Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 8
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TOE lOIA DAILY BECMTEB, SATrRDAY BTEKiyQ. PECBMBEB 1>. 1908. NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE for Your Xmas Shoppw&i • NOTICE: To give Christmas shoppers more time for the selection of gifts the store will be open for business the following evenings: Saturday Night, Dec. 19; Monday Night, Dec. 21; Tuesday Night, Dec. 22; Wednesday Night,. Dec. 23; and Thursday Night, Dec. 24th. J9wmlry and Hmir Orummmidm, always an acceptable gift, an eleeant assortment from 25c to $5.00 each. l?fMylr/lf|p0/ anything you want in this lioe we have. AH new styles. Ecru, navy, black, white, pink, blue, champagne, from 25c to $1.50 a yard. MmndkermMmfm Oaiora, Anything you want in this line from a 3o handkerchief up to a $6.00 one. M0Okw»ar in greatest variety. Real Irish hand crochet Jabots, or swell Gibson stocks, 25c to $4.00 each. Kid Olovmma . 12 or lO button length in all the new shades. One or two button clasp kid gloves, anything you want, fl.GO to $1.50 a pair. llbBHySllkRufim, with, plaited or ribbon suds, colors or black. Hand Bm^m, in all the latest models. Wc afe showing the very ncwei ^t in black Carriage Bags. jr /#lr ^0 «Mry# always an acceptable gift. S)le agents for the celebrated Keyser Hilk Hose. Ask to see lliem. Swaatara, the proper coats for this climate—everything from a baby swt-ater in white to the new Athletic Sweater for women. JapaiiBae Hknd Drawn Dalllaa and Sguaraa, Teneriffe Doilies in all sizes, from 5c to |5.0(). Oatiaf DoiiaF At one-half price. We are closing out our doll stock, therefore prices are cat in half. Every doll must bo sold. One-half price for any doll in the house. Christmas Sale of Furs This sale not ojily meets the requirements of those who need Furs for the long winter months to come, but is especially opportune tor those contemplating the purchase of furs for gift-giving purposes. There's a certain social distinction that goes with fine furs and there's nothing niore acceptable or appropriate for Christmas gifts, for what woman would not feel proud to be the owner of a beautiful set or handsome coat? Hundreds of attractive and handsome Fur pieces go on sale tomorrow at decisive price savings and the offerings mentioned below give but a slight idea ofthe many genuine bargains that may be secured in this opportune Christmas sale. Ladies Brown Coney Fur Coats with large storm collar and revers, lined throughout with Slcinner satin. Special In this sale «23.7.'5 Ladies'Electric Seal Coats 24 Inches long, lined with Slcinner satin, large storm collars and revers. Special in this sale «25.00 Ladies' Fine Electric Seal Coats, col lar revers and cuffs trimmed in Beaver. Skinner satin linings. Special each a 'W.OO Ladies' Extra Fine Electric Seal toati, collar revers and and cuffs trimmed in brown Martin Fur, Skinner antln liuinfr. S|ieciul In this •ttio «.m(K) I^dlcH' Fine Caracul Coats, beautifully trimmed lined throughout with fine satin, reRUlur |2ri .0O. Special In this sale iBliS.lN) Natural and Blended Mink Keck Pieces: special at $3.05, ^.O.?, 95.05. 1117.05. 80.85. Siberian and Sabio Squirrel Neck Pieces! special at 94.05. fiW.05, 98.05. 910.05. 914.05. (JKK.VT SALE OF FLU SCAHFS. $1.2:; Fur Scarf«,for T.'ift $I..-.0 Kiir Scarfs for 986 |2.r,0 Fur Scarfs for ..JSI..1(> Fur Scarfs for .•}»1 .J >8 r .no Fur Scarfs for }i5'3.98 $i;.r,0 Fur Scarfs for #3.08 $7..-.n Fur Srarfs for $-1.08 llu.od K(.x Sc.nrfs for iitC.O.') »12..".ii F "X Scurfs for $8.!).'> $l Fox Scarfs for $0.05 »1S.0(1 Fox HciirfB for ifiVl.TtK) $2:..00 Fox Scurfs for 915.