITS, YOUNG MEX S SUITS, It will pay you to. look through their stoq lew T A Full Line of Dry Goo Grive us a, Cjall, REPUBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. The Largest and K:st Zatinsiastis Gath-ever heli in Cheyenne County. A Strong Ticket put in the Field The largest and most harmonious body of representative republicans that ever mt in this county, convened at St. Francis, last Wednesday morning, in r-sjonse to the call issued by the Central Committee, for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for the various county offices. The meeting wai called to order with A, M. Brenaman in the chair and E. M. Phillips as Secretary. After a brief and pointed address by the Cnairman, it was suggested that the delegate present 511 the .hair with one of their own number, and the names of A. R. Sqfutz and E. L. Waterman were presented. A ba'Ipt was taken and the vote standing; Smut, 35, Waterman -ii, it was a)fnqunced tha Mr. Snmtz Avas elected, a;nl he took the chair. Balloting for temporary secretary then took place and S. F. Alt man. of Benkel-man precinct, was chq.sen, and theediturs preG;mt were appointed assistants. The convention wa,-. noi" ready to pro ceed t business, and there vas a motiqn mdathat the Chair appoint a committer of geven on credential... Carried, and the following were appointed; W. L. Hotchkiss, Orlando. Beukelman. .Tasini . . , Beaver. . , . . Chewy Creek. Lawj RiiliiJ. J. F. Hall T.Trijjiett Js. Q. Butli'r. . Clinton Scobv.. 1. D eli-OIl. 1,'. Baldwin .Xuttyeombe, Tii.? committee retired, and a motion was made, and carried that a committee of of five bt appointed on Rules and Order of Busmen, and the following appointments were made: A. D. Lucas. of Wano prucinct. F. J. Sontrcr, of Itent precinct. C. B. Garrettson, Cleveland Run, " J. H. Oalbreath, Evergreen " Ross Jhandler. of Eureka " . The Chair was then instructed to ap point a committee of three to draft a set of Resplutiofp. ami appoint: Will P. Lambert, of Jackson precinct. John Burns, of Porter " C. L. Gaddis of Alexander " The Convention then adjourned fqr one hour. Upon reassembling, the reports of the committees was heard. Committee on permanent organization, recommended that the temporary organization be made permapent. The report was adopted, and the coniniitte discharged. The other torn-tees then reported and the reports being adopted, the Convention was ready to pror ceed fo the regular order of business. Tha report of the Coumiittee on Creden tials gave the'pontesting delegation from Bird City, consisting of A. Cjnblir.g, P. D. VanPatten. Jas. K. Diver, M. Has, Robt. Robertson, and D. St ockiey, a seat in the Convention, instead of vV. B. Ingersoll. B. Jewtll. Jas. II. Allison, A. IJeswick. R. Cavj, and R. Shahan. This caused considerable of a discussion, and when a vote was taken as to whether or not the report should be adopted, it wss found to for adoption, 40; for rejection, 2Q. The roll call of precincts for Central Committeemen for the ensuing year, then took place; and the following persons were named: Alexander precinct, Benkelman, A. R- Colt. J. F. Hall, G. R.Pegg. G A.Taylor. J. M. Howell. Sapmel Webber. G.B Garrettson. John Bair. L J. ettJeton. E. M. Phillips. A. R. Smutz. J. W. Benner. . E. A, Brant. Beaver, ' Bird City, Calhoun, ' Chewy Creek, Cleveland Run, Dent. Eureka, " Kvergreen ' Jackson, " Jaqua, " Lawn Ridge, " Jsuttjcombe, " Orlando Forttr. Penn, Wano, Benson Plymate. Newton Krow. John Case, Jr. J. M. Kyle. C. E. Denison. The next order ot business was the nomination of a candidate for Representative, and the names of Harrv D. Benson, A. M. Rogers, and A M. Brenaman were an-councad . The first ballot resulted : Benson, 37; Brenaman. 30; Rogers. 1 and Benson wa declared the nominee. Motion made and carried to make his nomination unanimous, and the convention adjourned for supier. Met again at 7 o'clock, and proceeded to the nomination of a candidate for Probate Judge, and the names of W. H. Cole, Justin Culgerow, F. K. Dabney, and V. V. McKay, and E. 5-. Philips were announced. The fin-t ballot resulted in Cole reviving 23 vote; Phillips, 10; Dabney, 3; McKay, 17; Badgerow, 15. No one having received a majority, a second ballot was taken, and resulting: Cole, 29; Phillips. 4; McKay, 17; Badgeow, IS. No choice, and five ballots were taken, re-srdting in the nomination of Badgerow. Ia the contest fur County Attorney, there TO NIXON BROS'.. TO Line On Irlaiid A.nd. From 3.00. UpwsrJs 4.50 Up to. s S, were four entries, being A. P. Lowery. VT P.. McClelland, A. W. Comstock. and 3' L. Finley. Tlie first ballot resulted i-i tne nomination of Mr. Comstock, 3y his re-eeiving 30 votes, a majority of ii over all the rest. in the nomination for Counir Superintendent. Frank Sullivan. I. A. Ginger. J. W. Beujier. :i :-. ( W. W. I'onglas wer; placed in rion-.i: ii jim. Two ballots Uken. restjlting u fie section of Sulli: van cn the sicori l ballot. For Clerk of the iistriet- Court, John McCall Newton Krow, C. F. Vv'ovilward and J. II. hinehart were placed in nomin ation. Foar ballots were nf,ccsarv t'j a choice, resulting in the selection of Krow. In the selection of a conn.ii.--ion-r for ii:e na uisirur, ine unanimous cuoiee ot deleirates from the tirecincts eoinrrisintr th:lt. distrii-t. seemed tribe t.'nliert i. ' : '- loin, whose name was placed 01, th tii : The following resolution uas uik..::.;- oiislr adnnted- Ri.' It Tiviir vn ih it vvlii rttiv Jit our hearty and unanimous vote of thanks to the trustees- of the M. E. church, of St. Francis, fr tendering the ue of their church for our deliberations. The convention then adjourned, amid many expressions of gratification at lhe harmony good feeling which prevailed throughout the whole proceedings. SHERIFF'S SALE. :fas: bv virtue of 1111 execution i Wl.K suetl ojit of the Ibtrict Court of Chevemie ! county. Kansas, upon a judgment rendered in favoj: of Lvtle lirns.. and against (j. C. Hunter, in the snin of One Hundred and Fourteen and 45-lHHh dollars. (1H.45) and Six and oll-lOoths ('i.Mi dollars costs. I have levied upon the X.,rtii east fUi,rter of Section Twenty-five ('!,. Township .one (1) south, of Range Thirty-eight west of the dth P. M.. in Cheyenne tountv. Kansas: the property of said 0. 0. Hunter. Now. Therefore, on the 1st day of October, A. D. IS, at the hour of 2 o'clock. P M., in front of the court li.'aise door, in Bird City, the county seat of said county. I will procred t.,- stdl all the right, titie and interest of said fi ". Hunter in and to the above described tract of hind, to satisfy said judgment together with' accruing costs. JoHX Bl 'IMi-A AM). BvF. O. Deai.. Sheriff. Deputy. Bird City. August 30th. lKs 12 Alias Notice. Y. S. Land Oifiee. (Iberlin. Kanj. i ,.-M August 10. 1SS. ' Cofnplaint having bt en entered at this office by A. M. Oarretf. against A'.'