(H) A Flhu Collection of FIno Fur SfU with larKo Pillow and HUK .Muffs In Heal Mink. Jap Mink, Sable Squirrel. Siberian Squirrel, Blue Fox and Ileal L.vnx, at special prices during this sale. Big iUiiilnery Sale Eyerj Trimmed Hat In our entire stock will be .sold at EXACTLY HALF PRICE \EW WALSTS FOK CHBIST.HA.S. .lust iu from New York, beautiful Me.ssalinfis, Silk AValsts In light blue, pink and white trimmed in lace; styles up to the minute. Special each $5.00 SPECIAL IX HEATHERBLOOJI PETTirOAT .S. One lot Black Heatlu-rbloom Peitl- c.'ilH wlih pretty ruff, worth regularly $2.2:.. f'hrlslnuis sale price $1.00 CIIHLST.MAS SALE .SILK PETTI(M)ATS. $.-..00 silk PctilcoalH for $3.85 |7,r)0 silk Petticoats for $5.00 tSM SUk Petticoats for 95.08 $10.00 Slk Petticoats for $7.08 Laities'^ Long Coats $35.00 Long Coats reduced to $25.00 $30.00 Long Coats reduced to $20.00 $25.00 Long Coats reduced to $15.00 $20.00 Long coats reduced to $12.50 $16.50 Long Coats reduced to $10.05 $12.50 Long Coats reduced to $7.05 $10.00 Long Coats reduced to $G.95 $7.95 Long Coats reduced to.. .$5.00 $7.00 Long Coats reduced to... $.3.05 CHILDREVS COAT.S AT GRE.ITLY nEDit'ED rnifE.s. $2.50 Chiloren s Bearskin Coats for $1.75 $3.50 Children's Bearskin Coats for $2.50 $3.50 Children's Clotli Coats $1.05 $5.00 Children's Cloth Coats $3.i50 $6.50 Children's Cloth Coats $4.50 $7.50 Children's Cloth Coats $5.00 $10.00 Children's Cloth Coats $7..'>0 CHRLSTMAS SALE TAILORED WAISTS. Ladies Tailored Waists, linvu finish, worth regular $1.75, for $1.2.'> Ladies' Tailored Waists linen finish, worth regularly $2.00. for.. .$1.50 Ladies' Pure Linen Tailored Waists, . worth $3.00. for $1.98 tatties' Tail" ored Suits C11RIST.MAS ILEAKIXfi SALE Ladies $1S.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price .$1Q,05 Ijidies' $25.00 Tailored Suits Clearanre price $1.'» 00 L-idles' $30.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price $20.00 Ladies' $35 and $40 Tailored Suits Slearanco price $25.00 Home Journal iHMernm BEST PATTEBK IX THE XAB- KET. JAKUABT STYLE BOOKS ABE HOW or. FBSB FOB THE Anair<;i. DRE.SS JMAKIXtJ DEPART.HEXT IX CHAItflE OF Mrs .N.C .Reeves PABTT 1>BES8B» A 8PECIALTT. THE K. C. MARKETS Kansas City Stock Yards. Dec. l.S. —Cattle, this week, 41,500; last week. 46,500; same week year, 40.000. Beef steers ruled dull and lower first of the week, but there has been a better feeling and some recovery in j prices since noon Wednesday. Top steers sold at $7.00 to $7.25, while bulk of steers brought $4.80 to $6.25. Light steers and yearlings have sold strong, year'ings topping the steer market for the week at $7.50. Cows 'and heifers $3.00 to $5.25, fancy heif- |ers at $6.00 and $7.00, bulls $2.60 to $4.25, calves a quarter hi?her for thf^ week at $4.00 to $7.00. About loon quarantine cattle were included in the receipts, market steady, steers at $3.50 to $5.85. There was an extraordinary demand for stockers and feeders during the week, prices hi.^her on Monday and Tuesday, 15 to 25 lower since, except heavy feeders which were most wanted, and which held steady. Feeders ranged from $4.00 to $5.45, stockers $3.00 to $4.75, but comparatively few cattle bringing within 40 cents of top figures. Hogs, this week, 85,200; last week, 87,800: same week last year, 67.400. Markets have been called weak to 5 lower each day this week, but because of strong demand for heavy weights, that class held about stfmdy till today, and top hogs brought $5.75 every day this week till today. The run is 13.000 toda.v. market 10 to 15 lower, light hogs closing 15 to 20 lower, heavy