.x. I!. Kerr for failure to comply with law as to Timber-Culture Entry No. W.H. dated April 21st, 1S5. upon tlie North-east '4 of Sectipn IT. Township 4 south. Range :!!t west, in Cheyenne county, Kansas, with a view to tne cancellation of said entry; contestant alleging that said Alex. R. Kerr wholly failed to break or plow the first five acres of said land during the tirst year after making said entry, or between April 21st' is5, anil April 21st, lfj. or at any other time siiu'e. up to the filing of the or iginal contest affidavit. October 22. lMi. The ssid parties are hbruby Mimnioned to appear at this office on the 9th day of November. Iss-J. at 10 o'rlock a. m., to respond and furnish testimony concerning said alleged failure. Tri.i.Y Scott, 12 Receiver. St.ite of Kansas. I Cheyenre County. ) ss In the District Court within and for said county. Charles . Kenidt. ius J. Kerndt. Morris J. Kerndt. ami Ed. J. Kerndt, partners doing business under the firm name of Kerndt Bros- ) Publication Notice. Plaintiffs, vs Joseph Crow. Jr. Defendant. Said defendant. Joseph Crow, Jr.. will take notice that he h been sued in the above-named ("our! f'.ir upr'n an account for goods, wares ar i mate; ia! sold and delivered him .y .li- s,;i:i ("'liarles .1. Kerndt, (iu.-J. Kerndf. Morris.!. Kerndt. and Ed.J. Kerndt, partners !..-jng business nnoer thetirm name of Kerndt Brothers, plaintiffs herein and must answer the petition filed therein by said plaintiffs, on or before the lUth day of October, A.D. 18S, or said petition will be taken -is true, and judgment fir plaintiffs in Said action for lour Hundred and rwentysev-en dollars ($427). with interest thereon at the rate of seven per cent per annum, from the 17th day of December, l-fi, and in attachment therein granted, will be rendered accordingly. Attest: W. II. IxoEnsoi.i., 0. P. Bmdgfokd, Att'y for Pl't'f Clerk. 12. SBXRILFS SALE, Whereas, by virtue of an execution issued out of the District Court of Cheyenne county. Kansas, upon a judgment rendered in said court in favor of Rice McDonald, and against Hunter fc Miahan. in the sum of Two Hundred and tight dollars and Sixty cents. ($208.60) aid Seven dollars and ninety cents (7 90) costs. I have levied upon the followirg goods and chattels and lands of the above named Hunter fc Shahan. to-wit: one building, subject to mortgage f $65.00. on Lot 17. Block 21. Bird City. Kansas, and contents, said building being a butcher shop: 2 meat blocks, 1 meat saw. 2 butehei knives. 1 steel, 1 steelyard, 1 Turnbull patent 36 lb scale. 3 chairs. 1 Winchester repeating rifle 47"'. also th NE )i Section 25. T.-wn 1 south. Range 3 west of 6th P. M., in Cheyenne j county. Kansas, the property of said Hun- j ter Shahan Now. therefore, on the 22. day of October, A. D. 13, at the ho:ir ot ' 2 o clock p m in front of tke Court House door, in Bird City, the county seat of said county. 1 will proceed to sell all the right, title and interest of the said Hunter A Shahan in and to the above described chattels and land, to satisfy said judgment together with the accruing costs. Dated at Bird City. Kansas, Sept. 14, '88. John Bcrgwai.d, Sheriff. By F. 0. Dkai Under-Sheriff . 13 uIHG 01 J ( $15.00. ) 1 MI-.VS vr Grocerie f t&Ji ciM loots and Sii Real Estata aud Ciattel Leans, mers' and MerchEsts E-jali. at Far- State qf K aiuas. Cheyenne County, In the District Court within a;jd for suid Co;:i;rv. Eleanor Wetzel, I'laintiiT ' ) Notice for Publicu-i tion. J. G. Wetzej. Ivfendant. i tion. f In 1 I. V k-i s, 1 iir.n.rvit uiir t n ar. : j jlert-l,y notified that on the 2:frd day of! j August. Eleanor Wetzel the above ! ! phintm tile.I in sai.t uitn-.t Court a peti. tionotij.'fi and jirayer ot w Inch is to obtain ' - i s.rounds-Firsf that on or about the 50!h j j.l'vof May 18 -s v 1 commi'ted adultery 1' t.ame is unknown to I j v ';'' f'J'-' "hns- :;it J''""1.''1- .-' !:' .' you have been dur- est prevedeing the i : :t lng the ve;!-1 i-t 1. 1 ! commenciii - lis i- ; on. guilty of gross drring said jime ii..ij-l.' ne'ectc.i to with he cooi- lir--. P'antifT further ! "e-l rf t .'.l ii. ) . 1 v'" ' ' ' l'r',VI"' ' 1 liloll Ilere.-s.iue., ot ! aks ie iie iiiiow.'.! the care and cus tody of the mirmrchildren tlie result of tiie : c. . :....:.... 1 .1 .- 1 ai4 iiitii 1 i y -v-'-ii jtiaiii iu ami ml lemi - ant You are reiini.ed to :j;iswer -aid peti- tion on nr bef.,re th" tt': u.iv of October I".-. or.ii. petition will l e t ikenas true and judgement rendered aei-oroinglv Art.-t: W. B. 1nm:,;m,'m.. O. P. liiuiw.i m:!,. Att";- r-T i'.aiiitit". 11 C I. A. i ' I.. iH-pt. j ! State of -vpisas. I Clievenne Count v. i r In tne Iiti'Kt. Cijiut wiii;lti county. and for raid ChaiiesJ. Kerndt, PluintifT Publication 1 vs JohnO. Perrv. Defendant. Notice. Said defendant. J.,;;n !. perry, will take notiee that said plairtitT did. 0:1 the 2Vth day of A'igii. t. 1 s; file iiis po'juon in saiil listrict Court, within and "tor said county of Cheyenne and State of Kansas, against said defendant; and that lie must answer said petition 0,-1 or before the 10" day of ( h-tob-T 1. or js;:id petition will j be taken as true, and judgment rendered against .;ii I i.efendjnt for the sum of Four Hundred and Thirty dollars (..$43" I vif'.i interest thereon at the ratu of ten percent. per annum from the lith day of Ieeci,;her lvtj. together with tosfs of suit: ami a further judgment against said defendant j for the foreehisure of a captain r5ortH'age givyn to seeii.-e the payment of the sanv, up.iu the fo'lowing described real estate. 1 lying and situated in Clievenne county, j Kansas, to-wit. The Soutii-ea-t one-fourth j of Section Fifteen il". Township Four d 1 ' south, of Range Thii: v -seven ('17) west, j :inil orileung t sat aid prenjises be sold according to law. and the proceeds applied to the payment of the amount due plaintiff and the costs of suit, and forever barring and foreclosing the said defendant from all right, title, estate. i;itere.-t. and equity of redemption in or to said premises or any p.irt thereof. Atte-t: V. B. Im.f.usoi.i.. 0. P. I'.iiux.Foiu)' Att'v for P't f. Clerk. 12 State of Kansas. ( c, Cheyenne Couiiiy, 'j ' ' In the Di.-tnct Court within ai.d for said Countv. E. L. Franklin, Plaintiff, ! vs Edward F. Traop . I Publication ..A"n.a r v,,t,..e L. Trapo. and Dell R. Ed wards. Defendants I aid defendants Edward F. Trapp. Anna L Trapp. and Dell R. Edwards, nonresidents, will take notice Unit said plaintiff. E. L Franklin, did. on the 1-trh day of June. lsss fji i,js petition in said District Court, within and for said County of Chevenne, and &-tate of Kansas, against said defendant.-, and that they must am swer the said petition on or befon. the tith day i f October. 1. or aid tit!on will be taken as true, and judgment rendered against the said defendants. EI ward V Trupp. and Anna L. Trapp. for the sum of Two Hundred h'fty-four dollars and thirty cents, ($2o4.30) with interest thereon at the rate ot ten per cent per annum from the f)th dav of August. 