boss today at $5.50 to $5.65. medium weights $.5.20 to $5.55, light hogs $4.75 to $5.30, i >lg8 $3.75 to $4.75. Proportion of light weights is heavy since the middle of the week. Sheep, this week, 33,700; last week 20 700; same week last year, 14,800. Highest prices of the season were paid for three-fourths of the supply tills week, but there has been o/'blg break since Tuesday, c'osing prices .50 to CO cents below the high time Monday and Tuesday. The market Is firmer toda.v than yesterday, and there is hopes of some recovery in prices next week. I^ambs are worth $6.40 to $6.75, yearlings $4.75 to $5.50. wethers $4.00 to $4.75, ewes $3.80 to $4.25. The demand for feeding stuff is strong, and prices higher than a short timo aio. feeding lambs this week up to $5.80, and feeding yearling wethers to day at $4.75. Packers' purchases here this week: Cattle Hogs Sheei r\. D. B. & P. Co. 505 Armour 2820 Cud.ihy 2898 Fowler 1427 Morris 4687 S. & S 3.5.53 1.3589 Swift 4069 35953 REWS OF GAS CITY CHORAL (LIB PRF.PARI.Nfl FOR NEXT rONCERT MTIBER. TO PREACH IN GAS CITY SECRETARY L. V. STARKEY MILL SPEAK I\ CHRLSTIAN CHURCH.. City Council WiU .Veet in Adjournwl Session Tonight—Yonng .Men Plan a (JIft, Preparing for Next, Concert, The Gas City Choral club and orchestra met last night in the central school building to audit the financial condition of the club since the concert last Tuesday night. As the club is to give another number on the lecture course program, rehearsals will begin at once. 23885 13651 13207 3190 2381 2012 2995 3662 4386 Total 19959 802.85 18626 CO«FORTDiG WORD,S. .Vuny an lola IIou.«ehold Will Find Them So. To have the pains and aches of a liad back removed; to l>e entirely free from annoying, dangerous urinary disorders is enough to make any kidney sufferer grateful. To tell how this great change can be brought about will prove comforting words to hundreds of lola readers. Mrs. Eliza Glliihan, of 814 .Vorth Washington St., lola, Kas., says: had kidney trouble for some time before 1 was aware of it. It steadily i:rew worse until I went to Colorado R.irings to get relief. A short time nfli'r r returned the trouble came back. I had such spells with my buck that I could not arlso from a chair without help and It was Impossible for me to go up Htalrg. My f<-et and anklex swelled badly and the secretions from the kidneys were very much disordered. 1 heard so much In favor of Doan 'H Kidney Pills that I used them, wlih the' result that for a long time I was comparatively free from my old troubles. At last through doing some ovar'y hard work the difficulties returned, but not for long for I at once procured Doan's Kidney Pills at Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and they brought me the same prompt and positive relief that I have obtained In the first Instance. During the time that has since elapsed my back has not troubled me, there has been no indications of swelling in my feet, or ankles, and the secretions from the Wdnevs have given no sign of disorder." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo. New York, sole agents for. the United States. Remember the name—Doan'.s— and take no other. Secretary Starkey at Qas City. L. V. Starkey. secretary of the Ida Yo\mg Men's Christian Association, will preach morning and evening in the Gas City Christian church tomorrow. Owing to the fact that the. Presbyterian church building Is being moved, the membors of the Presbyterian congregation will attend the services at the Christian church. Council Meets Tonights The city council will meet tonight In an adjourned session. There are no matters