17: and the fur- tiiers ini of Three Hundred dollars. ($300) with interest thereon it the rate often per cent per annum from tho 9th day of August. Is7, together with costs of suit: and further judgment against said defendants for the foreelusure of a certain mortgage upon the following described real-estate, lying and situated in Cheyenne county. Kansas, to-wit: Lots one, two and three in Biock Eight, in the original town of Bird City. Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof, and adjudging that plaintiff have i first lien upon said prpjises to the amount for which judgment will be taken, is iif.vesa: .1; ar I ordering that said prem-: -s !., old iie. i't:g i.) law. and the pro-eds applied to en- payment of the amount du -said plaintiff, and costs of suit; ar.d forever barring and foreclosing the said defendants from all right, title, estate, interest, and epaity of redemption, in or to said premises or anv part thereof. Attest: VY. B. Ix.KIisnj.i.. O. P. BKin-oFwin. Ar'v f t Plaintiff 11 Clerk. By J. A. McCai.i.. Iep't. tlas Lumber Co IlEALKKS IS ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL, A FULL STOCK OF COAL ALWAYS ON HAND. BEST YARD IN THE CITY. A. L. LEONARD, Manager BIRD CITY, - - KANSAS UY YOUR SUITS. JvXoie On The Wa-"'. SUITS, From ODD PAXTS, . ei.oj " g6.00, before you purchase your Qlothing. 3 J tJ in 08S, Always 0 3. WKEATLEY,n- H ! jPililtuE rnoruiKToii of tiik -AND DEAT,i:U JN- Drugs, CJIE.MICALS, I'AIXTS. OILS, VAIiXIn. (iLASS. PUTTV, KTC. I J'KXS, IXwS, i tl- ! FACT EVKIIYTUI-XC; To and I Will fiot J manlier The Fhu o. - I'xD CI rr. - - 13 Hobart Hobeitson's ' 5 3 Ol'i't iSiTE Fj,OUP, GKAIX, AXD ma a i 1 U CONSTANTLY KEPT IN STOCK, Iicnio'iiber J will not he I'lidersoM, umler anv dKD CITY, lilain Street HAS FOR SALE THE FOLLOWING BARGAINS. 0 Acres. .', tiiilc'5 from town. l 1 am ; nouy. i-t.i: sraic, ve, a iidiil har'ain, ami will 1 0 so! l',- .1, -11. .11 . 1 0 Acres deed d land. .r ir(i!es from town (iood h nise, liarn, cave, chicken house, and idiier li'-cessarv outbuilding, i;0 acres bra- kt 1 ami 1 a::J it' acsct. Situated in the taken soon will lie sold t 1G0 Acres deuded land, within two miles of't.,vn. (iond Framcj house, Ux-22, with kit'-iit-n attachment 10xl (iood cistern hoidin 75 baracds of water. br orc :,inJ. am: a nnr anJ iber of iihal ia:e ami nioi iiracro. and .?I,.",Oo ca;,!t takes the fr:!!S in the eieinl v. ;C ai ivs in-s. 7- Diiles from town, bui! br.iken and ba We have Tree-claim an i Jfomt-L.tead relinqiiis!in.ents, which wo can olier at ricCi which ar. sure to suit. We Invite an Inspection of our List Offic eWith The ItfEWS J. W. FOSTER, Manager. BIRD CITY, - - - - KANSAS. jliiu uuywmg In The Nest 00 25 Loans At 20 " " 400 " 15 " " 450 " 10 " " 500 " 5 " " 550 " 2 " 600 " I " 650 I " 700 I " 800 W. H. Wellemeyer & Co $20.00 n Hand, IBM OS. Up iieceived, and Druggists Sundries, M!?0 PENCILS, BOOKS. LHFOlXDIX A FIPST.CLASS Be UNBIJRSOLD. Or The o. - r - - UIA3i3SAf3 xvfXuw u I uillj THE ";f.iBE RESTAUR ANT CKOrrKU FEED OF ALL KLVDS iiisiiluratiun. KANSAS (iii')'l irn jiroveniont?. consist in I.) ai.-ros - l t"p t - iM-o,ce:i, 1 10 acres backset; 400 tush. tints; farmii:i? district it) the couu r $I,iOO. A r;reut bargain. oKen, 1!'J acres backset. 2 acre, i i ornamental tret? ldante . .('.) 1 place. Tliis s one t' the Lest Jood house 16x2-1, barn and other - . - kset. mrto-inre. xLcii estate oans Days. 850 Dol. Each. (4

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