of importance to come up. The usual monthly bills and accounts will be pissed upon. For a "Gym." The yoimg men of Gas City are planning the opening of a gymnasium in the near future. The lower room of the Rennick building on South Main street has been rented and will be fitted up with modern gymnasium equipment as soon as possible. Mr. East May Move. R. C. East contemplates selling his property interests in Gas and may move to New York in the near future. John Wenzel Here. John Wenzel, of Wichita, a member of the firm of Dieter & Wenzel, contractors, who are to build the new post office in lola, was here yesterday. Mr. Wenzel had been out to the brick plant and missed a car. Issued Christmas Edition. The Gas City Herald issued a very creditable edition ' yesterday. The special edition contained much Interesting news and was well filled with neatly composed advertisements. Mrs. O'Connor Here. Mrs. P. H. O'Connor, of Cherryvale is visiting in the city. She is a euest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 1.,. Moomey. DOORS WiLL BE UNLOCKED. Esther Peterson, of LaHarpe, Writes Letter to SanU Claus. Esther Peterson, of LaHarpe. writes a letter to Santa Claus and tells him that when he reaches her home he will find the doors unlocked. Her letter fol'ows: IvaHarpe, Ks., Dec. 17, 1908. Dear Santa:— I am a little glrf six years old. I have tried to be good so be sure to come to my house this Christmas eve. jl want a doll., doll buggy, bracelet, [nuts and some candy. I will leave I the door unlocked so you can come In through It and Just set them anywhere you want to. I go to Sunday school every Sunday that It Is pretty. Your little girl, ESTHER PETERSO.V. Floyd Hunter III. F^Ioyd Hunter was suddenly stricken with illness while at school yesterday. His condition Is not serious. Visited lola Lodge. A delegation of Gas City members of the Bankers' Reserve society attended a social meeting of the order In lola Thursday evening. Perionali. James Badgeley, of Bartlesville, is visiting in Gas City. James Foster, formerly of this city, but now a resident of liOngton, Ks., Is In the city visiting friends. Mrs. Mary Parkhurst, of ShelbyTllle.- tll., is a guest at the home of Qas City relatives. O. D. McAllister was in lola on business yesterday. HOW TO CURE SKIN DISEASES. The germa that cause skin diseases must be drawn to the surface of tbesUn sind destroyed. ZEMO,a clean liquid for external use, will do this and will permanently euro jviry form of itching skin diseases For sale everywhere. Write for sam- )!e. E. W.Rose Medicine Co.,St. Louis. For sale at Burrell's Drug Store Never Lost His Nerve. Byron Record is visiting his parents this week. He has just returned from Dallas, Tex., where he has been building a tall stack for a cement plant. Record fell eighty feet from a stack he was bui'ding at Chanute last winter but did not lose his nerve-from the fall and still works in high altitudes.—Humboldt Herald. Habitual .Heeklnr the Lost. Lee Masxengale, general manager of the lola Electric Railway, is still sending telegraphic tracers after the street cars which he bought In Buf- fa'o, . Y., some two weeks ago. Mr. .Massengule was advised' that his cars ought to bo here hy December 14. which wa» last Monday. They failed to arrive, bowerer, and It cannot be learned wfaat Is caUatag the delay. The care ,irere ordered to replace tboaa In the ear bam flrt^iboiit^ lure m ^x ^i^'>i^r^^*m^ wKen no (ong^ needed atthebcsiM reme <lies ,wKeiiVc ^ir«d, aretbaMUl Katore andMttaiwpplanttkenatiaw. MJbactionS,«KWn muitdepeiMluHi*

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